“if we get rid of Holly me and Cliff are the last duo standing of BB21.. the last duo”

Head of Household Winner: JACKSON
Havenots are:
Nominations are: Tommy & Cliff
Power of Veto Players are:
Power of Veto holder: Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony:
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12:18 am Tommy, Nicole, and Jackson
Going over the BB comics. Saying how Christie called Jacksons “Dr. Jacksion and Michie Hyde”
Nicole says her BBcomic had her hands like little Trex hands because that’s how she talks (see image)
Jackson brings up they showed “Kemis’ lazy eye”

Tommy – I do believe this is the best reality show ever made. it’s so real
They talk about wanting to see the episode when they’re done. Jackson goes on about a part of him doesn’t want to see it. They reminisce about the season. JAck and Bit of Christie. Jackson says he’s a competitive person but had to keep that all in during the first couple months of the show. Tommy says the type of competitor Jackson is now they never say early one.
Nicole says it took her a while to become herself in the house. “big Groups of people BIGGER perosnalilties. Oh my gosh I don’t fit in with these types of people.”
Tommy brings up regretting calling Bella a Bully because he knows she’s not “I hope that didn’t show up and I hope she’s OK when I see her”

12:54 am Tommy and Jackson
Jackson says he’s going to let “her sleep up here, I’m going to at least offer it wheater she takes it or not”
T – final 5
J – who do you think if all the 6 shooters made jit who would be the first to go?
T – depends. I couldn’t get rid fo Christie ever and I would have had to vote for her to stay but that’s not to say everyone else wouldn’t want her gone
T – when her and Sis were on the block it seemed like Sis was staying and HCrsitie was going and so I had no problem jumping on board at that point but the next week when my vote really mattered I couldn’t be the deciding vote to send her home.
Tommy bring sup when Nick was on the block with Christie and he had to promise Christie his vote and couldn’t tell Nick.
Jackson – he’ll understand when you tell him. How you did it man I’ll never know. that is hard. That’s a different struggle than anyone else has to go through (What knowing Christie in the real world?)
T – there will be some other things that will come out for sure.
Jackson says he’s speculated that Nicole and NIcke knew each other
T – no, the way he…
J – it was more Bella than him
T – that’s true
J – Nick was in a tight spot with Bella..
T – they both work with kids
Tommy says once he arrives at the Jury house he’ll have to tell Christie they have to tell everyone “they’ll do a segment about us telling them. then I’ll tell her I told you guys”
Tommy says he doesn’t want anyone else to find out yet.
Jackson says he’ll keep it a secret “Unlike Jack”. Jackson brings up with Jack told Christie right away that Holly knew Kat.
J – Instantly
T – he saw something in her he loved her (Jack to Christie)
J – He really did. they are similar in the fact that they see souls. I think he was in love with her and he told me on an emotional level Christie was it for him but on a physical level Sis did it for him.
T – She had told me she had something for him in the beginning too
J – Christie?
T – yeah, It’s so funny. In the beginning, she was like Oh oh .. Coul dyo imagine! How it would have been.
J – Talk about a tangled web
J – Sis saw it too
T – Yeah she would talk about it to me too
They laugh that it’s fun to talk about now because it doesn’t matter.

12:55 am Cliff and Nicole
Nicole says Tommy wants to campaign “it’s tough cause I kinda agree with his plan. I fear the two of them together. that’s a done deal”
N – Tommy was telling me If I stay my goal will be to get Michie out next. he goes he shouldn’t be in the final 3 none of us will win against him.
Nicole – there’s 2 duos and a single person. I won the POV I take you down. me and You are the only two votes so we do have the possibility of breaking the other duo and we’ll be the last duo against to singulars.
C – okay well, we’ll think about it
Nicole brings up seeing Jackson look at Tommy after the veto in a suspicious way “I wonder if they were going to take the shot first because they could have voted you out”
N – Michie was talking in the HOH room yesterday and he said.. I break the tie.
N – I have no idea what the hell he was talking about. He said Ohh Nicole I don’t want to see you on the block but if you do go on the block I will break the tie
N – I was like what tie
C – I think he was talking if Tommy had won, Holly voting ot keep me Tommy voting to keep you and then Michie voting as the tiebreaker
Cliff says he’s worried about keeping Tommy in the game playing in the HOH “As opposed to Holly, I think Tommy is much better. if you and I are competing against Holly I almost feel like one of us can win HOH then it comes down to the veto. Tommy just worries me compares to Michie”
N – If I wins HOH and Holly wins Veto you’re gone. If I win HOH and Tommy wins Veto your still gone.
Cliff says he’s able to separate personal from Game.
Nicole – it’s not like something we have to decide and tell them tomorrow. Monday I use the veto she goes on the block
N – it’s not like he can really hold a grudge he already wants Tommy out of the game
C – it’s an option. We have to do what it has to take to get to the final 2. If that’s what it takes you do what you have to do
C – you deserve to have the right to do that you won the veto
N – if one of us wins the HOH that’s great but if Michie wins the veto .. say Tommy wins the veto he’s keeping one of us over Michie I imagine.
Cliff says they have to get Tommy to swear he would go in that direction “Why wouldne he agree to that”
N – IF Tommy wins the HOH one of us has to win the veto
C – I Know
N – If Tommy doesn’t win the HOH we should be good
C – it has to be me, you or Tommy to win the veto to make sure Michie goes home. Worst case Tommy wins HOH, Michie wins Veto and one of us goes
Cliff says they have to balance out all these scenarios with how good Tommy will be in the competitions “Faces and Times”
N – that’s the thing Holly may be easier for us to beat but Tommy might be more difficult for Michie to beat
C – we need to him to swear absolute if we do this he’s putting Michie up no matter what. You won so you have the power to control it
Nicole says during the double they broke up one pair and “Now the universe is like the second availablility”
N – going into next week Holly would be fighting for us, Tommy would be fighting for us
C – I’ve talked so long about honoring your agreements and when it comes down to the end we do what we have to do
N – I don’t think they will have any problem getting rid of one of us

