“I know America is going to try & recruit me but I don’t want that B***H in the final. I don’t want her getting any prize money.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia America and Cory
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
1st POV Winner: JAG
2nd POV Winner: BLUE
Veto Ceremony: Jag and Blue used their vetos. America and Cory put on the block.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cory is going to Jury. America is still pissed.

7:20pm Bathroom – Cory and America
Cory to Felicia – me and America are just campaigning to each other. Felicia – how’s that working? Cory – I think I’ve got her vote. Felicia – you’re so silly Cory. America – you silly boy. Funny boy. Cory – how about funny man?

7:20pm Backyard – Matt and Jag.
Jag – she (America) hasn’t even been in the same room as me BRO! Matt – I know. Foul! I think its time to get a laugh out of this and just sit near here. Like look you got a whole other week superstar! Brace yourself!! Jag – I had a good chat with Mama Fe. Matt – yeah I talked with her. I was like if you think about it we’ve had the longest relationships in this house. I want to go to the end with people that I can trust. I am not going to be able to get there if I am playing the game that America and Cory said they are… you now what I mean. No, I am bringing people I can trust. Jag – yeah. Matt – I said me and Jag are on that same path. I mean I haven’t won the vetos but Jag has and he definitely showing that he wants this to work. I was like I’m not playing Jags game and Jag isn’t playing my game .. like we’re not like Cory and America. We are a duo but we’re not like them. We talk together about things and agree together about things. Its not like I am playing his game and he is playing my game. Like all four of us could work like that. Like its good to work with us because we can guarantee a lot. Jag – we need to talk to Blue as well. Matt – I talked with her. Jag – how was it. Matt – yeah it was good. She was like I know America is going to try and recruit me but she was like I don’t want that B***H in the final. I don’t want her getting any prize money. I was like yeah it sounded like she wanted the five of us excluding Bowie. She said after America, she would go for Bowie because she’s playing the middle. I was like okay, good. Jag – so she wants me, you, Blue Felicia and Cirie? Matt – yeah. It could be good. We just have to get rid of America next. Jag – at this point in the game us being seen as a duo is probably an advantage. Its almost like I’m your shield and you’re my shield. If you put both of us up.. one of us is going to survive and you know people might still do that anyway but its not just me and you versus everyone. We have Bowie. Me and you have Cirie. Sounds like we have Felicia now too. Suddenly we have the majority of the house working with us so I don’t know if people will want to take that shot at us. Bowie joins them.

8pm Backyard – Cirie and Blue.
Blue – I had a pretty good conversation with America. We kind of worked things out. I know she’s going to latch onto me and all that mess. Matt & Jag join them.

8:20pm Backyard – Felicia and Cory.
Cory – I don’t know why but Bowie is freaking out right now. Felicia – she is? Cory – she followed me into the bathroom. I was like so there was a four with you and America but they’re working with Blue but like what you did talk about with Felicia and Cirie? What did you talk about with America? And I was like I didn’t talk to any of them, I am just hanging out. I was just telling her my suspicion that they’re probably working with everyone but I don’t want to just spew that kind of thing without knowing. Felicia – I haven’t said anything to Bowie Jane yet. Cory – she is just paranoid because I think America talked to her and just did an anti Matt and Jag thing. Or basically all we’ve told her so far is the obvious like they’re working with Blue obviously. And that they’re keeping stuff from her when they were telling me and America stuff the whole time. Like for example the whole secret HOH thing. Like we knew about it before Bowie. And then like they told Bowie and they pretended like they hadn’t told us. She to me is very skeptical of them.

8:40pm Bedroom – Cory and America
America is getting emotional and crying. Cory – crying is okay. America – no I never cry. I am not a drunk crier. Cory – everything is intensified in here, except for our relationship that’s normal. That’s just how it is. America – I didn’t cry when I left New York or when I left my friends and family. I am just so sad right now. And I know you feel sad too right now but you can’t show it because you have to comfort me. Cory – come here. America – I get Gina Marie now.

