Big Brother 17 – Steve illustrates where his vegetables were and why they aren’t all cut up.

Finale Schedule
Sun, 9/20- 8p
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother


Part 2 of 3 – Liz and Steve will compete against each other
Part 3 of 3 – The winner of part 2 competes against Vanessa

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-18 09-59-37-561

10am – 10:35am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Vanessa complains about having neck pains. Steve says today is day 93. The last Friday. Liz says that she hears a blower or something similar out in the backyard. She asks Steve Are they usually during the day or at night? Steve says I don’t know. I didn’t think I would get this far so I didn’t pay too much attention. I would guess day. Liz says it depends on what look they’re going for. Steve says last year was theme was Egypt and the year before was under the sea.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-18 10-07-38-011

Vanessa asks Steve if he thinks Meg was cute. Steve says she’s cute but I wasn’t attracted to her. Julia is the only person in the cast that I was attracted to. Vanessa says that Liz looks just like her. Steve says its not the same. But yes, Liz does look like her, it took me a day or two for me to tell them a part.

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10:45am Liz heads back to bed. She grabs the cold pack. Steve asks where are you putting that? Liz says on my vegetable. Liz asks how Steve’s vegetables aren’t all cut up. Steve illustrates where his vegetables were and why they aren’t all cut up.

10:50pm – 12:30pm Steve heads to the comic room to study.. Steve finishes up and starts scampering. Steve sits in the kitchen and continues to study whispering the HOH, Vetos, etc. Vanessa heads to the bathroom to take a shower. Steve, Vanessa and Liz are all back sleeping..

1:15pm – 1:25pm Liz makes her dad’s “secret recipe” grilled cheese and tomato soup. Vanessa joins her for a bowl of soup. She comments on how they’re still building out there. I took my advil, vitamins and I’ve eaten. I’m ready! Vanessa says good girl. It will happen when it happens. Liz says I till probably happen nightish. Mel is probably so happy for you. Vanessa says at least I’m in the third round and don’t have to do anything else physical. Liz says can you image. Vanessa says I would die. Liz asks do you know what you’re going to wear to the finale? Liz says I’m going to wear the blue dress she wore to prom. Vanessa says she will probably just wear her white shirt.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-18 13-15-05-793

1:35pm- 3:15pm Liz starts stretching. Vanessa comments on how Liz is ready to go! Liz says I’m ready for battle! Liz then heads back to bed. The vegetable talk continues. Liz says her vegetable is pulverized. Liz starts asking Steve questions about being in a fraternity. He says that he was kind of pushed into doing it by his parents. Steve asks Liz questions about her other sister Angela. She has man repellent. Steve says I have girl repellent. Liz says her sister is tall at 5’10” and unfortunately a lot of the guys in Miami are short.

Vanessa asks Steve how come you didn’t work with Jason? Steve says I wanted to but he wouldn’t stop trashing me behind my back. Same with DaVonne. Liz comments on how Steve doesn’t have as much pudge as he used to. Steve says that’s because I’ve been working out so I can look sexy for girls back at school.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-18 14-01-54-583

3:35pm – 4pm Liz and Vanessa go back to sleep. Steve starts pacing around the house studying.

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i thought steve had a thing for audrey


No, it was James that was popping a bone for Audrey once he found out she had female plumbing but couldn’t get pregnant.

Zingbot Fan

Steve is strictly loyal to Coco and Mommy.


9:50pm EST……….I just voted more than 20 times!


I feel sorry for you. Must be a sad and lonely existance when voting to give money to a douchebag you don’t know is the highlight of your day.

Pinocchio Obama

CBS please show us johnny Mac arriving and the jury house discussing who should win. The real house is pretty boring right now.

Doran Martell

I think that would be a great idea. You know it’s a rough season when julie chens husband says it’s been a bad year.

House Stark

The real house is deader than Jon Snow…….


Jon snow is not dead.


Yes this Jon gets another chance to live too.


No. No one cares about this sleepy head


I wish they would have a live feed at the jury house! That would be awesome

Captain Crunch

This game has been so rigged for Vanessa since her game got exposed and it started when DR got to Meg and James about keeping her over Shelli. DR has been feeding Vanessa inside info on other house-guests and they just want us to think its a coincidence that Vanessa knew what every house-guest was thinking or doing. I don’t know if they were doing it because she has a show coming out or because they just want to promote her in the poker-world for publicity but its been obvious for a while that they wanted her in the finals.

