“I feel like it’s more than just a biter jury it’s about the way the game’s played”

Head of Household Winner: Nicole
Nominations are: Jackson & Holly
Power of Veto holder: Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony:
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12:53 pm Nicole and Cliff

Nicole – every time he talks “I hope it doesn’t affect our relationship.. you will think differently of me I hope it doesn’t affect you and me on a personal level.. blah blah blah
N – I’m going to keep driving home don’t worry about me I’m not the one that has to.. you know
N – As long as you are able to sleep at night knowing that you got to choose final 3 be happy with the final 3. take yourself out of it
N – Michie a year from now laying in his bed staring at the ceiling is he going to say dammit.
N – he’s similar to me I personality I feel like.. I don’t know. C’mon think about it when you’re removed from this over a year 2 years are you going to look back and go why did I not bring Cliff that was horrible
Cliff – we’ll see. I feel like he’s just doing it to stay tight with you and nothing else (Entertaining their schemes to keep Cliff)
C – his decision has probably already been made
N – yup
C – I’ll hit him with the other stuff tonight if that’s the case
C – I truly think if he’s lost your vote and my vote how does he do it?
N – I don’t know. that’s what I want to say to him. You’re sitting next to Holly. Someone who made a deal and stuck with it to give me the HOH.
N – Versus him who promised you personally back and forth several times
N – If he gets rid of Holly she is a guaranteed vote for him and that keeps me and you happy and whoever goes to Jury is happy
C – it could make the difference
N – we might not necessarily vote for him BUT at least we’re not going into jury being all OH MY GOD HE’S A…
C – if he does that neither one of us is going to jury. the only person influencing jury votes is Holly
Nicole says Jackson is always bringing up the money he’s not bringing up “me” or “holly”
C – I told him I cashed in my 401K just to cover the expenses in teh house
N – is that true
C – No, not really. We had some money set aside that we pulled out
C – I was off work for a year so it’s pretty much tapped out. I have more money saved up. we had some stock so I sold that to cover some costs.
N – I told him Cliff gave you his word and he was going to stick to it
N – I told him with the whole Holly nad Tommy thing it didn’t really matter if Tommy went then Holly or Holly then Tommy, either way, we were banking on us being in the final 3. That is why I didn’t care about Holly leaving
C – that’s what I told him
They talk about how they told Jackson they wanted to get Holly out for him so he Wouldnt look bad.
N – right now he thinks he’s set up if he wins he’s in final 2, If Holly wins she’ll bring him, If I win I’ll bring him. At least that’s what he thinks
N – he says if CLiff leaves he hopes that doesn’t change on a game level. I told him if Cliff leaves I’ll have to reassess things

Nicole tomorrow we’ll hit him up for a deal. I’ll promise him the whole world.
C – I don’t know when I’ll tell him about the votes.
N – say I really want to be here but to be honest Michie have you thought about YOU then you can say that (about the votes)
Cliff explains to Nicole what MAD means in reference to the cold war “Mutual assured destruction”
C – we both built up so many nuclear weapons the other side wouldn’t attack because they knew we would destroy them in exchange(and the rest of the world)
C – I feel like that’s the same thing with Michie and I. Michie you can keep me from going but If I do I can keep you from winning
N – He’s smart you should use that analogy
C – I said to him look, I’ve never been disloyal to you the only person I’ve been is potentially Holly and that’s when I thought she was getting ready to cut me loose. That came straight from Nicole telling me that then Holly confirmed it
N – She did say it
N – He said to me why did you want to keep Tommy I said, to be honest, the final 4. 4th in the pole, get rid of Holly the 3 of us are smooth sailing right to final 3 just like you wanted Michie just like you wanted
N – he might have just said that to ensure if we won we would take him to final 3
C – yeah
Nicole – so he’s playing the same thing we are
Cliff – that’s the problem (FINALLY, you two are getting it)
N – he’s smart Dammit
C – I won’t vote for him and I will Weight the jury over there that will be my final punch going out
C – I’ve never been about biter jury’s but I feel like it’s more than just a biter jury it’s about the way the game’s played (lol)
N – Especially when Holly threw that HOH. She could have won that easily but she threw it
C – right before the eviction ceremony I’m going to hide Orwell somewhere but not just Orwell. I’ll hide Orwell, A couple of playing cards and all the backgammon dice and tell them until they find Orwell they won’t be able to play those games
C – force y’all to look everywhere for them. I’ll tell you where they are just in case.
C – make them look everywhere for Orwell.
C – I figure they’ll miss the cards way more than you will. we’ll see
N – I like that

2:50 pm Holly and Nicole
Talking about how bad their skin is inside the house. Nicole felts bad for Tyler last year when Zingbot brought up his skin.

3:58 pm Jackson and Holly
H – I’m trying to hard to get caught up for tomorrow
J – I’m the most rested I’ve felt all season
J – I’m thinking if it is straight-up endurance I’m going to throw it to you
J – I’ll take the gamble
H – wait till she falls
J – I’m saying if it’s between me and you. I would rather go in facing a mental comp. No Offense
H – none taken
J – I want it where you and I are the last two
H – What if we’re not. That also scares me. Are you confident that it’s physical
J – I’m not confident about anything I don’t know sh1t
J – we’ll play it by ear and adjust accordingly. Key to this game is adaptation

5:10 pm Showmancing

6:12 pm Cliff says he’s going to lay down the law with Jackson

6:21 pm Jackson and Cliff
Jackson says last week changed everything for him
Jackson says he wanted to stick with their final 4 like they all shook hands 40 days ago.
J – Holly has never turned on me
C – I’ve never turned on ya

Jackson goes on about how it’s killing him to make this decision. this is the first time that his vote is cutting him deep.

Cliff – so what you are saying is Holly is your number 1
J – Holly has always been my number one in terms that I always had her back
Jackson says everything changed with BBcomics and Nicole wanting to flip and keep Tommy, “Everything changed with that decision to keep Tommy”
Cliff – I got it pushed in the other direction the decision was not made.
C – if she was your number one why was there so many conversations with you, me and Nicole
J – I didn’t want there to be any personal decisions up to four I wanted us to be 4 competitors and duke it out but that didn’t happen
J – Everything started with Keeping Tommy and now I and Holly is all I got.
C – you had said so many times that you wanted Nicole and I in the final 3.

C – do you see keeping Holly benefits your game more than the benefits of the agreements I’m going to give you
J – I don’t know this entire game I’ve never known what best decision is. I have to follow my gut and make a decision I don’t want to make
C – If Holly were to stay there’s not an agreement between Nicole and Holly maybe you make it to final 2 maybe you don’t. If you keep me you will make it to final 2
Cliff offers to throw competitions “I just want to get to three and get the family out here”
J – Man to man I’m really struggling here. whatever I do I’m taking someone’s family away from the finale. I am truly struggling on the inside.
C – your leaning towards Holly
J – I am

C – with the final 4 I had to deal with promises with other people. Our Agreement was man to man to have it broken After …

They go back and forth about the timing of all their stupid deals who broke what deal when etc etc. Just rehashing everything they’ve been talking about for the last week.
Cliff goes on about the timing when the deals were broken.