1:00 am – 2:30 am Tommy, Holly, Nicole, Jackson
Chit chat about the season, Competitions, anxiety, life, family, etc etc etc. (Look at those Watermelons)

2:21 am Nicole says Kemi and Kat were the first two women she say coming into the hose “I was like Holy crap.. Kat was like I’m Kat Meow and Kemi was like OH MY GOSH she’s gorgeous”
Nicole – I was like damn I’m going to stick out like a sore d1ck
Holly – Did you just say Sore d1ck
Nicole nods
(OH my god that’s the funniest saying..)
They laugh.
Nicole – that’s a saying
T – I’ve never heard that either
They laugh
T – that[‘s was great
H – damn Nicole you stick out like a sore d!ck
N – My parents use to always say it.. You know You stick out
H – usually sore d1cks are hidden. you tuck those things away

2:46 am Nicole alone trying to figure out if getting Holly out is best for her game. Jackson has let her sleep in the HOH tonight.
Nicole says she’s going to use the veto on Cliff and Holly is going up.
N – the final 6 was 3 duos. Christie is gone, Tommy is an individual with no train to hich his wagon to.
Nicole goes on about her and CLiff having the power to break up the first duo and the second duo
N – I won the veto I am safe. Cliff is safe, Holly is on the block there are two people voting this week and they’re names are Cliff and Nicole
N – When I look at this from Nicole’s navigational stand point. I’ve navigated this game since day one I’ve always said I’m not a floater I’m a dragonfly right above the water and I can fly away whenever I see fit to go hover somewhere else
N – I view this game in chunks. When there was that final 8 I navigated between the couples to cause Fissures and breaks. that’s why when the final 6 happened with Nick, Christie, Tommy, Sis and Me and Cliff it didn’t sit well with me I knew none of those people would benefit me or Cliff’s game.
N – So what did I do? I told Jess. I told Jess why? Well we were going to talk about it but we got distracted then Jess ran to Michie and Holly before I got a chance to explain
N – next week if Michie wins that Veto Holly’s not going home and if Holly wins that Veto you best believe Michie’s not going home
N – If Tommy were to stay and Tommy wins the veto. Michie can still go home. Michie wins the veto maybe it’s Tommy that goes home. we don’t know
N – it’s the assumption that the target is Tommy.
Nicole has second thoughts that Michie and Holly were really going to Get Rid of Tommy over them. “Those two are very smart they say they are playing chess not checkers. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they would have taken out Cliff or myself this week so to move forward with indiviuals chich I’m planning on doing ”
N – with that being said if me and Cliff get rid of Tommy Holly stays. 3 people play in the HOH, Myself, Cliff and Holly. and yes you can argue that Holly hasn’t done very well in some of the comps. Cliff and I may have a better shot but yo don’t know that.
N – In addition, the’rs a veto to be played and then again there’s 4 of us and you could argue that Holly hasn’t been doing very well and me and Cliff have a better shot. However, Michie can’t play HOH. If Holly wins the HOH and puts up me and Cliff and she wisn the veto. Michie would decide who to send home he would probably send home POssibly Cliff.
N – If I win the POV send home Michie If Cliff wins the POV send home Michie. So it’s 2 versus 2
N – If Cliff wins HOH he nominates Michie and Holly