Cory – Its going to be fine. Silly game. America – I am taking everything so seriously and personally. Cory – its hard not to. America – I still think that the blindside was stupid .. what was the point of that?! To be dramatic and hurtful?! Cory – they wanted to be theatrical and they thought we were gunning after them.. because we were. America – its going to be real theatrical when i don’t vote for either of them (Matt / Jag) in the end. I get bitter jurors now. I am going to hold onto this for the next 20 days. Cory – okay.
America – I don’t want to be in there, f**king dumba$$es!

Cory – are you a silent treatment person? America – well I don’t want to say anything mean or bad. Cory – see what I do in that situation is I just say something nice. America – I don’t. I don’t. Which is why I am silent treating Matt and Jag. Cory – I don’t want you to pull your punches. I want you to do what you literally want to do because the truth is if you stay its going to be very hard for you to win obviously like you would really need to pop off and I think you can but like I know you will regret if you whimper out of here like an Alyssa. Like if you want to give it to them, then give it to them. You know what I mean because I know you won’t regret that. America – but I don’t want to right now. Cory – I am not saying right now, it could be next week. You try to win first but you also do what you want to do. I feel like this whole season I have been the anti-fun police. You know?! At least promise me that, like go all out. America – I am not doing it for your sake. Cory – no, to be honest if you did it would probably help me. I think with those two they’re coming for you. I know what the viewer in you knows what you want to do. I know what the person in you wants to do. I just feel like you would feel better about your experience if you were fully you. And I know you don’t like how you are theoretically portrayed as like kind of under the radar and chilling a little bit because you’re like a really entertaining character.

9:15pm Backyard – America and Cirie
America – I need to plan what I want to do and what I want to say. I don’t think there is any dancing around the fact that I am going around saying that you’re (Jag/Matt) my targets. That’s the truth of it. Obviously there is a line that has been drawn. I don’t know how I can redirect whatever target they have on me to someone else. Like if they win HOH this Thursday, it will be me. Cirie – I would keep the conversation as its coming from a place of hurt because you are.. and not just hurt because of Cory leaving hurt because of the relationship I thought I had with you. I would take it that direction. Cirie – because if you’re any kind of person. Like I get that because if it was me I understand your hurt and then go from there. Because the starting with the GO F**K YOURSELF is not a good idea. America – I just couldn’t help it. Cirie – I am just tired of it all. I am exhausted. America – its 9pm and I am ready to go to bed.

9:27pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie, Matt and Felicia.
Felicia – America is really going to be a mess when he is gone. I think he really believes he is going to stay. And I think she is okay with her leaving and him staying. Cirie – I asked her again right now.. what do you really want? And she said I want to stay. Felicia – but she knows he is campaigning hard! I think she is really falling for him. And doesn’t realize to him this is a game. Blue joins them.

Kitchen – Bowie, Matt, Jag, Cory
Cory – my other intrusive thought .. what if I dumped out all the milk. Jag – that’s an all out war. That is an all out war. But I don’t know what would be the equivalent of that. Cory – Nominate me for eviction? Jag – Oh wait, backdoor!? Cory – you were like I could backdoor one of them.. Jag – bug I have the opportunity of a life time right now. Cory – the think about it is the consequences that come after the game. Jag – MmmmmHHmmmm.. are you going to kick my a$$ what is this? Is this a threat!? Cory – no. Jag – I am lucky there are so many cameras around here. Cory – You thought yesterday or earlier I was being casual.. I think I could beat Jag in a fight. BB switches the feeds.

10pm – 10:45pm Comic Bedroom – Matt, Jag, Bowie, Felicia and Cirie are speculating what this Thursday’s HOH comp might be slip n slide, etc., Matt talks about swimming.

10:50pm Bedroom – Cory and America.
America – they’re (Matt & Jag) on top of Felicia and Cirie now. Cory – that’s good. Cirie is going to be f**king pissed. This just helps with the Bowie narrative that I am trying to make and obviously I want to stay but whoever stays this is good if my plan happens. America – do you want to tell me or? Cory – I just told you. Go to Felicia and Felicia is going to say that Jag pressured for a final four. America – do they have a final four? Cory – that Matt and Jag approached her for a final four with Cirie. America – did she say okay? Cory – she is down, she is talking to Cirie. And I was like look Cirie doesn’t need to be involved. Like we could completely keep her out of it she approached you with the idea. But the whole pitch is like if Bowie is truly with Matt and Jag like we think she is the game is over because its Bowie, Matt, Jag and Blue. And if any four get HOH. Odds are you got to separate Bowie from them. So matter what like even if I don’t stay Bowie will still be skeptical of them. If Bowie doesn’t tell anyone then it becomes a he said she said. What is more likely that we completely made it up or they’re lying. You know?! America – that’s smart. Cory – it could work. Not really to keep me but just in general.

