Brett “You & I both know why Haleigh has to go. If we’re sitting next to her, we would lose!”

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8pm Brett, Kaycee and Haleigh are over by the hammock chatting about working out / gyms. They talk about gyms that give away free pizza and pancakes & bagels. (WTF?!) Kaycee and Haleigh head inside. Brett – Haliegh has to go. You and I both know why Haleigh has to go .. because if we get down to the nitty gritty and lets just say hypothetically we were sitting next to Haliegh… we would lose. JC – yeah. Brett – that’s a fact! We would lose to Haleigh .. she has four people guaranteed votes. Guaranteed 4 votes. And all it would take is one other person that was bitter about you sending them out. Its a “W” for her. She tells everyone everything and she is trying to get in tight with the girls. You know that’s where her loyalty would be. I am not really positive what Sam would do.. I know Sam’s target .. I think she would go after Angela. I think she would put Kaycee up next to Angela. But with Sam its not logic. JC – that’s my thing with Sam. Brett – I have no idea what she would do .. she could put me up for that one day up in the HOH room. JC – agrees. JC – the thing with Haleigh we can’t count on her for anything. The one thing with her is she will always be a target. Brett about Tyler & Angela – even though they’re in separate beds the still sleep as close as they can together. Brett comments on how today during the veto ceremony he had a moment of paranoia where he thought he was going to go up as the replacement. Heleigh started giggling, Kaycee was getting nervous.. I thought she was about to make a big move. JC – I am going crazy in here. That would have been a great move for her. Brett – I would have been f**ked. Think of it.. Haleigh is a follower, she is just going to do what someone tells her to do. All Kaycee needs is two votes and then it comes down to her decision (to break the tie). So if Kaycee goes I’ll use this veto on you if you vote however I want you to. Duh she (Haleigh) is going to take that deal. That’s one vote and Angela’s vote. I thought it was going to be for sure dude. I thought I was f**ked and there was nothing I could do. I would have been like f**k you but there’s nothing I could do.

8:14pm Tyler looks like a lobster..

8:22pm HOH room. Lobster, Angela and Kaycee.
Kaycee – we’re about to be top six! Tyler – has anyone pitched you guys? What is Haleigh saying? Angela – I think she feels safe. Tyler – does she? Angela – she is talking about things in the future past Thursday. Angela – I imagine it will start Tuesday or Wednesday. Tyler – what do we tell her? Kaycee – I wonder what her pitch is going to be to you guys. Angela – I am not coming after you, even though you put me up. You sent my boyfriend home. Kaycee – I just can’t get over that one of us was so close to leaving because of her. So f**king close. Tyler – multiple times. Angela – she (Haleigh) was like Rockstar told me to do it. Tyler – she has got to go. Do you think it will be unanimous? Angela – yes. Kaycee – are you serious? Tyler – what I didn’t talk to JC. He would vote her out right. Kaycee – yes. I can’t wait when we can tell JC (About level 6) .. when its like 5 of us and he has to go. Tyler – he is going to be so pissed at me. I’ve lied to him so many time about us. Kaycee – he is going to be so pissed if he does not win a single competition.

9:50pm HOH room. Tyler and Kaycee. Tyler – it frustrates me when he (JC) says things about you guys and he always does. He told me that he would put up Angela and Sam if he won. Kaycee – really? Tyler – yeah, not you and Angela .. which is good. Kaycee – yeah. He would always say things like LGBT. He said I wouldn’t vote you out. That would make me looks so stupid. Tyler – yeah. Kaycee – which is cool that I have that with him. Either way I am not even worried. They’re out of here. S (Sam) and J (JC).

10:30pm – 10:50pm Hot tub. Brett and Haleigh chatting about past events of the season. Haleigh – how do you feel about this week. Brett – I don’t know. I think you best bet is Sam. But I don’t know… I can’t read if she is really doing nothing or nothing with me. Haleigh – I know. Brett – that’s the read I got with Bayleigh. She was really doing a lot .. she was just doing nothing with me. Brett – I just think its weird that she came close to winning the tree endurance comp. …to not winning anything. Brett – guaranteed she has everyone’s vote in the jury house. haleigh – I think I am stuck .. the only thing I cam hope for is her (Sam) freak out.