Vanessa may win BB but in the long run i think its gonna hurt her reputation in the poker-world or whatever she does when people look back at BB and see shes an ugly person inside and out. She bullies and talks down to people when she has control and plays victim when she doesn’t, I feel sorry for her GF if this is what she has to deal with in the real world.

Vanessa's Broomstick

The only thing left to root for this season is to see the winner of part 2 of the HOH win part 3 and evict Vanessa.


How do you know what kind of person she is? Do you know her personally?

…and here I was under the impression that everyone here only knows how she plays a game, a game that involves lying, and intimidation, and gaining sympathy, and etc, etc, etc…

Please do tell me more about what kind of person she is and how much you know her.

We ain't in Kansas anymore Toto

This is NOT the real world it is a GAME
Feel sorry for yourself for being so judgemental because your favorite isn’t winning you have to bash someone you know absolutely nothing about…
Still can’t understand why fans can’t separate game from reality… also dumbfounded to find out everyone on the planet is perfect except the ppl we see on big brother


Depends…if production manipulates the game to increase the odds a specific “cast” member will win, it is a show.


like how they manipulated the editing and diary room process to ensure that either James or Johnnymac wins 25K?

Steve's baby carrot

Poor Steve!


Still don’t miss Johnny Mac
James for AFP
If Steve don’t win part 2 & 3 of HOH its Liz & Vanessa the final 2


Never missed James, but really miss JMac ????. It would be nice to be able to vote CBS!!!


IMO James could have excelled in the game had he not isolated himself so much with Meg. Watching those two was like listening to middle school kids conversing…Meg giggling continually was very annoying and child-like. It seemed like James spent most of his time trying to entertain Meg and show off. Very immature for the most part ..Oh well…disappointed

Jury House Jamesy

Johnny Mac has an 8% lead here on this site for AFHG and his lead is even bigger on other Big Brother sites that I have seen polls on. Hopefully CBS gets their site fixed before all the James fans run out of diapers.


You actually believe everyone who watches BB comes to this site to vote in that poll??? Keep dreaming. I remember one year someone (can’t remember who it was) had the highest number of votes on here and they didn’t win AFP. A lot of people came here crying about it being rigged. Jmac won’t win. If there was no DR, nobody would know he was even in the house.

Grease the Goblins

I think you are going to need one of those diapers. Like others here I can’t vote for somebody who not only pulled the biggest veto choke in history but isn’t tall enough to ride the Teacup ride at Disneyland. Rockstar dentist for the win.


One thing to remember is BB has millions of viewers each week. I think a lot of them may vote but don’t watch BBAD, the live feeds or follow on line so they don’t know what we all know. I would think the polls we see online are based on online followers mostly and won’t include the votes from people who voted based only on the CBS edited broadcasted show.


Big Brother After Dark last night had a poll for AFP and James just squeaked it out of Johnnymac. I hope it will be the same for the Official online poll at CBS.

Mini Me James

i cast most of my votes for JMAC but overall I really liked everyone this season except for Audrey.

Roll Tide

Day 4……The CBS site will not let me vote.

Doran Martell

That’s because they can smell a Bama fan miles away. Jk. Go Dawgs

Grease the Goblins

9 out of 10 Sand Snakes think Bama Rules!

Steve's cucumber



In the end after the hub bub, it’s a bunch of kids playing dress up and silly games within one silly game .Crazy how caught up I got. I’m of sound body and mind and def lost a few nights sleep, fuming over some of these outcomes. Whouda coulda shouda is this years theme . Now it’s over, hoping for one last ditch chance here, in the 10% shot Steve goes 2-0 and does the unthinkable and ditch u know who . He won’t, the inevitable is coming but hey, good enough entertainment I suppose . Peace


Simon and Dawg-are you guys wondering at this point if it might be more fun to watch paint dry or count the number of selfies each of the Kartrashians send out per day? Gotta say, I appreciate the updates you give us as you try to stay conscious with these three!

