Cam “She is also Cory’s puppet, so whatever Cory is thinking, she has to think it. He is her ticket.”

The Situation:
Lots of bullsh1tting going on.

  • Jared and Cameron are living in the house as “Zombies”
  • No HOH, No Power of Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.
  • Jared and Cameron compete in a 3 part comp to decide who gets to play in the puzzle comp to reenter the game
  • Jared lost the Zombie competition so Cameron gets to decide to do The puzzle competition to reenter the game

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12pm Upper Level Backyard – Cirie and Cory.
Cory – I know this is the past but I do think this is important. Jared started lying to me about America… directly. Cirie – for what though?! Cory – He is not a big fan of America.. which is okay. That’s fine. Its not like me and Blue were super close. But he started lying to me about things that she had done to turn me against her. Cirie – OOHHhhhh.. Cory – The weirdest thing that happened .. and he still denies it but I have enough that he couldn’t convince me otherwise. This is that week that Cameron is HOH and Jared is getting really close to Cameron trying to make him do whatever.. which didn’t really work because it was Izzy and Felicia on the block. Good try, good try. And Cameron pulls me in and says is there anything that you’ve told America about your outside life that you would be scared of getting out? Eluding to survivor .. like he is not saying it. And I sit there like a deer in headlights .. and he is like you don’t have to tell me just be really careful what you tell her. The implication that America is spreading this information. Now this is where I was dishonest with you. I told America about survivor maybe a week before ya’ll. Cirie – yeah I don’t care. It didn’t really matter to me. Cory – I told the three of you here and this information leads to Cameron. Later Cam told me that Jared basically went up to him and said there is some massive information about Cory’s life that if it got out would be a massive problem for him. I don’t even think he said it was survivor but he was basically annoyed that America knew before him. So he comes to me and says Cory, I think America is leaking your survivor thing.. AND I know it was him. And the survivor part doesn’t even matter. This is so goofy what is happening here. And that bugged me a lot. Cirie – that makes a lot more sense. I didn’t know what happened.

Bathroom – America and Cameron
Cameron – There is wind behind the sails. We’re in motion and we’re going to run. We’re going to f**king run! I’m ready to go. No idea what that f**king comp is going to be but I’m ready. America – I know you’re ready. If anyone is going to get that it is going to be you. YOU got this! I am rooting for you. I’ve been rooting for you. Cam you know how much I.. Cam – stop rooting me up, you’re good when I come back. America – no, no, no its not even about that. Its not about how cool I think you are or that you’re a bada$$ .. that I said to you in my goodbye message. I just want .. I want you to stay beyond next week. Cam – thank you for that. I want you to stay one more week. America – no no.. because people are already saying whoever comes back is the first to go. Cam – who said that. America – literally everyone has been saying that. Cam – okay. America – and I don’t want that to be the case. Cam – who said it to you? America – ahhh.. I don’t know everyone that you can think of.. like every name. Cam – so you’re the only person in my corner? America – I am not saying I am the only one but I haven’t talked to Matt and Jag recently. Or everyone I want to work with.. But that’s the sentiment right now. Cam – so there is no piece of anyone that is like well maybe he could be beneficial? America – Maybe.. BB switches the feeds.

12:22pm – 1pm Bathroom – Jag, Cameron and Matt.
Cameron – what we have is a three person alliance with layers. So we have the three of us and Blue and she feels like she is super connected. Do you remember the Brigade? Jag – I didn’t watch that season. Cam – it was Matt, the meow meow .. it was a solid group of 4 dudes and then Brittany. Because she felt she was in a 5 person alliance but she was the last person to leave the four person alliance. So where the layer would be here is it is just us three and we know that but Blue feels very connected because of our beginning together. She feels like she has a lot more say in the four person alliance than she really does… and we will keep her as long as we need to. I do love her but we both know she is selfish and will pick herself every time. So we got a 3 person, with a 4th person kicker. Then we stay close with Cory and America.. and we know what has to happen there. And we have Bowie ..that will do whatever we want. That is 7 people. So there are 3 other people that we all agree need to go before all the rest of us settle. Felicia, Cirie and Meme. And then we all settle on who we all agree need to go first. Felicia gets out of here. Then we got a good jury. But the very second, we know that Cory has got to get the f**k out of here. Jag – Blue is on board of getting Felicia out before jury. Cam – if Cory is as smart guy. If he is as smart as I know him to be .. right now he is thinking long game. He could be thinking about Jury votes. You know I am a f**king superfan. I love this show and you know if I am in that jury I will make a solid decision based on how they played the game.. not based on petty bullsh*t because you pissed me off during the game. If Felicia is in that jury house .. she makes things difficult. So if I am the one you think needs to leave first, you should probably reconsider. Jag – what we will do is wait for them to approach us. Matt – that’s interesting that America said that .. because I literally said we shouldn’t get rid of Cam. That is dumb, he will take the shot. We’re not on his bad side, we’re on his good side. But she probably has to do that I guess, I don’t know. Cam – she is also Cory’s puppet. So whatever Cory is thinking, she has to think it. She has to say it and agree with what he says. He is her ticket. Because once he leaves two weeks from now .. she is nothing. This next HOH .. I’ve had mine, its ya’ll time. This is me trusting the two of you. And don’t f**k me over because I will be really really mad at you. Matt – if we can’t trust each other this will never work.

