“I love you both, I respect you both so much. I admire your games”

Head of Household Winner: Jackson
Nominations are: Tommy, Cliff Holly
Power of Veto Players are:
Power of Veto holder: Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony: Nicole uses the veto on Cliff. Holly is the replacement.
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3:47 pm Cliff, Nicole
Cliff – I feel like we gotta do what’s best for our game. As far as final three, Yeah I could go with them if it was strictly they take me Tommy takes you then I probably would say Nicole we’re at different odds. It’s not just that it’s also what happens if either of us makes it or both of us make it.
Tommy joins them
C – we’ve already talked we’re not voting against each other whichever way we vote we’re voting together
N – 2 -0
T – I understand that I love and respect that. Sorry, wish I had a plan. My plan was to just sit down and talk
N – that’s a fine plan
T – I love you both I respect you both so much. I admire your games I admire you for a while and I would love to stay in this game to work with both of you I would be on the same page. I want to go after Michie I would be fighting for that Veto. Umm.. I stand by what I said I would throw (HOH) I have never thrown a competition and I don’t take it lightly.
T – I want to be here and I want to give incentive to be here and that is what I can offer.
T – not only will I be a number for you but will also would be willing to throw the HOH. As a way to show you both that I trust you both I would assume and hope that if one of you guys would win the veto we would be on teh same page.
N – it’s a no brainer
T – I will never go against my word I have never gone against my word once on this game I never will
T – If I do end up at the end of this game I want it to be with the two of you
C – Tommy I think we’re on the same page with that. You know how much I respect your game.
C – I’ve told you how much I would love a final 3 with us. I love Michie and Holly but Michie is going to beat any of us I think when it comes to a Jury vote.
Nicole agrees says everyone who has left has said if Jackson gets back this week he’s won “wow personal disputes aside people admire his.. he’s a beast.. he’s amazing”

T – I want to be here I want to fight. Something else I wanted to tell you guys. It’s been a really interesting summer for me. When I came into the house I met 14 new people. I knew Chrisite.
Nicole – ohh Tommy I’m sorry (SORRY!!!!! SORRYY!!!!!!! wtf why are you sorry)
T – no, it’s good to get this out.. no no it’s ok. Her ex-girlfriend she would talk about is a member of my family.
Michie comes in to use the toilet.

They relocate to the have nots room.

T – I told Michie and Holly a few days ago it was my lowest point in this game so far. They were talking about her alot and it was really hard for me to listen too. I also looked for the opportunity to .. I didn’t know she was people’s targets until she left (ZOMG)
T – I wanted a way to dissociate from her. when she would talk about Jackson I would say to her you’re doing too much you have to stop. I love Christie, it’s a very weird situation because I don’t know what my family thinks because they had broken up and they were EX’s and my family is everything to me. My biggest fear is that they are not OKAY with what happened. Cause.. cause… yeah I’m worried about what is happening on the outside.
T – I’m telling you because number 1 I was worried Michie and Holly would use it against me. I wanted you to hear it from me.
C – there were no details. they didn’t tell me.
Tommy goes on about why he made some of the decisions he made because he was in a weird situation with Christie.
T – I want to be here, I want to fight I want to do this.
Cliff says there was a time when they would question whether Tommy and Christie knew each other. Feeds flip
When we’re back
Cliff – it’s not about Michie and Holly If they weren’t a couple. If Michie wasn’t such a strong competitor there would be a different discussion. I also know how strong of a competitor you are.

C – If it’s the 3 of us no matter how it goes I applaud and cheer.
T – me too
N – I see it come final3 night I see our three families
T – I do feel at the time in the backyard when that incident happened I felt it was the worst thing in the world but maybe. Feeds cut.

4:04 pm Jackson and Holly
Holly saying that Tommy is using Christie as a scapegoat for all his against them four. She brings up when they were in the bathroom talking about the good, bad and the ugly. “Tommy made a point about you and me”
Jackson – He brought up he’s going after Cliff and Nicole
H – he just said that before the veto he was still team us because you were in power
Jackson – tell them what he said about the people in the middle
Holly – Nicole and Cliff are being so weird to me they are not being weird to Tommy. Nicole and Tommy are BFFs
J – that will be so shitty if they flip
H – mmmhmmm
J – I can’t believe they are even considering it
H – I can’t either and not hiding it. They are openly considering it.
Jackson – we need to get down there.
4:30 pm They head downstairs.

4:07 pm Cliff, Nicole and Tommy
C – I love you as a person, I love you as a game player I feel like we’ve had a connection for a long time.
C – I wouldn’t offer to go get a tattoo with just anyone
N – I would like to be a part of that
Tommy starts talking about being a big believer in things that are meant to be and the feeds cut.
When we’re back. Tommy is telling them “I am a good person at my core”
T – even with this situation with Christie I hear my mom in my head Honesty is the best policy it will set you free. I was scared but I was telling Cliff and Nicole. I have no expectation I appreciate this conversation.
Nicole and Cliff see no big deal that Tommy knew Christie.
Nicole – Okay, you’re still Tommy. The tremendous game player the tremendous person
C – I have no problem with that
T – now you know why I made the decision why I had to be .. I couldn’t .. it was a weird situation
Tommy says when he walked in the first day and say Christie he went blacked out then she won the first HOH and he was scared. “I didn’t know if she would take the opportunity to take a shot at me”
Nicole and cliff are very surprised Christie kept her mouth shut.
Tommy goes on about how he LOVES THIS GAME.
Nicole – I’m sorry I sent her home but you’re also welcome
T – I feel relieved to be here by myself.
Cliff – I love you man I really do love you
T – I do to Cliff
C – you offering to throw the HOH and the promise to go full-blown against Michie and not us. He’s a threat to any of us.
C – Michie is a whole lot smarter
T – 4th place is better than 5th
C – Michie is too strong