Nicole goes over all permutations of winning HOH and POV based on if Holly ot Tommy stays this week. She thinks Michie and Tommy would be the targets still going into next week if they get rid of Holly this week.
Nicole says if it’s her up against Tommy and Jackson won the veto it’s not as bad as her up against Holly.
N – If CLiff wins HOH and Michie wins Veto. me next to Tommy gives me somewhat better odds than me next to Holly

3:33 am Nicole has been going back and forth about what to do.
Nicole – I’m going to sleep on it I know the girl from Long Island Strong Island is saying DO IT!
N – If we get rid of Holly me and Cliff are the last duo standing of BB21.. the last duo
Nicole says she wants it to happen this way there’s only one person she needs to convince and CLiff is a smart man.
N – I worked hard to get here I busted my a$$
Nicole finally goes to sleep.

(is Nicole doing the right thing?)

5:40 Am zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

10:17 am waking up

11:15 am still waking up
Holly really needs to get rid of those pants.

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Swaggie's Missing Brow

And that is why Nicole needs to know about the Tommy/Crusty connection to clear her mind, otherwise productions stacking of the jury deck wins and will become standard play from here on out.

From the things Nicole is saying it almost seems like production is whispering in her ear.


Just like Holly’s connection with Kat I don’t think it matters in the long run. At least it seems people 9n here seem to be in agreement that either Tommy or Jackson will win depending on how everything shakes out. I don’t see both Cliff & Nicole making it to the end whether Tommy stays or Holly stays (the latter guaranteeing that Jackson makes it to the end)

Swaggie's Missing Brow

It doesn’t come down to either Tommy or Jackson winning. If it came down to either or of them, Jackson would “win”, Tommy would have it “gifted” to him through a stacked jury. There is a huge difference, and one that can and will impact future seasons.

Nicole’s only chance is to end up in final two against Holly, Cliff or even Jackson, and I do believe she would have a fair chance at winning against even Jackson. On the other hand, she has no chance whatsoever of winning against Tommy.


Actually I am saying this with the detail in mind that it will be either Tommy or Jackson in the final 2. They won’t be standing next to each other on finale night

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I would far rather see someone in the final two who has the opportunity to “win” the game, over someone in the final two who entered the house with a built in jury advantage that production “gave” him.

If it’s Jackson, Nicole would at least have a chance against him…and probably a very good chance.

If it’s Tommy, Nicole has no chance. Even forgetting the very real fact that Crusty will have days to sway the jury for Tommy, Tommy also had a strong social game with everyone in the jury; Nicole less so.

It’s not just stupid game play on the surface keeping the better competitor with the most friends already in jury, it’s allowing production to introduce yet another “rig” to the so-called game. As I said, if production gets away with it this season expect to see Paul or Rock Star come back next season with some undercover cousins.

Aunt Cece

Nicole would never win against Jackson. No one would as I don’t believe it’s a bitter jury and he has completely dominated the game.


I can see how you might think that if you believe the jury won’t be bitter. However….with Nicole now winning comps….on top of not compromising her honest game playing…it will give jurors an out to be bitter. I firmly believe that they will be bitter if given an opportunity to do so with 2 good competitors.


Not if she backstab mich and evicted Holly. Trust me he will win that veto and instead of evicting Tommy he may likely evict Cliff. She can’t best Tommy so get him out! Sure hope Holly panics and let’s it slip about Christie and Tommy. Looks like production wants to keep it a secret from Nic and Cliff, and the jury.

Franks fumes

Cliff knows already he heard the loudspeaker with Jackson.


Wait, Holly knows about Christie and Tommy? I think I missed this. When was this?


See, i’m not thinking that. If Nicole is in the final 2 vs. Tommy, I think she might have a chance. For 100% she will have Nick, Cliff and Jessica and I think that Holly and Jackson might think she deserves it b/c of having gone that far with them but they could be bitter and then I have to wonder if she’d have Kat’s vote. I don’t know, she might have a chance.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Nicole might have a chance against Tommy if it wasn’t for the minor problem that Crusty isn’t sitting back and using that huge mouth of hers to simply eliminate all the snack food in the jury house. She’s busy convincing all the other mental midgets in the house that Tommy played the best game, that Tommy was always loyal, etc, etc, etc.

Nicole (Cliff, Holly and Jackson) don’t have an advocate inside the jury house spinning lies.


Maybe, but if Holly joins the jury don’t you think she would give away Crustie and the Rocketeer’s big secret? Some of them may be a little pissed about that, especially since Crustie made such a big deal in regards to Holly/Kat’s relationship. Of course, this is assuming that Crustie was able to keep her trap shut. She may have already spilled the beans!

