Big Brother 21 – BB Comics Power of Veto Results! “The double brought something out in you!”

Head of Household Winner: JACKSON
Havenots are:
Nominations are: Tommy & Cliff
Power of Veto Players are:
Power of Veto holder: Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony:
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Power Of Veto Winner: Nicole

2:13pm – 6:56pm The live feeds return. All the house guests are in the kitchen talking about the BB comics veto. Tommy – amazing! Jackson – 10 minutes 58 seconds! Tommy – YAY you won an HOH and a Veto! Jackson – The Double brought something out in you. Nicole – OMG I love you all! Cliff – you are the Champ! Nicole leaves the kitchen. Tommy – fifth place sounds good. Its good to me. I did my best! All good. She deserves it. Game changer for sure. Oh you’ll go up if she uses it. Holly – oh damn I will. I didn’t think about that. I wanted to at least have that claim to fame.

Nicole heads to the bedroom to celebrate alone. Cliff joins her. Cliff – do you know that we are final four because of you! Nicole hugs Cliff. Cliff – I have always been proud of you. You are building your resume. You didn’t have to win these for me to be proud of you. Think of the people back in the jury house when they see yet another day / eviction that you controlled. Nicole – you’re not going to be on that block come eviction night Cliff. Cliff – oh well we will talk. Its doesn’t matter, we control it. Nicole – you don’t chance it. Nicole and Cliff say they love each other. Cliff – friends outside of this game.

Cliff – its tough on Tommy. He knows what’s going to happen. You took us to final four. When we see family videos or whatever else this week .. we know we’re safe. You have come into your own. I may have told someone how much I was excited to see you conquer the world and you’re doing it even before we leave. Its incredible you didn’t just beat it by 4 or 5 seconds. We would still be celebrating but you won by over 4 minutes! That’s like 35% – 40% you beat him by! You are a beast! Jackson – BLOWN AWAY! That was so impressive! DUDE you .. 10:58 .. are you kidding me?! Cliff – you made your mark. People will talk about that for seasons to come. Jackson – with that you are in a strong running for AFP (America’s Favorite Player) .. you too (Cliff). You didn’t just beat us .. you SMOKED US!

Nicole and Cliff go into the storage room to do a happy dance. Cliff – Fellowship of the ZING! Cliff leaves. Nicole soaks it all up. Nicole – I won a VETO! BB COMICS! Nicole holds the veto up and says this is for my family and Cliff’s family! I AM TAKING CLIFF OFF THE BLOCK!

7:20pm – 7:53pm HOH room. Holly and Jackson.
Jackson – you don’t think they’re going to use it on Cliff and backdoor you do you? Holly – backdoor me?! Jackson – because if she uses it on Cliff and you go up .. that means those two vote. Holly – I know. I know that I go up. Jackson – and not by choice. And neither one of us vote. And they could easily split us up this week .. pull in Tommy and I can’t compete in the next HOH. And it could be them two and Tommy. Holly – they better not. That would be so sh*tty. Jackson – I don’t think they ..but we need to foster this and make sure they don’t do it. Holly – I want her to not use it.. Jackson – I know … because if she does do it to protect her plus one, my plus one goes up and I can’t compete in the next HOH. And they would be in final 3 without either one of us. Holly – is there anyway to convince her not to use it. Jackson – if I am putting myself in their shoes why would I want to go against Michie and Holly .. when I can compete against Tommy. Take Holly out this week, compete in the next HOH because he can’t .. put him up .. Tommy comes with us, votes on our side.. and then its us three sitting in the final 3. I am not trying to freak you out but on a game level its the smartest move. I don’t think Cliff would do it. I am not trying to freak you out but we need to.. Holly – I wish I had thought about it before hand. Going into it I didn’t even really want to win (WTF!?). Jackson – didn’t want to win?! Holly there are 5 people!? Holly – I know. Jackson – I was gunning for that f**king thing! Holly – I wouldn’t have won anyway .. I f**king sucked at that. Jackson – our hands are tied. Holly – would Nicole do that? Cliff would. Jackson – I don’t think either one of them would but this is a game and the light is right there. Its either everything stays fine… or we take 5th and 4th. I don’t want to talk to them about it because I don’t want to plant the seed. On a game level this is their chance to really increase their chances of winning. Holly – I am a freaking idiot… for so many reason. I failed in that comp. I am so dumb. Jackson – you’re one of the smartest people I know. Holly – no I am not. Jackson – I don’t think they will ..we just have to be aware that they could in theory do it. Holly – they’re the only two voting. Is there any argument to her not using it? Jackson – I would use it because what if we were two timing them with Tommy? Holly – I know. Jackson – Tommy will have 5 days to campaign and get close to Nicole. Downstairs Cliff was like its us four! I don’t think they would but we don’t need to make any assumptions. Holly – should I talk to her? Ask if I am going up? Saying it doesn’t matter either way. Jackson – I don’t want her to feel like we’re pressuring her. Holly – we could bring it up to her and phrase it as what are WE doing. Either way we’re going to final four. Jackson – yup.

