“I will rank who I trust in order: Number 1 [Red], Number 2 is a Tie between all of them”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Jag & Blue
POV Players: Jag, Cameron, Blue, MEME, Jared, Red
POV Winner: RED
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used. Nominations are locked
Havenots:  Izzy, Corey & Bowie

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

8:56 am Cirie and Izzy
Izzy mentions that Bowie was in the HOH for an hour
Neither of them trust Cam/Red.
Cirie – what are we doing?
Izzy – I don’t know I’m trying to figure it out.

9:10 am Chilling

9:22 am Blue alone
“I feel a little awkward I saw jared and Felicia talking and then Jared immediately went into the comic room afterwards He didn’t say anything about it. I don’t think it has anything to do with me perse. The fact that you know even now Cirie and Matt I walked in and granted maybe if Bowie hadn’t walked in they would have told me what is going on.
Yesterday seeing all of them going into Cameron’s room was really interesting too.
I’m in this 7 person alliance which regardless will be six somehow.. I feel like I am the one that is being left out. I don’t know what is going on. The only thing people have told me is time and time again is that I am safe this week. That is all I know.
I need to work harder to develop stronger relationship but me being on the block it’s harder to do since people just don’t want to be talking to me all that much right now. I hope more than anything is A) I stay and B) I am able to really compete in this HOH so I can show I am a strong competitor. I’ve been pretty close almost every competition.”

Blue says she’s on the bottom of her alliance’s totem pole “it would be smart for me, America, Corey and Jared to make an alliance or at least come up with something cleaver”

9:45 am America and Blue
America – Cam’s been.. well we’ve been flirting quite a bit earlier in the week just like stuff.. I told Corey about this and he was saying ‘what’s his game’ Cause him and Corey are getting closer. Cam said something I don’t know.. He told me there’s nor cameras or Mics in the jury house. It was insinuating if we were in the Jury house together
Blue – shut the f*** up
America – I don’t want to be misunderstanding things
Blue – You were understanding things
America – WE were being flirty.. I was like Well I don’t want to be in the jury and then he was talking to Corey yesterday and said YOu know if you are in the jury house together there’s no cameras or microphones
Blue – He’s such a creep dude..
Blue – Bowie keeps having me and Jared in in her goddamn mouth and it’s pissing me off.
America – why is she talking.

10:13 am Red and Cam
Red is saying America is out to get him. Cam says all that is coming from Corey.
Cam – he’s the one pumping it.. I’m telling you man
red – As Chillers we are safe with him we are not safe with America
Cam – OH America and Blue gotta go
Red – he’s gotta go
Red says MEME is very selfish “It’s part of her upbringings she’s a only child and it SHOWS”
Red – She doesn’t care if there’s three pieces of bacon she’s not saving one she’s taking all three. She don’t care how long you are waiting on the shower you’re changing in there and you can go F*** yourself. She’s just very self centered individual which is good for us because she’s another mark before us.
Cam says he’s done having conversations with America “After all that sh1t last night f*** off”
Red – she’s the one that is twisting words she’s doing it intentionally because she knows there’s another side of the house so she’s trying to split things up.
Cam – I don’t want to give her that much credit she’s not that smart. I don’t thinks she knows what she’s doing
Red – I do but you’ve talked to her more the more I talk to her the less I like her.
Cam – She’s sharp and she’s a HUGE fan but don’t give her that much credit.
Red says he talked to Cirie last night and said they better “resolve it or dissolve it because right now I would rather work with Jag than Izzy”
Cirie ran right away to get Izzy so her and Red could talk
Red says for awhile he regretted not pulling the trigger on Izzy. Doesn’t think it would have split their group up. Speculates it would have brought them closer together.
They agree Jag has got to go because he’s a direct threat.
They talk about how everyone is sick of Izzy. Cam points out everyone in the house can beat Izzy in a veto.
Feeds flip. When we get back Red is saying that Cirie Izzy is getting annoyed by Izzy as well.
Red says Blue, Meme and America are similar personality except that “America uses her womanly wilds to get what she wants”
Feeds flip. When we’re back.
Cam says Corey and America have a final 2.
REd says Corey told him he has problems with America too.
Cam – he’s full of sh1t.
Red – I’m trying to appear to be a bad Big BRother player.
Cam – it’s working
Red – My cards are being shown more and more each week though.
Cam – Cards.. not cards. We’re revealing out abilities. I know I sat pretty for 2 weeks I was calm and did what I was told but I cam here to play this game.
Cam says if he didn’t win the HOH the two of them would have been on the block and their alliance would have been busted apart.
Red – you would have won that POV regardless you were good at it and I would be on the block for the third week.
Red – MEME would have put me on the block.
They call MEME a floater
Red – she’s literally a victoria
Cam says MEME is very judgy and accusatory.
Feeds flip. WHen we’re back