Big Jim

Let’s go Steve for Part 2

Vanessa's Vegetable

Is the black hole to hell….I heard if you look into it, you’ll see how you’re going to die.

Fed Up fcuk mel

I tired of ppl like vanassa winning. I’m tired of CBS casting ppl to stupid to do anything about their fate. I’m tired of ppl throw n comp instead of like in the beginning going 12 hours strong. Is this social experiment in a parking lot what our society has become… A bunch of push overs who believe any lie and ride anyone coat tails who will get thm eo where there are trying to go.


For someone complaining about stupid people, you don’t sound particularly smart in your comment. There are so many errors that it makes you sound more stupid than any of the house guests you are criticizing. Try proof reading your comments before posting, especially if you are going to complain about OTHER people being stupid.


Who cares… This is not a statement to get me into college. You understood what I meant. I don’t have to correct anything for anything I post online… Loser… . when I say their stupid. I mean they see everything going and do nothing about. Some of thm act like it was summer camp n not competition show to win money. Who are you the grammar Queen … I’m sure your a woman because men aren’t so petty.


Their, should be *they’re
Your, should be *you’re
You are welcome,


Grammar police

Stevereno and your prize for correct n it.

Who cares stevereno… What is your prize for correct it… Who cares seriously… Only petty ppl… I’m not going to take the extra time write something correctly whn I’m frustrated n in a rush. But I guess someone gave you a cookie for pointing it out… But bb is also your life n youll have to go back to eating pig sh


It was a joke :/ get a sense of humor

Vanessa's Broomstick

Stevereno should be “Steve”


In response to all those bitter haters…

Vanessa outwit, outplayed your favourite houseguests and either directly or indirectly had the most strategic players gone before jury. She made sure the weak followers remained in the house until she needed them gone. Then once again had these houseguests evicted when they no longer served a purpose within her strategic game which in return enabled her to get to final three. Yes she’s that good! Had people trust her, manipulated many and played the crying game but it ultimately got her to the end. Haters gonna hate and make false excuses without proof as to why and how Vanessa has made it this far. VanNation knows she’s just plain brilliant! Chess anyone? 😉

Lameo Jameo

I hate to admit it but you are correct.

Johnny Mac for AFHG.

Yes her game was better

I do agree her strategy was better but I don’t like her because she acts so desperate for the money. Like she needs to win it so bad. I don’t know why your getting mad ppl are lying one her… That’s all she did to gt this far.

Most bb finalist do keep the quicker players .what’s the point of keeping the strong ones…

I just like how she played the game like all that cry and she’s so fake…but they fell for it.


I honestly don’t think it’s about the money. I think she’s just so hyper-competitive and frighteningly driven that it’s about winning. She wants the title of winner.
Then she can write her book, start her cult, and take over Las Vegas, or at least the nearest bingo parlor. I’m joking. about the bingo part.


Vanessa brilliant? I think not! It did not take smarts to win with these loser dimwits. She is a master manipulator. The dimwits were incredibly taken in. Vanessa is purely a figment of her own imagination.

Just Stop

Every time there is a player that is far superior (player) to the others. If that player is not liked a lot of fans on here resort to the “well these ppl are just dumb…” they only appear to be that dumb bc the player is THAT good…
It happens every year
You guys are sore losers

Fed Up f nel

I tired of ppl like vanassa winning. I’m tired of CBS casting ppl to stupid to do anything about their fate. I’m tired of ppl throw n comp instead of like in the beginning going 12 hours strong. Is this social experiment in a parking lot what our society has become… A bunch of push overs who believe any lie and ride anyone coat tails who will get thm eo where there are trying to go.


Do CBS still have in small letters they reserve the right to who they want the winner to be


I’m pretty sure the clause is: they reserve the right to alter the rules at any time.


I think CBS is wrong for exploiting crazy paranoid ppl like vanassa. Plus vanassa is cheating taking ADHD medication. It makes you think outside the box and get things done. Usually students take ADHD medication to focus.

Doran Martell

Crazy mentally unstable people are CBS’s bread and butter

This is first in long time

This is the first time in a long time I’m not able to definitely pick the winner. I knew Andy and Derrick would win.


That is what makes this season so good for me. For the first time in years I can’t be sure who will win no matter which of the 3 makes F2.


