“I really don’t want to flip I worked really hard to feel confident about this one.. Voting out Jag.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cameron Jag & Red
POV Players: America, Jared, Cameron, Red, Felicia, Matt
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony: Cameron used the Power of Veto. Jared nominated Jag.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation They’re going to flip flop all week. From the sounds of it Jag is staying but I haven’t listen to enough convo from earlier in the day.

4:03 pm Corey and Izzy
Corey – did you see Jag and Jared?
Izzy – yes
Izzy – I took with me with that felt like a long time to truly be onboard with the Jag vote. This matches up with my mind and my Gut. I really don’t want to flip I worked really hard to feel confident about this one Voting out Jag.
Izzy – I finally feel like my fears have been confirmed by Red.
Corey – I really think it’s Red turn to go not Jags. I basically gave up
Izzy – we got to the point is this the hill I want to die on .. No it’s not because both are threats but NOW RED…
Corey – for me what I was always nervous about is Cam is not the type to hold a grudge when it comes to the game. He’s too smart for that.
Izzy thought REd would hold a grudge
Feeds cut.. When we’re back.
Izzy – Like last night it felts like holy sh1t this dude is done with him. THen this morning he spends an hours with Jared and he’s questioning everything.. It’s like OHH Ok you know what Absolutely not.
COrey – Jag is the perfect person to nominate for a Cam Backdoor.
Izzy – Ohh 100%
Corey – keep up appearances
Izzy – Felicia will move into the comic room that keeps her close to us.
Corey – keeps me …
They laugh
Corey – I’m glad Felicia is imploding
Izzy – So imploding. Ohh yeah
Corey – there’s so much arrogance like she’s the only one that thinks of this stuff.
Izzy – I kidna snapped at her when it was me, her and Jared. She was the one pushing Jag.
Izzy says she tried to bring up reasons to get rid of Jag and Felicia shot them down. Apparently Felicia said she’s thought about keeping Jag all along and Izzu didn’t like this.
Izzy – I was like ‘STOP THAT’ we all have been going back and forth
Izzy goes on about how dare Felicia act like they haven’t all been thinking about the vote and going back and forth
Izzy – the problem is Felicia thinks she’s working very very tightly with Jared. He has to keep up that appearance and she thinks she’s running me and Cirie. We have to keep that up.
Izzy – I’m only mad because if I was truly working with her I would be furious at how she spread sh1t around the house. She’s digging her own grave so I don’t really care.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back.
Corey – Matt is telling me next week he would put up Jag
Izzy – You don’t believe that? Matt is doing too much.. Matt and Felicia are the same.
Corey – except Felicia thinks she’s in a better spot.
Corey – he thinks the biggest thing stopping Jag from staying is he thinks he’s too close to Jag.
Izzy – Now he’s telling people he would put him on the block.. That is what imploded Cameron and REd.. I’m loving this what the f***
Corey – his pitch was you put up Jag and Bowie and Backdoor Cam
Izzy – Fine.. that’s fine with me if anything goes wrong get rid of Jag.
Corey – what if you put up Felicia and Bowie you Tell Cam you are backdooring Jag. Cam gets picked and wins the veto. Anyone else you backdoor cam.
Izzy says the vote is going to be 8-2 (Bowie and Cameron voting to keep Red)
Corey – It’ll be 10-0 it always is.
Izzy – I’m not telling Bowie sh1t I want her to be on the wrong side of that.

4:45 pm America and Corey
America says she was the first one in the house this year.
Corey – has that curse been broken now?

5:18 pm Red’s Birthday cake

5:19 pm Felicia and MEME
Felicia says Izzy wants read gone because she knows they’re coming after her. Cirie wants REd to stay because he told her if Cameron and she’s in the final he’s picking her. She thinks she can manage him to the end to get his vote.
Felicia – if you keep him here he might not make it to the end. His a$$$ has got to go.
Felicia – I do trust she will never throw me you..
Bowie briefly interrupts.
Felicia says that Izzy will take Cirie in the final 3. “I’m paying attention to get down to that I’m still looking at the brown sugar babes that where I want it to land”
Felicia points out that Jared and Izzy have been talking a lot more this week. She’s up there every 2 minutes.
Cirie joins them. Says everyone refuses to leave the HOH.
Felicia – Everyone is worried something is going to get said while they’re not in the room. Cameron wants Jag to leave, Blue wants Jag to stay. Izzy wants Red to leave and they are all trying to give their voices.
Cirie – I don’t care anymore.
MEME points out that nobody talked to jared this much the entire season. “all of sudden BFFS”

5:45 pm Jared and Blue
Jared – I’m starting to feel bad no more about the whole Red, Back of my head damn you said this would happen.
Blue – People are starting to talk about Corey and izzy
Feeds flip then cut.