Jackson – it all stemmed from Nicole wanting to keep Tommy.
Jackson reminds him that he’s taking the fall because of what Nicole did. Tells him if Nicole hadn’t done that Holly wouldn’t have thrown the HOH and she would have won. He would have won the veto and it would be Nicole leaving not Cliff.

Cliff says he knows it was dirty them making it to 4 and the only reason they did was that Cliff did A lot of pushing to convince Nicole to evict Tommy.

C – have you thought about if you get to the final seat the jury votes.
C – if Nicole is up there you know which way. Our alliance was to final 2 I will say. If I got sent home and it was you and Nicole she would get my vote. I’ll be honest t if you and Holly were up there She honored her promise you didn’t that will affect my decision and it will affect Nicoles’s decision in the way she votes. From a game situation, you know.. er.. there could be different outcomes.

C – I consider you a friend and I don’t want to screw that up. but I want to fight for my case. If you and Holly are up there and a word has been broken you ‘ll need 5 votes from the 7 people. If Holly is over that Jury house and has a few more days to sell to people.

C – If it goes down this way. Nicole, Myself, Nick as well. I just think it would be tough for your game.
Cliff says it will be easier if Holly is in jury instead of him in jury.
Easier for Jackson’s game in the final 2.

C – i’m just making that observation (all about the game Cliff.. at it again)
C – I respect you.
Jackson – I need to take a shower. I need to think. Got a lot on my mind

They shake and hug

Cliff leaves
Jackson – are you f*ing kidding me.. are you f*ing kidding me. you’re going to threaten me with f*ing jury votes.
J – I’m doing what’s best for my game I’m going to lose 2 votes. Sick.. making my job easier.

Cliff runs to Nicole to give her a run down.

7:52 pm Jackson and Holly in the have nots.
Jackson brings up his talk with Cliff. Mentions that Cliff threatened him that if it’s the two of them in final 2 they aren’t voting for him and that he’s going to campaign against him in the jury.
J – It should be in my best interest to have you there to campaign for me.
Holly – great say that in your f*ing speech
J – I will
J – so if I’m sitting in final 2 I don’t get his vote.
J – he’ll be in jury for 6 days campaigning against me because I’m bot holding up my end of the deal
H – that’s his desperate last attempt. I don’t see him not voting for you as a man as a game player
J – it just made this decision way easier. I’m not about to get Bullied and strong-armed into a corner.
J – so much for keeping it calm cool and collected in my speech tomorrow.

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Just sayin'

Nicole isn’t looking too great in these convos either…


It’s crazy how lot it’s taken people to figure out how bad Nicole is in this game.

Nicole got some popularity by for a long time on the old saying “it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you’re an idiot than open your mouth and prove it”. As soon as she got an opportunity to play the game and make some decisions it really showed she was better off with the Victoria strategy of being dragged along because she was weak than her attempt to play the game.

Ian’s Bedside Tissue Box

Dear Cliff,

You know how MAD stands for Mutually Assured Destruction? Here is a related acronym for you: BAD. It stands for Big Ass Dummy.

Thanks for the new car.

Love ,
Momma Michie


I’m so glad you said this. I thought it was just me. I know there is a lot of Jackson hate out there but he does deserve to win this game. Cliff and Nicole talked about how smart they are but they have no common sense if they think or thought for a minute that Jackson would take either one of them over Holly. They should have shot the shot and taken her out so they wouldn’t be in this position. All of this is Cliff’s fault.


Why are Cliff and Nicole so high in the polls??? I have zero respect for their games. They became the bullies these last few weeks as soon as they got a little power. 🙁


Those were votes before Cliff started his spiral down hill and starting to show his true colors. If we had a new vote it would look different. It is truly difficult to vote for the worst of the worst.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“Why are Cliff and Nicole so high in the polls???”

They are the anti-Jackson, anti-Holly.

AT&T Customer Service

Was Cliff talking about him touching other peoples underwear?


I will admit that Cliff hasn’t played the best game but he definitely hasn’t played the worst. I think Jackson has played a great game but he has played way dirtier than Cliff or Nicole ever has. What Jackson did to Tommy is something I couldn’t respect even if my favorite player of all time did it (and I don’t even really like Tommy). The way he has talked about his little speech he’s planning is beyond annoying, Cliff totally got it right when he said his Veto speech isn’t for him its for America. I’m sick of watching him try to vilify everything that everyone else has done and justify his own behavior. At this point I’d rather see Holly win if it is them in the final 2.

For all those people questioning how Cliff and Nicole are ranking in the polls, I am a big Cliff fan and have been from the beginning. When it comes down to it he seems like a very sweet family man and I am impressed he has made it this far. The older people rarely stay in the house and he has actually been playing the game. I really don’t understand all the hate for him. Sure he has made some questionable deals but that’s all part of the game. I am sad to see him go and will root for Nicole but we all know that it is going to be very hard for her to make it to final 2.

Last thought….
I have recently re-watched some older seasons and I hope next year CBS does the right thing and gives us more of a Classic BB!!

Kat's Alien Bitch

There is nothing I hate more than fake righteousness. Cliff acts like some sort of preacher with all this talk of integrity. I can’t stand the hypocrisy. He has become my least favorite hamster.

Usually, I remember about this stage that everyone is just playing a crazy game. But I suspect we are seeing the true Cliff. Sanctimonious. Holier than thou.


Swaggie's Missing Brow

I’m to the point of thinking that “Integrity” is the name of a hemorrhoid cream Cliff uses; his integrity seems to come from a dark and musty place.

Kat’s Alien Bitch

Good line….




Yeah – if you think back to his HOH win he gave signs of who he was then. The stupidity of letting Christie keep her power & also not replace the nomination with one of the S6 was the first true sign Cliff thought he was some sort of master manipulator.

In virtually every alliance he made he sold them out to others. He told Christie things Jackson said, burnt Nick with many, burnt Nicole repeatedly. So we shouldn’t be surprised by him upping the ante as he nears an exit. I’m sure TPTB are telling him to fight but the level of petty he’s gone to is ridiculous – especially the way he’s delivering his pitches. Another Name nailed it – if he was going to bring up jury votes he should’ve outlined the others jurors first (especially since Sis, Nick & Tommy all felt played by him).

But, Cliff is kind of acting like Jackson did early in the game when he didn’t get his way – it just feels more petty I think b/c he’s an older man acting like a petulant child.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“But, Cliff is kind of acting like Jackson did early in the game when he didn’t get his way…”

Buckling down and winning comps?


Yeah Cliff is acting pretty bad right now. But “fake righteousness”. That’s Jackson spot on. He does it better than anyone.

Bullies Suck

Cliff and Nicole are delusional!! Nicole says, multiple times, if she won Veto, goodbye Jackson. Yet, they have a problem with Jackson “breaking” their deal. Seriously!!!???


Right now I’m hating the idea that Nicole has a shot at winning this. I don’t hate Nicole, just her weak ass gameplay.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I can see exploding heads in all those scenarios.

Voice of reason

If Jackson takes Holly to F2 and she wins it will prove again jury votes are flawed and they need to factor in viewer votes somehow.