Such BS, you can’t even vote for AFP on CBS. LAME

It's all fixed

CBS is as controlling as the crazy girl they cast, Vanessa.

I voted first day 20 times. Second day I was only allowed one vote.

Biter Dependocrat

Don’t worry CBS has hired Hillary to “fix” their server.

Ariana Grande stinks!

They should copy and paste BBCAN because this last part of the season is not nearly as boring as BBUS. It’s beyond snail paced! Turtles are Usain Bolts compared to this pace… HORRIBLE!

When is the second part of this effing competition?


BBCAN cut the feeds for the last week. Nobody had a clue what was going on from just after Brit was evicted until finale night.
**Unless you count the diary room final three messages that Global released on the website as summation of BBCAN experiences. Those messages showed Sarah visibly upset (she had lost the first and second portions of the hoh by then), and Godfrey continuing to play his d/r mastermind viewer’s hero role with a bit of vigor (he had won stage one by that point).
There seemed to be an awful lot of complaints about the BBCAN feeds being down for season three. Every time something was going to be aired on the show, that cam would go down for about an hour or more.
I don’t think I’d want the BBCAN paste of the gold orange shhhhh it’s a secret screen for a week.

Ariana Grande stinks!



CBS………let us vote let us vote let us vote get yer s**t together and fix the site


I still cannot get in to vote for favorite houseguest. Only the 1st night. Since yesterday it keeps saying I exceeded my limit. Even when I log out and start over again. Anyone know what’s up? Appreciate it.


CBS is too busy fixing Vanessa’s win to worry about the AFHG vote. : (

Vanessa's Broomstick

I hear CBS messed up the AFHG voting when Frankie spilled glitter on the server.


Yes, we have the same name ????. I was able to vote two days in a row logging in via Facebook.


I just tried that..didn’t work. I also tried logging out and going back in, didn’t work either.


If the site is telling you that you reached your limit it is either going by your:
IP address
Or possibly your email address if it asked for one.
Of course if you log in from a different computer/ phone / email and it is telling you that you’ve reached your limit it is likely that there is just too much traffic to the site or the server is being DDOS’d. Since the server is public facing it could be down for awhile depending on how the attack was mitigated


CBS probably doesn’t want to fix the voting mechanism because as it stands now, it is the person THEY want to win America’s Favorite !

Would yoi

Would you go on big brother

Sometimes I’m like hell yeah but whn I read about Steve crying I had said I think the mental torture is too much. Everyone is starting to talk to them self cuz they’re so alone.

Member of the Ant Farm

Production…Steve, stop playing with your veggies!!


Who was the vegetarian houseguest? It may have been another season…

Now I’m curious…


Victoria last year was vegetarian


Victoria last season was a vegetarian


Last year, Victoria was a vegetable with jacked up extensions.


enough with the vegetables already…is it perv situation with steve? does he need reassurance? he was also always talking about james’ supposedly smallness etc..

Min O'Pause

Strange…. all this talk of vegetables and I can’t get the word “kumquat” outta my head. I know it’s a fruit but there it is….”kumquat,kumquat, kumquat.”

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB17 HG's

I honestly don’t have anything to say….that’s how boring the feeds are right now. Unless people get excitement over Liz saying a “secret recipe” is dipping a sandwich into tomato soup. We were all fools..she was the evil genius all along!!! #Mind.Blown.


van won’t let steve evict her
liz will evict steve

Big Sister

How can we trust any announcement on Wednesday of AFP? still haven’t been able to vote. How incompetent can CBS be?

Mini Me James

They brought Frankie and Jessie back didn’t they?


I just voted 20 times at from my phone. Not sure why some people are having a hard time voting. Keep trying!


Was this your first time voting

Roll Tide

I was able to vote tonight for the first time.

Sir Peanut

A few things that I liked this season:

The players were more mature (the streaking didn’t go over well)
Players went out in a guy girl guy girl fashion
There wasn’t a mostly male alliance saying the girls are weak and leaving mostly males in the game
The Takeover (what little there was)
Shelly and Clay taking a long time to get hot and heavy on the feeds
The practical jokes played on each other weren’t just plain mean
Rarely hearing (Don’t talk or sit with him or her because they are on the block)
Many people that clean the house
A fairly clean house

That’s just most of the things i liked this season. Feel free to add some more.

