Felicia “Nobody else is going to want to get him [Jag] out.. that’s my next big move, I’m blindsiding his a$$!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cameron Jag & Red
POV Players: America, Jared, Cameron, Red, Felicia, Matt
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony: Cameron used the Power of Veto. Jared nominated Jag.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Red has more votes against him than Jag. Not too much flip talk going on.

7pm Dinner Time..

7:35pm Comic Bedroom – Bowie, Izzy, Red and Cirie
They speculating on what tomorrows HOH competition might be. Izzy – Cory is leaning towards it could be Wall Comp but.. I just have this feeling like after Pressure Cooker .. like I know it feels like a long time ago but actually it was only two HOH’s ago. So I think its too soon to do Wall Comp. I think maybe its going to be the first comp of jury. Red – it doesn’t ever seem like I’ve seen it with more than 10 people on there. Izzy – yeah. I’ve seen one season that they did it in the beginning but we’re past that ..we’re in the in term. I think it is absolutely going to be during jury. Its going to be THE Jury comp. Like active but ultimately luck. Last week was the only week that I felt right about gauging it. Like I was like its got to be a quiz. I was like its got to be answering questions or an inactive thing .. and that’s what it was right!
Red – I would like to say to all of ya’ll while I have you here. Like it has been awesome being in the same room with you. I am particularly pleased about your (Izzy) efforts you know what I mean. Like moving forward we’ve gotten a lot closer. Izzy – absolutely! Red – I really appreciate each and everyone of you guys in here. Its been awesome of getting the luck to be able to choose this room with ya’ll. Cirie – yeah, yeah. I think we’ve been lucky. Bowie – SO lucky! Cirie – we’ve been lucky. Bowie – so lucky that we’ve got all honest people in here. Cirie – oh exactly. Its been a pleasure. I’ve told you .. more than a pleasure. Its been an honour. To truly learn from you and spend time with you. Red – I’ve picked up something from each one of you in here. I am glad that we have you (Izzy) as our superfan because I am so lost. Invaluable. And just the love and care that you (Cirie) bring and you Bowie.. just your matter of fact type personality. You’re a ton of fun. You can’t not smile when looking at you. To sum it up I feel very blessed to be in here with you guys. Bowie – yeah. Cirie – so do we RED! They all hug.

7:50pm Bathroom – Cam deep in thought..

7:59pm The Feeds return to more house guests in the Comic bedroom with Felicia yelling oh my god. Cirie – if Meme can hide M&M’s I can hide milk chocolate. (As she collects her stash off the bed. Cirie – There’s another bag.

8:12pm Kitchen – Matt and Jared.
Jared – We gonna talk again tonight because remember we got to make him (Cameron) feel… we got to make him think that Cirie is upset about the votes. We need to tell him… (BB switches the feeds.)

8:31pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia
Cirie – So we’ve got 1/3 gone already .. we just need this one (holds up her middle finger) gone. Felicia – a lot of people are doing our work for us. Now its going to be harder to get out Jag after this. Cirie – MMmmmhmmm. I know. Felicia – Nobody else is going to want to get him out.. and so that is when one of us.. that’s my next big move. I’m blindsiding his a$$! Cirie – YUP! Felicia – because I ain’t giving him no chance to play in the veto. We’re going to blindside Cameron, we’re going to blindside Jag.