4:49 pm Everyone but Tommy.
Holly says Sis offered her money to drop. Adds that it’s against the rules.
H – nothing ever happened of it. Full-blown collusions she kept going please Holly, please.. Feeds cut.
(BB21 where the rules only apply to some)
When we’re back Cliff is saying if Sis won the HOH instead of Holly he would have been nominated.
Holly agrees isn’t sure who the other person was going to be.
Holly- She (Sis) didn’t want Sam to go.
Holly – it bummed me out Begging so bad. First of all, this is not allowed in the game.
Feeds cut
When we’re back Holly brings up Christie and Tommy knowing each other and feeds cut again.
Holly saying that Tommy/Christie were the two spearheading the vote flip based on the assumption that we knew each other. (the Kat vote flip during Holly’s HOH)
N – A little bit
H – you almost ended Kat’s game based on assumptions
Feed keep cutting every time they mention the tomfoolery of this season. Christie/Tommy the “incident” in the backyard, breaking rules .. etc etc..

5:26 pm Jackson, Nicole and Cliff
J – I want to be in this house with Players that have fought
Jackson goes on about being here for himself, his family and the responsibilities he has outside of this house.
J – I don’t know how to say this
C – say less than more
J – what I’m trying to say going into this eviction Tommy scares me in the final 4. Tommy Scares me on a competitor level.
Jackson – Tommy scares me with the jury and after he told me that about Christie it was scary. After Thursday there’s an HOH to be played it will be you 2 plus one more.

5:40 pm Cliff and Jackson
J – I would hate to see Holly go I care about her so much this isn’t about me pushing for her it’s about pushing for Tommy because he scares me so much.
J – I know he’ll take Nicole
C – I do too
J – it terrifies me not being able to play in that HOH.
J – I came here as an individual. I walked out that door the same way I came in.
C – I read you loud and clear. You don’t have to say anything more.
Cliff goes on about being torn up inside because he cares about Holly, Tommy, and Nicole.

5:50 pm Nicole and Holly
Holly is filling Nicole in on how Tommy was trying to get in good with her and Michie before the veto.
H – the same day he told us about Christie. He said. Because he was apologizing and everything he was like yeah I hate that we would ever contemplate being on opposite sides of the house because of the middlemen.
H – he kept referring to the people in the middle meaning both of y’all
H – we made a final 4 and we shook hands and I was so solid on that and we went into the wall comp knowing that Tommy would put Cliff up. Knowing that.
H – Jackson didn’t want to win it. He wanted to take a back seat for a little while.
Holly adds that they agreed to wait for Tommy to drop. “we knew Cliff would go home”
H – Even before we were final 4 we protected Cliff.

H – if it is the four of you guys and Tommy does make it to final 2 I know that it’ll be a jury sweep (agreed)
H – He has Jack’s vote, He has Sis’ vote, Nick if it was the two of you I don’t know. Christie obviously so that’s three.
Holly adds that now that Christie is in the jury she will sway them towards voting Tommy.
H – my alliance members are all sitting in the jury house. They granted they burned me and took the first shot. They ended up there and they are not happy about that.
Holly says Sis told her on her way out that she’s throwing her game away to Jackson and that she’s stupid.
H – she’s not happy with me at all, Jack we were never close I don’t have his vote at all.
H – kat I love her but on a game level, I don’t know if she’ll vote for me.
H – Jess feels betrayed by Jackson and I. I don’t think I have her especially after her personal attacks on day 58
H – I sent Nick out the door so that’s obvious.
H – Who else is in Jury? I have a potential 1 with kat.
Holly pushes the angle that she won’t win Final 2 against Nicole.

Nicole says she doesn’t expect anyone’s vote except for maybe Nick. Adds it all depends on who she’s up against.
H – I hope this doesn’t sound offensive, everyone loves an underdog story and people in this house have underestimated you.

7:00 pm Cliff and Holly
Holly campaigns.

7:10 pm Jackson and Tommy
watermelons and backgammon

7:41 pm Cliff and Nicole
Cliff says that Jackson told him he would take them to final 3 over Holly.
Nicole doesn’t see that happening. She doesn’t see him taking Holly out if he wins that last Veto.

Nicole says Sam and Nick both pleaded with Holly to keep them and they said no
Nicole – you were so quick to tell those people no and now you want another week. I can’t get past it.
Nicole – I wasn’t part of the 8 I wasn’t part of the 6
They go on picking apart Holly’s campaigning attempt.

Neither of them believes Tommy will have a clean sweep in the jury.
Cliff says even if Holly is right and he gets all the jury votes. If it’s the three of them in final 3 at least one of them will get 50 thousand dollars.

7:50pm Holly and Jackson HOH
Holly going over her conversation with Nicole
Holly – it seems like her mind is already made up she was very straight-faced.
H – she was like Yeah but.. No not but. You shook our hands made a deal. you made a promise even after that and now you are completely backtracking .. completely and making me feel like an idiot.
H – like what the f* Nick just went out and he made me promise to keep Nicole safe. and I promised him I would do anything I could to protect her. And now Nicole is here ready and willing to backdoor me (hmm not a backdoor)
H – she’s being very emotionless about it which is very not Nicole. She’s very cold
Jackson – Cliff and Nicole. Remember the day the speaker came. about Tommy and we got that lockdown that was what it was.
H – that was Christie and Tommy knew each other
Feeds cut.