Roll Tide

Jessica will not vote for Nicole. She was with Tommy and Christie at the end of her time in the house.

Tommy has the votes from the six shooters, plus Jessica, Nick (Toms cuddle buddy)…..Winner.
Holly and Jackson are not liked. Jackson can’t play for HOH this week. He will be on the block and will go home. Holly hasn’t had a win in a long time.


I agree with you, if Nicole saves Tommy she will lose to him. I know it’s big brother, but I still don like when people go back on their word. If they do it BB they will also do it in real life. I would go a step further by saying that I won’t want Nicole to win because she renigged on a deal. Guess I’m old-fashioned but a deal is a deal. Besides, I think she would have a better chance with anyone except Tommy.


Get real it’s a game of human nature I don’t think you would be so high and mighty if you were about to win 500,000 pppllleeeaassee!


And if Jackson stays, Jackson ends up winning because I don’t really see the jury being bitter this year

Roll Tide

Nicole needs to keep Holly. Holly has been struggling lately. Tommy always come close to winning. Production would love the Broadway dancer to win, he also said he knows someone in production.
This is “The Everyone Knows Someone” season.


Exactly. She’s not taking his group into consideration. You have to win the votes too Nicole. I wonder if the dr put this in her ear so tommy will get to the end?

Just a game

Is he? Im Tommy’s fan from the beginning (got so much hate in this website for it, but kept going), but as for now he is not doing enough moves to win the season
Nicole end game is starting to be very good and she can beat them with the chtisty and holly moves.


Sorry, this has nothing to do with what you posted, but I just was re-reading yesterday or the day before, the back and forth between you, katsalienbitch, me, and udumdum. How funny that he was being so ugly, saying you don’t know the game, etc….when he was completely wrong and now likely Holly is going up. When I realized Nicole won and said she is going to take Cliff down, I had to go back and re-read that back and forth with udumdum. Who knew his name was really describing himself? hahaha

Just a game

omg yes , i love that he said i was the one not knowing the game , and now where we at


that’s why they have to take the shot at tommy now. he’s too dangerous to take to final 3.

Roll Tide

Nicole clearly is not thinking about jury votes. Right now Tommy has them all. Jackson and Holly have none.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I think Jackson stands a strong chance at getting Jack’s vote. Aquaman has openly regretting letting things blow up between them…now whether he realizes Crusty was the cause of that or not, who knows. Beyond that, the rest of the votes probably belong to production.


I thought that the first couple weeks after Jack was evicted. I just don’t know after weeks of Sis and Christie talkin Michie down. I think there are some scenarios where Michie would have Jack’s vote (ie. against Holly and Cliff).


none of them are thinking too hard about jury votes. they voted out sis and jess after all.

Zingading ding

Nicole is making the end of this season more entertaining than the entire beginning. Go Girl!

Living 4 Parentheses

As other posters stated, Nicole NEEDS the info about the Tommy/Christie connection as it relates to jury votes! CLIFF knows–but has been forbidden by BB to share it. Jackson/Holly now have that ace up their sleeves, if they have sense enough to use it as leverage–despite having told Tommy his secret is safe with them.


That’s the problem, both Tommy and Jackson need to be out before final 3. Tommy’s probably got the jury if he’s at the final 2, if it’s Jackson and someone not Tommy, then Jackson will sell the image he controlled the game most of the season. Holly will be seen as someone who was carried along as will either Cliff or Nicole. Although Nicole has made a late game push and if she can win next week’s veto she’ll have a good shot at pointing out she controlled the late game plus survived the early game by using her social game. It’s a good sell but I’m not sure some of the jury members will care. So she needs to sit next to Cliff at the end.


exactly. ideally jackson would have gone this week, but plan b should be tommy, not holly.

Cliff's a wuss

Holly has shown that she can win a comp and you know 100% that Michie is safe if Holly wins Veto. I think Nicole would be better off making a deal with Tommy then sticking with Michie/Holly. They have been rolling and the best person to take a shot at Michie is Tommy. In a final 3 Cliff/Nicole has a better shot taking out Tommy than Michie.


If they get rid of Holly, Michie wins POV he will get rid of one of them not Tommy.


Exactly. Why would he keep a couple in the final three, especially if they take out Holly?


I don’t believe the jury will vote based on six shooters. It was one of the least loyal alliances ever, basically defunct at this point. I don’t think the current jury is bitter, they will vote based on game play. Perhaps Michie and Holly might be bitter, but maybe not. Nicole will have Nick and Cliff’s vote, and Tommy will have Christie. The rest are up for grabs. Michie will be viewed as a strong player and he’s going to win against any one of the remaining HGs. Tommy has not done all that much. NIcole stands a chance against him.