9:10pm Havenot Room – Matt, Cirie and Jag
Matt – Red feels confident which is good because we’re doing our part. Cirie – it is but its crazy though. Matt – I do feel bad. Cirie – I know it is terrible but it is what it is. Matt – but we obviously know that he is going to target us first. Cirie – Mmmmhmmm. Its been weirdly.. everyone keeps talking about how calm today is. Like how quiet it is. Isn’t it so crazy that both of ya’ll are so confident. Jag – that’s what I’m saying .. we’re both like lets hangout. Cirie – I just talked to Izzy and we were both like why is nobody.. Jag – everyone is mad chill today. Its been nice. Today has been fun. Cirie – its fire! You know what’s happening. Its just like weird that everybody is so confident. Jag – everyone is too chill though. Like might need to start some sh*t. Cirie – NO.. its easy and breezy. Jag – its good though. Cirie – I think that when this happens though.. this better bring like the seven together. It better stop all the bullsh*t. People need to sh*t the f**k up and link up. Matt – exactly. Stop being paranoid, stop freaking out. Jag – this really does .. like the best part of this to me is I think it like glues .. you know like solidifies. Matt – like if you see us talking to someone else, you know it don’t mean sh*t. Jag – exactly. Cirie – exactly right. CAMERON is going to be MAD! Jag – I know. We all just got to .. whatever the HOH is that is the first step. Cirie – he going to be MAD! He gonna be Hisam MAD! Matt – and he would be gunning for it tomorrow. You got to be ready. The only person that cannot win is Cam.

9:25pm Bathroom – Cory and America.
Cory – that’s my dream f**king Red, Cam, Jag, Felicia and then I think we’re okay because at that point we can actually start being aggressive going after like Matt and Blue because right now we can’t. Matt is closest to Cirie. Problem is he is also leaking Cirie sh*t to everyone else and at least Izzy is telling you this sh*t. I think she feels better about you than Matt. America – Don’t stress yourself out. Cory – I’m not, I actually feel better than I have in awhile at least about us two. America – That’s good. Its fun right… I hate this place and want to leave but its fun. Cory – do you feel like you’re more in the loop now? America – not really. Cory – I felt bad yesterday after we had this whole f**king meeting. There was talks about getting you in. And I was like should I go get her but you were with Blue. The problem is .. basically what that meeting was for was for Felicia to placate.. It was basically to placate Felicia because she thinks she had to placate you and me. The way she thinks is she is in these two big alliances. She thinks its her, Cirie, Izzy and Jared.. And they have Four Real For Real, and the f**king Professors bullsh*t with Red and Cam. And she wants to make sure you and me feel good about her. So she thought that meeting was to make me and you feel good but really it was.. America – Without me in it. Cory – she is not very good at this. America – neither am I. Cory – you’re a lot better than Felicia. Also you’re really good at this. I think you got in a sh*tty position and I think you’ve been working your way out of it. America – I don’t know I feel like Jag doesn’t trust me. He doesn’t tell me anything. Bowie joins them and the conversation ends.

9:46pm Havenot Room – Jag, Blue and Matt.
Jag – obviously with ya’ll its been solid. Blue – I can’t wait to get Cameron’s a$$ out. I can’t wait to get Bowie Janes a$$ out. No offense I know you’re friends but.. Matt – I know we’re playing a game. I chose ya’ll first. The whole reason for me going over there was to infiltrate and find out sh*t. And like that’s what’s happening. I know what their moves going to be. Now that you’re here… it will probably be You two with the main target as Cameron. Blue – even if Bowie wins? Matt – I don’t think Bowie is trying to win. Jag – at no point can two of us be up. Blue – put me and America, Jag and America.. Matt – yeah, and I hope Cameron does that but we’re not going to let him win. Blue – yeah we need to f**king go tomorrow. Jag – they’re going to ask me if I knew I was going to stay. So we just need to agree on what everyone else wants their story to be. Blue – I think you should talk to Cirie, Felicia and Izzy about it.

10:18pm Bathroom – Cory and America.
America – I really want to win. Cory – who do you think you nom? America jokes and says – Cirie & Izzy.. Cory – dude honestly if you’re doing that .. just blindside me. Cirie / Izzy I’ve nominated both of you .. the plan is to backdoor Cory. America – I would do .. I mean got to get Cam out.. Cory – for me right now I would do Bowie and Felicia. Maybe Blue and Felicia. America – I could do Bowie / Matt. Cory – you think it would be dumb for me to nominate Blue right? America – yeah, you shouldn’t. She’s been telling me that she doesn’t feel super close with you. But she was like I was vouching for you super hard all night with Jared. Cory – can vouch for me with Blue? America – no yeah I was like No, Cory would never nominate you.

