HOH Competition Results! “Third HOH! You live up there.”

POV: ? Next POV: Sept 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 17th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Sept 20th
Noms: ? Have Nots Havenots are done!

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9:50pm – 10:04pm The live feeds return. Sam – that was crazy hard. What are you going to do? Angela – I don’t know yet. I have no idea! This is the hardest one I’ve ever had to imagine. Sam – oh yeah you are pretty well at it now it is your third one! Angela & Sam head to the kitchen. They talk about how Angela won. Tyler – third HOH. You live up there. Sam – the second HOH in one day! Tyler – do you have 3 vetos? Angela – two but one that I asked for. Tyler – you earned it. Angela – three competitions in one day. JC – you did really well at them. Kaycee – maybe we’ll get the backyard tonight. Angela – they said we would be in here for a while. Sam – now what? Tyler – wait for her room. And then sleep for 10,000 years..

10:12pm Bedroom. Kaycee and JC. Kaycee – I’m just trying to soak all this in.. so much happened today. Long crazy day! JC – it was such a crazy day. I wonder how they’re going to do all these days? Kaycee – oh yeah, I know. JC – Do you think it will be a short week? Kaycee – nominations tomorrow, Veto on Saturday.. it depends on if we’re doing back to back sh*t. Maybe not this week but the week after. We’re almost out of here. JC – I know, this is crazy. I still need to win and sh*t. Kaycee – there still more to be played. Angela joins them to pack.

Kaycee to JC – was Brett trying to turn Sam against Angela? JC – I have no idea what he was doing. He wasn’t talking game with me. He really wanted to know what I was going to do if I won HOH. He was smart he wouldn’t tell me what he wanted to do. He would throw me stuff to like figure it out. Kaycee – right. JC – I didn’t even know he was talking to Tyler too. It doesn’t matter now though. Kaycee – yeah.

10:20pm Storage room. Sam says the fridge smells like something died in it. She starts going through it and throwing out food.

11:10pm Kaycee, JC, Tyler and Angela are hanging out in the bedroom chatting about random things. Sam is in the havenot room.

11:20pm Bedroom. Kaycee, Tyler and Angela.
Tyler – we did it! Every time we say something is going to happen, it happens. Kaycee – for real. If one of them had won, it would have been bad. Tyler – oh I know. Angela – congratulations on making top four… they knock on wood. Kaycee – I was trying to ask JC if Brett was trying to go against us. What a f**king a$$hole. Tyler – he was sitting in the middle playing both sides. He was telling them to come after you and then telling you to go after them. Kaycee – Brett thought he was doing something. He had to leave. Tyler – I just had to do a GBM to him. I said I had to stay two steps ahead of him. Angela – its weird because I knew I was going to win.

11:50pm -12am Bathroom. JC and Tyler.
JC – I am trying so hard but I am so f**king pissed. Pissed! F**King F**King pissed! I don’t care what a great competitor you are or how great you think you are.. if they actually told you that Brett said that, just to get you to do this they are f**King good competitors. Tyler – no it came out of Brett’s mouth to me .. to them. It came out of Brett’s mouth to me .. to you. JC – its doesn’t matter. Tyler – it does matter. JC – this was not the game move. Tyler – calm down! JC – I’m going on the block now. Tyler – you’re not going anywhere. I’m not going to let you go. JC – I have no choice, we’re going to work together. Tyler – we have been. JC – does this mean you’re working with Kaycee. Tyler – you would. JC – if you win the POI, hsuedx

12:30am Bedror. JC, Tyler, Angela are talking.
Kaycee tells JC that she was the hacker. I waned to tell you but people were always around. Tyler – and look at what happened to Haleigh when she told everyone. JC – well congratulations. They talk about about they think the other

12:40am – 12:52am Angela comes out of the diary room. Who wants to see my HOH room!? They all head up to the HOH room. JC – this is like a funeral march. Sam – congratulations on three. Count’em three!

Angela – well guys this is the house. Sam – it feels like we’re waiting on people. Angela – well I’m not doing one on ones tonight. I’m too tired but you guys are welcome to hang out.

12:53am Tyler got an HOH basket in the HOH room. They gather in the living room. They look his photos and then he reads his HOH letter.

1:04am Tyler and Angela
Angela says she couldn’t have written today better
They laugh how Tyler and her have to share the HOH room because he didn’t get one due to the double.
T – we did it
A – we did it
T – we’re going to keep doing it
Tyler – back to back
Angela – back 2 back
T – the world knows..
A – I know
They laugh
A – I can’t wait to see these Tangela updates
t – Tangela updates are on fire
A – don’t look at me with those eyes..
T – what eyes
A – you and that robe..
T – you like the robe
A – Yeah I do..
T – I’m not taking it off..

T – we’re doing it.. final 4.. unless they’res a twist
Tyler says this is when they threw in there reset twists when “Frankie went home” (Gross that he mentioned that season.. we could have done without that Tyler)
T – we’re good.. you’re in 4
A – so are you
T – and so is peanut
a – so is peanut
T – the world knows all out secrets
A – I think so
T – you swear
A – yes
A – I’m so glad Brett’s out of this damn house
T – I was literally about to tell you today. you gotta be nicer to Brett because he was feeling it. you were just hating on him

T – he really thought he was going to get me to turn on you guys
A – and if he expected we’re in a showmance why would you ever think that it was going to work
T – YEAH .. what in the world
T – he was like.. I hope you are dude.. seriously that’s awesome (in a showmance with Angela )
A – that’s awesome..
she laughs
T – JC is so f*ing mad at me.. because I didn’t tell him
A – still? why is he mad at you
T – because I didn’t tell him
A – whatever, I still don’t understand how JC was in on the Whole Brett thing? I’m confused was JC not .. wasn’t it you JC and Brett all in on the same Idea
T – umm…
A – didn’t JC want to get me out this week
T – yeah so….. it was more like Brett going to JC and saying that and u mm.. JC coming to me and saying that Brett was saying it and that JC was down for it to
T – I was suspicious about Brett JC was telling me that Brett was saying it first So I just waited on it to see if Brett would say anything to me and I kept giving him like little sudtle hints
T – eventually he came to me… 2 days ago .. he pitched me the whole final 2 thing
A – i’m sorry I zoned out there for a second.. (good F*)
T – so.. from the top
A – sorry you are really distracting at times..
T – do you really care
A – I really do care.

Tyler repeats…

Tyler says Brett was saying that Angel was trying a “whole Kaitlyn tactic” on him
A – ohh …. interesting
t- stuff like that.. and I was like ok..
A – just you wait Brett

A – I honestly could not have written it.. to the T
T – I was literally picturing it.. 1 step a head thing 2 steps ahead thing
A – oh my god.. that’s going to be amazing such good TV… (not really.. )
T – Sam is ripping you to shreds..
A – what was she saying about me
T – I can’t even remember

Kaycee comes in
Angela – PEANUT..
K – I’ts 1:15… What a day”
A – what a day

Angela wants to know what else Sam said about Angela..
Angela mentions that Sam talked to her and said that she called Angela a bitch.
Kaycee – why would she say that
A – because she knew I would find out

Tyler says after he won the HOH Sam came in “gunz blazing man”
T – like the door didn’t even shut
T – they had to bleep it I’m sure
K – what was she saying
A – what did she say

Tyler – she’s like Angela is a b1tch she walks around here with this attitude.. she thinks she’s .. BAD BAD.. I was just like STOP .. trust me .. do you trust me ?
T – she was like don’t f*iong put me up
T – I was like you gotta trust me
Kaycee – it’s easy for her to go home
T – Brett was in her ear..
A – I walk around here with a attitude.. I’m just going to wear a paper bag over my head..
Tyler blames it on Brett says he was getting Sam and JC to come after them. “He made them target you guys”
A – I’m glad she was cursing that means they bleeped it all out
T – JC is so mad at me so f*ing mad…
T – do we want Sam gone?
kaycee – yeah ..
A – Sam preformed well in both the HOH and the other HOH.. even if we don’t win the veto, still one of them goes home.
T – we have the votes
Kaycee – we got this
a – we’re so close
T – dude it would have been WAY harder with him..
A – today went down so perfect – K – so f*ing perfect
T – it went down exactly how we said
K – Went down exactly how we said
Angela says they Backdoored Brett and they now have power again. (technically he wasn’t “backdoored because he played in the veto)
They talk about JC freaking out when Tyler put Brett on the block.
Tyler and Angela make not about knowing the vote ever single week.