They are bitter and if presented with 2 decent competitors, they will act on their bitterness.


They will be bitter. I don’t believe all the “love you” crap they said this season.

Bryan Givons

I know this is an old thread but I have to laugh at what a retard you are. Tommy would have destroyed Nicole in a Final 2, her only vote would have been Cliff. And you thinking Jack and Analyse wouldn’t be 300% locked to vote Tommy who they adore over Nicole who they hate, LMAO, while NIck who admits to having a crush on Tommy bieng a lock for Nicole. You are such a retard, I knew Nicole fans were mostly retards though.

Yeah BB

Whenever something may not go the way people on this site want it to go they complain that it’s not fair and production set the whole thing up, boo hoo you all need to get over it the only one he knew was Christy so if he makes it to the end and the others vote for him then it had to do with his physical and social gameplay. The amount of hypocracy on here is astounding. Things don’t go your way and you yell CHEAT.

House Stark

Jackson is going to erupt when they vote Holly out.


At first.. I too thought he might erupt of Holly goes but the more I think about it, he might actually be relieved and that he didn’t have any part of her going.
Either way, should be interesting.


I agree.. If she is out, it is an immediate vote for him.. I think that is why he mentioned this potentially happening to Holly already.. She knows its possible, she knows its not blood on his hand.. Her vote would go to him no matter what..
He is counting jury votes now,..

Cheryl Brown

He won’t. He told Holly that would be the best game move for Cliff/Nicole and to be prepared.

Deep Thoughts

He told Holly because he wanted her to be prepared because he looks at all possibilities but I do think he will melt down if Cliff/Nicole turn on him. Besides his well thought out game play he is a hot head.


I think Nicole should do what SHE thinks is best for HER game, and stop listening to Cliff! Yeah maybe Cliff would help get her to 3 (I dont see how tho, he really hasnt been doing well with comps), but he also hasn’t told her him and Michie made a “secret” F2 deal. And everytime she has an idea for what to do he says “we will see”, meaning HE will see once he talks to Michie. Do it Nicole, get Holly out, then secretly cut the strings to Cliff and win this! Sidenote: Nicole has a better chance at winning comps that take mental etc., than Cliff does, therefore she is carrying him towards the end, not vise versa. Cliffs wins were basically “luck” games, not mental or physical.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Suddenly she’s no longer “Nichole”.


Swaggie’s Missing Brow…well with all you spelling warriors on here I changed it. Odd tho that not one of you correct Simon or Dawgs spelling

House Stark

Rite. 🙂

Go Underdogs Go!

Actually people have and lived to regret it! Not cool to mess with Simon and Dawg!!!

Ovi's tongue

I didn’t see anything above where Cliff told her to do anything. It sounds like she has worked out all her options for herself and Cliff has been very careful not to step on her toes. He shepherded her through most of the game, kept her morale up when she was very low like during the fallout from the Bella incident and she felt like she didn’t belong. He never used her as a meatshield, instead he treated her as an asset, as added value as he made deals to help propel them both to where they are right now. No one is happier for Nicole’s sudden success than Cliff, because her previous lack of prowess didn’t exactly inspire confidence and a lesser partner might have cut her loose instead of sticking with her.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Exactly Ovi; Cliff has always looked out for Nicole.

If he actually did hear the shout-out about the Crusty/Tommy connection, and it “appears” he did, he knows that keeping Tommy is the absolute worst thing they can do. If production strictly forbids him from sharing that knowledge with Nicole (which would be the only fair thing to do), he needs to use every other excuse possible to convince Nicole to not give it all away by trying to keep Tommy.

If he can’t convince her he should go to Jackson and tell him that Nicole will vote to evict Holly and that he (Cliff) will vote to evict Tommy…leaving the ultimate decision up to Jackson…who will hopefully start to comprehend the stupidity of keeping Tommy in the game.


I agree with a good portion of this. But not the part about there being no one happier for Nicole’s sudden success. No doubt he is thrilled to see her win and to lift her spirits. But he also knows, that if he’s taking her to F2, his job is now suddenly much more difficult. (His job being to try and win the half a mil)

Just sayin'

Why doesn’t anyone care that Christie and Tommy know each other? I was waiting all season for this secret to come out and then… nothing. Jackson saying it must have been hard for Tommy? Wtf lol where is my drama?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

It’s Jackson you’re talking about. Let’s face it, when it comes to playing chess or checkers, he’s been playing Tiddlywinks most of the season. Not exactly the swiftest person there.

