Brett “Whoever sends Angela out.. all those votes that were gone could be back.”

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8:35pm Storage room. Brett & Tyler.
Brett – the girls have been so good to us and I feel like they’re loyal as F**k! Tyler – I know I have been trying to test it out to see if there is any sign of them not wanting to be with us in the final four.. and they’ve never given me any.. Brett – I know, I feel like they do. And we could deviate and increase our odds but at the same point we are guaranteed if we just stick to the plan. Stay loyal, don’t stir it up. But at the same time yeah we piss off Sam and JC but the likely hood of them winning and coming back after us is so small. But at the same point .. I know if we get past a couple HOH’s we’re going to beat JC and Sam. We’re going to have some bitter a$$ jury votes. Tyler – thats what.. the jury already hates us. If we do this sh*t too early our alliance… Its who is going to hate us more. Brett – I really don’t want to do it to the girls but Kaycee got 2 f**king minutes dude. Tyler – I got 17 .. are you f**king kidding me! Brett – you we’re not even close! Tyler – nobody was close. Brett – She destroyed us. Tyler – and I thought I was fast. Brett – I did too. Its something we have to think of. But dude if we even hint at it and it gets out.. If we do get one of them out, then the one that stays is targeting us. But like right now if we do nothing and we let one of them or one of the other two win … they’re just going to fire at each other. Tyler – I know, you and I are chilling. Brett – then we win when it matters. Tyler – which is the next one. Brett – just tell me what you’re thinking. Tyler – that’s exactly what I’m thinking. I know for a fact that they’re (Kaycee and Angela) loyal to us till the four… but I don’t think they’re loyal to us past the four. I really don’t think. If we sit back right now and they’re taking shots at each other .. then that is good for us. Brett – I know. Tyler – but at the same time we’re votes. I need to feel out Sam because I haven’t really talked to her.

Brett – Maybe Kaycee, Sam and JC have something going on? Tyler – I feel like JC and Sam see the four of us and they’re scrambling. Brett – we just have to see what to do.. maybe its not something we can throw or maybe we don’t want to. Tyler – I just can’t throw competitions. Brett – and then we end up winning.. do we make the move? Is it too early to make the move. I just wanted to see what you wanted to do. Tyler – I don’t care. Brett – what do you think is the best move? JC and Sam aren’t going to be bitter. Tyler – if one of us win (double eviction) we will have a quick a$$ conversation. Brett – we’re not even paired together. The only person that suspects it is JC and he wants us as a final 3. If its me or you in the end with JC or Sam we are not winning. But they are not beating us an a comp. This is why you bring a floater to the end. If we are going to make this move we do it in a double so that its boom, boom, boom out and we don’t have to deal with the awkwardness. I don’t know dude you spend a f**k ton of time with Angela, did she not say anything? Tyler – we don’t talk game. Only the generic level sh*t. I don’t want to get 3rd or 4th, what about you. Brett – if you send Angela out, you’re going to make the jury very happy. Whoever sends Angela out .. all those votes that were gone could be back. It could save us. If we get one of them out, it is 100% our game. And I know that’s what JC wants us to do. Tyler – he wants me to tell him. Brett – lets stay clam and not say a friggen word… see who wins on Thursday and then we talk.

8:43pm Angela and Kaycee. Angela tells Kaycee what Haleigh said in her pitch. I told her that she put us all up and we won HOH back to back. She said eye for an eye we’re done. I said my decision wouldn’t be made until I talked to everyone and see what they feel. Its Kaycee’s HOH this week and she has been careful to not throw out anyones name. I’m going to feel everyone out. You should talk to everyone. I honestly don’t know what Brett is thinking. I don’t know what JC is thinking because they’re in a much different position because you didn’t put them up. They didn’t put you up. Kaycee – that’s good. I don’t know what me, Tyler and JC are going to do because half of us have been put up by you and half of us haven’t. Kaycee – that’s good. Angela – I just didn’t tell her sh*t. I feel like JC is up to something. Kaycee – like him and Brett. Angela – yeah and I don’t want to question anyone in our group but I feel like Brett is acting weird with me now too and I don’t know why. Like when I joke with him he won’t take a joke anymore he gets defensive. Kaycee – I think JC is in his ear. Angela – Sam is a threat physically. JC is a threat emotionally, persuasively, physically. Who is the greater evil here. Who could potentially break up out.. Kaycee – I don’t see that happening. Angela – I don’t either. I think Brett is solid. But JC is a little demon. Kaycee – at this point he is probably just freaking out. If he wins HOH this week he would probably put up Sam and.. Angela – me and Sam. Kaycee – which is good because its only one of us. Angela – if feel like JC is getting close to Brett because he is a bigger shield so that people will take out Brett over him. I think we should mention around JC that Brett is a threat to make it seem like we’re not working together.

9:10pm Brett and JC are playing pool..

9:30pm Sam laying in the hammock in silence..

10:30pm – 10:45pm HOH room. Tyler and Angela.
Angela – all of Brett’s passive aggressive comments are so annoying. Tyler – did you hear all those kissing comments? Angela – oh my god there were like a thousand. And then he kept looking at you and me. Tyler – Haleigh knows. Angela – are you sure? How do you know. Tyler – I overheard a conversation she was having. Angela – with who? Tyler – with Brett. She was asking did you hear that the other night.. she said it sounded like when she would sleep next to Swaggy and Baleigh. Angela – what did Brett say? Tyler – he said no he didn’t hear anything. Angela – that could very well be Haleigh making sh*t up. Tyler – its okay we just have to keep her thinking we are keeping her.

11:24pm Backyard. Tyler and Haleigh. haleigh – no one is reassuring me. Tyler – no one has told me yet. You’re always freaking out. Haleigh – this one feels different. Tyler – now I can reassure you.