11:08pm Cory and America. America – do you want to have Christmas at mine? Cory – I was thinking about that. America – you were thinking about it? Cory – well you mentioned it. America – yeah I could do that.. I’m nervous. Cory – well you freaked me out already. America – with the whole interrogation. Cory – yeah. America – it won’t be like that. Cory – okay.

11:32pm Quad cam on the scary bedroom..

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Spot ON

” “I know America is going to try & recruit me but I don’t want that B***H in the final. I don’t want her getting any prize money.”

How can someone root for this _______ when he says such disparaging, unjustified, unsubstantiated, and full of hate and vile remarks towards another houseguest who is merely playing the so-called “game”?
Is that any way to treat a neighbor and fellow human?

no mo bro

If he was going to call her a b**ch, I wish it had been when Scamerica told him, “F**k off. Literally”. I wish Nag had replied, “Okay b**ch”. Just so I could see if Snory would STILL campaign to him.


un autre nom

Women calling women bitch has a different weight than men calling women bitch.
Any member of a group that uses derogatory slang about members of their own group, it has a different weight than someone outside the group using the same term
I don’t make the rules. Not even 100 certain why. It just does.


yes, un autre, you saw the backlash Big D received when he used that word to describe women

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I think you’re stuck in the dark ages, because men are called bitches ALL THE TIME. And have been for well over a decade.

un autre nom

no… a man calling a man a bitch in that case you site has a different weight than a woman calling a man a bitch.

Spot ON

Try calling a man a “bitch” in a jail/prison atmosphere. You next stop will either be the hospital or the morgue.


I’m pretty sure it was blue that said that. But she def is vile, jealous, and an all around nasty human. Glad to see she’s 16th to Jared’s 17th in popularity.


I don’t like Blue. She thinks she’s going to make it to final 2 ? Nope!!

Matt & Jag are still wanting Blue out, Blue needs to watch this season when she’s back at home, hopefully she sees just how Phony, Nasty, Vile, she comes off.

Blue thinks she’s tight with Jag again, what an idiot. Everything America and Cory told her about what jag has said, everything was not a lie, Jag doesn’t trust Blue, he’s playing her.

Blue keeps telling Jag she wants Bowie gone, Matt, Jag & Bowie, want Blue gone.


For her to watch it back, and think it would have any impact on her future behavior seems a bit silly to me. She acts like a hood rat who gravitates towards where ever her bread is buttered….


Blue is so petty jealous and DEFINITELY not a girls girl.


Matt was saying Felicia said the b**ch comment. Read it again


It sounds like Blue said this and not Jag. Blue said, “I don’t want that B in the final”, and Jag was just reporting this to Matt.

Crazy that Matt thinks he and Jag have played their own games.


Crazy that Matt thinks he and Jag have played their own games”. A

Absolutely. Matt is being played by Jag. It is serving his own purpose though as if Jag takes Matt to the final two Matt likely wins. I think Matt is more liked than Jag and Jag has already been voted out. Plus the handicap. Probably just suits Matt to play along.


His ego is absolutely out of control, especially being that he spent the first half of the game as shivering chihuahua! I think that he may be one of those that when things are going good, he acts like a megalomaniac and when they aren’t, the sky is falling and its time to throw a pity party of 1!


I think Blue was the one calling America the B word and saying all that nasty stuff.


Oh it was hilarious when Cameron got backdoored but now, it’s a big deal?! Cameron warned America what was going to happen but she ran back, talking all big and disrespectful about Cameron. Cameron warned Bowie and she said, he’s lying and trying to start sh#t! Blu knows Cameron was right and I do think she knows the Veto saved her dumb behind! So now we get to watch the snakes eat each other. Two bitter jurors do not help Jag win. Jag’s playing the game cowardly and unnecessarily nasty. Matt is not a sweetheart. I’m glad he’s showing viewers the real Matt. I think people get too comfortable and used to a situation, then their real selves come out.

un autre nom

She wanted to keep him, and was dissuaded. After it got out that Cam had switched from grenading Matt / Jag to grenading Cory / America, she started arguing with Cam. She’s the only one that did want to keep him, and then the one that called him on campaigning like he played.