11pm Haleigh to Brett – are you not working with them? Brett – no. Haleigh – are you serious. I walk in an y’all are celebrating together right after Angela won. You, Tyler, Kaycee and Angela. I thought… I was under the impression that you were working with them. Brett – have I voted with them sometimes in this game. Haleigh – you didn’t celebrate with me. Brett – yes I did. Haliegh – when? Brett – I absolutely did. Bett – its no different than Scottie celebrating with Fes. Fes put Scottie up. Haleigh – that’s true. Brett – I’ve voted with them but I am not working with them. Haleigh – I think my best bet is if I could get Angela. Brett – you think you could get her vote? I think you would be more likely to get Tyler’s vote. Haleigh – the way that Sam was cheering on Tyler to win. You don’t think that is something. Brett – I think it was more against you.

11:50pm – 12:19am They house guests are saying goodnight…

1:30am Brett and Haleigh in the backyard chatting. Haleigh – I don’t want this to end the way I think it’s going to end. You or JC need to win. This is how I see it happening. You have these three that are obviously going to have each others back. JC I think is going to have your back. And that’s how I see this playing out if I leave. You will have JC’s back and I don’t know where Sam fits in. Brett – dude it just makes me nervous that she (Angela) has two good competitors (Kaycee & Tyler) that have her back no matter what. Like if that’s my ride or die I would be worried. They’re (Angela and Tyler) separate beds right beside eachother. She doesn’t like me being alone with either one of them. Everything they’ve done has just gone smooth. I saw the whole thing happening. I saw the three. I had to try and break them up. Brett – I saw your logic when you did it. I just don’t think you’re ever going to convince Kaycee. I don’t think anyone has ever brought it to her attention. Haleigh – do it and risk.. Brett – risk what at this point. Haleigh – and what if she knows Tyler and Angela are a thing. Brett – maybe she thinks she’s playing him. Haleigh – maybe she is. Maybe that is the plan. Then Tyler paints a picture that he doesn’t feel comfortable. I don’t know what the f**k to do. I can only hope that they want Sam gone. The only thing I feel comfortable with is that Angela doesn’t feel comfortable with Sam. The only person she is in good with is Tyler. Brett – I think she made her relationships with the people that hung out with her when she was a robot. Heleigh I think my best bet is Kaycee. Brett – that’s your only bet.

2am – 2:30am Brett – I just wonder how much will power he (Tyler) has. Haleigh – you think he has any? Brett – I just wonder if he would let it go as far as to control his game. Has he just been getting down with everyone? And I am just a loser here? I think Fes got with Kaitlyn. Haleigh – maybe. Brett – no I think he did based on what he asked me. He asked me did she grab your d**k? And I was like no. Haliegh – I could definitely see that. Brett – that definitley happened to you (Fes). Haleigh – yeah you don’t ask that question unless it happened to you. Brett – and then she tried to make him grab her.. big brother blocks the feeds. Haleigh – and that begs the question what happened between her and Tyler. Brett – he didn’t want to talk about it because he said this could f**k her life up if her boyfriend was real. Haleigh – I think if I leave your best bet is with Tyler.
Brett – Angela doing what she is doing with Tyler has pushed JC into my arms. Haleigh – yeah for sure. Brett – When everyone pushes us away we get close. I feel like I am walking around on glass in this house.

3:15am Brett and Haleigh continue talking about past events of the season…

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Crazy T

So is Brett gonna flip? Not this vote, but.if he wins hoh during double, will a level 6 person go up? I hope he doesn’t, but slightly concerned he will.


No way will he nom 2 of them.. and 1 will still have the votes. But it will be kind of cool for KAYCEE to go. (And i love her.. but tyler is the guy)
How can they not see she is a bigger target than angela.
I love for
tyler hoh-sam&kaycee noms
He will say kaycee trust me you have brett vote
We need j.c and brett to feel safe with us
Than brett & j.c votes her out! (2-1)
He can tell angela that was a mistake and get away with that.. even if not.. she will still have no one to go with..
But tyler dont see kaycee as a problem and doesent feel to make moves.. hope he is right


Omg so much hate . I love kaycee !
I just feel like it will be an awesom move and will help tyler win.



On Wednesday September 26, Kaycee will probably win Big Brother. Would that make Kaycee the first LESBIAN to win Big Brother? Or does that honor belong to Josh “Meatball” Martinez from last season? Or somebody else?


Lol josh a big lesbian


No didn’t Vanessa win? She was a lesbian


Steve won that season. Vanessa came in third.


