“I made a promise to Nicole I would take her to the final 2. I’m not going to promise two people”

Head of Household Winner: Nicole
Nominations are:
Power of Veto holder:
Power of Veto Ceremony:
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1:30 pm final 4
Feeds have been down for about 4 hours for a luxury competition. Chit chat. Cliff gets called into the Diary room
Jackson says he really feels bad about winning the money in the competition.
Nicole says there’s nothing wrong with that.
Jackson – I just feel bad. He’s got a family wife and kids.
Jackson says he wasn’t planning on winning it “I feel sick to my stomach”
H – Jackson, you also have bills and you don’t have a car
J – I know but still. It’s me being me. I don’t like seeing myself succeed while leaving others behind
H – Nick wasn’t fretting over his 5K kat about her trip to Hawaii. Sam about his trip to Fiji don’t worry about it
J – he needs the money.
Jackson goes on worrying about Cliff being pissed at him “I feel guilty”
H – If you hadn’t won I would have
Jackson – biter sweet but more biter than sweet
J – it’s visible that he’s upset not that I won he didn’t. I’m upset I took that from him
Nicole and Holly try to comfort him. “he’s burning out, He’s tired”
Nicole points out that it’s getting to him that he’s losing all these competitions the HOH wasn’t for him and then this one “he rang in last”

2:40 pm Michie and Cliff
C – I want to talk about the agreements we made yesterday. Just man to man. I want to make sure you understand everything I was flustered we were rushed around
J – I can tell when you’re thinking. I thought it was about the money
C – no I don’t care sure I care about .. BUT
Cliff doesn’t want them to be in a situation where down the road it “creates a division between us”
C – I would rather make sure we know what we know now
C – Before the vote, we agreed Holly would throw the comp and you were going to take either Nicole or myself or whoever will make jit it to the final 3
C – we followed up that conversation with If I took you to the final 2. IN exchange you would take me to the final 2
J – Yeah yeah I don’t want them to hear that
J – My personal relationships are different than my game
C – here’s the deal. that was not reciprocal. I made a promise to Nicole I would take her to the final 2. It’s been killing me all night long. when you agreed to take me I wasn’t agreeing to take you. I thought that was understood
J – I thought you were saying yesterday if it was down to three you would take me
C – NO that’s why I want to clear it up
J – gotcha
C – I promised Nicole and I’m not going to promise two people
J – I get it. I appreciate the apology
J – I’m just glad 1) you don’t feel guilty any more and that you aired it out 2) this is a game and if you made a promise to Nicole I get it so don’t sweat it.
C – I want to make sure we’re clear
J – If me you and Nicole are in the final 3 I would want to take you
C – okay, I made a promise
J – I understand. It’s all good. FLush it. It’s all good

2:45 pm Cliff and Nicole
C – I talked to Michie I said Michie I want to make sure there’s no misunderstanding that yes you’ve agreed to take me but there’s no agreement for me to take anyone but Nicole. I said I’ve sworn to take her. I’m not changing that promise if the whole deal goes away so be it.
C – he said no it’s cool I was surprised when I thought that maybe you wouldn’t
C – I said it was one way only and he said fine there are no issues
C – you and I are still perfectly
N – Holly wants to talk to you.. she’s like I want to figure out what’s best for my game vs what’s morally right
N – I think it’s funny how they said they would never question.. now she’s questioning. that’s what we went through last week
C – she said she would throw the veto I think if she’s willing to do that. If she doesn’t want to do it it’s fine.

2:45 pm Jackson and Holly

J – last night Cliff told me if it were him, me and Nicole in the final 3 he would take me to the final 2. I said that’s fine I will take you to. He just told me he did not mean it to be a two-way street.
J – He said he will take Nicole to the final 2
H – he’s expecting you to take him
J – and he would take Nicole
J – he’s setting himself up for a final 2 no matter what
H – why didn’t he just tell you that
J – dunno. It doesn’t change anything not like I would pick him over you
Holly says he came to her this morning and said he doesn’t think it’s fair that Holly doesn’t play in the HOH or the veto
H – I was like umm great. they said we think you should be able to compete in the veto but if you should win the veto you take Cliff.
H – He said if you guarantee you take me keep me safe to the three I’ll let you compete (AHHAHAHAHA f*** Cliff is losing it)
Jackson says they asked him if he wins the veto would he use jit it to keep Cliff and he said Sure “but I’m not. You’ve never turned your back on me”
J – the way I see it is this. I love Cliff I think he should be here but they did us dirty and now they are setting themselves up for 3 and 2 based on their deal with us
J – we’ve already been screwed once not going to get screwed twice
Jackson – If I win the veto I’m sending Cliff home
Holly – same
Cliff joins them.