1:18pm Backyard – Cory, Jag and Meme play a game of pool.

Backyard – Jared and Blue.
Jared – I am hoping that if he wins instead of it being automatically I go home, he gets to become HOH. Maybe even I’m an automatic nom. Like kind of how the first week was like I am an automatic nom and he just has to put someone else next to me. Because if that’s the f**king case it is going to be wreak less in this motherf**ker. And I guess that is us boasting it but if I stay I will not make the mistake and not take his offer and working with him. And I promise him, I am not coming after your a$$. And we get rid of all these motherf**kers. Blue – That’s crazy. I was telling Jag and Matt last night if you told week and a half ago Blue that she was considering working with Cameron she would f**king smack your a$$ right now. Jared – Same for me. I was determined to get that motherf**ker out. Blue – this game is crazy. Jared – this game is very fluid. And anyone that doesn’t understand that isn’t paying attention.

1:55pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:04pm Backyard – Jared and Blue.
Blue – I am so confident that you’re going to stay the way it is looking. The way that I hope the script is you know. Jared – yeah me too. I hope the comp is hard as f**k. Blue – I hope they rig it! Jared – I hope that sh*t is hard as f**k! Blue – yeah and its gonna be. Especially for something like this you’re gonna have to compete! I think it could go either way.. the only thing that makes me feel like its going to be hard is the same reason why it makes me think its going to be easy because the fact that they want to give you an opportunity. Blue – yeah but when is anything in here ever easy. Jared – not easy but .. you’re playing by yourself.. you have no pressure of beating someone else. You just have to worry about beating the time. Blue – but the pressure of it being your one last shot. Jared – I hope that motherf**ker roll an ankle. If he wins it though, I’m going to be like BRO you deserve it. Chalk that sh*t up to the game. Take my a$$ home. Blue – wait for me…. say it! Jared – I’m a wait for you baby. Blue – I give you a big fat kiss! But ya’ll not getting that.

3:02 – 3:13pm Upper Level Backyard – Bowie and America
America – if Jared leaves it would be great for us. Bowie – it would be great. America – I talked to Cam this morning, he wants to join us. He said I see that you have something good going on and I want to be a part of it. Bowie – he thinks the four of you? America – I have no idea. He was like I see the group.. no one’s name came up. Bowie – he might try to pit us against each other. America – he was like you guys are not my targets. I made it very clear during my HOH who my targets are. I took a stand against what I thought was my alliance. I turned against them because I saw how they were picking each other off and I don’t trust them. Bowie – that was right. I wouldn’t have had the balls to do it. America – he is right and I think his next targets are Meme, Felicia and Cirie.. which is good for us. And he is great at competitions if you can use him. You don’t have to take him out immediately. We just have to build trust. Cam brought it up to me.. who do we want in jury? Or who do we not want in jury? I feel like Cirie would influence a lot of votes. Felicia talks but I don’t think people take her seriously.

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I am do confused on how this Zombie comp works. Jared and Cam competed in comps so they could attempt a puzzle? Do they only get to do the puzzle once? Does Jared still get a chance? How does this work?!


I get the sense they compete in comps and the winner gets to pass or play on a final puzzle. If the person doing the puzzle is successful they’re in, if they fail the other person is in. Tin foil hat people believe Jared and cam will not get the same puzzle

Paul Sucks

I worked a long time on my tin foil hat…prove me wrong!

Not Jasons Holly

I’m thinking competitions were supposed to last all week. Maybe best of 7. From what I heard, it sounded like Cam won 4 and Jared maybe won 1! Now Cam gets to decide who puts the puzzle together against a clock. He’s going to play. If he gets it, he’s in. If he fails, Jared is in.


Dumbest thing I’ve heard in awhile. What should happen if Cam were to fail, Jared would need to have to try and complete the same puzzle to get in, not just get in by default. If he doesn’t solve it. Then try another.


I don’t believe Cam is giving America credit when it comes to the showmance planning game moves.


I don’t believe cam gives women credit for anything in general

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Exactly. He a narcissistic misogynistic.


Sorry maybe it was hisam who made that awful speech. If so I retract about the speech part and he’s still a chauvinist.


Because he doesn’t think women have a brain. That women do not belong in a man’s world. We must never ever forget his “speech”. He’s a chauvinist. He a Jared are two by peas in a very rotten pod. I hope it’s Jared and then cam. If he just hadn’t called out that girl in such an ugly and public way I’d be pulling for him. Then I remember.


For Christ sake get those floss picks out of your mouths…. why are these people so gross?

Nether Region Euphemism

Even worse when I saw Matt on the episode speaking strategy with it in his mouth. There are viewers watching and listening, omg!

