“I just think I can be more beneficial than [Sam] in the long run. I’m really genuinely thinking that”

POV: Kaycee HOH KAycee
POV Used No Noms: Sam & Haleigh

Lotsa suntanning today..

2:01pm Kitchen..
Tyler mentions something about Sam saying That FES was a highly intelligent GAy man
KC – Fes was very bi curious
A – you really think so
K – oh yeah, for sure
A – I have no gaydar at all
K – I have GREAT GAYdar
A – all of my best friends have been gay
K – I have amazing gaydar
Sam – I really thought there was a chance that FES could be gay
K – He’s definitely BI Curious
T – who said Swoggy was gay
K – I DID I see him walk around flamboyantly
Angela apparently also saw this.
K – I saw it a couple times
KC – I swear he has to be some kinda bi curious
KC – he loved wearing that kimono around flamboyantly I saw him doing some weird shit.. there’s a little bit of something in there.. I swear
Sam pipes in that Fes was really sensitive
K – he would fit in teh gay community for sure
S – yeah
K – he loves looking at himself
A – he does
S – that too
K – he’s very into himself..
JC agrees that Fes is always looking in the mirror at his hair and face
S – he had female qualities.. it’s stuff like that I pick up on
Tyler says he gets misunderstood as a bi guy all the time..
Kaycee – I think everyone in this world is bi curious dammit..

3:50pm Haleigh and Angela
H – I just don’t know how to do this week..
A – when did you want to start talking to people
H – I don’t know.. the only thing.. everyone knows how she is.. unpredictable, rash, up and down.. (Sam)
H – as far as jury goes she was the only one to keep 2 and rockstar thinks she kept her.. that’s what Scottie said
H – I think I played the game and she’s getting away with throwing comps siting back
H – she’s throwing comps because she can get away with it
H – I think if she would have gotten in power you and I would have been in danger
A – she says I wouldn’t be but.. mmmmmm
H – I’m with you.. you and kaycee.. I just want you all feel comfortable with what you all do
A – I think how things have gone down this week has kinda smoothed everything over.. we’ve all taken our shot
H – The house will be a lot more enjoyable to live in
H – I talked to Brett little bit last night .. obviously he doesn’t want her to stay (Sam) .. he wants to see what everyone else is doing of cours e
A – I’m trying to find out from Kaycee what she wants to do
H – She doesn’t want to say it .. she’s too nice to say it.
H – I know you’ve always been honest and open that’s why I wanted to talk to you first
Angela makes it sound like she doesn’t know what is going to happen “I’ve been trying to get a feel for what kaycee is thinking”
A – me and KAycee are in the exact same position.. you put me and KAycee up together and Sam has never done anything to me
H – exactly
A – Sam will retaliate towards her (Kaycee) Going to wait and see what Kaycee is feeling
H – that’s fair
A – Kaycee might be trying to feel out the other two to see what they think
A – a lot of her decisions will be based off of that.. to make everyone happy..
H – you think I should talk to Tyler..
A – yea
H – he [JC] told me to stay calm don’t lose my cool.. see how the week goes.. he has an Idea that everyone wants her gone
A – whatever it’s going to be it’ll be unanimous

H – I just think I can be more beneficial than her in the long run
H – I’m not just saying that I’m really genuinely thinking that for you
H – We’ve all taken shots now
A – the one thing Tyler would be scared about is he might think you would put him and me up again
H – I just don’t know how to reassure that..
A – yeah, what can you do right now .. the only thing you can to is say..
H – I have nothing else.. just try and let him know..
H – AS of right now what is you read on him
A – I think if Tyler thought 1000% he wouldn’t go up if you won HOH he would stand on one side of the fence over the other
H – I can stand here saying that I hope you believe me.. but.. I don’t know..
A – I feel like me, Tyler and Kaycee are definitely on the same
H – page
A – the same page were all in the exact same situation because of the events that went down
A – like when you were HOH all of us got it like back to back to back
H – yeah.. It’s kinda good it happened that way it’s like…

Brett walks in ..
A – I like you’re hat
Brett – it’s got a weird arc to it it looks like a circus hat..
(it’s JC)

Kaycee joins them for a second says the hair looks “Totally bada$$”
Kaycee mentions they might be lockdown inside for 2 weeks.