Nicole blah blah blah blah! Cliff blah blah blah blah! These two need to shut up and worry about how they look to the jury and America. Can’t wait for the finale.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Every since they were a lock for final 3 I was thinking it would be smart for Jackson to throw the first to Holly if it’s an endurance comp (as long as Nicole is out first).

I didn’t believe he would think of it or if he did, dare risk it; he’s definitely thinking his way through and looking out for his partner. That would give Holly a lock on F2 and leave him to beast-mod for himself.

Good strategy, good game play.


Or TPTB suggested it to him b/c the 2nd comp will be timed & not seen by us so yeah —- TPTB can ensure he beats Nicole even if she wins.

I haven’t really liked Cliff since his HOH when he pulled all that nonsense to save himself & put everyone he was “supposed” to be working with in harms way. These past few weeks my distaste for him has increased. Jackson I didn’t like early in the game but there is no denying (even if I remove the production aided wins) that he’s been a comp beast. I’ve never been a big fan of Holly (although I did pick Nicole/Holly as the two dark horse females that would go deep in the game) especially after she was such a mean girl to Kat her supposed F2 partner. That post linking to the video earlier today reminded me of how she spent an entire week complaining about Kat when she began her F3 with Jackson and the stool.

I am giving 3 of the 4 the benefit of the doubt (all but Cliff) regarding this week b/c everything seems to be production directed. But – Jackson isn’t someone who throws things – in his own words he always said I won’t throw anything & even the luxury comp he had to run ahead of Holly/Nicole to make sure he rung the bell first. So — again this new idea to “let Holly win part 1” sure feels like it was suggested to him by production.

Hey, I’ll try to keep the glass half full attitude & hope TPTB actually don’t screw Nicole out of any chance to win. And — maybe, just maybe the first comp won’t be endurance since they’ve been doing so many things differently this season. Unfortunately, my gut tells me TPTB are setting Nicole up to lose even if she wins.

What I’d PREFER is if live feeders could watch both competitions so this wouldn’t even be a talking point.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“Jackson isn’t someone who throws things.”

Jackson has demonstrated that he is quite capable of adapting and more importantly, thinking things through. This whole concept is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Not really difficult to arrive at. A lot of people are gone because they underestimated him.

It’s really not rocket science.


I know Jackson is your favorite player & you won’t agree with me on these things – and that’s cool b/c we all have our favorites. I prefer Nicole as you know but even I can see she’s over played trying to keep Cliff this week but I still want her in one of those F2 chairs. Even though I didn’t like production letting so much slide with Jackson, his aided comp wins or his early game comments I’d still like to see Nicole & him sit in the F2 chairs b/c I feel they are the best of the 4 remaining.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“I know Jackson is your favorite player…”

Wrong. My favorite player left long ago. I do think he’s the best player currently in the game, and also the convenient target (along with Holly and Angela’s mustache and many other players every year) of people who are are overly emotionally invested and will find any excuse, no matter how tortured, to justify it.


Okay – semantics (favorite REMAINING player) — I was a huge Kat and Sam fan. I apologize as I assumed he was your favorite given you defend almost every negative comment made about Jackson (even ones aimed at production not him). Like I said above – I think Jackson has earned his right to the win & a F2 chair. I’d like to see Nicole sit beside him b/c of the FOUR remaining those 2 played the best games IMHO.

Out of curiosity has Jackson every done anything wrong in your eyes or are all his actions/words okay in your opinion & it’s just Holly, Cliff & Nicole who made mistakes or deserve criticism?


TTOT. I agree completely. Both Jackson and Nicole should be final 2. But it is probably not gonna happen. Both will take Holly which is a shame. Holly has shown nothing in this game other than to attach to Jackson.
So at this point all I can hope for is a Nicole win. She’s kept her composure throughout the whole game. She’s had good instincts other than her overt protection of Cliff. And overall she’s just the nicest person there. It’s not all about comp wins. I usually respect comp wins a lot. But this year, not so much.

Let's get real

Totally agree that live feeders should get to see the competitions. Just saw the video where Jackson said he was knocking down the wrong faces and production kept saying DID NOT receive a punishment, DID NOT receive a punishment. He said he had knocked down 5 of the wrong faces before he finally understood what they were telling him. If they hadn’t stopped him, he probably would have continued until he knocked down all 13.

I’ve learned over the years to not be surprised by how far production will go so that their script doesn’t get flipped, What surprises me is that I dont get fed up enough to stop watching.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Interesting, because EvelDick, who isn’t a Jackson fan by any means, posted that the production talking to Jackson was to straighten out his understanding of the written rules on a couple of the sets. He was misunderstanding what he needed to do. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand what they were telling him, it was that he didn’t understand the rules.

Surely even Jackson should be allowed to clearly know the rules, right?

I don’t really agree with the live feeders things all that much. Why? Just look at the faux outrage over “the n word” this season. The network, with far superior audio/visual systems and raw footage access, never found it…but that nonsense continues to hit this forum, a few times this evening even.


this is a competition, they cannot help him again!!! that really chaps my *** sounds lik he really lost cause he didn’t get it, not fair at all 2 giv it to him, im sure they stopped the clock , re swaggies missing brow comment


The N word…it sounded like it was said to me too…but it was Jack, not Michie. The fact that people have been running with Michie all this time drives me nuts, and nobody can counter it. Yes, I believe I head Jack, not Michie, say the N word. But like you said, the fact that they did an investigation with sound technicians and engineers and determined it wasn’t said, makes me SOMEWHAT believe them. But the fact that other sound technicians and engineers on the other side have not refuted the investigation and said no, actually Jack did say it…fully makes me believe it.

Just a game

For production , the best will be nicole and Jackson battle in the last hoh

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I think it would be better for production if Jackson got eliminated and the finale was Holly – Nicole.


That’s not what I want to happen….but I def see how you say that’s best for production. I just don’t see why they have to satisfy conspiracy theorists. I can’t believe that there are only one or two people commandeering this whole thing. There are way too many people behind the scenes for this to be kept under wraps. And if it is true that production is lying about comp results and changing who the winner is…surely previous players know about this. And I get them being bound by contract and that’s why they don’t say anything. But then why do many of them say yes, Michie is the best of who remains in the game. If I played the game and knew that’s what production was doing, there is no way in hel* I’d be saying Michie is the best of who’s left. There is no question that production guides storylines, by being privy to info from everyone’s DR seshes, they can use some of that info while talking to other contestants. I can envision that. But what I can’t envision, is hundreds of people, surely some of diff ethnic backgrounds, changing the actual winner of a comp. I’m not saying I couldn’t ever buy it. I have to see facts. Bringing up where one contestant is at in terms of undress in a comp, compared with another, doesn’t do it for me. We see how they alter the video of what we at home see. I def did not watch over 30 minutes of Cliff fumbling about, slinging shots at the diff players last night.

Don’t over think it

Just when you think cliff couldn’t get anymore petty…”I’m hiding the toys. If I can’t play with them no one can” lol

Swaggie's Missing Brow

”I’m hiding the toys. If I can’t play with them no one can”

You’re not one of them yammering about stools are you?

(Sorry…just couldn’t resist…and totally agree with you over his pettiness.)


How can he hide them. Did he knew there are cameras all over the house.