Cameron is a creep. What did you expect ?


I believe that America will be HOH during the weekend. Because I saw her on that swing today and also stood for hours at that pressure cooker. Matt maybe, depending on the comp.


How many challenges has America won?

BB Fangirl

None but she has seemingly thrown a few (or at least opted out early), and she got second to Jag in the invisible HOH I believe. She’s actually shown to be an equal if not better physical threat than Cory and she’s not as dumb as Blue or Matt or Cirie.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

She’s thrown them all for some incomprehensible reason…

un autre nom

my current favorite thing right now is the Statler / Waldorf dis here iz sum booooollshit relationship between Cirie and America.
not sorry, because yeah their being sarcastic and too real…
but everyone else is just being a dick and going too personal not game in their talks.


really really really want jag to go next week. i don’t even love coremerica that much, but i do like players getting taken down a peg when they get hohitis.

un autre nom

Current house dynamic and stats.

bb25 WEEK 11.jpg
Gan ainm

I’ve seen comments speculating about a Cirie/Felicia finale.Name one juror that would vote for Felicia.

Game fan

true. but not against her , i think she can catch some. (like cirie)

The Beef

Against Cirie? That’s hard to say, since the only comp win between the two of them was a random chance HOH for Felicia, so not really a win at all, so it’s all based on social game, which to me, Cirie has it hands down over Felicia, due to the early domination of the game by her alliance, lead by her and Izzy.

My guess is Cirie would win 7-0, but some may value Mama Fe’s contributions around the house (cooking and cleaning) and throw her a vote, although I can’t fathom who.

un autre nom

Here’s what I’m getting from Cirie / Felicia’s late night talk:
someone shoved 165 pounds of cats into a human shaped bag and called it Felicia.
Those cats escape out of her yaphole, and it’s Cirie’s job to coral them or train them for the circus.

Cirie wants Bowie out next, or Jag out next.
She wants to keep America over Bowie.
In other words: she’s limiting Matt’s options and trying to weaponize him.
Cirie thinks Blue is stupid when it comes to Jag / Matt. Doesn’t believe she’d target them, and will target anyone that stands in her way as final 3 with them. Blue’s Bowie hate clocked.
Bowie has been doing the guys laundry / making their beds? eyeroll. Any more ‘made comfortable talk’ from the 2 men that haven’t made dinner for the house in 70ish days and now have a maid… Ima gonna be dropping my kindness and coming up with nicknames.

What Cirie thinks: America back pocket, Blue…not after Cirie, Jag? comp wins and tie to Matt so gotta go. Bowie? only gets Cirie to 4, gets info from guys before Cirie…gotta go.
Matt takes Cirie final 2.
She rolls a tinfoil ball across floor for the yap cats to chase. Crazybagofcats wants final 4 with Jag Matt so she’s spun.

East Coaster

165 pounds of cats into a human shaped bag hahahahaha oh autre you are my highlight of big brother seasons. Always love your comments.


Cirie likely hates Blue and will want to get her out asap and keep her away from her precious turd of a son.


She doesn’t hate Blue. She’s frustrated that she doesn’t listen to her direct advice and has to do a workaround to get her to moderately listen

Don't Shoot the Messenger

She weighs a hell of a lot more than 165!!! More like 200ish.

un autre nom

okay, i admit, a few times this week i’ve ended up using ASL at the screen while Matt was being the literal turd floating in the kiddie pool. And it then occurs to me:
I’m being an ass. and nuts. He can’t see me
I only remember cusswords, coffee / beverage orders, and alphabet in ASL.
He’d still only get the cusses I’m saying through lipreading, not the cusses i’m signing (I’m multitasking cussouts so what i’m verbalizing isn’t the same as what i’m signing).
If I end up calling him a pig, it’s not going to be for weight gain. Only notification I’m giving.

btw Jag is the ONLY hg that has had d/r content in EVERY episode. The only one.


