Felicia – “We have to keep Jag” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Jag & Blue
POV Players: Jag, Cameron, Blue, MEME, Jared, Red
POV Winner: RED
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used. Nominations are locked
Havenots:  Izzy, Corey & Bowie

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation This is a flip flop week. Currently Jag appears in trouble.

6:51 pm MEME and Big Momma Felicia
Felicia – I don’t know who is playing who. She’s making it seem like she really likes Corey that’s what she seemed like Last night. He’s saying that she’s bullshitting corey to get information.
Felicia – Either way he has no intention in putting her a$$ up.
MEME – Absolutely
MEME – what we need to be aware of is part of our seven the for real for real alliance at this point when we make the decision to keep JAG and not keep Blue there will be 2 of 4 that will vote for her.
MEME – that axes that alliance at that point.
Felicia – once we do this vote on Thursday then we know we are not on their side.
MEME – Corey and America, Alone with Red and Jag will be the only 4 to vote out Jag.
Felicia – we’ll have 7 they’ll have 5. Even if they end up with the HOH and they put two of us up. So they’ll be 9 people.. they got three (Votes) they can’t do nothing . (They can still get one of you out.)
Felicia – no wait.. we’ll have 5 they’ll have 4.. we can always keep one vote more than them. Then we win the veto pull someone elses a$$ down and put one of their a$$es up. (Wait Veto doesn’t work that way)
MEME – we have to start winning.
Felicia – someone has got to win
MEME – having JAG and MAtt
Felicia – YES it increases our chances.
Felicia – we have to keep Jag
MEME – we gotta keep him. In the event one of them wins (Red,Corey,America) he goes back on the block. Then he goes next week.

7:04 pm Jared, MEME, Felicia
Jared is telling them from what he can get out of Blue, Corey, America are going after Blue and Izzy. “They hate Izzy” (We all do)
Jared – they’re final 5 is Read, Matt, Cameron, America and Corey.. that is their final 5.

Matt joins them.
Jared – Cameron is the leader of that crew.
Matt – if they win next week they will try to make a move that is why I think it is Izzy
Felicia – we have to make this move this week we have to get in front of them.
Matt – Agreed…
Jared – I’ve been saying this from the jump, it’s no more Red and Bowie, cameron and Bowie. They both have to go up together to secure one goes
Felicia – we have to win HOh and put both up
Felicia – cameron has to go up.. He’s the leader. Red has nothing without Cam.
Jared – what game does Red have? Before cameron who does Cameron have as a plus one? noone.
Jared can’t stand Cameron and Red “They are so comfortable with each other”
Felicia – they’re arrogant
Jared adds that Corey isn’t as close to Cameron and Red. “Corey is for SELF”
Felicia goes on about Corey playing the middle and not making any big moves. in the end he won’t win because “He’s got no game”

7:26 pm “The Leader” of the opposition hanging out in silence with Red.
Cameron – We’re at this point where you just have to be patient
Feeds cut.

7:33 pm Corey and Izzy
Izzy – I’ve been talking to talk to Cirie all f***ing day we had like one f***ing moment.
Corey says Cam and Red were planning on Backdooring Izzy if someone on the block had won the veto.
Corey – If they put up Blue and MEME I think it’s a back door if they put up Blue and America I think it’s a backdoor
Corey – EVERYONE is thinking Cam and Red (As noms)
Corey adds that he’ll need to convince America
Corey – I’ve only talked to Cam not Red or Bowie the only person Bowie is targeting is BLUE and America.
Corey – everyone else is Cam and Red.
After a lengthy conversation they notice Cirie isn’t talking to anyone. Corey says “If you want to have your one on one with Cirie now’s your chance”
Izzy says she’ll wait a few moments before getting up.
Corey – you don’t want people to think you guys are close
they laugh
Izzy – Shut up
Corey says the cold showers are fine they’re not very cold. “I don’t enjoy them where I enjoy hot showers”

7:44 pm Felicia and jared
Felicia tells him they’re flipping the vote and taking out Blue.