I know most people don’t want to see it but..

For his own game, I think he’s at least considering putting Kaycee and Angela on the block. I think he’d like to see Angela gone because he probably thinks that’d free up Tyler and he thinks he’d win HIVE votes being the one that sent Angela to jury.

And JC and Sam would vote Angela out over Kaycee because they both have FINAL 2 deals with Tyler and they think Angela is screwing that up.

If that were to happen, Tyler or Kaycee would probably win the next HOH over Sam & JC. They’d put up Brett & JC (blaming both of them). Brett would need to win POV to stay.

If he doesn’t win POV, he’s gone. Then, it’d be Tyler or Kaycee vs JC & Sam playing for HOH. Tyler or Kaycee probably win again. Long story short, unless Tyler wins 3/4 more comps and Kaycee loses out, Kaycee wins BB20.

However, maybe Brett wins that POV, sending either JC or Sam home. Then, he’d be able to compete in the next HOH against either Tyler or Kaycee (pretty much heads up). I think Brett could squeeze out a mental competition if he’s lucky enough.

If he pulls that off he’d be HOH with only 4 people left in the game. That means whoever wins POV decides who goes home. Tyler or Kaycee would probably win that POV and send either JC or Sam home (whoever is left/didn’t go home).

Then, it’d be a really awkward final 3 with Brett, Tyler & Kaycee. Brett would probably need to win the 2nd and 3rd competition to get to the final 2. At that point though, he probably can’t beat either of them… UNLESS the HIVE appreciates his madness/hates Tyler or Kaycee enough.

Even then though, I don’t think Kaycee loses. Maybe Tyler. Bitter Jury..


For Brett to have a shot at winning he definitely has to take a shot at them. But he also knows neither Sam nor JC can be left in the game for the finale. Brett has the least to lose and the most to gain by flipping but he still needs those others out first.

double D

He needs to do it ASAP while Sam and JC are there. He needs their votes. Not to mention increase chances at POV.


Problem is he’ll be out the following week if he does. He’s in a pickle either way. He doesn’t have enough points to get the win from the jury but if he takes the shot, he’ll have to win out in the vetoes. It should be great competition any way although I think the feeds may be a bit dull because they are too civil and respectful of each other.


Actually… if Brett could get Angela out, the rest of Level 6 almost *have* to keep him and take him to the end, unless they want to risk pulling a Cody. They can’t risk taking JC or Sam to the end because they suspect the jury will be bitter. Each Level 6 member has to take another Level 6 to the end and Brett is the most disliked by the Hive, therefore the best to sit next to. $50k beats going out 4th place any day…

Dirty Harry Reid

I think Brett would like to work with hayleigh but he doesn’t have the votes to keep her.


They hate Angela, so if they are smart they will make sure they are sitting beside her. The hive was starting to like/tolerate Brett for quite awhile, until he voted them all out. Where as all of the hive has talked very poorly about Angela, constantly. Mostly due to rocky and her BS of making claims about peoples real lives where she knows nothing about them. But for the F2, whoever it is that picks who they sit beside, to win, they have to take Angela. I also hope they get rid of JC before Sam or that could end up screwing all of them over. Never know what the comp will be and he could win, not likely BUT, never know. Best to take him out on the DE, that way he wont have time to spill what he knows..LOL

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

This will get very interesting once Sam and JC are gone.

Al Sharpton Wants To Hold Your Wallet

You’re right that is Brett’s only shot.


yeah, brett currently has the hardest road to winning, but honestly i don’t think taking out angela helps him. she’s potentially the only person he beats (and with his having such a weak resume presently, it’s still a tough sell).

his only other option is taking sam to finale night, but i can’t get a read on how the jury would break with her vs. someone they’re more bitter towards. brett almost definitely loses to kaycee, tyler, and jc. (i’m assuming hayleigh leaves this week even though everyone else left in the house beats her).


Brett has played an entirely loyal game, first to Winston and then to L6. It’s smart of him to push JC to get out Angela b/c he views her as being in his way with Tyler and if we are to believe his DR then he thinks getting her out will earn him jury points. But, that seems like a manipulated DR. B/c how would Brett gain jury credit by JC taking out Angela? He would have to be the one to nominate her for it to work and I just don’t see him doing it b/c he’d need two L6 members on the block to make it work. And, he knows it would likely result in Ty/KC turning on him.