8pm Cliff alone in the bedroom talking to the feeders. She made final 4 possible for both of us. Otherwise one of us wouldn’t have made it. Which means she has also made final 3 possible. One of us WILL be final 3. One of us will have family sit in the audience on finale night. One of us will not go to the jury house. I am so proud of her. I want to win this game. She is not making it easy with these victories. But if I don’t win I would love to vote of give that cheque to her. WOW! 3 of us compete for HOH on Thursday. 4 of us compete for veto. Veto winner decides who goes home.

8:17pm CLiff comes to talk to Nicole. Cliff – you guaranteed us final 4. That means one of us is guaranteed final 3. Nicole – oh my god yeah! Cliff – worst case one of us is the last person into the jury. And we compete on Thursday and Michie can’t compete. Doesn’t really matter because it all comes down to the veto. We can beat Holly. Nicole – that’s the thing I was thinking.. do you send out Holly because they’re so close? But there’s no point? They’re so strong. Cliff – I think you’ve got to send Tommy. Because Holly .. I don’t think she is that good with Days, Faces, or anything! I mean look at her everyone of these competitions she’s not done that much. Nicole – yup. Nicole – we should map out next week. Cliff – whoever wins HOH safe. Whoever wins veto picks whoever else is safe and who goes home. BB blocks the feeds. Cliff – what an amazing week! Cliff – if we both make it to the final 2 we can talk about how we honored deals and we fought hard even when it didn’t benefit us. If only one of us makes it would be one hell of an argument. We gave nothing less than a 100% in this game. When Jack offered me 4 weeks of safety .. that would have gotten me so far but at the expense of everyone one of y’all. What are the chances that one of us gets voted out and gets back in and we were the bottom feeders. We’ve had a final 2 forever.

8:38pm – 8:50pm Bedroom. Cliff, Jackson, Holly and Nicole.
They talk about Nicole’s veto win. Nicole – I did it for us. All four! I would like to tell you, my veto I would like to use .. but there is no funny business going on. Promise! Cliff – we’re on board. Nicole – we did it! Jackson – top 4! Holly – I am so proud of you. Nicole – I did it for us. Cliff – people will talk about your veto win forever. That is the kind of thing where you would come back to host BB comics. We’re getting rid of Tommy before the face mash or dates and stuff because he would have it down. Holly agrees. Jackson – I can’t even imagine doing it (veto) in under 11 minutes. I maybe could have shaved off a minute or two. You had 40 seconds for each one. Nicole – I told you guys I was going to haul a$$. Jackson – I almost want to drink tonight. They agree to wait for the backyard and to let Tommy grieve. Cliff – I expect he will come to us to see if there is an opportunity but we just need to shut it down. The others agree. Jackson – it is the week of Nicole.

9:10pm – 9:40pm Bedroom. Jackson, Holly, Nicole & Cliff.
Jackson – sorry but I am putting you up on the block this week. The irony of her going up the week I am HOH. Holly – but I trust you guys. Cliff – someone from this room will get 500K. Jackson – well we’re all getting another boost. (More stipend) Holly – the next boost will get me closer to paying off some of my debt. Jackson – same. Nicole – I told the DR that I wasn’t bullied as a kid but somehow I was an adult. Cliff – well you get the last laugh. They continue chatting about past events of the season.

10:10pm HOH bathroom. Cliff continues to talk about being safe for another week. He does another happy dance.

10:35pm – 11:10pm Kitchen. Tommy cooking dinner / the house guests eating. After dinner the backgammon tournaments start…

11:33pm Tommy is cleaning up after dinner. Meanwhile Cliff is in the storage room talking to the feeders again.

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Change Of Heart

Nicole you go girl!!! I finally have a fan this season NICOLE..I am so happy for her to win HOH and now the POV. She is a sweetheart that is very caring, loving and what I call good people..she takes Cliff off the block and put up Holly and Nicole and Cliff controls the game. Evict Holly.. Jackson can’t play for the next HOH this will be a great move for both Nicole and Cliff game..a big move.

Jan Nan

I wish but you know Cliff has shot that idea down. Every time I think I can root for Cliff he does or says something that irritates me. Go Nicole ! Bring home the money girl !

Change Of Heart

I am in agreement with you..maybe Cliff thinks Tommy will win in a F2. Tommy is in good standing with the jury house HGs. Jackson and Holly have worked everyone nerves including mine at times. Jackson is playing a great game.

Ovi's tongue

Why evict Mrs. Robinson? Tommy is a bigger threat. Mrs Robinson is on a bad streak with being sick, wrestling with her self worth, turmoil in her relationship with Jackson, obsession with her image and appearance. and she lacks skills.

Franks fumes

Sometimes I think Cliff is playing Nicole with all this effusive praise……making others wary of taking her to final 2 instead of him.


Too funny….I’ve thought that myself, several times this season. It’s like he was always sure he would beat Nicole in F2…but just in case….(“effusive praise…making others wary of taking her to F2 over him”)

Ovi's tongue

Until 4 days ago there was no reason to think he couldn’t beat her in F2.


