Cirie “Ya’ll are savages! Ya’ll had the man cry! Cameron gonna burn the house down with Red gone. Just be ready!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cameron Jag & Red
POV Players: America, Jared, Cameron, Red, Felicia, Matt
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony: Cameron used the Power of Veto. Jared nominated Jag.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation They’re going to flip flop all week. From the sounds of it Jag is staying but I haven’t listen to enough convo from earlier in the day.

7:33pm Backyard – America, Felicia, Bowie, Cameron, Jared, Felicia, Jag, Cory, Meme, Izzy, Matt and Blue are all getting ready to do their Happy Birthday Red skit. Each of them have something funny to do or say that reminds them of Red. Cirie – Welcome to RED-UCATION! They all take turns doing their skits.

At the end Red shows his appreciation for the party. Red – I am literally crying right now and that’s because that sh*t was hilarious! That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! But also you guys have really touched my heart! Today has been a very special day. Thank you all so much! I will never forget this day or any of ya’ll! Thank ya’ll!

7:56pm HOH room – Cirie and Jared
Cirie – So I need you to get Matt and Cameron like ya’ll are going to do a thing and keep him off my neck because Felicia is sicking him on me… because she is trying to tell everybody even Bowie Jane at her bed today ..saying I don’t know about that right there. She was basically trying to tell me that Felicia was throwing me under the bus without saying the words because she didn’t want to say it out loud. Jared – yeah she said I don’t really trust everybody that I am working with. She said I trust Cirie and Red .. she mentioned, I don’t trust the superfans. Cirie – yeah she told me that too, she thinks Felicia is a superfan. So Matt wants to tell Felicia to stop talking. That’s what he said and I didn’t say nothing. I was like lets just meet with Jared first. Either way you got to tell him to let her keep digging her own grave. For some reason Matt acts like he wants to work with her. He wants to advise her that he’s been hearing her name. Jared – I think he wants to work with her because he thinks he can beat her at the end. Cirie – Mmmhhmmm… yeah if that’s what he wants to do, then let him. Jared – I said yeah we have to be careful what we say to Felicia because if we give her too much advise on what not to do she could turn against us. Cirie – yeah. So its Red now right!? Jared – after all that! Cirie – ya’ll are savages! Ya’ll had the man cry.. Cameron gonna burn the house down with Red gone. Just be ready. So you need to get into something with Matt and Cameron tonight to save us… tell him it was Felicia. They laugh. Jared – I am happy I can’t vote. Cirie – but I agree with Matt, it should be a certain number like 6-4. So me, Bowie, Matt and Cam (vote Jag). Matt joins them. They talk about confirming with Jag that they’vre going to vote to keep him 6-4. Jared – he wants to all meet as a group to know that we’re all on board. Cirie – then ya’ll (Matt and Jared) need to get into something with Cam tonight. Jared – clearly all of us are on the same page and people wouldn’t expect us to work together. So then we can keep him (Cam) off of her (Cirie) and Felicia and then everyone else is fair game. Obviously he is already saying Blue’s name and America’s name because there is no saving grace with them. Cory joins them. BB cuts the feeds. When the feeds return Cory is gone. Cirie – I can’t get five minutes alone with you.

8:05pm – 8:45pm Havenot room – Matt and Cirie
Cirie – So you got to tell Cameron that it is me, you and Bowie, four. Matt – yup. Cirie – LISTEN, do not tell Felicia that we’re voting 4 – 6! Matt – I am not. Cirie – do not tell Felicia. Matt – I just found out. I won’t. I can keep it straight. I don’t fold. Cirie – because she is doing (a lot of talking). Matt – I am not telling anyone anything. Matt – the rest of the seven will assume it was Cory and America that flipped over. Cirie – you want to tell Jag? Matt – NO! He would freak out. Cirie – okay, yeah… don’t tell him. Matt – then Jared and I will meet with Cam tonight. Cirie – when you meet with Cam and Jared and try to solidify something .. watch him bring up me and Felicia. Matt – he hasn’t said you yet. He’s said Felicia and Izzy. Cirie – I am okay with that. Matt – he likes you a lot and trusts you. Jared joins them. They keep talking out the voting strategy and keep finding holes in it. Cirie – The safest thing we can do is let it be 8-2 say the house flipped. We tried really hard. Ya’ll could tell him tonight… like listen I think the house is flipping. Cirie is up set. I am upset. I don’t think we got the numbers. I think its going to be 8 – 2. So he already know and so he can start (she starts shooting). Jared – we can say that Cirie is PISSED OFF! So that we could at least save you. She is pissed but its too dangerous for her to go against the majority. Cirie – that’s the smartest thing is 8 – 2. Jared – as long as we keep him (Cameron) at bay past Thursday so that he don’t win HOH. Step one in the right direction. Two, he don’t get picked for veto… he is done! That’s it! Like if his name doesn’t get drawn for veto, then he is done! Cirie – like Hisam.