Vanessa's Broomstick

I like that they just announce the two people on the block during the Nomination Ceremony instead of going thru all the people who are safe first.

I don’t like The Battle of the Block and any episode that involves Frankie or Jessie. I also don’t enjoy how many times the HOH telecasts go off the air before we know the winner of the HOH competition.

One last thing I would love to see is for America to get a vote on eviction nights and in the finale.


I would love to vote for the winner maybe these ppl would play harder. Something definitely has to be done different next year cuz most of the season has been anticlimactic

Let us evict

That would be a good twist if we voted first 5 evictions n the houseguest didn’t know how the votes went. It would a be conspiracy driving the houseguest crazier.

Zingbot Fan

I think they should get rid of the rule where you can’t compete in the next HOH after being the existing HOH.


I want one less person to go to jury house. America gets that one vote in the finale instead.

The Viewers need 7 votes

These ppl are so brain washed, one vote from America won’t put a dent in things. I just thought these ppl would be faker if they knew we were voting. It would have to be something f3 finds out so we have a great season.


If Liz or Steve somehow beat Vanessa in the final round I know they will both take vanessa, even though they are way better off against each other. Steve is a head case with serious mommy issues but the rest of them have stars in their eyes and they see Vanessa as a connection to Vegas, money, web fame, music…so silly…worship a 30 something spoiled degenerate who bounces from one career to another, never paying dues or working her way up…so full herself. You know what 7 different house rentals in a year sounds like to me? Bigshot paying thousands to rent a place to project an image…until the parties, burn holes, and shit all over the place get her kicked out. “I’m a famous DJ, no I’m a lawyer, I mean lesbian now…they dress cool and I already banged all the guys I know….”. God I am so desperate for satisfaction that I might have to go back twenty pages on this site to bask in the memory of when Vanessa was on the block, the smell of hope was in the air. All the tough talk and the goblins thinking they ran the house for two whole weeks…those were the good old days.

It makes so much sense now why their game suck

They want to be stars. I guess these ppl are worried about their brand and scumbagging is not something they want on their resume… BUT BIG BROTHER…I WATCH FOR THE scumbagging. If there’s no scumbagging its just watching a bunch of ppl trapped in a house on Summer vacation.


Where did hear that Vanessa moved 7 times in a year? Just curious ….. Also, Vanessa is broke. The money she made playing poker has long been gone. She says she doesn’t need the prize money, but she needs just as much or more as the rest of them.

These ppl are stupid

Y’all want to get mad at me for calling these ppl stupid but vanassa is worth $4 mil she’s probably only worth 1 mil but thts a whole lot more thn these other ppl have


And your point is…?


How do you know vanassa is broke? I didn’t see anything on the internet about it

From a players side

Goblins keeping vanassa was good cuz the target was on her but from watching from home. They should of got rid of her and made their alliance stronger. You gotta give the evil group credit. They rarely put each other up cuz they need ed the numbers. But most of these ppl were at summer camp n didn’t care about winning


“Armand Rousso was convicted of securities fraud in France in 1999 and separately pleaded guilty to securities fraud and money laundering in federal court in New Jersey.” So its not surprising thinks her behavior is just fine because its only a game.


I think van is going to be one of those ppl CBS is going to regret casting cuz of her after the actions like money laundering, suicide or killing Mel cuz Mel left her…

Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts



the only way the feeds wouldnt be boring right now…would be if James was still there…if Jmac was still there the feeds would be even more boring probably …

******JAMES 4 AFP******

im in Canada so cant vote…but you guyz/galz in the States can!….you know he deserves it more than jmac…
lets have at least 1 good outcome this year?


why thumbs down? u really think Jamc deserves it?
have youz no memory or attention span? lol can youz only vote for the last person you saw? the twins…last person to talk to them…they side with lol
*****JAMES 4 AFP*****


Simon or Dawg – First, thanks so much for doing such an excellent job of keeping us informed of houseguest mayhem! I have a question: Since the last comp, Vanessa is complaining (mores than the others it seems) that she had all sorts of pains, bruises – and recently you’ve reported she said when she hit the wall a few times she had ringing in the ears. Can a houseguest who allegedly is injured in some way in these comps sue BB or CBS? Or is there something in their contracts that absolves BB/CBS of any responsibility of injuries sustained while doing the comps? Thanks!


