America “Cory is a kicker! Did he tell you about his bar fight stories? He’s gotten into two bar fights.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Jag used the power of Veto on Felicia. Cameron was the replacement.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:30pm Kitchen – Cory, Cirie, Felicia and America are chatting about random things like what the upcoming HOH competition might be to Cory talking about Survivor. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Matt, Cameron, Jag and Blue invented a new game with the pool balls.

Cory points out on the memory wall how after Cameron leaves both side of the memory wall will be symmetrical. Cory starts matching up the house guests of who would fight who. America – Cory is a kicker! Did he tell you about his bar fight stories? He’s gotten into two bar fights. And he’s a kicker! Cirie – Did you win the bar fight Skeezy? Cory – Yeah I didn’t lose them. Cirie – what is your definitely of lose them? Cory – Like everyone got kicked out and I was not that injured. That’s a WIN!


8:06pm – 8:20pm HOH room – Cory and America
Cory – Okay final room? America – That’s so smooth. They kiss. Cory – do you feel better about Matt and Jag? America – I do. A little bit. They’re just annoying. Cory – when I talk to Matt and Jag I feel good. When I talk to anyone else I feel bad about them. Like the last person I talk to determines how I feel. America – I feel good .. I mean.. they’re definitely just covering their a$$es. Cory – well here is what is good. America – What is good is that they see that Blue is doing the same thing. They really f**k with Bowie. Cory – they’re very open with targeting Blue to Bowie. Which if they target us, they’ll have backlash from Bowie. America – yup. Cory – so that is really good. America – so what are they telling Blue .. that they’re targeting us? Cory – me. America – yeah you.. but they’ve got to be talking to Blue about that. But lets be real, is Blue going to target Cirie and Felicia? America – no. Cory – Bowie is the hope. America – Bowie is super scared about going up because she hasn’t before but she is going to have to be okay with it you know?! Cory – she is just going to have to trust that we have her back because we do in this case. America – next week only two people aren’t playing veto. Cory – backdoors don’t make sense really. If I win, I am putting up Felicia and Blue. America – the backdoor doesn’t make sense so why wouldn’t Blue put you up, you know?! Cory – you could argue it makes sense. America – its not like you’re some veto king.

8:27pm Backyard Crew are playing a target / toss game they made up.

HOH room – Cory talking to the cameras.
Cory – By the way I feel good about my position but not great. It could definitely be worse. It could definitely be better. I don’t like being the fall guy for my alliance but I would rather be in the alliance than out of it. My conversation with Bowie, Matt and Jag made me feel better today. Obviously I shouldn’t have brought up the Bowie as a pawn idea. Not that it was an idea, it was more what if this happens but that’s okay. I think Blue wins HOH I am cooked! At least I am in trouble. If Cirie wins HOH, I am fine. If Felicia wins HOH, its a f**king coin flip. Everyone else I should be chilling.. America, Matt and Jag obviously. I think I have a shot here. I have win equity. I also have a good chance of not a good chance of leaving next week but a reasonable chance. So right now I am just going to keep rolling. I don’t feel too bad about anything. The America stuff is great. Its very fun, I am very excited. Yeah, I am having a good time. Its been a good week. We’re about to have a lock down for a couple of days which is going to be f**king sad but whatever. We’re nearing the end of the game which is good. I am having a blast. Best experience of my life but I am also gassed out and I can’t make it that many more days. There are 8 people left so it is weird calling this the final push because we’re basically at the half way point but it does feel like the final push and I am just going to try and make it. It would be cool if they did a BBCAN style triple eviction.. I would definitely go home in it.

8:53pm – 9:05pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Blue.
Cirie – Listen girl, I know Cameron is on his way out but I don’t think he is making it up. I don’t think he is making it up. You need to listen to him. You really should listen to him .. to what he is saying because the sh*t he is saying is making sense and it is looking scary. Blue – what did he say? Cirie – That Matt and Jag are going to ride it all the way to the end. They going to kick everybody to the curb. They going to use me and Felicia until they don’t need to. They pitting you against Cory. And Cory against you. They did the same thing with everybody else so that their hands are clean. I know it probably seems like it is Cory because he was HOH but you got to be able to look at everything because if you’re not here, I am not here. He (Cory) did say Blue but that was when they was about to backdoor him. He (Cam) said but they are going to make it seem like he (Cory) was pushing Blue and technically it was.. it was anybody but him. I don’t know Blue. Blue – my personal idea five would be me, you, Matt, Jag and a Bowie or something. But strategically I know that I need to keep my personal side from this and my ideal five would be like me, you, Felicia, America, Bowie. Cirie – you need to start thinking not personally.. because personally I can’t f**king stand Cory. I want Cory gone because of that but the way they twisted it .. yeah Cory was HOH but he couldn’t do it without their help. And if you look at what is happening.. once they get rid of Cameron.. they can pretty much run the table. You get rid of Cory and then that’s Cory gone.. Who is there? Bowie Jane?! Me, Felicia and America is nothing. And you’re at what place with them? Blue – this game is tricky! Cirie – Please don’t say anything to them.

9:34pm – 9:50pm HOH room – Cory and Bowie.
Cory – how do you feel about your HOH reign? Bowie – yeah its good. It could have been worse. Cory – all things considered it worked out perfectly. Bowie – it worked out perfectly. Cory – little bit of drama. Bowie – yeah. Cory – did America said that all day Cam was building up to this? In the morning he was like I am going to blow up at the veto ceremony. Bowie – did he say that? Cory – yeah he said I am going to blow up. America was like okay?! He was like you like drama? Bowie – I didn’t buy it at all. Cory – he also didn’t do very much. He said Bowie.. Bowie – Bowie, Bowie, Bowie.. Cory – it was pretty fun. Bowie – what was it? Cory – it was Bowie, Bowie, Bowie you’re a true character has shown. Is showing.. something like that. Bowie – and I said yes, and I have very proud of it. Cory – Bang! Zinger! I think he expected fireworks after that. Bowie – he is trying to get air time. All he talks about is the tv. Its embarrassing. Cory – unfortunately I think he is succeeding. Bowie – he is succeeding yes. What a d**k to say he was going to blow up. Cory – because he wants to have the moment. He wants to be the centre of it all. Bowie – I took that right away from him. Cory – yeah, it was pretty cool. And honestly it worked out in a cool way where you got to make a big move on tv and a very easy move in the house. America joins them. Bowie – successful week! Cory – the great thing about this week is that it makes next week a lot easier because we don’t have to deal with a Cameron HOH. Bowie – and I think I probably would have been okay next week with him but he is just ridiculous.