Cam – I can rank them of the 7 in that alliance I will rank who I trust in order Number 1 YOU, Number 2 is a Tie between all of them.

(Cam’s booty shorts that REd tried to wear yesterday)
Cam – I gave Blue my shorts
Red – why does this man have such short shorts is what she’s saying.
Bowie joins them. Cam “I gave her those shorts”
Cam – I can’t wear them.
Red says Bowie had walked in on Blue and Izzy talking game. They saw in the HOH screen,
Red and Bowie say Izzy is a problem. Red goes on about how easy it will be to get Izzy out alter. “The more people dislike someone the easier it is to get rid of them”

11:05 am Feeds have been cut for the last 5 minutes. (Maybe today is when they give Cirie the Power)

11:57 am Feeds return. They were told about the Invincibility power. Jag keeps saying this is their one chance.
Blue – you got this.
in the comic room Izzy and Cirie were talking. They don’t sounds happy about the power being dropped in the game. Izzy wishes Cirie good luck.

(Jag and Blue playing I think)

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Team Taylor

My predictions for who plays in the BB Power Comp:
Matt, Cirie, Cory, and America


Lololol Simon. “Even Izzy is getting annoyed by Izzy” I bet.


weird that feeds have been on “we’ll be right back” for an hour and not on the kittens. If it was the power and the competition id assume it would go to kittens but either way I hope we get to see the aftermath of it all soon – get jag or blue off the block and stir some shit upppppp !

El Guapo

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re all together ooky, it’s Cirie’s family…duh duh duh duh,,,snap snap….staring Felicia Uncle Fester, Izzy ‘IT’, Jane Bowie Lurch, and Jared Pugsly…brought to you by CBS….because CBS cares…

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Blue would make a good Wednesday…


Cam and Jared have to get the jealous bugs in check before it blows up their games, not that they have much game to blow up in the first place.


I can’t believe that Blue just lays there pontificating! She’s not advocating to stay, she’s not sharing the secret. She honestly doesn’t deserve to be in this game. She’s on vacation!


Is anyone else bored? I need some action. Will someone please tell them to play the game!


as soon as they do feeds will cut

un autre nom

As they are discussing who will play:
Remember that casual viewers see the edit and vote. They are the controlling voice determined by episode edit.
Expect Cirie, Jag, Izzy and maybe Meme
this is what the edit pushed. Hard.
stuntcast, target, in danger and tried so hard to win.

That’s my thought.
Meme? long odds. but she got determined to win so disappointed edit.
Cory, America and Matt got i’m safe edit.

un autre nom

Episode edit for Izzy is golden for someone with her personality, they only include her being nice….so she’s hardly shown to casuals except for being in danger 3 times in episode.

un autre nom

It’s not what I want, it’s what the edit suggests.
The only hope Cory or America has is showmance segment.
Bowie, Red, Cam? If they were East Coast and it was bbcan… they’d still have a problem.


I hope not Izzy. I’m leaning more toward Matt than Izzy. He’s at least likeable. They can’t edit Izzy enough.


Will we find out who the four competing are? is the power just safety? And, do we know how long it lasts?


It can just be used to cancel out a eviction which means the person evicted will be saved and no one will evicted. It can be used once, this eviction or the next eviction.


She didn’t get it LOLOLOLOL


THAT would be funny!!!

Cirie’s edges

I’m glad. She doesn’t deserve it. She’s in a good spot. Everyone wants to work with her. Or would save her. And I’d hate for her to use it on her blabber mouth son or Izzy.