Don’t over think it

Seriously? Lol he’s not hiding them from big brother he’s hiding them from Michie. You totally missed the point.

Dakota Barb

And just who was it that threw away all the cereal boxes Cliff had been saving for a costume, oh ya it was JACK-A$$- SON when he got nominated by Cliff, but that wasn’t PETTY at all !!!

Ian’s Bedside Tissue Box

Oh boy, I used to play hide the stuffed owl and playing cards all of the time…you know, “before the wife” 😉

Cliff the dog

Cliff turned into the most whiniest bitch ever. Just own it dude you will go down as one of the worst players ever. You were so dumb to believe Jackson would take you instead of the sex stool (I mean holly). That has to be the most idiotic moves in the history of the game. You wanted to be remembered and your wish has been granted.


The best is still believing they will take you, even after you tell them that you “misspoke” when saying you would take them as well, you’re actually taking someone else. And you still believe the other person is going to take you? Stunning performance. If you’re not from Texas…go and check out some “Aggie jokes” online. They’re not the most brilliant bunch lol. It’s not a reflection of academic smarts…it’s more about lacking some common sense. And even though I’m a Longhorn, I have plenty of Aggie relatives, so no offense lol. :p


I am a Sooner who sorta liked Cliff the first two weeks. But he has steadily bothered me and I finally realized that I should have known he would be a disappointment. He has told us who he was from day one. That Aggie shirt tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about him.

Julie Chen

The season should be over by now. There’s no game to play, it’s just whining, decisions were already made.
Cliff, it’s so aggy for you to believe Jackson would take his bromance over his showmance.

Just a game

Actually he might would of.. but the bro was jack not him

Swaggie's Missing Brow

OMG…my sides are hurting from laughing. Cliff went there. He really went there.

Too damned funny.

And Nicole, I hope she doesn’t let Cliff get away with speaking for her vote like that.


I can’t help wondering if Cliff is as influential with the jury members as he seems to think. He sounds as though he believes he is so popular that he can simply walk through the door and have them eating out of his hands. Can that be? Thinking back on how he and Nicole were treated like dirt beneath everyone’s feet, I don’t get it. Jack, not to be confused with Jackson, went so far as to say that Nicole should feel lucky to be in the company of the eight/gr8 (whatever). He added that girls like her would not normally get to talk to him. Good grief, he was obnoxious. I had almost let myself forget… That is not to say the jury members haven’t mellowed out a bit, but when did Cliff get so much “juice?”

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I don’t remember…did Jessica know that Cliff cut a deal for himself and Nicole and threw her under the bus?

another name

Christie made it clear to Jess that Nicole and Cliff had a final four with Jackson and Holly. This was why Jess said to Nicole that she didn’t think she could trust her. She blamed the six alliance confession, and making that alliance, but it happened right after Christie explained the final four.


Yeah – but Jess also conveniently forgets how she threw Nicole UTB repeatedly & never viewed Nicole trying to work with her (& Michie/Holly) to possibly keep Kat – instead she blew up the new 6 alliance & then trashed Nicole.

Jess likely also doesn’t know Christie/Sis tried to get Jess put on the block the week they sat beside each other so both could stay.

another name

Of course Jess is… Jess.
She knew what she was doing when she weaponized the Nicole confession. She wanted enough chaos that Kat stayed. She said that to Kat.
But Jess was aware that the final four existed. From Christie. then from Tommy. Later from Nicole.
Christie and Sis trying to get Jess on the block? Jess knew. after Jackson put her on the block. Holly told her. The why never made sense.


I believe it was b4 that though. Nicole told Jess herself. Then Jess went to Kat and the explosion started. And Kat telling Cliff she was so disappointed that he would cut a deal for him and Nicole, and throw Jess under the bus like that. But like Simon said, I’m sure Jess forgot and doesn’t know anything at this point.

another name

That was about the new 6 that left out jackson holly and jess.
jess was under the misconception that it meant those three had a bond.
the final four deal with jackson and holly cliff and nicole was exposed later.


Jessica probably doesn’t know where she’s at.


I forget who the poster was….but they said she was still probably wandering around the CBS lot…hahahaha! :p


Yes! Nicole told her!

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Thanks, that’s right…and didn’t Jess immediately run off and start yammering about it even though Nicole asked her not to?


Yes, Nicole told her. Then she went and told Kat and that’s where the explosion happened.


Probably depends on how Tommy presented his case. I’d agree Cliff doesn’t have the sway he seems to think he does (maybe with Christie b/c they had an oddly close relationship). But if Tommy went in complaining about how Jackson told bold faced lies about him & pushed loyalty with Nicole/Cliff & then Cliff walks in & tells his story it may actually work — NOT b/c of Cliff but b/c of the timing of the two actions.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

And will Cliff tell them that he deliberately pushed Nicole into getting rid of Tommy because it was better for his F2 with Jackson?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I can see one major flaw in his plan. He told them in advance, and he even implicated Nick in his scheme.

“Oh, by the way, you all know Cliff worked final two deals with at least two different people, Nicole and myself…and yes Nicole, he promised to throw you under the bus for a final two between us. And Tommy, I did make up that lie about you and I’m sorry but I had to for my game. But guess what, Cliff pushed it onto Nicole, I didn’t. He did that Nicole because he told me he wanted Tommy gone because it was best for his and my final two. Now the night before he left he threatened me with the loss of three votes. His, Nicole’s and yours Nick. Yes Nick, he decided you would vote however he told you. I don’t know what he’s said to you all since he left, but those are a few things you should know before acting on anything he told you.”


Jackson is good at laying out his arguments, he will be prepared if he makes it to final 2.

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He is very articulate. I’d enjoy watching him eviscerate the Rotund One at the finale but we might get a preview of that during the eviction…and now I double hope that when Cliff gets out the door he’s cold cocked by a flying Orwell.

SD Bird

If he previews too much, Cliff will have insight into his arguments for his own points with Jurors.
Jackson wins or loses this preview by saying just enough.

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Agreed…or by insuring that Orwell is at peak velocity when it hits the back of Cliff’s head.


Exactly…walking the fine line between just enough and too much…don’t know if I could do it, and I’m a decent orator…lol

Miss Conception

Probably true Sherry,it makes me wonder how Holly would do her laying out.Without Jackson I have not seen her lay anything except,in and out!


HA! I imagine she has a great argument for being a “co-winner.” The two of them managing diff spheres of the house…winning some pivotal comp wins at points when they needed it…but I don’t know how she could be the SOLE winner over Michie.


Wow. These last couple of days have been pretty revealing about Nicole and Cliff. ESPECIALLY Cliff. What a phony, petty, sanctimonious, hypocritical puke.
Nicole isn’t as bad, but her outrage and indignation are a bit much.
What a crap season. For the first time ever, I can’t think of anyone deserving of AFP.

P.S. Cliff sounds exactly like Zach Galifinakis as “Dale Baskets”.


Simon, my five year old also is rooting for Kat. I think that says something about who is acting like a decent person.


Sorry but no, I’d rather see Sam get it.