BB Princess

Matt should definitely have an excellent visit with no cavities when he sees his dentist

un autre nom

I kept my mouth shut (relatively… for me)
while meme and fe were playing statler and waldorf yesterday… and felicia was legs open in a white robe all i could think was
‘worst community theatre production of basic instinct….ever.’

Spot ON

Maybe FELICIA was trying to get MATT to read her lips for an important message.


This better get a thousand thumbs up


You are sucio but I approve lol. :p


Jared – yeah me too. I hope the comp is hard as f**k. Blue – I hope they rig it!

Need I say more?

un autre nom

Why this twist sucks.

the zombies should be have nots. they aren’t because baby won’t eat slop.
the zombies aren’t in the game. they shouldn’t get 24 hour access. they should be in have not 12 hours, out for 12 hours, alternating not both same time.
the zombies gum flapping should be limited….since when do zombies talk thhhhaaaaat much.
zombie costumes… since when can costumes mix and match with their own clothes? never? just for baby you say?
default comp to re-enter and prodo won’t tell Cory if they’re letting him play HOH.


This is so funny! Blu said she hopes they rig it for Jared! If Jared wins it was definitely rigged. The only reason cam and Jared have another shot is because the ratings went way down after Cam lost the veto knowing he was going home. No one wants Jared back because he is a bully in that house and the way he speaks to Blu is awful! Blu isn’t all that bright letting a man disrespect her in front of thousands of people. Like I have said this is the worst season I have watched. They ruined it having cirie and her disrespectful son on the show. The rest of them are on vacation it’s so hard to watch. I’m embarrassed for them.


Blue is this season’s Zakiyah

un autre nom

Zombie Manson and Zombie poohforbrains have both talked about getting rid of whoever doesn’t ‘deserve’ to be in jury.

pause. let it sink in

M’fers that have been evicted. THAT’S WHO DOESN’T DESERVE JURY. PERIOD.

BB Fan

So you mean Jag too, right? Because that was the first rig. And on Cameron’s HOH week. The deck has been stacked against him and he’s still here. Maybe production came to their senses and needed a way to keep him here. Unfortunate they had to keep Jared too but hopefully it works out for Cam to stay!

un autre nom

I’M half on Jag for one reason: if not for the power, the vote wouldn’t have been unanimous. The rigging of the week itself makes who would have been evicted a question mark. Until the vote comp winner made it clear Jag was being saved the week was already nullified.

BB Fan

True. I just feel like Cam made a lot of enemies that week and then had nothing to show for it. He became a target of Jag because he “targeted” Jag, and then Jag gets to stay! Everyone’s hate for Cam just angers me. If it was all because he’s good at the comps that’s one thing, but some of them talk about him like he’s a terrible person and I just don’t understand. Way worse things have been done to him than he has done to anyone. In my mind he deserves to be there even more than Jag.

un autre nom

Every enemy Cam had week 4 he already had as enemies week 2, and week three. That’s what happens when you try to be alliance general every time you get allies… and plot to backstab those allies if they don’t say yessir.
Handful. jumped ship. legends? tried to form the manson family to slaughter them while he was leading legends. That’s backstabbing the whole house in a week and a half. All on Cameron himself.

Spot ON

“I’M half on Jag for one reason…”

Consistency matters. It’s when exceptions, preemptions, abstaining, etc., are created, then it detracts from the original position.

un autre nom

it’s not an exception. It was a fake eviction where the fake eviction power holder and accomplice tampered with a vote. the house was actually taking out Blue until the power comp. Jared tantrumed so mommy ensured a vote that kept both.
So, is a fake eviction where the evicted hg never leaves the house the same as evicted, left the experiment to see the audience and Julie before re-enter or battleback comp the same thing?
That’s why I’m half, i’m mindful of my criteria, and not sure if the jag fake eviction vote meets the criteria. i’m undecided.

Carlito's Way

Blue – I am so confident that you’re going to stay the way it is looking. The way that I hope the script is you know. Jared – yeah me too. I hope the comp is hard as f**k. Blue – I hope they rig it! WTH? This has to be the 4th time Jared and Blue have talked about “the script.” Could it be more blatant? They are not even trying to hide it. Then the Jackass wishes the m’ther f**cker Cam rolls his ankle. What a lovely guy.

Spot ON

“They are not even trying to hide it. Then the Jackass wishes the m’ther f**cker Cam rolls his ankle. What a lovely guy”
Appears that the wish is mild considering that if they were on the “outside” he may have fractured it with a crowbar

tom f

Exterminate the exterminator, He is the biggest bug, bully and wannabe thug. Good job on parenting Cirie. I hope after the show is over and they see all the negative stuff written about them, Cirie retires from reality TV. I was a fan of hers for the first 2 times she was on Survivor, but, you could see the metamorphosous, (did I spell that right?), in her 3rd season. Very manipulative.! As far as Jared, if his girlfriend, outside of the game, is still with him afterward, she better get some pysotherapy!

Spot ON

“Good job on parenting Cirie”
She’s only capable of parenting to the extent that she received while she was growing up, the extent to which is unknown.