10pm HOH room – Bowie, Cory, Felicia and America.

10:09pm – 10:30pm Comic Bedroom – Cameron and Blue.
Cam – I am not going to campaign to you. I am going to do something completely opposite to that. Blue – okay. Cam – And talk to you about your game. Blue – okay I actually appreciate that. Cam – I don’t know what you want to do but I love Jared. And Jared asked me to do one thing. Blue – oh god, what is it?! Cam – And it was to protect Cirie and I knew that, that meant you because if I protect her, I protect you. Blue – what do you mean? Blue – I just know the three of ya’ll are really close. Cam – This doesn’t leave us. This is only information for you to help you. I don’t know what kind of game you want to work forward but if you want to work a game and get as far as you can.. you will leave those motherf**kers behind. Blue – her? (Cirie) Cam – nope. Blue – Felicia? Cam – nope. Matt and Jag. And I am the one saying this because I know exactly what they’re doing. Which is why I am so pissed because I was completely bought in the last two weeks. And they have taken my sweet, sweet Bowie. Its bad. Blue – what do you mean? Cam – And I am telling you this now because I am trying to help the people that I do care about in this game. And I just want to warn people that I should have worked with harder. When I came back into the house and decided to work with them.. I thought I was making a good decision. I thought they had my best interest at heart. And now I look back and realize it was a setup from the beginning and that hurts. Blue – what do you mean because I thought it was me, you, Matt and Jag. Cam – that is exactly what I am telling you. It was never that. Blue – wasn’t that kind of on you? Cam – it was the three of us and Bowie. Then there was the three of us and you. And then there was the three of us and Cory and America. I don’t want to see you get bum rushed by two guys. (LOL) Cory and America know and they’re still playing along. They’re still letting you hate them. Even though they know that its a setup for you and they’re being set up .. that’s basically why they stopped talking about you. I promise you right now.. if I stayed in this house, I would eat their god damn lunch and make the other one watch me do it. And I know I am the Cam-Roach. and all that sh*t. SO if this is who you want it to end, you know I will walk out of here saying I love you and I will see you in the jury house. But if there is a possibility, you let me know. Blue – uh huh.

10:35pm – 11:07pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
Cirie – This is why the sh*t goes awry. You can’t be aligned with everybody and that’s what’s sketchy. Felicia – She keeps saying you got to show your hand but she ain’t showing her f**king hand. Cirie – because she got a hand with everybody. So she can easily switch .. and that’s whats scary. Its going to implode again. Felicia – that’s what I said whoever is HOH is going to be the tell all. Who ever is HOH is going to have to show their hands. Cirie – what if some crazy sh*t happen on Thursday and Cameron don’t leave. Cirie burst out laughing. Felicia – there is no way that happen. I need an HOH. I am trying to figure out who do we put up? I don’t know who to put up. Cirie – IF WE WIN? F**KING BOWIE JANE’S A$$ IS GOING UP THERE! Felicia – next to who? Cirie – So Jag, we need a favour? Cirie bursts out laughing again. Felicia – put up Bowie and Jag as pawns .. if Jag comes down then put up Cory.

11:25pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
Cirie – Bowie Jane is a viper too. She was up there crying to Cameron when when Jared was up there.. “OH they being mean to me!” “They saying hypocrisy” Running up there to Cameron so he can get our a$$es. He did take care of you. That week when you and Izzy were on the block she went running up there telling him. And now you don’t know him?! Now you don’t know him!? That one is dangerous! If she will do him like that, you and me ain’t nothing. If she do Cameron like that ..Especially now that she got him. Now that she got him.. she’s like F**K HIM!

11:40pm – 12am Kitchen – Cory, Blue, Jag, Matt, Bowie and America.
They laugh about what each of their secrets would be if they had a secret.
Bowie – a big brother Australia legend
Blue – a singer in a rock band
Cory – 28 year old lawyer / actually a child
America – has a boyfriend / she’s a librarian
Jag – 30 year old theatre college professor or a comedian.

12:31am Exercise Room – Cory and America
America weighs herself – Oh my god! Cory – 124lbs? America – I’ve gained 11 pounds! Cory – Since when? America – since havenot week. Cory – That doesn’t make sense. America – It does, I can feel it. Cory – well hopefully I’ve gained 11 pounds. Cory weighs himself. Cory – 130… 8lbs .. closing the gap! America – I don’t care. Cory – also you look great. Don’t stress. America – have you ever dated someone heavier than you? Cory – yeah most of them. Which is much more of a testament to me than them.

12:36am Bathroom – Jag, Matt and Blue
Blue – Cam is going crazy. Matt – what did he say? Blue – He basically thinks that the votes are going to be me, Cory, America and Felicia. Matt – why? Blue – I don’t know but that’s what he thinks. He is saying to America, Cory, me and probably Felicia too is that basically ya’ll are this mastermind doing all this.. Matt – BRO Mastermind?! Blue – BRO what the f**k you think I’m smart!? I’m stupid. Jag – his pitch is what? Matt – its a compliment, thank you. I’ll take it. Matt – up in the HOH he would just preach. Everyone was like I bet he will be calm.. but I bet he is going to try and put everyone against each other again. Not surprised! And he knows I don’t buy it because when he talks to me I just go like (starts nodding). I never say sh*t. Blue – that’s what I do now too. Matt – he is like you kill me man, one of these days I am going to make you say something and I am going to make you come up with your own ideas. And I was like (starts nodding again). I am just like BRO.. you don’t think I think things?