What has made zero sense is why wouldn’t Brett recognize taking Angela to F2 would likely win him the game given she’s more disliked than he is.

As for KC winning over Tyler, much depends on how the jury views Tyler’s early game play. Kaycee didn’t win until week 7 (hacker) then week 9,10,11 POV & HOH week 11. Tyler won week 1 & 10 HOH and weeks 2, 5, 7 POVs plus he threw week 1 POV to Fes as well as week 6 POV to Ang.

Haleigh told Brett last night Tyler would win her vote if he sits beside Kaycee (so this is by no means locked in stone).

All along the jury thought Tyler was this broken baby bird, poor little lamb. So once it’s pointed out Ty got KK to vote out Steve, backdoor Swaggy & his POV wins & choices dictated who left it could resonate. Plus I think if Tyler were to end up F3 with KC/Angela & he was the one to evict Angela the jury may reward him for that move partly from a game perspective & partly b/c they dislike Angela.

Let’s not forget Kaycee hasn’t affected any big moves. Yes, she has been a loyal alliance member and won comps, but she never influenced a big move. That said, she’s played an excellent game and while IMHO Tyler has played the best game KC has played well enough to deserve the win but by no means is clean. For example she pinky swore to Sam she would never nominate her and in her first HOH put her on the block.

The question Ty needs to pose to the jury is – would KC have been able to lie low until week 9 if Tyler hadn’t influenced the early game moves and ousts? And, since each jury member thinks they left for making big moves (at least in their minds) don’t they want to reward the person who did the same successfully?

That jury round table will be extremely interesting, that’s for sure. Prior to the Les Moonves oust there was more likelihood TPTB would want a strong BB20 winner. Now I’m not sure if this is the last season or how invested CBS is in continuing the show, so they may not care who wins. I read varying takes on this b/c although the ratings have dropped the past 2 seasons a reality show is still far less expensive to run than a scripted show. I guess we’ll know soon – but as a BB fan since the onset, I’m hoping the jurors elect to not be bitter voters.

The Beef

This is an excellent post and SPOT ON! States the facts and lays them out as they happened with good conjecture where needed. Love reading your BB thoughts as you bring a lot of factual information to the table. I’d give you 10 thumbs up if I could!


The Foutte members were bitter houseguests and you hope they won’t be bitter voters? Along with the fact they’ve been in the jury house fueling each other’s bitterness, I don’t see that happening.


I actually think at this point in final three, if Tyler gets the choice he’ll bring Brett now. The jury dislikes Brett and he hasn’t won crap. He has a way better argument against Brett. I think he’s rethinking how safe he feels winning against KAycee. I also think both Kaycee and Brett bring him… so he still has a good shot.


Brett in BY trying to mine info from Haliegh about past events of the season (and the look on Bretts face is how can she be so clueless she still has everything wrong lol )……he literally has a dumbfounded look on his face the entire conversation…..either the Hive is that stupid or L4 is that good…..yeah probably a little of both lol.


I don’t think he will. Seems to just be playing along with us just in case though. He told Tyler jc is wanting kc and ang out. He might be considering a flip, but I think he ultimately knows it gets him nowhere since he doesn’t win and jc doesn’t win and if he had Sam, she wouldn’t win either, so he’d be gone the week after he makes any move. I think his best play is to get carried to final 4, hope he gets a comp he can win inn hoh or veto to get to 3, then play like whoever is left would win easy against him.

The Beef

Fourth place pays nothing. If Brett wins HOH in the double Thursday night (a big if since all hes won so far is one veto), if I were him, I would take the shot by putting up Kaycee and Angela and let the chips fall where they may. I’m not saying that this is what I WANT to happen, just that this is what I would do if I were Brett, and he pretty much has to know that he is sitting at the bottom of a four person alliance. He should be talking to JC and Sam in preparation for this, and if it goes down, he would have at least a punchers chance of surviving a counter attack the following week, if it occurs (along with a whooooooole lot of damage control with Tyler and whoever isn’t voted out).


it makes no sense, he can coast to final 4 and then win for a chance. in your scenario, he wins in DE with 6 left and gets to 5, then he needs to win hoh/veto at 5 or the 3 left evict him, then he has to win at final 4 like to avoid getting evicted anyway. He suddenly needs to become a “comp beast” to survive in your scenario.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