11:55pm HOH room. Brett and JC.
JC – she is right now in the blue room probably talking to someone. I am going to go downstairs. I don’t like being here that much and having to deal with that. Brett – alright, just be aware. That’s what I’m telling you. JC – that shes on to us. I knew that. Brett – I just played it off like I don’t f**king know. I played it off funny like a joke. She calls me a b***h all the time. Tells me how crazy Sam is. JC – don’t worry she’s not that smart. If you stick to your word and you give your loyalty. And I stick to my word and give you loyalty and I don’t move around .. we could move forward here and we have something secure. Worst case one of us is trying to f**k each other and I don’t think because I don’t see it. Brett – you think I am trying to f**k you? JC – no, if I didn’t believe it I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. Brett – you only have to break up one person. JC – and she’s not even that good of a competitor. Brett – exactly. I think best case scenario.. JC – is me getting HOH. Brett – yeah. JC – we know what to do. We have Sams vote. You get HOH, put Kaycee and Angela up. We get Angela out because we have my vote 100% and you have Sam too. Brett – I think we can get Tylers too. JC – 100%. Brett – lets just get there to ask. JC – you and me never did anything to her. She would be the stupidest person in to world to do that.

12:20am Bedroom. Tyler, Brett, Angela and JC. Brett puts the hair extensions under his baseball hat. He throws on Angela’s jean jacket and gold veto shorts and boots. Brett then heads up to the HOH room. Kaycee – I thought we had a visitor. You should wear that on Thursday. Brett – I’ll totally wear it on Thursday if they let me.

12:35am – 1:20am HOH room. Tyler and Kaycee.
Tyler – everything that I’ve been sketched out about JC and Brett is just true. Kaycee – what? Tyler – its true. Kaycee – what? Tyler – you can’t even acknowledge that I’ve said this. Kaycee – I won’t say anything. Tyler – this sh*t is true. Brett talked to me today and basically confirmed that who its easier for him to beat in a final four .. Sam or JC or you and Angela. Kaycee – is he trying to make a final 2 with you? Tyler – he is trying to aim it that way. He sees you and Angela as the duo so he thinks its beneficial for me you know. Kaycee – that little a$$hole. What did you say? Tyler – I was like dude the girls are so loyal to us. I even try and test them and they pass the test. He was like when it comes down to it if we have to piss off America and piss off Level 6 … he was like do you want to get 3rd and 4th or do you want to get 1st and 2nd? Kaycee – I was thinking about that today. Brett would be the one to turn on the alliance. Sam and JC want Angela out. I think they way Brett sees it is if they want Angela out, it would be better for you to go because they want Angela out. Kaycee – oh my gosh. Did he say that? Tyler – yeah. F**king B***H! He doesn’t know (about Tyler and Kaycee). I need to win HOH and then you, me or Angela need to win the veto. Kaycee – that little f**ker. He would! Tyler – he sees you as the duo because JC’s been putting it in his head. Kaycee – oh my god. You’re right. If he were to win HOH, you think he would put me and Angela up? Tyler – or Sam and Angela. Kaycee – then he would really piss everyone off. Tyler – or me and Sam. He thinks I would have his back on that. He assumes that I would vote you out. Kaycee – right. Over Angela, right. That’s cool. Little F**ker! Do we take a shot at him then? Tyler – do we? And then its easier for us to beat Sam and JC? Kaycee – true dat! Angela can’t know. Tyler – she is so bad at hiding when she is pissed. He might check in with Angela to see how she is feeling.. but she is feeling normal. You’re better at hiding sh*t. He is trying to get me to go against the alliance but I just keep agreeing to it but not. Kaycee – if he wants to f**king play that game, we can play that game. Tyler – he is talking two steps ahead.

Kaycee – but when do you take the shot? During the double. Tyler – if Brett isn’t the HOH, then he has to go on the block. He thinks you and Angela are for sure the duo. Kaycee – that’s funny. Now if he is going against our alliance.. I don’t give a sh*t. Why would he even say that? Tyler – he is testing that I won’t go tell Angela. That’s Haleigh’s pitch that Angela and I are in a showmance. Kaycee – so do we take a shot at him. Tyler – I don’t think he will do it himself. Kaycee – I don’t think he will throw it. Tyler – I’ll convince him. This is all the sh*t that I’ve had suspicions about. He confirmed it today. Kaycee – its good that be brought that up today. Tyler – he confirmed it. They think you and Angela are a final two because of when everyone thought Rachel tried to make a final two with you and Angela. Thinking that you and Angela had a final two and that’s how you figured it out. It all stems from that. Don’t even think about throwing it to Brett. Kaycee – he is out .. bye, bye. He is not winning HOH. Tyler – or veto. Kaycee – Thursday baby! Game day! We’re good, thanks for communicating with me. They hug and Tyler heads downstairs.

1:40am All the house guests are sleeping..

10:25am Houseguests getting up..

socks.. are these the final 6?

10:40am Production is having a hissy fit trying to get Brett, JC and Haleigh up. The rest of the house is getting ready to roll. Kaycee was called into the Diary room. Angela and Tyler comment how Production is calling them in for DR’as early today.