12:44am – 12:55am Backyard – Blue, Matt and Jag.
Blue – basically he was saying ya’ll two are both masterminds .. oh f**k I am trying to remember everything. I will just tell you bits and pieces that I remember. But basically he was just saying like ..obviously he wants me, Cory, America and Felicia’s vote. So he is basically pitching this is what America said on the hammock.. did she tell you that? Jag – she’s mentioned some parts of the hammock. Matt – she wanted to tell me but Cam was right there. Blue – he was like your best bet is to team up with Felicia, Cirie, Cory and make a five person alliance to take out Jag, Matt and Bowie. Like these three have been masterminding this and making you feel like you hate Cory because they don’t want Cory’s blood on their hands. Matt – I don’t get his pitches because does he not realize we all talk to each other. Blue – He was like if I were to stay you can bet on this I am going to eat one of them for lunch and I am going to make the other watch. I was like what?! Matt – what a weirdo! What a weird analogy. Jag – What the f**k! What a weird thing to say!? Cameron joins them and the conversation ends.

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Day 69 offered ample activity worthy of some reflection:


Aside from HOHitis, Bowie ran this HOH as if she was the one fighting to stay off the block since she is taking out someone who never would’ve nominated or voted against her. It was by far the worst move for her given she had options (several, in fact).

She didn’t even waste a minute bothering to pitch Matt & Jag why her taking out Cam was specifically bad for her game. Instead, she not only bowed down to the guys she took idle banter & rumors as gospel to appease her conscience & has since given into ridiculing and making fun of Cam.

I’ve said all along Bowie was a much better competitor than people think, clearly throwing comps (go back & watch the wall ending or the DR where she admits trying to throw this HOH comp). She entered this week with zero targets on her and though we can argue they’re still rather minuscule the spotlight on her has increased and her happy-go-lucky outer persona is no longer pristine.

Whether you are a Cam stan or despiser this felt as Bowie would say “Dirrrrty”. She did him wrong and although his timing for aligning with the right people never coincided with power (other than his own) he truly trusted in The Fugitives and in Bowie. When he looks back on this season he’ll realize adapting in the game is one thing, but making timely choices and staying consistent is equally important.

Smoke & Mirrors:

For those who suggest Jag is a great player – – it’s not hard when everyone is telling you all the secrets. I’ll counter with the fact he & Matt are so secure they are planning on throwing HOH at F8! They want to throw the comp to Blue to take out Cory. Is it reasonable? Maybe, but their heads are swollen and influenced by back-to-back weeks of holding the power without the title so this choice feels blatantly arrogant.

Jag wanting to make yet more alliances with Matt (re-up F3 with Cirie| F4 with Bowie, Cirie| F5 with Cirie, Bowie, Felicia | & F5 with Blue, Bowie, Cirie) at F8 also offers evidence of him not being a fully rounded capable player. READ: while Cam is blowing up his game and numerous alliances, his way to adapt is to create 4 new alliances!

Furthermore, his inability to let go of grudges will eventually catch up. The above F5 with Blue is fake and it all stems from Jag getting angry at her weeks ago. It’s taken him SIX WEEKS to forgive Cirie for being in multiple alliances. Those rose-colored glasses sure do have a glare Jag!

Cameron said Jag wouldn’t even look him in the eye when he asked for the truth. I wonder how the situation will be once Jag has to do that to Blue, Cory, or Cirie — people he has a connection to. Is he really a nice guy as he says? If the answer is yes (which I think it might be outside the house) then he’s in for a rough ride should he and Matt’s success continue as that other shoe is inevitably about to drop!


Following up on the above point, Cory’s read of the house is NOT as solid as he thinks. He was originally in the Jag position because Izzy, Cirie, Jared & America kept him fully informed. Now that he doesn’t have carte blanche with the hamsters squealing he’s so far off base he doesn’t want to target Matt/Jag next week believing he’s safe if they win (insert rolling eye emoji). That’s at best 50% wrong because Matt will take him out.

Jag is less of a certainty because of his penchant for keeping everyone he’s aligned with. Problem is everyone remaining is in some sort of alliance with him (half of which are targets or fake).

In a separate conversation, Jag is pushing to Matt that they re-cement a F3 with Cirie. This might actually have some veracity to it because now they see Bowie might be far more capable than they gave her credit for especially with how ruthlessly she cut Cam despite being his closest ally in the house.

Adding insult to this stupidity, Cory believes Bowie is closer to him and America which begs the question of what game he’s watching. How does he walk away from FBJ backdooring Cam who was (prior to this week) considered her closest ally; a fact Cam didn’t hide from anyone since he constantly sang her praises? Cory knows M/J spent as much time in the HOH room this week with her as they did last week with Cam so how is he oblivious?

Aside: if Cam’s plan works & Jag/Matt become the house targets watch how quickly Jag reverts back to his former self (an abysmal BB player) as his intel sources dry up.

What you see isn’t always what you get:

Which brings me back to that dangerous “P” word… PERSPECTIVE. In copious seasons we’ve watched players be perceived in a certain way that wasn’t the reality. And I’m not talking about the show edits – I’m referring to where hamsters get pegged initially and just how hard that concept is to shake once cemented.

Case in point, America is viewed as a non-comp threat, unreliable to share intel with, and riding Cory’s coattails. In reality, she is also throwing comps & has the far better house reads. Izzy NEVER gets evicted if not for America. She knew FIRST that Meme was the better boot & also knew Cam going up wasn’t her (or her/Cory’s) best option. Unfortunately, Cory so succinctly poisoned the house about her inability to keep a secret & being a bad player that no one takes her seriously or believes the decisions made by Comerica were mainly initiated by her.

So, we’ve got the top dog power duo throwing HOH, the showmance committed to refusing to target the power duo who’ll be actively preaching to target the showmance. Meanwhile, Blue who is MJ’s designated HOH scapegoat winner is refusing to keep even an iota of her Cam convo to herself and still focused on Cory. It’s madness and none of it is good gameplay.

The Magical MISTery Tour:
Some may not want to hear this but we got a master class from Cirie today on the art of listening and social gameplay. I’m still firmly in the camp that believes Cirie never offers to stay OTB if not for the fact she knew Cam was the re-nom. Nor do I buy she wants to leave bc she wouldn’t be going home she’d be headed to the jury. Rather, I believe she is planting that to reduce her target.

