CAMERON WON The Head Of Household! “I think he is going to stick with the plan.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

10:33pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the live eviction episode.

CAMERON WON the Head Of Household Competition!!

In the kitchen – America and Blue are cooking a pizza. Cirie joins them. Cirie gets annoyed when America tells her that Jag mixed the different kind of milks. Cirie – why would he do that!? I want to fight Jag now! I’ll try it, what’s the worst that could happen.. I could be on the block. America – don’t tell him I told you.

America, Blue Matt and Jag talk about pattern the HG memory wall has with the evicted house guests. Blue – The pattern is patterning.. Jag – And the reason I put you on the block is the pattern.

10:52pm Bathroom – Cameron, Cory and America.
Cory – Dude, its becoming routine me coming up to your HOH asking what’s happening. Cameron – basically yeah and I’m like yeah we don’t need to be here. Talk to you later. Cory – Dude I love the HOH conversations. I feel like that is the most big brothery big brother stuff. Cam – yeah. Cory – I didn’t expect it to be as much.. like everyone waiting in line. Cam – I think we’re just so cool with each other. America – Congrats! Cam – thank you! America – it must feel really good. Cam – it hasn’t sunk in yet. America – it will when you’re upstairs .. again. Cory – I just feel like a jacka$$ the last time you won HOH and I came up and said congrats you just made jury. America – that’s why I haven’t said anything to you. Cam – there is just no way .. what are they going to do it at 5!?

11:12pm – 11:20pm Bathroom – Jag, Matt, Cory and Bowie.
Cory – as long as things don’t go off the rails this is best case scenario. Next 8 people total are playing and its 5 of 8. And the next likely person to win a comp is Cameron and he is not playing which obviously him winning is not that bad. We have a great, great shot. Bowie – I am looking forward to next week. If we get to play. If we’re still here. I just realized I was talking like that. Jag – you’re good. Matt – you’re good. I think he is going to stick with the plan. It doesn’t make sense for him to change the plan because everyone is going to go after him. Cory – I talked to him already.. Matt – the plan is the plan. Cory – what did he say Felicia then? Cory – I don’t know, I think he’ll share that tomorrow in the conversations if he wants. Bowie – yeah.

11:30pm Comic Bedroom – Blue and Cirie.
Blue is upset about Jared leaving. Blue – I hope he (Cam) does a big move. That isn’t regarding us. Cirie – I know. Blue – fine print. Cirie – I don’t know, even though he is saying Felicia. I feel like he would feel its a wasted move with Felicia. Blue – right!? But even when he was talking to Jared he was on the Felicia train so.. BB switches the feeds. They speculate on who Cameron will put up. Cirie – we’ll see tomorrow. Blue – We’ll see to more.. but I got you.. 100%! Cirie – Bowie Jane told me this morning that Felicia was saying me and Cameron. So I am sure she is telling Cameron that. Blue – you and Cameron what? Blue – that, that’s who she would put up. Blue – you and Cameron? Cirie – She was like DUDE! Blue – she told you she was going to put you up? Cirie – No Felicia said that.

Cirie – I just hope this fool don’t go after Matt and Jag. Blue – I don’t think he is going to .. not now.. Its too risky. Its way too risky. He is big on it you know.. like he is big on risky moves but at this point he made jury. He could keep going, like this isn’t the end all be all annoyingly enough. Cameron Roach lives again! Cirie – isn’t that crazy.

12:06am Kitchen – Felicia – he might put up a Cory and a Blue. Matt – maybe. BB switches the feeds. Felicia – you got one coming though. I can feel it! Matt – I know .. before the challenge I was in game mode and then when I saw that it was a puzzle I was like ahhh.. F**k!

12:13am – 12:25am Cameron comes out of the diary room. Cameron – HOW WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM!! All the house guests head up to the HOH room. The check out his basket / HOH photos. He then reads his letter from his mom. Cameron offers everything in his basket up to whoever wants it. Felicia asks for a beer to split with Cirie.

