“If we would make an actual list it would look like Felicia, MEME, Blue, Corey, America, Cirie, Bowie. “

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Sounds like Felicia is the target But MEME could also be in trouble.

1:00 am Matt, Jag and Cameron
Matt – you get rid of Corey only America comes after us
Cam – not really
Matt – HUH
Cam – she would come after us the same way that MEME is going to come after us next week.
Matt – we wouldn’t want Blue and America teaming up.
Jag – you get rid of Corey, Blue and America do team up.
Cam – yup
Matt – but have they won anything?
Jag – if you get rid of MEME.. out of everyone MEME is least close to us. She’s closer to Corey and America.
Matt to Cam “I feel like you could pull America in if you got rid of Corey”
CAm – I could but I wouldn’t trust that. She would still be pissed
Jag – I wouldn’t trust that either
Cam – you are right when you say.. This whole time I’m thinking that Corey would be the immediate threat first BUT.. If we keep him with us for the next couple weeks.
Matt – what I saw this week.. he’s good at rallying everyone.. Corey
Jag – yeah

Matt – look how he rallied everyone to take Jared out. He rallied this week to make us look like bad guys remember?
Jag – Corey is someone we need to take out. It’s just when.
Matt – What was your point that is what I missed.
Jag – the point is.. we have to think about who we want out not who is the most dangerous.
Matt – right right the consequences..
Jag goes on to explain they take out Corey America and Blue get closer. they take out Felicia MEME and MEME joins with Blue and it’s them vs us.
Jag – Cirie goes wherever.. If we get rid of Blue nothing changes as much. If you get rid of MEME nothing changes PERIOD. We still have Blue that wants to take a shot at Corey.
Cameron – if we would make an actual list it would look like Felicia, MEME, Blue, Corey, America, Cirie, Bowie.
Jag – it’s not all about us taking shots on a list it’s how do we set it up in a way that people are still here that is falls in a way C-merica and Blue thing is interchangeable.
Cameron – I think you are onto something about MEME going next.
Jag – On a Blue HOH I don’t see MEME going..
Jag see possibly Corey going on a Blue HOH.
Cameron tells Jag he’s got a real good idea “Corey does need to go next BUT it would create an army against us I don’t think it’s a good move right now.. you got a good idea there dude”
Cam – if we go MEME Blue stays in after Corey
Matt says he’s gunning for the next HOH but would it be good if Blue won next week and took Corey out.
Matt – Makes America mad at
Jag – Blue
Matt – America mad at Blue..

Cameron – whatever happens on this HOH Felicia is going.
Jag to Matt – you are saying next HOH
Matt – YEAH
Feeds flip

Corey – I know Felicia doesn’t feel great about this outcome which I understand
MEME – mmmmhmmmmm
MEME – honesty I just think she’s had a rough day
Feeds cut..

Feeds come back to the HOH.

Jag – what do we want to say what we are up to here..
Cam – trippie redd
Jag – we had a beer.
Feeds flip again to Blue and Bowie whispering in the scary room. Finally flips back to the HOH.

Cameron is going on about how unstoppable the three of them are.
Matt – you can’t play next week but you got me and Jag. PLUS we got the layers..
Cameron – we got this we just gotta stay smooth.
Cameron – this week is about planning. we play and have a good time. We know what needs to happen we make it happen. We get ready.
Matt leaves
Cameron to the camera “Daddy’s home”

1:31 am Corey and America
Corey says wasn’t her plan to lay low until Jury then Explode?
Corey – it gets to the point I want to make a BIG move, Matt and Jag.. you know. We’ll get there.. I just want to make sure we get there
They are listening in on the scary room conversations.
Corey – that’s funny, Bowie says it’s fun in the scary room cause there’s no rules
They laugh then start kissing.

2:36 am Bowie, Matt and jag
Jag – She (Bowie) said that Corey and America are working with everybody
Bowie – it’s a bit scary
Jag – me, you, her are the three .. we’ll need to figure out how to navigate who we are all working with. There’s corey and America who we are kidna working with.. Now there’s Bluie that is with us
Bowie – and Cameron
Jag – Cam is working with us. At some point the three of us should talk and figure out what we want to do. what would that look like? Not today.
Matt – tomorrow.. tomorrow there will always be two people up (In HOH)

MEME joins them and they chit chat about Trippie Red.