Look no mustache

11:00am Kaycee and Tyler
Acting all “pumped” because they are going to take Brett out
Kaycee says “I’m so pumped.. let’s go” 30 times
Tyler says “PUMPED .. lets go ” 30 times
Kaycee – it’s game on…
Tyler – I’m going to hype his sh1t up for this.. I’m going to convince his a$$ to throw the HOH, POV
kaycee mentions that she had socks laid out for the final six. Says the brown sock is “His ugly a$$”
Kaycee – I was only tolerating him because he was level 6 ..
Kaycee – I’ve been kinda annoyed with him he’s one of those guys. I’ve never said it out loud he’s one of those guys he’s all about himself he thinks he knows everything he talks over you he’s just one of those guys
T – I don’t usually click with it
(JC is the white sock, Sam is the black sock)
KAycee wonders if Brett thinks JC and Sam are on his side
Tyler- oh they are..
Kaycee -w hat iof Sam win s
T – she would put up you and Angela..
Kaycee – she wouldn’t put up Brett
T – no her, JC and Brett are all in on that sh1t..
Tyler says no body likes Angela.. they all want Angela out.

Kaycee – dude I’m so pumped.. it’s a whole new f*ing game..
Kaycee – it’s on.. it’s one.. this is going o be good I’m so fired up I’m pumped.. I’m so fired up..
T – I’m going to convince his a$$ it’s good for him to throw this thing and let JC or Sam to win it
Tyler then says that Brett already brought up them not winning the next HOH so they can let Sam or JC take a shot at Angel/kaycee
KAycee – it might work out this week that his a$$ is gone.. whatever happens after this double we’re good.. I’m not worried about am or JC
T – worst case Angela goes
Kaycee – when I say we it’s use three.. (T, A and KC)

Tyler says he told BRett if he wins HOH he’ll put up Sam and JC .
Kaycee says people all underestimate Tyler and she doesn’t like that.
Tyle r- trust me I’m going to hype him up for this..

Tyler starts calling Brett “F* boy”
Kaycee – operations get Brett out ASAP
Tyler – as long as Angela or I win HOH
Kaycee – trust us he’s going after our alliance
Kaycee – we’re good we’re good our main priority is to get F*ing Brett out
Tyler- the only problem is to get Angela on board
Kaycee – this is going to work out perfect it’ll be easier to get him out now than later
Tyler- these are his words it’s easier to beat Sam and JC… You’re f*ing right dude
Tyler- I’ve been waiting for him to do this.. it was such a relief ..
Tyler- If I win I’ll put up Bret and JC and be like Brett I got this just throw this veto.. I got this
Tyler then will win the veto and put Brett up.

Tyler- I’m staying so many steps ahead right now
kaycee – he thinks he f*ing knows everything and it pisses me off..
Kaycee – he would not be here if it wasn’t for us
Tyler says every time Brett was on the chopping block they came up with plans to save him
Tyler and KAycee go on about how the three of them are responsible for Brett making this far it wasn’t a team effort it was all them.
Kaycee – he’s going to feel so stupid.. we’re going to get him.. he thinks he’s ahead.. I’m excited..
Tyler- it’s going to happen it’ll be insane..
They decide to tell Anegla tomorrow so she doesn’t freak out. Tyler notes that Angela is hard hiding it.
(they talk like they are certain tomorrow is a double)


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Don’t you just love how Haleigh is calling out the tangela showmance to Brett and at the same time STILL denying she was in one with Fes. Why continue to deny it? they’re all going to know when they watch the show. All the sneaking around she says Tyler and Angela are doing is the same shit she did with Fes only without the constant arguing.

If you’re going to call out another showmance, at least own up to doing it yourself. She is such a hypocrite.

You Know

She’s trying to convince everyone those HIVE votes aren’t locked in her favor.

What she should have done is somehow convinced Scottie to lie and say Bay & Rock talked sh*t about Hay. Then staged a fight between the 2 of them (Hay & Scottie)

Hay is NOT a good player. I don’t understand people who argue that she is. She is young.. I’ll give you that.


Hailiegh tries really hard she’s just clueless….. Brett said she was this seasons Raven lol…..only Hailiegh eats her fingers and Raven eats her scabs…..I’ll go with Hailiegh lol.


Lying about her showmance with Fes doesn’t change anything with Jury votes. They already know she has those 4 votes locked up. If she honestly thinks that the others don’t know she has Fes’s vote locked up then she is even dumber than i thought.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I posted this in the last update, but they are acting so weird tonight. Did they get alcohol? I think JC and Haleigh are getting to Brett; that and the fact that he hasn’t won anything to speak of. I really think if Ty or Brett take a shot at one of their own before getting rid of Sam & JC, and miss, their game is done. I don’t see Ty doing it; and I’m not sure Brett can win HOH.

another name

they didn’t get alcohol but they’ve all had… (imo) interesting d/r calls today.
Brett somewhere around 230 this morning said he should throw the double hoh. He wants the shot taken. He doesn’t want to take it himself.
JC had a convo with Sam saying if she wins she should take her shot (without naming who to target). He has also told Brett that he needs to take the shot. This leads me to believe that JC also plans to throw, preferring someone else take the shot. Sam in the hammock says to herself “why would i want to stay here if nobody wants me here.” She’s not aiming to win the hoh. Angela’s sudden realization that JC is scheming about her sounds like d/r effect. Given the d/r leaks on to feeds… I get the feeling a lot of possible d/r monkey shenanigans are afoot.
I am still surprised d/r hasn’t been prodding sam to have a full on melt down in order to save their precious nicole 2.0.


Tyler had already mentioned JC’s antics about the showmance to Angela. She’s known for awhile and I doubt it had anything to do with the DR. Her dealings with Brett may be shaken up from the DR though.


They can watch the whole house on HOH tv….no secrets for smart players.

Dirty Harry Reid

Brett is just too late because Hayleigh is history. She would of been willing to work with anyone. No way Sam, Tyler or Angela vote to keep her.
Bretts hope is that jC wins HOH and puts Angela and Kaycee up because Brett would vote one of them out and so would Sam because she is jealous. Sam would love to get rid of Angela.

Who said that!

Is Tyler moving up Angela’s eviction date or is he setting up Brett by using that conversation as ammunition for the 3 of them to evict Brett?