12:26pm America – hey what time is it? Cory – after 12am. America – HEY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

12:27am – 1am HOH room – Cameron, Matt and Jag.
Jag and Matt congratulate Cameron on winning HOH. They talk about the comp. They cheers. Jag – the f**king fugitives! Cameron – it starts here and f**king ends here. Cameron – the next thing that will happen is they will try to drive us all a part. Matt – I bet they will pitch you to put us up I bet. Cam – No I think everyone knows what’s going on this week. Matt – I am prepared for it to come soon though. Cam – people are going to try and put us against each other.. and I am not saying a f**king word against ya’ll.. or for ya’ll. Jag – same. Cam – they will try but we know where the f**k we’re rocking. Matt – I think Felicia will try. Cam – America deserves this. Jag – America (US). Cam – after all the sh*t we’ve been through this season.. and people yelling at their TV screens “GET TOGETHER!” This whole time. Jag – The f**king Fugitives! The gunslinger! Bounty Hunter right behind him. The Outlaw behind him. Cam – you can’t catch us! Matt – think about all the vetos. They talk about all their veto / HOH wins. Cam – What do ya’ll think for next week. This week is easy. This week is Felicia. Matt – next week could be Meme and Cory. Cam – and that’s what I wanted to see where ya’ll head was at with Cory. Ya’ll both know I love the guy. Like day 2 me and him clicked. But he is f**king dangerous from this point on. And I am not pitching him to ya’ll this is a collective understanding. Whatever ya’ll think is best. Jurt starts next week. Matt and Jag congratulations. Jag – say Felicia leaves next week. Cam – they all got to go .. the order doesn’t matter. Jag – if we’re going to have a 4th person.. Bowie Jane. Cam – F**K YEAH! Bowie is the MAC! F**k YES! I am glad you said that, Bowie is solid. Jag – and the other 5 are Cory, America, Cirie, Meme and Felicia.

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Cameron needs to put Cory and Matt on the block.


any two of cory/matt/jag/america is probably his best move. though personally i’m hoping he gets rid of blue or cirie.


I would put up the liars Cirie and Blue or Matt/Blue and backdoor Cirie. Felicia is a waste of time.


The problem is Cameron doesn’t realize the extent production will go through to protect their stunt cast. He sees Cirie as just another player that can’t win Comps and has little allies left.


Oh please let it be Cirie. Chances are it won’t be, oh well. Cory is my next choice if not Cirie.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

No one can deny that Cam has had to play, fight, win more than anyone else. Dude has had a target on his back since the beginning and he keeps bouncing back. Best player this season. I hope he gets Cirie out next so her and Jared can watch the rest of the season from home!

Spot ON

CAM is the best representative of the true American spirit.
Against ALL odds, this poor guy (CAM), an honorably discharged veteran, has shown that when the chips are down, you don’t quit, and instead, you show TRUE GRIT by addressing the threat head on.
CAM, a true American hero, showing these hamsters his true colors, and that those colors are RED, WHITE, and BLUE, and that they DO NOT RUN.
Not only has CAM won multiple HOHs and VETO comps already, but with his proven skills, determination to succeed, and unyielding tenacity, he also is deserving a BB gold metal, and the 750k for himself, his family, and his loving and beautiful daughter.
BUT DO NOT REST, and DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN, because as a true warrior in BB, CAM should be fully aware the the Night of the Long Knives is coming, and is lurking around the corner ready to strike against him.


You a speech writer for Trump? lol sounds cool.
Go Cam Go!!!


Well certainly not a speech writer for Biden as what Spot ON said actually made sense and didn’t involve taking Chinese and Ukrainian money to fund their kids drug habit. You ride or die dems are so odd like there’s no honor in fighting for your country because it’s RACIST! little shadows always following never leading,


Make sure to zip up your fly when you’re done pal


I agree. Cam is the best player this season. Can do and no quit attitude. All with a smile on his face. Im glad he is alligning himself with someone now. Hopefully they keep it going for a little whole before they start on each other


If that happens there will be another “zombie” week for their precious Cirie.


In memory of Izzy’s stupid game: I’m so glad Jared is gone!

Scary week was a success! They can now watch this season together!

P.S.- I shouldn’t have visited the site. I’m a povo, so I don’t have live feeds. But it’s okay – Cam won HOH! Let’s so who will get buuuurned!


High up on my wish list now is seeing both Cirie and Felicia in OTEV comp. Should be comedy gold.

Not Jasons Holly

Oh! That would be great to see! Please Cam put both of them up! Then please BB gods, let it be OTEV!

I’m younger than Felicia, but older than Cirie! These two are lazy! Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you are incapable! But, if you’ve not led an active lifestyle, you’re going to lose your abilities!

Daisy may123

.would love to see a otev comp and Felicia floating all around like a dead fish!