Noneya Bizness

You all are blindsided by square head. Have you forgot Jackson’s begging when he thought holly was leaving. She let Jackson do all the begging and honestly he was the one that planted the idea. He basically told Nicole it would be fine if Holly left and then he bald face lied. I may be suffering from early onset dementia but I don’t remember anyone playing that dirty. Yes to their face and no behind their back sure. But what Jackson did is beyond a game. I honestly don’t want to watch BB if it comes down to being a liar and a cheat gets you paid. I want to see comps not this BS. You play like Jackson you deserve a bitter Jury who doesn’t vote for you.

Don’t over think it

I’m pretty sure it’s your hatred for Michie that’s blinding you…

Noneya Bizness

Lol you might be right but I do know I’m not interested in watching a game that is all about lying and cheating. Let’s get back to comps, have nots, twists etc. the other problem with all this drama they are throwing comps and not competing. Which i thought was one of the main rules. It’s honestly pulling away from the game. I want to watch them play the game and work alliances. Not lie and cheat.

Noneya Bizness

Seriously? No votes up? If the drama is what you like hello Ex on the Beach! That’s what BB is turning into sorry not sorry


I understand where you’re coming from….but that is what BB has been about since the beginning. It was never JUST a comps show. A masterful lie can be a big winner in this game…or a big loser. For me.,,,,the fact is…Michie absolutely HAD to create “the big lie” because Cliff and Nicole were going to go against their Final 4. If he didn’t….then they go to Final 4 with Cliff and Nicole still being a duo and Michie losing his. I’m sorry but nobody would just lie down and accept that. And Michie projecting that if he loses Holly…he loses Holly…that’s what everyone says when they want others to think their duo isn’t as meaningful to the game as it truly is.

Totally with you on the throwing of comps. I can’t stand it. The absolute worst for me…was the one on BB19 when everyone through a physical comp to Christmas. That was the most painful for me. Holly throwing this one was painful too. She should have said “we had a deal to final 4 and then we go at it…sorry I can’t honor the new deal.” It just would have been nice to know who really would have won. Because she threw it…Nicole won. She can’t go back whining about it. Nobody knows if she would have won. Holly lost, Nicole won.


It is.


Your right, Jackson did all of that after realizing they were going to vote out Holly. Yes, Jackson did fight to keep Holly as he should have. Jackson started playing Big Brother after Nicole and Cliff went back on their agreement. What gets me is Cliff tried to take credit for saving Holly when it was he and Nicole that set her up in the first place. No “wonky vote” from Nicole – thanks to Jackson.


Cliff’s lie about his 401k while whining about Michie’s lack of integrity is absolutely mind boggling. I think that’s the final straw for me, especially with regard to Cliff. Besides the poor decisions, the hypocrisy lost my vote for AFP.

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LOL! Good one but isn’t a$$hole a lot quicker?


What sucks is that everyone keeps talking about Nicole for Americas Favorite Player on the other blogs. I don’t think she deserves that either.

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This is one of those where the thumb directions are just too damned hard to figure out.


Hahahaha. I thought exactly the same thing! Up or down?!?! It’s almost giving me anxiety!


So who else deserve it? Nick? Christie? Sis? Jess? Cliff? The 2 Jacks? These people aren’t saints either.
I am not saying Nicole is perfect but at least 80% of the game she played decent


I’m interested to see if she’s just doing this for the benefit of Cliff and to help her with jury votes if she wins the final HOH. Because if that’s the case…I don’t have any issue in what she’s saying…she’s playing the game. But if she truly believes it….that might be diff lol. Cliff is the one who has done a lot to diminish his standing, imo.


Ugh I am usually for the underdogs but if its one thing I hate its a bitter jury member. If it was Jackson and Holly at the end I would vote Jackson. He deserves it way more than Holly. I was thinking Nicole for the win with Jackson but she took being loyal to Cliff too far. If it was me and they did that I would still vote out cliff and take my chances losing because it would piss me off so bad.

Noneya Bizness

I’ll take a bitter jury. I hate sponge bob square head too much. If it’s Holly and Jackson and Holly wins the joy of Jackson crying tohis momma will dull the pain of this season.

Roll Tide

In my opinion Nicole wants to take Cliff to the end because she thinks she can beat him. She has more wins.

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It would sure make for some impressively entertaining jury statements.

SD Bird

Both Nicole & Cliff said (to each other) that they could see themselves voting for Jackson to win if they are evicted.
They just promised not to tell Jackson while in the house.
Both are taking pleasure giving Jackson a reality check that The Winner hasn’t been decided already.

Don’t over think it

Well, after cliffs brilliant pitch to Michie, there’s no way in fukkin hell hes staying lol

another name

I’m glad CLiff went there with the jury vote talk.
Not because it would keep the buffoon. He did it wrong.
Because it might give us some drama. That’s all I want. some drama. And if they aren’t going to give booze, how else are we going to get it?
If i were a bb player in Cliff’s place, would I have brought up my own and Nicole’s votes? Not until I’d brought up Christie, Tommy, Jess, and Sis first. I would have hammered those 4 as votes against him (they could be, who knows, but i’d have hammered that). Then not threatened the votes, but mentioned the Holly kept her word Jackson didn’t part without the withold vote part. Let it fester without being so blatant.

I like underdogs

I can’t believe how Nicole and Cliff both voice over and over how terrible it is of Michie to go back on his word but think it’s perfectly fine for them to go back on a deal (final 4) that was weeks in the making! Nicole has told the cameras because I heard her surely America won’t hate me for breaking my word to Michie because I’m trying to win half a million dollars! Well sorry to tell you sister but so is he and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander! If it’s ok for you to break it then it’s ok for him to and vise versa! Nicole and Cliff caused the breaking of any words first! I cannot believe how much America LOVES Nicole and wants her to be AFP! She is vindictive and it’s showing bad! Never in a million years would I have thought I would be saying this but I want Michie and Holly final 2

another name

Of course Jackson and Holly and Nicole and Cliff are all pointing at each other as the worse offender. It’s a running theme this season. On the episodes they are going to show Nicole being more than a smurf about as much as they show Jackson being less than an angel. She gets the occasional gosh i’m being mean. He gets the occasional grr. Neither are actually presented as they are, they are presented as their character archtype. I mean, that’s the edit. It’s been like that on the episodes the whole time. WHAT”S NEW? I’m a big time here’s your character now act like this and say this and don’t misbehave hater.
Got no sympathy to give for Anybody. I just want them to entertain me. Maybe some drama. And to giggle at everyone who loses, while looking at whoever wins and saying oh. too bad. you won.