He may be at the bottom of L6 but he can keep playing up how much the jury hates him. Any smart player would consider who they have a chance of beating in the final 2. Tyler and KC may care more about honoring their F2 deal with each other and is ok with possibly coming in 2nd or they might not. But Angela has to know that she only has the slightest chance of winning if she is next to Brett. She can argue that she has won more comps, made big moves, and hope that if anyone in the jury decides to vote on game play, then she has a chance. If the jury votes bitterly, then it is a toss up as to who hates her more over Brett (and after her blowout with Bayleigh, Rockstar called her an entitled bitch, Fes said she was spoiled on live tv and after what Scottie implied about her in his eviction speech, I think she knows they hate her more). If Tyler decides to betray his F2 deals, Angela and Brett gives him a better chance of winning than KC. And KC should know that her chances of winning are better next to Angela or Brett. Therefore, Brett needs to stick with L6 until F4 and keep reminding all of them how much the jury hates him so they would have a better chance of winning if they take him to the end.

Botox Pelosi

Brett and JC talk a good game but you have to have the votes to make a move and they don’t have them.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Brett is counting on his final two deal with Tyler to get him to the end. While Brett has remained loyal to L4 and kept them informed of the important elements of what is going on with the others, he’s also been collecting information/establishing relationships that he hopes he can use in a final two speech to get votes. He might have a (long) shot there if Tyler were to take him.

About the only thing he could do to improve his chances right now would be to try and work a final two with Kaycee as well (not knowing that she already has one), and work JC to give himself some favorable backing in the jury house.

BB Fan

He is just trying to get a jury vote from Hay if he makes it to final 2.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren


No brains

Brett and JC’s best chances are to keep Hailey but they don’t have the votes to do it because KC can break the tie. There only chance is to win next HOH having Angela on block and have Sam vote with them. She will not vote out Tyler so they need to make sure KC and Angela stay on the block. If not they are F####D.


If thats the Anyway they are fucked . They need to get tyler or kaycee out .. both of them will win the comps over j.c and brett.. so not even jury wise.. angela is the worst move.. she didnt realy won that
1 veto that she had it was tyler. Yeah angela won 2 hohs but kaycee and tyler are much stronger.


Haleigh cannot remain in the game. She has enough votes in the jury right now to win. The danger is simply too great for her to remain. Sam and JC could go either way for the Hive but they will under any circumstance give the win to Haleigh should she make it to the finale in the house. It would be Russian Roulette.

Dirty Harry Reid

Brett doesn’t have the votes to flip.


No big moves. It is going to be the death of some of them. Sam, JC and Brett. Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are final three unless Brett gets lucky. Sam and JC goes up in the double evict. At that point JC knows he’s been screwed as the fifth wheel.


While all 4 of L4 were instrumental in getting to the end ( Brett with the undercover game and the girls with the comp wins ) Tyler was clearly the architect of the season and really deserves the win in my opinion. All the moving parts he managed the first 8 weeks was impressive and to do it keeping the Hive in the dark the whole time (lol) was the icing on the cake. Regardless if Broken baby bird wins the 500k or not his game was equal to anybody thats ever played. Really good season…..


Tyler stopped playing the game two weeks ago. Kaycee is more deserving and more likely to win as well.


the flaw in tyler’s game is that the jury still doesn’t give him credit for it (most think the architect is angela and are planning to vote “bitter” which is good for tyler, bad for angela). meanwhile kaycee will win if she makes finale night and tyler doesn’t seem to see this.


Oh he sees it ……there’s still 2 weeks a lot can happen.


Tyler deliberately was trying not to win….because he already had a huge target on his back for the wins in the beginning….(well, he would have had if Bayleigh and co. were actually normal.)


I wouldn’t say he stopped playing but he relegated his role a bit because they all agreed to the path. Things are coasting for them and they each just have a hand on the wheel. With the others taking a more visible role in the game, he may need to make a more persuasive statement in his GBMs and to show he stayed in charge the whole time. It’s the finish that matters in most instances, just ask Vanessa and Steve.

Festicular Logic

……and Kacee runs EVERYTHING by baby bird and asks him what she should do…… ita that Tyler is the architect of L6….. his social game is off the hook, his ability to adapt to any situation and hg is stunning…. still can’t believe dude is only 23 … he knows when and how to reign volatile Sam in… if he doesn’t win, he should be AFP. Best game play in years

BB Fan

Brett hasn’t one any comps though. How good of a player is he really? Not judging. I like Brett. Just curious.

