Jared – “you are not a fan favorite. You don’t have the greatest personality for people to like.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Jag & Blue
POV Players: Jag, Cameron, Blue, MEME, Jared, Red
POV Winner: RED
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used. Nominations are locked
Havenots:  Izzy, Corey & Bowie

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Feeds have been cutting every 20 – 30 minutes for 1-10 minutes as they call the houseguests to compete in the invincibility power. Its up to the houseguests to decide whether or not they want to disclose if they got picked. Everyone assumed it was Jag and Cirie because Jag’s in danger and Cirie failed to win on 4 seasons of survivor.

Invincibility power players: Cirie, Matt, ? , ?

12:02 pm Corey and Jared
Corey – the two people that could win the power Jag 100%. they were voting since they’ve been nominated and lost the veto it’s all been open he’s the guy going home. (Didn’t catch the second person I don’t think Corey said)
Jared thinks Jag got picked because of the chicken costume.
Corey – this game is simple it’s the Underdog’s and Jag’s a underdog.
Jared – Cirie, Jag, Blue and Red.
Corey – there’s not chance
JAred thinks the players will be Jag, Cirie, Blue and Red
Corey – I don’t think there’s any chance to both.. I don’t think Red’s liked and Blue…..
Feeds flip when we’re back.
Corey doesn’t think Blue will be picked to compete in the Invincibility power because she was safe.
Jared brings up that there’s a possibility that Jag might not be voted out this week. Corey doesn’t believe it could happen tells him he’s wrong.

12:07 pm Cameron and Jag
Cameron – It’s neat if it’s America’s vote that it’s not just one person gets a thing. it’s the top four
Cameron – they said you don’t have to be in athletic gear to do it so right now we’re just going to be told. They may come back.
Red – I think we compete when we’re down there. They said Tonight it’ll be over they will be doing diary rooms sessions after.
Cameron asks what are the odds Izzy gets picked?
Red – Low
Cameron – she is JAZZED
Red – it will stir the house up because everyone will be suspicious

12:20 pm
Jared – who do you think the four is, Blue, Jag, Cirie and Felciai.
Corey -that makes sense.
Corey – I think it could be Felicia, I don’t see Blue I don’t see Cameron
America – it could be you
Jared – Definitely NOT you I think it’ll be MATT
Corey – why are you so confident it won’t be me. I don’t think it’ll be me
America – it could be you
Jared – you are far from a underdog.
America – it’s not just that.
JAred – You don’t have the greatest personality for people to like.
Corey – speak your mind lets go.
Jared – you are not a fan favorite.
Corey – there’s no argument that compared to you I have a drab dry personality you’re so dynamic. where as Me i’m just….
JAred – you don’t have to take it personal… Why do you think they’ll pick you?
Corey – why not I don’t think I will get picked.
America tells Corey and Jared she didn’t get to play in the power. She says it hits different “Damn they don’t like me”
Corey – America is not going to pick you.. you SUCK corey…
Jared- YOu are taking it personally i’m not saying it like that.. You are VERY far down on that list.
Feeds flip then gets cut. America has left.
Jared – you are just taking it personally.
Corey – you just feel for strangely about it
Jared – I don’t know I don’t know f***ign America (the country) for sure this is just my assumption. You are taking it very personal. It’s not a personal shot against you BRO. it’s just my assumption same thing when you tell me I don’t think you’ll win a competition against Matt. It’s not a personal shot against me it’s just your assumption.