Although Cam talked to America she didn’t retain it all because she was tipsy but Cirie inhaled it like it was the last spliff on earth. She quickly processed what he was saying & with the intel she already had, assessed the situation to recognize Jag HAS TO GO NEXT & as much as she wants to get out Cory, he can’t be the next boot.

More importantly, while Cam ended up talking to most of the house she was the one who gave him comfort and fed his weakness (ego) with nine words “If you were me which way would YOU go?” That simple gesture likely gains her his jury vote even over arguably more deserving players.

It’s the Dan principle that we’ve heard about on countless occasions. Ghessling was so adept at making people feel comfortable. He inquired about the specifics of his competitors’ lives outside the house and most importantly offered empathy and compassion when they were at their lowest. Cirie has done the same this season and IMHO has done it even better than Dan.

But you say there’s a chance…
Moving forward, this madness does provide a glimmer of hope especially if the HOH is slip & slide and Blue wins as M/J are planning. One of them (Jag likely) will go for safety to ensure America and Cory don’t get it while Matt will go for HOH keeping pace with Blue in order to ensure he’s there to win if she can’t pull it off.

Stage two will require some magic Cirie mist & perhaps even putting her foot down to convince Blue to take out Jag. One helpful tidbit will come courtesy of Jag/Matt tomorrow when they create the F4 with Bowie & F5 with Felicia that Blue isn’t in.

Still, it’s doubtful she could get Blue to put up the power duo initially bc they’d gun for POV plus Blue has no issues with Matt (yes, she’s fleeced like everyone else about his true intentions). Instead, she’d need to put up Cory/America (or Bowie).

The next part of the equation is risky bc it would be best to convince Cory/America to avoid picking Jag or Matt and instead select the mamas for POV saying they’ll be easier to beat and promising to take one of them down if she wins. Blue would then tell Jag if the worst happens Felicia will have to be the re-nom when in reality it will be a backdoor of Jag.

Luck would need to be on their side with the ideal scenario being Matt & Jag being the two unselected chips. Bowie won’t want to win again increasing her target so Blue needs to convince her she will put up Felicia if C/A wins which should get Bowie to throw.

Again, it’s a risky proposition but so much of the board is set up for the front side of this to occur. As for the backside of the equation, you can’t buy the magical mist and not every season has it on the menu but I guarantee you it hasn’t even been fully dispensed yet! ,

Game fan

jag wouldnt even care being on the block next to cory beliving he has the votes
and his hands are clean


He might not care but if Blue is HOH – Cirie, Felicia, and America (or Cory if he’s removed) off the block would vote him out while he’d only have two votes (Bowie & Matt).

Matthew schneider

TTOTambz i think cory is the 1 whos using america not america using cory i think cory is using the info she gets that she cant keep to herself cory is using that to destory her game i think america has real feelings for cory where i think cory is just for game hes the 1 who told jared that america wants that side out that is izzzy,mecole,felecia,jared and cirie and without any power america got out izzy,mecole ,who both were not the targets and america made that move not cory but cory poisned the whole house against america that no one belives she has done anything that shes using cory after the season is over and they watch it all back they will realize that america was playing bb and cory used her because he was a wimp


I think Cory originally had no intention of getting into a showmance and he went out of his way to position America in a negative light. Why? Because early on in the game he was positioned with the power & he wanted to ensure if he was on the block with her, she would leave. (if they were OTB today, HE would be the one in danger).

Over time, I believe he fell for her & he clarified to Jag yesterday his feelings were real.

Do I see their relationship lasting outside the house? Honestly, I’m surprised it started in the house, lol.

And, if you look at my original post I’m fully in agreement with you that America pulled off those ousts despite not having agency and has the far better house reads especially since Cory lost people who spilled daily tea.

Even now, Cory believes Bowie is closer to him (& Amer) than Matt/Jag. America brought up how close M/J/BJ have gotten but Cory shut her down. However, that’s what happened when she first suggested Izzy & Meme should be the targets and leave. She won those battles & will either win this one too or Cory will be leaving the house realizing he should’ve conceded sooner.

Unfortunately, as solid as America’s reads and game instincts are she already has almost no chance of winning because of the perception Cory created early.

Matthew schneider

TT0Tambz who the bettter player america or cory

Matthew schneider

TTOTambz i recall a few weeks ago when america told mecole that her and cory kissed she said cory is a bad kisser and cory telling matt and jag its hard to kiss america when am faking it for game

Nether Region Euphemism

I can’t imagine Blue letting go of her Cory vendetta to then go through all the machinations of a Jag BD. Especially bc Jatt will see her as a backstabber, and Matt will still be in the game. She’d have blown the only power alliance she thought she was in, and then she’s sitting duck to be pawn with Cory and leave pretty soon after. She’s already burned her bridges with Americory and Bowie, and only has Cerie and Fe going forward.

Although Cerie did pick up the ball very well from Cam, there is one problem. She is telling Fe that Jag and Bowie can go up, then BD Cory if Jag comes down.

Cerie is still hanging onto some personal vendetta towards Cory bc he took out her son. It’s messing her up. Cory should be nowhere on the back up list of targets before Jag is gone, as the entire rationale to take out Jag is that once Cory is gone, Jatt is going to steamroll to the end.


You offer solid rationale especially because both Blue & Cirie are still carrying the vendetta to get revenge for Jared. To your point on Cirie, I think Cory becomes the re-nom because she has an affinity with Matt and trusts him more than most people and definitely ahead of Jag or Cory.

My thoughts on why there might be an opportunity to shift Blue is based on a few things…

First, I can’t forget how Blue turned on Jared for simply not telling her about For Real, For Real. Remember how she was ready to mess up his entire game and target him? For an entire week she ran to Matt/Jag spilling all the tea she learned.

She might not be as angry this time but Cirie will be able to share those two alliances Blue isn’t in and confirmation Blue was never in a real F4 or F5 with M/J.

Couple that with Cory & America no doubt spilling everything they know since that’s Cory’s modus operandi when in danger. They had specific convos where Jag/Matt trash-talked her and stated she was next after Cameron. Again, Blue might not be inclined to take Cory’s word but if America confirms the evidence starts to mount.

I also considered the fact that Matt is closer to her than Jag who turned on Blue weeks ago b/c she has an independent opinion not always in alignment with his. She’s much more protective of Matt (and recalling Cirie-Blue’s convo she only asked about Matt NOT JAG).