6:00 pm Cirie and America
Talking about Red’s birthday party.
Cirie says the curse of Red’s birthday will remain (Every birthday something terrible happens to Red this year he’s getting evicted From Big Brother)
America says his Birthday is today and the eviction is Thursday so it doesn’t count.
Feeds cut. When we return. They’re talking about Cameron winning Veto again.
America – if it happens again give him the money.. four times..
Cirie – he’s been on the block 4 times.
Cirie starts talking about survivor and feeds flip.

6:03 pm Red and Matt
Matt – good birthday so far?
Red says it has been. Nice weather, Breakfast in Bed and Birthday cake and dinner.

6:15 pm Matt and Jared
They want to talk up in the HOH with Cirie after Dinner. Matt comments how busy the HOH has been today.
Jared – What can I do? I can’t even VOTE
Jared says first the three of them meet then they can bring in Felicia “Felicia runs her mouth too much”
Matt says with Red gone Bowie will talk to him more “She won’t have anybody she’ll just be a number like a IZZY”
Jared – right.. yeah.. It’s the right thing to do. We can’t keep baby sitting Jag.
Jared – America has got to go
Matt – ASAP
Jared – if it wasn’t for Cameron she would be going next week. Cameron can’t win next week
Jared – it wouldn’t be horrible if he wins. If we could get America out and he can’t play the following week. then we get rid of him.
Corey – Then he gets into Jury then we would have to battle him during a battle back. So he has to go before Jury

6:28 pm Matt and Jag (Matt is repairing his sunglasses)
Matt says he feels a bit bad for talking to Red outside and making him feel like he’ll be staying next week.
Matt – you’re solid..
Matt adds that a 6-4 vote might not be too bad because it’ll allow people to hide their votes.

6:45 pm Red’s birthday cake.

6:50 pm Red’s birthday dinner
Red says he loves them all. Tells them they turned a sketchy day into one of his best birthdays.

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I just saw Janelle as a real estate agent on a House Hunters episode called Trendy in Minneapolis

Team Taylor

Yes — that’s more like it! Give Red the gift of life by evicting him Thursday. Please don’t flip back to Jag.

Matthew schneider

Team taylor voting out jag again makes that twist from last week a big waste of time just vote out red


Did I miss something ?

Did Cirie and her followers flip flop, they are going to evict Red instead of Jag ?????

I’m confused.


There are 48 hours until eviction. translation… it will flip 48 times until then

The Beef

This group has got to be the biggest bunch of morons to ever play this game! Please bring back the days of TWO strong alliances in the house, when they would fight back and forth for power, and when one of them won, you would know two players from the other side were going OTB, like season 6 and even season 20. With no real alliance to fight against, these dips can’t make up their minds who to get rid of, even after final nominations are in, and that’s just sad.

Not Jason’s Holly

Red started questioning Jared about what Cameron actually said. They all freaked out that Red will go back to Cameron if he stays. Vote flipped. But, there’s always tomorrow and Thursday.

I wish Red would have waited until he was safe before questioning.


If they are saying it is Red then it will be Jag going. Cirie thinks she can do all this flip flopping so we have no idea how they will vote, but this is not Survivor, and she didn’t win Survivor. If Cam and Red still hasn’t figured out that Cirie is tight with Felicia and Izzy and Jared then they are bigger fools.

Not Jason’s Holly

Anyone else who is watching feeds hear Corey coughing the last couple of days. Would be something if Corey and America have Covid and get evicted.

I heard America cough just a tad a few minutes ago.


Corey has been coughing for the past 4 weeks. Corey and Hisam both coughed alot.

un autre nom

Could be due to recycled air. I used to go into almost asthmatic coughing fits (when i worked on the twelfth floor of a 1960’s built office building) because of a recycled air system and antiquated ventilation / air conditioning unit.


I’m so confused as to how Matt is still number 1 in the ranking. Which of y’all are ranking him high? I feel like he’s literally preventing any chance of a counter alliance forming because he keeps running everything back to Cirie… and he’s doing this because Riley told him in like Week 2 to trust her? *face palm* … he is so irritating