America – “How does she not see it. She told me before she doesn’t care if she [Bowie] wins.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia America and Cory
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
1st POV Winner: JAG
2nd POV Winner: BLUE
Veto Ceremony: Jag and Blue used their vetos. America and Cory put on the block.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cory is going to Jury. America is less pissed. Season is very Krakenish

1:27 pm Cory to camera
Cory – there’s 5 votes, Matt and Blue are unattainable. Maybe Blue is possible but it’s not realistic. I’m going to ride and die with this Cirie, Bowie and Felicia idea that’s all I got. It’s a interesting pitch I like the thought of it it’s just hard to pull off. I don’t know how good of a move it is for Cirie and Felicia truth be told. It’s a really complicated game all things considered I’m proud of what I did. I’m treating this as if I’m gone unless something happens I’m as good as done. I had a really good experience My goal was to play, make a move and do something. I think I did that truthfully. I’ve played harder than anyone else in the house start to finish. These past couple of weeks I chilled out a little bit I never wanted to make a move solely to make a move. Izzy was like that sort of. Keeping MEME was the better call there and try to pull MEME in as a number. The idea of keeping Felicia here as a weak competitor makes sense but the truth is I needed to be dragged to the end other than dragging someone to the end. I don’t have the competition CHOPS. That was the wrong decision”
Cory says he feels bad about the IZZY week he knows this was her dream. “So sorry” (Izzy made the feeds painful)
Cory says Jared is a “Good Dude” there is ways he talked about people he doesn’t agree with but on balance Cory likes Jared. “he’s a nice guy and I look forward to seeing him after”
Cory starts to deconstruct where he went wrong says the MEME vote, “Truthfully if I had HOH this week I would have taken the shot I don’t know if it was the right move but I would have done it”
Cory says keeping Cameron was not the move.
COry – what I don’t have it the ability to put people at ease. that is what Dr will was excellent at. Dan with all his shady ways was able to make people trust him.
Cory – I didn’t do as many shady things as people think but that reputation followed me hard.
Cory – I don’t have the social battery for this .. not a 100 day season I gassed out early and have been riding on fumes. that is why you’ve seen me play a little less actively. I’m so tired and I’m so exhausted.. If I stay i’ll keep fighting. I’m tied real tired.
Cory says Matt and jag are the biggest target right now. The problem is when you are in a duo and cannot win competitions. “BB Comics, Me and America both thought we did okay but we were SMOKED by Jag”
Cory – competitions are KING in modern BIG BROTHER and it’s hard. You can get around it if you are a good enough player.
Cory says he was “Twist f***ED”
Cory – this invisible HOH drove America to go to Blue and the double Veto sunk me. If Jag just got that veto I have a really good chance to stay this week. All I need then is two votes. America, Cirie and Felicia.
Cory – I don’t like twists from a viewer perspective and I hate them from a players perspective. I don’t think these twists are bad inherently.. It played out poorly for me.
Cory says he put a lot of work into Cirie and Bowie. Cirie never won a competition so it never panned out.
Cory says he likes the game is mid about the show, “I’m not sure it’s been the best season”

2:16 pm Felicia telling the pool crew about when she was young they were poor but nobody would be like “OH look at that Ghetto Family” She adds that she never felt poor because there was so much love in her family heart.
Fe about her mom “She was on public assistance and welfare. we got the food baskets on the holidays”