Luke and Kirsten literally saved themselves the embarrassment leaving first
Can we cancel this season and immediately move on to another one?


Three random thoughts….

Cirie seems miserable every time she is in the diary room. I feel bad for her, must be hard to be stuck in there. She is having zero fun.

Matt for an athlete really sucks, is this him faking it? He says his arms hurt, dude you’re a swimmer. Petite women are beating you.

Every one of them left except cirie never shut up. Amazing they got so many talkers one one season.

Spot ON

Maybe he lied about his swimming prowess too. Once a liar always a liar.


These talkers never shut the fuck up and when they talk they just go ’round ‘n ’round ‘n ’round; I’m freekin’ dizzy listening to them. Make this season stop, I can’t take it anymore. But enough about me.


They all talk. They’re encouraged to talk. The producers then have it edited to have the more relevant players have shown more. Are you really this dumb ?

Another Dixie

I’m thinking he’s feeling the result of the extra 25-30 lbs he’s packing. Hope he doesn’t have any competitions anytime soon. He’ll sink like a rock.


I’ll be so glad when I don’t have to hear a word out of Jag or any other of these house guests. They are nails on the chalkboard to me.

no mo bro

It’s day 77 in the house and as usual I’m awake before the houseguests. lets see if Blue finally showers.

Spot ON

Don’t bet on it. Read the polls:


“In a Euromonitor survey, Brazilians and Colombians took the lead with more than one shower per day on average, with Australians, Middle Easterners, Mexicans and Indonesians coming in not too far behind.”

“Americans, meanwhile, averaged a bit less than one shower a day, along with Spaniards, Indians and the French. Brits were on the low side of showering, with the Japanese and Chinese (ASIANS) coming in the LEAST frequent of all countries in the poll, with an average of about five showers a week.”

“Hair washing generally correlated with the frequency of showers, too – except for Mexicans, who wash their hair much more often than anyone else, with an average of over six shampoos a week. INDIANS in the poll wash their tresses THE LEAST, with an average of TWO shampoos per week”


“A separate study on daily showering habits run by SCA, a global hygiene products company, mirrored many of the findings of the Euromonitor poll. When counting people who shower every day, Mexicans and Australians led significantly, followed by Americans and the French. Brits, Russians, Swedes and Germans averaged less, with Chinese (ASIANS) coming in the LEAST frequent.”


“An informal poll of the scrubbing habits of 562 people that revealed gender breakdowns. While a majority of the MEN said they showered daily, WOMEN were more varied in their responses, with a pretty equal spread over bathing anywhere from three to seven days a week”


Your obsession with Blue’s hygiene is disturbing.

Mean Jean

Blue does take showers she took one last night.When the HOH is open she frequently took them up there. Otherwise she takes them at night. Please let it go


Not everyone showers for the public to see. If Blue doesn’t shower you are not the stinky one; why does it bothers you so? To each their own.

Spot ON

Two polls previously posted in prior thread shows that Asians is a group that showers/bathes the LEAST compared to others. Between men vs. women, the women showers/bathes the LEAST. The polls speak for themselves.


Who are they all going to sh*t on when Cory and America are gone? I’m hoping America wins HOH or the veto to shake things up.


Bowie. Their original dumping ground.

Spot ON

Make sure there are plenty of vultures flying around.

BB Fangirl

They’ll go back to shitting on Bowie.

no mo bro

No need. They have Cam. Felishia, Matt and Blue are talking in the backyard. All aboard the hate train to Cameronville!!


Jag eyes are looks like he is having an orgasm here

no mo bro

Jag’s in love. It’s cute. BTW… Where are his hands?? Cuz Matt doesn’t seem to mind.

Spot ON

“Jag eyes are looks like he is having an orgasm here”

lol….while telling MATT:. “I’m your donkey, buddy”.



Ewww, a Jag orgasm….my day is officially ruined.

Tawny B

America is the worst sport I’ve seen on this show (after being nominated.)
Did she not see all the other ppl go on the block? Or is this the first time she’s been made aware there is going to be an eviction?
Bowie is the most blatant floater this season, and doesn’t care who knows it.
I think Cirie, Jag, & Matt are final 3.
Cirie must have been promised final 3 (for either herself or Jared) to go on the show. She’s put zero effort into this gig.
Jag deserves to win.