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another name

Hey Simon, in my opinion if two people are campaigning for one to stay at final five, that’s the one you destroy.
All this campaign talk of jury votes: unimportant if a duo that has won 8 comps is going into the final four veto together.
Odds are greater Jackson takes out Tommy at final 4 since he’s been campaigning for Beth at 5 it’s doubtful he’d cut her at 4. Odds are greater Tommy takes out Jackson final 4, Odds that Holly takes out Jackson at final 4? ask her rash.
You have to get to the final three in order to get to the finals. Chances of getting to the final 3 are stronger for Nicole and Cliff if the showmance is not together.

Amy N

I think it’s a bad idea honestly. I think Tommy is good with the physical and fairly decent on the mental comps and could definitely end up in final 2. I think Nicole is good at some physical and mental comps and can get to final 2 and really it all comes down to jury votes and I think they would have a better shot with Jackson or Holly.

Cootie in the House

best idea and fun for viewers

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Considering that Tommy tripled his usual number of “I love you” and tears, he deserves to be rewarded. And I’m sure he’ll honor his word because his mommy told him that was important. So Tommy will not even try to win HoH, leaving it up to Huff or Fluff to take HoH and nominate Jackson and Tommy.

The real fun, and pretty much the only thing that might salvage the rest of a less than mediocre season, would be for Jackson to take the POV. It would be entertaining to watch Tommy and Cliff trying to outdo each other in their professions of love and respect.

Strategically I don’t think it makes any difference. I’ve not seen much of strategic insight in any of them but Nicole. Nicole has been fairly good at seeing other people’s game but not good at actually capitalizing on that; mostly because she’s tied herself to Cliff.

Roll Tide

I would love for Jackson to win the veto! Cliff would be up his butt. Tommy would slither underJackson saying me, me, me!
Unicorn Puff would be crying in the RV, rainbow tears. She would tell Jackson they had a deal. Jackson could say, yes we did and you broke it. Jackson and Cliff final two. Don’t care which one wins just so the dancing snake and Unicorn Puff do not win. Cliff could be the first middle age person to win. Not thrilled with Cliff either, we have heard for 2 months how he has high moral character, a deal is his word which he does. Too many unicorns influencing him.
Nicole was just cold and nasty to Holly tonight. Not a Holly fan, mainly because all of her family and friends in Wyoming have watched her have lots of sex on tv. Embrassed them I am sure. Holly doesn’t deserve to win based on game play and her social game.


Evil dick was 44?

No watermelon

Isn’t it the stronger position next time to win veto? When they are down to 4 the veto winner is the one who decides who leaves, right?


That’s this upcoming veto.


Being HoH means you are safe though.


There are pros and cons to both but one thing is for certain no matter who they keep unless cliff and nicole make final 2 together they will be roasted as having made the wrong decision.

Personally I think keeping tommy is the better play especially if he is truly throwing the veto. If that’s true one if them is guaranteed safety and since both couldn’t be on the block at the same time it gives them the best chance at both getting to final 3. Whether they are in final 3 with tommy jackson or holly neither of them will win first hoh so that really shouldn’t have any bearing on it. I also think both have a hard time winning the game against michie or tommy. Best bet for both them to make it to final 3 is with Tommy which in turn gives them best odds to make final 2 together. Gotta both get to 3 before you can both get to 2

Tricky decision

Tommy said he wanted the Veto and Cliff or Nicole can have the HOH. I would keep Tommy they have a change to get to F2 if not the 500k then 50k. Jackson and Holly will take each other to F2. All of It is a gamble very tricky decision for Cliff and Nicole to make. I say take Tommy but I really don’t know very tricky.

No watermelon

Tommy said he’d throw HOH, not veto. Big difference as veto holder is the only voter. Or am I wrong?


The HoH is safe, the nominees mean nothing, the veto holder decides who goes. Unless the HoH wins the veto in which case they decide who casts the only vote.


Yet whomever gets that HOH is guaranteed F3

Mister Biscuit

It really doesn’t matter. Nicole and Cliff will need to win HoH and vetos regardless if they intend on final two.


The veto is the power position next week, HoH is only safe. So as long as one of them gets the veto, they can call the shots.

Don’t over think it

I’m with you in that I just want this season over now, Simon. At this point, I want Jackson to win the veto just to see the other 3 sweat for a few days and be fake trying to get him to keep them.


It’s a tough call….I agree Tommy will get a lot of votes if he gets to final 2. Jackson or Holly might not. What would make this REALLY INTERESTING is if Cliff and Nicole do NOT vote the same way and Jackson has to break a tie. Nicole is adamant about bringing Tommy. You can tell Cliff isn’t 100% convinced. Will he go against Nicole? Probably not, but imagine if he did ? That would be the biggest twist of the season…….

Even more interesting…….would Jackson keep Holly?


If she votes to keep Tommy and Cliff goes against her an votes to keep Holly, then Michie breaks the tie and keeps Holly, Tommy would go to jury with that knowledge and she would definitely have his vote and whomever else he can sway. Might not be a bad thing. It wouldn’t be the case if Holly goes to jury. But Nicole or Cliff would HAVE to win the next HOH.


Get rid of Holly

Ovi's tongue

Nicole can go in front of that jury full of women and tell them she’s the last female still standing. Add Nick. Girl power.