10:24pm HOH room – Matt, Jag, Blue, Izzy and Cirie.
Cirie – I can’t go into my room because Red is talking with Meme. He’s been talking to her for like 45minutes. First conversation in 36 days! This is the first time Red has had a conversation with Meme in 36 days!! And its like 40 minutes! Matt – he’s trying to get that vote! Blue – do you think he is feeling it? Because he is comfortable in my opinion. Izzy – he just said to me that he wanted to just chat. Then he questioned whether or not he should have a chat with America … AND then he decided no. Cirie – you haven’t talked to me in 36 days.. its probably best that you don’t talk to me now! Like I feel like you’re playing me now.

10:33pm Havenot room – Matt, Cirie and Izzy
They talk about how Bowie is always following them around and looking for them. Matt – she is looking.. Cirie – I am getting annoyed again. What do we even say tomorrow? What are we going to say? Matt – I don’t know. Izzy – what I am going to say.. you ain’t going to like. Cirie – what? Izzy – for me I am like .. is it time to tell the truth? I was never with Legend25. Matt – but you don’t want to hurt your game because if he (Cam) wins. Izzy – of course but he coming after me anyway. I don’t know what to say.. Cirie looks at Izzy. Izzy – no I am not going to say that. Cirie – okay. Izzy – no I promise but like what do I say? Cirie – so what do we say.. not that. Matt – he is expecting Jag to be gone and is going for Blue and America .. to backdoor either Felicia or you (Izzy). But now that he’ll know Jag is here he will go for Blue and Jag. Cirie – we need to come up with an excuse for why we didn’t do it. (excuse for voting out Red instead of Jag) Izzy – we could start chatter of the domino effect of who didn’t want to do it. The problem is today was too calm to buy the fact that people were going back and forth. Cirie – we could say it happened last minute.

11:28pm Bathroom – Jag, Meme, Cory and America chatting and laughing about random things.

12am – 1:20am Kitchen – Matt, Jag, Cory and America making quesadillas. Jag and Matt then start joking around and taking selfies with his mic pack.

1:40am All the house guests are in bed going to sleep.

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My favorite cats currently.

un autre nom

Matt’s prank from last night has been discovered.
He put the lotion in the bathroom stall so the house would think someone was using it as a whack shack.
Bowie Jane has been everywhere today. Two or three people chatting… there’s Bowie.
Izzy, Jared, America, Cory are all perturbed at people mentioning them in pairs talking. Meme and Matt, take a bow. Matt talking about Izzy / America has finally clued America about Matt. Cory could have expedited the clarity when he first heard Matt hated America nine days ago.
Cam’s reaction to a team up offer from Jared was uncharacteristic. “we don’t need to discuss anything” followed by rrrrrreeeeallly dirty looks at Jared a half hour later? Cam thinks Jared leaked to Blue who twisted things with Jag that got back to Red. He could also think Jag and Blue twisted things to get America mad at him.
Cirie Matt and Jag meet in Have not. There’s Bowie.
Within the last hour:
Jared talked about Cam staring at America in the game room when she was chatting with Cory and Matt was sleeping. She wouldn’t look at Cam. Cirie said she’d be scared too.
America said something to Cory about wanting to leave, but being there was fun.
There’s Bowie.
I’m half expecting her to be in 2 rooms at once at this point.


So first Bowie spends weeks disappearing from the house and now she’s everywhere, clearly she is a time traveler and has already won this season of BB.