Roll Tide

Evict Brett


I think both he really is always 2 steps ahead especially with his own alliance.

another name

given he (much later) outed the plot to kaycee… evict brett.


No Bret signed his eviction papers with that conversation he had with Tyler.


Like I said all along there was NO WAY Tyler was going to let Brett get to F4 when date comps kick in. All week he’s been trying to pry “specific” intel from JC regarding Brett he could use & all he got was JC spouting “this is going to happen 100% – just trust me”. The crazy thing is JC is still OBLIVIOUS to how great a game Tyler has been playing.

Finally yesterday Brett played right into Tyler’s hands by giving him what he thought Tyler wanted to hear. Clearly Brett thought Tyler would be more open to taking out KC (AGAIN— Tyler camouflages his true intentions/attachments better than anyone in the house).

To that end, the big thing Tyler does (the best) which is underestimated is personality recognize nuances. For example he knows KC can roll with the punches and keep a poker face, whereas if he were to tell Angela about Brett she’d not be able to hide it. This is why Ty-Cee aren’t telling Angela upfront & will push her to make Brett feel as safe as possible heading into DE.

If things go as planned for Ty then Brett throws HOH, JC is too scared to win it, Sam also throws it and he tosses it to Angela. She then noms JC – Sam & one of Tyler, Angela or KC win POV remove JC and then Brett goes up & out. That way Tyler will say he had no choice b/c he needed to save JC (to keep JC in line) & he’ll tell Sam he wanted the others to think he’s closer to JC than her. Then the house is broken in two with him in the middle so he can let whoever win F5 HOH as long as KC stays safe (which she will b/c the other two want Angela out before KC.

He’ll want to win both HOH & POV at F4 so that he & KC either arrive at F3 with who they decide they want to take to F3 (I’m thinking it will be Angela) And b/c she also doesn’t see the Ty-Cee connection she’ll think they will both take her to F2 & may not try too hard to compete to win either part which will play right into KC/Tys hands.

Sure sounds simple, but the biggest road block will occur this Thursday by taking out Brett (poor guy will want to die going to jury with all those FOUTTE/Hive people).

Tyler will use his GBM to tell Brett that JC told him everything & the sad part was he only wanted Brett to take out Angela & then he wanted Brett out next. Then he’ll drop the bomb & say I never had a problem taking out Angela when the time was right, but the problem is I do have a solid F2 since Day 1 —- but it’s with Kaycee, so when you said she had to go we had to act first.

Brett will be bitter initially, but he’ll come around. I kind of hope it happens (even though I love Brett) but ONLY if we get ample jury coverage b/c you know Mrs. Smith (Rocky) is going to try to go at Brett & now that he doesn’t have to be nice he’ll go nuts on her.


Lovrd that post but there is no time for a goodbye massage in the double.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Was goodbye “massage” a very accurate typo or intentional?


Cuz brett loves to give massages ..;) 🙂


They will make GBM at a later date and the evicted HG will see them.

Gimmie a Break!!!

Agree TTOT!!! Tyler has all his ducks lined up in a row n evicting JC n Sam in the double dsnt line up with it or he will loose those votes hes looking at his final 2 deals;

sam was week 1, kc week 2, jc week 3 n brett’s was 2 weeks ago or so, so he gets brett out in double so he isnt able to team up with jc n sam n mess his plans up cuz he knows brett isnt taking him to final 2… he has it all worked out n yes this will be a super bitter jury so hes covering his bases with who to take out when… This is going to be a great Thursday Double Eviction….

Botox Pelosi

Great post. I never would of guessed that JC would outlast Brett. Whatever happems this is going to get really good.

Festicular Logic

Great post!


Tyler knows his final 3 needs to consist of any combo of Brett/Angela/ JC….. if Tyler or Brett win DE HOH as painful as it might be they cut KC……nobody can beat her final 2 and she might winout if she stays….then its to late…..there will be blood lol.


Oh Brett. Getting Angela out will be your demise. If he turns on Level 6 first in a sneaky way he will lose their votes. He is right about Angel being the key to jury but how has he not figured out yet that if she’s that disliked, he NEEDS her in final 2?!?! And I thought he was smart.


I know right! Come on Brett, pull your head out of your butt! ANYONE wins sitting next to Angela.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I agree. I just can’t understand why they want Angela out so bad when they know how much the jury hates her and wouldn’t vote for her.


Brett making a move. I didn’t think he was a moron. He was waiting for the right moment to pitch it to Tyler. Double evictions always cause chaos in the house this close to the end.

Who said that!

Tyler just threw Brett under the bus and made Kaycee think it’s her idea to take a shot at him.I’m impressed by the puppetry.


Wow Tyler just covered his ass for the DE and likely the rest of the game….the convos with Brett and then KC were masterful gameplay…..just when you think the Broken baby bird was getting lazy with Angela he pulls the plan of all plans out and sets the gears in motion…….Nice.


About time too…right when the DE is coming up!


KC cant play in the double, and we all know Brett is first to go for L6. Sure, Tyler is good at the game, but puppetry over KC… Mmm nah, she isnt malleable.

Who said that!

Kaycee has followed Tyler this entire game.Name one move she made without Tylers permission.


Permission? Nah, collaboration maybe. They do have an F2, and she is loyal and resolute. She is not being manipulated to screw her game over to help Tyler’s. Every move she has made, has helped the team. Team player, not a puppet. Sorry.


If Tyler got Kaycee to put up angela or Brett, I could agree, but everything she has done, she knew before even speaking to him. Name one thing Tyler made her do?