K – this is ridiculous
t – crazy
k – That’s crazy dude.. racking in those competitions .. racking in all of the competitions man
T – crazy
k – its crazy dude.. I just think it’s so awesome we all made it this far.. cut off the fat
T – Brett pulled a Rachel.. he straight pulled a Rachel with like… the disloyalty.. he pulled a Rachel .. he did.. .. it’s crazy
K – it’s f* up.. he’s f* up…
A – he could have been final 4
t – final 4 could have been final 4.. Brett could have talked himself into a win..
K – he f*ed himself..
T – damn
K – damn guys,. .
K – we’re almost outta here guys.. look at all this sh1t we’ve accomplished
k – what a roller coaster
K – we make a great team
T – I could not believe it worked out like that my heart was racing when you won that veto.. racing..
K – dude..
A – it’s better that way because Brett wanted to Backdoor me instead of kaycee (Someone has to explain BB – Backdoor to Angela)
T – he wanted you out but he also thought it be… he also thought that sam and JC also wanted you (Angela) out it be good if she (Kaycee) went out for him and I … but he did’t really care…
T – he was going to vote out whoever JC and Sam would vote out

Kaycee is annoyed how Brett was acting towards them being so comfortable
T – because he was working both sides..

T – I had his a$$ feeling good as f*…. (please tell us more … continue this story) I feel kinda bad but f* he was pulling some sketchy sh1t dude (go back to the a$$ good as F** part)
Angela says she couldn’t handle Brett anymore.. “he was getting so annoying”

1:54am we’re all shocked that Brett was turning on Angela..
(there’s more to this.. but seriously do we care?)

2:13am JC and Tyler
JC – i’m not even mad about him going.. you know I’m on the block tomorrow to
T – I know you’re not going anywhere
JC – yeah of course but i thought we were working together we were protecting each other.. not on the block not even as pawns
T – I don’t know why you can’t see this protected us
JC – I don’t know why you can’t see that you don’t have any chance with those girls .. like truly
T – ok I take that.. I thought that this was best.. it’s over lets move past it..
Jc – the only single little move we can do now I don;’t even think you will be down to do it .. it’ll save me basically

JC brings up that they’ve been here for three months and all he’s done is talk with Tyler. he’s pissed that Tyler was telling him he wasn’t talking to him anymore.
T – you were.. you had the plan to get them out
Tyler says Brett was targeting JC
JC – whatever scenario is it beneficial for him to target me
t – because he can’t beat you.. can’t beat you in the end. those were his exact words
JC doesn’t think he could win anything at this point
Tyler asks him why does he talk like that
JC says he was on the block by Tyler and now tomorrow he’s going on the block again, “What do you mean don’t talk like that”

2:30am go to bed..

2:33am I like sam she crazy

8:40am they’re still sleeping.

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It is time to watch JC panic! Oh boy, he is going to be a basket case!

Janie Haze

I hope he goes before Sam!

Eh eh

The heck for? Not entertainment, obviously.

Botox Pelosi

I was pretty surprised of how big an ovation that Hayleigh got by the studio audience. Her interview was really good too and I loved the “Uninvited” line that she used when talking about Brett and her going to the Alabama/Texas A&M game after the season.

This season has been amazing.


Would be nice, but I think they are more afraid of Sam winning a comp than they are of JC winning.


Did anybody catch Tyler frantically trying to calm Sam during the DE he said something about her not knowing who was really coming for her…..it appeared to me he was hinting to her that her new target should be KC not Angela…..

Guy From Canada

He was hinting at Brett…..

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

I think Sam is going to melt dowm when she figures out that she is not Tyler’s number one.

Rachel MadCow Looney Lib

I think Sam has proven herself to be the better at comps than JC so that will get her out first. jC is not winning anything.

Jon Reremy

He made it far for not winning ANYTHING!!! He couldnt win any mental comps either. This week was his worst nightmare. He had the right idea but he and brett could not win a comp to execute it. Planted seeds with brett. When tyler won the HoH, JC’s game ended. His only ally is gone and he knows there is L3. He knows he is going up and cant feel good. If they could take out brett they will take out jc next. He has no relationship with angie or kc. Sam does. He just saw tyler stab brett in the back. he knows he is next. Can he win a veto? He is up against the whole house as no one wants the noms to change.


Tyler didn’t stab Brett in the back. Brett did this to himself. Brett stabbed his alliance in the back by trying to work with Tyler and edge out Kaycee & Angela BEFORE Sam & JC. Which was STUPID. Brett should have stayed loyal to his alliace until final four.

Kid Rock

He had tears in his eyes last night when he was put on the block!! I’m glad he is finally getting what he had coming!!! He put all his eggs in one basket( Tyler) thee entire game! He thought it was funny and cute the way he was playing FES!!! Well you were the one played JC…. doing all that dirty work for Tyler…

Jon Reremy

Yes. The puppet master has now become the puppet. He is gone. Tyler and the others will keep Sam. Because JC is a midget there will be a lot of sympathy for him in the jury. And he is least detested than some of the others. so he will go next.


That tears it…..Tyler, KC & Angela = F3.

Hope they evict JC before Sam. I’d really like to see him gone. So…Wed & Thurs…bye JC & Sam.

Then we get to the big comp! Can’t wait!

Chuck E Cheese

Here’s my prediction of how things are going to get done.

1) Sam/JC

Kaycee, Tyler and Angela final 3

Kaycee and Tyler final 2

Tyler—-runners up

It’s so predictable now.

Tom A

Angela and Tyler are completely guaranteed final 2. No way Tyler is going to allow himself to be runner up


Tyler won’t be able to beat Kaycee in the final HOH. He is runner up no matter what.


Tyler knows Kaycee was the 2nd hacker and Kaycee is the reason Blockstar went on the block a 3rd time sending her to jury. He could possibly win Blockstar’s vote that way…other jurors may follow suit. You never know what will happen on finale night.


And why is that…..my money’s on Tyler.


Tyler and Kaycee will win part one and two but the third part is a crapshoot trying to guess what people have said literally anyone can win part 3 it is 100% luck if Tyler wins he has a decision (but I think he takes Angela) if Kaycee wins I believe she is loyal to word (until you give her a reason not to be) so she will pick Tyler

In the end Kaycee beats Tyler (or Angela) and Tyler beats Angela (unless they pull a 18 and give it to Angela because girl power and a girl should beat the guy basically how Nicole beat Paul in 18)


Paul should have been out a number of times earlier in the season but houseguests back tracked for no reason. Plus he would have had 3 chances to come back into the house. That may be why he lost.


Yep KC is already running the scenarios in her head that Tyler is gonna take Angela…..it’s not rocket science it’s 2 on 1 at final 3…..


How in the world would Tyler explain to Angela why he took another girl to the final and not his girlfriend? He HAS to take out KayCee before then. Otherwise, he won’t just lose the game, he’ll lose his girlfriend too !!!

Michelle Green

Ha ha ha ha


If Angela is “truely” in love with Tyler then she will understand it was a game move and their relationship will be just fine on the outside. If not oh well lol

Who’s to say Tyler will be taking anyone to final 2?

Don’t underestimate the dominant, strategic game play of Angela and Kaycee who have a pretty good resume.

They may take each other to final 2. You just never know 😉

Let’s go!


Kaycee will win over Angela. Pretty much anyone will win over Angela since the jury hates her. But, I don’t think Tyler will win over Kaycee.