Paul’s Beard

I think it a good idea. There is no way on God’s green earth Jackson would take them over holly. Even though apparently he said he would. I guess Tommy could turn on them too but not as sure as Jackson would.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Except Jackson would prefer to have Holly on the jury to give him a vote; he’s been openly hinting at that for days now. His problem is, how to get her to jury without getting her blood on his hands.

Oh wait, someone’s figured that out for him. Good game play!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

As my name suggests I’m rooting for Nicole to win and nothing scares me more than Tommy in final 2.

An ornery mouse

The way I see it:

For Cliff & Nicole, there are 3 adversaries remaining and 2 of them are threats (from a comp and jury standpoint). They have the opportunity to remove one of the remaining threats (Tommy), but they’re instead about to take out the lone remaining dud (Pinot Noir). Throw in the fact they’re having to trust Tommy will do as he says and the potential of burning 2 jury votes for breaking the deal, and I think better move is evicting Tommy.

But, I certainly don’t feel strongly about this. There are positives and negatives to both sides of the equation. In reality, the better move for Nicole may be to keep Tommy and the better move for Cliff to keep Holly. Too bad we’re not gonna get to see two separate timelines of how each decision would play out.


I think it’s a good idea. Better chance for either of them (hopefully Nicole & not Cliff) to be in thy final 2


Does anyone really want a Jackson & Holly final two??? Just curious…

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I don’t know. Playing the scenarios in our heads like Nicole and Cliff are, the variables make it all somewhat unpredictable. I will say it’s been rare that N & C have been in a position of power and they have a right to consider their own games just like every one else so screw Holly for saying they lack morals if they evict her. She’s never given 2 sh*ts about throwing either of them on the block.


I see pros and cons to both. I always worried about Tommy taking out Cliff. Yet, there is more ways for Nicole/Cliff to be in F3 with Tommy and with those 4 T, J, N, C I think Nicole will be in F2 with any.

Scott Jones

If Tommy stays he wins


Well, well, well. It’s been quite a season, and I have to say that it hasn’t disappointed me…..yet. (Kat being evicted was a disappointment for me, though, so there’s that)

I have to agree with Simon that it looks like Holly will be evicted tomorrow. Holly’s campaign has been a disaster. She even has herself convinced that she has been fighting the good fight for all the girls, like her, “who have little self worth”. She wants them to know that it is possible for “ordinary can become extraordinary”. Besides….. she left her campaign casserole in the oven an hour too long.

Nicole can’t back out now, and she feels strongly that Michie would respect the play of evicting Holly because it really is best for Nicole’s game. I guess we will soon see if that is true. Cliff has told Michie/Holly that he is leaning toward them, but he has also vowed to vote with Nicole. Ultimately, Cliff respects Nicole’s opinion. Cliff and Nicole have not had their big conversation yet, but I feel certain Nicole has the best argument to evict Holly.

Now, as for the rest of this game…Michie has dominated in all sorts of competitions (women, watermelon, HOH comps, and vetoes) but I still don’t like that mama’s boy at all. If he wins the rest of these competitions and gets to the end, then I could settle on him being in final 2. Yet, I still think any of the others could beat him with the jury. If Michie is evicted next, I will be a very happy camper (pun intended).

I’m flying out tonight. Enjoy the show! XOXOXO

g Love

Granny, I always get so happy when I see your name in the comments! I have missed your presence this season, Hope you’re doing awesome! ??

J e t s jets jets jets

“ordinary can become extraordinary”. Isn’t that Nicole?


Exactly! Holly is a freaking joke with all of her “I want to be a role model for younger girls” b.s.
I wouldn’t want ANY young girl to follow to even LOOK in her direction as a role model.
This season has been so bad that I’m not even really looking at gameplay atm even though I could go on for days hey shi**y Holly was to Nicole for a looong time! I just want Basketcase Beth gone!


Lots of love granny!

Bullies Suck

Did CBS miss bleeping Nicole in her post competition DR? Sounded like they missed freaking (not freaking) under her breath. Or was it just me??

Backseat Driver

I thought she said the “F” word too”………


Holly says it kills her that Nicole is going with someone who came in when it was opportune rather than her who has always been there for Nicole.—Really. You mean like when you were talking bad about her, calling her names, and wanting her out?
Holly tells Cliff she would do anything to stay and if its one week that’s okay. She says she hates Tommy saying he’s so ready to leave.—Why ya telling Cliff this? Oh and if you hate him so much stop being so lovey dovey with him. On a side note…Cliff she will do ANYTHING…wifey watching better run!
Cliff says it never occurred to him that Nicole would want to save Tommy. Holly agrees saying she was happy that Nicole won the veto.—Cliff again…no words.
Holly says she didn’t think her being Nicole’s supporter for 85 days would turn into Nicole ending her game….who needs that kind of support?
Holly says it is hurting her that Nicole is focused just on game and Tommy is all of the sudden here for her. Holly says she’s been there from since the beginning – back on Day 24 when there was the house blowup, etc. ,,again, SAY WHAT?

g Love

Someone please check Holly on her campaign lies. She’s been a shit talking floater, sex toy, unfashionable, sloppy second having, delusional mostly useless (unless you’re Jackson) BB21 joke! Can’t wait until she gets out and reads how we are all so embarrassed for her family! Isn’t she the one who said earlier in the season she wants to be a role model for younger girls? Yuck Holly Allen (aka Memaw ) you are a sad coattail riding buzzard!