Not sure that’s best for Tyler’s game. Kaycee I believe is most liked of L6 by the jury. Why would Tyler want to keep someone in the game that is likable to the jury? Tyler is still thinking about getting to the end and not the ENDGAME? Tyler must be thinking pit people against one another and they won’t come for him. Its a gamble because if the wrong person goes with him to the end he loses. Be so interesting to see where Kaycee’s head is really at. Does she go for the kill and get rid of her closest competitor Tyler or get rid of Brett who hasn’t won much. Why is that? Is Brett playing everyone? Will he become a beast in final 3? I can’t wait to see after Hay goes who wins who they put up and how that will affect what is to come next week. Right now I am getting a feeling they’re all just working on scenarios but they will all sit back and fall back on putting up non Level 6 member because? IT’S THE EASY THING TO DO.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

I’m thinking Tyler’s plan is to be sitting next to Angela in the final. He knows all the Hivers do not like her. Brilliant game play by Tyler.

Elizabeth Cherokee Warren

All I can say is that I can’t believe what a waste of talent that Tyler is a life guard. That guy is sharp.

My Take

Brett revealed to Tyler that he wants to target Angela. Tyler (good acting) went along with it. But Tyler told KC about it and they’re pissed Brett is breaking their alliance and plan to get Brett out ASAP. They are planning on a final three with Angela. I’m rooting for their success! I want JC evicted so bad. The little creep.

Chuck U Schumer

I have really been impressed this season by how well Tyler keeps it together whenever one of these houseguests spills the tea. The only time I saw him crack all season was when Angela was lying on his bed in the towel.

Szn 20

And this is Brett’s downfall….I understand where he’s coming from wanting to make a big move to get Angela out but it’s too late he would of had a better chance riding to a final four with L6 and fighting it out. Even if he did get hoh during double and got Angela out he completely exposes himself. So next hoh he can’t play and he has to rely on Sam/jc to win vs. Kc/Tyler. It’s a too risky move to make this late especially with votes being so important. Worst case scenario he puts up kc/Angela, Tyler wins veto and saves one while they evict whoever Brett puts up as replacement. So not only he completely flips of l6 he would have 3 strong competitions after him. And it’s very possible that situation could arise.
Also on a side note I can not understand why Tyler or Brett do not want Angela in f2. Maybe Tyler does we have to see the Drs but it doesn’t make sense you are both guaranteed a win sitting next to her where anyone els you would probably lose. Brett’s logic that people would vote because he got Angela out? If your still sitting next to kc,jc, sam that probably won’t be enough. But great night for feeds none the less!


The only reason I can see Tyler not wanting to take Angela is the fact that all of the women were adamant that they wanted a woman to win. Maybe he’s thinking that even though they hate Angela – she has the right parts (so to speak) and they’d crown her winner because of that. If it were me – I’d take Angela. He won’t beat KC.


That’s true, I hadn’t thought of that. And as inept as that group is, they might just vote along those lines. Or will their jealousy towards Angela over-ride their misplaced “feminism?”

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I think the jury believes so strongly that Angela is an entitled b!tch that they will not want to give her the $500k regardless of her gender!


Just wait Tyler knows that taking KC to the end is a terrible choice to ein the 500k he’s got more plans up his sleeves…….even though he never wears sleeves lol.


i think tyler sees angela as a guaranteed vote in his favor and isn’t realizing that she’s actually more beneficial to him sitting next to him.

The real rockstar

Bret is a dumb ass. If you know Tyler and Angela are a thing why are you throwing his chick under the bus. Not much smarter then Feshole

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I always did enjoy Brett’s lovable buffoon act and thought he was just playing for AF. How disappointing, it wasn’t an act. Maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome. He’s been hiding out with the others for so long he’s starting to think like them…otherwise known as NOT thinking.

As for this season, while I’m no fan of Evel Dick the person, I do admit that he has a decent knowledge of the show. He was spot on when he said extending the show two weeks was a stupid move; it definitely was.

In many ways I wouldn’t mind if BB were cancelled by CBS. It might actually be the best thing for the show if another network were to pick it up; a new house, fresh ideas and most importantly a whole new “production”.

Guy From Canada

I thought “rob has a podcast” tweeted that first?


I’ve said the same thing…but one where the public decides who gets evicted and who wins (like in the U.K.). They should do it that way anyway to generate money for the show!


like the first season? that season was AWFUL. america’s too dumb to be given that kind of power.


I’m with some others here. Why is Brett thinking evicting Angela would score jury points and that it would be a better route to win the game than taking Angela with him to final 2. His logic is backwards to me. Tyler definitely knows how to handle each individual. He handles jc completely different than he handles Brett. So far that’s been my favorite thing about his game. How he adapts to each individual and so far it’s worked for him.


Tyler would backstab L6 in a heartbeat, but it is not smart thing to do, and he knows it. I think Brett’s thinking is off too. He thinks getting Angela out will get him votes, but she will be in the Jury, telling her story… the Jury is malleable, so they might respect his backstab, but will be bitter that he was a bump on a log the entire season… L6 carried him, and were so loyal. Nobody will respect that, and he wont get votes from either side. Brett is in no position to start talking about backstabbing. He has done nothing but make great speeches.

With that being said, I think Brett just put JC in a better spot. This DE will be good!


brett knows he needs something else on his resume beyond surviving the block multiple times, but it’s hard to see what would get him credit (taking out sam, jc, even kc probably aren’t viewed as big moves). taking out one half of tyler-angela isn’t a bad move, but he’s choosing the wrong half.

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Callie & Batman:

Both of these posts were spot on. Callie I love your point about how Tyler has a different strategy for dealing with every player and Batman you’re right in that Brett painting the target on himself just extended JC’s life in the game.


Brett will target Angela and Kaycee if he wins the next HOH. There is no doubt in my mind.