2:55 pm Jackson and Holly

Holly is wondering if she wins the veto she would go back on her word with “them”
Jackson – I would have not gone back on my word at any point until they were about to do it to us. At any point of this game but after this past 4 days.
Jackson – the gloves are off. My loyalty is to you
J – they almost screwed us on the back of a 5 week deal. I love them but they have no right to break their word push us in a corner and strong arm us into making new deals that’s not cool
H – making a deal with me yesterday then making a new deal with me today
J – making a deal with me yesterday then making a new deal with me today. I’m sorry. I think Cliff is panicking and I think he’s scrambling
J – right now we’re weirdly similar it’s almost like he feels he’s starting to lose grip and he’s scrambling
J – he doesn’t act on emotion. he doesn’t act quickly or irrationally. he doesn’t make these decisions he’s been making these past two days. He’s not making Cliff decisions he’s making deals Left and right he’s getting messy he’s getting sloppy
J – that’s not cliff he’s we’ll execute, Calm Cool and Collected. This Cliff is a different Cliff this Cliff is an exhausted Cliff
J – he’s making deals left and right messily with 4 people in the house. Does he not think we’re going to talk
J – they are playing it off that they were going to keep you in case I win the veto to not take retaliation
J – Sorry y’all I love you as people however I am not abandoning Holly she has been in my corner when no one else was. I thought y’all were the same way (Cliff/Nicole) until these past 4 days. I had to play a game I’m not proud of just to keep Holly in this house and now you are going to strong-arm us into a corner and make take new deals on top of new deals
J – oh we will ALLOW you to play in the veto but you have to take us to final 3. what the hell
H – saying they will allow me. C’mon
J – you don’t get to tell us when we can or can’t compete
Holly – it’s making me so sick I didn’t win that. really I’m tearing myself up about this. That might have been a 500 thousand dollar mistake I’m sick about it.
J – tomorrow when we play in this veto it is essential we get it done.
Holly doesn’t know if she should keep up the ruse that she’ll throw the veto.
Holly – I think I should take the deal that way they think they have all their bases covered
J – over these past 2 months I would have NEVER considered going back on my word with Cliff but because of their actions these past four days it’s made me realize they ..
J – I said yesterday in the bathroom So I guess words and deals and promises don’t mean anything and they went GEUSS NOT or something like that.. don’t quote me on it
H – I should have just hung on there
J – this whole situation is f*ed but we can fix it by winning tomorrow
H – we just have to win otherwise that’s it. We’re going to bed at 10 o’clock
Jackson – I got 10 grand today
H – i’m so pissed.

3:51 pm Pre nom meetings

4:22 pm Holly and Jackson
J – she knows about me and Cliff and if t comes down to the two I’m leaning towards him
HOlly says she told Cliff and Nicole she would take their new deal. “Cliff was like should we tell Michie. I was like ohh ahh.. sure I guess”
Jackson – about what
H – if I win the veto I would evict you. he wants it to be out in the open. I was like I don’t want to hurt him
H – he said you realize he’s going to take us right and not you. I was like
J – he threw me under the bus
H – I was like ohh I didn’t know that. He was like Ohh I thought it was out in the open based on the conversation in the bathroom
J – Dammit, you should have acted like your mad cause now it looks like I would take you

4:48 pm

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Cliff talks too much
Him and his stupid a$$ forgot the deal no deal with 4 other side deals that he forgot about.
Crazy part is he thinks he gaming so hard!
Worst player EVER!!!!


They truly did. It sucks so bad like rubber necking and I can’t look away. Uhhhhhggg!


I don’t understand I think Tommy would of won if he got the final 2

another name

if he got to final 2. but now the odds that cliff gets to final three are worse than if he kept tommy. you can’t get to final 2 if you are cut at 4. which means nicole must win final hoh or she to is out. his big plan made both of their lives more difficult, and the jackass is still pushing take jackson to final 3. i mean… really?

Nicole for the WIN!!!!


Team GB
Team GB

If Tommy stayed, there’s no way he would not have teamed up with Jackson. Remember they were together in the original grat8ful alliance. Moreover, Tommy really likes Jackson and wanted so much to work with him.

another name

Tommy KNEW he couldn’t win against Jackson. He was NOT taking Jackson anywhere. He knew whoever claims Jackson’s demise on their resume wins the jury for being the david that took out the goliath.
He’s been doing jurymath since day 48.

another name

gee take a showmance with 8 comp wins that just campaigned to save one of them for hours on end to the final four. where could the possible problem arise?