Add it all up and she’ll have damning evidence from Cam, Cirie, Felicia, Cory & America with the possibility Matt and/or Bowie would tell the truth for fear of becoming the target if they don’t.

Given all that I’m still not fully convinced Blue would BD Jag. Then again, can we ever be sure of what she’ll do given her erratic behavior?

Sure Matt & Bowie might get mad but they would also need to make sure they were aligned with enough people to stay safe. Between M/J – Jag is the one with the stronger relationship to Cory so w/o Jag I still expect Cory to remain Matt’s top target.

Ultimately we’ll have to wait and see whether Blue even wins HOH to get our answer.

un autre nom

You have way more faith in Blue being rational than I do, my friend. I consider her a self-involved land shark.
Day 5 she told Jag they had to ditch their final 3 with Reilly: Cut ties because she was getting heat. This told me Blue is for Blue and only Blue.
The Cory mad-on isn’t truly about Jared, imo. She fancies herself a world class manipulator. She pulled out her lies, and fake promised to Cory. He still pawned her. She tried to ‘magic’ him and it didn’t work. That’s the basis. Her manipulation skills didn’t work on Cory so he’s a threat. What she doesn’t know? Cory asked the squad and each said pawn her, she’s lying.


Yeah, she’s not a player that follows any typical or rational path.

I guess the reason I feel she’ll be more inclined to listen to Cirie is she never trashes her (even with opportunity) & always shares what she’s said to deflect how close they are. Did she even do that fully with Jared?

I mean, at this point I almost want Blue to win & take out Cory & follow him in the double with the hope it clears the path for America to consider working with Cirie bc they’re the only two who knew Cam was spitting truth bombs but no one else would listen to him.

I’d like to see that duo strategize just because it would offer great live feeds!

un autre nom

She doesn’t trash Cirie, but nor does she listen to Cirie. She is more like here’s this sinking ship I’ve been saddled up with, but I’ll magic Cirie into voting how I want. Imo, Blue believes herself the better social manipulator, and better tactician.

The Beef

With all due respect, the interaction between Blue and Cory you speak of happened during a live double eviction, when she had no idea she was about to be nominated, had about 5 seconds to hear what Cory said, digest it, and come up with some response to what he said. She was so befuddled she could barely even get the proper words out of her mouth, so no, it wasn’t very convincing at all when she said it, but lets at least acknowledge that wasn’t a normal situation or time frame to judge her skills on.

un autre nom

Take that up with Blue. It’s why she’s mad at Cory. Don’t ask for day number (i don’t remember if it was when feeds returned or within the next 36 hours), but scary room with Jag after the double she said she was mad because she promised Cory she wouldn’t use veto, said she was lying, she would have saved Jared, but Cory still pawned her so he had to go.

The Beef

I’m not disputing the reason she’s mad at Cory. I’m just pointing out what I thought was a fair point in judging her “magic” or so called misting ability in that one particular instance. That’s it.

un autre nom

Fair. I don’t think her magic is what she thinks it is though, in most cases.


There’s a Comic verse twist coming this Thursday that’s going to twist up the week.


That’s what Julie Chen Moonves said at the end of last Thursday’s episode. There will be a Comic verse twist that will affect the week and we will see who is evicted. That would be cool if Cam comes back again, just to shake things up.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

It surely made it to where Jag, Matt and Cory are next to go ultimately securing a win for a floater. And this may be the difference between Bowie getting second or fifth place. Overall, a horrible move for her game unless she is confident that Cerie, Felicia, Blue or possibly America will take her to the final two. I think that there is about a 100% chance that Cameron would have and unlikely that any of those others would. She may be among the worst players that I remember and she helped the floaters only. Still I predict a final two of Cerie and Felicia at this point..

Spot ON

WOW…..What a write-up….almost PhD thesis caliber…..just to say BOWIE IS STUPID.

Meme's Muse

TTO Tambz! WOW, how wonderfully written and presented. I ? agree with most all your perspectives except Cory( whom I believe will win the season).I still believe America to be a low level comp threat, but she would and could beat Blue. Cirie, the player is one of the best social gamers in the reality world for EXACTLY all the reasons you pointed out. She can do what Cam admires in Dan and has not acquired the skill set for: how to have a social game. Cam’s most recent conversation was Cory,was just painful. He talked down to Cory, even America told Cam how condescending he was, that’s a turn off. Please post more, I am sure I speak for many when I say I miss your reflections in a season that had gone on too long, with few entertaining house guests and most folks have just lost interest.

The Beef

Great post! Pretty much agree with everything you said here, especially the parts about Jag, Bowie and America. Wish I could give it 10 thumbs up!


This pisses me off.


Jag and Matt running the house


It’s time for another house flip. I know I’m dreaming, but I am so sick of Jag & Puppet Matt, here’s how bad it is:

I’m hoping Cirie wins HOH, puts Jag & Corey up. Felicia wins the Veto, jag spends the next 3 days begging and following Felicia around, reminding her, he took her off of the block.

At the Veto meeting, Felicia let’s Jag give his speech, Felicia tells Cory there’s no reason for him to give a speech, she has already made up her mind.

Jag will be thinking Felicia is going to save him, Cory will pee on himself because he’s so nervous Felicia is going to save Jag. Felicia saves Cory, Cory is shocked !!

Felicia now looks at Cirie, says ok Mrs. Field your turn, what chaos are you going to unleash in the house now that I’ve saved Cory, Felicia sits down.

Cirie stands up with a smirking smile on her face, Cirie says Matt, welcome to the Block, have a seat next to your #1 ally, one of you are leaving, it all depends on who has the best pitch.

By pitch, your fellow housemates want all the details, we want the info on who’s been the brains in your duo ? If you want your housemates to save you, be prepared to tell all !!

I would love to see Jag & Matt turn on each other, blow each others game up, then on Thursday, they vote Jag out, that would make an exciting night, I’d love to see Jag go to the Jury house, Cam will be smiling from ear to ear.

Next week, Blue (how desperate am I for entertainment ?) I’m pulling for Blue Yuck !