True…but Cliff has to know that a lot of times jury members vote on their relationships with people and that many people were afraid of Cliff or that he rubbed people the wrong way. He didn’t rub me the wrong way…but others have said so. I just feel like because he was going to take Nicole to F2, at least since Kat left…he needed to always talk her up to cover his bases. Don’t get me wrong…I also believe he genuinely likes/cares for Nicole.


nah, tommy’s a way bigger threat to win than holly. still take cliff down, but i’d much rather face off in next week’s hoh and pov vs. holly than tommy.


If I were Cliff, I would start thinking who is it better to sit next to during finale night. I don’t like Jackson but would be very surprised if there is a bitter jury this time around. Nicole is likable and has won comps when necessary. Holly has been HoH at least twice. What exactly gives Cliff an edge? I see nothing

loveme some nicole

Omg freakingy love it go Nicole!

Addios Tommy

See ya Tommy………Love you so much!

Manifested my Dreams

Nicole is building that RESUME for the finals, you go Nicole!!!

Swaggie's Missing Brow



bless the kraken for this day

Roisin Dubh

Better get rid of Jackson. I forgot, he’s HOH, Better get rid of Holly. That’ll take the piss out of Jackson. Damn this legal weed is solid.LOL.

Double Ds

Take out Holly. Jackson can’t play for HOH.


I think cliff will win because nicole will probably win final 4 veto, and then maybe she wins final hoh as well and takes cliff. I do think cliff wins in that case.

So Michie will definitely come in fourth.
And then I assume Holly takes nicole if she wins f3 hoh, and nicole and cliff take eachother.
Holly and cliff both unfortunately beat nicole…


If she wins all those comps you predict her to win she has a better resume than cliff and wins.


Yea…if Nicole wins 1 more comp…her and Michie are the 2 best imo.


Nicole has Nick 100%, tommy doesn’t like Cliff, Jess is female empowerment, holly and Jackson like Nicole more and will respect her wins and carrying Cliff to the end. Christie is likely Cliff cuz Nicole got her out Kat is probably 50/50 and Jack and Sis will probably vote Cliff. Nicole building her late game resume and right now controls who goes home. If she gets holly out she puts herself in the best position possible because everyone playing in the HOH is gunning for Jackson and he can’t play and hollys gone. She’s 100% guaranteed a spot in final 3


i think getting out tommy is still the play. a final 3 of her tommy and jackson is really bad. she needs to keep holly around.

BB obsessed

Agree! I can’t believe anyone even thinks getting Holly out makes sense! Tommy is BELOVED with nearly every juror! And good in comps! Get him out, Jackson can’t play. Two against one to win the next HOH. Cliff and Nicole are secure in final three. Either Holly or Jackson are gone. They are fine to the final two. Tommy is too dangerous because he is so well liked by the house. Jackson will not be crippled if Holly went now, just pissed. And Nicole and Cliff prove that they are not loyal vs. now, getting all of the four to the final four have kept their word (all of them) and now it is all play for yourself.

Holly’s makeup collection

Best for jury control, holly would be bitter and that’s a vote gone


You made all of the points that I would have made. I would add that next week it doesn’t matter if Holly wins HoH as it has no real power and she won’t be the target. Get Tommy out NOW! A bird in the hand…


“A bird in the hand…”


If Nicole is the one who wins the F4 POV and whether she is F4 HOH or not she’ll still get the jury cred for it b/c she’ll select Cliff to make the eviction with the confirmed choice to send Jackson to jury, conversely if Cliff wins F4 POV & he makes choice or is also F4 HOH & picks Nicole to make the choice HE will get all the cred for sending Jackson packing

Jackson KNOWS he needs to win F4 POV or he’s toast (b/c after today relying on Holly to do it for him is no bueno).


HAPPY–HAPPY–HAPPY!!!! Tommy and Crusty bit the dust!!!


I was inching up on this post, in fear of what I might read. This is the best Scenario. I just love the team of Cliff/Nichole.


So it seems Nicole is going to assure she and Cliff are around next week. They will have to compete against Holly if they take out Tommy. They have a better than average shot to win the HoH. which should mean Jackson and Holly on the block. That’s not so important though as the veto holder decides who goes or at least who decides, should the HoH win veto. HoH means safety and the veto decides the final 3.

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

What ppl arnt even taking into consideration is jackson can win final 4 veto and stay true to cliff and bye bye nicole! This can very well happen especially keeping holly she cld win final 4 veto n cut nicole its highly likely to happen… This season is so predictable I wldnt be suprised. Never any blindsides, so boring!!!!!!

J e t s jets jets jets

Repost from other page:
Just a thought. Nicole wins veto. Jackson gives his blessing to use it on Cliff and vote out Holly? Thoughts?


Love it!

J e t s jets jets jets

My psyche has been running high today. As soon as my brother told me the Raiders cut Brown I told him he was going to the Patriots. This was hours before it happened and without looking at any sports app. I have it on my messages as proof.