Jared – give me a reason why you don’t think you are the low man on the totem pole
Corey – you are so definitive.. we’re in here and we have no idea what is going on outside. I can make assumptions based on based seasons but based on how people view certain people like on a personal level that is impossible.
jared – you just said impossible that is a definitative what do you even mean? You are like all over the place Corey you just said it’s a definitive.. you said stop using a definitive that was a definitive.
Corey – Jared it is impossible to definitively say who is liked by America.
Jared – I’m saying this is my assumption
Cory – I can’t believe I have a final 2 with you I’m so f***ing made..
Corey gets up to leave. they laugh. Corey comes back

Izzy and America join them.
Jared – corey is taking it personal when I said I don’t think he’ll get picked.
Corey – that’s not what you said. Say what you said
Feeds cut

12:59 pm Felicia, Cam and Red.
Felicia says Bowie will be back at one. Cameron will be 1:00 to 1:20 cirie will be 1:20 to 1:40, Cory will be 1:40 to 2:00 and Felicia will be 2.
Felicia – that last ones have been basically 20 minutes each

1:08 pm
Bowie says she was gone for 25 minutes

1:13 pm Izzy finds Cirie
Izzy – everyone already is saying they think you played
Cirie – ohh great.
They talk about how everyone is saying they didn’t get to played otherwise they would be stupid.
Cirie – So i’m up next
Izzy – you got this
Cirie – Izzy I’m so nervous

1:46 pm We’re just waiting around for people to get called into the Diary Room.

2:39 pm

3:40 pm Corey, Cirie, Izzy
Speculating about who America will pick.
izzy thinks the for sures are Jag and blue.
Cirie thinks it might be Felicia “they love Felicia”
Corey – would it be cool if I came in crying? I tried to fake cry before enver were able to.
Izzy goes to the washroom she’s next.
Corey Says having america’s vote twists is for the worst because you have players “Pandering because of these external reasons”
Feeds flip

3:36 pm Blue and Jared
Blue – Something Big can really happen and change the trajectory
Jared – I know, Imagine if it’s they can take off you and somebody? I know for a fact Jag would do it.

3:47 pm chill

4:59 pm Cirie and Izzy
Cirie says Felicia is talking to Bowie and Red, “Damn I don’t know who else got it.”
Izzy – I hope it’s you Blue, Matt and Red or something
Cirie – they are going to beat me.. I think Red will beat me. I hope it was Felicia I think I could Beat her
Cirie – it has to be REd which is scary
Izzy – Cirie you got this
Cirie – I took too long
Izzy – DOn’t beat yourself up
Cirie – I had it I was second place then the ball fell off and it took me awhile to get back there.
Cirie – I wish we had a timer but I know.. It was 10 minutes and we only get 12

5:32 pm Cirie and Jared
Jared – I think Corey and Jag got it.. You hear me?
Jared says Blue and Jag made a promise if they win the power they will tell each other
Jared – I think Corey got it.
Cirie – He would be good at it.
Cirie – I think Felicia got it. Once you get her in a one on one she’ll tell you about it
feeds flip. When we’re back.
Cirie says the only people she told about getting picked is Jared and Izzy.

6:00 pm

6:25 pm Feeds are getting cut a lot this afternoon.

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Unseen narrator:” Jared, The Feed Watchers beg to differ…They see ALL sometimes wishing they didn’t “


Jared will have a reality check about Cory if America voted him in as one of the competitors


I’m glad Jared is at the bottom of most polls. In some he’s even 17th after Luke. Just for his rude cocky arrogant jerk self, I’m voting Cory AFP.


I really can’t stand him, I hope he gets a dose of reality soon. I don’t even want him in jury.


Jared at the bottom is quite telling and whimsical. Jared or cirie not playing this season would have made such a difference. His presence playing with his mother hurt this season I mean it’s Jared. Hope Matt gets the AFP he deserves it for how he composes himself together. Him and reilly got raw deals but have showed true class.

Carlito's Way

Jarrod is truly the worst. And that’s saying something, considering this group. What a nasty asshat.


Do we know who has been picked? Izzy was talking to Cirie like she was but that just seems to hard to believe bc everyone can’t stand her. I hope Cory or America wins for protection next week.


eh, there are a lot of casual broadcast only viewers who like cirie enough they may vote for her allies as well, so there is a cirie/jared/izzy/felicia voting bloc that exists. i just think izzy is 3rd or 4th among those voters and not on the ballot of almost any feedwatcher.


Cirie is in the top 4 of just about every fan poll I’ve seen.