8:22 pm Izzy and Felicia
Gossiping, some strategy talk, Some worshipping (by Izzy), Giggles, Hugs.
(Please make this end)

8:26 pm Jared and Cirie
Cirie – so he told you?
Jared – yeah They want Izzy and Blue
Cirie – they think Blue won’t win the thing then they’ll put me and Felicia up
Jared – no that’s not what they told Matt.
Cirie – ohh MEME
Jared – yeah they want to put MEME up as a replacement. Felicia just told me. I had a fight with Cirie I don’t know if I can trust her no more I think I want to do a final 2 with you instead Cirie runs her mouth too much (kaboom)
Cirie – WOW. I never told anybody anything.
Jared Impersonating Felicia – We gotta be real careful I asked Cirie if she’s willing to vote out Izzy and she said Yeah and I told her I’m willing to trust that.
Cirie – that’s fire
Jared – Corey told me it will be Blue and Izzy and if one of them come down it’ll be me or Meme as the replacement.
Jared – Jag is Smart, jag is running around telling people that I’m saying information. I cannot trust Jag.
Cirie – they can’t keep Jag without your vote they need you.
Jared goes on about not trusting jag.
Cirie – Jag has to be with us now
Jared – he doesn’t have to do anything
Cirie – If we do nothing we just ride it out and let it be you and Izzy.
Jared says if they vote to keep Jaf he loses Corey and Blue “Corey is going to be like damn bro what is going on”
Cirie – listen to me he’s not going to think you voted Blue
Jared goes on about not trusting jag.
Cirie says nobody trusts Blue.
Jared – I truly do not trust Jag. He’s stabbed me already
Cirie – to who>
jared – clearly to Izzy
They go back and Forth about Keeping jag. Cirie wants to Keep jag Jared wants to Keep Blue.
Cirie – If Blue stays we go up..
jared won’t vote out Blue.

8:46 pm winning

8:53 pm Izzy is happy she gets more time with Cirie.
Cirie brings up her conversation with jared
Izzy – there’s other ways to get the votes but it’s dangerous
Felicia joins them.
They scramble and stop talking game After they leave.
Izzy – Corey doesn’t want to keep Jag, America does.
Jared briefly comes in.

Izzy – I’ve been trying very hard with jared to make him feel like it’s not us and him. Just for me. I’m saying like.. I just .. I want him to feel like he can say whatever he wants about you to me..
Cirie and Izzy go on about what Izzy should talk to jared about. (this conversation is painful to listen to. Izzy is the most popular Cirie child tonight. Living the dream)
They talk about how Jared thinks Corey trusts him
Cirie – he thinks Corey and Blue are with him. He’s going to get his Feelings hurt that’s what will happen. I’ve been telling him stop underestimating people. You just met these people. You don’t know Corey
Izzy – if he could see how Corey was panicking to me he would know..

8:54 pm THe moon tonight

9:24 pm Red and Cameron
Red says Bowie has been acting weird.
Red says he told her he thinks there’s an alliance wihtong alliance. Bowie took that back to Cirie and it went back to him from Cirie.
Cam – Cirie told you that Bowie told her?
Red – MMMhmmmmm
Red – There is an alliance in there and Bowie feels more loyal to them than us
Red – I think it may have painted a target on us more so than we already have.
Red – now I’m seeing conversations, serious ones between Felicia and Jared. Right after that JAred relocated Blue goes over they’re having a real close whisper convo I go into my own room walk in looking for my robe. Cause I’m eating ice cream and Izzy and Cirie get right up and head out.
Cam – that is fine
Red – I’m going to talk to Cirie and ask her why I am Nervous when I shouldn’t be. It’s supposed to be easy for our alliance this week.
REd – I don’t know about Bowie.
Cam – I don’t think she’s doing anything on purpose.

10:00 pm Cirie and Corey
Corey “All I say to Cam about izzy is .. he’s like she hates me I’m like Yeah I don’t think she loves you but she won’t target you at this point it’ll be too big of a move”
Corey – Next week 9 people will target them (Cam/Red)
Corey says Cam only has Bowie.
Corey – Izzy asked me who he (REd) will target I said it would be Blue and Izzy as the noms. I’m almost certain. He hasn’t told me. No chance it’s you. Worst case it’s Jared best Case it’s America and MEME.
Corey – they said Izzy rubs everyone the wrong way.
Corey – the Odds of Blue winning the veto over REd is unlikely
Cirie thinks it’s likely Red will win HOH
Corey thinks it’s unlikely that Red will win the HOH says they usually don’t have HOH competitions that are overly physical.
Corey – Cam speaks like every line he says will be on the episode
Cirie laughs

11:22 pm Izzy gets more time with Cirie
Izzy says she’s been “mad cool” with Red and Cam.