2:44 am Zzzzzzzz

3:04 am Corey and America
America – no one takes Felicia seriously
America – Jag probably thinks his final 2 with MEME is real. MEME and Blue have been talking a lot.
Corey – I’m down for MEME to go I don’t give a sh1t
America – she is more likely to win competitions
Corey – I’m starting to not fear either of them. I’m really starting to NOT fear MEME as a competitor. We have a really f**ing competitive cast. WE’ve already got rid of HISAM and Jared. We still have some f***ing dogs
America – Will MEME go after them? NO! it will be Felicia.
Corey – neither of them will be able to do anything
America – MEME’s social game is stronger than Felicias
Corey – yeah that is why MEME is going to stay she’s a better player than Felicia. Everyone thinks they can do something with MEME going forward
America – that’s bad. wouldn’t it be better to keep the person they think they can work with?
Corey asks her could she really get MEME out this week without Matt and JAg?
Corey – it would be a weird line to draw in the sand.
America – I think we can talk to them about it. Weighing the options like we always do
Corey – wait for things to settle
America – this is a Monday conversation.
Corey – it’s interesting I want to think it through.
Corey – it’s pretty cool right? I think we made Jury on Big Brother it’s pretty cool. In a 7 person Jury
America – Yeah.. I think so
Feeds cut.. then flip and we’re back on Cirie sleeping and Felicia snoring in the comic room.

3:20 am Blue and Matt
Blue going on about how Cameron has got to go.
They talk about how close Matt was to winning the HOH.
They talk about how the assumption was America and Corey would do well in the HOH but they didn’t.
Blue – America and Corey are not that smart. They’re not. I don’t know where people are thinking America is that smart because she really isn’t. (I mean she appears to be middle class and did go to a Ivy league school for a science degree)
Matt – what does she do?
Blue – her job? She’s a receptionist ..
Blue – it was because during the first competition she did the puzzles fast.
Matt – she went against Bowie, Meme and Jared
They laugh because Jared wasn’t a “Puzzle guy”
Blue – I don’t think they’re that smart.
Matt – we give them more credit
Blue – WAY more credit
Matt – Corey is safe with everyone
Blue – Yes and no
Blue thinks she’s not a target at all. She thinks so is Matt but he might be a bit more of a target because he is with Jag and they are seen as a couple.
Blue thinks MEME will ask her to play in the veto, “Maybe she’ll ask Jag cause they’re kinda close right?”
Matt – only 4 people don’t play
Matt wondering if they take Cam out next week.
Matt points out that Cam can’t play next week but if Cam wins again he will take Corey out.
Feeds flip to Felicia and Cirie snoring in the comic room. When feeds return they are talking about potential competitions coming up. “the slip ‘n’ slide one the quiz about the house one.. the days quiz”
Blue – that’s why we gotta get Corey out. Cameron is going to be good at that too. It’s hard (I thought you just said Corey was dumb)
Jag joins them.

Blue says her order would be. Felicia (only because it’s Cam’s HOH), Cameron (cause he can’t play HOH), Corey, America, MEME, Bowie.
Blue – then Me, you, Cirie are kinda wherever
They start talking about how they need to study the days. “Corey and America have been studying since day one.. They are superfans”
Blue – they make me nervous when they are together.
They start going over days and realize they need to study.

Matt called into the Diary room.

4:00 am zzzzz

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I know Cirie isn’t a favorite of the OBB posters but based on that convo in the HOH room tonight, Cam and Jag who WERE arguably her greatest detractors want to take her to F5.

As I noted above if Cirie gets to F4 there is a great shot of her winning that HOH to guarantee her spot in F3 while getting zero blood on her hands as to who comes with her.

Of the other seven hamsters in the house (assuming Felicia leaves this week) Blue, Matt, and Meme would all likely pick her as their F2 unless Bowie was also in the F3.

Jag, Cam, Bowie, America, or Cory are less likely to take her but more engaged to do so if their closest ally isn’t with them. For example – – if Cory was there with Cirie & Cam (or Matt or Jag) he’d pick Cirie whereas if Cam was there with Bowie & Cirie he’d take Bowie. Conversely, if Bowie won part 3 she’d likely take Cirie to avoid facing comp beast Cam in F2.

Thinking back to when Izzy was still in the house Cirie was doing more gaming but the DE blindside made her take stock and she laid low last week. Still, she did just enough misting this past week to make everyone feel uber comfy with her. She hasn’t turned it on full blast yet & I’m eager to see her in the game without Jared who was her biggest deterrent (IMHO).

Already the hamsters who are aligned are looking ahead with Cory/Amer talking about when they take a shot at Matt/Jag. Blue & Matt are talking about taking out Cam next week when he can’t play & going after Cory right after.

Jag is doing his thing where he likes to believe he’s in solid with 90% of the remaining people which is why he’s the least anxious to target Cory using the excuse that Blue & America would then get close but fully knowing it would be Cam & America who likely would align if Cory left before Cam.

It feels like a rather useless HOH to target Felicia when there are others much more interested in targeting Cam but he’s committed to believing she’ll have influence in the jury.

The larger question is whether the rumors of a three-person finale are true and if so that means this evictee will be the first juror. I’m not sure I’m buying the trio of finalists because it would change the entire end game with all the big comps occurring at F4 instead of F3.

Perhaps they could switch to something akin to the final comp in Survivor with whoever wins F4 HOH being the first finalist and getting to pick one more finalist with the other two battling in a comp to determine the third. It feels far too messy for Big Brother. On the other hand, if it meant a longer (and non-production addled) jury Q&A it would be an upgrade from what typically happens on finale.

