Holly “Tommy could try and drop some bomb.” Jackson “They’re good folks. I truly trust them.”

Head of Household Winner: JACKSON
Havenots are:
Nominations are: Tommy & Cliff
Power of Veto Players are:
Power of Veto holder: Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony:
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12pm – 1:35pm The final 5 house guests are hanging out in the kitchen chatting. They talk about seeing each other after they get back out into the real world. The conversation turns to reminiscing about past events of the season and about the BB comics veto. Nicole and Cliff leave the kitchen. Tommy, Jackson and Holly talk about the features of each of the house guests faces and what would stand out for the face morph competition. Tommy and Jackson sit down to play backgammon. Jackson to Holly – I love your butt in those pants! MMMHHHHmmm!

1:48pm Bathroom. Nicole is cleaning the bathroom. Cliff, Holly and Jackson are talking about how the final 3 part HOH works. They talk about Nicole winning BB comics. Holly – and not just winning it. Winning it with a legendary time too. Cliff – day 82, 17 days left!

2pm Big Brother opens up the backyard for the house guests.. Nicole heads to the hammock. Nicole – WOW America! WOW! I don’t know why but I am really appreciating it today. Final 5 in the big brother house .. that is absolutely amazing! And I won the veto so I am final 4 in the big brother house. Four! Final four! WOW! I am so proud of myself (for winning BB comics)! And that’s not something I say often. I am so frickin’ proud! I have such a fire lit under my a$$. Double eviction night something switched in me and I was so sick of everyone point guns at each other. That was my fire! And I am ready! I am so ready to win this thing. I can’t even believe I am in four. I can but I can’t!

2:20pm – 3pm Backyard. Holly and Jackson.
Jackson – what are you thinking about? Holly – like if Tommy will campaign against me and how he will do it. Jackson – he will. Holly – I wonder what he will say, you know? Jackson – I think he will say about splitting you and I up. You know. Holly – MMMhhhmm. Jackson – and then if he won he would take the other one (me) out. Holly – but it doesn’t even matter, it all comes down to the veto. It doesn’t even really matter. Jackson – I know but if it is 3 v 1, better chances than 2 v 2. But they’re not going to do it. I trust them. They’re good folks. I truly trust them. Holly – yeah. I am going to make a campaign brunch. Jackson – I am so nervous for next week. In a good way though. Holly – me too. I keep thinking about next week too but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Like I know I have to plan ahead but I get so nervous .. just about this week. I don’t know, Tommy could try and drop some bomb. He really could. He could tell them the Christie thing. Jackson – I don’t, that is very risky for him though. Holly – I just don’t want to even play like that. I just don’t want to go home. They talk about their sleeping arrangements and where they started. Holly – we were just cuddle buddies in the beginning. Jackson – then I shot my shot and you were mad at me. ($ex) Were you mad that I did it or mad that it was on tv? Holly – both. Jackson – seriously?! If it was in the real world without camera’s and mics would you still have been mad at me? Holly – No but.. I would have .. its different in the real world. I would have preferred a different setting. I was at least make it cute! That was a long time ago. Tommy joins them.

Jackson and Holly. Jackson – I sure hope we make it to finale night. I want nothing more. Jackson – you have a 50% chance. Holly – I don’t, you do. Jackson – you’re not going anywhere. Holly – so much could happen before Thursday. It scares me so much. Jackson – I trust them and I trust you. Holly – I do too.

3pm Suntanning by the pool. Tommy to Cliff – are you okay Cliff? You seem a little stressed. Cliff – I am, its just the house. Its the stress of making these decisions. Its the stress of being gone from family so long. Its just a bunch of stuff. Tommy – I don’t want you to… if it has to do with me. I don’t want you to stress this week. I want everyone to. I am at peace. I really am. Cliff – I know. And I will be honest with you.. it could be but if it did, it wouldn’t have to do with you. It would be about my own game and ways to go and all that. Tommy – I get that. I know. I just feel at peace. I just want you to also. I can tell you’re stressed. Especially this week. If its my last week here, I don’t want anyone to feel like that. Cliff – and I get it because I feel the same way. Its never been a lie when I told you how I feel about you. I think you’re such a wonderful man and I am really glad I met you. Tommy – you too. Cliff – I think it was just the stress of this past week and last night I just wanted to go sleep and not deal with stuff. Tommy – I get it, I do. Its tough at this point. Cliff – in someways it is and some ways it isn’t. We’ve all been here so long. Its not like I’m sending someone home week 3 or something and you’re thinking I’m destroying their dreams and all. Tommy – yeah, and its less about the social game now and more about ..its very straight forward. Cliff agrees. I will give it a day or two and then we’ll talk. Tommy – yeah and I will of course campaign. Cliff – I would expect nothing less. Tommy – I respect the game and I really have no expectations. I understand both sides.