Yikes! Ouch! I’m not impressed with her either and enjoy snark but that’s harsh.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

And a damned shame your pick (no one) can’t win.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I’m with you there…but usually a couple of weeks in you’ve pretty much figured out who you liked/who you didn’t, who you respected/who you didn’t. And even in a bad season there would be more than a couple of people you would like and/or respect.

Damn slim pickings this season.


I couldn’t agree more Simon. This was the first time in a very long time I would survive missing an episode. Down right sad.


Hang in there Simon it’s almost over.

Jackson sure poured it on tonight with Cliff. He would be doing same thing if the tables were turned. As J frequently points out – this is a GAME and it should not be a big surprise that everyone wants to win. N/C better not waiver b/c J has already said they are dead to him and he will lie to their face. J is such an entitled piece of crap! (IMHO)

Holly’s campaign is too little, too late. She will need emotional support after this game and hopefully she won’t go online
and read social media.

Cliff will audition for newly pitched TV series: Mr. Rogers in the Neighborhood. His one on one screen time with the camera (like unpacking his suitcase) will be the deciding factor to seal the 2 year deal.

I am rooting for Nicole and Tommy for F2 and for N to win. She is playing the game and not trying to bulldoze her way through the HS. Plus there is something about someone making it this far in that house and still have integrity and compassion.

Thanks Simon for all the great work you guys do all season!!


Swaggie's Missing Brow

Thumbs up!

I’d find that entertaining; both the getting there and the jury.

I’d also enjoy watching Cliff and Nicole F2, although I don’t see that happening…I’d just like to see how the rotund one tries to spin things to the jury and who would actually buy it.

Mean while, the only thing I “want” is for Jackson to take POV. After that I hope it’s entertaining but I’m not counting on that this season.

Don’t over think it

My two as well.

Roll Tide

That is what I want.


It would be the final “toilet flush” of the season if final 2 was Holly and Tommy

J e t s jets jets jets

Lizzie are you even watching the show? One of them is going to be evicted tonight.


That would be a strange final 2. Thinking Jackson wins even with that matchup


So you want tommy to win? I mean this isn’t a watermelon eating competition!


Are the fish still alive? I hope so…that’s who I’m rooting for.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Can the fish get AFP?




I thought you liked nicole? What changed?


Weird, but I’m starting to like Tommy. I think it would have been way different for him if Christie had not been in the house. There wouldn’t have been a ‘gr8tful’ for one and those vetoes he won would maybe have been used much better. Jackson is playing a pretty good game but he is totally unlikable. Dragging around a messy showmance for a sure vote (and a fuck) is yuck and the watermelon obsession is just bizarre. Cliff is just….no. I like Nicole as a person and she has made 1 good move, hopefully by tomorrow 2 good moves, but I’m not sure if she is the winner we want. Let’s see how she does going forward. So for me, it’s either Tommy or Nicole for the win.

another name

Sheepishly looking down. Uh, never really been a big country music listener. I though stagecoach was a band.
So… it’s a festival? That Tommy overheard Holly and Kat attended together? Oh.
Silly silly question: why is Tommy not revealing that he threw the wall hoh to Jackson after Jackson said he was safe and wouldn’t touch the block? It would explain why Cliff had to volunteer and Tommy wasn’t an option that week.
why is Tommy not saying Holly and Kat attended stagecoach together?
why is Tommy not saying that Holly and Jackson TOLD him (hoh room week 8 if memory serves) that Holly knows Jackson’s exgf?
is it because exgf hasn’t signed or pulled a release? Much like i’m guessing Tommy’s aunt pulled her release? lots of fish when things get mentioned, but pattern starts to emerge.
These are questions I ask myself.

BTW: since we’ve all been checking updates for a while… in regard to Beth and Snax talking about loyalty to Nicole and Cliff. Remember when Holly was HOH the first time (week5)? Who did Holly try and try to convince her allies she should put up as replacement nom instead of volunteer Kat because they are a bottom feeder and nobody trust them and they’d likely be fine if they were evicted because we already saved them once and they aren’t grateful enough? Who was that. Hmmm. OH right. NICOLE. Just a point of reference for the whole ‘had their back the whole game and how dare they’ crap we’re going to hear about. That was the week Evil Christie pushed and pushed to make sure that volunteer Kat went up to ensure Sam would leave.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Hold it…Tommy couldn’t have thrown the wall competition.

He just swore to his two new best friends, and mommy told him it was bad to lie, that he had never thrown a competition.

another name

Have I ever said I think Tommy is honest? Not once. He’s a slimeball. He would tell Christie to make moves, then act like it was so horrible that she would do that. Repeatedly. While she’s…. something else, a LOT of the hate for game related things she did comes from Tommy, he just skated from blame allllll season because she was more slime than he was in terms of their personality and she’d be the mouthpiece enacting THEIR plans while he sank into the shadows. She deserved some of her hate this season, she was horrible. He deserved some of the hate everyone heaped on her as well. Never happened. Tommy has thrown almost every competition. To me it’s been extremely obvious. He’s not honest, at all, but he has been doing bbmath for jury votes for weeks. we’ve heard him do it. He knows he is pooched with Jackson at final 2. That makes him the enemy of my enemy.
That said:
I still say I’d rather go to the final 4 with a douchebag and a slimeball that will target each other than a douchebag and memaw that will target me.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“I still say I’d rather go to the final 4 with a douchebag and a slimeball that will target each other than a douchebag and memaw that will target me.”