Club H.O.H

Example: Dr. Will
If you need to win comps to be safe then you’re not playing a great big brother game. Look at Paras too. At the end especially mental none of that 3 little pigs are beating Brett. Team Brett & JC for final 2. (Bay hates JC so much for sure she wouldn’t vote for JC). And JC is awesome and needed in that boring house with the 3 little pigs. Ty threw his game away with IKEA.


I beg to differ. He hooked up with Kaitlyn, and she tanked her game for him. Kaitlyn was Swaggy’s #2, so the hive honored her like a god, and Tyler was never questioned. After she left they all assumed he was a lone wounded baby bird. He won veto comps, but nothing of crazy power. Look at it this way. Hay has been his #1 target since week 6, and we are in week 11. Tylers architecture was hooking up with Kaitlyn…

who me?

So Hayleighs been Tylers target for 6 weeks, and he still hasn’t gotten her evicted? Not very good gameplay then


Tune in Thursday and watch hay get dusted. Her entire alliance is now in the jury house. LMAO

Who said that!

Hey Batman you need to change your name to Joker,cause your crazy.A real detective would know that Tyler’s manipulation of Kaitlyn to turn on her own alliance was the single defining event of the season which set up Tyler and Level6 for success.


LMAO, manipulating someone that has visions. Wow… Impressive. LOL!

Who said that!

Fes couldn’t do it.

Bozo Bernie the Socialist

Tyler is an All Star for sure. We will probably see him again no matter how this season plays out.


But go in Brett’s shoes: Why isn’t going to final 4, then maybe he HAS to win HOH or veto, to make final 3 and final 3 he’s gotta win…or hoping he can point out his obnoxious routine with the jury and end up being everybody’s ideal final 2…not his best play?

JC screwed his game when he didn’t even make a cursory attempt to save Fez, both with the Scottie nom and then his eviction. His overconfidence killed him.

Sam just a massive phony who thinks her act will carry the day


jc played himself into a corner with everything that went down with fes. he’s been trying to play a float game, but that requires having two sides targeting each other, instead he was instrumental in taking out fessi’s side. had the house been kaycee, brett, tyler, jc, fes, hayleigh, scottie at 7 (which it easily could have been), this would have been a great house for jc. instead there’s a foursome working against him that even if he sees it as a group of five with him in it, he should have known he should have made his move sooner.


See that’s the thing – Brett stayed in the game BOTH times b/c Tyler made it happen. Against Winston it was Tyler who decided to keep him and then worked to get the votes. Against Rachel it was Tyler who won POV, learned Angela would be the re-nom so he kept the noms the same and ensured Brett stayed.

Tyler was the puppet master of JC and was the one who told L6 they needed to not share too much intel with JC and just let him think he was the one in control (on week two!!).

On week 9 Brett took over Tyler’s job of playing the middle ground but he’s yet to influence any decisions (other than getting himself put on the block). And, I also enjoy Brett, but my issue is him not recognizing either Kaycee or Tyler have to leave (not Angela who he should want to take to F2).

Brett is great at dates, so if he gets to F4 he’ll have a great shot of winning that F4 POV, but if Tyler has anything to do with it I think Brett leaves F5.

Tyler may appear to some as having stopped playing, but IMHO he’s still playing and doing so like he has the whole game via a calm manner. He checked in with Brett yesterday to tell him both Ang/KC want to stay true to L6 and that JC wants them both going deep. That is to ensure Brett doesn’t try to pull something and to make Brett think Ty is still working in concert with him. While Ty is annoyed with JC he is still having conversations with him (but deep down you know Tyler is just running through the motions with JC to keep him calm b/c Ty doesn’t believe JC will try to win let alone can win a comp).

He’s also keeping KC in the loop on everything and checking in with Sam. Plus he’s begun his jury management via his GBMs (telling Scottie about L6/ power app). Expect more of the same this week when he tells Haleigh that she was correct about KC/Ang/Brett being aligned, but that it’s been since Day 2 in L6. Regardless if you believe Scottie would not tell (please – lol) Haleigh will most definitely share that information.