8:50pm Havenot Room – Red and Matt.
Red – we’re supposed to be in an alliance that is based on equality. Everybody has the same say so. But with this Jag thing.. she (Felicia) didn’t ask NOBODY! She went right to Jared. Matt – yeah that was weird. Yeah Bowie told me and I was so confused. She told Jag that it was all of us saying something and not just her. Red – then she was talking about me to Cirie. Keep that between me and you. Matt – no yeah, I think she is just playing everyones game. Red – you know how she used the Hisam speech? Why get rid of a knight when you can get rid of the king….This girl is a QUEEN.. she is moving everywhere! Matt – yeah and that has been something people have been saying. I’ve noticed her name has been brought up and by the other side too. Red – so I think if something falls through with Cam.. and he ends up safe and he can’t be backdoored somehow.. I think maybe Felicia might be an option. We hope not because we want to keep numbers for now. You don’t want to be sitting next to her at the end. Matt – No, because she is going to win it. Red – She has a lot of respect in the house because of her age. Everyone loves her.. and she cooks… But she’s been caught in a lot of lies. And she is supposed to be in an alliance and in her first alliance she targeted one in it. Yesterday she talked about me.. who is in her alliance as one of the potentials to go home. And then she made the Jag decision on her own. She should have talked to all of us. She ran to Jared and kept calling him (Jag) a snake and then she started saying my name.

9:15pm – 9:30pm Hammock – Cory and Jag
Jag talks to Cory about his speech for tomorrow. Cory – The reality is there is one massive difference between this week and last week. You’re up against Red and not Blue. Even in a you / Red vote that bodes a lot better because its not a Jag / Blue thing like you guys are working together. Jag – Red and I are completely different. Cory – you know what I think is probably this biggest fear is for some people with keeping you its like .. at least optically you’re close with Matt, America, Me and Blue. And I just wish they knew we were unable to organize. Jag – I wish they knew I hate all of you guys. Between me, you, Matt, Blue and America we’ve won 1 competition. Cock a doodle ZOOM! Jag – and I didn’t mean to win. Cory – this decision between you and Red is so straight forward personally because if Red wins.. BB switches the feeds. Cory – if I were you .. the pitch is super simple like look.. its going to be an 8 – 2 vote, two people (Cam & Bowie) are going to vote to evict you I am going to target them. AND then everyone should feel on a Jag HOH I am safe. Jag – yeah I think, it is something super simple.

9:42pm Bathroom – Jag and America
America hugs Jag. America – AWWWW… JAG! I can’t even tell you anything because you’re not going to trust me. Jag – What? Say it. I not going to believe what? America – we have the votes. Jag – stop! America – we have the votes. Jag – do we? In a way I’ve just given up on everything. America – its actually working for you. Jag – the not campaigning too hard? America – yeah, they’re like oh he’s super cool. It doesn’t feel overwhelming. Don’t tell anybody. Jag – no I won’t. America – Red is going home. Do not tell anybody. Please don’t f**k it up! Do not tell anybody. Jag – I am not going to tell anybody. I am not going to tell anybody. America – you still have to campaign tomorrow. Jag – no I will. You see I was overwhelmed from last week. I would rather just go home than do that again.

10:09pm Hammock – Cameron and Izzy
Izzy – did you get a chance to talk to him today? Cam – nope, just giving him space. I know its okay. I just feel bad that he is going to watch this one day and that I would never, have never .. I would never do anything like that .. ever. I know he will probably feel bad. I know its probably weird for me to be thinking about him in that situation. Izzy – that says a lot about you. Cam – to be looking down into the future and being like its just going to be him going damnit. Izzy – well you’ll probably get a phone call at that point. Cam – I hope so .. and I am not going to stop trying just because I am in a weird place. I am not going to stop being his friend. I not going to stop doing everything I can to get it back. Like be cool like we were. It just hurts my feelings that this is going to hurt his feelings. I just feel bad for the guy.