5:25pm Working out.. hanging out..

6:47pm Tyler and BRett in the hot tub..
This is Tyler’s first time using it.

7:15pm chit chat and food

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JC is Pervy

These dull times from Sunday till Thursday are annoying. Sleeping, laying out, doing hair, and catching bugs are not fun to watch. They are way too comfortable……more punishments please.


I’m sure Haleigh’s pitches will be amusing. You can take me to the end, those guys would never vote for me…they are the Hive. That might actually work. I can see them frantically talking about how they thought they were voting to evict and not for the winner.


H – I just think I can be more beneficial than her in the long run
H – I’m not just saying that I’m really genuinely thinking that for you

I’m really genuinely thinking that for you—— there is no hope, you’re still a moron!

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I was thinking the same, “honestly”, “genuinely”, “legitimately”, “Literally” nah. Those words don’t make it true. Not gonna happen, Hails.


No, they would say they voted against Hay because she cast all the rogue votes.


Them having to put up with Haleigh over the next few days is their punishment.


What’s your favorite part of this season so far?

My favorite part is when JC was kissing Ty’s armpit. It was so funny.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Thanks to FOUTEE and the Hive there were so many great moments, but I guess I’d have to go with when Scotter was evicted.

Both times.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

And… it’s a crime.


When Kaitlyn didn’t finish the puzzle!!!!

Teri in Oregon

Bahaha! I loved that moment, too!!!


So. Many. Blindsides. Giddy with glee.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

– This is why I don’t roc’ w/ KC…. Always callin’ me bisexual. Not that I have a problem with people who ARE… my roommate in college was gay and I love him. Just stop labeling ME that when you know I’m dating Bayleigh. Or you’re only doing that bc you’re mad.

– People are idiots calling me homophobic because I stated I don’t like KC calling me gay. I love gay people. My roommate for 2 years was gay. My cousin is gay. They’re the funnest people to be around. Just stop callin’ ME that knowing I’m not & I have Bay. That’s all.

Swaggy C is not amused!


UMMMMMMM, I would hardly say that Swaggy is “dating Bayleigh” when he knew her for a few days and hooked up……..seriously? What is wrong with his reality? He is nothing more than an attention seeking whore. Looking to ride the coat tails of a girl he hooked up with on live feeds……He needs to have his ego checked. He is immature and does not understand the realities of everyday life. Twitter does not make a man…..I pray that she isn’t pregnant. Neither of them are prepared to successfully handle that responsibility.

Cra Cra

True, but he’s been hanging with her family since he’s been out of the house. I think they are ready to marry her off.

Melody McNeil

All Swoggy sees are


So, Swaggynis actually in a relationship with her parents, not her!


I couldn’t agree with you more. I check out his IG some times and that guy is crazy. He thinks he’s sooo cool and has so much swag but he seems like such a dork to me. Everything about his life now is about Bayeligh, a girl he knew for two weeks. Today on his IG he said he is only selling his Swaggy C tshirts for another 2 weeks cause once Bayleigh is out of the house he needs take at least 4 months off to spend time with her. Do these people not need to work? He thinks he’s going to be so famous from this. SMH.


There is nothing swag about this idiot at all. 4mons off to spend with bay (LMAO) I don’t think he will even need a week before bay runs. At least if she is smart she will run from the idiot ASAP. I see nothing but an immature, insecure control freak who will try to tell her what she can/can not do. I see stalking in her very near future…sadly. Hopefully we will never have to see scaggy again nor anyone from the hive actually..LOL

J e t s jets jets jets

They’re both idiots. Bayleigh most of all. How does she think that Brett gives two shits about blowing up HER game after she put him on the block. They both deserve each other because they are selfish and think that they are entitled to have everything be only about them. How many times did Bayleigh tell someone to shut up. If even once someone had told her to shut up all hell would have broken loose.

Bridezilla Bay

“Uh, Mr. Dayton, I’m Swaggy C. I banged your girl on camera. I brought you a T-Shirt and here’s some flowers for your wife.”


Don’t forget he was nice enough to give her choices of where he should put “IT”. That’s a true gentleman!!!


What do you mean? He asked if she wanted #1, #2, or #3?


Yeah, the father seems like a real genius too.