How long before we hear “We should have kept Tommy!”

Swaggie's Missing Brow

But there is always the chance that Jackson and Holly really messed up last night as well by Holly giving the HoH to Nicole.


I can’t believe people were saying the right move was to keep holly. It was obvious without these details leaking out that keeping Tommy was the better play if they both wanted to get to final 2. And cliff strong armed nicole into keeping holly.
What’s funny to me is early in week like right after nicole won veto most people were saying her and cliff had to break up the showmance. They would be stupid not to take the shot at them. Then like magic as soon as your post the next day where nicole talked to cliff about taking holly out most all the comments were about how they would be so stupid and dishonorable to go back on there final 4 deal. That they would be stupid to keep Tommy and evict holly. It was really quite comical like people just wanted to disagree with what they were doing.

I initially thought and still think keeping holly was a bad move but an even worse move was Holly throwing the HOH. It’s 4 people and clearly there are two duos. There is no point in gaining loyalty points by throwing an hoh when both pairs know that they are the target of the other pair.

holly&mitchi suck

jury votes

Amy N

Unfortunately Nicole should have stuck to her original plan. I hope Nicole wins veto, it won’t do much since only one can vote. I don’t like the sense of entitlement Michie has, but Cliff should have not gone back and said anything. He’s making my age group look bad LOL

The core

Amazing to me is how do you think logically keeping Holly will help your game because no matter what if you would have kept tommythere’s a chance just a chance that if Jackson won the veto he may vote out Tommy over you why not do that it doesn’t make logical sense. You know how there’s chemo brain I think there should be a thing called Big Brother brain because this lands and probably the top five stupidest game moves I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching since season 1


That was one of the dumbest moves ever seen on big brother not keeping Tommy they just handed Jackson the 500k

J e t s jets jets jets

I don’t know how you can call anyone who made it final four the worst player ever.

another name


Barbara Godwin

I agree, Cliff want everyone to just hand him the game, Why would anyone just agree to his deal and let him walk to finals,


Agree he has gone from Favorite player to Dizzy Desperate groveling pitifully poor player

J e t s jets jets jets

Why do you keep spelling it with “jit”? Is it a Canadian thing? Spell check changed it 3 times before I could spell jit. I know a lot of Canadian/British differences I’ve never seen this one.

J e t s jets jets jets

Does it mean anything different? Is it slang?


Kraken spell jeck.

another name

jit is in the dictionary, so i might make it past some spell checks for that reason.
inventory system. also a slang term for someone smaller and weaker.


Lol I’m a Canadian in America and I ask the same thing here about you guys. I say “zed” and people are like what’s that…umm “zee”

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Isn’t “Zed” the cross-dresser who works in payroll?

He’s Canadian?

Franks fumes

Zed everybody knows is the name of the guy who kept the “geek” in a chest in Pulp Fiction.

Ovi's tongue

Zed’s dead.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Oh, he’s Cliff!

J e t s jets jets jets

Jackson is a big time dick. He’s using the last week as an excuse to keep Holly. He never had any intention of letting her go. If he was in N/C shoes last week he would have considered the same thing as far as keeping Tommy. His pompous douchebag side is starting to show back up the closer we get to the end.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

You should ask the show to put that on his check, Mr. Jackson Big Time Dick Michie.

He could have fun at the bank with it also. Hey, this is me…wanna see?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“…if you guarantee you take me keep me safe to the three I’ll let you compete.”

Nice of the Rotund One to allow her to compete. I do hope she gets the opportunity to repay his kindness.


I am wondering if Cliff is aiming for AFP thinking these moves will get him that. I would vote for Kat before him


`agreed. Cliff blows. I’d vote Kat b4 him

Nicole for the WIN!!!!

Alot of ppl said Cliff will get AFP! Look at the poll just in here he is 2nd so his chances are very high unless alot of ppl vote someone else like i wld like Sam to get it! He was the most entertaining while in the house! I think nicole has a good chance if she isnt f2….

Does anyone know if they changed the rules since tyler got it last year and he was f2 and normally f2 cant win it. Did they change that back to f2 cant win it?


They usually word it where they have the option of giving to the most votes, or the second or third most votes if the first 2 are part of the final 2. I think they try to do whatever will make most of the audience happy.