10:45pm Bedroom – Jared and Cameron.
Jared – that’s the same thing with me and him. People just think we’re a bromance or some sh*t. Just being stupid, kickin it and sh*t. I think we both have common interest of being around who we want to work with .. he was automatically like I think we should .. BB blocks the feeds.

11:15pm Quad cams

11:30pm Jag playing pool by himself.. Matt joins him to play. Jag asks him about when he started swimming and if he was always good. Matt – says no, and that he started when he was 9.

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un autre nom

Wednesday Episode
in progress.
Red believes Cam agreed to backstab Red.
Verbally, he did agree after noms to play pawn.
D/R he wanted to save both Chillers
He never told Red his plan.

Cory / Jared. final 2 / final 5 perspectives.
Cory busing America like usual, to save (?) her.
Jared doesn’t trust her.

JARED picks Felicia, RED picks America, CAM hg choice Matt
Jared: if she throws she’s toast. skips r-word.
Cory warns America.
Everyone wants to win.
America isn’t throwing.
everyone’s hands shaking.
Everyone third row. Jared second.
This is timey wimey. they’re cut and pasting.
on third row everyone is losing it.
Cam wins.
why are there more cans still there? On Cam’s stack floor there’s 7 more cans… weird.

Jared has to pivot.
Jag or America suggests Felicia.
Felicia tells America to be a pawn.
Jared / America.
Pressure Cooker. Deal talk.
America denies she’d go after the chaoscoven that Cory bus/saved ? her by revealing.
The moron music for Cory is appropriate. Tell a Crossroad member that your gf is targeting your alliance to save her was always stupid.

Chillers on ice.
Cam: he broke up with me.
without the breakup sex thankfully.

Cirie considers Jag instead of Red leaving.
Cirie is manipulating for Jag to go.
Cirie drops the order to Baby.
did America say no when prodo was looking for someone to mance Baby?

America option
Blue suggests Jag pawn.
Cirie happy. Blue sealing Jag’s fate.

Cam removes himself.
Red / Jag are on the block.
Cirie cleans Jared’s messes all the time.


The big mouths in this season are odd. All to get in the good graces of the people on the block. Ugh, America.


What is she doing? SMDH

Spot ON

The whole entire dialogue that CIRIE had with her “yes’am” cowardly foot soldiers, of a plotting the road ahead for her purpose and benefit, shows what kind of a slithering snake this REPUGNANT woman really is. Bet she is NO DIFFERENT on the outside either.


You’re just a hater. It’s just a game ? But this comment shows you’re just a bitter person in real life

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Actually, your reply makes it obvious YOU’RE the bitter one!

Spot ON






Anyone got any idea of what upcoming HOH comp might be?

Last flop was decided to keep Jag with an 8-2 vote. I think it’s a mistake. Cameron is upset already about his issue with Red. When he finds out he was lied to and that almost everyone was in on it
(and the way they all talk so much, he will find out!) he will get pretty hot.

Each one of them think they have to win HOH… Cam will be raging by then. He’ll be the one walking out with that key on his neck! It will be ON for him. Anyone could be put on the block. I hope he raises holy hell in there and it all comes out!

How would TPTB handle it? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part…

Not Jason’s Holly

I’m wishing the same scenario. I want Cameron to wake up and not waste an HOH on America or Corey.

Spot ON

I don’t know ( or have yet to figure out) what exactly is his obsession with AMERIKA (or CORY…or BLEW). They are actually good potential allies for him.

Another Dixie

Last night Izzy was discussing what the comp might be. They figured it would be active but luck involved. They mentioned the wall but felt it was too soon after the pressure cooker for it. Personally, I think the 3 queens can only win on luck.

Nether Region Euphemism

Do we have any idea of what caused the flip?

Paranoia about Red, was it founded?

Or he just seemed to align again with Cam, in their heads.

un autre nom

Red told Jared that he wanted J to mediate a meeting with Cam to hash things out. Since J has been exaggerating to Red, they decided that’s a bad thing that would lead to Red and Cam joining back together, and Jared being exposed / targeted.