Scaggy was pathetic and now with all the shirts of him/bay, unreal. I think he is using her to try and get this BS t-shirt company going. I don’t get why anyone in their right minds would want shirts with his name, her name, or their names together. Thankfully this crap will come to end soon. I guess people don’t know they can make one up for a lot less than what he is selling them for on their own. Once the show is over so will be the shirts, hopefully. About her being pregnant was the dumbest thing out of her mouth. Couple of days after having sex she thinks she might be pregnant. Seriously, you just meet this guy and you don’t have protected sex? I would be more concerned about what they could have caught from the other. One of the HGs mentioned their were condoms in the storage room, I guess scaggy and bay were just to dumb to know what they were for or to lazy to go and get one. Guessing all the talk from her family saying how they wont let her dad watch the live feeds is because of scaggy going around bragging about having sex with bay to all the HGs. Bay saying she is in love with scaggy was hard to watch/hear, I don’t think she knows what love is. She knows nothing about him, I don’t care that they spent a week or 2 together for 24 hrs a day – that doesn’t mean you are seeing the ‘true’ person they are. They wont know what either of them truly are until they are outside the house and have to deal with real life issues. I don’t see them lasting long at all.




Are you truly Swaggy C

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird with a Man Bun

Do y’all think Julie Chen will be hosting the show on Thursday?


She has saud she will. Apparently just taking a break from ‘The Talk” right now. That could change of course.


This is understandable, “The Talk” is highly critical of alllllllllll things. She is probably feeling a little hypocritical being associated with the show. Big Brother is controlled. That won’t be stressful or offer an open opportunity to be criticized or confronted with her husbands situation.

Charles Bronson

All over the place she will host. But Les sure did f*** it up for BBUS. Unknown future because new regime likes to clean house and put a stamp of there own. I love Big Brother and always will. They can just end it for us all, hope not.
Please please continue a great show. I don’t know what else to say, I’m just a bit worried about the show I most look forward to….

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird with a Man Bun

I hope this isn’t the end for BBUS. I’ve been watching since day one and couldn’t imagine my summers without it. Are you listening CBS??


Im OK with this being the end of Julie Chen hosting BBUS.


The ratings are still good so money’s still coming in from it. Big Brother will still be around next season and many more. Most likely there will be a new host. The talk show is probably dead though.


The talk show is very popular, I don’t see it ending. Julie may step away from it but I think it will go on. The other ladies on the show are all good and could carry the show without Julie, they don’t need her to be a popular show.


She only has a job because of Les, so don’t be surprised if she isnt on the network starting June 2019.


I think they look at ratings. If BB still brings in the numbers it will be fine. Hopefully it will get better and less expect the predictable and more expect the unexpected.


Is it me…because I don’t get Haleighs convo with Angela AT ALL. It’s like Angela’s words went right over Haleigh’s head.
i.e. Angela says..you put me, KC and tyler on the block. Hay says yeah..it was kinda good it went like that.
Sorry? What ?
In truth though. Haleigh would get all of Hive’s votes..so there is nothing she can do to change her leaving.
I do like her trying. Hay was on the wrong side. She is mature for her age and certainly smart.
It seems that she has a huge following from Hive fans..so she may very well get AFP.
Scottie had a good shot at AFP but he screwed that up royally.
Game wise…socially..comps..at this point KayCee is a sure winner at final 2.
Tyler has a really big problem to overcome. He never had a good social game with Bay..Rocks, Fess or Scottie. And Hay likes Brett more than Tyler.
He can only win against Angela. But so far..Tyler doesn’t see that.
Production will (maybe) set him straight.
It should be noted that for being 23 years old..Tyler has been amazing. I am pulling for him.
On a side note..I have responded to the kind replies to my blog last night.
So many astute insights and humour. I really enjoy the people her. ( For the most part :):):)

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Poor Hay is out of gas. She’s just got nothing to offer anyone at this point. The Hive are such idiots they would reward Orwella before legitimate game play. Enjoy your comments as well 🙂 I don’t think ANY one thought Level 6 would stay a secret this long; it’s a credit to the stupidity of half the house and L6’s ability to keep secrets and socially separate from each other throughout the season. I think Tyler began a slight reveal in Scottie’s GBM. That he had the 2nd power app. They need to reveal they’ve been working as a true alliance since Day 2, what The Hive and FAUTE could never accomplish. “Loyal to the end(ish).”