Jackson wouldn’t do that to Holly, he knows from the POV comp and Bay spilling the beans that he has a bad rep outside the BB house. Besides, who wants to compete against Tommy in the face mash up comp? Ah no thx. Get Tommy out now!!!! The 4 of them can Duke it out. Plus Nicole says she wants to show her loyalty in the game so booting out Holly wouldn’t be it. Love that she won Veto tho! Can’t wait til Wed to watch it!


Exactly! Tommy, then Holly!

Nicole for AFP



I like this…except I want Tommy out first. I don’t think it’s good to leave him with ANY opportunity to be F2. But after they evict Tommy….it’s Holly’s time. Nicole, Michie, and Cliff F3 for Life hahaha :p


Agree with the first part, but if you have the chance to get out Jackson or Holly at 4, they would be stupid to take Jackson.


The thing is…yes I like Michie and am apt to vote for him or Nicole…BUT…I think Cliff/Nicole have a better chance of getting votes from jury if they’re against Michie. I think several will be bitter at Michie having gotten them out and also will see that Nicole did end up proving her mettle in comps without compromising honest game play. If Nicole had continued NOT winning comps…I totally agree. bitter jury members may have given it to him simply because of his overwhelming domination of comps. But things have changed now with Nicole winning. Now they can act on their bitterness without looking ridiculous.

Southern Girl

YES YES YES!!! Now we will see if Tommy can convince them to evict Holly instead. Since Jackson can’t compete in the next HOH he could use the angle of 3v1 all with Jackson as the target instead of chancing Holly winning and Cliff or Nicole going next. It would be their best bet but idk if they are willing to go back on their handshake/word..
If they evict Holly then I will be rooting for Nicole to win but if they don’t then it’s Jackson all the way… And I really don’t care to see him win it but if they are that dumb to not take this shot then they deserve to lose to him.

Summer Gowen

I hope takes Cliff off and Holly goes up, they vote out Holly will be out. That is the only way Cliff and Nicole can get to final 2…oh please Nicole take Cliff off. Please please do the smart thing

Living 4 Parentheses

Nicole already said the Veto is for HER family and CLIFF’s family…and that Cliff IS coming off the block! However, I believe the F4 deal with Jackson & Holly will be honored. Nicole is nothing if not loyal. That’s why we LOVE HER.


I agree with dawg and living. There is no way they turn their back on Jackson and Holly. It might be interesting to see Holly squirm this week.


More than interesting! And it’s also good that just in case Holly makes it…she can’t have “never having been on the block” on her resume.


Could?!?!? What do you mean could??? DEFINITELY WILL is what you mean. C’mon Nicole, I know you’ve got more jury votes than J/H could f**k up for you (though I’m not completely convinced they would spite her).

Southern Girl

I would agree but about 15 minutes after this next eviction they will be going head to head against Holly for HOH. If she wins then Cliff & Nicole will be on the block. Loyalty is great but when there are only 4 ppl left and you are the next target then loyalty no longer exists unless you really aren’t trying to win the game. This is BB and fans of the game would not hold it against Cliff/Nicole for playing the game. In fact it would be well respected. Even by the players themselves.


I am trying to remember, but when that F4 deal was made with Cliff, Nickole, Holly and Jackson….the one they shook on…but wasn’t it yet another deal Cliff made and Nickole wasn’t even in the room during the shake, she just came in right after and was informed of it and said “yes”?

Deep Thoughts

Good post Southern Girl. If they vote Holly out all three people left with want Jackson to go next. That also would mean three of the four people playing veto would want to evict jackson. If you vote Holly out the next veto would be Cliff/Nicole against Jackson/Holly making it 50/50%.

Southern Girl

Thank you, since Tommy would only be still in the game if Nicole/Cliff save him I think he would be with them. Or at least there is a chance he would anyway. That wouldn’t be the case with Jackson/Holly.


So what? Holly winning HoH means NOTHING! With Tommy out, Jackson is definitely the target. HoH just gives Holly safety but she isn’ t the target so no big deal. It doesn’t matter who she puts up because it determines nothing. POV decides who goes home next week. Jackson is playing in the Veto in any circumstance, so nothing to be done about that. Tommy is a threat in the F2, he is a physical threat in comps, and he has a decent chance of pulling out puzzly/memory comps. Get rid of him, now!


Nowwwww I tell you!!!

SD Bird

NICOLE !!!!!

‘Let’s eat some snacks. Let’s celebrate and eat some Combo & Unicorn Poop.”
Just Love Her!


She is a special person. I went from having no opinion about her one way or the other…to really liking and admiring her. I think she has battled her personal demons all season (anxiety) and still has been a competitor. I really am happy with her or Michie. I know it’s an odd duo to root for, but I am!

Southern Girl

I actually wouldn’t mind Nicole and Jackson too but that won’t happen with Holly still there imo. Jackson can beat all of them in the physical comps but the 2 of them together (J/H) really seems to lower Nicole’s chance of getting there with him.


That’s why we need to manifest that Holly does NOT win HOH next week….AND that Cliff/Nicole win veto. That protects the scenario of a Michie/Nicole F2 :p

Itsa Hogg

Yes! Way to go Nicole!
Now take cliff off the block. Don’t chance anything girl.