Roll Tide

He is getting jury votes. He knows he will be in 2nd place.

another name

Telepathic message to Cliff:
You played yourself you buffoon.
If the choice were you or the comp beast, who would Tommy have evicted. cough cough comp beast.
If the choice were you or the comp beast, who would Beth have evicted. You.
If the choice were you or Tommy, who would Jackson have evicted: more likely Tommy.
If the choice were you or Holly, who would Jackson have evicted. You.
If you don’t win veto: I’ll point and laugh at you for the idiot your ‘we had a deal’ ass is.

Franks fumes

I bet he or Nicole will magically win the Veto especially if it’s face morph which is a convenient individual comp (easy to manipulate).

another name

EVERY individual timed comp where they are not competed on feeds (so every single one) and independently time verified is rigged. ALL of them. ALWAYS. Or as Kat said on feeds after the jetski stripping veto, “so I won the comp but don’t get the veto.”

Franks fumes

You are most probably right……this the reason I think the feel good stuff (Veto for Nic/Cliff) is around the corner lol.

Don't over think it

“I’ll let you compete” bwuahahahahaha WTF?!?


Does Cliff not know how the game ends? Seems not.

Living 4 Parentheses

On a purely personal note, I’m worried that Cliff will be leaving the house in an ambulance. He seems seriously close to a nervous breakdown, or maybe it’s that he’s getting physically sick? 🙁

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I’m curious about the “he needs the money” thing. Is he trying to guilt Jackson into taking him F2?

Butters Mom

no way… hes an engineer with time off work to play this game for months… nope. he’s set financially.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I’d love to know just what he was telling Jackson to make him believe he’s in need of money.


Probably that he quit his job to be on big brother. He did not get time off.
But also, he must make six figures a year easily. He’d make it up quickly and probably has one hell of a savings. Lol I have $200 to my name 😀


Jackson is probably presuming based on how Cliff dresses.

Ovi's tongue

He’s been out of work.


No, Cliff lost his job, in order to play Big Brother.


Someone I know says people with jobs like Cliff’s make a hefty salary.


I would think Cliff would be well-off considering his career choice.

BB live feeds addict

When I saw the feeds were down I actually wondered about that. It seemed out of the norm and I thought maybe something unexpected happened. He seems like (or wants them to believe) he is stressed out.

another name

please. he’s aware that he done pissed in his chilli.
he’s sour graping himself that his big plan is going to cost him a final three spot.
Everyone needs to realize: he’s 52. not 82. he’s five years younger than the average congressman. he’s ten years younger than the average senator. he’s the same age as actors vin deisel, jason statham, will ferrel, nicole kidman and some parts of pamela anderson.

Butters Mom

He may be the same age as those actors you named but he is not in the same physical shape as they are. And he isnt hard up for money. He’s an engineer with time to take off work to play this game for months. Hes set financially.

another name

i didn’t mention hard up for money… i heard him say 2 weeks ago he will make less money doing the show than he would have made working. but I haven’t mentioned that either. did i miss something?
as far as physical shape: i’m just putting it out there that 52 isn’t one foot in the grave, and just because he plays up the old guy stuff, he’s not ancient. just like that calf injury only seems to be an issue before a comp. there’s precedent for a house guest playing up an injury. like say a house guest with a broken arm keeping his cast on for an extra two weeks to appear less of a physical threat in the game. or a house guest with a supposed sprained ankle wearing platform heels to the eviction.

Roll Tide

That is funny: Some parts of Pamela Anderson!

An ornery mouse

The game has taken a toll on the guy. And on the outside, you’ve got raving lunatics with their pitchforks out each time he does something they don’t approve of. The infrequency with which his age group makes it to this stage in the game might actually be for the best.

another name

His age has nothing to do with it. People older than him do much more strenuous things in the world than play a reality show.
He thought he was playing some genius game and just realized ooops. That’s his mental predicament. Not his age.

An ornery mouse

With all due respect, I’m gonna defer to past contestants, who generally describe the game as a stressful psychological experience….. and I think any person with an ounce of perception can recognize this is so.

another name

and I’ll point out that your comment about stress does nothing to detract from my statement that age has nothing to do with it. Stress is not related to age. In fact, one could argue that more life experience could allow for a deeper understanding of coping mechanisms.

Swaggie's Missing Brow
Swaggie's Missing Brow

He frequently acted like a little $hit. He was cool with this kind of conduct when he had his alliance around him and Crusty. He’s got far too many friends in jury, regardless of the Crusty connection, which I still believe made it stupid to even consider keeping him. He’s a strong competitor and if he got to F2 he would win.