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Haleigh has a fair shot at AF. BB has been giving her an incredibly favorable (and quite misleading) edit; her edited image will appeal to some. The Hive does have a very vocal fan base and they’re very angry, so she will benefit from that.

The two flies I see in the ointment for her are: there’s also a concerted effort going on to get AF for Bayleigh which will split that vote, and while the Hive fan base is very vocal, they don’t appear to be as large as their huffing, and puffing and blow your house down rhetoric makes them out to be. The three leading “popularity” polls continually have Haleigh at the top…of the bottom half of the field of players. She almost continually polls lower than Sam, Winston and Rachel.

Her best hope would be that the AF votes for the top half of the field are heavily split and divided up. Now, if it’s true about the Grodner quote, that even 1st and 2nd place are eligible for AF this year, I don’t see Haleigh coming close.


Where did you hear about 1st and 2nd place being eligible for AFP? I would love to vote for Tyler but was thinking I’d hate to waste my votes if he ends up in the final two. Thanks.

Sandy C

In an interview, Alice Grodner said that ALL hg’s are eligible for AFP.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Wow, AF for Bayleigh, that’s mind boggling. Blood spewing, week 1 “love/unprotected sex/showmance”, hateful, judgmental… well, you know. I believe you though because I’m not on Twitter (sort of but not really). Haleigh …. HORRIBLE game. Train wreck game. Showmance with Fez. I personally can’t imagine voting for anyone for AFP other than KC Tyler Brett. Personally, I like Angela, too. I would have included JC but he’s jumped the perverted shark too many times for me.


It’s the casual viewer that ruins AFP. Live Feeders see things as they are – without production favoring them.


Daughter of Blackula for AF………….ridiculous.



J e t s jets jets jets

I think a lot of America will feel sorry for JC after tonight’s episode. I know I did. Not having a single family member record something for him broke my heart. I really feel bad for the kid.


There is no way Bayleigh gets AFP. Well unless America likes rewarding entitled, selfish princesses!

Fes mom

Fes should be AF. He’s the only one who made the big moves.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

That’s only because he eats a high fiber diet.


Big bowel movements for sure……just ask the janitor Sam lol.


What big move? Getting out his only other alliance member, oh yeah awesome move!


If he’s eligible Tyler would get it over any of the Hivers….


I’ve read that a lot of people that were supporting her for AFP aren’t anymore after she made some comment about paralyzed people.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I completely agree that a Bayleigh for AF is idiotic and completely undeserving, unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, it exists.

Keep in mind, she was given her special app mostly because of Jessica (of Cody and Jessica fame). Jessica encouraged all of her followers to vote for Bayleigh because, at the time, she saw a similarity between what happened to Bayleigh and what happened to her. And she has a LOT of followers.

That said, there are a lot of people out there who follow previous players and vote. I don’t imagine (hope) Jessica won’t repeat that mistake but you never know. I do know that the 15th place player this season has a moderately active fan base that believe they’re on some sort of crusade for her; and I won’t take that any further. They’re vehemently opposed to voting for Haleigh.

As for 1st and 2nd place being eligible for AF…I didn’t read it (directly) myself but someone else posted a portion of an interview Grodner did where she said they would be eligible…but expect the unexpected.

Myself, I intend to vote for one of the L4 members who doesn’t appear to be headed for final two just so they get some deserved recognition. Now that Brett is going stupid that will make my choice far easier.


Neither haleigh nor sam have done anything to be favorite. I just pray that it doesn’t go to JC, not after all the things he has done to the HGs. His antics should not be rewarded IMO. I think brett/tyler have both done great things to earn AFP. I wish I could vote for AFP but being Canadian I can’t.

BB Fan

Why do u say Hay is mature? By her age I had been working for 3 years & paid for my own place & 100% supported myself. She is a grown ass adult who should be mature by her age. You say she is mature like it’s some kind of Devine gift. LOL


Are there really Hive fans? If so, they must be feeling like the Lions fans are feeling today.


Hails suffers from Hive Jive.

Sandy C

I don’t agree with, ” Tyler can only win against Angela”. Everyone in the jury wanted to work with Tyler. Haleigh wanted to work with Tyler. You don’t want to work with someone if you think they’re a bad player. I believe Tyler can win against anyone except, maybe, maybe, Kaycee. I think, hands down, Tyler has played a stellar game!