Just a game

Nicole would also have no problem evicting Jackson this week.. and to promise him final 2 and take him out next week..
And they said they wanted to keep tommy and still take Jackson to 3.. bullshit.. if it was Jackson on the block against Tommy it would of made the decision even easier for them to keep tommy

another name

Here’s the deal in how I view it:
Show me one of the four that doesn’t lie. There isn’t one. Lie all day long, but don’t look at the camera and say everyone lies but you. That’s b.s.
Show me one of the four that doesn’t want to win. Even Beth got awful cheerful when she found out she’d get two votes if Jackson didn’t evict her. Did you see the smile while she was bething in the kitchen?
It’s good game to cut the guy with comp wins. ANY time you can. That was the big fail of the double eviction. Take out muppetmouth over alphashowmance? That was dumb. Nicole should have ditched the showmance with multiple comp wins on double. That’s just good game. She did bad game move in my book.
They have all been blowing smoke up each other’s butts for weeks. Cliff and Nicole were viewed easily manipulated weaklings that could be used at numbers by Jackson and Holly at inception of the alliance idea, not equals. Never were. The words they should be greatful we’d work with them stand out in my head.
Holly and jackson were never Nicole’s choice for final three. Never.
Jackson never had intention of dumping Holly for Cliff or Nicole.
Of course Nicole should not say to Jackson i’d evict you the first chance I got. That’s almost as stupid as voting out Tommy. That is as stupid as not throwing the showmance on the block at double. And who was the one pushing that at Nicole for days before the double? Her backstabbing albatross throwing her under the bus mensahomer the buffoon, Cliff.


True, but I don’t think Michie/Holly lied in terms of their Final 4 deal with Nicole/Cliff. That’s why they win that argument in my eyes. As for the DE…yes, now you can say it made more sense to take out the showmance in the DE. But in truth, Christie/Tommy was the most potent duo in my eyes. Most of the season, it seemed she was the “production pet.” They had a decades long relationship. I’m not sure at the time of the DE, that it was perfectly clear to take out a member of the showmance….because even though Christie/Tommy were not a showmance, that duo was lethal. If Nicole is F2 against Michie…which has been my hope for over a month….I believe her biggest selling point is taking out the 2-headed monster. (Christie/Tommy).

another name

In my opinion, and based on the episode edit: it was difficult to see Christie as the production pet. Many assigned her that label because of the anger about a pre-existing relationship in the house, mixed with her personality being… shudder, and her power description crap with the secret power. But when viewing what was going on I had been don quixote at the windmill about Jackson having more production pet swing than Christie since the end of week one heading into week two of the game. Nothing has changed my opinion. Even when someone points out the over the wall speaker blast: MOST seasons when the screamers happen, the house guests are told they must disregard information given by the screamers. It’s why the scream over the wall thing is not worth it. Production will take back control of their panopticon.
As a duo, C/T had 3 official comp wins, and their talents overlapped. They didn’t create a full package comp machine. Nobody knew of the familial relationship (officially). Just a duo where one had openly talked about evicting the other to Nicole a couple weeks earlier. Shaky duo.
As a duo, Jackson and Holly at the time had five to seven official comp wins at the time period. Her comp abilities complimented his. They were a showmance. actively.
Did they lie about the final four? No. Did they have the opportunity last week? No. Did at least one of them consider taking the opportunity before the veto? Yes. Holly brought up possibly keeping Tommy until she ended up on the block against him. So Holly had the same thought that Nicole had, but didn’t have the opportunity after veto. Earlier Their strategy was stay in the middle and let the other two couples that they had final 4 deals with take each other out. I’m not calling that bad game play. I’m calling the moral judgement justification because they were all thinking and considering the same things. It’s a pulling the trigger vs. loading the gun argument. They all loaded their guns with the intent to pull the trigger, and now the first to pull the trigger is in the bad. My mind says yeah, but you all showed intent so have no room to judge and cry foul when someone beat you to pulling the trigger. That’s just my view.


I wonder if Cliff forgot that he already told Jackson that he would take Nicole to final 2. As for Cliff threating to take jury votes away just shows how weak his character is. I get that Cliff wants to win, but damn. Extortion comes to mind but that may be too strong of a statement, Calling it is a scare tactic doesn’t seem fitting either. Mabe just borderline blackmail. Whatever it is it’s pretty low because no matter what Cliff would never take Jackson to final 2. I guess Cliff trying to play Big Brother.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

It succeeded in one thing…it’s motivated Jackson. He’s given Jackson a fire for the comps.


Is this what Cliff expected everyone to do? Nicole wins veto – takes CLIFF to final 2. If Holly had won veto – takes CLIFF to final 2. If Michie had won veto – takes CLIFF to final 2. If Cliff had won veto takes Nicole …..breaks his word ….dont get mad…I love everyone!


Yes, he told us last night that is precisely what he expected everyone to do. lol

another name

During and After the Episode thoughts about the Episode(I tried to edit it’s 1/4 the length it was)

Initial few minutes left me thinking this (mostly d/r and camera chats reaction):
Cliff deals. Buffoon. You saved Jackson’s showmance thinking he’d turn around and cut her. what’s better than buffoon to describe it?
Holly upset about throwing HOH. Better than being in jury. And you could have not thrown. What were they going to do?
More Cliff deals and deals and deal changes. Notice: it’s buffon time. Cue the circus clown music. perfect editing dept opportunity lost.
Jackson mentions the twilight zone: my sour puss bitchy thought… yeah like me and your edit all season. In this case he’s right. Cliff is a buffoon.
The done us dirty talk:
Yes and no. She’s there. Holly suggested keeping Tommy before Holly was renom. You both discussed going with the final four that took the first shot at the other when you had 2 final fours. Yes there’s dirty to be seen in C/N actions. It’s true. But it was almost smart game. Holly had to make a deal that she didn’t have to keep. Jackson… made the deal SO he could break it. CLiff and Nicole pulled a Jackson but let the patsy stay. That’s the problem, they pulled a half Jackson. Pawn Sis says hi. We’re working together Jess says hi. It was game. it is game. I have no sympathy for any one of the four. Two of them SHOULD have voted out Beth. Beth SHOULD have broken the deal. Jackson was NEVER keeping Cliff or Nicole over Beth. Everything else is false justification. That’s just the IS of it.

the luxury comp. really? that was it? snore.

The individual timed final four veto:.
I’ve made my thoughts on an individual timed veto at final four clear. I don’t trust them because we don’t see them in full and head to head like EVERY season since bb5. sorry. Still my opinion. They’ve talked too much on feeds this season about production suggestions hints clues and individual time comp shenanigans not to have suspicion. Part of the whole when they say live feeds, they don’t mean now do they questions house guests were still having in week 9. When they themselves talk about it like there’s a fishy smell in Denmark, it’s likely fishy.
Three questions. sling shot. Oh, high tension sling shot. Oh yeah, this one was geared to the older and small, not the gymbot. And still.
Cliff’s clown car buffoonery has a dance component: it’s his veto performance. Beth seems to have picked up the choreography in her veto first question. I wonder if they’ll show Jackson picking up the beat in d/r after his turn? oh here he goes, but first ANOTHER d/r justification. the third. in 33 minutes. Jackson’s Cliff has multiple deals talk. (ed. note: I still eyeroll becausee he has 2 . He has handshake deal with Cliff and deal with HOlly his showmance. having 2 final 2 deals is having multiple deals point blank period).
Now we see why he was angry. His hit Christie shots matches his target Christie game. Maybe someone else should have come in to finally knock her down. just saying. Oh look we see part of the after comp run to the d/r. to spaz out. Yay. But not enough of it. Apparently it was lengthy.
Time reveal (or as i’m calling it number reveal):.
Cliff 38:36
Holly 17:30
Nicole 14:17
Jackson 11:29
The fact those three questions were difficult for anyone to answer: really? no. reallllly? I mean…. nope. those were easy.