It’s like skydiving, as long as the company makes it as safe as reasonably possible, you won’t be able to win a suit.
I’m sure there’s something along the same line in the contract. They can’t sue because there is an inherent risk in what they are doing. They know there are physically demanding comps and some danger involved so they are acceptting that risk. So unless they start shooting spiked, metal balls at the houseguests there will be no law suits…


the ringing in the ears could be “tinnitus” …and that could be caused by over doing prescription drugs….


Doesn’t even have to be prescription drugs. Ibuprofen can cause tinnitus if taken long enough & at somewhat high doses. She seems to be “needing” lots of pain meds (especially narcotics.)


I am pretty sure Vanessa owes Julia 10K and a car, Jason a job, half her gambling stake winnings to Austin, website design for Steve, DJ lessons and Vegas sugar daddy referrals for Liz and Julia…trips to fabulous parties in Vegas for everyone…good luck collecting…she’s a good person…she says so herself…and one thing about gamblers is they never lie right? Wow

Min O'Pause

Did anyone else think that they all were sitting on a giant testicle in that last competition? I read of a remote tribe somewhere (New Guinea?) that had a genetic trait that caused the men to have giant testicles from hydroceles. The guy with the biggest testicles was chief of the tribe. I swear it’s true. No one can make this shit up. They showed the tribe on TV and it looked like the men were sitting on stadium cushions.

Min O'Pause

I think Evel Dick would be a chief. I think the tribesmen would beat Frankie with clubs.

Guy From Canada

Also high blood pressure caused by stress, diabetes or maybe she has a mental disorder and hears something that isn’t there.


Like that episode of South Park where the men give themselves testicular cancer so they can get medical marajana. They bounce ever where on they’re balls.

Min O'Pause

Check it out….the Bubal tribe of Africa. Those ain’t soccer balls they’re sitting on. And I was wrong about it being genetic. It’s much much worse than that! Anyway the first HOH comp could have been courtesy of the Bubal tribe!


Get over Vanessa

My god stfu about Vanessa already. All you haters are creepily obsessed with her. You can’t keep her name off your keyboard. I’m creeped out as fuck by all of you. Sick fuckers. Get some help.

here at home

In a few days I give up my BB addiction and I’m starting to feel withdrawal symptoms. Restlessness: what do I do with the large chunk of time I devoted to BB now? Depression: why didn’t my favourites win one of the cash prizes? Anxiety: will Survivor be as good? This happens to me at the end of every BB season.

Does anyone else get withdrawal symptoms when BB is over?


ya “here at home” ….I hear ya! I know what ya saying…our “escape” is done…cold turkey! Survivor is sorta like…a temp fix..but only an hour a week…so withdrawals are still heavy…
Im an alcohol/drug counsellor and I admit my BB addiction…if you ever wanna talk..we could figure out a way…


about this year…i just didnt like they all volunteering and openingly discussing heir individual game plans with eachother…I just so many times said to myself “why are you saying that?”

Cut from Honey

That’s what heppens when you (meaning Vanessa) corner people and bully them into talking. Oh yeah, and its ok for her to wear sunglasses during her interrogations but not for others. How many times did you hear Vanessa say in the DR “information is power in this game”. A million times. I don’t care what anyone says, she was a BULLY in this game. There are many strategies to winning this game, they all include lies and backstabbing but i dont respect the game Vanessa chose to play, which was 1) corner people 2) interrogate them while wearing sunglasses 3) bully them by forcing them to talk and then threatening to expose them. She’s psycho.


I agree completely!! She is a passive aggressive BULLY!! I only hope the jury can see it because the whole season, none of the HGs did…

Old man

Vanessa made me do it 🙂

Next Time

I hate to say it but Big Brother needs to change casting so NOONE gets recruited and they fill the house with only people that are **sholes and *itches. A season of the rudest most selfish people would make for great entertainment. I mean Steve is probably nice guy, but we have resorted to a show where a grown man sleeps with a teddy bear? Come on. We want arguing, passion, strategy and back stabbing. It’s a game…make it fun again.