Well, unfortunately for Nicole it’s her and three douchebags and slimeballs, two of whom won’t hesitate to take out My Little Pony if Jackson wins POV. Oddly enough, if Jackson wins POV that’s probably Nicole’s best chance of staying. Cliff would cut her in a heart beat, preferably if he can get Jackson to do it for him. Same with (I love you Jackson, I love you Jackson) Tommy.

Now this is where it gets good. Cliff and Tommy are cutting out Jackson’s deadwood for him.

another name

Motivation is a consideration. Season long motivation. Keeping Holly is bad because she and Jackson have shown multiple times tonight that they are each other’s first motivation. Jackson should be keeping his fool mouth shut and not campaigning. It’s a neon sign.
What we are seeing play out right now was what i had envisioned in the double. My vision was Holly gets taken out last Thursday and as if written by Grod herself, Jackson in his righteous indignation gets his hero edit this week. In my vision of what was going to happen Jackson would get his whale Christie out leaving a final four of Cliff Nicole Jackson and Tommy. Okay. I got the order reversed in evictions, thinking they’d need two weeks of Jackson standing on the pulpit claiming betrayal and divine justice in order for the story to make sense. Apparently they think one is good enough.
(I admitted LONG ago that the edit and in house production oddness had led me to believe my least favorite houseguest Jackson would win the season. I hate it. but I did say it. I could pull out oddity after oddity and production weirdness after production weirdness to back up why I came to that conclusion, but why bother).
IN the final four of Cliff Nicole Jackson and Holly: Nicole is screwed if she is not HOH at four. It’s been fact forever. She might have only one confirmed vote in everyone else’s eyes, but that’s one more confirmed vote than anyone is saying Cliff has got.
IN the final four of Cliff Nicole Jackson and Tommy: Nicole is screwed if she is not HOH at four. It’s a fact.
Tommy is offering to throw the final four HOH. Jackson can’t play in it. Nicole’s chance of making it to final 3 increases from 33 % chance to 50% chance due to the safety of the HOH in final four. She SHOULD be pushing for Tommy to stay now that he has offered to throw HOH. It increases her odds of getting to final 3.
Will Tommy bounce the check and gun for HOH? Possibly. But it’s a better offer than Beth has made. Throwing HOH trumps overcooked casserole.

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“Motivation is a consideration. Season long motivation. Keeping Holly is bad because she and Jackson have shown multiple times tonight that they are each other’s first motivation.”

Have you missed the several times now that Jackson told Cliff and Nicole that if they have to take out Holly he understands…that if it’s best for their game he understands…that if she’s voted out he understands?

Talk about neon signs…his approach didn’t seem all the subtle to me.

Instead, they send a vote for Jackson to jury, burn an alliance that would have gotten them F4 and put their trust in Tommy…and pray that Jackson doesn’t win POV.

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i’m not missing that. are you missing the part last night where Holly and jackson plotted out saying they weren’t so connected (possibly even staging a break up) and being passive aggressive so that they could play on Cliff and Nicole’s emotions? Get them to reveal how they were leaning and then correct them? They talked about this.
get them to final 4. they are getting to final 4 regardless. Cliff and Nicole aren’t on the block at voting time at final five they’re already there.
Are there chances better or worse getting to final 3 with a showmance?? Worse.

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You seem to not understand that he wants her to remain loyal to him on jury. Did you expect that he would tell her that he’s leading her to the slaughter?

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you seem to miss my point that pretending not to care is part of jackson and holly’s discussed strategy in order to find out where nicole and cliff’s heads are at. part two is correcting them by whatever means necessary. As they discussed doing.

SD Bird


So ‘disappointed’ with N/C
He is going to have his ‘talk’ with Nicole (get her to go his way of thinking)
Opening Move – play chess with her & hunt done her ‘Bunnies’ (chess pieces) b/c he knows how she just hates losing her Bunnies.

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I think Nicole should set Jackson straight a little. You know, with the whole hey, I didn’t want to lose Sam and I didn’t want to lose Nick and I didn’t want to lose Jess angle. I mean, she voted with her final four in each of those votes, because each time it was what was best for Holly and Jackson. Tell him they haven’t been grateful enough for her loyalty in voting against conscience for their benefit multiple times. Which of Holly and jackson’s targets during ANY of their HOH’s has been better for Nicole? Was there ever a discussion as an alliance? nope. It was always here’s my target now vote them out. When Nicole and Cliff questioned why not Tommy and why not Christie as targets what was the response each time? Nope. gotta be the other nominee. They wanted to keep Tommy so bad for so long, this is what they get.

The core

Happy Holly is leaving .she is a disgrace to the game and to her family .what kind of a woman goes into a game sleeps with a guy that as already slept with her friend and then encourages the guy to be mean to the girl because the girl will say a little comments because she was burned so badly. horrible horrible horrible. Just a complete disregard for another human beings fillings . I have never been more happier because I know after dark is the last night I will ever have to hear I know I know I know yep. I think Holly was a complete disaster more so than other people I mean horrible she was not fun she was boring she was mean in her heart she was mean to cat she used cat she totally used her. To me she’s right up there with the second season of Paul that’s how much I dislike this woman. And Jackson is the biggest a-hole I have ever seen on the show…

BB Watcher

what is backgammon? is it like bakugan or something

another name

dice and chip game. triangles on board i think called points. multiple chips on 4 or five of the points. roll 2 dice to move your chips either adding together and moving one that number or splitting it and moving one chip the first dice number, another chip the second dice number. object is to remove all of your own chips from the board before your oppponent can do the same i think.
really old board game. I think it originally comes from the middle east: turkey, syria iraq area.
Really really dumbed down version: think of the board game Trouble. with the dice in the centre bubble and moving pieces around the board.

