“If Felicia comes down & Cory goes up.. I want that just because I want that little motherf**ker to be scared.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots:  Jared, Corey, Hisam

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Reilly used her HOH to denominate Corey and Jared. Kristen and Felicia are on the bloc. Kirsten is the target.

5pm Exercise Room – Matt and Luke cycling. Luke – I’m going to puke slop. I’m going to puke in a good way! Feels so good! Feels so good. Come on!

Storage room – Cirie and Izzy.
Cirie – so I said hey America let me talk to you for a minute. I said so the game is a foot. Like I think it is going to start moving really fast. You haven’t talked game with you at all. She was like I know. I haven’t talked game with anybody. I was like I just want to say I like you a lot and I am willing to play with you in any capacity if you wanted to play with me. And she was like I feel the same. I like you a lot. And if we want to look out for each other or something like that. Those were the words that she used. And then you came in. But look out for each other … Izzy – and working together. Cirie – are two different things. Izzy – to me … MeMe and America .. they’re like fringe numbers. Expendable. But its about the Hisam, Blue, Me, You, ..Its about the Bowie, me, you, Jared… and its about the Reilly situation with the boys. To me that is us playing it to be safe but our people are those five. The thing with like what Reilly is trying to build and why it always implodes so early is because people want to feel included and in control of their game. Cirie – their own destiny. Izzy – so to me we have build a larger set of an alliance but in manageable bite size pieces. Because I think Felicia feels empowered talking to us. Cirie – right. Izzy – and I think Hisam also and Blue. I think that is the way to keep people close to you. Cirie – what is the deal with Cameron and Reilly? Izzy – don’t you think its creepy? Cirie – she was braiding his hair. Izzy – I think he is lying about something in his life. He is “newly single”. Cirie – also Red is finally coming out of his shell. Izzy – my thing about Cory going up if Felicia comes down is the only scenario that I want or if Kirsten comes off then Cory goes up… and Cory goes home. If Felicia comes down and Cory goes up I want that just because I want that little motherf**ker to be scared. Cirie – yeah!

5:40pm HOH room – Felicia and Hisam.
Felicia and Hisam agree that they think Cory is lying about what he’s taking in school and how he is downplaying how smart he is. They bring up how he said he didn’t know anything about Big Brother but then later mentioned his family would be watching the live feeds. Felicia – I’ve watched this for 23 years and I’ve never watched the live feeds. Hisam – that’s right!! Felicia – so that why you know he is lying. You have to connect the dots!

HOH room – Felicia, HIsam, MeMe, Bowie.
Felicia – here is what I think.. I think Reilly is very connected to the people in her room. The ones in her room. Not the whole room though.. there’s five of them in there. Its really just her, Cameron and Jag. I think Cory is just hanging out there trying to get in somewhere but I don’t think he has a genuine connection to anyone. Luke and Matt and Cameron.. I can’t figure out Red yet. HIsam – do you think we should trust that Cory is telling us the truth about “nether”. Bowie – oh yeah no. MeMe – if anyone believes that .. then you have not watched this game. Bowie – he has an advantage of some sort. Hisam – I just think that we should be very careful with him. The others agree. Hisam – I expected him to be gone all day .. and he came back in an hour. I just thought it was interesting that she (Reilly) took the two males off the block instead of the females.

6:12pm Bathroom – Hisam and Kirsten.
Hisam – how are you feeling? Kirsten – I am cried out because I needed to just get it out emotionally. I just needed to get it out so that I can be cool up here so that I can focus. Now I feel like I can just be myself. Honestly people are advising me to do this .. and to do that but I am just going to do what is right for my game. And how I am planning on moving forward.. I don’t plan on slandering any-f**king-body in this house or same names or anything like that. I just plan on taking my own life and death serious .. you know what I mean? I just don’t want relationships with people that I feel have shunned me because now that it is over people are kind of like open to being spoken to or something. Or maybe because everyone knew I was sad or something.

6:53pm Exercise room – Reilly, Jared, Hisam.
Jared – I am not going to lie it sounded like you rehearsed that sh*t. Reilly – really? Jared – It was like perfect. Reilly – I really like.. well I think it was perfect because I was telling the truth. Its not like I had to come up with some elaborate … I think so highly of you guys. It kills me to have to do this so early on. Just know that this was extremely difficult. And I wish you the best of luck, honestly. It sucks for the bottom of my heart. Its not over till its over. Jared – you know what is so great about you Reilly? It feels genuine bro. Reilly – I hope so because thats how I want to be. I just want to be real. I want everyone to feel like warm and fuzzy with me. At the end of the day we are all here for a reason but at the same time its supposed to be fun. I hated to be the first one. Hisam – but also .. set the tone. Yours was authentically you. It was really true and honest and real. Reilly – well thank you. I feel really good with you guys. Just get through this week and this week is just going to be what it is. I am feeling safe with you guys. Hisam – I feel safe with you too.

Hisam and Jared.
Hisam – do you trust Reilly? Jared – yeah. Hisam – me too. Jared – this is my true feeling about Reilly. Even about Matt too. Like we know that we can work together up until a certain point. I don’t want to feel bad and I like that she acknowledges that. Hisam – Yeah I feel good with her.

7:18pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felica.
Felicia – So who do you think we should do a final four with? Cirie – final four .. me, you, Izzy.. Felicia – its a toss up between her and Jared. Cirie – but what about Hisam? Felicia – yeah Hisam. Cirie – I like Hisame. I like those three. We need more time .. because stuff is going to happen. I think what is solid is me, you and Izzy. Felicia – right. Cirie – and then whoever earns it. Felicia – we need a couple people to think that we’re in a final 3 or 4 with them. Felicia – I am so disappointed in myself.. I was not supposed to end up at a nominee week one. So I messed up not winning that competition. Felica points at Red’s bed and says I believe he is a floater. And Cameron is a floater. Cirie – Cameron is so attached to Reilly. Felicia – Cameron thinks he is attached to Reilly but I think Reilly is actually attached to Matt and Jag. Cirie – I agree with that.

7:40pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia, Cirie and America.
Felicia to America – where are you and Blue at in the game? America – I like her. I like her a lot and that’s pretty much it. There is nothing solidified. There is nothing like alliance or anything. Felicia – you mean between you two? America – yeah. She is the one that I have talked to the most so I feel her and I hope she feels me. But as far as game talk its been so hard to get people in a group of three or two.. like this. Felicia – any of the guys in your room approach you with an alliance? Cirie – what room? She’s in this room with us! Felicia – oh yeah. America – if noms were to stay the same .. you’re good. 1000%! I wouldn’t sweat it. That is the vibe. I could be wrong. Cirie – no, I don’t think you’re wrong. I just told her the exact same thing. Facts! America – ya’ll are great. People love you. America leaves. Cirie whispers to Felicia – you see how she ain’t coming out with anything? Her and Blue ain’t talking? Her and Blue ain’t talk?! That is like me and you not talking. Felicia – yeah.

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Backseat Driver

Help me fellow “online big brother” friends…..why was Cirri brought into the house?


To screw up Jared’s game.

Rene' M

Because she has fans from previous reality shows. So she brings new viewers to Big Brother.


Because she’s a gangsta in an Oprah suit and awesome