Blue wins HOH, puts Cory & Matt up, Then Cirie wins Veto, tells Cory Jared was like a son too her, she’s not using to Veto, Cory you put Jared on the block, Matt you didn’t use the veto to save Jared.

Cirie tells Matt and Cory, you both have the rest of the week to explain why we should vote to keep you or Cory. May the best man win, this veto meeting is adjourned !!!

This is just how bad this season was, I’m rooting for people who I feel played a crappy game, Production has to do much better for next year BB26 2024.

Give us a cast that want to win, give us people like Dan, Derek, Janelle, Kasar, Dr. Will, Evil Dick, no more wimps and cowards like the cast of BB25 summer of 2023.

Production up your game, do a better job picking people, your fans are getting bored with idiots like you have been giving us, Floaters, Middle Players, Wimps, etc…

Production, you owe us an Action Packed, intense, exciting BB26.

Stop making me root for sorry ass players, floaters etc… because I am so thirsty for Ole School Big Brother !!!


I got so annoyed matt and jag forever bugging Bowie it was jags HOH he ran the show smh I don’t like Cirie and Felicia but they seem to be the only ones on board to take a shot at jag and matt


I have been over Jag & Matt for the past 3 weeks. I can’t stand looking at either one of them. I can’t wait to see them get knocked down a few pegs.

Don’t even get me started on Bowie Jane. A total FLOATER & Fool.

Not Jasons Holly

Everyone talks a big game but no one wants to take the shots themselves. It’s frustrating to watch.


well don’t you think Jag n Matt are morphing into another “Andy Herren” from old school of pissants and rats

Nether Region Euphemism

Derek’s was one of the most boring seasons, sheep alliance with Cody as his hit man. He was not brave at all; the one time he was in trouble he looked like he was about to wet himself.


Need harder comps as well. Where are the have nots, cold showers, painful costumes , etc. they all act by like they are at a resort.

no mo bro

We need a triple eviction.


Purely from a game perspective if blue/Cirie and Cory/America come to the realization that Matt & Jag probably do not want to win HOH bc they know that the others will take shots at each other and if they can somehow form something & still make Matt & Jag feel like they’re still targeting each other in the process they have a Fighting Chance. Otherwise Matt & Jag I’m pretty good shape to make final 2/3.


i have no idea what to root for next week. cory wins hoh? puts up blue and felicia? cirie wins veto and takes down blue? is that the best case scenario to actually get jag or matt on the block? cuz there’s so much there that’s super unlikely to happen.


Apparently I’m in the anti-Cory corner today. I’ll be in a different one tomorrow The running kick pic was too funny wtf?. I bet he didn’t lose cause everyone fell to the floor laughing. I shouldn’t pick on people. That is their job this season.


That was Michael Cera from Arrested Development kind of funny… like when he video recorded his Jedi moves

Not Jasons Holly

Oh my goodness! You’re right! Loved Arrested Development!


Now i’m rooting for anyone to win but the two cowards, m & j. Keep everything on the down low, no getting blood on our hands, and make up shit along the way.

Just The Truth

Bowie plays everyone’s game but her own. So easily manipulated to do what others want. Terrible player.


Bowie thinks she’s tight with Cowards Jag & Matt. I don’t feel sorry for Bowie anymore, yes can was arrogant, lacked people skills, but he was always nice to Bowie, and he had Bowie’s back.

Bowie flipped on Cam so fast, she’s so overjoyed that Jag & Matt talk with her, wait until her dumb ass no longer has power. Bowie will be all by herself


Jag & Matt 100% dropping Bowie after this week

Another Dixie

Earlier this week, I would have agreed with you about them dropping her but now i think they will continue to allow her to think she is with them. She is an easy vote in their favor, has proven she can win a competition, and is so easily controlled that she’ll do or say anything they want. Her HOH was actually Jags. As we know, Jag is a coward who won’t commit to anything so he has no blood on his hands, but he can convince Bowie to do it.

BB Fangirl

Yeah they can’t drop her…they never actually picked her up. She’s not a threat to them so there’s no need to turn on her like they did to Cameron.

BB Fangirl

All the sudden she keeps saying Cam shouldn’t have been such a dick….but these things she’s saying he did, she’s being told he did by Jag. And they say he’s arrogant…I’m sorry what about Jared, Blue, Jag, Cory? Not to mention he actually has a resume to be cocky about. How does she not see the same exact thing happening that they did to him with Red? I liked her until this week, now I hate her. The power of Jag’s ick factor is strong!


I said the same exact thing last night watching the live feeds. Matt and JAG have turned into people that I don’t even recognize they’re so fucking hateful. I too really liked Bowie at first but this person that I see now looks like she’s possessed. I didn’t want Cheri or Felicia to win but now that Cam is out I’m totally rooting for the ladies. I don’t like any one else. Really ready for a New Big Brother…..


Christina I agree, 100% with you!

no mo bro

Agree completely. I’ve completely changed my opinions. I wish the BB gods could somehow keep Cam and have him put up Jag and Matt and also win the veto keeping the noms the same.

Just The Truth

I am just confused by Jag and Matt targeting Cam. Those 3 are the best at challenges and need each other in the game to move forward. Do they not realize the rest of the house will just target them 2 next due to being good at challenges? Not very intelligent. Cam just looking for someone to be loyal with him to make a deep run in the game and everyone keeps stabbing him in the back. For sure a move both Jag and Matt will regret. Resulting in a very likely weak final 2.

Daisy may123

I am disappointed that cam is on the block for some reason I like him. Jag and Matt running the house yuck! I wish cirie would start playing the game instead of hiding in the bedroom all the time.

Game fan

she is otb and still is talking to blue and felicia about matt and jag.
she is making people VERY comftroble around her . she is doing whats neccarly for her game. she was already cought playing too much

Spot ON

“I am disappointed that cam is on the block for some reason I like him”
GLAD that you see (or have the perception to appreciate) what the HATERS don’t.