Still, I’m not convinced Grodner & Co. are eager for that many changes in their typical process.

Anyway, we’ll see how this week pans out – – if Cam is dead set on Felicia it’s going to be another boring week. Even if Cory/America try to flip the vote to Meme it’s unlikely to happen because Matt/Jag aren’t fans of Felicia while Cirie and Blue will prefer to keep Meme as well.

Spot ON

Too analytical for what it is, and beyond the grasp of the hamsters.


What a wasted boring HOH this will be, getting out Felicia who can not win anything instead of the people who can and will put you up smh

Team Taylor

This isn’t a bad move for Cameron.

Bowie Jane is tied to hip with him after Red’s blindside eviction.

Matt and Jag need a meat shield.

Cory and America could set their sights on Matt and Jag first.

Cirie wants to target Cory ASAP.

Blue wants to split up Cory and America.

MeMe is irrelevant because she doesn’t win comps or initiate conversations with other people.

Felicia only has one HOH win from a putting comp.


It makes sense to get Fe out, she would be the toxic jury member if she is kept to jury. She already has a hate for cam from the first time he was hoh. So removing her leaves players that will vote based on game play and not their personal feelings.

Team Taylor

As disappointing as it is that Cameron is part of the Jury now, at least America isn’t in immediate danger this week.

I don’t mind seeing Felicia evicted next, but it would be better if MeMe goes next. She contributes nothing to the game and doesn’t initiate any conversations. She deserves to miss a spot in the Jury and go home.

BB Fangirl

Disappointing?? He’s the only one who truly deserves to be in that jury. And despite everything they’ve done to him he will still be fair with his vote in the end because he’s not petty like everyone else.

Spot ON

“As disappointing as it is that Cameron is part of the Jury now”

You are not Team Red, White, and Blue?

You Team Red? That color runs you know.


How stupid are these people? They’re choosing to leave Cirie in the game that late??

Team Taylor

Looking back at Cirie’s individual Immunity challenges, she’s never won a single comp.

Even if she gets to Final 3, the first two HOH comps require physical and mental strength. Cirie doesn’t perform well in either category.

Her strength has always been her Social and Strategic game, but that’s all gone now that Izzy and Jared have been evicted. I don’t expect Felicia or MeMe to be comp beasts anytime soon.


You have to realize, the Cirie they see is not the one we do from outside. She has them all believing she’s harmless and on their side. Cam doesn’t see the vindictive, evil Cirie who has said that she’d poison the jury against him. Having both dowagers in jury would be 10x worse.
Where are the wall yellers when we need them?


She won The Traitors by having been given an advantage from the start, and by the same “I’m your friend” witchery. Hate to see that happen again.

Spot ON

If the hamsters are not smart enough to sniff that the Kool aid has poison, then what can you do?

At this stage, I’m hopeful CAM at least pocket some extra cash by winning Most Favorite. What’s the amount? $25k?

Spot ON

I thought of that too.


These numbskulls carry Cirie to end thinking because of her “Survivor” experience jury will not want to vote for her but in actuality it will cause the opposite because all are glamoured by her, will in the end vote for her. Just like the first competition to the last Cirie doesn’t DO anything but pick her teeth and fart in kitchen.

Carlito's Way

And the storage room. yuck.


Will Jag tell Blue she is 3rd on Cameron’s list? I thought she was working with Jag, Matt and Cameron? What did she do to Cameron to make him want her gone after MeMe? Did they didn’t tell him Blue doesn’t trust him?

Mat Stan

Idk if everything plays out the way it seems Cirie might actually be safe on the sidelines when people start taking shots, but this is going to be crazy the next HOH when people need to start actually picking sides. Right now the free votes is Felicia and meme who are safe noms when you think who they actually work with. The next week HOH big noms will happen and that’s crazy unless somehow someone convinces Cam to do otherwise. I think Cam is in an amazing spot right now to really win the whole thing.

(Personally, I love Matt and would love to see him win, but expected the unexpected!)


Yeah I would not take Cirie farther than Top 6 or Top 5 max.

I could just see her winning a late HOH or Veto to get herself farther than you expected and from there Production could really work their magic to get her to Final 3…


The F4 HOH often is a luck or skill comp. Thinking back through BBCan & BBUS it’s also when someone like JT (I think that was his name – – in Kaycee’s season) comes out of nowhere to win guaranteeing their F3 spot. Cirie could win that if she’s still around which largely depends on how deep Blue, Matt, and Meme get in the game bc they would all want to take her to F4 (minimum).


Yeah I was thinking of him and Brittany from last year winning a competition late when most would not have expected it, certainly not the people in the house hence why they kept them til then.

So Cirie could pull out a shocker win or two and get farther than they wanted her to.

Of course Production would love that.

Don't Shoot the Messenger



I hope Cameron doesn’t waste his HOH and makes a big move voting out Cory, Jag, Blue or Matt. Put up Cory and Blue then if one comes down put up Jag. He needs to focus on him not what everyone wants him to do for them. Getting Felicia out would be a wasted HOH.