Kaycee has proven to be a women of her word (until you give her a reason not to be aka Brett and Rachel) and she and Tyler made a final 2 day 1 is almost guarantee if she wins final hoh she takes Tyler


Brett said he felt MOST BETRAYED by… Tyler. Now Angela is HOH and she will put JC and Sam on the block. The one going home will feel MOST BETRAYED by…Tyler (he kinda has a final two with both of them…at least in the target’s mind). Do we really need to play this out further? Everybody being evicted from here on out will feel most betrayed by… Tyler. When they all meet in jury and there are no secrets left whatsoever (because they have all the time in the world to chat)…then everybody will know that Tyler had at least four final two deals. Who will this BITTER JURY consider the resident weasel and back-stabber of the season? You get one guess.
I do not believe that Tyler sees Angela as his girlfriend. I simply believe he is using her in the same way that Paul used Christmas last season (somebody to get to final 3 and then get rid of her AND STILL HOPE she votes for him). Guess what? Christmas was nasty and vicious with her comments to other people BUT STILL VOTED for Paul. If Angela is not in final 2, she is holding a vicious grudge against… Tyler.
If you are a Tyler fan, you need to go through your own shock period (like JC did on the double eviction episode when he realized he was not Tyler’s DADDY). Tyler will lose against Kaycee. Everybody sees that much. Production will now try their best to encourage Tyler to take Angela to final 2. And guess what? He’s losing to either Angela or Kaycee. It will be better TV to see him lose to Angela. Production will surely be guiding Tyler with such subtle quesitons in the diary room like: “Tyler, don’t you think that Angela has way too much blood on her hands to beat anybody left in this game?” (LOL).
Some Tyler fans are coming around to how idiotic his game play was. Some Tyler fans are coming around to the resignation that he cannot win but will simply blame a bitter jury. They seriously believe that Tyler played the best game to win Big Brother. Then there’s the fans living in what I call Fessy-land who think Tyler is a mortal lock to win Big Brother. We cannot help them or ease their shock on finale night. LOL


Why would they feel betrayed most by Tyler there are only two votes this eviction so in their minds Kaycee and Angela (who they see as a duo) control who goes home

Jon Reremy

agree 100%.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

@Gullible1, you’re underestimating the Hive-Five who said they control the vote and will vote as a block! Who is their cumulative enemy…not Tyler…Angela!! They’ve had time to fester about Angela before Brett arrived. So even if feels betrayed by Tyler, or JC or Sam, they don’t have enough votes to turn the Hive.

Tyler’s best bet is to take Angela to F2. That decision will ensure he leaves with the money AND the girl!!


Well, we know the Hive’s plans are flawless…

No brains

Tyler is going to throw that last comp and have KC take out Angela. This way he doesn’t look like a DB taking out his showmance.

Dirty Harry Reid


I agree with you that I would take Angela to the final before Kaycee but I’m guessing that if Tyler wins the 500K that he and Angela will still have a good time in Hawaii and no explaniation will be needed.

Jon Reremy

nope. JC goes next. He was scheming with brett. he will be next.


Scheming with Brett was a convenient excuse. Tyler knew Brett was closer with hive / floaters. Ty has blood on his hands & Brett didnt really. Brett could pull out a W. Ty was waiting for any reason to justify cutting Brett before final 4. He will cut Kaycee before final 2; for the same reasons. Its nice that he’ll go to the end with his gf. But he’s making that call cause he knows how hated Angela is by everyone! Not cause he wants to be romantic.
Side note, was Julie calling Brett BRENT last night? Maybe my ears need cleaning


I heard that, too!


Did you not see hay and brett exit?
The jury will not be bitter .
And the final hoh gonna be close , even j.c can win it.
I totaly see tyler as the final hoh .. he won the first and end with the last.


Hay and Brett won’t be bitter but rock bay fess and Scottie and prob jc will be extremely bitter


I think you have it but it’s going to be Tyler and Angela or Angela and kaycee. Depends on how the last comp plays out. Either way Angela looses.


Too boringly predictable


So sad to see Brett leave tonight.
JC’s in shock. Who will he sleep with?

Cray Cray6

I did feel a little bad for Brett when he had to give his speech because you could tell he was about to choke up in tears but he held back. With that said Brett brought this on himself by letting crazy JC and his jealousy of Angela being with Tyler all the time that he ruined his game pitching to Ty that they target the girls and was serious. He shoulda stayed loyal till Sam and JC were gone or at least not being it up unless he actually won. He was entertaining and I liked him tho but he messed up.

Jc is the one who started the het out the girls thing because he can’t stand thinking of Angela and Ty together. If Brett hadn’t brought up betraying the girls he’d still be there and Sam or JC woulda been out the door tonight.

Tyler, Angela and Kaycee all deserve to be final 3 and all deserve to win a prize. Tyler has the most wins and of the 3 did the most dirty work and manipulating and I think he deserves it the most. Kaycee with 5 wins and Angela with 4 are basically equal as far as wins and accomplishments but the Jury hates her so if she goes to end she’s for sure 2nd place.

I do think if it’s Ty’s choice who to bring he’ll honor his deal with Kaycee.

Gotta give Kaycee a lot of credit for not turning on either of them being the only one who really knows how deep their showmancw is so props to her for not getting paranoid and turning on them to split em up.


Angela now has 6 wins or 5 if you don’t count the POV that was given to her.


5 with the one tyler handed her. 2 pov (included)
3 hoh.
Tyler have 6.
Kc 5.
And how come you have my name!?


But kc have 6 with the hacker.
And tyler 7 with the veto win he gaved to angela.


Great assessment, but I’m not sure Kaycee brings Tyler over Angela to final 2 if she wins final HOH, which she very well could. Kaycee is pretty smart and has to realize that she would have a better shot against Angela


I honestly think that didnt matter. Tyler was waiting for this to happen, and I seriously think he wants to keep JC over Sam. I am no Tyler fan, but he has been working those girls… He said little about JC, and made it look like Brett was the mastermind. He knows damn well who was putting those thoughts in his head… JC has made it no secret that he wants the girls gone… Yet Tyler doesnt talk about that, because it doesnt suite his wants.


Yep he got shafted by Tyler but you could tell he respected the game move…..makes me like Brett even more…..


yeah, brett got ahead of himself targeting angela. it was something to shoot for at 5 or if he was in power, but his goal should have been more keep jc safe to 5 than specifically go after angela (or alternatively build a relationship with sam, which while totally doable, clearly not his preference).

kaycee is doing a great job working the showmance. i think her play is to try to convince them that they should send the other to jury for a guaranteed vote, and i think that play may actually work. this is kaycee’s game to lose and tyler doesn’t see it.


Yes it was. I was Brett’s biggest fan prolly and I hate that wounded bird lamb did what he did…but ya gotta respect the big brother game play. Not happy at all…but obviously wounded bird lamb, ang, and kc deserve to be final 3. Gotta sort out who I think deserves the whole prize

Butters Mom

Awesome! so happy she won! I am looking forward to seeing if she will stick to L3 or make a big move.. and who will she make it with?!

Tom A

Oh come on now, JC or Sam is going home and you know it. Angela can’t make a move without Tyler’s input in the first place. Tyler and Angela are guaranteed final 2 at this point. Tyler wins


8-1? Who is the one?


Noms stay the same. Ty and KC split the vote and Angela casts the tiebreaking vote. Who is evicted?


I hate to break it to you guys…but… the winner of Big Brother 20 is whomever Tyler takes to final two. I know most of you cannot put it together yet. Imagine my frustration trying to explain that Paul had zero chance of winning with about 8 players left in the game last season? They all thought I was trolling when I first pointed out that Josh “Meatball” Martinez will be the winner of Big Brother 19!
Making final two deals with a lot of people and being the #1 back-stabber is the formula for finishing in second place.

Jon Reremy



I doubt you thought that. Paul lost because of his bullying (which he couldn’t do outside the house for the guaranteed ass-kicking he would receive) and because of Josh’s GBMs. Anyone else next to him and that POS wins.

