Christie “I will straight up f**king hand on the bible, swear on my sister that if I win HOH.. I am putting up Michie & Holly.”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jess and Christie Cliff
Power of Veto Players are: Jackson, Christie, Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy
Power of Veto holder: Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony: Tommy used the Veto on Christie. Jackson put Cliff up as the replacement.
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8pm Bathroom. Jess and Christie.
Christie – I will straight up, f**king hand on the bible, swear on my sister that if I win HOH, I am putting up Michie and Holly. Its all I talk about. Its all I talk about! Jess – he put you up. Even if you guys were working together Tommy wouldn’t feel the need to take you off. Christie – I want that so bad. I want that on my resume. I literally .. I want him out. I’ve wanted him out since day 33! Jess – my relationship with her is really complicated. Christie – as long as she knows she has security. Jess – I told her .. I told Tommy and Christie that I want them to put me up as a pawn against Michie and Holly. If one of them takes themselves off you will be really safe. She was like yeah I want to think about it. Christie – okay, I’m going to talk to her.

8:10pm HOH room. Jackson’s popping Holly’s face zits. (WTF?!)

8:20pm Taco Tuesday..

8:52pm Bedroom. Nicole talking to the feeders.
Nicole has a lot of thinking to do. Jess brings up a lot of valid points. Very valid. I need to navigate forward with Nicole and if I keep Jess, that is going to piss off Michie and Holly. And yes, Michie can’t play but if Holly wins she is going to be really pissed at me. And whereas if I keep Cliff, that’s my guy. And then Michie and Holly won’t be mad. And Christie and Tommy already know how I feel about Cliff. If I keep Cliff…. Michie is happy, Holly is happy, Cliff is happy. Christie won’t mind. Tommy won’t mind. That is five Okay people with me. If I keep Jess… Michie is pissed, Holly is pissed. Jess will be happy with me. Christie will be happy with me. Tommy will be happy with me. And then there’s me. So one is 5 happy people, the other is 3 and two very pissed off people. I am trying to think about what is best. The fact that the person next to Jess is Cliff… I can’t do it. And I understand that Cliff is close to Michie… but that is NOT a final 2. Let me real! Michie’s final two is Holly. Cliff is a smart guy, he knows he can’t beat him. SO Cliff and me.. I can imagine unless I am getting smoke blown up my a$$ are like this (Fingers crossed)! And I understand where Jess is coming from and I love her with all my heart.. personally, in this game, and outside of this game.. but her argument is that I was always her person.. no I wasn’t! I really wasn’t. Her and I have always been close but her person was Kat. She said one day you’re closer to Cliff, I’m closer to Kat. I know her and kat had a final two. And yes I would prefer if they both (Cliff & Jess) stayed because my final three but between the two I’ve been loyal to Cliff longs. I have been aligned with Cliff longer. And when she says to me I never questioned my you or your loyalty. But two weeks ago, you did.

Bedroom. Christie joins Nicole.
Christie – I am 1 billion percent not working with Michie and Holly. I want to build my resume. Michie and I have been at it since day 31.

9:43pm Kitchen. Christie and Tommy.
Tommy looks at the pile of dirty dishes and says I can’t, I can’t make a dent. Christie – no. Tommy – why don’t people f**king do dishes?! Christie – no, no… Tommy – it gets me. Christie – It gets me so bad Tommy. Tommy – we have to just keep doing people’s dishes. Christie – no I am not going to do them ever again. Tommy – no, we have to. We have to do people’s dishes. Christie – why!? Tommy – because if we make a stink about people’s dishes they could come after us. Christie – Tommy there are only 7 people left. No, I am not playing this game. no more! I am not! I am doing my own dishes and that’s it. They talk about how Holly and Jess don’t do their dishes. Tommy – no one does dishes.

10:05pm – 10:40pm Bedroom. Nicole and Christie.
Christie – they (Michie & Holly) don’t want us in rooms together… and I don’t blame them because they don’t want us to compare notes but I don’t care. I don’t owe anyone anything. I don’t have a deal with anyone. I’m not on the block so I don’t have to make any promises.. so I don’t care. He can’t play in the HOH. I’m not scared. I don’t care. But I do want to talk to you because I have questions for you. I have a lot of questions for Cliff. Nicole – I have questions for him as well. They’ve been in power too long. When Tommy used the veto on me I was like I don’t care. I want to be the one to get them out but I don’t know your relationship. They are not taking me to final two, they’re taking each other. And I want you to know, hand on the bible. It is scary ..he needs to go this

11:45pm Jackson and Holly getting ready for bed. Meanwhile, Cliff is in bed and Christie, Nicole, Tommy, and Jess chat about music.