3:12pm Storage room. Tommy and Nicole.
Tommy tells Nicole about her conversation with Cliff about how he is stressed. Nicole – I was talking to him last night about everything and ummm.. I said what I wanted to say and he seemed very receptive. So me and him are going to.. Tommy – yeah, there is not time, no rush. Nicole – I want you here Tommy. Tommy – I want to be here. I really do. Nicole – I know you do and that is why I am pushing for it. Tommy – and I appreciate it. Nicole – its the smart thing to do. (vote out Holly and keep Tommy) Tommy – I think so too. I really do. Nicole – like come on, you know this game .. why?! Why the showmance? This is the opportune moment. Tommy – I know. I see pros and cons though. I really do. Nicole and Tommy head up to feed the fish. Nicole – you know you work so hard to this point and you don’t want the wrong move to f**k it. Tommy – I get it, I really do.

3:30pm Jackson getting a little R&R…

3:37pm – 3:48pm Jackson and Holly head up to the HOH room to “shower”. Jackson brings the stool in to help “shower”. Big Brother switches the feeds when Holly sounds like she is working hard at “showering”.

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I had to laugh when I saw Tommy running from whatever bug was hovering around him. That is so me!

Franks fumes

“ The Little Stool of Horrors” lol.


If Holly and Michie don’t figure out how to use the info Tommy told them about his pre-existing relationship with Christie to convince Nicole and Cliff to vote him out, then they deserve to go. Is it just me, or is it completely obvious? Armed with that info, I think Nicole keeps Holly over Tommy. Nicole needs to think about who is in jury and how their votes will land. Her best bet would be to go up against Holly.

No Doubt

I’ve been scratching my head, wondering why Tommy spilled the beans to Jackson and Holly when he did. And then it hit me. They’re down to the wire now and Cliff is still in the house. Cliff was sitting outside with Tommy when the bullhorn guy did his thing. Tommy KNOWS Cliff is the only one that knows about his real relationship with Christie and didn’t want to risk Cliff being the one to tell J &H. Better it come from Tommy, so that he can try to do damage control at the same time. Now, if Mr Bullhorn would just show up again and make sure that NICOLE hears it this time!!

Houka Inumuta


5th place tommy/holly
4th place Jackson
3th place holly/tommy
2th Cliff
1st Nicole

It’s too obvious.

Anyone who thinks differently is not watching this show. Everybody should be happy that their number 1 pick is winnig this whole game.

Susan Corbridg

No way do I think Nicole deserves to win this game.


She has floated this whole game, hardly ever tried to make deals,just sat their nodding her head. Without Cliff protecting her she would have been long gone. If she wins it will be the first for a nerdy floater to win. I mean her acts of being afraid of birds and clowns was juvenile,


I still think it’s 2v 2 either way. There is no chance that tommy or Jackson won’t split Nicole and cliff up if holly is gone. You are almost guaranteed that cliff and Nicole will pick each other for final 2, so Nicole will most likely be the target for both tommy and Jackson because they will think they have better odds of beating cliff in final hoh comp. final hoh will be 2vs1 without Jackson or tommy, so they will keep each other so it will be 1-1-1


Either way, Cliff and Nicole will be the target. If Holly leaves, Jackson can’t play for HOH, so that leaves Tommy, Nicole and Cliff. I think their target would be Jackson. If Holly stays, then she can protect Jackson if she wins HOH and will send Cliff home.

I love it when they can stay loyal to a final 4, but I think their best bet is getting Holly out now because it may be their last chance to win an HOH because Jackson’s so good. I wouldn’t mind Jackson winning and the jury will vote for Tommy if he’s final 2. It’s a gamble but Jackson is almost impossible to beat.

Houka Inumuta

I have always been right. I said tyler had zero chance to win and he lost. Now i’m saying Michie is going out 4th which is right. It’s funny seeing people deny when I have been right since season 14.

Deep Thoughts


By any chance does the label on your medication have a warning about using alcohol with your prescription?