One point I’m wondering about is JC will surely be a bitter Betty when he learns the truth about L6 (and Tyler). But, depending on when he leaves it could also work in Tyler’s benefit. One of L6 will be telling the jury all about JC and how he knew about every vote at the start of the week and that L6 let him think it was his idea and listened to him brag about how stupid FOUTTE/HIVE were. So, if Ty reaches F2 and JC tries to get them to turn on Tyler for using him it could result in them doing exactly the opposite.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

Great post!

Who said that!

Tyler should tell JC everything at final 3,give him the time and attention he needs for JC to forgive him.


I believe all GBM are played back for all in the jury house. Scottie may not have told, but if they watch all of them… Good plant Tyler. I hope he leaves a good one for Hay and more seeds. Go L6!

BB Fan

At some point they have to put each other up. Hope they handle it well knowing this is the game they signed up for.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Oh my gosh they are too cute. “YOU’RE schmoopy!”
“No, YOU’RE schmoopy!”

Dems For Socialism

Get a room. LOL

Is Tyler my daddy???

No Julie on The Talk for a few days this week…

Any thoughts on the possibility that she doesn’t do the show Thursday night?

Wounded bird 4 the win

From what i read she will be there Thursday night.



Swaggy's Missing Brow

Does it really make a difference? She only reads what production gives her to read and really doesn’t have a clue as to what it going on in the house. Her exit interviews show that.

The voice of Bob could do the same job.


Her statement said she was taking a couple days off but would be on BB Thursday night.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

She’s the bread winner now. She’s gotta work and bring home that paycheck. Lol


She’ll finish this season, next season may see a new host.


yeah, i’d be hiding under a rock if i were julie chen. at least none of the houseguests have any idea what’s going on with her so things can’t get too awkward for her with the exit interviews.

The Beef

Will there be any exit interviews this week due to the double evictions? I know everything is on the rush and no GBMs are usually shown, so if there are interviews they may be shorter than usual due to the condensed nature of the DE show.


I know the first one is usually skipped but many times that’s because it’s also a jury buyback. They’ll probably skip the first (Haleigh) and depending if they plan on starting the next HoH live they may skip the next also.

Cray Cray

What will Haleigh do when she exits and may not see Julie lol Im sure Julie will finish the season, otherwise they will have to explain to the house why Julie is not greeting them.

Is Tyler my daddy???

I’m guessing she will be there. If for no other reason than the fact that she has never not been there for a live show, unless I am mistaken. It would be a real WTF moment if the screen turns on and low and behold the houseguests see Derrick and not Julie who then announces, “Oh by the way, its double eviction night!”

BB Fan

Must be so humiliating for Julie.

Is Tyler my daddy???

From what I’ve read, only humiliating that it has come to light. Sounds like she knew of his past transgressions.


She married a man a million years older and this is what happens. She married to cashish and Fame and this is her penalty.


The difference is 20 years.




i think the mindset, once they figure out its a DE, will be that its such a short HOH that they will get rid of JC. If JC wins(which i hope for making the DE dramatic) will be to take a shot at Angela. Because i like chaos i want JC to win and put up Angela and Tyler and then, granted neither of them win Veto, watch to see where loyalties lie.

Hillary's Lies Mattered

I think it depends on who wins the HOH but I do think it will be JC and Sam on the block.


Tyler just talked all day about his butt tatt. What a lowlife loser. I HATED his palm tree and im still trying to figure out if that line on his hand is a tatt or not. Who would put a asstatt? Only someone from the lower class of morals would. Sometimes i wonder if this white trash’s fans are like him.


THAT is what you consider low class? I don’t have tattoos but I would put the couple who were worrying about pregnancy at the lowest rung of this season….Look around the houseguests…I think that even Steve had tattoos.


Steve is gone. Move On.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

You do know that Scottie has a Popeye tatoo on his ass don’t you?


cool story. doesn’t chance the fact that Tyler is a lowlife.


Tyler doesn’t really have a butt tatt……….it was a joke he was playing on Haleigh


Swaggy? Is this you?^^^^^


I know your just trolling, but if anyone is interested in the wrist tattoo (which I was also trying to figure out), he mentioned the wrist tattoo recently, he got it 5 years after his father died as a memory/memorial…something about people used to wear black bands on their arm when morning. He touches it for good luck.


I’m giving his wrist tattoo a pass. it’s a great way of remembering his dad.

Eh eh

I can see why you’d be morally outraged. Tattoos: absolutely reprehensible!


Swaggy's Missing Brow

All the posters with the anime comic book names are bitter Scotter fans. They’re blaming everyone else, particularly the good players, for their guy being a complete dud and letting them down.