1:50am All the house guests are sleeping..

10:24 am Wakeup …
Jess conducting her standard stare into nothing for the first 1/2 of the day.

10:47 am Jess, Christie, and Tommy
Jess – at least if it’s a double I’m ready.
Jess – I’m feeling really spacey

Jess – yesterday I ate like sh1t poor utter sh1t for breakfast I had popcorn, Coffee, and Brownies a Taco and More brownies. (Shock of the season)
Tommy and Christie go on about how she ate a lot of junk food but they were small portions
Jess – oh my god I’m craving those brownies

11:37 am Chit chat

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Club H.O.H

Oh god! Is Crusty the new Evil Dick! Don’t give a damn loud mouth call it like it is and go after the “cool” kids. Even though she was apart of it before day 44. Is she are only hope to get rid of LEGOHead and Beth! Man this shows how this season is! Crusty the savor! Whaaa????!!!! I never in this season thought I’d root for her to have a hoh win!


She is no Evel Dick. I seriously doubt production jumped in and shielded him as they’ve done with Christie.


Dick got bailed out by Eric and America. If not for America voting to make Eric keep him he would’ve been kicked out of the house, no questions asked. I like Dick and think he was a really good player but facts are facts.


Is that a joke if it wasn’t for productions player dick goes home instead of dustin and eric or jessica wins the game.


Does anyone else think Holly looks like Audrey from BB17?

Especially tonight on after dark just saw her and immediatly though that’s Audrey Middleton’s twin…

Franks fumes

Holly moves like those creepy anime characters in Tim Burton’s Nightmare movies…..kind of walking on her toes all the time lol.

Christie's Tears Jar

Holly constantly reminds me of Angela from last season based on looks
Why are you disliking my comment? They look identical

another name

Just in the nose. Maybe Beth’s nose was the inspiration for Audrey’s. I’d say they got the same one, but Beth insists all she’s had is filler.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

There’s no question Nicole is voting Jess out but she needs to use Christie and Tommy’s campaigning to work her way in with them,replacing Jess as their 3rd so she has options and distinguishing that even though Cliff is her person she’s playing her own game.She’ll be in the best spot for the double.

Franks fumes

It can be a pretty easy road for Nicole to the end if she gets rid of Jess that’s for sure…..I think Cliff is just being careful holding his cards close till after HOH……from Cliff’s POV he thinks he can beat anybody in votes at the end so maybe he doesn’t care who he’s against at the end just getting there is the thing. It’s very likely all this talk of keeping Jess is production in their ears the days before eviction…..(stirring fake drama as usual).

Just a game

Easy road to the end , but what about winning?
It’s the end. It’s about time to stop playing safe all the time

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’ve always like Nicole; she’s had some really crappy allies through no fault of her own (Bella, Kat, Jess) Kat is hilarious and adorable but she was all over the place game wise. Nicole has been way more loyal to Jess than Jess has to Nicole. My husband and I were talking during the (painful) CBS show that Nicole and Cliff have lasted a long time for being targeted since the beginning, Nicole ganged up on by 9 people and Cliff voted out of the house. I don’t know if either of them have a chance, but I’m rooting for them. I’m don’t dislike Tommy; he’s actually played a masterful game, especially having that ball and chain around him the entire game. She doesn’t give a rat’s behind about his game. Dishes or no dishes, she’s a selfish brat.

Stephanie J

I have to say even though I have never like CC I have to agree with her about the dishes!!! Their are 6 other people in that house and they should be doing and cleaning up after them selfs!! I be damn if I would be cleaning up after them they are adults!! And then to hear TT say no we should do the dishes so we aren’t a target ?!!! What Really???? What the hell he hasn’t been a target not one time this season hasn’t seen the block!!!! And to hear everyone still saying how much they love him OMG ?!! Double eviction tonight they better put him up and get his ass out. Then put up Jackson get his ass out next then put up CC get her ass out then clueless Holly out!! And the final two. Cliff and Nicole. Vote Cliff to win!! That’s how I see it anyway!! Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Next year BB22
Have the age group be 40 to 55 I would love to see how different they would play the game. Me being 50 and happily married would sign up! to be on the show. I think the Dynamics of the game would be totally different. Just one time BB needs to do that.