Who said that!

If Angela wants to win she’ll try to do to Tyler what they did to Brett.

Cray Cray6

She wouldn’t turn on L6 and there really aren’t any big moves left. She’s not gonna put up Ty or Kaycee. So that leaves Sam and JC my guess if given what he’s been saying about her she targets him. She found out this week about him talking about her and his plan of getting her out it’s be stupid not to target him unless they see Sam as a bigger comp theat.

They made a good point last week about how she was 2nd place on the wall comp which is one of the hardest and done nothing since and seems like she doesn’t try so maybe she’s capable of more than she’s showing? I still don’t think she can beat any of the reaming L6 I’m an endurance though.

It could go either way


The noms of the next HOH will tell the story. It will be whoever stays btw Sam and JC AND the pawn- also known as the one who will ‘win’ third place. If KC is HOH and her nom pawn is Ang, her pref for F2 is Ty. HOH= Ang nom pawn is Ty, her pref F2 is KC and so on.


Killin it. Angela cant win the next hoh.
And noms doesent matter in the final 4 the pov holder is the singel vote to evict. There is no meaning. Natali in seson 11 was the only one i rember making a good move with the final 4 noms , trying to convice the house kevin is her target so he will be safe in case she and him wont win the veto.

I'm Julie Chen Moonves

JC for the veto win!


“Standing ouside the Big Brother house with…..uh……….Brent this is Julie Chen Moonves good night!”…………poor Brett no respect. (lol)


Hahaha hahaha ..


I hope Sam gets veto and then wins head of household. Put a wrench in their plans.

Tom A

A poor end to what could have been the greatest season of all time. Weeks 1-5 were legendary, the rest, not so much. While I am a level 6 supporter, and think their domination is great, the last 5 weeks have been an absolutely predictable snoozefest, and will continue to be so until the very end.
The rest of the season will go as follows:
Sam evicted
JC evicted (it could be flipped, but I believe JC will go after Sam will)
Tyler wins final HOH, evicts Kaycee (his original loyalty) (Angela has officially showmanced her way to 50k)
Tyler beats Angela 8-1 in the final vote (If not 9-0, with the one possibility being Bayleigh)

While this is still a fine season, I am thoroughly disappointed with the lackluster final 5 weeks, and soon to be ending.

Team Tyler, JC, Kaycee, Brett

Haleigh's Melanoma

What a shame. I guess they should have stopped the game for you back in week 6. Thanks for spoiling the whole season by telling us all how it will play out. Maybe you should stick with Celebrity Big Brother, it is a crisp 3 weeks and wouldn’t be such a terrible drain on your time.

Tom A

foolish comment.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Sez you

Janie Haze

Lol sick burn Mel 😀


So get on YouTube.com and watch BBUK. It starts Friday night!!! Can’t wait!!!


I see no lies. This season has reached BB16 levels of boring in the past few weeks.


Tom A – I totally agree. Ugh…..Tyler wins and Angela comes in second. Worst outcome of what was once an epic season.


I loved brett and for a while he played the best after tyler. But he realy did it to himself and it was a shocking eviction and a big move. If i wasnt reading the feeds there was no way to see that coming .
( even I still wasnt sure with tyler..and brett come realy close to winning that hoh).
His mistake was not to tyrn against his alliance. I will have respect him if he did won and put kc next to angela. But is wrong play was putting so much trust with tyler and giving him all that info. I wonder if he did throw the hoh or the veto… julie should of asked that.


Awww sooooo saaaaad, soooooo saaaad
-Evel Dick


The last five weeks have been a snoozefest? really? So Haleigh sending home rockstar on her hoh because of the hacker and a crazy OTEV comp was boring? Fes evicting someone in his own alliance because of JC and jealousy was a snore? I agree the game has hit some speed bumps thanks to the dumb battle back.

Every season is going to have its slow weeks, And the next two evictions are predictable. But last night was epic, a real nail biter as Haleigh would say. This season set a record for blindsides. And it won’t be a poor end.

The 3 most deserving people are there. Tyler with 6 comp wins, Angela with 5, and KC with 4. Together they have won the last 9 competitions!! There are no goats. And how many seasons can claim that? Most of the time you end up with a Victoria floater in the final. Not this season, and for that reason alone you can’t call it a poor ending.


So you predicted that Fez would nom Scottie and make a bogus deal with Ty and Ang? that Fez would be next out? that Scottie would win battleback? that KC would start winning comps? that Hay would devour her digits= wait that was predictable. That Brett would go in double E? That Sam and JC would be in F5?

If so, perhaps you can predict the lottery numbers or horse race results. Then you might change your name to RICH! Best of luck to you.


Even without the showmance I believe ty would still pick ang over Kaycee for final 2 because he knows the jury prob hates ang more than him at this point


If Tyler wants to win, he needs to be in the F2 with Angela. No way he beats Kaycee. I’m disappointed that Brett’s gone. I’ll be voting for him as AFP.


I want Brett to get AFP as well! #BrettforAFP


Same! I’m firin up the Brett for AFP bandwagon lol

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Judging all season, I have to say Tyler would get my AFP as well. I actually love all 4 of them, Brett, Angela, Tyler and KC. I know that was hard because I think they’ll be great friends long term. Hoping once Angela sees the full story of how Rachel and Bayleigh played out, she will apologize and make up with Rachel. I think they’ll also be friends with Haleigh; she’s a bit of a follower but she went out with class, as did Brett (first ones to do so). I also hope I can figure out how to spell Bay and Hail’s names before end of season. All the “leigh” endings and names that rhyme with “Ja_” (my real name), I fondly remember the days when all my friends were named “Barbara, Rhonda, Beth, Jane”. Sigh.


Hi No Longer, I think that Tyler is going to end up in the F2 and won’t be eligible for AFP. I honestly don’t see any scenario with this final 5 that wouldn’t include Tyler making it to the end. I’m just a little bitter towards Tyler right now for taking Brett out. I’ll get over it though. My votes for AFP will go to Brett. I’m low key wanting Kaycee to win, although I know Tyler deserves the win too.


Grodner said anyone can win AFP (including winner of show). I really liked Brett a lot too, but Brett wanted to back door Kaycee tonight so he’s not innocent.

JC got into his head & he (Brett) saw the finish line but oddly wanted to take out originally Angela but shifted to KC b/c he thought that would be Ty’s preference. And, if Brett would take out KC/Ang he’d have no problem also taking out Ty.

Ty knew Brett had the dates down cold so he wanted him out prior to F5 (if possible) b/4 the date events come.

The bitter jury is the hard call b/c Tyler did take all his alliance members & F2’s to this point in the game (L6, Sam & JC) & those people represent the voting block that got them all to F6. On top of this Ty was the one who influenced Sam’s vote (KK voted out Steve), Brett’s vote (both times he was on block, first getting Sam.JC to vote to keep him & 2nd time via the “Rachel” news). He’s saved Angela from the block and hasn’t told all the nonsense JC spouts or he’d have been gone long ago.

Sure, I would’ve love to have seen Brett get to F4 with the group but Ty couldn’t afford to keep him AND JC in the house. JC is easier to beat so Brett had to go.

Sam can’t say anything b/c she’s made pinky promises with everyone,
JC played his side (FOUTTE/HIVE) like a fiddle & continues to lie. He’s only reeling now b/c Tyler won’t let him be the puppet master (boo hoo – so sad – buh bye)

I do think Ty will make sure he wins F4 HOH & will try to win F4 POV & that’s where (IF) he is going to try to knock out Kaycee it happens, but ONLY if he has Angela be the one to vote her out. Otherwise I think he stays true to KC and yeah the bitter jury might vote KC over him but w/o Tyler -she never gets to play such a low key game until week 9. Meanwhile he orchestrated ousts every week starting with Steve’s eviction.