I’m glad they picked BJ to be their fourth. Wonder what name she’ll get. Floozie? No wait…that would be Blue! I hope he puts up Blue and Cirie and sends Cirie out the door. Will she go to the jury house? This is changing so much I can’t keep track of it.

I have to remark about Jared’s departure. Glad we won’t have to listen to his mouth anymore. I can’t stand it that he was sat there in front of Julie bawling like a big baby. All these weeks he strutted around with his chest puffed out and his gums flapping… where’s the big man now? The mother/son twist was the worst thing ever done and I hope they never do it again.
Go Cameron!!!

Spot ON

“All these weeks he strutted around with his chest puffed out and his gums flapping… where’s the big man now?”

Never was a big man….nothn’g but a pu si.


Crying is not shameful. He did so not because he lost but disappointed his mom, was sad to watch.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

No, make no mistake, he WAS CRYING FOR HIMSELF.

Another Dixie

Agreed. He was only thinking about himself and what he was going to miss. He realized that Blue actually played a better game than he. But no worries. He already told her he was going to hook up with someone while he waited for the show to end. And when he said to Julie that maybe they’d see him again, he was asking to be in another season. She didn’t sound very enthusiastic to me. Hopefully we never hear his Bro again.


Omgod are you for real? He cried because he lost. He blew up his moms game at every turn. Rewriting facts into feelings I see…


Hearing Blue which is now the Jared2.0 with the “BROs” sucks all the fun out the house since her jealousy of America is not fun to watch.
In Bowie’s bio it showed she was an Australian Barrister(lawyer) and came to United States to be a DJ…. So crazy like a fox? To play so blank and roll with everything said is gameplay that has been done before.
Jared better NOT come back in the house. That ashy tearful boy is a fool. Glad Jared is gone in his crusty zombie suit. Glad Izzy is gone in that ridiculous pig suit.
Now Evict Cirie
Evict Blue
Evict Meme
Evict Felicia

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Yes, evict those four next. The evil side.

Spot ON

“Bowie’s bio it showed she was an Australian Barrister(lawyer) and came to United States to be a DJ…”

If her “play” in BB is ANY indication of the kind of advocate she was for her clients back in Australia, it seems as if she was nothing but a — “What’s the plea? What’s the deal? type of lawyer. BAD.

Gan ainm

If I watched only the show without knowledge of the feeds I’d be a big Cam fan and this week I’d be really disappointed when he doesn’t put up Cirie.


In 10 days I’m guessing blue will be sharing a bed with Jag. I think she liked him better than Jared anyway and he def likes her.


That’s a love story I missed.. Wouldn’t that be scandalous.

Spot ON

“In 10 days I’m guessing blue will be sharing a bed with Jag”

LOL….and AMERIKA with CAM…lol

Not Jasons Holly

America should have picked Cameron from the beginning. She definitely flirts with him a lot.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

But have you LOOKED at him? I’m surprised he’s not a virgin. He gives off incel vibes.

Spot ON

AMERIKA probably had her eyes on the dude with rocks for brains on Day One, but a likely appalachian ho got in between before AMERIKA could say “Hola”.

But we’ve seen worse already, with JAG playing in CIRIE’S ear using his tongue, and BLEW likely allowing JARED to download every night (in the room next door to CIRIE).

But don’t blame them too much. They may arguably be called “victims” of the total breakdown in the moral fibers of society in general, and particularly in America. Whatever happened to when parents had parenting skills, and raised their offsprings like they were raised in Leave it to Beaver and My Three Sons?

Blindside Butterbeans

10 days? More like 10 minutes.


I think i just vomitted. Just disgusting but probably true. Blue is all mouth and no action. Just like america. Speaks like she is this great game player and only play she has made is with cory and blue with crusty jared. Just nasty!!

Rubber Ducky For The Win

This is a great turn of events. Glad Cameron is still in the house. Izzy must be at home flipping furniture and punching walls.


LOL I try not to think of her but yeah that would be fun to see.

Her exit was SO aggressive and low class.

It was apropos she was dressed like the animal a lot would guess she resembles.

Spot ON

“It was apropos she was dressed like the animal a lot would guess she resembles”



Don’t insult pigs!

Another Dixie

I bet last week she was drinking herself crazy when Can was voted out. Got even drunker, out of misery when Jerad left, and was passed out before the twist. Someone better check on her. Last night will have been too much for her, especially since he’s HOH.


If i was Cam i would have walked back in with an OINK dedicated to DIZZY IZZY. So glad he won. One of the very fee who actually PLAY!!