“I need Cirie and Jared I NEED THEM This house would be so lonely” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cameron Jag & Red
POV Players: America, Jared, Cameron, Red, Felicia, Matt
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony: Cameron used the Power of Veto. Jared nominated Jag.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Red has more votes against him than Jag. Not too much flip talk going on.

10:30 am Izzy alone
Izzy – Am I being Ben from winners at war? Am I putting Cirie and Jared above me winning? Not yet I need them I want them. Am I going to lose cause I’m putting them first or something? Page I promise.. baby I promise every step of the way I’m doing what’s good for me to win and Also feel like I am playing the way I want to play that is important to winning. That is important to feeling confident to win. Sitting in those two chairs and talking to the jury and explaining why you deserve to win. You played the way you should have. I promise but damn I wish I could talk to you and find out if you are disappointed in me. I need Cirie and Jared I need them This house would be so lonely I love you baby..

2:55 pm Jag and Corey
Chit chat about their families.
Cory asks him if he thinks he’ll do well in the “WALL” comp. “Is it up your alley?”
Jag – I don’t think it’s up my alley but I’ll do better than most folks.
Jag is hoping the HOH is a crapshoot.
Corey – might be a shuffleboard those are nice and random.
Corey wishes every competition was random.
They agree that America and Meme could do well in the wall competition.
Jag points out that Matt might also do well.
Jag says he’s playing day by day right now. “Tomorrow is the big day”
Corey – when you are on the block it’s really hard to look past the eviction.
Jag – I’ve been in that position for the past three weeks of the game.
Corey – Block, Evicted Block
Jag says he’s been on the block more than off “it puts me in the mindset I can’t even think”
Corey jokes that it’s Jag and Cameron that have been the kings of the block.
They begin to study.

4:00 pm Jared and Blue (The cringemance)
Jared talking about how stupid it is to get married “Spend 100 of thousands of dollars for me it’s a old tradition” (100’s of thousands?)
Jared goes on about how he’s not big into holidays he does like Christmas but his favorite is Thanksgiving.
Blue – I don’t necessarily care to get married BUT I do want to party.

4:30 pm Chit chat around the living room

4:51 pm Bowie and Matt
Matt says he just was talking to Red to let him know he’s solid.
Matt – even Corey and America.. yeah
Bowie – I’m not sure about that. Maybe
Matt – they told me they’re voting REd
Bowie – okay cool. THey didn’t indicate either way to me.
Matt – they are just waiting to see what the majority is they like waiting.

5:11 pm Izzy and Bowie
Bowie – Should be fine. We have extra competitors for next week. Cameron is definitely voting Jag out.
Izzy – you talked to him about it.
Bowie – Yeah just now
Izzy – how is he putting up next to Jag, Blue again? (Slip up)
Bowie – I don’t know I didn’t talk about next week.
Izzy – I see.. ohh right of course.
Bowie – next week?
Izzy – America and Blue?
Bowie – yeah Easy. If this weeks goes as planned we’re in a really good position.
Izzy – no one is talking.
They agree that is a good sign.
Izzy – Less panic means plans that we know of are staying in place. There’s no room for..
Bowie – ridiculousness

6:04 pm Bowie, Izzy and Jag
Mostly chit chat. IOzzy says she won’t hold anything against them in this game.
Jag – if it crosses the line with being disrespectful then yeah
They talk about watching the episode and the intro segments they had to film.
Izzy – I’m so cringed about the first episode
Bowie – it’ll be cringy isn’t it
Izzy – I’m going to be SO CRINGED. I don’t want to see my intro my intro is so cringe (They feeds are SO CRINGE)
Izzy – I had so much fun with it though.. but still like cringe
Bowie – That’s why I am worried about the cringe

6:30 pm All feeds on the kitchen chit chat. MEME is cleaning out the fridge.

6:58 pm Jared, Cameron and Matt (feeds come to this conversation right near the end)
Jared points at each guy and says he feels more comfortable with them.
Jared – obviously we could really meet again this is obvious right now we got to start figuring out how we are going to advance in this game and move forward because dude I really see us being able to be able to say.. in the nicest way possible, Steam roll sh1t
Cameron – I don’t think we gotta talk about a whole lot I think it’s pretty simple
jared – yeah
Feeds flip

7:00 pm
MEME has been cleaning for hours. They’re having another family dinner.

(There’s no talk of a flip to evict Jag. The feeds cut and flip more than ever it is bizarre.)

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Matt lying straight to Bowie’s face about the vote ? maybe it won’t be unanimous this time


Based on what Ive read here and elsewhere, it seems Cirie, Matt, and so on have been discussing it being 6 to 4 or 8 to 2 and possibly framing Cory and America as flip floppers. I’ve wondered if this is Cirie’s real plan or if she’s tricking people into splitting the vote in the hopes she can get a couple people to secretly flip.

Bill Hader looks like a dog

Seeing Matt on the feeds makes me more angry lately with his comments about America hoping her and Cameron end up in jury together, the quoting of Andrew Tate, how often he uses the word bitch, and him having his shoes on the doggy bed cleaning the windows in the Have Not Room.
If karma is true in the world, he will be eliminated before Cory and America. Here’s hoping at least.