The Last minutes of episode:
Cliff still buffooning.
tinkly piano. the never turn my back talk (two break ups notwithstanding, i’m joking buuuut also got my said what i said face on)
Cliff STILL buffooning. Come on Cliff, it’s not a Deliverance remake. Quit squeeling like a pig.
Oh good. They’re cutting before the Cliff you’re going home reveal. I guess they didn’t want to end the episode on an OBVIOUS NOTE without four more justification d/r segments. Spoke too soon. final d/r. A tinkly piano music added d/r justification oh and apology. guhhhh. I’m going to need a bucket. That was as fake as the ‘i’m not a monster’ tearfest in last episode.

Biggest Thought I’m left with:
Everyone’s d/r this episode.
Stop, Grodner’s pet monkeys. Just. Stop.
Stop going with the character profile d/r segments for alllll of them, and let them be them. It’s gone too far. It’s getting Laughable.


100 percent agree.


The only person who lost this game for Cliff is Nicole. Rode his coat tails the entire game, did no work whatsoever. Nicole considered breaking a deal with M/H to keep Tommy, bad move. When that plan got leaked, Cliff barely was able to recover it with Michie. The person who took Cliff’s place in the final 3 or 2 is Nicole.

IMHO Nicole has done nothing to be there.

another name

Remember when Scottie came back from jury house to threaten jury votes last season? Tyler does. Most of foutte made jury threats for weeks and weeks. The day before each of them walked out the door.
Remember when the jury vote came down to That angry mannequin guy on 19 that started as the biggest douche i’d seen that season until Paul walked in? Paul does. People in that house were making jury threats too, right? The moment they learned they were bamboozled? Except Matt and Raven cus well…. did you see them? durp.
18? Fuggetaboutit… Every one of them talked about their jury vote and being pissed the night before eviction. Remember Paulie? You’d have thought they let loose a swarm of butterflies the night before his eviciton.
Jury vote threats have almost become part of the game.
I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner this season.
I hate it. No, really. It’s not good.
It’s sour grapes.
I’d also hold my jury vote for ransom and carry a grudge like it was my baby. They’d need a new word cus bitter wouldn’t cover it.
I’m petty. And a bit of an @$$hole. But I own it.


I feel like I must be missing something. Jackson, Holly, Nicole, and Cliff had a final four. They were both playing Tommy and Christie. Jackson and Holly protected Nicole and Cliff when they won HOH, and in return Nicole got rid of Christie during the double. Nicole and Cliff nearly evicting Holly on Jackson’s HOH clearly ended their final four agreement. Yet even after that Holly threw the HOH to appease them. I just don’t see how Nicole and Cliff think Jackson owes them something on top of that, deal or no deal. Yes Jackson can be a total jerk, but I think he is doing the right thing. I can’t even read the summary without wanting to be sick, I can’t imagine the torture of watching the feeds just now.

I know everyone says Holly has done nothing, but is that really true? She has won HOH twice, when she needed to. I think she has navigated the social game better than many others in the house. I think Jackson deserves to win over her, but I wouldn’t be sad to see a Holly/Jackson final two after all this bellyaching from Nicole and Cliff.

another name

Jackson and Holly had 2 final 4 deals. one handshake. two deals. J/H discussed how they were playing both pairs.
Whoever won double: that’s who we go with. That handshake wasn’t so important then. If Christie or Tommy had won double: that handshake would be in the toilet. ALL three pairs were playing each other. Cliff liked to talk the victim of the other two pairs playing dirty… while he was wallowing in the mud.
There was never actually any honor amongst any of them. They were all working the angles of the game, and every one of them cried when the deal wasn’t honored. That’s the way all of them chose to play the game.
None of them deserve sympathy. Not a one.


Obviously if Christie/Tommy had won…the final 4 between Michie/Holly and Nicole/Cliff would have been over because 1 or 2 members would have been eliminated. But the fact is…that was still the only final 4 that was a legit deal. And since a member of that final 4 won…the deal should have continued until final 4.

another name

What made it more legit? The handshake? If the other weren’t legit, why would Jackson and Holly have the conversation in the HOH where they had to stress tell them we have one handshake, not one deal, technically we aren’t lying? They liked their odds better against Nicole and Cliff, but the goal was let those 2 pairs take each other out. It was stated over and over from the HOH.
This entire notion of we had a deal, we were an alliance, we had a final four: Look at the number of final 8,6,5,4,3,2
Jackson alone or Jackson with Holly has had. Look at how many of them he broke. But this one, this one where someone broke it on him? It’s unforgiveable. Sure, that’s human nature in that do as i say not as I do way, but is it legit?
This is part of my jury management wouldn’t be a problem for Jackson except argument. When he breaks the deal it’s the other parties fault. When the other breaks the deal heavens to betsie. Try to sell that lack of ownership to a jury. Checks bounce on Big Brother. If we didn’t have checks bouncing: we wouldn’t have blindside evictions. We wouldn’t have had a season of Fester looking at the camera confused and saying who flipped?

Noneya Bizness

I’m actually enjoying square head ranting and raving! Holly is just be quiet as a rat because she knows this is in her favor. Square head knows there is truth to what Cliff is saying about votes and nothing he can do about it. I know you all will crucify me but hey even if you are right and Cliff has no power and everyone will vote for Watermelon head. I am still going to enjoy him infuriated. Hehehehe

SD Bird

Swaying the Jury

Doesn’t matter if Cliff actually has the Juice or the Opportunity
It only matters that Jackson has to THINK about the possibility of losing ‘HIS’ $$$,$$$.

If Jackson is constantly worrying about his jury management, too late & he knows it.

He will begin to suspect Holly if she is seen as too friendly with Nicole.
He will be all over Nicole for her vote.
It could level the playing field by doubt he never considered.

Plus, it’s just a huge Viewer bonus to see him squirm. PD!

Swaggie's Missing Brow

There is the very real possibility that winning the game (making final two with the best record) will mean more to someone like Jackson than winning the jury and the check if he’s pushed to a certain point.

Telling him that he can’t win, or that the win will be withheld from him out of bitterness, might only push him to go for it harder: I’ll show them.


This season TPTB have made a lot of changes to the typical agenda (not sending out F4 player early), change in comps with no date related comps yet when we would typically see at least two prior to this point and another one or two coming in the final HOH 3 part competitions.

So based on Jackson now suggesting Holly take Part 1 if it’s endurance I’m dying to see if in the moment he would truly throw it to her knowing Nicole has the dates on lock. But, I’m also very interested to see if TPTB switch up the final 3 comps b/c the past few weeks have been full of physical & endurance comps instead. So — will they switch it up & have Part 1 be one of those before/after comps? If they did that Nicole should win Part 1 easily b/c they would all play at the same time. In that situation it would likely set up a part 3 with Nicole vs. Jackson (again – the most appealing for the viewers on finale night as we sit holding our breathe to see who wins part 3).

If the above happened would Holly work Nicole? How hard would Jackson work her? Would he make a fake deal with her to take her instead of Holly if he wins? Will Holly start spilling secrets now to Cliff before he leaves or to Nicole letting her know Michie was lying about Tommy or will she continue to keep his secrets knowing that information could be the difference in her beating him at F2?