On the other hand, let Nicole have that same information and see how she plays it.

Living 4 Parentheses

Agreed. YET Jackson was NATURALLY floored to hear that Holly purposely threw BB Comics. THEN he had to point out to her that she’s going on the block–and that the smartest move for Nicole is to evict Holly! I feel for Holly having been so sick, but as Jackson said: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! THERE ARE FIVE HGs LEFT!


He should save his outrage. He was the one who told her to throw the last HOH when there were only 6 HGs left. So finally now he thinks it’s a dumb idea?


My thoughts exactly! Wth with all the sympathy he was getting!

Just a game

Omg nicole!
You are realy surprising me here. Didn’t believe you had that into you. If i was a jury member i would re think about your game , and i see myself voting for you. And she was my least favorite after jess.
That’s amazing.
Who was the guy here ,
who said holly can’t get evicted?


HAHA udumdum!
I just replied to another comment of yours, a lil further up on this page, talkin about this. lol :p


As much as I’ve always wanted Tommy gone, it does make a lot of sense to break up that couple. I think Tommy, Cliff, Jackson would probably take Nicole to final 2. Whereas we know Jackson takes Holly and vice versa. Also would be good for her “resume”. I also hope Nicole uses the dragonfly hover quote to the jury.


What Nicole is forgetting is that if she gets rid of the Holly/Jackson couple, she and Cliff are the last couple! So now no one will want to take them both. Plus, you always want the weaker comp person to compete against in an important HOH, not to mention who would ever vote for Holly in the end? Tommy can easily win comps and all his friends are in jury. Bad move for Nicole to get Holly out imo.


Also what doesn’t make any sense is that Jackson, and now stupid Holly, are well aware that Holly can be sent home. So why aren’t they telling Cliff and Nicole about Tommy knowing Christie? Especially when it’s been a season of can’t keep a secret! I’m smelling production!


As soon as Holly’s nominated…they’ll tell Nicole. I think they were just giving it a day.


I hope so. Nicole needs that info before the eviction vote.


I still think it’s way too dangerous to leave Tommy with a path to F2, because he wins handily. I believe that with Tommy in Jury…everyone will know about Tommy/Christie. Nicole will reap MUCH praise, and rightly so, for having taken out this secret duo, all by herself. THAT…is a huge selling point on Nicole’s resume, and one that can’t be overlooked. Cliff/Nicole can win HOH next week and clip Holly.


True. I would clip Jackson and go F3 with Holly n Cliff.

Living 4 Parentheses

SIMON! You made my season with your comment in parentheses. Just Sayin’…did you catch that?? I agree with you that Tommy’s big reveal got next to no reaction. Jackson’s comment, though, could be taken another way–the way ALL the HGs, including Tommy felt: the monumental burden was in ever having to put up with Christie outside the house!


Indeed…Simon/Dawg’s parentheses comments ARE the best! :p

Just sayin'

Hahaha ya knowing Christie in the real world would be a punishment, Simon and Dawgs comments are the only thing getting me through this season!

Ovi's tongue

Mrs Robinson hasn’t been feeling well lately so I’m interested in how the added stress and disappointment of being put on the block finally will affect her performance. That’s why I think you evict Tommy and keep the worrywart around because she may just meltdown from her own self doubt. She was really hoping to make it through without the block.


Yep…and denying that for her resume is golden!

Miss Conception

Nicole has elevated her game and now thinks that she is much more powerful,but her logic is flawed because of that.
If she does not get Tommy out,he will beat her in jury because of Christie poisoning the jury pool.She has a much better chance against Michie,no contest Holly or Cliff.”Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”!


I don’t think the jury will really care to listen to Christie.


Are u kidding me? Jack, Sis, Jess, and even Christie ALL lovvvvee Christie!


I don’t believe that it’s the power that’s corrupting her. I simply think she’s just looking at it as getting rid of the other duo. I do agree with you that it’s flawed to think she, or any of them really, have a chance against Tommy. And I really hope that Cliff, Michie, or Holly will explain Tommy/Christie’s relationship to Nicole and how much power Christie has over that jury.


I disagree. I think Nicole is just thinking one move at a time. Thinking that going with Tommy to 4 increases the odds of her and Cliff making it to 3. She needs to survive 4 to even think about jury.

Roisin Dubh

This is where she needs to stop listening to Cliff. If he would’ve pulled the trigger on his HOH, they wouldn’t be in this mess. Either way it’s a big risk no matter what she does. Her and Cliff have to win HOH. Period.