BB Watcher

ahhh get it now thanks

Roll Tide

Tommy told Cliff and Holly about his family friend Christy. They didn’t care. However when everyone was guessing that Holly knew Kat, Tommy and Christy were the loudest and maddest. Loudly talked about it all the time. Today no cares.
THINK. NICOLE! When you were shooting your last shoot to the net to win HOH, Tommy was getting ready to shoot his puck. It was very close.

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Everyone wasn’t guessing that Holly knew Kat. Kat told Jackson they were close friends and have known each other for years before feeds started. Beyond the slips the women made, Jackson told Jack on day three, and told him again on the infamous day 43. Week one Jack was telling Christie everything. What are the chances he left that day three gem out? Tommy and Jack were the loudest to complain about it, coming up with the double double cross vote flip idea. Christie joined in and as usual butted heads with Jackson and got loudest.
I’m confused. Are we trying to save Holly or punish Tommy? Why would we want to save Holly given her campaign? So this is a punish Tommy thing? I’m just trying to understand the argument because they both suck.
Look back at the video of the double hoh comp. watch cliff. he removes pieces that are clearly in the right place with two pieces left in his puzzle and tries to put those pieces in other places knowing they won’t fit once It is announced that Nicole is leading. You can see him do it. Cliff was well ahead of Tommy. He threw.

Just a game

Kat was still in the game and they wanted her out..

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

Luving this! Yes get holly out… Wish it was a blindside since we havn’t seen 1 yet but happy to see Holly going to jury!!!

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Yep, I’ve been watching them and comparing them to the daily rating. Sam should be in second place according to the daily rating but Cliff is.

Most likely frustration/protest votes.

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Dawg should be higher than centre of the pack.


I so miss Crusty’s eating. Not lol.

another name

Tommy’s Aunt Ro? Is that you?

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Get yourself an animated gif of a cow chewing it’s cud. The jaw motion is the same but the cow will keep it’s mouth closed.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

JESUS CHRIST!Your comment gave me a flashback.

another name

Life moves pretty fast. One day you’re saying you’re not going anywhere and breaking showerheads from improper sexstool dismounts… the next day you’re packing all you stuff in white trash bags.
I read that in ferris bueller voice.

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I think I jinxed myself. lol. at least if the 1-2am stuff in the bbhouse is what i think it is. At this point Jackson has eavesdropped on Tommy’s campaign promises, claimed Tommy told him that campaign…. and now Nicole is melting down.
I’d say the chances of Tommy staying dropped from 75% to 35% in the last couple of hours. Possibly even lower.


I’m terrified you may be right. Nicole became upset when Jackson was spewing that nonsense, and I took that to mean that she correctly assumed the BS is coming from him (which it is), but now I’m confused and terrified that she’s even considering not keeping Tommy anymore. Someone needs to remind her that keeping Tommy was HER idea and NOT Tommy’s idea, and that’s the choice she should keep going into eviction.

zingading ding

OMGosh, Jackson did listen through the door??? I heard he was but never saw it??? What he hear?

another name

he heard about the throw the hoh agreement for sure.


So disappointing after Jackson and holly have protected them for weeks unfortunately i believe these wins have gone to Nicole’s head and she’s making a foolish mistake Jackson will win the final veto and Nicole will end up on block with tommy but tommy will go home

another name

Protected? Jackson used him as a pawn twice. They weren’t loyally protecting a final four. They were using two people they considered easy pickins to beat later in order to get rid of what they considered the tougher competition.
If we are removing candy coating: Jackson and Holly were all too happy before they found out it was a double to throw the HOH and have Christie/Tommy and Nicole/Cliff take shots at each other. There was no protection in that scenario.
The whole reason Jackson is upset tonight is the same reason he was upset with the 6 and broke it up. His wishes weren’t honored as commands. In the six he was mad that Christie and Jack would give differing opinions, and many times get their way instead of Jackson getting what he wanted. Now, After a month long case of HOHitis, here he is mad that Nicole and Cliff are thinking of their game instead of thinking of what is best for Jackson.


Another name
How DARE they not bend down to the douchebag! He believes America is in love with him and wants to see him on the challenge n other reality TV hooking up because he’s good TV lol.
Jackson told Cliff that Jack was his number one and talked about him for an hour. He never spoke highly of Holly or said she was his number 1. Guess they were suppose to assume because he’s doing her.
I thought Nicole was already dead to them as she was on the block n they didnt even acknowledge her in the house until like day 74.
So much for that ” image ” Jackson was trying to protect. Holly helped his douchy ego by putting up with it and instead of cutting him off she stuck with him and look where that got her? Used up and on her way out!

The Beef

Golf clap for you young man! I’ve noticed you seem to have it figured out (or have been reading my posts ;-). Jackson and Holly selected Nicole and Cliff simply because they thought they would be the easiest two to beat in the Final 4, and also thought they would be the best two to do what they were told to do (meaning – eliminate Nick, Jess, Christie and Tommy) along the way. Jack then planned to lose Cliff in Final 4, Overpower both girls in the final part 1 physical comp and then hope Holly wins part 2, so that no matter which of the two wins part 3, the winner takes the loser to Final 2 over Nicole. That plan is out the door if Holly leaves tonight, and his road gets much tougher if he has to beat Tommy, vs. Cliff, Holly and Nicole!