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I don’t think he has the stones to do it. He wants it done but he wants the blood on JC’s hands.


I retract my statements about liking brett to win…how do you tell somebody you want to evict their obvious showmance partner. All he had to do was chill to final four and win a comp. If Tyler really is still thinking kc for finals, he’ll also prove himself an idiot, but if he isn’t, he should have convinced brett to take her out. Why would you want to get Angela out when they know she is hated I jury… don’t you take the hated person to finals?


Brett was screwed before this. I think the idea was to see Tyler’s reaction to the idea. Brett has to know he has the smallest chance at winning the votes at the finale no matter who he sits next to. He needs something to hang his hat on and needs to gauge the best time for a shot at his own alliance. The others seem willing to go to the final 4 together because they all seem to do well at comps. Although they may seriously be rethinking keeping Kaycee since she totally destroyed the comic comp.

On a side note I wonder if production was planning on tweaking the numbers so Haleigh won the veto but with Kaycee basically doing it on the first pass they knew they couldn’t fudge it that much.


I know right? How stupid can he get? Why would Tyler want to take him over Angela, showmance or no showmance. Brett should have just stayed loyal to level6 and guaranteed himself a spot in the final4. Then he just needs to win comps.

I think Tyler might end up taking Angela over KC. I would think he recognizes that he might not win against KC. But I think he will throw the last comp. He knows both women will pick him so why have to make the choice?


true. plus how often does the person evicted in final 3 then vote for who evicted them. i’m guessing it’s not a lot, too many emotions running (imo vanessa would have voted steve if given more time to calm down and think about it). tyler feels much more comfortable going after the votes of the people still in the house than those on jury. if he can get 4 of the people in the house, he just needs one hive member (scottie and bayleigh being his best options). the votes being easier for him if he’s not hoh when they’re evicted, including at final 3.

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Simon/Dawg, Entertainment Weekly is running some of the BB contestant comic book covers. You might want to check them out.


I don’t get Brett’s. Why is he throwing cake at what appears to be an inmate with money in their hands?


on her daughter’s birthday no less

My Take

The best scenario for Tyler now is final three with KC and Angela. Angela wins the HOH and picks Tyler to final two over KC. Sitting next to Angela he wins.


At that point, I wonder two things:
1) How successful will time and Dr. will be in convincing the jurors that bitter voting isn’t a good look for them?
2) The girls always talk about wanting a girl to win, so would that win or their bitterness toward Angela?


Do people realize KC is a girl? This is the 2nd time someone has mentioned, regarding Angela in the F2, the girls will vote for a girl. No one says this regarding KC in the F2.


I don’t think it’s relevant to KC because i don’t think the jury is bitter toward her, i think she would win against anyone straight on her own merits based on social and comp wins.

Who said that!

Tyler’s ideal final 4 is with Kaycee JC and Sam.Bye Angela.


Lol you must clearly not watch the live feeds

Who said that!

You clearly can’t separate game from personal.


Tyler is the biggest 2 face in his talk with Kaycee he convienently left out the part about him agreeing with everything Brett said. I wish Kaycee would really play the game and put Tyler on the block. He is getting all of them to do his dirty work.

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Yes, how dare he play the game!

You do realize that when he “appeared” to be agreeing with Brett he was only playing him?


Much like a hostage situation, you avoid absolute terms as much as possible. Tyler was shifting the talk to when and when was always later. There was no point in telling Kaycee he “agreed” to it, the simple fact he was telling her right away is enough to show Kaycee where Tyler stands in regards to Brett. If he had shut it down with Brett, Brett would know just how screwed he is and might do something rash like putting up a certain life guard, Tyler doesn’t want to go up.

Who said that!

Tyler keeps all options open.Brett’s the target on the double but Angela is expendable.

another name

honorary member of foutte?
why should kaycee put the only final two deal she has on the block? That’s some Fes level logic.


No Tyler told Kc, “ He is trying to get me to go against the alliance but I just keep agreeing to it but not.”

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

He DID tell KC, “He is trying to get me to go against the alliance but I just keep agreeing to it but not”. And you have it wrong, JC and Brett are trying to get each other or Tyler to do the dirty work for them. Tyler has been winning comps, and making the big moves himself, more than Brett and JC has ever done! JC trying to convince Brett to take out Angela for him is an example of getting someone else to do the dirty work. Tyler telling KC about Brett and JC’s plan to target her and Angela so they can protect themselves from getting evicted is not getting her to “do his dirty work”.


He’s telling Kaycee info not withholding it.

Team Tyler

Does Kaycee have final 2 deal with Tyler? or with Angela?

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With Tyler but they’re both very close personally to Angela.


He’s been careful not to discuss a final 2 deal with Angela. If he has to take her out he can say he had a final 2 with Kaycee before their showmance started.


Totally random and off topic question: Do they ever tell contestants about news going on outside the house? Just wondering if they’d ever tell Angela and Tyler about the hurricane heading for SC? I get that it wouldn’t be good for game to distract them like that but I’d feel pretty sh*%#y just going on about my game while that catastrophe was happening to my hometown. Love this site btw!!!


Rarely and only if it pertains to them specifically and there’s a time element involved.


I was wondering that too! I even checked out the weather report on Hilton Head to see how bad. That’s a little bit crazy.

Tyler's Tatt

I don’t think so, I don’t remember them telling Josh about the hurricane in Miami last season.

Buh Bye

They did last year with Josh. I believe his family is in Florida and there was an impending storm… He was told.


No, Josh wasn’t told. BB left it up to his family as whether to tell him or not. The family said not to tell him as they didn’t want Josh worrying about them.

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That’s what I remember.


My opinion on who is going to win is KAYSEE closeup on hand showed DReamer tattoo & her being gay would be the winner in CBS platform !! And being latino. lets see if I’m right.