They’ve all got a tattoo of Scotter’s failure on their egos.

Tyler's Tatt

Why do you care what is on Tyler’s Butt? Do you want to see it like JC?

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Wow, if 2 tattoos make him a lowlife than I can only imagine what you think of KC, Sam, and Rockstar.

Eh eh

In memory of Handeater:

Gets picked to play Big Brother.
Later, on Big Brother:
“This has been the worst month of my life.”

“What if we gave everyone the flu? Or we could put eye drops in their water…. saline makes them sick to their stomach. They just throw up and poop! We could do it in the water in the coffee in the morning and just not drink the coffee…. We’re going to put eye drops in the coffee tomorrow, don’t drink it.”

Admits on TV she believes 9-11 was an inside job.

Such a delightful jewel.


She really said the part about an inside job?


Yeah… her and Rockstar were all about it.

Level 6 Lover

I had no clue of that conversation and how ironic I’m finding out on 9/11. That’s just disgusting, they should have showed that on the show so America could see their true colors and ultimate stupidity. I have disliked both of them and now I feel vindicated for it. As a NYer with a brother in the NYFD who was there that day I’m furious!!!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

They would never show that on TV…it would completely destroy any chance of Haleigh getting AF and considering the edit they give her, she seems to be a favorite of theirs.


What do those things have in common?


Brett will look like a rat if he flips now. He hasn’t won anything and his alliance has him in final 6. If the first time he wins something he turns against his own alliance, what a rat bastard. He should do a Cody, remain loyal and try for second place.

Les Moonves

JC looking to pounce on Brett when he wasn’t looking.

Les Moonves

Is Julie Chen working this week?

Les Moonves

Brett, you are running out of time!!!! You actually know you are low man on the L4 pole. You have JC and Sam left. If you dont make a stand this week you will be frozen out. Tyler Angie and KC will be final 3.
MAKE A MOVE BRO!!! Whats becoming apparent is that Brett JC and SAm all think they each will coast to a final 4 with L4. The numbers do not add up. They are gonna get picked off one by one


yea, he has JC and sam to do what? Swap places with him in final 4. If he takes one of them out, the remaining 3 will be after him and he isn’t going to win out, and sam nor jc are not going to win to protect, they’ll be delighted to know brett is the target.


He can’t win sitting next to JC or probably Sam. His only hope is sitting next to a more hated member of L6/5/4. He needs something for them to hang their hat on though. Brett needs to win some things in the next couple of weeks to take control of the game. He’s too far down in the points. Angela is probably the least liked and the least likely to get the hives votes.

No one should want to sit next to Kaycee at the end because she will win. Tyler and Angela may be a toss up and Brett has a shot sitting next to Angela but he’ll need to get to work with some comps. It’s really a question of how petty the jury will be and if you can convince them that they were played the entire season. I’m not sure if the egos will permit them to admit they were manipulated and deceived the entire time.

Les Moonves

Poll: Brett will stick with L4 and ride to a final 4???

yes- press thumbs up
no- press thumbs down

The Beef

Well that depends on the comps. doesn’t it? If he doesn’t win HOH Thursday night, he really has no choice but to ride on (JC or Sam surely aren’t going to win). If he wins HOH, THEN he has a choice to make.


Too chicken#$_& to make the move


He would have to actually win something to make a move.

another name

Somebody should remind Brett that during that felt like five years in a hammock talk weeks ago, Haleigh promised him her vote to stay and then voted to evict him. Just saying.

Dems Loves Taxes

Great point.


Anyone else notice how jacked up Brett’s teeth are?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, a mouth full of straight, white teeth. I take it you’re more into the “Deliverance” look.


You got a pretty little mouth…

My Take

I’m getting tired of Brett and JC now. Without proof now they’re talking about Tyler and Angela actually screwing in bed. Brett was in the backyard in the middle of the night shit talking about them to Haleigh. Of course Haleigh was joining in. Haleigh doesn’t have a chance she’s out on Thursday. Tyler is starting to focus on Brett now. Good!


I know they are both working each other, BUT I really like Brett and Haleigh together. She probably would have welched on him and that would have been great too.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Kaycee is sure stirring the pot and doesn’t even know it. She made some comments about the 15th place player being bi because of how flamboyantly he dressed at time…and the 15th place player is NOT happy.