Hayleigh didn’t want to work with Tyler. She got upset when fessieboy tried to make a deal with tyler/angela. They wanted to work with him early on in the game until he showed them who he really was with and it wasn’t them. the whole hive side after week two started saying they couldn’t trust tyler, not to tell him everything. Even though he was still able to convince them that he was voting with them and make it seem like it was scottie who flipped. they had to send brett/jc in to the hive to get intel because tyler wasn’t getting anything from them. once it really broke off to the hive against the other side, they didn’t want anything to do with tyler. If hay truly wanted to work with tyler, she never would have put him OTB when she won the hacker comp.


My read was Hailiegh couldn’t hook Tyler into a showmance / game partner and was frustrated by Kaitlyns ability to steal Tyler from her. (Her own words)….that’s the beginning of her targeting Tyler. You hate what you can’t have.


I don’t get why Haleigh hasn’t figured out she is going over sam, hive mentality showing through again..LOL. Sam wins nothing, will be easy to get out as will JC and I am hoping he goes on the DE. I wish haleigh would have done something to show the other side earlier on, she should have walked away from the hive long time again, then she might have had a chance of talking them into getting sam out over her. Angela/Kaycee calling haleigh fake all the time is annoying. Its like they think she should just sit in a corner and not talk to anyone. She only trying to talk to everyone still in the house and possibly just get to know them. Granted she didn’t do that from the start but neither did they, are they all fake too now because they are talking to haleigh? Can’t blame her for trying to pitch (even though it wont do anything ..she is leaving) but she doesn’t want to just give up, no one in the house would just give up. We will find out next week/possibly the week after how they all act when they finally have to go after each-other. I just never liked any of the personal attacks, there is no reason for it. Everyone in there has now done it, there is not one HG who hasn’t talked about someone on a non game level. Even all the talk about who is gay is disgusting. He was happy one day/he looks in the mirror alot, so, he is flamboyant, must be gay/bi. I watched how they move their hands, he’s feminine, he must be gay. Yeah all those things they mentioned about someone is a sure sign they are gay or bi. Even being gay doesn’t mean you can tell right away if someone is gay/bi. That whole conversation was awful.


1) Haywhore talked a lot of smack until her last alliancers left.
2) The person saying that he is gay is in fact gay. She’s not saying it as a putdown because she is gay. Logically she would be putting herself down.

C’mon Canada


She’s mature? What show have you been watching?


Really want to know what Brett/Tyler we’re talking about in the hot tub. Mics were off so it was hard to hear, anyone know? I hope they were talking about jc being shady

Haleighs Booty Shorts

Tale Of The Tape…

No Personality Tyler – multi cbs show production pet and perhaps the most boring bb season ‘star/season DR narrator/likely winner’ we have ever seen…has had the largest amount of lucky breaks ive seen one houseguest get in a season including the amount of vetos he got picked and absolute loyalty throughout from every single person on his side(very rare)…given a 2 month lasting nom power just in case he needed it and cheated in an hoh without penalty…over the last month he has ground the season to a snails pace virtual halt with a procession of bottom of the totem pole predictable evictions…his low energy boring personality and steering the season the way he is makes the 2nd half of this season even more boring than bb16 or bb19 in my opinion, and you could argue the first half of the season was too overly reliant on flip votes to manufacture silly monotonous drama…his arrogance of sending 5 hive all to jury could be his blindspot and potentially might cost him the game depending who he sits next to

Furniture Angela(Tyler minion #1) – putting Tylers best interests before her own…hand picked by production to be the fake showmance partner of Tyler and assured of being loyal and aligning with Tyler being from the same place, giving him her Olympic background in comps as a safety net

Boring KC(Tyler minion #2) – putting Tylers best interests before her own…hand picked by production to be assured of being loyal and aligning with Angela and therefore Tyler, she has trained at the same place Angela has, giving him her football background in comps as a safety net

Crazy Sam(Tyler minion #3) – production plant for the purpose of giving Tyler an extra vote each week and is there to appear weak and not playing so she is dragged to the end for an easy Tyler win(to maximise the chance another 5-4 against Paul doesnt happen to Tyler)…hates anyone trying to get close to Tyler