Aunt Cece

Nicole needs to pull Tommy down and have Holly go up. Jackson can’t play in the next HOH and if Tommy wins he will not want to go to final 2 against him. Holly goes and it’s a fight between Cliff, Nicole and Tommy for final two. It’s the ONLY way Cliff and Nicole have a chance as Holly is a huge threat to win another HOH.


I totally agree. If was risky to keep Jackson during the double, and if she’d put him up he would have gone home. If she didn’t pull the trigger then, she needs to do it now.


Jackson is going to be gunning for next week’s veto, no matter what. In that case if Tommy is gone, Nicole goes home. Her best bet is to get rid of Holly so she’s out of the picture. Otherwise, both Jackson and Holly are sending her home next week if they win the veto. If Tommy is there, there’s a chance they send him home instead of her. Plus, Tommy will very likely be gunning for Jackson. It’s absolutely foolish to keep such a strong player like Jackson in the game at this point. Final HOH Tommy does have a great shot at winning endurance, but Nicole is more likely to win the second HOH comp due to the physical component that will be difficult for Cliff. I really want to see Holly evicted this week!

Backseat Driver

Jackson/Michie would be fine with Holly going up…..having Nicole “to blame”….he can move forward with his game.


Jackson needs her to win HOH. She is the only one that would take him to F2

Jon oz

All tommy did all season was save Christie from her inevitable eviction over and over. I think the jury will look at him as Christie’s lap dog and nothing more.


True, but he’s the one to win those key vetoes and that HoH and he did it without making himself a huge target to anyone. It gives him an angle to sell that keeping Christie kept the focus on her and not him. Either way Tommy and Jackson will be seen as the most likely to win if they make it. If the final three is a Holly, Nicole, Cliff mash up it could be a toss up but Nicole is making her move in the final stretch for some comps and that may give her a slight edge if she can make it.


I still believe Tommy blows them out of the water because of how Christie will portray his game to the other jurors. This is why it’s so important for him to be taken out. Secondly, I also believe the jurors ARE bitter…and with Nicole now winning comps, on top of having played an honest game…the jurors will be able to be bitter, while at the same time, voting for who they think played best. Therefore, Nicole beats Michie in a F2. Yes, I want Nicole and Michie as F2…but a big part of that is because I believe they are the 2 strongest players.


The jury loves Tommy – he wins if he goes to F2.


Holly didn’t try to win the veto because she wanted to keep Tommy and vote out either Cliff or Nicole. Jackson has to suspect that one of the reasons Holly would want to keep Tommy is to help take out Jackson. It would be ironic if Nicole and Cliff took out Holly and kept Tommy for the same reason. Jackson might see the justice in that.


I want Nicole to use the veto save cliff get rid of Holly, then her, Tommy & Cliff can get rid of Jackson. I think Tommy or Jackson will win. This season has been boring so far.

Frank’s fart

I’m leaning toward keeping Tommy. Jackson hasn’t gone very long without winning a comp. He’ll likely win Veto. Jackson has already convinced himself that Tommy has too many jury votes. He’ll see evicting Holly as a smart game move (he said so when he thought it was an option for Nicole/Cliff)

Just me

I wonder if Nicole has considered Jackson and Tommy bro it out, saying they want the two strongest competitors to make final two and squash cliff and her in their way. At this point in the game, their best bet is to vote out Tommy and win the HOH against Holly. The fact that Jackson can’t plan in the next HoH, is something Cliff and Nicole should take advantage of.


If Tommy stays, I would love to see him and Michie team up against Cliff and Nicole, and get them out! Then Michie and Tommy in the F2!

Just a game

take advantage of. Yes, by taking out holly.

Your Common Sense

Ohhh YESSSS please! I think a Holly eviction on Jackson’s HOH sounds perfectly delicious.


I would be hilarious but ultimately bad for both Cliff and Nicole. Tommy needs to go and they’ll have to roll the dice about removing Jackson next. Competing against both Jackson and Tommy in the next veto will be tough.


I have a feeling that Jackson would be okay with Holly leaving. I am hoping that Nicole uses the veto on Tommy & then she and Tommy can vote Holly out … Cliff is too much of a weakling to think about possibly betraying his hillbilly alliance. I am still P.O.ed that he was so lame during his HOH!


Yeah, I agree, the pants need to go.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Or another way to show just how stupid it would be to keep Tommy, that’s exactly what Andy Herren hopes she does.


Kaycee from last season is hoping Tommy wins.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

So both gay winners are cheering for one of the two hand-picked gay house guests this season.

What was that famous line by Claude Rains in Casablanca? “I’m shocked! Shocked!”


Like I said last night, this really is a dilemma…..things can go wrong with both decisions. The only thing I’m thinking out of everyone left right now, sitting next to Holly or Cliff in final 2 may give someone the best chance. Sitting next 2 anyone else is trouble.