They say that but it is at the discretion of the producers to allow that and they never have aka season 16 Derrick got more votes than Donny and season 18 Paul got more votes than victor


Derrick did not get more votes than Donny. No way in Hell. Donny got over 5 million votes. More votes than any other houseguest have ever gotten. I don’t care what that person is saying over on Twitter. They’re wrong. With Donny getting 52% of the votes, there is no way that Derrick could have ever had more votes.


The name game with the all the “leigh” endings made my head hurt so I just misspelled their names on purpose in my postings……..there is about a million different combinations lol.

The East Coast Beast

Brett didn’t go out with class. Called himself best player in there and threw stuff.


What are you talking about, Hayleigh and Brett (aka Brent ) were not the first ones to go out with class, Bayleigh was. I know it kills you to admit it.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Sorry, with Bay I can’t get past not owNing her own mistakes, spewing blood, demanding worship during her HOH, risking pregnancy with Swaggy D, blah blah blah blah NO class.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

America’s Favorite is up in the air. As RealVegas says: “…a winner of show CAN win AFP but not always followed or done. BB16 Derrick won AFP but it was given to 2nd AFP winner Donny instead.”

Also, in a previous thread, someone did post comments by Grodner during an interview where she said 1st and 2nd place ARE eligible for AFP this season.

That said, here is what else RealVegas had to say regarding Brett for AFP: “They are rooting largely for him and Haleigh for AFP but tracking shows Tyler (casuals).”

I’m voting for Brett but will not be surprised if Tyler takes it…and I can already hear the gnashing of teeth.


Serious question…why all of the Angela hate all season? I agree that her GBM to Rachel seemed unnecessarily nasty, but that can’t be it, is it?

I kind of like that she’s direct. Doesn’t try to win with charm, flirting, etc…just good game play.

This is the first season in a long time where I didn’t despise most of the HG’s. Other than RockStar (ugh..is that really her nickname?)…no one was really horrible.

Trust me…I’m not a fan of JC, Kaitlyn, but I don’t hate any of them like I hated Paul and his minions.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I’m not sure either. I think the real Angela is the one that sits around and has fun with KC the way she and Rachel did early on; and the girl that smiles giddy with Tyler. She’s a little shy. Puts up a tough exterior to protect herself. But by “tough”, she’s not crazy aggressive the way Blockstar and Bay were. She’s beautiful, smart, even tempered. I admire her.

Eh eh

Indeed. Maybe part of it is that she’s a healthy, thin, & gorgeous female? I mean that’s pretty damn triggering.


No, she’s white, rich and entitled unlike Rockstar who’s ….oh wait…..

Guy From Canada

I just don’t enjoy her. There is no reason to be mean and basic, which she is being portrayed as. Tyler is fueling that fire, and from reading the blogs here it’s helping his chances to win against her.

Just sayin'

I also think Angela has a great shot at winning over Tyler in f2. Tyler really screwed up his game by not letting Brett and jc take shots at Angela and kaycee. Tyler was doing great until the showmance, now he is playing for 2nd


I agree 1000 P!!! I think ang is refreshing for her directness. With the exception of rocknado…this cast has been the best and there is no comparison to how much I hated paul and his minions

Who said that!

Everyone goes on and on like it’s a guarantee that Kaycee wins in a final 2,I don’t buy it.Tyler gets the other2 L6votes plus Sam and JC,of HIVE he gets Scottie and Fes,and as fans of the game Haleigh and Rockstar could vote for him out of respect for the game he played.Everyone likes Kaycee,I like Kaycee,I also like house plants.At the end of this game Kaycee is minion#1 and JC is minion#2 in Tyler’s game.Tyler wins if no one takes him out and it looks like no one will.He has outplayed them all.


You are in denial. Tyler will get curb stomped by Kaycee in the final 2. Everyone likes her and she played a clean loyal game even with all her comp wins.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

She did play clean but when Rockstar and Haleigh finds out KC was the hacker, will they still be so happy with her?

Who said that!

If you think Kaycee played a clean game then so did Tyler because she followed his every move.Guilt by association.If the jury is that bitter against Tyler than it also trickles down to his follower.


Kc voted bay out. And told her she has her back ..hives were shocked by her. They were very close.
Scottie.. she told him he is safe next to hay.
Hay.. she told her she would vote for her in a tie breaker.. i think hay can figure out it wasnt true ..
She didnt played that clean


I agree duh. I would vote for real over fake anyday. Ty was their best friend until they day they were cut. Kaycee was nice to everyone, but waved a flag to where her loyalties lie. To me, Angela and Kaycee played the harder game of the two.

Especially Ang, since she was literally targeted in 2 eviction speeches, she made bold moves, won comps, and was/is the number 1 target with ALL the houseguests… and she still hasnt been kicked out?! To me, that is much more impressive than acting.

Who said that!

The harder game?Tyler has dragged them both through this game.

I can’t even...

I do think that any guy would get Fes’ vote over any girl, especially Kaycee. Not only is he a bitter guy, he got owned by a girl and he can’t have that.


Rock will vote a girl over Tyler any day. Unless it’s Angela “the entitled spoiled bi***”.


I agree Tyler wins regardless only because I think he is already planning his final speech, and I just see KAycee flopping at that. And yes Tyler screwed people over but he hasn’t personally attacked anyone so I don’t understand how they can be that bitter towards him. They just got out played.

Roll Tide

Rockstar and Bayleigh said they would vote for a girl, even one they don’t like to win. They want a female winner. Hayleigh said she was going to vote for Brett (not any more) or Angela. Angela was actually nice to Hayleigh to her face the last couple of weeks. (Angela talked horrible about Hayleigh behind her back.) Tyler told Hay she was safe, lied to her.

Right on!

Wouldn’t it be something if Angela votes out Tyler? I think it would be the greatest blindside in Big Brother history!! Cheers. More Merlot please .

Who said that!

Game winning move.

Gimmie a Break!!!

This is exactly what I was thinking, why does everyone assume Tyler will be in final 2 no matter what… I can see Angela possibly cutting Tyler n her n Kc going f2 since they have a solid final 2 deal. Angela and Tyler have both said its a game and they both want to win n if it came down to it they wld cut the person if it meant winning!!! Hypithetical final 3- Tyler wins part 1 then Kc and Angela play part 2 Angela wins part 2, Tyler vs Angela part 3 Angela wins part 3 n picks Kc for final 2… Tyler last member of jury…

I do believe Tyler has played the best game this season by far but I also see it wont be that easy for him to be f2, I still think he cld get picked off at the very end… hope he doesnt…

Who said that!

Kaycee and Sam would never make a move against Tyler,JC would at this point but he can’t win a comp,Angela is a ?,I wonder who she would pick in a final 2 Kaycee or Tyler?Everyone thinks Tyler and Angela will pick eachother because they’re cuddle buddies but both will put winning the game first,especially Tyler,he’s there to win.


Maby if angela didnt fall in love with him…
Like if it happened a month or 2 earlier..
She would cut him.. she even said she was closer to brett in the begining.. but now she would never.. espically being so hated..she would not want to make that move and be even more as a bitch ..


It sure would be refreshing to have the winner voted on merit rather than a jealous anger over being outplayed……..it just makes it pointless sometimes for a contestant to do the very things that make the game dramatic and exciting……

Roll Tide

Part 2 or 3 of the final HOH is how well you know the houseguest. Angela did not try to get to know the houseguest. I don’t think she will win that part. Last night after they saw videos of houseguest, 7 I think, Angela did not get one question right.

Eh eh

Meh. All it would accomplish is to give her jealous haters something to justify calling her heartless, then the Jury punishes her by voting for whoever sits next to her. She needs to worry more about beating Kaycee anyway. Great blindsides are supposed to be strategic, not just make the other side of the house (now Jury) cheer up.