Houka Inumuta

When Michie leaves in 4th place you won’t be laughing.

Deep Thoughts

Blind squirrel theory?

Franks fumes

A broken clock is right once a day….

Franks fumes

Yes the best fumes available…..


So Michie wins the next POV what say you then? R u manifesting things????

Houka Inumuta

Michie will NOT WIN the POV. He will win 4th place though. You’ll see on Saturday.


Jackson will dump Holly like a hot potato once they are out of the house. He did it to Kat without a care in the world and the same thing will happen to Holly. He wants to drink and party and use others girls. She was foolish to embarrass herself with the pompous douchebag.

Deep Thoughts

Jacson and Holly are solid as a couple……..at least through the jury voting.


That poor stool is getting a workout…


I am slow clapping!

Deep Thoughts

jackson has asked that you please refrain from using the word “clap”.


Is it though. There has been plenty of dirty sex in the Big Brother house that probably makes the walls shudder…..but at least the yearly ants won’t get there 🙂

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Nicole has what I consider to be the best comprehension of game strategy this season, however, she is the one remaining house guest that doesn’t know Tommy has a jury lock. That is causing her to possibly make a flawed and potentially fatal decision.

I do hope that Cliff will finally step up to the plate and tell her; he has to realize what taking Tommy further will do for his own chances as well.


Wait! When did Cliff find out about Tommy knowing Cristie?


Cliff can’t tell her. They were all told that they can not talk about it unless Christie or Tommy day something to them. So unless Tommy tells Nicole, she won’t know. And how is Tommy knowing Christie any different than michie and Holly being in a showmance? Tommy and Christie didn’t know each other’s were going to be in the house until they got there. Michie has Holly’s back and vice versa. They will be jury votes for each other…how is that any different?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Very different.

To begin with, Jackson and Hollys relationship had to be created and nurtured within the house. Secondly, everyone knows about their relationship and if one were to defend the other in the jury house everyone would/should know from where their arguments are coming from.

On the other hand, Crusty and Tommy went into the house with a secret association. They did not have to create it nor nurture it; just use it. Right now, as Crusty is BS’ing everyone else in the jury house about how great Tommy is, they have no idea where that’s coming from. As far as they know she’s only known him as long as they have.

Production isn’t requiring those who know to keep it secret because there isn’t any difference. There’s a huge difference, an unfair difference. Otherwise, production would let Cliff tell Nicole.

Franks fumes

How will they keep the jury from knowing when one of Holly/Jackson or Cliff arrives with this tidbit in their pocket.

Houka Inumuta

Doesn’t matter because Nicole wins the entire thing. I can look into the future.


I always think that are no floaters they are not allowed to play till it it gets down to the wire they have always have to give in kinda of sad because they came to play like Nichole, Cliff, Orvi and David

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

Yes! I luv it, now make it happen on Thurs Nicole and Cliff…. Send Holly to jury…..Yaaay!!! It’s really early to have this convo but I still luv it!!!


Can we start a petition to request that someone from production sneak into the house and shred Holly’s pants, leggings or whatever they are? At the least, confiscate them.

Deep Thoughts

They should probably clean the shower while they are there.

Franks fumes

Clean it with Holly’s fleshy pants…..kill two STD’s with one stone.


It wouldn’t help. All material she wears seems to gravitate up her a**


and those stupid glasses…….

Roisin Dubh

I knew Tommy would fold like a belt buckle and get rid of Holly. Get her out Nicole. Jackson goes next if he doesn’t win veto.

Houka Inumuta

Jackson is not wining veto. You will see next Saturday.

Deep Thoughts


Do you think Cliff is going to turn on Jackson on Thursday and vote to evict Holly?

Houka Inumuta


Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Nicole has a tough decision which I can see both sides of but if it were me I’d vote out Tommy then gun for the POV to take out Jackson compete with Holly at final 3.I’d also talk to Holly about voting out Jackson next week,she should realize she can’t win against him.

Get to Steppin Tommy

Good points Ungr8ful.