Just like having a plus size girl on there was great to see this year. Kinda tired of seeing skinny girls with their boob jobs every year. Even though Jess was very ( well ) clueless the whole game she is a very beautiful woman that is very comfortable in her own skin!! I would love to see more plus size women on the show!! And Ciff being 53 and really kicking ass has been something to see!! BB needs to have more people like that on the show.

Well can’t wait for tonight’s show going to be a nail biter for sure!! Getting Chinese food for dinner tonight and going to be glued to my TV at 8pm.

Oh one more thing BB I would love to see someone from OKLAHOMA ( like me ) on the show so I can wear all my OU BOOMER SOONERS clothes!! OKLAHOMA PRIDE!

Sorry Ciff that my Oklahoma Sooners beat Houston Tx last weekend in our first game of the year. LOL ? had to get that in.


Working on jury votes Christie?
Jess already worships u. Perfect reason Tommy to vote out Jess, cause she doesnt do dishes (any reason at this point to get rid of someone could be used in this season, considering the lack of reasons used this season for evictions)
No need to swear on the bible Christie.
As soon as Jackson kept Christie everyone here “manifested” her plan to put Jackson n Holly up.
We literally were just waiting for the sound bite

another name


How to flip the vote if you really wanted to flip it:
Send Tommy to Holly looking concerned and in a bit of a tizzy. Tommy then tells Holly that he really believes in her and loves her blahblahblah but he’s scared as he always does. Tommy tells Holly that Cliff could be bullcrapping but he volunteered to Tommy he’d target a big target duo (inferring Jackson who has won 4 comps and Holly who has won 2 comps) if he got Tommy’s vote and won HOH. Tommy tells Holly he’s got her back no matter what happens, but he’s really starting to worry that Cliff wants to build his resume, and there’s only one big duo that does that in the game because Christie couldn’t win Ms. congeniality let alone a comp. Don’t say it in front of Jackson and Holly. Get Holly alone. Make sure Holly knows that if Cliff gets HOH, Tommy wants to keep Holly because he loves her to death.
Don’t let Christie do it… for obvious reasons coughcough cried wolf.
Don’t let Jess do it… for obvious reasons coughcough nope. just a cough.
Tommy the bad liar needs to pull off whatever casting couch performance he gave to get on broadway (the nicer one not the hanging out on a street corner lamp post flashing for passing cars one)… but with Beth.
What is Beth’s biggest motivation: Jackson. How do you manipulate Beth: make it sound like Cliff is secretly targeting Jackson if he wins. What will Cliff do? Deny it? The best way to spin the vote is to spin Beth about Jackson’s safety.

Meahwhile, get Christie and Jess to keep working Nicole. It makes them feel useful.


Tommy’s casting couch performance. What are the chances that Tommy’s cousin is in casting for some broadway shows … lol

another name

What are the chances Tommy’s broadway casting cousin went to school with Jackson’s Aunt Grod? lol.


Isn’t he really just an extra? They may call him a Broadway star but has anyone heard of him? I doubt even AbbyLee would claim him.

another name

He’s the equivalent of the guy standing next to the hot girl that the camera pans across and stops at for about a second in a bad live music video of an 80’s hair metal song. Only instead of scissor kicks it would be headbanging.


He is ridiculous w that kick for everything lol I love you all I’m tommy. I’m trying out for the musketeers I can overact too

Analyse the Nincompoop

Nicole needs to vote out Clifford because he will vote for her to win in the end, whereas Jessiduhh,if on the jury, will not understand the rules of the final 2 voting process and vote for a person to be evicted rather than a winner.


maybe they can get Jess and Sis each a teachers aide for the last vote

another name

Anyone else smell a topaz vote coming?


I think she should vote out Cliff. The n she is on the side that has 4 people playing for the HOH . If Cliff goes she is with herself, T,C!,J all playing. With just H against. If Cliff stays its H,C,N vs T,C. I think both Tommy and Christie would keep her.


Nicole and Jess are all the couples 3rd person. While I would like to see Cliff go as much as the rest of them I’m to the point where Jess need to be put out of her misery. Like taken to the back of the barn sorta thing.


Agreed Simon. Anytime u have to tell a person (jess) 100 times “no one is aligned with u” and “you need to campaign” and they refuse to do either in a game where u align and campaign, then they need to go!