And says she’ll see him in Hawaii…


JC was SO shocked! I do feel bad for Brett though. Guess it’s not bros before hos. I think this would have been a very different game if Brett didn’t hook up with Winston right at the start, that really hurt him. I will say though, even though he had his moments, I really think and hope that this exposure will result in some excellent opportunities for Brett. He’s a good actor, he pulled off the stories about Blockstar and Scottie, he’s funny and he’s attractive.


Brett is a cute guy but he really needed to win stuff. He just could not pull out wins so never had any real influence.


Was this the first time Julie used married name? Didn’t Haleigh tell Fess not to hug Julie?


Adding her last name was a first. I think she did it to say she’s standing by her man.


1. Yes.
2. She told him not to pick her up- he wanted to pick her up.

Eh eh

“Didn’t Haleigh tell Fess not to hug Julie?”

LOL, really?
She’s all mine, Fessy, hands off.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Impressive, Angela. I can’t wait to see what the comp actually was. Angela, KC and Tyler all three now have fantastic BB resumes. Give Sam her meds, Bob. Talk JC off the ledge, cuz he’s going to lose it this week! He’s had a good run; time to pack.


It was pole vault……


WOW…Sam was pretty desperate to stay. As she always was. Her fake game play wore very thin.
Oh..I just want to help people win.
AND..her talking to Tyler . Saying Angela was entitled and not a good person. And that SHE..SAM..is a good person and deserved to stay.
JC is TRIPPING ! He doesn’t know what Brett said to who. And he’s trying like mad to squirm out of it.
JC was SHOCKED at Brett leaving. He knew that he had failed.
So…JC on the block for a whole WEEK. YES !!


JC is so annoying. He puts out a vibe of entitlement.
I cant stand the hate towards Angela. She is not emotional like a girl when it comes down to the tough stuff!! She is intimidating but if you are not insecure then you can get her

Roll Tide

JC is spoiled. His family probably spoiled him because he is small. He is a brat, can’t even mind the people in charge of Big Brother. Constant rule breaker because there are no consequences. Being small and gay, I think CBS is afraid to punish him.

Janie Haze

Sad to see Brett go. I hope he gets AFP


The worst thing about Brett’s eviction is that the feeds are going to be S-L-O-W. Even if JC freaks out, which could be entertaining, Angela and Tyler are boring AF to watch.


Agreed. Can’t stand either of them.

Big brother fan

Regardless if you like Angela and Tyler, we could have a situation where if both of them are in the final two together there will definitely an all time top ten big brother player that is for sure going to lose regardless if the jury picks Angela or Tyler to win in the final 2. Now think that for sec And for that to happen in a non-all-star season with no returning players or affiliation prior to entering the house is unreal and i think it speaks volumes about the gameplay of Tyler and Angela Regardless of your personal feelings towards them.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Power players at the end of the game, male and female. I LOVE It! And I LIKE them to boot.

Big brother fan

I think if Angela and Tyler are in the final two together, they would have established themselves as the greatest power couple alliance ever in big brother history which is in my opinion is a major accomplishment.

They are both literally “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”,

Because In a game sense they are straight up savages that willing to do whatever it takes to win. If you Love or hate the strategy, you can’t deny how great of player that makes someone and that is why I think both are top ten and it might be a stretch top five but maybe just maybe top five if they both make it to the end together or at least one of them will be.

Who said that!

Angela is a solid player but not comparable to Tyler,she’s good at comps but has a poor social game and her strategy has been to follow Tyler’s playbook.


To me she had excellent social game play, it just depends on what you value more. Tyler pretended to be everyones number 1, until it was time to cut them. Ang has her close circle, and has made it clear where her loyalties lie. Angela’s an introvert and tyler is an extrovert… Extroverts have the edge, but not after you felt the edge of his knife in your back.

Who said that!

The only opinions that matter are the juries.


Angela I think is a great competition beast but she would be lost without Tylers coaching and strategies…..same with KC ……there’s no question Tyler is the best player this season….but will it translate to the 500k?…..it should.

Big brother fan

Tyler is a beast no doubt !!!!! if you ask me if he wins this season I would honestly make him third greatest big brother player ever even in front of Derrick because Tyler had a much harder road meaning an opposing alliance with numbers calling his game out when they still had four/five people left in the house (considering that bayLeigh was basically out the door during that house meeting) and played like a straight up savage who was willing to make obvious big time moves with getting blood on your hands. That is why I think he could be number 3 all time ….honestly
I would only have Dan and will in front of him – because they had that savage/cutttroat assasin mentality

In order to be legend big brother player you have to be able to have that mentality to his credit and even Angela regardless if you don’t like her have that approach.


Using Derrick as a guide isn’t setting the bar that high. Derrick was surrounded by people not interested in playing the game and just looking to get followers so they can pretend they are influencers and get paid to breathe.


Angela really thinks she is Rachel Reilly or Janelle? Lol.


She is better, because she less emotional and is more pleasing to the eyes/ears.

Jon Reremy

I liked Brett but that was a great back door. What did Brett say when he stood up and they went to a commercial break. Did that get mentioned on the feeds. He looked stunned and stood up and walked around.


It wasn’t a back door, it was a blindside!

Jon Reremy

No it was a backdoor.

Back door- two nominees are put up, but there is a plot to take out a 3rd unknowing targeted person after veto. After POV that 3rd person is put up as a replacement nominee and voted out.

Blindside- An initial nominee is put up and they had no idea that they would be going up on the block. Usually from their own alliance.

Tyler's Tatt

back door is when the person can’t play in the veto. Brett played in the veto.

Jon Reremy

nope. A back door happens AFTER veto and Brett lost.

Jimmy Jam

You are correct Ron. It was a back door. Brett was put up after a veto and could not remove himself.

BB Fan

No. It was a blindeside.
A true backdoor means that the target was not given a chance to play in the Veto. Because it was so late in the game, with only 6 players left in the house everyone played in the Veto. Therefore it was NOT a backdoor.


It’s still a BAckdoor. Even if the person play in veto, It still hides that the person is a target in case they win veto. Also possibly keeps the person from trying in veto.

Jon Reremy

Best part of Brett was that he didnt even pack!!! He was so blind sided. For a computer guy he was pretty dumb and had a bad memory. And for a young work out guy he was no comp beast. He really needed to win something.

What Now?

It was a double eviction. Nobody not on the block or HOH packs.

Jon Reremy

One of scotties lamest moves was to tell people about the bitter jury. That guaranteed that L6 would stay tight (except brett) and get out the hive and floaters. He should have said the opposite. That the jury wanted to reward competitiors. Then you would get L6 to fracture and ally with the floaters. That info did not really help scottie.


I never thought of that. Another lousy move that doomed the rat


I feel so sorry for Brett. If only he hadn’t allowed himself to get sucked in by JC. Yes..he was at the bottom of the 4..but he could have pulled an important win.
Julie did call him out..said he pulled the shot. His reply was that he was loyal to Tyler. However…he started off by saying he was always loyal to Level 6. Nope.
And..there he was. Throwing KC and Ang under the bus in his GBM. Oh well…that didn’t help.
I think he’ll be just fine in Jury house. Fess and Scottie like him.
I will give him my AFP vote. He was entertaining and came close in a few comps.
Sam will be bitter as hell. As will JC.
But really. Sam needs to remember this isn’t the *GOOD HOUSEKEEPING* show.
And JC won nothing.
Sam, as usual,…sucking up for votes.
Shouts out to Brett * I’ll pack your things up..with respect.


it’s Brett Julie..not Brent..she’s slipping


I wish JC would have gone tonight..I loved Brett..pure entertainment. Although JC flipping out all week will give me great pleasure..just so long as he goes home


Jc is such a bitch now that it’s his turn…ur not that smart bro! He can’t be so mad and say you better take me down if you win the veto or I self evict …honestly he has something against women the way Sam does lol or they are just both in love with Tyler…jc is sooo annoying and a rude foul mouth poor loser I wanted to punch him through the feeds…he’s arrogant and a bad player and doesn’t try…never was going to win…his goose is cooked bye Felicia

Butters Mom

JC really has no right to be mad at Tyler given that he has failed to win anything. He has to understand that Tyler cant win HOH 2 weeks in a row so, its up to JC to pull out something otherwise, why would Tyler put a target on his back for JC? Brett also needed to win something. Both of those guys with big muscles and no athletic ability…smh, weird. Sam, for some reason I feel has been throwing comps in the hopes to be carried to the end where I wonder if she will start trying a little harder now. I see JC being bitter towards Tyler from here on out regardless of who puts him up and who votes him out.. he will blame Tyler and not take any responsibility for his own situation. This character flaw is partly why I do not like JC very much. Sam on the other hand I think will still vote for Tyler in the end even if she goes home this week and he casts his vote against her. I could be wrong about that, but we shall see.