I can not even watch this show anymore. The producers pick the winners even before the season starts. This show use to be fantastic, not anymore.

un autre nom

Jared just pulled a Felicia.
Jared told Cameron that Red is being evicted because of Felicia.
On Wednesday night.
Not Thursday afternoon. Wedesday night.
What. a. moron.

un autre nom

clarifying because excitement got the better of me.
Airhead told Cam the vote might flip.
Meme told Felicia and Cirie that Red is targeting Felicia.
Ms. jabbberjaw Felicia wants to know who’s leaking.

un autre nom

Red / Meme convo produced:
Meme slipping. Mentioned Jag as a potential nom next week.
Red after Felicia.
Red saying Jared dropped Meme’s name as a target
Izzy defends Jared, not knowing Jared dropped Meme’s name repeatedly last week.

Jared’s mess continues to spill and flood the house.


Matt is gonna be mad…he’s gonna be more than MAD!!! BRING DOWN THE HOUSE MAD!!!
If by chance he remains calm and seems like he is okay… Don’t be fooled!
He’ll be hell bent for revenge, He’ll be more determined than ever to win HOH and when he does, I hope he doesn’t waste it like his previous one.

I want Cirie and Jared to know what it feels like to be sat there on the block. I believe Harper’s game and interactions won’t be so bold if Mommy Dearest isn’t around.


Aren’t they keeping Jag like Matt wants…if they kept Red, I’d understand him being mad


I think they mean Cam


After watching tonight’s show, I thought that I didn’t really care for Jared, Felicia, Izzy and possibly Cirie. It really pissed me off that Red is being evicted because Jared’s weak and afraid Red & Cam will talk, and discover Jared lied about Cam back stabbing Red.

Jared ran straight to Jag after his mother told him Jag was going to be saved, Jared said he has to make his own moves, so he betrayed his mom’s confidence by telling Jag he’s going to be ok. Bad move, he just showed Jag, Cirie cannot be trusted, Jared is an idiot !!

I really do not care for Jared’s game play, or lack there of. Jared has the nerve to say America is throwing competitions ? His sorry butt was the first one out in the Pressure Cooker, then the next time when he played in the Veto competition, his dumb butt could not spell “Golden”, Jared is not very smart.

If Cirie was not in the house, Jared would most likely have been evicted already. Now let’s move onto Felicia, she is just an annoying big mouth, wanna be important person, who’s so not in touch with knowing how to play BB. Felicia is power hungry, thinks she’s going to luck out and win another HOH, doubt very seriously that happens, unless everyone rolls over and gives it to her.

Please let America win HOH, I get the feeling America will bring some drama, she will shake up the house, she’ll let Felicia, Cirie, Izzy and Jared know that they are not as smart as they think they are, America will put two of them on the block, if veto is played, America will put another one of them on the block, so either way, with an America HOH, we get rid of one of Cirie’s followers.

I can’t wait to see Jared and Felicia on the block, please let this happen this coming week, I’m tired of seeing Jag or Cameron on the block. Jared cannot win crap, put him on the block with Cirie or Felicia, that will make an exciting week, I’m so tired of Jared thinking he is playing a good game, his mother is protecting him, Jared has no game.


My sentiments exactly.
Jared is in over his head, waaay over.

Spot ON

Perhaps JARED’s thinking is being clouded by his OTHER head due to his HOMANCE with BLEW.

Spot ON

“his dumb butt could not spell “Golden”, Jared is not very smart”
Beyond inability to spell, during the first comp I don’t believe that JARED was even able to put together two pieces of the puzzle.

I don’t even think that his MUMMA, CIRIE, has even played in one single competition !!! (Another RIG)

Nether Region Euphemism

Cerie is reasonably intelligent, whereas Jared is dumb as rocks. I have to wonder who she hooked up with to conceive him.


“under investigation”

Carlito's Way

Jared is a complete moron. His only purpose there is to leak information he gets from others, straight to his mama. Play his own game. What a joke. If he was there by himself, he would have been booted a long time ago. And sorry, but don’t get your hopes up with America. Yes she wants to take a shot at Cirie and Izzy, but Corey will control her and it will never happen. She will put up Matt and who knows – maybe Bowie.