Thanks for the awesome site as a long time watcher from season 1 but first time here.
Much appreciated for the effort U and Dawg put forth


You’re very welcome. Glad you found our site and like it enough to stick around.

Wish we had more exciting content this year 😉


The rants and opinions more than makes up for it!!! Glad I am not the only one looking at my TV this season thinking that I am crazy for what I am witnessing.
I find my sanity is here!

Analyse the Nincompoop

You mean like euthanized like?


But cliff will never turn on Nicole! Jess is too flighty and unpredictable, she has already told Nicole several times she doesn’t trust her. Even though Nicole is the reason Jess knew about the deal they made, it didn’t matter to jess she has thrown Nicole u see the bus many times, wether it was intentional or not. She will interfere w Nicole’s game negatively. Jess has pledged her allegiance to christy and tommy! She has to go regardless. Although I agree cliff is stupid if he doesn’t take out Jackson he’s still best for Nicole’s game.

Just a game

Ctom we are getting to the the final 6
From this point on is more about the comps
And who you can beat
She can beat jess in the finals and going into a comp with her
She needs a rasome badly
Making a move against cliff will also show she is a gamer not dragged alone
And.. She would probably still won’t be Holly’s target


Hi everyone. Got back yesterday from my vacation so I have some catching up to do. Looking forward to seeing what Zingbot had to say to the houseguests. Not surprising that Christie is still in the house. If anyone is thinking about vacation and is curious about River cruises overseas, I definitely recommend AMA Waterways


welcome back bobbritck! what a season to come back to ugh …

whereabouts was the cruise?


Spent a few days in Madrid and then took the cruise from Vega De Terron, Spain to Porto, Portugal

Just a game

Zingbot was disappointing this time


Your vacation sounds like fun!

Zingbot episode was okay but certainly had lasting ‘negative’ effect on HS. Jackson is very upset about being called a douchbag as*hole! Holly has gotten paranoid about her public image with Jackson and being called an OLD buzzer. Christie and her super sonic loud chewing of food made the cut. Jess was called a snoozefest… So basically – Zingbot was on point. 😉


The zings against Jackson & Tommy were the funniest. The one against Christie was a little weak


Really with all the ammo available

Sis's Werewolf

Who cares about what Jess does…

BB Crusty Crab Shack

She can go….dead weight


I forget that Jess is married. I’ve heard her bring up her husband once or twice months ago and never her stepdaughter.

Jess is the worst and has been the worst since day 1. the only time I got excited about her game was when she won the veto and took out jack. Like the saying goes a broken clock is right twice a day.


I said this before – WHY would they pick her to be on the show, her personality is terrible, sorry Jess but some people are just boring and not interesting. For the life of me I can’t figure it out, the only thing I can grasp is she had a good tag line as a plus size model and that is politically correct these days.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Jess is not as nice as she claims she is…. she legit held a grudge against Nicole after Nicole tried to be honest with her and keep her in the loop. She’s still that lonely girl always trying to be accepted and instead of aligning closer with Nicole (genuine) she aligns with ( alleged) cool kid , loud mouth Crusty( fake ) who is just using her…..girlfriend ain’t that bright imo


Sounds just like middle school. Combine that with mean girls Sis &Holly &insecure jock, Miche.

I agree.......

I think you are just being nice with your statement ” Jess is not as nice as she claims she is ” cause Jess is one of the most petty mean, and an overall dumb ass people that I have ever seen. She is so oblivious to everything and ONLY held/holds a grudge against Nicole because Nicole is so timid and shy and wouldn’t talk back or challenge Jess on her BS all to avoid arguments.. Jess is just another form of a bully when it comes to Nicole… She is very fake and overall I just don’t like her personality…. As well she blames the fact that no one trusts her, on them… she doesn’t take any responsibility that maybe its because she is a lazy busybody with a big mouth to boot and cannot be trusted as far as they can throw her…. She needs to go home….

An ornery mouse

And I don’t imagine there are many who’d be able to throw her very far.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

10 thumbs up, lol….. you r so right…getting real now: Jess is spiteful, mean, oblivious, jealous and thinks Crusty Murphy is a true friend. She’ll probably hold a major grudge after the show. She has left her mark though; her iconic wall fall accompanied by that Jurassic Park scream…..twitter can’t get enough of it

I agree.......