I outlined on the previous page how Nicole can beat almost anyone but Jackson b/c she was never fully accepted until mid way through the game. More importantly, in a season of two different groups of people knowing people prior (Tommy/Christie & Kat/Holly plus whatever deal there is with Jackson in that scenario) as well as hamsters BLATANTLY lying to each other (more than normal) Nicole elected to never say one thing & then do another. It put her in hot water a lot this season b/c people questioned her but like the old saying once bitten – twice shy – in Nicole’s case she told Nick/Bella the truth & got burned for it, told Jess the truth & almost had her game blown up over it, NEVER PROMISED NICK F2 or that she’d do what he wanted her to but he kept insisting he had her wrapped.

In the end it was the competitions she was lacking but now she’ll be solely responsible for knocking out the BIG favorite (Christie) & Tommy/Holly both going on the block their first time by virtue of her wins.

She is set up well to win F4 HOH and/or F4 POV given her date knowledge.

Now as long as production doesn’t screw everything up & take it all away then I’d say Nicole has a great shot at being BB21 Winner & doing it by saying – “in a season where everyone claimed to love each other and be true to the universe I stayed true to myself & my true loyalties, I took out big targets & then I won when it mattered most.

Living 4 Parentheses

Beautifully articulated. That’s our girl!

J e t s jets jets jets


Nicole for AFP

Best post yet


I do agree that if you take bitterness out of the equation…Michie is the only person, on paper, who could beat Nicole. But a F2 of Michie v. Nicole goes to Nicole, because the jury members will be able to justify their bitterness because Nicole has a good resume now. And this is also supposing Tommy isn’t there (F2) because nobody beats him (and not because of incredible game play).


Tommy’s best chance to stay is talk her into using it on him he will vote out Holly with Nicole and they all try to take Jackson out since he cant compete for HOH….might be the only way Jackson doesnt win the game

Addios Tommy

She doesn’t have to use it on him. Cliff and Nicole can vote out Holly if they want.


yahhssss Nicole!!
Now who was it that said Tommy was perfect to win this veto?
I wonder what the stats are for times played veto vs a win for him and Nicole (poor nicole just started playing in vetos this week).I know Tommy got Christie off the block twice but boy if he ever needed to win it that was it and he blew it!
Nick was an ally that would have allowed Tommy to play without Christie. OH WELL!!
Shoulda used those veto wins to play Ya own game instead of saving your aunts ex


Holly shhhhhh way to go Nicole yes take cliff off and let holly sweat a little.


Smartest move here is to vote Holly out. Jackson can’t play in the next HOH. It’s risky but worth the risk if they can pull Tommy’s dramatic a$$ in.

Miss Conception

This jury will be bitter as most of the recent past.Christie(the chameleon ) will poison the jury and convince them to vote for Tommy(if he survives).Get Tommy out now!


This is exactly why any chance of Tommy possibly making it to finale night HAS to be eliminated. Nicole now, especially if she wins one more comp…has JUST as good, or better chance against Michie, Holly, or Cliff on finale night. Cliff heard the loudspeaker. He knows what’s up and it’s not to keep Tommy in the game any longer. If Christie were not in jury…I get the temptation to keep Tommy and evict Holly. But that’s not the case.

Roisin Dubh

i agree. Tommy will fold to the one’s guaranteed F3. This jury is gonna vote on game play. No bitterness.

Roll Tide

Tommy might win and eliminate Nicole or Jackson. I think the four should stay together, then duke it out. Holly should go first, she hasn’t really been a competitive person, or social. Final three Cliff, Nicole and Jackson. Cliff and Nicole know days, Jackson does not. Final two Cliff and Nicole. I don’t know which one will win. Just know Nicole gets Jessica’s vote for being female. Tommy and Christy have said repeatedly they are afraid of Cliff.


That’s what I said…Cliff, Nicole, and Michie…F3 for Life lol. But I do think Michie knows days too. For me, once they clip Holly…I have no clue out of Cliff, Nicole, or Michie, who goes on. I think Cliff takes Michie. Michie takes Nicole. Nicole takes Cliff. lol

Stephanie J

There is no way in hell I would keep TT!!!!!! When CC sees him walking through that door will be epic/priceless!!!! TT doesn’t deserve to be in that house any longer he and CC talked more shit than any of them and I will be glad to see him leave this week. All season long everyone just loved TT and why I still don’t have a clue. It’s his time to goooo and just let the 4 of them battle it out. At this point I could care less who is in the final 2 just as long as it wasn’t TT and CC!! They both thought they had this game won and was already counting the money!!!!!! I just think is so funny that CC was the last one to leave last week and right after her is TT!! Now that’s EPIC!! I really don’t like Jackson or Holly very much they have always thought their shit didn’t stink. I think Nicole should take Cliff off the block and put Holly up since her ass hasn’t seen the block yet and let her see how it feels for a change!! But still vote out TT!!!! Great Job to Nicole and Cliff the bottom feeders as they said all game long those two had to talk hard and fight hard make deals that they hated and get bullied a lot at times. Not to mention neither one of them knew each other like a couple of them did Cliff being happily married and Nicole doesn’t even have a boyfriend didn’t have to be in a showmance to further their game like Jackson who slept with Kat then Holly then Jacks and sis then Nick and Bella Nick rubbering all over Tommy’s dick and dry humping everytime he got a chance not to mention after Jacks left he was all over sis and if given the chance he would have done her. Wow my mind hurts. All I want this week is for TT to be voted out and be on his way to the jury house with CC!!