The Beef

And if so, Nicole and Cliff’s plan will have worked perfectly! They both made the Final 3 with a chance to make the Final 2 depending on how they do in the final 2 competitions. If Nicole had ended up on the block with Holly and Jackson won the veto (as you suggest), Jackson would send Nicole to jury, leaving a Final 3 of Jackson Cliff and Holly, with Cliff having to win out to make the Final 2 because Jackson and Holly are taking each other. Now given your own scenario, tell me again why she is making a “foolish mistake”?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I’ve been skeptical of Nicole’s plan to keep Tommy but watching Jackson campaign to Cliff is convincing me it’s the right move simply because he is the last person I want to see win even if that means Tommy wins.


Cliff is such prissy!

zingading ding

Would it be fun for Tommy to go. Holly & Nicole hook up to get C & J out, N & H for the end? N wins


Make that prissy.


Auto correct. You know what i mean.


Noooooo Nicole don’t fall for it! Jackson and Holly already said they will screw you they said you are dead to them now… Stick to your guns do not cave get rid of Holly

zingading ding

Nicole has thrown Mick & Holly’s game so out of wack their heads are spinning. I really do think Mick isn’t that concern for Holly, but for himself. However, he may be shook up a bit wondering if he is next on their agenda to evict so that’s his true concern. This may truly be the only time Michie isn’t getting his way & to think that little Nicole is the one preventing this must be eating him alive LOL.


I really love seeing Nicole go from a baby bird to a flightless bird! Kudos!


As a viewer Nicole since you are asking…don’t listen to Cliff his is a p**sy he said it himself on pop he doesn’t want to be seen as one and yet he wants you to make another wuss ass move

Zee Burgos

cliff uses Nicole his
a manipulator I don’t like him.


Well Simon,
Either way if Holly or Tommy goes, they will be joining most of their failed pathetic alliance in the jury house.
If Tommy stays he has a possible argument that even though the alliance emploded he was able to redirect n stay even though it was hard with Christie there too.
Holly is a buzz kill do nothing crying anchor and ball n chain for Jackson. Best shes in the jury for this game so she can vote for him should he stay. The minute Jackson told her Jack was his number 1 two nights ago, I said here that he was putting the fix in to vote her out.
Hollys campaign was a mess. Why should Nicole listen to Holly now?? She was one of the ones that was “weirded out” by Nicole, allowed her to get yelled at by three people while she did nothing and she wants to be an example of positivity for girls when she leaves the house? Nicole already cleaned up that mangy sex toy out of the shower. What ELSE does Holly want from the poor girl?
Either way Cliff n Nicole still have Jackson to worry about in the game. At anytime Tommy can slide right into Holly’s place for Jackson. Tomny is the bigger threat challenge wise vs Holly so it is concerning.
Nicole n Cliff will have to win HOH n veto again in order to ensure they both stay because I believe Tommy would take a shot at Cliff or Jackson. If Tommy wins veto n votes out Jacskon that will be his win and the jury will give him the money.
So for game play they could never get Holly to potentially go after Jackson hoping Tommy will however this gives him a chance to build his resume getting Jackson blood on his hands and that’s not good for Cliff or Nicole in front of jury.
Here’s a question. If Cliff n Tommy make final 2 does Cliff have a shot? I can’t stand his tattle tale game style but I guess it’s his style. Cliff needs more wins to make a difference unless he’s good at persuading. Does Tommy win hands down vs Cliff???


I completely agree that whoever gets Jackson out will get the jury votes. Otherwise it’s all a tossup.


Has no one else noticed? IS Cliff STUPID or just the dementia showing up that he made a “shrine” in the living room saying “VETS WE REMEMBER” LIKE SERIOUSLY? has he confused 9/11 with 11/11? it is NOT Veterans day it is Remember 9/11 Day!!!!!! Most of those who perished on 9/11 were civilians – not Vets. This is just so freaking Ignorant! As a Vet myself, I just cant wrap my mind around this stupid show of ‘appreciation to 9/11 Vets!” It shows how smart and worldly he is tries to portray himself to be being a big consultant traveling all over the world for work, but doesnt know the difference between Veterans day and 9/11. Lost all respect for this OLD dude today.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I saw that yesterday and my reaction was much like yours. That is why I said earlier, I sincerely hope that if the network shows it, and I’m sure they will, that they don’t attribute it to Cliff but simply say it was something that the house guests wanted to do.

I’m sorry, but otherwise it just comes across as a very crass effort on Cliff and the network’s part to throw him AFP.

zingading ding

I still think he was just not thinking at the moment. After all did any of the other houseguest correct him?…they are all pretty all over the place right now.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

The other house guests were in grade school when it happened.

zingading ding

He’s just not thinking straight right now. Thanks for your service BBLUVER ~ forever in my prayers.

The Beef

If this is the only thing you have to get on Cliff about, you’re really reaching IMHO. Maybe he’s referring to Fire and Police veterans, many of whom lost their lives on that horrible day. I think it’s nice that they did something, and to pick it apart is a little chicken shit again IMHO.

My Two Cents



Those Morons just gave Michie the game. Idiots!!!! Why did Cliff rat out Nicole?? Imbeciles!!!!!!


I hope Holly wins the HOH now and puts those idiots out. Freaking losers!! And why can’t these people TALK QUIETLY????????? I want to throw my tv into the yard!!!!!!!!