Omg Lmao. I just remembered that fall. It was felt across the world. I even heard talks of earthquakes LOLOLOL. I saw the show and how it happened along with the gif here and I am surprised that others didn’t fall off from laughing so hard. God only knows that if i was there i would have been dying of laughter.. Michie did a good job of keeping it together cause he looked like e was trying not to laugh.

Stephanie J

Well I agree………. that was very very rude to say!!!! Number 1 I am not a skinny woman and I really take offense to that comment you just made. People may not like Jess which I have called her an air head and she isn’t that bright but making fun about someone’s weight and saying you heard talks of earthquakes is going a bit far. The one thing I can say about her is she very comfortable in her own skin!!!! And for a plus size woman she has got very beautiful tight skin. I don’t care for her and how she played the game and I was glad when they voted her out. But a lot of ya were very pissed ? off when jack and Jackson made raciest comments about Kemi!! Well kinda calling the kettle black!!!!!!


Just diddling some morning away here, reading the updates. Decided to put some thoughts down.
Why I wouldn’t make it in the BB house (besides I’m ancient and pretty crippled):
I am a anxiety/panic riddled introvert, and I watch people and study them. I also call people out (yes even ones I don’t know) on their BS. Here goes:
To Jess: I would be pulling her aside somewhere, like saying…come here b**ch we need to talk. You had a fluke with the HOH & VETO, other than that you’re a complete moron, need to get your head out of Christies ass, and leave this house. You’re useless. Oh, and you’re almost 40, stop with the “like” every other word.
To Cliff: I’m not all that much older than you, stop acting like you’re one of the flipping “cool kids”, we both know you were a doofus in school and its not going to change now that you’re in here. Stop making deals and including others in those deals without asking them first, and for Gods sake stop with the “before the wife” BS, nobody’s falling for it. You need to be out of this house.
To Nichole: Kid, lets talk. You have a brain, you are capable of seeing how things are, you have the mental ability to figure things out. Now just use those abilities to get yourself ahead, because Cliff damn sure isn’t going to do it for you, he’s only thinking of you as a pawn to get him further. Now get your head out of Cliffs a** and go out there and fight.
To Tommy: Dude, the high kick high kick pirouette “I love you” to everyone is getting real old real fast. You’re not going to get AFP so knock it off. Also stop playing for Christie, she would drop you like a hot pancake givin the chance like she did your aunt, or did you forget. You too should leave the house you fake a** little person.
To Christie: I’m at a complete loss for words. How can someone be so flaming entitled, and yet not really contributed anything to the game other than drama? Please leave, and please don’t munch on any food on the way out.
To Holly: Buzzard, seriously? Your image? You contributed to that skanky ass image weeks ago! You are worried about “your game”? Your game is Jackson Jackson Jackson, thats all its ever been. I just cant…here let me hold the door open for you, you passive aggressive idiot.
To Jackson: Listen, you are a douchbag, and all the work you and production have put in to change that image just isn’t working, just be the you we have all come to hate. Oh…and as for Holly. She’s too old for you kid. Once you’re outside again you will see she is nowhere near the most beautiful thing in the world. Stop with the whole idiotic relationship. Its just not “manly” and we know how hard you are trying to appear to be. Now that you’re loaded down with food, let me hold the door for you.


Man I laughed at your comments so funny. I’ll sticky it.


Thanks Simon….these people…ugh


Wolfwoman, stop holding back, tell us how you really feel !! Lol Don’t you feel better getting that off your chest 🙂


Maverick32…just a bit. I shouldn’t have held back as much as I did lol

Just a game

You have a lot of hate inside of you.
I bet You suck more than this season.
You should go to therepy


Just a game…thanks appreciate it. I aim to please. Oh and it’s “therapy” not “therepy”. Everyone that knows and loves me knows I 100% tell it like I see it, with a twist of sarcasm. Sarcasm is a form of humor…you should try it sometime 😉

Yeah BB

Talking about people as if you personally know them and then being nasty, yeah christies the entitled one around here. Also pointing out spelling errors is a tacky way of arguing with someone to prove you were right. Like look I can spell so that means all my opinions are actually fact. Glad to hear opinions about the game and talk over what they should be doing strategy wise but it gets boring when all you guys can talk about is how much you hate people for certain reasons. Get a life, get over it, they’re trying to win money not your praise so calm down. And have a good day (see I can do it too. Pretend to be nice even though what I just said wasn’t)


It’s a delicious dish hot or cold


Just a game: you should go back to school to learn spelling or at the very least use spell check. It’s spelled therapy.