Sherry Hayes

Matt has def disappointed me. However Matt is being manipulated by the master of con and fraud and grift! CIRIE! She must go. Wish someone have the balls to do it. Being an experienced older woman I would have picked up cirie right away. So fake.
These young kids REALLY see her as a mommy figure. Wish is going to be and is being there Demise and eviction. Can’t wait for them to see it all on video after the fact. They are going to sock they lost 750k to cirie and her son. BB has this rigged for them.

Not Jason’s Holly



Yes, Izzy, you are going to lose because you are putting Cirie first.

Bill Hader looks like a dog

Seeing Matt on the feeds makes me more angry lately with his comments about America hoping her and Cameron end up in jury together, the quoting of Andrew Tate, how often he uses the word bitch, and him having his shoes on the doggy bed cleaning the windows in the Have Not Room.
If karma is true in the world, he will be eliminated before Cory and America. Here’s hoping at least.


As a Vanessa fan, I have loved every moment of Izzy. I know she’s messy and emotional but she keeps things interesting AF.


I just don’t understand why Jared gets to stay after calling America a derogatory name. I guess it just depends on who you are. I bet Cameron would have been expelled from
The game


From what I’ve gathered, Jared used a “slur” (the r word which he said, I know I messed up using the r word) however they’re trying to portray that it wasn’t a “racial” slur, which is why they haven’t said or done anything about it because IMHO, they do not want to mess up Cerie and/or Jared winning this season.
i. Am. Honestly. Mad. At. The. Over-production interference. To. Get. Their. Desired. Outcome.
Again, just my opinion…..I’ve watched enough seasons over the entirety of BB and BBCAN, to recognize the difference between tv episodes and live feed comments (don’t have live feeds myself) that are reiterated. It’s truly night and day!


You’re making good sense.


That is exactly what I think production is doing. Jared is the worst big mouth “non” player…so for him to even still be there is just wrong.

Sherry Hayes

Totally agree. BB has set up cirie and Jared to win.


Hi Lisa,
other thank a serious “ick” factor, can you let me know what Cam said that was deserving of his expulsion from the game?
Not being facetious, other than his “ick” behaviour, just curious…..I promise, not being obtuse, I’d like to know what slur he’s used (not a Cam Stan), just trying to understand from episodes aired and live feeds as I don’t have that.

Not Jason’s Holly

It was Jared not Cam who used the word. It’s the “R” word that is derogatory towards someone who is mentally handicapped. I’m not sure if that’s the PC way of describing it.


I completely agree. I was just asking @Lisa why she thought Cam should be evicted….

Sherry Hayes

Agreed. Cam is diff. So is Izzy. So is Mecole.

I have not seen anything cam has done to it for America.


What did he call her?


What exactly did Cam do to deserve expulsion? I’m no Cam fan, just honestly curious…


Agreed….not acceptable.

Sherry Hayes

Agreed and there was a write in the LA times this week about the whole double standard and CBS has not responded with comment to date. Shame on CBS. BB.
Jared should be gone.


Getting down to basics, I don’t understand exactly why these three men have been on the block over the past several weeks. Sure, maybe they told a lie. That’s the premise of the show. Lie until you win!
None of them are horrible people IMO. Not like Hisam or Jared.
Is it because Cirie is running the house and she sees them as threats to her game?
That’s the only reason I can think of that would see them doomed and sent home.
When are the houseguests are going to wake up and band together to get rid of Cirie, Jared, and Izzy? Felicia’s head is in a cloud where she thinks she still has authority as the self-proclaimed HOH queen. She’s no threat and can be gotten rid of at any time. She is someone I would NOT want in jury. She’s loud, forceful, and doesn’t back down… And she talks too much. I don’t like her name calling.
This show got sideways as soon as it started by letting the celebrity have control. Very hard to watch!

Barney Rubble

An excellent analysis.


Lying is an excuse to put them up…I remember Vanessa did that a lot. Some of the hgs who don’t know the game may take the integrity issue seriously…but for players like Cirie or Cory it’s really about targeting those who hurt your game and getting others to do the same. Cirie doesn’t want Jag gone because he lied…she wants him out so he doesn’t expose her for spilling secrets to Jared. It’s not pretty when the way a player gets others to do what they want is by manipulating their sense of right and wrong, but it’s been part of the game since the early days.

Paul Sucks

I think that is exactly why she is Cerie and Jared’s perfect #3. She is pretty much an automatic fail in round 1 of the final which usually is endurance so that goes to Jared. And Cerie has a solid shot at beating her in round 2.


True.. If Felicia lasts that long. She seems to be plucking a lot of nerves.


Jared doesn’t know what the eff he’s doing and Cirie knows that. Jared is getting worse with each passing day, but the freekin’ joke is he THINKS he has a brain and knows what he’s doing — not !!!!!!
Bottom line they both gotta go; production kindly stay the hell outta this.

Barney Rubble

I watch on a Wednesday and can’t quite believe how useless this shower is at gameplay.