Do you honestly believe that Holly would listen to that? Plus, given Nicole’s track record with trusting people to keep silent, that conversation would get back to Jackson quicker than you can say “Kathmandu “

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I think Holly stopped thinking around the time Kat was evicted but if she could manage to rub a couple of brain cells together she’d see that she has a better shot at winning against Nicole/Cliff than Jackson.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Unfortunately it seems Holly is content with being carried to final 2 by Jackson,Not surprised she’ll settle for second….again.


sloppy seconds …

another name

I think I see the dilema a little differently.
If you think ahead to next week: Jackson can’t compete in HOH. Holly can. In the all important veto the two of them will 100% keep each other safe. If you clip Holly now, Jackson is out of the running for HOH and has a 25% chance, not a 50% chance between the pair of winning veto. Why not cut the odds of the comp beast from 50 to 25% in making it to final three when you have the opportunity?
The actual dilema: Can she trust Cliff to turn against Jackson in the vote this week? Cliff has planted his nose in Jackson’s ass for most of the game. The actual dilema Nicole faces: if she votes out Holly, and Cliff turns on her to suck up to Jackson for that final three slot with a showmance, she’s without a paddle at final four.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

It all depends on whose point of view you’re looking at,evicting Holly weakens Jacksons odds but you’re left competing against 2 strong competitors in Jackson and Tommy weakening your own odds at winning POV.I personally think its best to evict the strongest competitor when you have the chance.

another name

So, you have one that has won two hoh. you have one that has won one hoh (no skill comp that was thrown by the last competitor) and two veto.
Is your goal to be the third in the final three? No way does Jackson pull a Neda and cut her in third. Image. His image would be wrecked.
In order to take more control, you get Tommy’s gratitude, and have him fight it out with Jackson for that final four veto. It’s better odds to take out the “comp beast” if you have three people gunning for veto against him, rather than two people and a suitcase that wants to be transported to the finals (and in the event she did win would take him to the final three).
I’d rather be one of three with the goal of evicting the comp beast, rather than one of two with the goal of evicting the comp beast while also dealing with his overnight bag.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

It’s too risky to let Tommy anywhere near final 3 let alone leaving the possibility of both Tommy and Jackson reaching final 3,At this point it’s all about winning the next comps and those 2 can win those.

another name

I think you are missing the package deal. It’s all about winning comps, yes, but Holly is an appendage to Jackson. What are the chances Holly evicts Jackson? ZERO. What are the chances Jackson evicts Holly? Zero. What are the chances Tommy evicts Jackson? Better than zero i can tell you that. In the case of keeping Holly, Cliff and Nicole increase their odds of being evicted in fourth over their chances of keeping Tommy. You can’t get to final three if you are evicted in 4th place. The odds of being 4th increase if you keep Holly because she will never cut Jackson.
So, let’s say you get to final three with Tommy. What happens? Tommy’s performance in the what the bleep veto suggest he’s not going to fare well in part three of the HOH comp if they follow the standard format. Apparently paying attention to others when it’s not about Tommy or attention whoring isn’t in Tommy’s wheel house. How well has Tommy done in true false or house guest statement comps? First out in his alliance, and lowest score.
Nicole most likely ends up 4th if she keeps Holly because 50 % odds one of them wins veto,and Jackson has a pre-existing handshake deal with Cliff from week one. Nicole is the bottom of the totem pole.

Houka Inumuta

It doesn’t matter. 1995 Michie can’t play HOH and can’t win veto next week so he’s defenses. Either way Nicole is going to win.


I’m still not a complete fan of Tommy but Congratulations Nicole. She’s at least thinking strategically. Cliff needs to stop being so stubborn and adapt. Realize he is not playing for Nicole she is playing for herself with him as an ally together. Now you take Tommy as a team member to take out Jackson.

Remember Cliff, that’s the point of the game? Everyone goes out until only two remain. Then you and Nicole, hopefully can take out Tommy. I’m sure I’ll be downvoted. But just my thoughts.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“Realize he is not playing for Nicole she is playing for herself with him as an ally together.”

I couldn’t agree more, and as a good ally and friend he should insure she knows everything about Tommy’s secret advantage and let her make up her own mind.

Houka Inumuta

Everyone said I was wrong for so long. Now everyone will see the path of Nicole winning.

SD Bird

Tommy – Hidden Agenda & Plus One in Jury Being VERY Convincing

For most of the Game, he has openly wanted/pushed for the 6 to come back together. He & J/H were talking about how many were still left in the Game. He keeps using the word ‘Grateful’. It would not surprise me that if he stays, he would team up with Jackson & vote out Nicole next week.

It would be a battle of two SIx Shooters with both thinking they could win over the other (and Cliff).
Stuff Legends are made of . . .
Keeping WINNING Nicole wasn’t a plannable factor. Now, she might be viewed as too unpredictable to keep.