Another Dixie

If Cirie is put on the block, is there anyone who could be on it with her that would be saved & she go home? She has so much power in the game, and I doubt if Jared was sitting next to her that she’d tell people to vote to save him instead of her. Well, she’d make sure he thought that but in reality, behind his back she’d be looking out for herself. He’d do the same thing too, except he’d probably not even pretend to want her to stay.

Game fan

as of now
votes against jared(unless cirie asks to leave) : cam, bowie , izzy, matt
against cirie: blue, america , cory ?
not sure where jag, meme and felicia votes would fall
but if this is the noms – it prob means america did it. do she cant vote ..anyway if one of jag/felicia/meme go against jared- he is gone.
if cirie is against anyone else i belive she would stay for sure.


This years cast has created what has to be the most boring house yet. The two old ladies dictate telling them when to go to bed and no noise after a certain time. Sorry, no can do !!! I’d tell them where to stick their rules.
Have you noticed that we’re not seeing clips of them pulling pranks so doing other fun stuff?
Get rid of those old biddies! It would be nice if they could all interact and have some fun in there. Maybe they would have less time to keep flipping the vote!


yup. cirie and felicia on the block next week is best case scenario for this season. unfortunately america is the only person who has any chance of doing that.


Get them out, I am over them and wearing robes all day and night

Carlito's Way

Omg the robes! Haha. Totally agree. They should call themselves The Slug Squad.


If Cirie and Feleicia OTB, they would vote out Feleicia since Cirie & Company have been laying the groundwork for Feleicia to go.


While watching The Traitors finale and reunion show I thought it was ridiculous how many of the players felt betrayed by Cirie since she was just playing the game but now seeing how she manipulates her personal relationships I understand the hurt and hatred.I don’t judge the gameplay,just own it.Once the game is over don’t keep playing like you’re friends.

Game fan

You can outplay a person in a GAME and still be friends

Spot ON

It depends on what the game is, and the rules governing the game.

In a “game” when the protocol is to constantly lie to people, and requires one’s integrity (if any) to be compromised, it’s difficult to “forgive and forget”.


Lying about game play in Big Brother is like bluffing in cards…it’s part of the game and doesn’t imply lack of integrity. Now slandering someone’s character and trying to break up relationships with lies would be a problem for me…but judging someone on reality TV for not following my personal code of conduct seems like self-righteousness to me


If the friendship is genuine.Cirie plays at being friends with everyone.

Carlito's Way

BB is a game that requires lying, but Cirie has a tendency to lie for no reason. She tells people what to say and then she tells the targeted person the opposite to make herself look good. All the time. She appears to get immense enjoyment from it and doesn’t seem to mind it hurting people. They are expendable to her. She is there for the money. I get it, but you don’t have to be that awful to get there. Cirie completely overdoes it, gets paranoid, spins and flips and manages to come out okay. I just hope someone catches on and has the cajones to put her and Jarod or Izzy up. Please!


“cajones” or cojones ?


i really hope jag goes and america wins hoh. cirie, jared, izzy, and felicia will look like huge snakes and two of them will be on the block with thankfully one going home. it hopefully also gets america the desperately needed allies to not get voted out the week after her hoh.


Production would allow Matt to use his power a second time if Cirie or Jared were out the door.


God. Those hair rollers.

Felicia's eyebrows

Cory looks like BB19 Mark. If he was left in the dryer for a week. On the high heat setting,

Felicia’s Tooth

I’ll probably get crap for this….
When Blue was talking to America in the bathroom while she was doing her hair, saying she’s going to do modeling when she’s out of the BB house…. I thought….. for who? If anyone should, it’s America !!! She’s stunning! Blue… is…. Well, not stunning. Like at all. And any job she was talking about that she was in prior to the house, was because she had a friend of a friend… not because she had an actual modeling contract.
What a frikkin goofball.
Another one I can’t stand.

Spot ON

Did BLEW blow with her HOMANCE on BB ??