Just a game

Ok sorry i spelled that wrong, I’m not from usa or England. English is not my homeland language.
I still stand by my words. Belive me i have humur but that was just too mean


Too mean??? Was it not mean for you to tell someone they are filled with hate, or that they “suck”, and they should go to therapy? I’m pretty sure that in whatever cultures the words that you as stated, “still stand behind” don’t represent nice ones. In this world you get back what you put out there so if you want to say mean things, expect to get back mean things.

Just a game

you want to say mean things, expect to get back mean things.
That’s exactly why i was mean in my comment,
Cuz she got realy nasty .
And “yeah bb” ..thank you. Absolutely true.

Yeah BB

You don’t need to explain yourself to these people if they want to hate they will hate.


Pretty much what I’m thinking. Thanks for spelling it out!!


Man your comments are pretty nasty. I doubt someone with crippling anxiety/panic would call people out like this to their face. Some of your comments have some valid points but the rest are just over the top. Btw holly is only a few years older than Jackson so how is she too old for him. She may look much older than her actual age but it’s not a big age difference. If the man was 31 and the girl was 24 then no one would think much of it but because the roles are switched it’s suddenly a problem. Such a double standard.


Luna…be careful you might melt. And yes I have had anxiety/panic disorder since I was in my teens. I was housebound (you may need to look that up…its called Agoraphobia) for over 7 years. It is the combination of all…that when I get seriously frustrated/pissed/annoyed…take your pick, that I let people have it. Speak of only what you know dear. And yes I’ve seen 31 year old men with 24 year old girls, and its just as pukey

Yeah BB

Good to know you have problems like the rest of the world. Oh wait were you using that as your reasoning for being so nasty?

Yeah BB

Glad to some people standing up, there is some crazy people on here


Glad you can admit your shortcomings Yeah be happy

BB21 Fan

its okay wolfwoman say what you want to me because your crazy won’t affect me. It’s okay to have problems just don’t throw them at other people deal with them yourself. Have a good day


Dang I forgot one!
To GROD: We hear you may be leaving the show…the applause is deafening


If GROD goes we just need to get KASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTING replaced and we should be set. Even if their replacement becomes 10 times worse I’m still willing to make that gamble.


Thank you, Wolfwoman. I suspect we’re about the same age and definately have the same opinion about this cast. I’m thinking a senior BB would be an interesting idea but probably too boring. Bedtime at 10:00?


Dix…I actually do go to bed at 10:00 lmao! My body is old, it creaks when I walk, my knees grind and groan, my back is in a perpetual stance of salute (from spine surgery), I can’t walk past a bathroom without thinking…eh I’m here I might as well pee. Didn’t have my son til I was 33 so in the habit of getting up early, so to bed early too.


Wolfwoman: good rant – funny!

Just curious who are your picks fir Winner, Second place and AFP? (you can hold your nose)




Thank you bigbrotherfan…sorry I didn’t upset you 🙂 My picks? Well I know who I would like but me and the Grod don’t agree. Really don’t care for any of them from a “human” standpoint except nice nice Nichole, but guess for winner either Nichole or ???nope can’t think of anyone…maybe Sam but he’s not there anymore dangit. Second place? Maybe…oh who am I kidding…nobody! AFP? Either Sam or David have my vote, just to tell the house WE DIDN’T LIKE YOU!


.thanks for your reply. Because of the fishbowl atmosphere I think it is remarkable for anyone to make it far in the game without offending someone. It’s the nature of the show to reveal our worst habits/flaws and bring out insecurities. You mentioned Sam and David as being worthy and I agree but they didn’t have the same amount of 24/7 scrutiny in that house to see them exposed to the full BB experience. I wish Sam had made it further in the game – he had potential.

I can probably name on one hand the HS who finished in top 3 who managed to navigate their game and self control with minimum damage to their character or embarrassing themselves.


Wolfwoman, I hollered out loud when I read your assessment.
Thanks for making my day!!


AlwaysSuspect…Thank you! You are in a minority it seems. Apparently I am just a mean old b**ch 🙂

Bullies SUCK

I have to agree with most. You are fantastic. Keep posting!