Kaycee would win because she has an awesome social game and can win competitions. Not for any reason you “boxed” her into.


Wow! Your powers of deduction are on par with your grammar skills. Good for you!

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Ummm, KC is not Latino. Her mom is Filipino and her dad is Caucasian. Which shouldn’t have any bearing on winning this game.


Oh Brett…What have you just done?? I really hope you didn’t just sign your eviction notice. Although I took that conversation as Brett just throwing out ideas and not actually saying that he WAS going to go against L6, it seems like Tyler took it that he was. I can kind of see where Brett is coming from though – with sending Angela to jury and maybe getting some votes because of it but I think the better play would be to be sitting next to her instead.

I am not really sure what Tyler is thinking at this point…..To me it seems like a better idea to take Brett over Kaycee to the end as I think he would have a better chance of winning against Brett than Kaycee. Kaycee has created quite an impressive resume for herself in the past few weeks and would be very hard to beat by anyone, even Tyler, who in my opinion, has pretty much controlled the game thus far. In fact, I think I could go as far as saying that Tyler, Angela and Kaycee would have a better chance of beating Brett in the final 2 over each other since he has only won 1 POV. They should really consider leaving him in the game.

At the point I would really like to see a L6 final four. I hope they can stay loyal to each other for just a little while longer.


Did Brett actually ever say to Tyler that Kaycee should go?
I don’t think he ever did.
I knew it was stupid of Brett to believe in his F2 with Tyler and talk to him about getting Angela out, but Tyler is really smart to take it that one step further and tell Kaycee exactly what was needed to turn her against Brett: “Brett wants YOU gone, Kaycee! Not Angela! I swear on my life!”
If Kaycee was smart, she’d realize that Brett having a discussion with Tyler about how Brett and Tyler can make it to F2 means that Brett and Tyler have a F2!
Sadly she won’t even give Brett a chance to defend himself.
Well done, Tyler, you got Brett check mate.

Only chance for Brett:
-) JC wins HOH
-) Brett changes his mind and doesn’t throw the HOH – and wins it
-) Brett wins POV
All 3 of those outcomes are extremely unlikely. (Sam will throw HOH)
I’ll pray to the Bro Shrine extra hard tomorrow.

This is the part of the game that I struggle with. When those tight alliances that I saw as real friendships turn nasty towards the end. Ever since Tyler told Kaycee that Brett wants her out, watching the feeds really gives me stomach pain.

Tyler is really good, but still… Me sad. 🙁


Brett did suggest KC to be evicted because she smoked them in the BB Comics comp


Yeah, I saw that conversation… But AFAIK, Brett was only saying that ‘Kaycee smoking them in this comp’ was one more reason for them to turn on “Angela + Kaycee”. Never did he say that Kaycee should be the first to go.
They wouldn’t have the votes anyway, since Sam and JC want Angela out over Kaycee – or over anyone else sitting on the block next to her.

My point is: Tyler telling Kaycee that “Brett wants Kaycee out, not Angela” was a lie. Which he punctuated with “I swear on my life!”. Brilliant, if ruthless game move.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I don’t see where it says that Tyler told KC that Brett wants her out. He says everyone wants Angela out. Simon’s post says that Tyler said, “I think they way Brett sees it is if they want Angela out, it would be better for you to go because they want Angela out“. It doesn’t make sense unless what Tyler was saying is that they want KC to go UP on the block so she could not save Angela with the veto or give her a vote to stay. I don’t believe he lied to KC about Brett wanting her out.

Who said that!

No,Tyler lied about that so Kaycee would turn against Brett.Master of manipulation.


I thought in the convo with Brett Tyler said you know who I want to go…..Brett said Angela? Then Brett suggested KC in the DE because then Angela would be taken out by Sam or Jc the following week…..Tyler says yeah I didn’t think of that. So in a roundabout way Tyler didn’t lie to KC….

Butters Mom

Im not sure why Tyler thinks it would be in his best interest to go to the end with KC knowing how strong of a competitor she is and, Im not sure he can beat her in a final 2 at this point with the jury either., I also dont understand Brett thinking that sending out Angela would win jury votes rather than trying to go to the end with her and win over her with jury would be the best way to go. Im really curious if production is guiding Tyler in any way towards taking KC to the end or if he has “other plans” hes just not talking about yet. He is playing a very good game… Im always suspicious about Production guiding players though every season.. He seems so in tune with reading everyone in the house and the fact that he’s only 23 and able to do that so well is very impressive…. or is it actually Production guiding him hmmmmm? lol we will never know.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’m not so sure he is still planning to take her to final two if it’s his choice. It’s been a while since he said that in a DE session and a lot has happened since then; L4 learned how disliked Angela is by the jury and Kaycee started kicking butt in the comps.

I’d be very surprised if he were still holding to the plan to go to the end with Kaycee.

Who said that!

Brett and JC’s rationale for targeting Angela is that she is so close to Tyler and Kaycee,not knowing about Ty/KC they think evicting Angela would break up all 3.