Houka Inumuta

It doesn’t matter. Michie is toast next week. Tommy would keep Nicole over Michie. I’m a Big Brother expert.

another name

Okay. Watching this episode is odd.
It’s the d/r content. It’s tone. I can see what they are trying to do, and how they are trying to express the character of the house guests in the role the episode edit has been crafting all season. If id never watched any feeds, I’d likely be buying the characters i’m seeing. Well, I can completely buy that I’ve yet to see Beth in d/r (i think. has she shown up?). I can pretty much buy Nicole’s. Cliff, hard to tell without his head up Jackson’s butt (try to deny it, they’re gonna need surgery to remove Cliff’s lips from Jackson’s posterior). Tommy… i never buy expression of emotion from Tommy he’s three dollar bill authentic. Jackson. get real. His d/r personality is definitely the character they want him to play, not his authentic self. His d/r is woefully fictional compared to the real personality. But then I’ve just looked on twitter and found out in the last two days he spoke about how much harder it is to stay in character and make it seem like the real him, than it would be if he was being his real self. How could I ever think he’s consistently fake?
They’re about to play HOH. 35 minutes into the episode.
38 minutes into episode. oh. Beth d/r. there she is. Just making d/r appearance to say how ineffectual she is. gee. maybe she should have brought the shower stool with her to the HOH comp.
Why are they bothering with the ceremony? Everyone knows who is going on the block. It was never a mystery or a shock. What, doing Cliff’s face first was supposed to be dramatic? Really?
So the final four handshake matters? Really? Sure he talks about it in d/r and when it’s convenient, but what happened to we play the middle between the two couples and ride out with whichever one wins? You know, when he could have taken out Christie but instead targeted Jess. Oh. that was only two episodes ago when he talked about that. Are we supposed to forget the stuff they include in previous episodes now? Just asking.


Just saw what the HoH competition entailed. There needs to be more competitions where the 1st to ring in with the correct answer is the only 1 to get a point; I actually liked that concept


I get that Jackson is a big threat BUT the jury mostly hates him. Tommy on the other hand……..They ALL love him. IMO taking him to the end would be a mistake. Now that Jackson and Holly know that that Christie dated his Aunt, they should really use that to make sure he goes.

Having said that, I would really LOVE to see Holly go home and I think it would be so great if she went home on Jackson’s HOH. She is driving me crazy. She cares way to much what we (America) think. She is so fake – I think even more so than Tommy. But I fear if she left then Jackson would be right behind her.


I have seen no sign that this year will be a bitter jury. If Jackson is in the final 2 he will win. I think last year was the most bitter of all of the seasons considering it was the 1st time Dr Will has tried to reign in the jury discussion of the final3

Houka Inumuta

Who cares if he’s a big threat. Jackson is leaving next week. it’s a fact.


Nic always saying about being loyal to your word and so has Cliff so I would be surprised if she kept Tommy because he has no loyalty to her. All he’s going to do is turn round and split up the remaining duo..her and Cliff and come finale night that’s his speech. So Nic don’t ruin your game to keep T. He can beat you period. Instead keep your F4 deal, you and C gun for veto and respectfully evict Michie. Holly won’t be bitter because they all know both are F2 deals with the other. Two jury votes guaranteed!!!


I’ll probably get downvoted for this, but I really don’t understand how people don’t see why cliff doesn’t see how much smarter it is to vote out holly. There is no way that they can beat her and Jackson. This cast has been so disappointing this season.


I am encouraged that Nicole is thinking ahead. If final 4 is without Tommy then there is no choice but to go after each duo. Jackson is clearly the biggest threat so taking Holly out will weaken him (some). The ONLY way N&C get to F2 is to take out Holly Thursday and use Tommy to evict Jackson next. The F3 would be Tommy, Nicole and Cliff to comp it out.

Remember Nicole – as a famous legendary BB player once said… This is Big Brother, you can write checks that you can’t cash…

I would much rather see that version than Jackson shoving his way through to game finale.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

If only she were thinking ahead in full awareness.

another name

Is this in context to Tommy’s relationship to Christie? Or perhaps Holly’s relationship to Kat? Or perhaps the often disputed but never disproven Jackson relationship to Holly?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Nope, just the preexisting relationship/jury stacking that production is doing everything possible to keep Nicole unaware of.