2:20 pm Cirie and America
Cirie saying that Bowie came to her and was like “Dude we have to protect Matt and Jag”
America – She said that
Cirie – mmmhmmmm. She hopes it’s the slip n slide
America – how does she not see it. She told me before she doesn’t care if she wins.
Cirie – She feels like they are going to protect her.
America – they will they’ll take her to final 3
America – Cory is right you have to separate her from them
Cirie – for me it’s like putting together a puzzle you take out the pieces that don’t fit with the pieces that fit. She was like YEAH YEAH YEAH.
America says she had a final four with Matt, Jag and Cory. It did not include Bowie “Next time we talk I’m going to tell her that”
Cirie – Wake up what is wrong with ehr.. I just want to shake her.
Cirie – she prefers to be with the guys I don’t know why (Cause you shat on her all season)
America says Bowie’s “Nightlife” must include a lot of dudes. “In here girl wake up! we’re here to play”
Cirie – not to be dragged around as someone’s third or fourth
Cirie says it annoys her that every week everyone jumps on bashing the nominees train. “They list off all the things they’ve done wrong when we’ve all done those things”
America says the plan is for them to take out Cory this week then next week take out America.
Cirie – that’s why I want us to win.. I want you to win. (HOH)
America says for her it’s Jag, Matt then Blue in that order.
Cirie – all we have to do Is win one.. just one and this all looks different.
They agree Bowie Jane is a lost cause.
Cirie – this morning she was cheerleading.. M AND J, M AND J
They talk about how they can get a wedge between Bowie and Matt/Jag. Cirie thinks if America reveals the final 4 she had with Matt and Jag.
Cirie – What if one of them win? I’m assuming they put up Bowie Jane Maybe Blue.
America – it would be Me and Blue… or Felicia. if they were smart it would be me and Blue.
Cire points out that Bowie has never been on the block. “What do you have with Bowie Jane that she’s….”
America – untouchable
Cirie – everyone is leaning towards Cory going.
America about Bowie telling her – “OHh blue’s saying that you are going back to her. If that’s what she thinks then I’ll do it. I’ll HEHE and HAW HAW with her that is not what’s happening this last time she burnt me bad it cost me my person to go home. We won’t work together ever”
Cirie – we might need to do that to get rid of MISS BOwie.. (Fake being close to Blue)
Cirie – I’m not in this to Bullshit you. I’m not in it to blindside you.. I’m not in it to do anything beside play with you FOR REAL
America – For real for real (HA)
Cirie – i’m not going to twist lies i’m not doing any of that. I’ve been trying to work with you this whole game.
Cirie – you have more of a path it doesn’t seem as grim as you think
America called to the Diary room.

3:00 pm Enjoying the weather

3:53 pm Matt bulking out nicely

3:57 pm Blue and Jag
Blue is sh!tting herself about America.
Blue – BRO.. BRO … Why are you saying all this sh1t.. BRO whatever..
Matt joins them and they go on about America’s campaigning attempts.

4:17 pm Cory/Bowie playing pool. America campaigns to Matt.
Cory tells Bowie “Jared felt he was great with Matt/Jag, Cameron felt he was great”
Cory – we all felt we were the real one we aren’t the real ones it’s them two.

4:26 pm Bowie and Jag
They compare notes about what Cory is saying. Jag says he’s targeting America next week.
Bowie says he’s voting Cory out tomorrow.
Bowie is saying she’s sticking to the plan to be loyal to Jag and Matt.
Jag denies that him, Matt, America and Cory had a named final 4 alliance.
Bowie is crying “Last time I cried was F**ING IZZY.. I’ve been holding it”
Bowie slaps her face “I’m going to clean myself up right now.. c’mon you mother f***Er”
Jag – don’t cry
Bowie – I just need to get my sh1t toegther
Jag says nothing Cory is saying is true not once did he say that Bowie should go up against Blue. It’ll either be Blue/America or Felicia/America.
Bowie goes on about she’s not putting Matt and Jag up until the end they they are going up on the block together.

5:30 pm Feeding time

5:40 pm Cory and America eat alone. The rest are sh1tting on America/Cory campgaioning attempts. (Sigh pathetic)

America jokes about going “Full Ginamarie” when Cory leave. Cory points out that her and Nick knew each other for 10 minutes compared to the two of them.

6:04 pm Felicia and Bowie
Talking about Cory’s “Flat out lies”
Bowie starts to cry “It’s a little bit much.. so much lies”

(Same thing they keep talking about. Whoever is on the block next week will get the same treatment it’s almost like they’re braindead.)

6:35 pm Inside Blue is telling Jag and Felicia She doesn’t open her texts she’ll respond to you when she responds to you. Outside Bowie is crying to Matt and Cirie about Cory lying to her.

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Good to see America finally “wising” up.


Either Blue is immature, or not very savvy? I’m not sure she understands it’s a game. People tell her lies and she doesn’t question them. Just lives in her own little dream world of being so adorable.. Jag is running the game. Smart cookie

Felicia’s toxic fart

Can’t stand Jag now….,would love him out next then Matt/Blew/Blowme/Cirie

Spot ON

Never did here.

un autre nom

Blue THEN: spends how long being ‘that’ girl about America, twisting the convos every chance she gets, then gloating to EVERYONE that the simp will crawl to her, but she’ll ‘be too bad, bitch’ to America.
America says Blue is a backup target.
Blue NOW: bro why’s she saying this bro why is she after me bro why is she twisting my words bro. brrrroooooooe.

The houseguests this season lack a self-awareness gene.
Me: spay the kitty and take the damn boots.

Bowie post Cory talk is spiralling to Jag. Would you put me up? Why have you been bonding with the mama’s? Is there a final 4 there?
Tears again. Remember when Jag proposed a Bowie pawning? Said that was going to come back.

you’re welcome.