You don’t remember Howie? He definitely was worse than America, and I liked Howie but he showed out


Wow Jag said that about a woman and he still has fans…


“any prize money”. You want her broke because she won’t talk to you. Look at you, Jag. Why would any woman want to talk to you? Your hair and beard and all….

Spot ON

Does he remind you anybody?

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Not to mention his crooked nose! It’s all I can see when i look at him! It’s so distracting and annoying…

Mean Jean

We have Cory in a suit thinking he’s convinced Mama Fe to lie for him which he’s telling America as he picks stuff off the floor and puts it in his suitcase. Last night Bowie slipped up and said I can talk about my 40’s.No body heard her because they don’t really listen to her. The Mama’s long ago figured out she’s not 34. She’s actually 46.

un autre nom

Cory’s plot: get people that knew he was renom target to lie to Bowie.
The ‘lie’: M/J approached Fe and Ci for a final 4.
Why it’s a ‘lie’: Cory went to Fe with the plot about an hour before Ma/Ja DID go to Fe about the final 4.

Cory is pulling a BBCan10 Kevin move with the suit. In fact, Cory, who listened to Kevin’s deep dive and watched that season, is playing Kevin’s game.
Problem: he doesn’t have the same charisma. Additionally, Kevin always saw Haleena’s gut as equal to his logic. Cory dismissed America’s gut when it didn’t match what he wanted. Cory’s pivots are painful for him, Kevin pivoted like a landshark.

Will Cory’s plot work? Mostly no, unless he becomes a mustard seed for a big bagocats.
Everyone knows about the plot.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I really hate the way Cory has treated America. He’s dismissed everything she’s said, even though she’s smarter than him, and he was always lying about her and throwing her under the bus at first. Pipsqueak Cory ruined America’s game, and I hope she dumps his scrawny ass when the game is over. She’s waaaay too good for him in every way!

un autre nom

For people saying Cory made an error flipping on Izzy:

Jared was pushing Cory next target to Izzy.
Izzy was saying Cam, America then Cory to Jared.
Cory wasn’t in any of the final 5’s they discussed. Wasn’t in final 5 Izzy has named in recent interviews (Ci/Ja/Iz/Blue/Bowie).

Cory leaves week 9 or becomes juror #1 in Izzy and Jared’s plot conceived 2 days before Cory flipped.


This kind of reminds me of Bonnie and Clyde. A sad and tragic ending after a life of crime.

Spot ON

The only crime that may have been committed is agreeing to go on BB in the first place!

un autre nom

What could flip the vote:
America was told by Cirie to play nice to Ja/Ma faces.
America played nice to Jag’s face (not sure yet if real or fake).
Jag bought it too much.

Why this is a problem:
means Matt can’t be a pig slagging her personally behind her back. He’ll hate that.
Will now lead Cirie, who told her to do it, to wonder if Ja / Am still target each other.


Typical Big Brother community. Their guy didn’t win. Time to be racist, sexist and call it the worst season ever.

Grow up.

no mo bro

You are right. I love each and every person in that house. They exemplify the very best of humanity and watching them brightens my day.

I only wish they all could win. They all deserve it.


Y-O-U. A-R-E. A-N. I-D-I-O-T.


You were doing o.k. until the Grow up part.

no mo bro

America killed Cory’s game. She blabbed the plans to Blue in an attempt to recruit her into a group against Matt and Jag.

Blue immediately went to Jag and and told him everything.

Jag changed plans and put Comerica on the block.

She can’t keep her mouth shut. She blabs her plans to the one person who hates her the most… What the f**k did she think would happen?


They should have a contest for America’s dumbest houseguest. Her and Jag could fight for it.

un autre nom

Winne of d’uh award:
Felicia told Cirie they can beat Jag or Matt easy at 3 part final HOH.
NOBODY is beating that.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

You must be America’s ex-boyfriend. Your hatred of her is unjustified and very strange. Every single thing you’ve ever said about her is just plain wrong, and extremely delusional. Why the personal attacks, Einstein??? Typical incel. Smh…