Cranky JC(Tyler minion #4) – wants Angelas head on a stake so he can be closer to Tyler…hand picked by production to be attracted to Tyler and a manipulator of anyone looking to go after Tyler…has put in alot of work and been entertaining and would be a very deserving winner

Bro Brett(Tyler minion #5) – wants Angelas head on a stake so he can be closer to Tyler…hand picked by production to be bros with Tyler and a manipulator of anyone looking to go after Tyler…has put in alot of work and been entertaining and would be a very deserving winner

Goddess Haleigh – what am I gonna do with myself on Friday with no Haleigh to watch on feeds? I hope she plays again in future when she is in her mid 20s…sole survivor of her half of the house, played for 3 weeks basically on her own, the only real meaningful challenger Tyler has faced and is likely to face all season…without her fun, lively, energetic personality and humor this season and particularly feeds would have been so much more boring and I would have tuned out weeks ago(many say kaitlyn was most entertaining but most of her antics were dumb and annoying…and many say brett is most entertaining but im not a fan of the fake character voices he always puts on, its not genuine…ive found Haleigh to be the most interesting to listen to in conversations, she is always herself, and genuinely low key hilarious and some of the funniest moments of the season are JC, Brett and Haleigh together playing ‘Would You Rather’)…in jury it would be hilarious if she snubs creepy, moronic fessys advances…would be cool to see her be the jury swing vote and decide the winner…as I found her the most genuine, entertaining houseguest throughout the season on a constant basis(and Tylers only challenger), for americas favorite im voting for Haleigh


Looks like It’s that time of season where the in house action slows while the troll action in the comments heats up. let’s get a troll count –THUMBS UP IF YOUR IN THE COMMENTS TO TROLL.

BB Fan

That was WAY too long to read. U sound super jealous of Tyler. He is where he is because of knowledge of the game & playing it well. He is also fairly likeable & nice to people. See…short and to the point Hays Booty Shorts 🙁


Frankly my dear your so full of shit on so many levels I don’t know where to start……so I won’t.

Sandy C

Holy Smokes Haleigh’s Booty Shorts, Why do you even watch BB if you think it’s so rigged?! I must say, I’m truly baffled, bemused & bewildered by the BB fandom…
We want a season of all newbies…?.
We want a season with hg’s that want to play for the 500k …?. (well everyone except Fessy)
We want a player that is strategic, is a comp beast & has a phenomenal social game…
Tyler…??? !!!
I LOVED this season! One of the best season of BB in quite awhile.

Sandy C

Darn it, just read my own post, the question marks were suppose to check marks. Oh well.


I feel sorry for you. Your posts show that you feel lonely and unloved.


I am losing it… so I’m going to rant.

Brett pulled Tyler into the storage room & thinks they should go after the girls and betray level 6 before they do it. (I’m a Tangela fan but Tyler is not sticking up for the girls and pushing Brett to make the big move) I can’t tell if Tyler really wants this or not but really guys… Angela is the most hated in jury so wtf take her out when that’s a guaranteed win. (Tyler tells Brett that if one of them win during the double that they’ll talk about it so I’m hoping Tyler will still put up jc/sam) It makes me so mad to see them talk about putting them up when the girls defend them & genuinely want them as top 4. Jc is the troll that started this in Brett’s head & now he’s running with it… & Tyler on the other hand has been acting shady all day to Angela which makes me think he’s ready to cut her loose because of the showmance being thrown around. Lvl 6 get it together!
Sorry needed to vent!


I didn’t see the convo but maybe Tyler is just handling himself differently with Brett than he does with JC. Tyler has always adapted to who he is around and the things he can and cannot say. So I can see him not being as stubborn with Brett as he is JC. Because he can just make a grumpy face joke to JC and it doesn’t cause too much backlash. If he’s stubborn with Brett, and Brett wins HOH, he may feel Brett comes for him thinking he would be choosing the girls over him. If Brett doesn’t win. He has nothing to worry about and he didn’t make Brett feel he would choose the girls over him.

My Take

Yes! I’m so pissed at Tyler. Wow. I hope Angela wins HOH Thursday.