Here’s are the reasons to like CAM (but the list is not exhaustive):

1/ “Made in U.S.A.”
2/ Proudly served THIS country.
3/ YOU have freedom because HE was brave.
4/ Honorably discharged for his distinguished service.
5/ Beloved husband and family man.
6/ Guided by honor, truth, and unyielding tenacity and principles.
7/ Motivated by courage and decisiveness.
8/ Not lacking in dependability and endurance.
9/ Respectfully of others; particularly women and children.
10/ Takes the initiative to lead and not follow.
11/ Guided by Integrity; his word is his bond.
12/. Has excellent sense of judgment and Justice.
13/ Tactfully and strategically knowledgeable, loyal, and unselfish.



Are you Cam’s Mommy?

un autre nom

Y’know how Jag and Matt are still playing the under cover avoid the spotlight game? As Blue is telling them everything Cam is saying, I watched the tension grow in Jag’s posture, and the fear microexpressions around his eyes and brows. Matt? looked like he wanted a 4L tub of ice cream and a family size pack of oreos at a couple points.

When I started Uni, and we’d all put on the freshman 15… or 25, there was a weekend res house teams competition frosh event and kegger called the Oblimpics. shakes head… where’d that memory come from? wow, end flashback music with a record scratch.

After Blue is gone when Jag returns from D/R they plan to deny everything or say it was all Cam. i’m sure nervousing, silence, and eating snacks 15 times between every meal won’t be a clue. At. All.
They both still plan to throw HOH.
Jag still wants Blue gone.

Why is Blue bluing? She thinks she can magic Matt and Jag into winning HOH’s and taking shots for her, then she’ll wipe them out in the final three comps. The how well do you know the jury questions…Blue didn’t speak to some potential jurors until day 50ish. good luck, toots. no, really, she spent about 30 days developing carpal tunnel playing rock paper scissors wetnap with Jared. She has no clue about many of these jurors.

53 and 63 year old houseguests with 53 and 63 year old hip knee and wrist bones. They think slip and slide is coming. mmmhmmm. that foot ball veto? that’s likely this season’s slip and slide / slippery slope.
If they do have it, expect the half course version from 20 (the Fessy one where they cut the course length) or the less inclined version, or the smaller tube to fill version from most recent seasons. I still think train to the face Becky winning all three prizes in 17 was something. She slaughtered the other 9 players.
I am expecting the rope spin comp soon though. Hope it lasts more than 17 minutes like bb17. Next week’s veto is individually timed traditionally… prepping everyone now for my head desk complaint.


I feel for Matt. I’m not a world-class swimmer, but for the past three-plus years, I’ve put in 2,500 miles in the pool.

Because of a recent surgery, I’ve been out of the water for four weeks, and put on 15 lbs., because I’m eating the same without burning 2,000 calories a day.

It’s difficult going from swimming to another cardio exercise like running. It puts different stress on your body that you’re not used to, particularly when swimming is what you know (and the dryland stuff they have in the BB house is nothing compared to what he has off the pool deck at LSU).

I’d gain a ton of weight in there, too. Just saying.

un autre nom

i commented on this exact thing (swimmers weight fluctuation when training changes) after talking to a childhood friend that became an olympic swimmer), but it also appears he’s become a stress eater. I watched him eat a snack while talking with blue, cory, america, then get up and go to the pantry with Jag to immediately grab another snack. while people were telling him what Cam was saying, he either ate, or immediately left to grab a snack. I’m not judging his looks, i’m saying he’s eating far more as the game progresses than he did weeks ago.


Bless poor Blue’s heart. I swear she hears like she is the runt of the litter. Case and point:

Cameron talking to Blue – if I stayed in this house, I would eat their g*d damn lunch and make the other one watch me do it.

Blue talking to Jag and Matt – Cameron was like if I were to stay you can bet on this I am going to eat one of them for lunch and I am going to make the other watch. I was like what?!

Poor girl LMAO!

BB Fangirl

Yeah, definitely a “poor Blue” situation. Her hearing is fine, she’s just an idiot.

Spot ON

Another award-winning post Mayarha.

One has to be a very special and tolerant person to “date” an IDIOT like BLEW.

“You know what I mean?”
“You know who I mean?”
“You understand what I’m saying?”

How individuals like her make it through the complex challenges of life is beyond comprehension.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Blue is an idiot, Cirie tried to tell her that Cam is giving up a lot of information, and she actually believes him. Cirie told Blue, take the personal out, and listen to Cam, he is trying to help them.

What does Blue do ? Runs back to the cowards Jag & Matt, tells them everything Cam told her, and I agree with you, Blue’s hearing is bad, and so is her memory. She really messed up what Cam said about taking their lunch and eating it.

Blue is being exactly who she is, she caters to men, flirts, thinks she’s cute, tries to act like she’s so damn tough, I am sick and tired of looking at Blue.

Listening to Blue’s Fake Ass every time she talks with Julie during the live vote, Blue is PHONY, Blue is a Wannabe influencer, Blue is not going to be as popular as she thinks she is when she leaves the house.


Could Blue be any dumber? Cam literally laid it ALL out for her what is happening and it just flew over her head. She was even pre-warned by Cirie and still didn’t heed his words. At this point, I HOPE Felicia or Cirie win HOH and that is certainly the first time hoping for that. I can’t stand Matt or Jag.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Blue is dumb, Blue tries to talk all street like, but it just comes across as phony and fake.

Everything Cirie told Blue was true, Cam is laying out ALL of Jag’s ideas and plans, but Blue is so damn dumb, she just ran back and told Jag and Matt everything Cam said.

If Blue was smart, she would have been looking at Jag & Matt’s faces, she would have noticed that Jag was really uncomfortable, nervous, Blue would have caught onto what Cam was telling her was the truth.

Blue is a DAMN IDIOT, Blue is a total Waste of a Houseguest, she showed just how weak she was when she was all crushed and crying when Jared reprimanded her.

BB Fangirl

Matt: “what you don’t think I think?”

No, sweetie, as a matter of fact, we don’t.

They’re all losers. See ya at the finale!!


Just wondering about Matt n Cory growing moustaches that a young teenager tries to grow, are they starting to grow hair around their newfound cahonies? Just wondering!

Spot ON

” are they starting to grow hair around their newfound cahonies”

The word is …COJONES.

Spot ON

“Cory is a kicker! Did he tell you about his bar fight… He’s gotten into two bar fights”

Is that how he got that dislocated lower jaw bone that now gives him a piranha-like bite??