What now?

Tone it down, You sound way to bitter and small minded.


JC is just now slowly realizing that he is not influencing anyone, especially Tyler, when he used to believe he was a big power. It’s kinda painful to watch but self awareness had never been his strong suit.


I miss Brent on the feeds .. I’m grumpy.

Timmy the Jimmy Tedeski

Release the Kraken


hahahahaha ME TOOOOOOO


Simon….we really need a Brett Fan Club lol

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Wouldn’t you just love to have live feeds in the jury house right now?

If you get too bored, head over to Sgaggy’s Twitter page for a few laughs.


YESSSS why don’t they have jury feeds?


Same. It’s gonna be so boring now.

adding insult to injury (pun intended).....

had to watch it twice to be sure, but, at the end of her interview with Brett and after calling him Brett all through the interview, Julie called him Brent! LMFAO poor Brett/Brent!


Please let JC go next!

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Do they show the eviction speeches to the jury? I would love to see Rockstar’s face when Brett begs them not to send him to the jury house and stick him with “Blockstar”! I hate to see him go but I hated it when he flipped on L6 too early. They were such a good alliance and should have made final 4 to see who the best man/woman wins.


Sam’s goose is cooked to a crisp. Tyler told Angela how when he was doing 1 on 1’s…Sam rushed in and before the door closed…went crazy on Angela. Calling her a feckin bitch entitled, a bad person etc. Tyler said they had to have bleeped most of it out.
Angela said that Sam came and apologized for calling her a bitch.
KayCee and Tyler said yeah..because she knew Angela would find out.
Sam has always seemed to me the most desperate. From the get go. Always begging not to go up.
And..on live feeds…she intently asked JC..You weren’t voting me out right?
JC is a bothersome little gnat….but Sam grates much more. Fake AF.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

What are the chances that JC will end his friendship with Tyler when he finds out about L6?

We Were All Rooting For You !!!

Out of all of this season’s evictions, this one hurt the most. Brett should have made Top 4 with Tyler, Angela and Kaycee making the Top 3.
It’s just like when James was evicted in season 17 (?), only this time I’m going to continue watching the rest of this season.



Is she talking to herself?


I read a transcript at Joker’s and it sounded like Sam is hallucinating and conversing with someone not there. She even indicated she was unsure if her hallucination was real or not. I’d love to see this convo reported here as well.

Seems pretty significant regarding Sam’s mental health and wellbeing. If she is truly this mentally ill, she is unable to give consent, and I would have concerns that CBS would be liable for not getting her appropriate medical care immediately.

who me?

She talks to the cameras. Who else is she going to talk to when the others only talk to her to tell her who to vote for and how to do it? She needs to put that loneliness into anger, and start playing instead of just listening to Tyler


Transcript: Sam talks to self in the kitchen: Too tall to be you. Too slim to be you. I heard the door. I’ll never know. I think I know, they’ll never tell me.I really thought I was going to leave.I was excited about it, seemed crazy.But I am young and able and can make money. I have money,money’s not everything.I think power is slightly corrupt.(She looks to side as if talking to someone) I have to pretend that you’re not here, which sucks because I am here. But you are too (she looks around again) sometimes. I have to just read a bunch of clues.So far it’s the best thing about this whole thing, even if it turns out to be imaginary: me being crazy. Mumbles something, someone like me. I ended up being a disappointment. What if I just Shut The Fuck up, how about that? Ok. She does a woosh sound and signals with her hand.


A lot of people keep saying that Kaycee will win because the jury likes her more. But the Hive was constantly calling her a floater and that she didn’t do anything. I think Tyler has a good shot of winning against either girl.

King Silva

Has there ever been a stronger trio than Tyler/Angela/Kaycee?

They won 9 competitions in a row between the three of them!

I have a good feeling it will extend all the way to the end of the season, considering Sam and JC are pretty bad, which would be 14 in a row (well maybe 16 in a row if people give one point to each part of the three part final HOH).

who me?

I can think of 2. Chilltown or The Brigade


Chiltown sadly didnt make it to the final 3 and they are a due (also will didnt won comps if we are talking comps ). Brigade .. havent won that many comps. Enzo never won. Game wise.. i just feel level 6 had to overcome more.


Easy to win against people who have never won anything. They got out the people who could beat them in comps. So their strength is getting the right people out, not they they could win comps. Tyler was always strong, who knows about the other two. But at least they stayed together for the most part.


Julie signed off as “This is julie Chen monves from the big brother house” Does she usually say Monves or was that new?

Jon Reremy

she never referred to herself as moonves before


Sign of support for her husband who just got ousted. More than likely it’s the last season for Julie at CBS.

The real rockstar

It would be an awesome move if Angela and Tyler back door Kaycee.

The real rockstar

When is CBS going to have black big brother. Thrown in one racist redneck and one fat white girl. It would be a hoot.


For all of you crying “jury management,” there were a lot of people in the house worried about jury management. Where are they now? In the jury house. The jury may not be bitter against Kaycee, but it’s not because she made jury management part of her strategy. She just hung out with people and got lucky that all the blood is on someone else’s hands. The jury can’t vote for you if you’re sitting in the jury.

Al Sharpton Wants To Hold Your Wallet

JC didn’t freak out like I thought he would last night. I thought both Hay and Brett went out classy and didn’t hurt themselves in getting AFP votes.
Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee have played outstanding. They have controlled this game for the entire season. This may be the best alliance ever.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I think things were happening so fast he didn’t have time to freak out but if you watch his expression throughout the whole DE you could tell he was most likely panicking on the inside. I am sure he was trying to figure out why Tyler put him up, why HIS target took him down, and then why Tyler put up Brett. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was crapping his pants when they put Brett up because he probably thought Brett would call him out like he did Rachel and Rockstar in the past.


Wish they would have thrown in the Rachel/Jordan twist somewhere in this game.


I’m back to disliking JC. I hope he and his pissy attitude leaves next……that discussion with Tyler was annoying. JC is a jerk! “Listen to me”….

Haleigh's Melanoma

So I guess at this stage of the game no one can be backdoored because everybody plays the veto? What a shame. What do you call what happened to Brett then? Justice?

Cray Cray

He was blind sided by his own alliance.


I am soooo sad to see Brett go. He was, by far, my favorite. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch last nights episode. At this point, I hope Kaycee can pull out the win.

So am I the only one that thinks Angela is playing Tyler? Telling him that she loves him…… I’m just not buying it. It just doesn’t seem real. Now don’t get me wrong, I am probably one of the few people who doesn’t mind the showmances. I like some more than others but for the most part I don’t mind. But my favorites are the ones that seem, to me, to be real. Like Jess/Cody or Jeff/Jordan, I didn’t even mind Rachel/Brendon because it seems real……but Tyler and Angela……I just don’t see it continuing outside of this house. Angela seems like she is just acting half the time with Tyler. I think that once she talked him into giving her the VETO that one week she realized she may have some kind of hold over him and started using it to her advantage.

Anyways…….I will miss Brett and ALL the laughter he brings……He will be getting all my votes for AFP!!

Backseat Driver

I mentioned my “gut feeling” a couple weeks ago that Angela was playing Tyler…. I still feel that way!