It was the kind of antics in that video that made me not feel all that sorry seeing him crying and getting the boot. When he had his gang with him he didn’t think twice about it happening to others…he was a cheerleader for Nicoles bullying.

If Jackson makes F2 perhaps Tommy will redeem himself.


Can’t believe this vid is still on twitter lol

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Along with some really embarrassing videos from his family; including some attacking Nicole before they thought she would save Tommy. The tune changed…for a while.

Good thing they weren’t all cast on BB this season. They might have taken away too much of the “he’s a douche” spotlight from Jackson.

Sis's Werewolf

Cliff’s a hard core derp from way back… Derpy dee derp derp derp, drool cup derp


Don’t get Cliff. From the previews, Tommy seemed pretty convincing in his anger that he was telling the truth, but maybe when we see the whole house meeting we’ll see a different picture. All that aside, when you look at the probabilities, Jackson’s best chance is with Holly and Holly will definitely take Jackson because I believe she has better chance, although small, against him than Cliff or Nicole (especially Nicole). I’m sure being in that house, secluded from the world, your mind messes with you. Cliff may see he may not have a chance against Nicole, but he has a much better chance against Holly than he does Jackson. But you never know I guess- many bitter juries have surprised me. Thank you for reading this and letting me share my thoughts!

another name

It didn’t matter if Tommy was innocent of guilty. Cliff started pushing to keep Holly once Jackson made a final two overture. That was three hours before the big lie.

Ovi's tongue

Its hysterical that Jackson is so worried about how he’s being “portrayed”, that we aren’t seeing the “real him”. He’s been getting the golden edit all summer. There is nothing real or genuine about him except that he’s a ‘real’ ahola. The test is what you do when you think no one is looking. For 3 months we’ve seen on the feeds that he’s a sleazy self-entitled POS, and I can’t wait for him and Mrs. Robinson to find out what fans think about them.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Oddly enough, the sleazy self-entitled POS’s all seem to get over it quickly enough once they leave the house…and they’ll find plenty of people who will rave over them just because they were on TV.

Ovi's tongue

I forgot Jackson has a posse of fellow cementheads he calls friends.

another name

You want to actually show your displeasure for a bb houseguest? when the season is done forget they existed. Don’t follow them on social media. don’t retweet or like. Disregard any post fifteen minute plea for attention they make.
don’t spend your hard earned money to pay to attend an appearance where they are attending. Realize that they are just some schmoe that was on tv, and that doesn’t make them any more special than anyone you pass walking down the sidewalk. Disregard their opinion on future seasons, because your opinion is just as or more valid. In other words, treat them like the stranger they were before appearing on a reality show.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“You want to actually show your displeasure for a bb houseguest? when the season is done forget they existed.”

Now that is an excellent attitude. It’s not as if the houseguest will ever know that someone spouting angrily about them on the internet even exists in the first place.

another name

Do I think any of them would give 2 shits about my opinion? Nope.
Do I give any more weight or credence to theirs after the finale interviews? Nope.


I never understood why anyone would ever attend one of these events or would care anything about any of these people at all. I don’t care who they are or if they were the greatest player ever, but I would never give them any of my money for anything. Just don’t understand the appeal. Just like I don’t understand the autograph thing either. Maybe I’m just crazy – not.

Ovi's tongue

I would settle for him being booed. I’d settle for him being cross examined by Julie Chen like she did Jack, or Aaryn Gries, just enough for him to know he didn’t fool anyone with his act, we all saw he was a scumbag “on national TV”, because he obviously obsesses about his image..

Jan Nan

Yes , thank you. It seems some fans are forgetting what a jerk he really is

g Love

Thumbs up x’s 4 billion!!


Simply put – Boss Hogg has lost his marbles

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Which ones? He certainly didn’t bring a pair in those shorts of his.

Butters Mom

I believe Nicole was strong armed into voting for Holly. Cliff probably told Nicole that he was voting to keep Holly and if she voted to keep Tommy, Jackson would break the tie and be pissed at Nicole for voting for Tommy and Holly would be staying anyway. Nicole really had no choice in the matter because of Cliff. He’s ruining her game. He has been ruining and running her game since Nick left…. then Jess. now Tommy. Bye Cliff… see ya in the jury house… and with zero chance for AFP as well now.


Yes, he has been ruining his game acting like her dad. Bug off Cliff. You’re not her dad. Jackson, you’re not her brother! Nicole, may you never let men do this trip up to you again.

holly&mitchy suck

this is the veto we always had to wait days until we heard results, r we sure they will let us know today? does anybody know?