Here’s the thing…Tommy DOES have a great personality. If I was assured he was authentic…I would like the dude. But I know he’s not. And if you’re in the house…with someone having the personality Tommy does…and not being around your family and friends, I can totally see how appealing Tommy could be as a friend. You are blinded to the fact that he could be being fake.

Living 4 Parentheses

A million thanx, Dawg, for the HAPPY DANCE gif! Tears of JOY again tonight.

Living 4 Parentheses

A million thanx, Dawg, for the HAPPY DANCE gif. Tears of JOY again tonight!!! YAYYYYYY, Nicole!


Man the fact Holly didn’t even consider this scenario (that she could go on the block) is WHY she does not deserve to win the game. For her to say to Jackson “do you think we can get her to not take Cliff down?” is so shortsighted & selfish.

At least Jackson sees the big picture & tells Holly I’d take you off so why wouldn’t she take down her #1 (Cliff), Holly always plays this game with the view of what’s best for her which for the most part is good – but on a whole she ends up failing at the finish line b/c ALL her moves are what is best for her NOT her team. SHE wanted Sam out, SHE wanted NICK out so it always went that way. For as much as Jackson was a dick to start the game I do think he’s the better overall game player and in truth the most deserving of making F3 are Jackson, Nicole & Cliff – doubtful that’s the mix (and again that’s just my humble opinion). Tommy was a great social player but strategically not sound nor was he able to manipulate/cajole others to do what he wanted. As soon as America’s Field Trip happened Tommy needed to make some abrupt shifts/cuts to his game & he’ll likely leave at F5 b/c he wasn’t capable of it.

Unless he suddenly pulls out some diabolical side where he besmirches Holly/Jackson to get Cliff/Nicole to shift I doubt that changes. Especially after he told them about Christie which they can now use against him OTB. Talk about electing to disclose that information at the very worst time possible!

The other aspect of Jackson thinking through this “pair up with Tommy & take him with us to F3” is a bit of him being misted by his own comp prowess of late b/c he’s forgetting Tommy knows the dates as good or better than either Holly or him AND he’s a solid physical player, endurance capable etc. So taking Tommy with them (Cliff/Nicole) is almost more difficult than Jackson IMHO.

Holly KEEPS suggesting they try to convince Nicole NOT to use the POV & the MORE she does that the BIGGER her target will grow b/c she’s the ONLY one who hasn’t sat on the block. She needs to shut up be cool & play F4 nice.

Anyway – kudos to Nicole for winning BIG when it counts BIG. One week after feeling she was letting her team down she’s now the main reason the F4 will get to F4. Now – the question is WHO will win F4 HOH/POV (you want the HOH for the safety but you can’t tell me it’s not running through her mind if I can win F4 POV & evict Jackson that will be Christie/Tommy & Jackson I’m solely responsible for taking out. Hell of a resume builder!

With her knowing the dates the best I’d say she has the best shot in F4 to win one or both comps. I don’t see Cliff or Nicole turning on each other BUT by some chance Holly or Jackson were the person to win the final HOH comp who do you think they would elect to sit beside if the other wasn’t there?

For Holly – I still think she’d bring Nicole & for some reason I also think Jackson would pick Nicole too (but less positive about that choice).


Go Underdogs Go!

If Nicole continues her winning streak, I think Jackson and Holly would both pick Cliff. Jackson has that longstanding alliance with him to fall back on. Holly will think she can beat Cliff since she’s won more comps than him. I pray we never find out because Nicole and Cliff will be the F2!!

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

Nope they wld both bring cliff he dsnt have much of a resume. Nicole is too well liked and her comp wins wld def help her with jury votes… take holly out dont risk it and plus its Big Brother. Anybody else but this group wld do it. Crap jackson and holly wld do it in a heartbeat to win it all…. Nicole is going to loose… Jackson beats her in the end.

J e t s jets jets jets

How does Holly not know she’s going up if Nicole wins the veto?


Because sadly, lol, she thinks what’s best for her game is obviously also best for everyone else.


Agreed. I think Holly has difficulty with reality. She assumes that what’s best for her, is obviously best for everyone else too. Contrary to what many have posted…I don’t think she’s a mean girl at heart. A lot of that was Sis. I think it’s dumb for her to think, with their age difference, that her and Michie could possibly make it in the real world. But that’s her choice. Bottom line….I think she’s a decent person…and she can empathize, but the facts in her mind are wrong. Like I said…she thinks what’s best for her, is best for everyone else too. That’s why the thought of her going otb never entered her mind.