Watching a group of couch sitting floaty slugs who are complacently in charge of Jared’s HOH is painful viewing.

Cirie, Izzy, Felecia, Jared & Blue are watching all the other players cut each other’s throats. If Matt had any brains he’d be asking why he wasted his power last week – he won’t. If Jag had any brains he’d be asking why it has to be him on the block – he won’t.

A poor season. This is becoming the ‘Friendship’ Mk II season.

Spot ON

” If Jag had any brains he’d be asking why it has to be him on the block – he won’t”
Those were EXACTLY my thoughts while watching tonight’s episode. lol.
Total moron.

JAG stood there agreeing to be the “pawn” by laying down his head under the guillotine to demonstrate to the vipers in the pit with him that he could “trust them”, while FELICIA was shaking her baldness in the affirmative while saying to him:. “Yeah, yeah. You got it”. TOTAL MORONIC MOMENT.

NEVER crossed JAG’S mind to reply to FELICIA: “Well, if it’s just a pawn move, and the outcome is decided that it will be RED, then why not put YOUR head under the planke so that we can trust each other more.”. TOTAL BONEHEAD.

JAG is just like MATT — who’s only contribution to the show is running around shirtless and being CIRIE’s messenger boy.

TWO IDIOTS that after being inside for over a month STILL HAVE NO CLUE how they are being played.

Which brings about an interesting though:. How much of THAT type of manipulation happens on a daily basis in the “outside” world? HUMMM…

un autre nom

Bowie tells the house her surname is Jane.
Her legal surname is Ball.


So cirie and Jared got a very nice edit while Cory and america came across as the bullies. I hope america wins next hoh.


Good one Haha a vote DiamondPOV cirie lol
It seems that after Jared got a slap on the wrist for what he said about America. The show is obviously setting this up for his mom. Nothing happening to jared or hisam after Luke is not a good sign. Jared would have been suspended if him and his mom didn’t have cbs entitlement. This code of conduct policy makes CBS look like completely hypocritical by exposing them for just being selective with who they punish in order to push to their storyline. When cirie was in the kitchen announcing she could play wit Jared and you izzy saying I know who you are gave us everything we needed to know about this season. It is a season 19 re-run stunt-cast season that would have those 3 at the center of it.

Here We Go

The show has always edited the hopefulls. Only live feeders see their behavior and productions help.

un autre nom

What the show edit denies:

  1. Cam jumped ship from handful because Jag and Matt were close to Reilly.
  2. Handful imploded because all family style +1’s were told they were plus ones during their induction. By Cam.
  3. Hisam heard what Luke said. He excused it calling his language refreshing. He was fine with it because he’d been weaponizing Luke for 2 days against Reilly.
  4. Cory is in Crossroads. final 4 with C/I/J.
  5. For Real, For Real is an alliance Cirie called her real Alliance last Sunday that ceased to exist Wed.
  6. Matt detests America cus Reilly said. 3/4 of his America dirt to others is a lie.
  7. Matt distrusts Cory cus Reilly said
  8. Jag and Blue were full steam against C/I/F until Matt got involved because of 6,7.
  9. Jared apologized to Cory for calling America the r-word.
  10. Cam had odd interractions with America, cumulatively resulting in hours of cut feeds.
  11. Blue is acting with Jared for more screen/storyline time. She used to roll her eyes to the cams when he explaied his role of females shit.
  12. Jared exaggerated to Red to split Cam and Red. A big selling point was backstabbing Reilly (1.) that the edit never showed, and compared it to Cam stabbing Red.
  13. Cam tried to jump ship back to Handful. It got outed almost immediately.

This should help with any questions about this week’s episode.

Bill Hader looks like a dog

Seeing Matt on the feeds makes me more angry lately with his comments about America hoping her and Cameron end up in jury together, the quoting of Andrew Tate, how often he uses the word bitch, and him having his shoes on the doggy bed cleaning the windows in the Have Not Room.

If karma is true in the world, he will be eliminated before Cory and America. Here’s hoping at least.

Matthew schneider

America need to win hoh and go after cirie,jared ,izzy they are aready talking about targeting felicia america needs it will shock up the house and they will all be in her hoh sucking up to her because no one likes america at all and even cory has thrown america under the bus . So she really has no allies at this point and another does cameron


America said “America should like me because that’s my name”.

Get a grip you fool, attempt to say something intelligent for once.

Spot ON


Game fan

I think Corey would talk her out of it.
She might do Felicia tho.


I’ve given America a fair shake, here’s how I see her. She is worthless and phony. Notice when she talks to people she’s got that sh*t-eating grin on her face; jeez how anyone in the house has any use for her is beyond me. She epitomizes nothingness.
Even though I can’t stand her, for those who like her I’ll respect that…that’s why there’s 31 flavors.


Baskin Robbins you aren’t fellow OBB commenter. America has been making great reads on how the house is operating. Despite dumb gameplay, she can be very pivotal to how this game shakes up before production keeps and WILL keep interfering to ensure their desired results.
I’d LOVE to see an America HOH….to see if her actions follow her thoughts/wishes.

Spot ON