Butters Mom

Brett probably isnt going to win hoh to put up anyone. Tyler would most likely win over him and he more than likely wont try to win either. Im assuming Angela will take the next HOH because KC cant play and then Tyler doesnt have to worry about Brett running astray. It is best for Bretts game to cut the girls now if he is able so I can understand why he would want to do that. Tyler is covered no matter who wins hoh. This is probably why he didnt over react.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

What’s wrong with them tonight? Just started watching After Dark and they are all acting weird. Brett is all hyped up (playing pool with JC); Haleigh telling Angela that Tyler called them FBA (F@@@ Boys Anonomous) “isn’t that the funniest thing you’ve ever heard?” No. Not even a little bit. It’s stupid. Have they been drinking?


Maybe Tyler doesn’t want to have all his hard work flushed down the toilet for the Hive to vote for KC…… because she did nothing the first 7 weeks….. shes still in the house cause of Tyler protecting her…….how quickly we forget sometimes.


Me again. Update… not pissed at Tyler anymore. He told Kaycee everything that was mentioned with Brett & if it were Brett to win hoh on Thursday then he would definitely diffuse the situation with putting up the alliance and go for Sam/jc. It’s clear that Tyler is just trying to not force Brett into thinking he really wants to keep Angela/Kaycee so that he doesn’t feel favoritism.


Jc is the worst. I want him to go during the DE!

Who said that!

Question:Who should win?
Not who you like the most or who you want to win or who you think will win.
Who deserves to win the game.
For me the person who executes the most control over the game is most deserving,that is Tyler.

Eh eh

Kaycee – I think everyone in this world is bi curious dammit..

Heheh! There’s being different… then there’s being convinced everyone else feels similarly but they’re just in the closet if they say otherwise. Whew! Now I actually feel sorry for her mom.

Admit it, mom. You’ve had fantasies about eating out a woman too. Come on, if you really loved me you’d stop lying about your feelings….

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And Kaycee has never been with a man. You might think just on the basis of comparison she might have been curious to at least have tried it.

dean in seattle

does anyone know if production or if julie is going to inform angela and tyler about the hurricane thats going to hit hilton head south carolina? dont u think they should be told?

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WHY DO MY POSTS GET POSTED AND THEN REMOVED OR DON’T GET POSTED AT ALL SIMON OR DAWG? I was gonna donate but can’t under these conditions.


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You’ve had and have much worse screen names on here. As for offensive, I’d love for you to show me anything offensive I wrote please. As for repetitive, why can’t i show my support for who I like. OBB posters are that upset that I post a bunch of p-letter words together. I have never used derogatory, inflammatory, degrading language yet.

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You have and I have commented to you about it. Maybe you don’t think what you post is repetitive or offensive or derogatory but a lot of us do.


I hope when they do the season awards (usually at F4) they show Fes/Haleigh kissing. Since they’ll be in jury the house knowing at that point won’t matter. Hal is doing her best to put a spotlight on the Ty/Ang showmance even insinuating Ty/Ang had sex to Brett. The funny part is for all of JCs jealous paranoia even he told Brett “no way”.

The funny thing is I’m not sure Haleigh was ever that “into” Fessy. Does she like him – yeah, but I think she was far more into Brett (and Tyler). Brett always flirted with her – but saw through her game. He’s only talking to her to try to influence her jury vote (& get her to work for him in jury). That might work if it weren’t for the fact I expect Tyler’s GBM will out L6 (including the fact Brett has been with them since it formed on Day 2), JC’s involvement in the votes since the beginning & that he had the power app.

For the most part Brett has been doing a great job with the non L6 members, but the problem is he started working this angle too late (after week 9). And, b/c he’s paranoid about his position in L6 he’s also not doing as good of a job being natural with L6. Case in point – Angela who doesn’t generally catch little nuances noticed Brett is acting weird and it drew her attention to Brett/JC which she brought to KC’s attention.

Although the game plan is to take out Sam at DE – I won’t be surprised if L6 pull a fast one to take out Brett instead, especially if he isn’t careful (or if Tyler turns up the heat in this direction).

Looking at the board I just don’t see Tyler trying to win HOH at DE. Brett will try to win (to ensure his safety) but it’s highly unlikely he’ll strike at L6 especially b/c they could take him out next in response & if he misses his mark all 3 will gun for him. The danger for Brett comes via the re-nom.