Wait … are Matt, Jag and Blue an alliance? Not that I have much faith in any of them, but I felt a glimmer of hope that they’re not complete dummy followers. Fingers crossed!

un autre nom

Not really. They were in Handful. They’re all in 7 deadly sins. Jag has a final 2 with each of them. Matt doesn’t like Blue very much.
Blue wanted to gather the youngers to go against Cirie et al. Jag and Matt shit all over the plan because Matt hates America, doesn’t trust Cory.

Game fan

I don’t believe matt and blue are loyal to each other.
Blue was actually not really loyal to Jag this week as well.


I think they are. But they are still morons. They will go after Bowie/cam duo or Cory/america duo while leaving the bsb’s plus Izzy unscathed.

Spot ON

They should combine forced with CAM, RED, BOWIE, AMERIKA AND CORY to get rid of the snakes, but they are too stupid for that.

un autre nom

There’s schedule changes and a rumor going around.
Next Wed. will be a 2 hour episode.
Fyre/Dire Return.


Next Wednesday is a 2 hour episode


Just scanned the online guide for cbs and next Wednesday is shown as 2 hours.
still an hour for next Thursday and the latest reality attempt buddy games right after.


My TV Guide is showing 90 minutes


DOH!!! 2 Hours. I can’t even read a TVG properly.


Since the split house rumor seems to be coming from one person in particular I am taking it with a grain of salt. The only reason that they would do it is to try to make up for the long blackout that happened with the outside group last season (and I don’t see that happening)

un autre nom

I have no idea who the rumor is coming from. I looked at bbsocialmedia and saw it mentioned 3x.
I’d be guessing nether region instead of yard. OR upstairs / downstairs with no yard.


These houseguests are so all over the place. Are they voting Red or Jag out? Hoping America wins HOH and puts Cirie and Jared up.

Game fan


Felicia’s Tooth

So MAYBE …. Just a thought, don’t come for me please. I’m middle aged …

Maybe keeping a majority of the older people was a bad idea bc they may just be too boring. ????? I’m just saying maybe? They want everyone to be on the same page and vote the same, they flip/flop, way too much, and go to bed too early. As much as I like seeing what they eat, there’s too many family meals. Hahaahah! They don’t really have fun conversations, and Izzy eats with her mouth open.
I know I have more but I’ll keep it to myself for fear of retaliation.

Verdella Fisher

I pay great attention to their food and how they eat, who eats piggishly (Felicia and Jared), and who talks with a mouth full of half chewed food. I watched Felicia eat a huge pork chop and a container full of potato salad in alternating bites, WHILE CACKLING! I think Felicia is boring but I enjoy watching Cirie maneuver. Jared is awful and I love a good villain. The bath robes???? BURN THEM. Felicia’s is covered in food stains. Cirie looks like a homeless bum. It’s TV. Canan they at least make an effort?

Spot ON

“who eats piggishly (Felicia and Jared)”
They’ll eat sushi using their fingers as chopsticks.


Having fear of retaliation always makes a person cautious. Keep in mind you always can’t make EVERYONE happy be true to you. I did previous posts of Matt not washing his hands now the Big Brother House says “Did you wash your hands?” and I had responses making excuses for Matt saying he washes them INSIDE the privacy bathroom toilet(hand sanitizer). Bathroom hygiene is important just like eating hygiene. IMO MeMe(Mecole) is in a constant state of irritation and cooks with Felicia so she can monitor the food. When she brushes her teeth she opens the bottom doors so no one gets close to her. She notices piggy ways of people and I value that.
Stay honest to yourself not everybody HAS to agree with you. Ignore ignorance. I appreciate your posts! Keep them coming.


I hope Jag goes tonight. I don’t think he has figured out who he can trust and who he can’t and I’m getting tired of seeing him! Hopefully the Chillbillies reunite and create an alliance that will topple the Fields Family!