Someone else pointed out that Bowie knows on some level that what Cory said was true even if he didn’t know it was the truth

Felicia’s toxic fart

Jag reminds me of this crazy guy I saw on u- tube, lol “ Tiny Tim “ playing a ukulele and singing with a high voice haha …. Won’t let me upload a pic

Spot ON

“Jag reminds me of this crazy guy I saw on u- tube, lol “ Tiny Tim “

How about OBL ?

Felicia’s toxic fart

Omg, yessss

un autre nom

late 60’s, maybe 68-69 cover of a 30’s song.
sang in falsetto by a baritone.
top 20’s or teens on the charts.
Sorry, used an audioclip from that ukulele mixed with clips of two other songs slowed so that the falsetto sounded baritone again and then played the clip in reverse for a performance art and installation i did in a gallery show a long time ago.

Where’s granny?!

Wow! That’s pretty impressive AN, for at least 7 or 8 years you continue to make me laugh and impress me with your takes. Feels like I’ve known you for years lol appreciate ya

senior Citizen

You must be a youngster.

Herbert Butros Khaury (April 12, 1932 – November 30, 1996), also known as Herbert Buckingham Khaury, and known professionally as Tiny Tim, was an American singer, ukulele player, and musical archivist. He is best remembered for his 1968 hit “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”, which he sang in a falsetto voice.

Another Dixie

My memory of Tiny Tim was that he got married on the Tonight Show in 1969 to Miss Vickie (age 17) while he was 37.

Chicken in a Robe

Lol, he was popular when I was a small child. Tip toe, thru the Tulips was his one hit wonder.


Top tie through the tulips. Was the name of the song

Spot ON

AMERIKA doesn’t have to do a thing for now. CORY is going to jury.

All AMERIKA has to do is to WIN HOH on THURSDAY, and THEN you’ll see that disgusting player that doesn’t take showers on AMERIKA’S feet BEGGING. AMERIKA should respond by thowing a bucket of water at her.

no mo bro

This game really brings out the worst in people. Everyone just keeps spewing the same vitriol over and over again.

I can’t believe one of these people is getting 750k and another one is getting 75k.

At least the 50k prize goes to the viewer’s favorite.

The house is smothered in negativity with this latest move and the houseguests need a break from game talk.

Frankly, so do I.

They need to stop hating on people who aren’t even in the game anymore, just to stop themselves from self reflecting and realizing they are what they hate.

I just want to hear some relaxed “normal” conversations. I want to see them laugh and joke around again.

Give them some alcohol Production and don’t be so damn stingy this time.

I’m sick of strategy talk and all I have to do is close my browser window when it gets to much for my brain.

Poor Cirie. No escape for her. She definitely looks like she needs a drink or two.

Another Dixie

This season has just been way too long. However, with this group, 2 weeks is too long.


Cory says he’s played harder than anyone else in the house from start to finish.
Cory Cory Cory what are we going to with you (SMH & Rolling my eyes to the back of my head).

Matthew schneider

I hate blue so much nothing but a rat totally needs to go shes not good
For americas game she actually hurts americas game

Wife Mom Chauffer

Cory should look on the bright side. He lasted longer in BB than his brother did on Survivor.

Spot ON


un autre nom

Translating Bowie:
What’s her deal? Go team / Draw the line / Go to war.
That’s her game philosophy.
That’s what she did.
The problem:
It’s with Matt and Jag.
This season it’s about onion alliances.
Why is she spiraling?
She gained allies (Cory, then Matt, then America, and finally Jag) based on sympathy for bullying she rec’d at the hands of the bbbitches. She’s trying to regain that allegiance through expressing she feels bullied again.
Why it’s not working:
At present, Matt’s in ‘too comfortable coddled so he can be a pig because he’s getting his way’ mode (Matt’s douchecanoe side is out right now) while Jag is already sitting in the ‘I’ve been bullied because she told me to fuq off’ chair…and he’s not sharing the sympathy seeking role with Bowie for victimwhining about… Jag turning on her when he IS planning exactly that (cowardly lion woe is me strategy is full-on now).
Jag and Matt want no part of this because Cory was right.

Spot ON

“America says Bowie’s “Nightlife” must include a lot of dudes.”

Like in a train station ?? lol…

But she claims to be “nonbinary” … how does she decide??

“Nonbinary: Denoting, having, or relating to a gender identity that does not conform to traditional binary beliefs about gender, which indicate that all individuals are exclusively either male or female.”

Obviously in need of “professional consultations”. Lot’s of nuts and bolts missing with that cookie.


jag was my fav to win day one but now i see he doesn’t even know how to play—he’s just winging it. I dont like the ‘found out in a club players’ its not fun to me. So many savvy superfans to chose from imo