And, the most intriguing choice would be if JC wins HOH. Will he put up 1) Sam/Ang or 2) strike at both L6 ladies? (then again it’s doubtful he’ll even try to win).

In the event he does however, it could result in a Brett oust or at the very least Brett learning JC’s true affinity is to Tyler because:
* in scenario 1) If KC/Ty win POV & remove Angela

* or in scenario 2) if Ty wins & takes down one of KC or Ang or one of them remove themselves?

Then who goes on the block? In no scenario do I see JC putting Tyler on the block, so in scenario 1) if KC won POV to remove Angela then Brett lands on the block. The question is would L6 take him out over Sam? I think Tyler would push for it b/c he’ll know Brett will be furious (with JC). Tyler knows how much the pair talk & an angry Brett would blow after eviction with the danger of his (Ty’s) game spilling out.


So I wrote the last post last night & went to edit my team’s NBA articles and then when I came to check updates realized I forgot to hit post. Anyway – looks like gut instinct about Tyler was correct.

I’ve been saying Tyler would work toward this end for a while so it’s nothing new. AND in fact it happened late last night. All he needed was that one little tidbit from Brett suggesting KC go before Angela for him to get what he needed to get KC on board.

Just to update: Brett asked Ty about whether it would be better to go to F4 with Sam/JC (red flag for Ty b/c that means Brett would cut him just as easily – but more importantly even if that wasn’t his plan it gave Tyler everything he needed). They both said they aren’t able to throw comps even when they try (oh you watch Ty throw this HOH lol) and they were safe with L6 as well as with JC/Sam. Then they agreed to stick with the plan (JC/Sam) but touch base if either wins in DE.

Then L6 talked – agreed to stick to JC-Sam but Brett made SEVERAL mistakes. 1) when Angela brought up JC scheming Brett played dumb 2) KC already knows (from Tyler) that JC/Brett are talking so she asked where JC’s head is at & Brett again gave them nothing – saying JC thinks he’s dumb not even the obvious that he is coming for Angela. So KC knew that part was BS 3) when they question who should go Brett jumped on keeping JC instead of Sam.

They are telling Haleigh she is safe, KC told her she’d keep her in a tie (b/c it won’t be a tie) and Angela is going to lend her a dress to wear to appease her nerves (make her think she’s staying so she won’t blow up in her speech). Another blindside coming

After all this Tyler updates KC that their fears have become reality and Brett approached him about taking Sam/JC to F4. Told him the other two want Angela gone but he prefers KC leave (citing 2 min POV win) b/c then it keeps Sam/JC targeting Angela & vice versa. So – b/c of this the duo decide they’ll tell Angela nothing except to gun for HOH & if Ty or Ang win they put up Sam/JC but then GUN for POV in order to backdoor Brett. They said they’ll approach Angela in the moment if things fall right. And, Tyler said if their (Ang/KC) both on the block he’ll take down KC and vote out whoever goes up beside Angela BUT … they both noted at worst they lose Angela.

IMHO this plays out perfectly for Tyler b/c his preference is for Brett to leave in DE but if he has to lose Angela better at someone else’s hand than his. Tyler isn’t in danger if he loses HOH so he’ll watch to see whose close & if Brett is in it likely try to win but he’ll want POV for sure. I seriously don’t think JC will try to wn – but he could surprise

AND if Sam pulls out the win it’ll be a chit show b/c each of Ty, JC and Brett will try to control who she puts up Watch for Tyler to touch base with her before Thursday to lock it down & odds are he’ll tell her not to put up both Ang/KC b/c it would paint too big a target on her back. – he’ll try to get her to just put up Angela with a pawn (that’s not him or KC) . JC/Brett will tell her to put up both girls. And if she does that it’s all Tyler will need to break his promise to her.

JC is going to lose his mind if Brett goes in DE and Tyler will tell him after Brett was telling him everything JC has been saying & was painting him with all the dirt. Just too bad JC can’t leave instead on Thursday (and maybe still can). But with Sam so wishy-washy it’s too hard to trust the unknown vs. knowing precisely what JC will do.

In the event Sam, JC or Angela leave in DE the plan is still to target Brett in F5 (so like I’ve opined all along Tyler has ZERO intention of letting Brett get to F4 when date comps rule).

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Time to get Kaycee out at 1st opportunity