Bullies SUCK…I will try. Not working, I’m down for the count sick…but will try to post something each day…although many are not happy with me. But you know the saying….WHO CARES! Or as the t-shirt my son got me…”who gives a rats ass”…awww he knows me so well 🙂


Because I find the show hard to watch, your assessments brings BB into a whole new light just the way it should be expressed.
Hope posting helps u in some way as I enjoy it!
Looking forward to whenever u have the urge to assess!

Zingading ding

I love how production thinks we are all that gullible to believe these mean people aren’t/were’nt mean as hell in the beginning & that we have forgotten…smh

Tide Pods for Supper

Wolfwoman is my spirit animal!


Tide Pods for Supper…never been called anyone’s spirit animal before. I think I like it 😀


Wait, is this the real Zingbot? LOL! Cracked up at this truth bomb wolfwoman!

Let's get real

I’m really not sure what I want to happen for the DE. I know I really dont want to see Christie win the $500,000, but I do think it would be some poetic justice for Christie to take out Michie.

If that happened and then someone (please ANYONE) takes out Christie next I might feel like this season wasn’t a total loss.

But I think DE gives less of an opportunity for production manipulation to keep Christie in it, so if someone (please ANYONE) has the opportunity to get Christie evicted on Thursday, for the love of God, DO IT!

Either way-Michie goes or Christie goes I’ll be pretty happy. It’s not like I’m rooting for any of the others to stay, I’d just really like to see one of those two go.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“I’m really not sure what I want to happen for the DE…”

Make it a sextuple eviction.


The feeds are barely $6 a months. I can’t image even being able to follow the game without the feeds.

Please, pretty pease

I watched the feeds for the first month but got so bored. There have been a few times when I regretted canceling them but not many.


Never trust anyone that uses f’ing and swear on the Bible in the same sentence or Christie if she swears on her sister’s life. I wonder if her sister even feels safe getting out of bed in the morning since Christie lies as she swears on her life daily?


Omgosh ! Nailed it !!


I suppose it depends which bible she is swearing on.

Zingading ding

Is believing the words of the bible the same as believing in the universe? I’m confused when it comes to C

I agree ......

Those words should never be spoken in the same sentence!!! True but I laughed my ass off when I saw that… I was waiting for the lightening to strike her down …. Was trying to send a message to Nicole from the universe to RUN!!! looool


If I were her sister, I’d beat the crap out of her the minute she walked into their home.

Zingading ding

Her sister needs to make her give her 5 bux for everytime she swore on her…in other words the entire 500 k.

Tom is a Canuck

Never trust anyone who believes the Bible let alone swears on it.

SD Bird


Jess has a headache.
‘It’s so hard after always just doing nothing in the house, now I have to pack and stuff . . . .’


Like pack and like do something like darn it !


Who’s Jess?


Never trust anyone that says f’ing Bible as they claim to swear on it or Christie when she swears on her sisters life. I wonder if Christy’s sister feels safe getting out of bed in the morning knowing her sister lies as she swears on her life every day?

Red in Blue

Several commenters have searched and found that THERE IS NO SISTER!


No sister, just a brother! That’s why she has no issue swearing on her sisters life, she doesn’t exist!!


Made my donation. Thanks Simon and Dawg!!


You’re very welcome HerpDerp!
Thanks for the support.

Go Underdogs Go!

Challenge time! You must say something nice about a HG you detest. I’ll start. Nick was always doing the dishes.

another name

For the sake of reality and continuity, after watching the episode, let’s remember:
Nicole and Cliff TOLD Jackson where they hid their vetoes so that he wouldn’t ‘accidentally’ find either of theirs.
Of the three he found: he KNEW where two were, and basically threw his allies chances of winning veto under the bus!

Just so we’re all clear.


Jess doesn’t get that she’s leaving??? Nothing upstairs.
I can hear her speaking to Julie: “LIIKKEEE I don’t know what happened. Liiiiikkkkeee…. legitimately….”

Gee Gee

Just made a donation. Thanks you guys.


Thanks Gee Gee. Much appreciated.

Once I get the email from Dawg I’ll set up your account.


Current order for desire winner
1. Cliff
2. Nicole( she’s gotta a great mind but man we could’ve use more action)
3. Michie
4. Holly
5. Christie
6. Tommy—-god his PC act is annoying.

I am assuming Jess will be gone.

Where’s Kat and Sam when you need them. For AFP I suppose.

Cliffcole for Final Two!

Luchasaurus for President!