Angela conviced tyler because she was in his alliance!
And she was the hoh . She had to begg him cuz she did that to scottie in front everyone. It was an act .
If she was playing him they would talk more game.
Even on brett betray she talked more with kc.


Does Sam not remind any one of Harley Quinn …….. Just Sayin


Yes the outcome of the game is mostly cut and paste but I will enjoy the week of JC freaking out as he is to good for the block. I will also enjoy the fireworks in the jury house when they learn of level 6 and how they all were so bad at the game… And more Blockstar is always good entertainment!


Based on the read here, It sounds like tyler was lying to ang and making it sound like brett was the one after her and JC was just going along when we all know JC has been pushing tyler hard for weeks to get ang out. At the same time, really playing up how sam hates her. Sounds like he wants sam out.

another name

if i were him, i’d want to send someone to the jury that would more likely vote for me, especially if that person had already offered me an out a week before.

Haleighs Booty Shorts

Simon and Dawg thanks for your great coverage but I need to rant…

To all bb fans you have been lied to all season…its actually been ‘The Lets Give Tyler $500k Show’…If you dont think this is true then all I can say is youre lying to yourself

As Brett would say…the reality is: its been pre determined from the outset…even Julie was rooting for Tyler at the start…The huge giveaway was the moment cbs promoted Tyler in the tko show after he got the 2 month power…when Tyler cheated in the hoh and instead of it being stripped from Tyler and being awarded to Haleigh that was the clincher the fix was in(Haleigh also called out production for barely touching Tyler with the pie and smacking her as hard as possible)…Inserting the hacker twist to make it more difficult for the hive to send people home on their hoh, and Tyler almost always being picked for veto was also telling…Also always be cynical of the individual timed vetos where production can produce any result they want without anyone knowing the real truth

Even more of a rig job for Tyler than bb19 was for Paul…Julie doing everything she possibly can in eviction interviews to dissuade people from being bitter jurors, and good bye messages favoring Tyler or not favoring others is production trying to prevent another 5-4 against Tyler…in pre season Julie admitted it was a mistake to bring back Paul for bb19, and emphasised she wanted bb20 to be unpredictable haha what a joke…well maybe dont send 3 comp beasts in with Hilton Head/Olympic training connections then

Without question this is the most boring final 5 in the history of the show:

Tyler(pre season alliance member #1)…the personality store called and said theyve been waiting for you to pick it up for well over 2 decades, the rain check period is well and truly over dude

Angela(pre season alliance member #2)…I would have more fun watching paint dry, is she even more boring than Tyler? Possibly…and perhaps part of the most boring couple in all of the world?

KC(pre season alliance member #3)…still thinks Level 6 collectively can win the $500k and theres more than 1 individual winner(she forgot its not team sports)

Sam…so heavily medicated she forgot she is a production plant for Tyler to drag to the end for a for sure win(production refused to let her walk as she is the golden goat that is bitter jury 5-4 proof)

JC…outed himself as production/former cbs employee when he admitted to Haleigh and Brett he knew there was a corridor behind their end bedroom and knew exact details of the room…if you dont believe me check the feeds from Wednesday morning

I wont be watching any of the rest of the season, except for jury segments, whilst skipping all other segments…because jury will actually feature entertaining people(theyve already lined up a singer to come into the bb house as cbs knew these final 5 are that boring…after already desperately needing the extra long nicole segment to fill time)

The likes of Rob C and Taran tried to tell me this was the greatest ever season…this is absolute bs…its so odd theyve been trying to endlessly push this narrative…this season couldnt have been any more one sided and predictable from the outset and throughout, and has been a dark blot on the shows history, up there with last year and bb15

In a completely rigged season the one bright light who went against the grain who has given me endless entertainment and laughs…


you are…a cinema…I could watch you forever

(bring on bbcan7)

Walter Sills

I agree 110% this is the most boring season “EVER”. I thought last season was boring and rigged, this season proves it. 8 weeks of safety is beyond comprehension as well as the Tyler rule breaking and same for JCs. Its becoming a chore to watch and is up there with many of the rigged reality shows now. Makes one wonder how much help is given in these Diary Room sessions??? Odd to that the Hackers were in place in Key situations also and its known that production was shoving a romance at Tyler and Angela. Its a shame, it use to be a good show, entertaining and having one root for a guest, but, alas, no more. Does anyone here not believe the show is rigged????


Then why are you here if not to troll? Be done with the show. Why get so attached and worked up?

I wouldn’t say the game is rigged, but obviously they make choices where they can to influence an outcome via comp choices and dr. sessions (what and how they ask the questions), but the fact is, there was nothing that prevented brett from winning that veto and forcing tyler to put up either Kaycee or angela and voting one out (would have loved to have seen who tyler woutl have sacrificed, btw) and completing changing the game–that comp in no way favored anyone.

Sarah Cherry

Justice fool. Big Brother headlines show up on AOL; as most conrtoversies

Level 6 Lover

Yes I also believe the game is rigged…there were so many times production was trying to give FOUTE and then HIVE members comp wins it was unbelievable!! Did u forget that Bayleigh also received 8 weeks for her power app?? That Haleigh was asked what kinds of things she was good at and then miraculously the next two comps were what she said she was good at? That the slippery slide comp was dumbed down for a Fessy win?? That Kaitlyn was given a six piece puzzle?? Get over it, this is production’s MO. It’s only when u don’t agree with whom they are helping out that u cry foul and boo boo!


Bayleigh’s power was good until there were 8 people left.


Tyler didn’t have 8 weeks of protection. In fact he was nominated during those 8 weeks. His power was that ONE time he could make himself unable to be nominated for ONE ceremony. He had to know he was a target and it made no sense to use it for initial nominations. It can’t take him off the block or prevent his eviction. His power was weak.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Them booty shorts has got you hypmotized. Haleigh was a part of the grand conspiracy and you fell for it.

Sarah Cherry

Correct. This show has been as sleezy as the former CBS chief.Obvious rigging which is a federal crime.Now that they got the head; it is time to hold this cheating show accountable.


Pretty dumb post.

First, the pie comp, it’s just like any other sport/game, if you lose the game then later in the week the officials realize they made a mistake, they don’t turn around and change the winner. It’s a “sorry about the luck.”

Secondly, how was hacker twist riled out to hurt the hive specifically? Hive won the first one while L6 had HOH, right? Sounds pretty even to me.

Third, the veto player bag isn’t rigged. Tyler played so many vetoes because of luck and being someone his allies could rely on when they drew houseguest choice chip. The players have even gone as far as to pull the remaining chips out to make sure Production wasn’t cheating.

And once Tyler got the cloud app, it was clear to CBS that the viewers liked him. They’d be absolute fools to not leverage that into more views for TKO. Doesn’t mean they rigged BB because of it. But it wouldn’t make ANY sense to mothball his episode of TKO either.

People talk all day about bitter juries, but you are just a bitter viewer.


They also dump out the bag before the draw, it’s just not shown on the show.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Every year, there are people who always complain that the show is rigged or that it is so boring, etc, etc. This is the 20th season. This is how the show has always been produced. If you feel so strongly about the rigging and boredom, why do you keep watching? Of course production is going to try to influence the players and edit the shows for entertainment and, yes, every year, they have their favorites (which is why they audition and recruit the players). But they can’t completely control who wins the comps, who flips, how they vote, who will get along/Fight, and how the players will react or think no matter how much they try. In addition, I don’t think there was ever a season when it got down to a handful of players where the live feeds DIDN’T get boring, no matter who was left. So if you hate the way the show plays out, change the channel, watch something that doesn’t get you so riled or better yet, stop watching reality tv all together because all of it is rigged, scripted, and edited for entertainment and ratings and apparently it’s been good enough to get you to watch it.


Wow 3 incredible players maybe invincible, not good odds for the betting person.
Sometimes long odds are tempting…
so Samantha is my Seabiscuit!
Lets go!!!


WOW, 3 incredible comp players
but I like the long odds here
Samantha is my Seabiscuit
Lets go!!!