I agree

Tommy Sucks

Nicole will win if she is sitting next to Holly in the final. No one cares for prissy bitch.


Agree. The way I see it is an issue of numbers in terms of who you don’t want in the final three. You don’t want Jackson or Tommy as they are both likely to win and have a good chance of winning the last HoH comps. If you get rid of Tommy now there is only one of them left. You may or may not get him out next week, but it is a possibility. Keeping Tommy leaves you with two dangerous people and one of them (or both) will be guaranteed to go to final 3. Not a situation that you want. No matter what, you get rid of one of the two threats while you have him in your sites.


“sights” Doh!


Just awhile ago, Holly talking with Jackson, getting ready to campaign and doesn’t even know for sure it will be HER put up: Holly says they can tell Nicole and Cliff about Tommy revealing his connection to Christie before the veto trying to get in their good graces. She says even if Tommy told Nicole and Cliff they can say they heard it first. Holly says it would show how good of a liar Tommy is too.> Oh Beth…Cliff already knows…smh. Plus Nicole just stated in the backyard she was tired of everyone speaking bad of everyone else so she gunned it to win that HOH.


I had to laugh watching Tommy run away from whatever bug was buzzing around him. That is so me!

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Apparently Cliff noticed and comments this afternoon on Nicole being called to the DR several times today. Holly mentioned that she (Nicole) had been called to the DR last night.

I’m sure production just wants to talk unicorns with her. “Hey Nicole, how you doing. We’d like you to do us a small favor. Would you keep an eye on Tommy for us? He’s very depressed. He was hoping he would make it to final 3 so he could open up a unicorn refuge and now he’s worried that his dream might not come true…and he cries himself to sleep every night since learning that Holly’s family are unicorn hunters. Soooooooo……..have you given any thought as to how you’re going to use veto?”

another name

So… sort of like the number, duration, and frequency of d/r visits she got on Wednesday?

another name

Hi. Ended up missing 55 minutes of the double and a few days of feeds. Life and unexpected circumstance. Thanks for the updates, I’m thinking I might be somewhat caught up 🙂 Thanks Simon, Dawg and the opinions of the multitudes.

Opinion: Is it better to keep Holly or Tommy? Both know someone in jury. It’s never smart to take a showmance to the end.
If you get rid of Holly, Jackson must win veto at final four. If you get rid of Tommy, either Jackson or Holly can win veto and choose who to evict at final four. Anyone that chooses to go to final three with a guy that has won 5 comps deserves to lose.
Was it smart for Tommy to tell Holly and Jackson about the Christie relationship? NO. (I’m not going to get tinfoil hat about suspicions of events from Wednesday night to now. I’ve got plenty if just from the updates and my suspicious nature. but I’m going to stick to my logic brain for a post, I just found it odd that he revealed it to them).
Is it smart for Cliff to contemplate keeping the showmance intact? NO. It defies strategic logic, if Nicole were his optimum final 2, he’d be pushing to break the set that have 7 comp wins between them and will always keep each other over either Cliff or Nicole. Cliff is hoping his handshake final deal from week one with Jackson is still valid and wants to stay on his good side. Apparently that’s a theme of the season, everyone has to keep Jackson in his happy place (i’m sure that has nothing to do with the incomplete application and submission forms that have had him seeing the psych department regularly since week 5. Hey that’s not tinfoil. he said it). Cliff is just afraid to cast a vote without the HOH’s permission, because he’s never done it in the game (coughcough suckup kiss ass as bad as Tommy who at least was the point of origin for his big alliance’s vote flip ideas).
Is it smart for Nicole to contemplate getting rid of Holly? The jury would respect that she made moves with her chances (she was the architect of the Jess hoh plan. She broke up a duo with her hoh. why would she do someone else’s dirty work instead of breaking another duo with the veto?) Historically, In terms of the strategic plotting Nicole employs, it is more like her to break up the showmance.
Will Tommy’s admission to Jackson and Holly affect the trajectory Nicole is plotting? Perhaps. But… they already know. They just can’t use the information until they find out Tommy has exposed it. Cliff and Nicole were the two in the yard with Tommy when the audio message was played. On feeds one has later said they didn’t hear/understand it (after a d/r visit during the feed block) the other is saying didn’t believe it, didn’t have the intended consequence (the morning after the feed blockage and d/r instruction). It could still change the trajectory.

Sorry, I don’t have more to contribute. Not even sure I made sense.

Franks fumes

Please put on your tin foil hat I love all that kinda stuff…..


Yes the right thing to do is nix Holly or she may not get as far a jury votes.