12:12 am Red, Izzy and Cirie
Red – you are not a target I tried to tell you after veto.
Red goes about how nervous Izzy was. He lists off all the secret conversations she had.
Red – I’ve told until we get to jury none of us should be targets. I mean that, I promise. I want you to feel comfortable but I can’t force you to
Cirie – I believe him 100% I don’t know who start this sh1t I think we have a good thing and I think someone is trying to pin us against each other All we have to do is ride this thing together to Jury.
Cirie leaves to get something for heartburn.
Izzy goes on about them being on Big Brother and wanting to connect to people so that is why she’s having secret conversations with everyone.
Izzy – Nothing is being intentionally secret or weird I’m close with Cirie I like seeing her throughout the day to feel like a person you know. Away from Big Brother and Yeah I have a friendship with Corey and we talk I’m not hiding anything.
Red – We are supposed to be part of an alliance if someone in our alliance walks in and you walk out immediately
Izzy – that happened ONE time today. We all walks into rooms to do a thing then we leave (LOL)
Izzy – I’m sorry.. I’m not trying to keep anything from you ok
Red – OK
Izzy – I believe you and I trust you
Red – then how come you’re asking what I would do if I won next week?
Izzy – I’m curious where I am at or if people are talking about me and talking about you. it’s look out for both of us. I will stop.. I will stop.. Relationships are complicated in this house. I’m not trying to paint a target on your back.
Izzy says she’s heard from people that red is asking about her.

For the next hour Red goes to Felicia and Cameron about this conversations.

3:50 am Houseguests are sleeping.
There’s a lot of flip flopping going around mostly from Izzy/Cirie. There’s a solid push to keep Jag but who knows how this will turn out. Felicia is trying to position herself ahead of Cirie and Izzy and Cirie knows. Jared is trying to save Blue.

7:00 am zzzzz

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un autre nom

On Friday, Cirie decided Brown Sugar Babes was THE alliance to get to the end.
On Monday Meme and Felicia realized Cirie and Izzy are running things.
Yes, this happened because of Jared.
This was going to happen anyway sooner or later, because Felicia’s Hohitis put her on an ego trip. What she says goes. That’s why Cory was distrusted.

What’s the backup option?
Legends is a no go. It’s three dollar bill.
For real for real? freeze on America / Cory.
Byebye Bitches? freeze on Bowie Jane.
Seven deadly sins? losing either Blue or Jag.
Problem: Felicia is in all of them.
so….Cirie loses options if she tanks with Felicia.


Get Corey out. Super annoying. America – you can do SO MUCH BETTER. Stop wasting time with nerdy betas.

un autre nom

Imagine being told give up your bro and your penis holster to come down to the home and rub the ladies’ feet for the next six weeks like your sister Izzy and your brother Matt do.

un autre nom

ALL the chaos spiral would be done if the Chaoscoven just gave up the playing cute, pulled in Cory and America and said, “you 2 have been playing cuddlebut and not gametalking with us, we want to keep Jag.”
problem solved.
But keep spiralling.

Game fan

They literally can say to them or bowie and even red in the last minute everyone chanced the vote and spook them out to vote out blue. Bowie would fall into that so will Corey and america.

un autre nom

Red thinks all the spiralscramble is because of f’in Bowie Jane.

Meanwhile Bowie Jane is probably off somewhere shoving crayons up her nose and wondering it it’s bedtime.

Spot ON

She’s the biggest dumba** in the house

Not Jason’s Holly

Your posts really make me laugh. Maybe because I feel exactly like you.


Can we just vote them all out and start over?Come on CBS you have nothing but air time to fill.

un autre nom

Felicia mad at Cirie told Jared she wanted a final 2 with Jared, fuq Cirie.
Cirie annoyed at Felicia but PIIIIIIISSED with Jared,

Bowie Jane angry at her bellybutton lint or something…nobody cares.

Jared bussing Meme and America to Cameron.
Red telling Cory there’s chaosscrambling (red flag Cory, you know this one).

Jag telling Izzy they pull the Reilly lie on America and Cory….dude that’s reason 1 they think you’re sketch and won’t buy it.

BB insane asylum.

un autre nom

Want a laugh? Imagine Bowie Jane with a gopro on her head, chaos all around her…
“It’s such a boring night.”
Seriously…her game perspective is that dog drinking coffee in a burning room….this is fine.

un autre nom

Cory just screwed with Cirie’s head.
Final 2 not Final 3…..uh oh….Black Widows flashback ptsd?
2 battlebacks or a halting hex… all this work for nuthin x2?
get ‘er where with her survivor past trauma Cory.
Oh shush. Someone has to.

un autre nom

Izzy to Cirie: i’m nervous, why is this happening to us?
Cirie: because people don’t trust each other.