And yes Holly, you are dumb! WHY would you not try to win that veto? I’m going to enjoy watching her sweat this week!

Zingading ding

becuz holly & mick are so arrogant that they think they have already won…smh

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

Definatley! Even Cliff is so cocky and he hasn’t won sh!t in a long time. 1 hoh and camp comeback. Jackson and Holly feel entitled. Look at what Holly said I didnt even want to win this comp…. Like oh im just gonna get draged to the end by my man and get 50k for doing hardly anything… It’s sickening… Cliff even talks well one of us(cliff, nicole) will be f3 and then says i want to win it all. And talks abt how many comps nicole has won now…Sounds like he cld careless abt taking nicole f2. He is a rat and will cut nicole first chance he gets…


Cliff won the veto when Nicole had HOH and nominated Christie/Tommy, sending Christie home….last week.

Southern Girl

Just a thought..
Before nominations I thought Jackson didn’t think that thru.. they already knew what the veto comp was going to be and you would think he would nominate the 2 most likely to do well in that comp to lessen the chance of the person not on the block winning and forcing him to put up Holly. Clearly Nicole and Tommy had a better shot at winning BB comics.. I don’t really think he wants Holly gone but by his on admission he had already thought of that so I just find it odd that he didn’t leave Cliff off the block. Doesn’t matter now but just one of those things that make you go hmm..


Tommy is going and Nicole has 2 major wins. She can take this season over from here. They have to take out Tommy because the next HOH will be Before Or After, and Holly will be much easier to beat. Veto will be days so Nicole or Cliff should take that also, then they can kick Michie to the curb. I really think Nicole has a chance to win this season now, and it’s so awesome considering where her game started from!

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

Disagree, holly will know comps before and after she use to run thru them all the time. Days i dnt think she wld do well… I can see holly winning next Hoh.


so what if holly wins hoh. jackson can’t compete and he should be the target anyway.


Alright Nickole! Now just don’t listen to Cliff (who if anyone remembers made F2 with Jackson…you know just in case). She has said she thinks best for her game given the chance is to get Michie out. I hope she goes against Cliffs wish to not take him off, uses it, and puts up Holly then they vote Holly out. Next shot Michie.

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

Totally agree its her best chance for f2 and winning it all…


Nicole wants to vote out Holly and Cliff shoots idea down, Cliff back to being the wuss player that he is Nicole listen to your instincts you are playing big brother not Cliff’s wimpy a** way think smart play to win!

Zingading ding

WTG ! Nicole

Summer Gowen

Nicole is using it but just told jackson that tommy going home. I think huge mistake… that will bite cliff and her in the butt.


This is actually tough decision for Nicole and Cliff to make. Send home Holly or Tommy? They both can win comps. Send Tommy, and you keep the Holly and Jackson team strong, which is a real problem for them, send Holly, and Tommy will most likely pair up with Jackson. Tommy doesn’t like Cliff and he told his secret to Jackson and Holly so it’s obvious he wants to work with them. So even if they sent out Holly, and Jackson can’t play for HOH, at this point it doesn’t look like Tommy would do anything to get rid of Jackson next week……….They are saying they are sending Tommy for sure, but which is the better move?

Southern Girl

If they keep Holly then even if Nicole or Cliff win the next HOH the other one would likely be voted out next. If Jackson/Holly win POV they would be the sole vote to send out either Cliff/Nicole. But if Tommy was still there then it would be 3v1 against Jackson. The odds of Nicole/Cliff F2 are way higher with Holly gone. Nicole seems to grasp this already and with a week to go maybe she and Tommy can convince Cliff.


From what it looks like now, It wouldn’t be 3v1 because it doesn’t look like Tommy would vote out Jackson. It appears that Tommy is trying to get in with Jackson/Holly. Which means he would vote against Nicole/Cliff.

Southern Girl

I think he was doing that in case one of them won POV but not sure. As it is now, the only way he stays is if Cliff & Nicole save him. He could go either way for sure. I just know that at least there would be a chance he could go with them.


No, because Tommy would have a much better shot at beating Michie on finale night. So he will work with him if he stays. I believe Tommy beats everyone if he’s there…but against Cliff or Nicole…Tommy loses a couple jury votes.

Watch from a distance

Production please DO NOT get involved!! It’s Tommy’s time to go!! Christie was there way to long!! In my opinion there was too much interference from production.

Christy Afp

What a great idea. Grodner, if you are reading this, pls bring in a Pandora box.

Roisin Dubh

She’s way ahead of you. LOL!!

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

Look at from game play for the win not personal which is what u are doing. U just want tommy out but is this best for nicole… No tommy isnt going after nicole…U wld be stupid not to take this shot and get holly out only to come in 4th place if ur nicole… cliff and jackson did make a f2 and cliff is already talking what ifs and knows jackson wld take him over nicole for f3… We dnt want to see nicole get screwed playing cliffs game….


Yes Tommy is going to go after Nicole. Nicole is now his biggest competitor on finale night.


as usual Nicole will mess it up, she should replace cliff with holly, vote out holly, next hoh get rid of Jackson, she’s guaranteed final 3 and with that move maybe the whole game. if not Jackson and holly will be final 2!!