Spot ON

“And he’s a kicker! Cirie – Did you win the bar fight Skeezy?”

Sounds like CIRIE may be well versed in bar fights, arrests, bail, court hearings, jail visitations, probation supervision, restitution payments, etc. Hummm…….It seems as if there are no “winners” in that proposition, but nonetheless, to CIRIE, there can still be a “win”. HUUMMM…


Yeah… Jared does seem to be the type to allow his arrogance to result in getting into a fight at a bar. And iirc cirie has two more sons


And you don’t sound nice either. You know nothing about her family or Cirie. You don’t know anyone in this game personally. It is a game on a TV show. Show on this platform that you are more than your comments. Because you are not looking good from this comment.


Really!!!!! So you got all of that out of a question? Not going to use race here (although I can) but you don’t sound nice.

Spot ON

And all that YOU got out of it was a “race card”? Are you kidding?? WOW. GET THERAPY.


But does Matt think thoughts? Not convinced.


We know he thinks about food like 88 times a day.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Only when Jag gives him things to think about.

Matt turned out to be a real disappointment.


I’m voting Cameron for AFP

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Sorry about your mental retardation…


Please vote for Cameron for AFP
MAF is right!!!!




Cameron deserve to win for AFP


Let’s see what I can comment on today to upset the fans of Cree……..Oh I forgot I don’t care this season is BORING. Looking forward to November 9th, is it here yet?

Carlito's Way

Blue is an idiot. The Cam hate is off the charts. Why is he not telling all the others about The Fugitives and the individual names they had? It was a real thing and Matt and Jag did him so dirty – they will do the same to anyone.


Why didn’t he friggin talk to red when Jared told them a bunch of bs? Cam’s just incredibly bad at the social part of this game. He’s like foute levels of incompetent socially. Unfortunately even if he blows up their game it’s not like it saves him. He’s still a comp threat and sitting next to cirie his argument needs to be one that shifts the target to her, which blowing up jag and Matt doesn’t do


So she really Blue it by tattling to Matt and Jag. Not that she, Cirie or Felicia win anything; it’s deadman walking x 3.


Does anyone knows what the Comic verse twist will do this week?
Julie did tease at the end of last Thursday’s episode that” on Thursday it’s a Comic verse take over tune in at 9, 8 central how will the Comic verse twist up the week and who will be evicted.”


I’m going to need Blue and Cory to leave next. They are being handed all the info they need to take out Matt and Jag on a silver platter but still choose to believe that they are with them. The deserve to go join Cam in the jury house.

Nether Region Euphemism

Cory ran to tell America the intel he’d gotten from Cam, but insisted that Blue is the number 3 with Jatt, rather than Bowie.

He gets very rigid in his assessments, unable to imagine that Bowie might have something else going on apart from Americory.


I NEED Blue and BJ gone!! These 2 are such idiots!! They have no idea how to play this game. Cam for AF!!


Please let the comic verse twist flip the vote somehow. Or maybe Cam gets to grab someone and take them with him to the jury house on his way out !!! That would be amazing!! And hilarious!


How come Bowie is not in any of these pictures? Shows what a great game she’s been playing. They even forget her in pictures.

Spot ON

By some form of twisted fate, BLEW’S loose lips may cause JAG’S ship to sink, and may cause enough chaos in the house now to FLIP THE VOTES in favor of CAM to stay. CORY will be able to process the dynamics and may persuade the dumb hamsters to KEEP CAM.

It's me

Battle back??

American is 6 years older then Cory and 6 years younger then Cameron??
What the difference??

un autre nom

Cirie and Cory are somewhat openly talking. Neither is all cards on the table, but both are holding up cards unrevealed to show that they have been dealt in. This is progress if either actually plans a big move, because they aren’t so much revealing all, but both revealing that they have plans. That’s workable.
Felicia is meeting with Jag / Matt for the usual spiel. The final 4 talk. Felicia is the only one not firsthand told about all of the final 3 / final 4 plans Cam is throwing out.

Last they spoke Fe/Ci don’t include Jag in their top 5. Neither is Cory. Matt’s still there because sweet baby bird.

Jag is in full blame Cory mode, as expected. Cam is being told Cory alone made the renom possible. This isn’t going to work on Cirie.

no mo bro

Damn it CBS. You successfully twisted the game and pushed me into hoping for a Cerie win.
No one in that house deserves to win, but if I have to choose, you’ve given me no other choice than Cerie.

no mo bro

I hope Cam wins Americas Favorite Houseguest. I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face when they realize the viewers liked him more than them.


BBHouseGuests avoiding CreepyCameron because his
Cam-Pain-In-the-A$$ is really over cooked.

Cirie twisting the knife.

Cirie: Big regret in game?
CreepyCameron: Not using Veto on Cory last week
Cirie: Well why wouldn’t you use it? What’s your rationale?
What went wrong between you and Bowie?

Oh Cirie negging on CreepyCameron earns her points it’s her own pressure cooker she is playing on CreepyCam.
(SorryNotSorry CreepyCamFans I tried to leave him alone but I love my own negging too. It’s an EastNewYorkOldLady thing xoxo)

no mo bro

It’s time for Matty and Jag A.K.A. Fatty and Nag to go.

BB Princess

Almost spit my coffee out with the names. LOL!!

no mo bro

This whole season has been a disaster. Production kept inventing ways to bring Cam back for the first half only to see him gone for the second.

no mo bro

Cam talking to the cameras all simultaneously focusing in on him., “It’s like Jurassic park.. Whoa. Whoa. Stay.” OMG haha I literally LOL’d.

un autre nom

Felicia still pushing that women’s alliance.
Let’s think.
She always wants to include one man to shield her (90% of time Matt). eyeroll
Blue / Reilly convo week one: screw the gender thing, I didn’t come to play that game.
Sure, Blue is saying others are not girls girls…I’m just surprised she took Jared’s penis out of her hand long enough to say it. what? another eyeroll.
Cirie already saw where she lands with a shelliance…third.
America? Showmance girl? sideye. Three weeks ago likely a yes.
Bowie? secretly longs for a female bestie. Only remotely treated as a person by men.