The women that make a new alliance every time they see 2 people in a room because those 2 must be out to get them?
The women that have frozen out three people….so have no one else to align with?
The women that spin like dervishes every ceremony or comp day because the chaoscoven?
the women planning a backstab blindside vote for kicks to be petty?
The women that shit talk loud and proud about everyone else?

Yeah, it’s a trust issue… time to look into the cauldron and see your reflections.

How they haven’t blamed f’n Bowie Jane yet….I’ll never know.

Spot ON

“Red says he told her he thinks there’s an alliance wihtong alliance. Bowie took that back to Cirie and it went back to him from Cirie.”




un autre nom

Felicia doesn’t get why Cirie wants to call off the flip.
Felicia doesn’t get because of Jared.
Felicia hears Red say he loves Cirie like a mama.
Felicia is turning on Cirie for poopooing the vote flip.
Just like Felicia turned on Cory for poopooing the Hisam flip.

Felicia is trying to become the grand high witch of the chaoscoven.
Who had THAT on their bingo card?


I’m waiting for Cirie and Felicia to turn on each other … that will be a show!

Game fan

Cirie would get her out before Felicia would get what’s happening

Kitty Kat

If Izzy gets evicted, I want to hear her say, “Jarod is Cirie’s spawn. She said Y’all are stupid. I agree. Bye bitches!”

Kitty Kat

I can’t wait for Cirie to turn on Izzy

Izzy (he/him/it)

Can’t wait to see Felicia do the slip n slide competition. Broken bones galore!


OTEV is goin to be very interesting, many of the houseguests are in poor physical condition and I’m guessing Matt may have a little difficulty “hearing” the clues.
Might have a first time HOH winner.


Omg I just saw your name. Hahahahahahah!!!

un autre nom

After Red spiraled to Cirie and dressed down Izzy…
A Legend25 meeting happened obviously to Jared, Jag and Blue.
Red has decided all their woes are…you guessed it….America’s fault. with Cory’s help
Jared is still keeping Blue.
America wants Jag to stay. Cory prefers Jag stay. Bowie prefers Jag stay.
But gotta drop the flip because Jared isn’t in and don’t want to talk to the other three.
Cameron and Red are sticking to well, the alliance wants Jag out because only Cam and Red are allowed an opinion.
Bowie heard from Cam that Izzy has mental problems with anyone getting close to Cirie while also telling Bowie that Cory must be evicted because America is a brainless vessel being led astray by evil Cory.
He’s walked back getting rid of her to wanting to be her new brain. He wants to fill her vessel is what he’s really saying.

oh, bbtwitter gonna start petitions about Red and Cameron, I bet any money, don’t even have to check.

Game fan

Cirie should keep blue . Red and corey trust her . Especially no need to piss off red. Also blue is in jared pocket so ultimately it’s good for cirie.

Izzy (he/him/it)

Since Hisam is gone, they should keep Jag for the purpose of having eye candy for the viewers. We can’t possibly spend the rest of the summer watching a house full of toads.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

There is no male eye candy this season! That really sucks.


Ha. So Jag realizes that Jared is the snitch and has been all along. And now Jared is offended? Play the snitch game and get caught? Own up to it, my man. Owning up is what differentiates someone who plays Big Brother and someone who *wins* it.

un autre nom

It was Izzy. at least 12 hours before Jared told Cory, Izzy pulled him aside and told him.
Izzy also told America about the bitches (excluding Bowie) and the Legends.
She was trying to win loyalty points, and make both Cory and America team Izzy over team Jared because Izzy and Jared were squabbling.


Felisha starting to look like Bill Duke from Commando.


? Haha


Great joke haha

Julie Chen

YES!!!!!! I’ve been trying to figure out who she reminded me of. Thank you!


Kirsten, Reilly and Hisam unfortunately were not only obnoxious but also the most entertaining. I’d much rather watch them, than these people who put me to sleep. They are sooooooo BORING.

I enjoyed when I never knew how the vote was going to go, and was truly surprised as to who was evicted, just as the houseguests were. I like the yelling, straight up lying in your face, doing whatever you can to get as far as you can….. isn’t that the game?

What game are they playing now?

un autre nom

BOWIE : We should have kept Hisam.
She said this to Manson.


This season is like one big comedic soap opera


Jared is a joke! Talking about he doesn’t need Jag to help him win ? uh yes you do since you, your girl, your sister (izzy) your momma and your Auntie (Felicia) haven’t won anything! Thinking with your lil head and Not your big head ???

Kitty Kat

Has anyone told Cirie her sons lose lips are sinking some ships?