The best part of the night was when Jag and Matt “threatening” (MeMe) Mecole’s leftovers. The night before they ate her steak which upset her because she wanted it for her breakfast. MeMe was giving stink eye on Jag all day. (Although it was BOTH Jag and Matt). I was laughing so hard MeMe was trying to hide her current leftovers from main refrigerator to stock room refrigerator but Matt and Jag were outside and heard the whole thing.(the crinkling of salad bags had me giggling, I try to do that with my kids. It don’t work. They still find it) When MeMe came out of stock room she saw them as they tried hiding under a blanket and started to sneak away saying she can’t see. (I was laughing so hard) Then Matt told Jag that they need to switch MeMe’s leftovers with an empty container. NOW THATS BIG BROTHER HILARITY!!! First of this season.

un autre nom

Meme, who very much wants the brain comp types gone, is back to wanting Jag out. Seeing the late night stuff last night solidified it to her that ‘the Reilly people’ are getting back together. Stay up past 10 for one night and sees an exaggerated example of late night behavior… suddenly it’s an alliance. Anyway… Meme wants to keep Red now. They had their first conversation last night. Day 35.
Felicia told Red to enjoy his cupcake at home… then joined Meme in the flip talk.

Matt might not know he’s getting his 6-4 he wanted so bad. He was considering 7-3 with Jag and Blue last night. A Matt hinky vote would force a tie. Better hope they tell Matt, or Cirie is going to have to worry about Baby. That’s a mess he can’t clean.


If the split house Direfest rumor is true, each side would have 6 this week. That would make social dynamic / manipulation more important than last year’s 5/5 split.

Since i saw a previous rumor that jury was old school 7 juror, not new school 9, this would fit if all rumors are true. tbh, the juror rumor was originally from a weird post on Big Brother official bbtwitter, but I don’t think it was explicit.

un autre nom

What it sounded like:
Ohhhhh. Doooooon’t. DOOOon’t. DOOOOon’t. DoOOOon’t. You have to target Jag. Just target Jag. Yeeeahh. Yeah

Felicia shouldn’t have quesadillas after 10pm.

un autre nom

As of last night’s byebye bitches meeting:
Felicia told them
5 bitches control the vote after this week
They get out the men.
They keep Matt and Jared to win comps for them.

Point out the logic errors.

un autre nom

There seems to be an anthropological / socio-cultural aspect to Meme’s game that must be considered this week.
She’s a cause player in the game.
She deferred to Cirie and Felicia as aunties immediately.
She gives Jared man of the house stature, though she thinks he’s stupid, because he’s the only black man in the house.
She only considers Brown Sugar Babes real.

She dislikes Izzy’s closeness to Cirie and Jared.
Though her gamestyle is better suited to work with Cory / America strategically, she doesn’t want to. At all.
She had her first conversations with Red and Blue THIS week.

I’m not saying this as a racially provocative statement.
Production gave them BB23 and BBCan6 as must watch homework. So her strategy is formed as Paras edit meets Cookout edit. She doesn’t know what the feeds were like in either season. She has her camkvetching bbtwitterqween sessions, then she plays the game rigidly according to cause.
This is Meme’s game.

Barney Rubble

That’s a thoughtful read. And quite possibly a really accurate determination.

Meme has shown so little game, and only tonight really shown any game analysis, that it’s been difficult to assess her approach. She has relaxed into the role you’ve identified and floated along without making a ripple in the game.

Is this good gameplay or is she just boring and biased?

Backseat Driver

Luke Valentine has released a statement today about his removal because of the racial slur and questioning why CBS passed over Jared’s remarks…..they are protecting him because Ciri is a Survivor “star”—these are his words. I think this whole mother/son being in the house is going to blow up and not in a good way for CBS.

Kitty Kat

Does it bother anyone else when they eat chips with the mics on? It’s like they’re chewing on gravel.


Guess we’ll need to rebuild this ancient shrine so America (or whoever will go after the stunt alliance) wins out this weekend.


My dream vote for today before seeing the show:
Jared faces repercussions for his slur word against America and is removed from the house.
Both Red and Jag stay today setting in motion BBHistory of Jag being on the block twice and surviving WITHOUT a Veto power being used.