You are missing the point though – it’s NOT just up to Nicole – she at least CONSIDERED the option. Cliff shut it down & the truth is if Cliff votes to keep Holly then she stays so it’s a moot point if he’s not on board with it. Do I think Tommy takes Nicole to F2 — YES but the reality is he’ll be more difficult than Holly to beat in the F4 HOH which Jackson isn’t playing in & BOTH Nicole/Cliff should (famous last words) have much better odds of winning F4 POV (generally a combo comp of dates/puzzle) which will determine who gets evicted.

My guess is the F4 HOH will likely be a before/after competition or one like the boxing game where you have to pick the exact date & buzz in. Nicole & Cliff will SMOKE Holly in that comp. Then the POV we’ll see how good Jackson is on his dates but I still think Cliff or Nicole will win it.

It’s looking more like a F3 of Nicole/Cliff & Holly – unless some sort of wrench gets thrown in by TPTB – and again – the dates just don’t seem to align unless the Sept 25 finale date I read is wrong.

I think Cliff thought he/Nicole had a great shot of making F2 if they went with H/J to F4 but I also think he thought he’d beat her easily. Now with her being HOH who got out Christie AND the reason both Tommy/Holly landed on block the first time & then the reason why Tommy leaves her case is actually looking stronger than his for the win IMHO. Either would be worthy winners (as would Jackson after all the comps he won this season). Tommy played a great 3/4 game but couldn’t pull off the wins when it mattered most (FOR HIMSELF). And while Holly got out big players her full game isn’t as strong as the other trio. I’m still hoping for a Nicole/Cliff F2 & a Nicole win although I’m sure Christie will do her very best to influence the jury to vote for Cliff. Based on Tommy finally being his own person/playing his own game however, I’m not sure she’ll have the same pull she ruled with early on.


Jackson just strongly blew his nose into a tissue, threw that tissue into the garbage, walked over to the cabinet, grabbed an open box of cereal, stuck his hand in and started eating.

Franks fumes

Booger Frosted Flakes…..


Mmmm my favorite! lmao

Cat scratch fever

Tommy has too many friends in jury. Makes him real dangerous to keep. For cliff and Nicole, he has to go.


Come on Nicole! Convince Cliff to vote out Holly and get to F3!


They really need to take out Holly. If they leave her in, they would be forced to win Veto (big underdogs against Jackson/Holly) or else one of them will be on the block and either Holly or Jackson would be the only voter, guaranteeing one of them goes home. If you keep Tommy and either he or Jackson is the sole voter they would likely take each other out as the most dangerous competitor left to their path to winning.


I think tommy is there for the experience and would be ok with second place, and he probably thinks he could beat Jackson in the vote anyway. Therefore he’d probably want to break up the last pair to increase his odds of being final 2. Jackson would probably be bitter if they turn on holly, and his high risk high reward style of play, he’d keep tommy hoping he could overcome the odds and beat him. If you want to win, i think it’s safer overall to take out the stronger competitor tommy, than it is to break up Jackson and holly. With Holly gone, It won’t be 3 against 1 like everyone thinks.


I agree about how Michie likes high risk/high reward, but especially after Tommy revealing that to them the other night…he sees the writing on the wall. He knows Christie will be working the jury on behalf of Tommy. He also saw the relationship Tommy had with everyone. He was told Tommy and Jack had a F2. Even Nick, who Michie can really count on….had a really touchy relationship with Tommy. Sis lovvveddd Tommy. The only votes Michie would get are Holly and Kat, maybe. I think Tommy would take Michie…but I think Michie would take Nicole.


I remember at the VERY beginning of the season (maybe two weeks in?) one of the regulars on here made a prediction, saying that Nicole was actually a dark horse / sleeper and was going to be the best player in the game…

and everyone laughed & mocked them for saying it.
Well, who’s laughing now, right? lol
Does anyone remember who said that about Nicole?


Wow – just goes to show how much initial impressions can change. I ended up LOVING Kat while Christie became one of my least favs ever. Nicole just kept growing for me & Sam also became one of my top 3.

I always respected Cliff’s game play but wasn’t always fond of some of his decisions since I felt the Bella vote out didn’t have to happen on his HOH (or at least he should’ve forced Christie to use her power then). He was smart though b/c he leveraged that move entirely to make it look like he was a man of his word & then when he turned down Jack he leveraged it to make himself appear like he was protecting others when in reality both moves were better for him (either for protection or to take out his ideal threat).

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

Even Jackson himself said it wld be a great game move to take out Holly! Nicole take out Holly for ur game!!! Its ur VETO not cliff’s….


If only this comp was part of next week, then maybe NIcole would be thinking about what is best for her game since essentially the POV winner will decide who goes home

Ovi's tongue

Maybe Jackson wants Holly out without his fingerprints.

Franks fumes

He loves reminding her that she could get backdoored Thursday lol.

Roisin Dubh

She’s been getting backdoored all summer long.




He may like seeing her squirm as much as we do.