This is a quote from Mel about the hate Vanessa’s been receiving online:

MO: I am on social media quite a bit and I am aware of all that is being said out there. At first I was devastated by what I was reading – it literally broke my heart – but as the summer went by I started to realize that the critics and the things being said about Vanessa are just out of control and there’s a lot of jealousy out there. Normally I would say people are jealous of successful people. Vanessa is a GENIUS and not everyone understands her brain and her intelligence, but she is always 10 steps ahead from everyone. It also seems as if Vanessa has this magical power to get away with anything and everything, she knows how to handle situations and always knows what to say…clearly people aren’t liking that. With this said, I must also say Vanessa has some REALLY incredible loyal fans out there who love her and supported her game play from Day 1.

the show isn’t rigged for her she’s just that good. Were all the poker games she won against the best players in the world rigged? I thought Austin summed it up best when he said “I finally beat Vanessa at chess….I mean she was playing without her queen but still.”


Ahhhhh yes, the magical power of crying while grabbing your head and over explaining your integrity while telling everyone how hard it is to make decisions because integrity and promises and words and integrity and trust me I’ve never lied to you and integrity and not being on the block but crying like you’re about to be evicted and integrity and skittles. It’s the best kind of magic.

Old man

Here’s my assessment.

The NLPer actually thinks that planting thoughts in people’s minds and manipulating them into thinking it was their idea is acceptable behaviour rather than the actions of a sociopath.


Gee, why don’t you mention NLP five or six more times every update just to make sure your own brand of brainwashing is sinking in.


Not a single one of them left deserves to win anything. However, someone has to win so Vanessa is still the only one who “deserves” it. She at least has played.

And Jackie or James for Fav House Guest just because they seem like nice people. I honestly do not understand the love for John, other than his goofy/odd? personality.

Grease the Goblins

You may not understand it but John is going to win the 25K for favorite player. James should be ashamed to come into the house after his veto comp disaster. I’ve seen better efforts out of Ronda Rousey opponents.


If Vanessa doesn’t win the game 1)the jury is bitter and 2) she deserves to win over anyone. She’s not my favorite person but she is 10 steps ahead of everyone and has played the best game some could argue a flawless game. Sure people didn’t like her tactics but anything in Big Brother goes a person could makeup a fake life lie everyday on the show and if they played the game well would deserve to win there are no rules you do whatever it takes to win! She had a plan day 1 and worked everyday to make it here in the finals.

Backseat Driver

I agree the “hate” for Vanessa is a little over the top and she’s not a very likeable person but what I oppose is that she is somewhat of a “television personality”, used to cameras, lighting, production assistants with stopwatches, etc. and that’s the unfair part of her being cast on Big Brother. I think this has given her a bit of an edge over the other players and therefore not a completely fair playing field.

shut your face, I'm driving

last years winner had a major advantage being a former undercover cop. he was paid to gain peoples trust, extract info, and use that info against them before entering the BB house.

Hold that thought...

I say apples and oranges……you are way off “shut your face”.

Dark & Twisted

Lmfao….and smh, not one of these mf’s could out outwit, outlast or outplay anyone with an average set of testicles! No one is obsessed with Vanessa, those of us with the live feeds are just over her dependency on drugs to get to the finish line whether it be adderal, alcohol or Vicodin….all of which she cries out for and most assuredly gets. CBS stands for can’t be serious, you’re not only gonna help her with the win but you’re gonna give her a show to host??? What a joke! I’m willing to bet my millions “poker face” won’t last a season. Big
Brother is no longer the game it once was


Not sure if this will help because i don’t care enough about AFHG to actually vote, but on the canadian version of the site, if a person wanted to vote more than once, they could if they signed out of the network site, cleared their cache and cookies, and then went back to the site, reentered their name, and then went to the voting page. Otherwise they received the ‘your vote has already been counted’ message.
Again, don’t know if it will help because i really, really don’t care who wins AFHG.




Have they played the second one yet


Even if Vanessa wins BB (hope that she doesn’t ), CBS will not get my viewership for that supposed Poker Show that she’s going to be on after this catastrophe of a season. Just like I avoid all shows that Frankie is on, I will do the same when it comes to Vanessa


Vanessa would be the perfect host for a new CBS show called Big Bully.