Spot ON



The latter.


Based on the lameness of the HOH comps so far? Each guest picks a number between 1 and 12. The one who guesses correctly is HOH.


I’m guessing some kind of dystopian idiot game like “Take it and stick it”


another flip flop, are we surprised?


Im finding this season to be quite tedious. Ever since the quota version of BB hit it isn’t the same game, for the worse.

un autre nom

Cirie’s trees about Felicia have taken root to many in the house.
When Cirie and Felicia talked about Izzy hiding in the shower during Jared’s one on ones yesterday, they did so in front of Meme… one of the one on ones. Does Meme math the math?
America leaked to Jag because she thinks For Realx2 met without her, excluding her. This is also why she’s pissed at Cory.
Matt is still basing most of his decisions off the bad takes of Reilly.
Matt bused Blue to Cirie. He was trying to plant more America seeds, but saying Blue wants to pull in Cory and America against Cirie? Worse for Blue imo.
He’s gone from saying he’ll nom Jag next week to saying maybe Jag should be their backup Final 4 member. He thinks HOH is the wall.
A physical / endurance comp would explain the lack of Have Nots.
Felicia and Meme seem to be conspiring whisper-mode quite a bit this week.

The Beef

Doesn’t the wall comp usually take quite a bit of backyard building and closure time? If it was the wall, I’d think we would know it by now because of that.

un autre nom

The yard has been closed all day today.
Haven’t looked on bbtwitter to see if that guy that posts overheads of the backyard has posted anything regarding the HOH build, but that usually happens Wed late night to Thurs morning anyway.

un autre nom

America still cold shouldering Cory. Tbh it’s double edge sword. He’s painted her to the house as untrustworthy and expendable. He’s her only ally because he’s done that. Without Cory she has nobody, however, so she’s blind and dead in the water.
All of this because of an impromptu meet up in the HOH without her that looked like the alliance meeting (that essentially became a pseudo alliance check-in.
She’s Charlie Browning herself.

I laugh at m&m season planning. As a method of figuring out house dynamic it works. Three people that suck at 75% of a season’s comps determining week 10 eviction on week 5, however, is ridiculous. It’s static and linear thinking in a fluid environment.


While I am happy they threw a party for Red, I am not looking forward to having to sit through what I am sure were cringe worthy skits lol ?

Mad Max

man, things must be S-L-O-W today!


I’m relatively new to this site, read some last year and again this year…..I remember there being posts a few times a day/evening/night..Since I don’t have live feeds, it’s hard to be up to date on things in the BB house….not sure if I’m wrong, but I thought there used to be many more comments and *updates* between big news.
Honestly, just curious.


Hi Rachel, WElcome to OBB. WE usually don’t run updates during the day on Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday our schedule is usually 3pm -1am .

We do watch the feeds round the clock Starting Thursday at 4pm until Monday 2am


Thank you Simon! I really appreciate you letting me know.
This site really has given me an inside kinda view on the happenings that the tv episodes don’t show, or “edit” out.


You’re welcome!


When I try to donate, it comes up as Aaron Morrison….is this the right place?


Yup that’s old Dawg’s name. He manages our paypal account. Thank you for the support Rachel .


Thanks for keeping us all updated and informed ?
I’m in Canada and had no idea you guys updated about BBCAN.
BTW, I’m soooo irritated about last year!


We’re Canadian as well 🙂

We use to cover BBCAN extensively but have slowed down what we do for it since the feeds have been removed. The great commentor “Another Name” provided some wicked updates on it last year.


Yay for Canada!
I’ve never had live feeds for either.


Also, I love un autre nom’s take on things, it’s why I became interested in OBB.


You can download the app Pluto TV for free to watch Live Feeds


I hope Cirie and Jared’s secret is revealed soon I can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions.

un autre nom

My feeling that Jared whined to production about wanting a showmance so prodo interviewed the girls to see who’d bite the bullet is growing stronger every time Blue and Jared talk.
If I were a houseguest, I’d be paying attention to the strange bedfellows hanging out today.
Matt / Red / Cam / Bowie playing not golf.
Cory / Jag gabbing for over an hour.
What I really want to know? We’re aware prodo was really pushing Jared to target America.
What is prodo saying to America?


Love love lurve your take on things ?