Every day, when I read all the posts here, I wonder, what’s going through the posters minds. They all seem to know what each and every HG is thinking, what they “really” mean when they say this or that, who’s lying, who’s telling the truth, what is some HG’s plan. Posters are real experts!
Every scenario has HG’s X and Y going on the block. HG X or Y should be evicted because, blah, blah, blah. In my opinion, yes I’m allowed to have one, some posters are way too involved with playing their own version of BB in the privacy of their own homes, hidden behind their sometimes weird screen names. I personally don’t do live feeds, I have too many other things to do with my life. I read Simon/Dawg’s reports, watch the on-air 3 hours and record AD so I can fast forward through most of it.
Not one of us knows what’s really going on inside of any HG’s mind, what their plan(s) might be. Everyone thinks they know what’s best for any HG. We all make far too many assumptions, and we all should realize that assumptions are like a** holes, we all have one. If I remember correctly, when you make an assumption, you make an “a**-u-me”.
Thumbs Up if you agree, in-part or whole
Thumbs Down if you don’t have a life


Feel free to formulate a disclaimer that all posters can copy and paste at the beginning of each post: “my words are merely a theory, based on observation and extrapolation of HG’s behavior; partly due to watching them speak to themselves or talk in the DR. DO NOT SHOOT ME for making an assumption.” etc.
If we don’t make assumptions, I’m not sure what you think we should be talking about here. Or what we’re allowed to talk about here according to you.

I’m happy for you that you have so many better things to do with your life than watching feeds, but the 3×40 minutes of CBS show are very different from what actually happens in that house.
Sites such as OBB are where you’re most likely to come across people who do watch the live feeds. So maybe it’s not the best place for sharing your view that you associate watching the feeds with not having (enough of) a life.
Unless you’re just purposely trying to offend people so you can have an online anonymous argument. Then, you did well.
But if that’s how you spend your time, that would in my opinion be a far bigger waste of your time than watching BB live feeds. But that’s me just assuming.

“Thumbs down if you don’t have a life”? LOL. You really understand democracy, bro.


If middle fingers were an option you’d get one of those. Reading the updates and commenting here are it’s own version of entertainment. If you want the pre-packaged production version of BB then feel free to join the idiot masses. Live Feeds and these comment threads are whole different B.B. experience. Feel free to get off the ride if you don’t like it.


You must be new to the internet, we’re all experts at everything.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Well, you obviously spend time in your busy life reading people’s posts. If you don’t like the discussions, theories, and opinions of the viewers who enjoy taking part, then don’t read them.

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

Meh… Morally superior much? YOU assume we are all live feeders with no lives. So it appears in you doing the assuming, you are making an a&& of yourSELF. Meh.



Tyler DOES want the F3 to be him, Angela & KC.

When it comes down to the final comp where the winner chooses who to take to F2……If Tyler doesn’t win it…..Angela or KC would pick Tyler for F2. He’s golden.

This guy has played a masterful game! Best one I’ve seen in years.

Can’t wait for the JC eviction. Fireworks!!!!!

My Take

You sound like me. My thoughts exactly.

Al Sharpton Wants To Hold Your Wallet

That is a perfect scenario for Tyler. If he wins fine and he will take Angela to the final. If not either of the two girls probably take him.


Tyler misted us. He is no more loyal to L6 than he is to his multiple final 2’s. Kaycee should be worried. She probably thinks being in a final 2 means the other person wouldn’t actively try to get you evicted. Talk to Brett.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It’s impossible to be loyal to an alliance of more than two people…and you seem to have “misted” over that it was Brett who first decided to sell out half of his alliance.

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

He’s been VERY loyal to L6. It’s down to the wire & he wants to be F2 with an L6 member. You can’t fault him for playing to win. It’s the objective.

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird with a Man Bun

Not too happy with Tyler. Hope Brett figures things out, wins HOH and evicts him. Final 2 Kaycee and Brett


They need to be smart here. Taking Angela to the final two is the easiest way to guarantee winning the 500k, the jury hates her and will not vote for her, they already think she’s rich and spoiled. Kaycee vs Ty is would be a close vote but I still think Kaycee wins jury votes against anyone, she’s the only person who has remained drama free all season, which is an amazing feat on this show in this era. Brett thinking that taking out Angela will win him more votes in the jury compared to being next to her in the final two? I think Tyler is the only one smart enough to put that piece together. I’m afraid now that they are concentrating on Brett JC will slip through the crack to the end and I seriously dislike him and believe he should have been removed from the show regardless of how they want to portray him on the weekly shows. He’s no mastermind, he did pull a good spin on Fess but the more you got to know Fess you learn it could have been done by a turtle. I’m watching Haleigh play with Brett’s hair now and I know Fessy would appreciate that lol.


I feel like if you watch the live feeds then you know exactly what’s going on…

Tyler wants final three to be him, & Willy/Wonka (KC/Angela) He’s playing Brett to get information but also trying to keep himself safe in case Brett does win the hoh. If that does happen during the double Tyler will try to tell him to stay loyal but he’ll support his decision to merely cover himself. Then Tyler, Willy & wonka will gun for the veto if he does back stab Willy/wonka in order to keep them both. Worst case scenario he would evict Angela only if she is sitting next to kc.

Tyler is going to convince Brett to throw the comp tomorrow (along with himself) because he convinced Angela to throw it. (However he & Angela will actually gun for it because he & kc will tell Angela what Brett is saying tomorrow before the comp) Tyler will be simply telling Brett this so that they won’t be getting blood on their hands for taking the shot. (Brett will think that him & Tyler would have to choose between level 6, in which they wouldn’t piss off the other level 6 member that stays). Tomorrow will be a DE so it’s got to be something fast like questions (I would assume) so really anyone can get lucky in my opinion. Brett/jc/Sam can’t really throw this so it’s a matter of getting lucky & playing a crucial veto win (in case things take a turn for the worst).


I hope Brett wins the HOH. It would be great if Brett, JC and Sam were final. Tired of the other 3.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Let’s consider Brett actually stumbles into an HoH win and takes out one of the three top comp winners in the entire game.

That leaves him to face the two remaining top comp winners in the entire game.

And since Brett couldn’t compete for the next HoH, his fate would then be dependent on JC, or maybe a very iffy Sam, winning HoH to protect him from going up and getting evicted.

I’m not seeing the odds in his favor with that.