The only poll that matters!!!


Jared is really out of touch. I’m not sure if Cory will get picked as America’s favourite but he’s far more likeable than Jared …


The problem with Cory is he’s playing Andy’s game, only not as good

Nether Region Euphemism

Except that Cory had a real alliance, and that’s what provided opportunity for him to blindside them.

Cirie's sloppy gameplay

Its also very hard to play andy’s game with this cast. I think everyone in there knows about every single alliance and deal that has been made because no one can keep their mouth shut

Here We Go

I hope America votes aligned with your ranking.
Jared is pure ass
Meme and Bowtie can exit left now.

Cirie’s edges

I hope Felicia is ok.

Here We Go

Did they have to compete for the power or win with America’s vote? I’m confused.


America’s vote was for the 4 people who can COMPETE for the BB POWER OF INVINCIBILITY


The top 4 vote getters have to compete in some competition sounds like an individual timed event so Gross-grod can control the outcome

Not Jason’s Holly

Top 4 compete for the superpower.

Here We Go

Thank you!

un autre nom

Jared pouting he didn’t get chosen, and mad because he thinks Cory did.
Didn’t see THAT coming….sarcasm. Of course a reality tv nepobaby is going to be pissy.


Biggest headache of the day!! Give me my feed addiction Big Brother!!!

un autre nom

So… within the house… Jag and Cory are the only men that haven’t dropped 5 or more questionable / objectionable / offensive / inflammatory or fuq naaah comments about women in general or women in the house specifically?

Omega BB

Oh feminazi


Wait what did Matt say that DQ’s him from this?

I know Jared is probably the worst but so is Cameron…

un autre nom

Matt’s are questionable or mild comparatively, But they have been dropping more frequently this week. His dislike of America from Reilly’s download a couple weeks ago has him f’n bitch behind her back added to weird date blondes marry brunettes comments to the boys. It’s not Jared, Red or Cam level stuff, it’s sideye is that the authentic you peeking out or are you trying to be one of the boys level stuff.


Oh ok. Well hanging around his current crew is bound to rub off on him.

They love to talk shit about everyone especially their own allies smfh.

Queen B

Matt got to play. He thinks he did well. He just told Cirie.

un autre nom

did NOT expect that. safe in house AND safe in episode edit?


Obviously he got the “He’s so cute!” Vote….sigh


But you gotta admit, he is very lovable. I think maybe Cirie, Matt, Cory and Felicia were the top four, judging from various websites, possibly with Matt being the winner. I don’t like Cory at all, but a large segment of the population would like to see him win the game.


Cirie and Matt for sure got it! I think Cory and Jag did as well. By the way Jag looked at the camera when Bowie and Red left the scary room. Cory had a big smirk on his face while outside! That would piss off Jared for sure!


Sounds like people are thinking it was Cirie, Matt, MeMe and Felicia. That sounds really odd to me. I would think Cory before those last two.

un autre nom

America is to Red what f’n Bowie Jane is Felicia.
It’s a really screwed up view.
They are the cause of all bad things apparently.
Meanwhile.. we know they are both currently out of the loop entirely.


So with Matt in DR must mean Matt won Big Brother Power of Invincibility! Right? Right? Darn feeds keep cutting out! YARG!

Cirie’s edges

I absolutely adore Matt. But, I hope he didn’t win it. He’s safe and has no reason to use it. That would be a waste of the power.


He would use it to save Cirie and her edges lol.

I would just hope he wouldn’t save it on someone like Izzy should she go in the next two weeks and like you said he was safe.

Idk if the winner of this power has to stand up and announce it in front of everyone or if it remains secret that the user informed the DR they wanted to use it. That could change a lot. Because doing it in front of everyone kinda puts a target on your back but also is a big game move for the resume.

Winning this power and not using it at all would be something the producers would NOT want so I think they would really try to convince someone like Matt to use it regardless if is better for him or not… I would hope they couldn’t force him to do it but who knows… Production does what they want right?

Spot ON




Jared is extremely insufferable.