Conversely if TPTB set it up to be endurance (Holly win), time aided comp/physical win for Jackson Part 2. That scenario would offer zero drama & Nicole could just sit at the door for days awaiting her exit. This also would tie into the theme of this season “UGH”.

I’m hoping for the drama – b/c well — I like the drama lol.

another name

1st part of HOH will be like season 20, or if the same comp producer from Canada is still with them they could go with a massively strength endurance comp like part one of bbcan3 (running up and down stairs with sand in a small cup to keep an hourglass full). If they do the swings style comp of 17 they are essentially repeating comps back to back with final 4 hoh. That’s bad. That would be bad comp scheduling and programming.
2nd part hoh: will involve running or climbing. there will be juror photos they have to add in the 2 clues style of 16, but with a more physical component. If it’s a checker/chess board i’m leaving. Won’t be head to head. Will be individually timed. eyeroll.
part three hoh: IT BETTER BE BEFORE OR AFTER is all i’m saying. It will more likely be a watermelon eating contest.

SD Bird

Just saying . . . I could have cooked that dinner, eaten, washed/dried/put away the dishes and won three games of Gin in the amount of time it takes Holly to make a meal. I just watch for Jackson’s comments of barely contained anger.

Is there a BB rule that states you can’t mind f%&k someone??
(Insert Evil Laugh here)

Noneya Bizness

Now that was funny and soooooo true!

another name

Has Jackson checked the rule book yet to see if there’s a rule that people can’t say they won’t vote for him?
Seems to be getting closer and closer to giving me the drama I wanted. hehehe. give em booze now. hehehe
Jackson, “the live feed cameras know he wouldn’t use the veto on me, that in the d/r he said he wouldn’t be using it”
cut to fish. Where’s this in the d/r he said crap coming from? When did they do a d/r together?

another name

and when and why would the one person not on the block choose to go on the block in final four if they had the veto?
Did he want Cliff to say, hey Jackson, you decide? Or is he saying d/r told him that Cliff said he wouldn’t use the veto to keep him? And if that happened wth? No, really. wtf? and is that why they went to fish the second he said it?

Amy N

That was really stupid….Nicole is a grown up woman who should have evicted who she wanted, then Michie would have been gone but she listened to Cliff, who I liked up until this point, but seeing him walk around with that stupid stuffed owl trying to get more air time, looking to hide cards and dice (how immature…) AND the fact that he is threatening Michie with juror votes….(longest run on sentence I know) is the dumbest logic! I am surprised Nicole agrees with this. At this point Michie deserves to win.


Jackson should second guess taking Holly to final 2, I see the jury voting for Holly. Jessica, Kat, Nichole, Cliff, Christie, and Tommy would vote for Holly, I am not sure about Jack, (but Jack and Christie are close), Sis or Nick. Remember this has been a cast of pinky swears, and handshakes. Jackson has lied to them all.

YES, Cliff is nausating to listen too this week, HOWEVER, Cliff is just trying to stay alive in this game like everyone else has done. He and Nichole are just trying last minute tactics, just like every player has done. Including Jackson. BUT do not fret people production has rigged the games for Jackson to when. BECAUSE of the slip of the tongue of Holly had when Jackson said he would throw her the first competition. She said “oh so you know its physical?” (Just my opinion).

another name

F) Grodner. and KASSSSSTING.


C…I don’t even think it’s a question…but apparently it is…lol

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I’m thinking Jack would go all Aquaman on you ranking him lower than Cliff! But it would be fun to see Cliff walk up to Jack and tell him that people find him (Cliff) a bigger Jacka$$.


Jackson told Nicole he didn’t appreciate Cliff’s bullying & strong arming threats of jury votes & his comments cemented the fact Cliff will leave.

Afterward, Nicole apologized for laughing about Jackson’s ability to dish it but not take it b/c he fed her a big story about how he needed the money & how he strong armed people earlier in the game. (note: she’s not wrong).

Ummmm -couple thoughts:

Did anyone else notice Nicole isn’t really that upset at the confirmation Cliff is leaving? That leads me to believe she’s been paying up her loyalty to Cliff & also doing what she’s TOLD by production.

What the F is Jackson talking about “I’m trying to get Cliff’s family to the finale”? That implies he’s working with TPTB to fly them out no? Which also implies solidifies his ability to ask & receive certain benefits no one else can in the house. I mean we kind of already knew that based on the lack of Have Nots & his ability to ignore the rules when he was one but this is a whole other level.

And — the other note is as petty as Cliff is being & as poorly as he delivered his vote threat it DID actually make a mark on Jackson b/c he just said to Holly I’m scared of the fact that I might lose a half million dollars now. Which sorry – but if you’re Holly how do you also not turn away & smile b/c that means you are likely winning that money.

The sad part for Nicole is all this means is Holly has no reason to take her over Jackson knowing Cliff is heading to jury petty & ready to turn everyone against Jackson. But hey, even on the way out the door Cliff can’t help throwing yet another shovel of dirt on Nicole b/c it’s all about him.

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“What the F is Jackson talking about “I’m trying to get Cliff’s family to the finale”? That implies he’s working with TPTB to fly them out no? Which also implies solidifies his ability to ask & receive certain benefits no one else can in the house.”

Seriously? You do realize that he (Jackson, the evil and the darkness), knows that he is final 3 and his family would be flown out? You don’t believe he couldn’t have simply asked production if they would fly Cliff’s family out instead of his family?

Damn. A simple act of compassion becomes yet another plot by production and nefarious act by Jackson.


Swaggie- I know you love Jackson (favorite player) and if you read ALL my posts I feel he & Nicole deserve to be F2. This isn’t an indictment on Jackson – it’s about production & their interference. Unless you are posting to defend the powers that be.

Even though TPTB have allowed Jackson certain benefits which others haven’t received this season I’m not blaming Jackson for those – it’s production I’m disgusted by. Other than Enzo hiding some food in his penguin suit in the Brigade season I’ve never witnessed such blatant interference by TPTB – Jackson was allowed to eat, take hot showers, (and TPTB basically CANCELLED have nots b/c of him) get outside intel during the season & comp times were massaged for his wins. That isn’t Jackson’s fault – it’s TPTB.

Please consider where I’m coming from – I’d be no happier if they did it with anyone else either. Imagine if you knew Jackson won a comp but TPTB wanting to get an underdog to F2 handed it to Nicole instead. Imagine if there was a comp & TPTB were TELLING/INSTRUCTING the hamster how to win while Jackson was busting ass to win. How about TPTB pulling in Nicole & telling her inside information (or details from the outside world). Wouldn’t you be annoyed?

That’s all I’m saying. You don’t need to defend Jackson b/c he’s not holding a gun to TPTB’s head – they are making these decisions on their own.

another name

I’d like to know if the ‘trying to fly his family out’ discussions with production happened before the jury vote conversation, or after. So that I would know intent.

I have an entire theory about what has been going on with production and Jackson all season. But it’s supposition and hypothesis from comments made in the first two weeks by Jackson on feeds added to comments from their discussion of the casting process and post comp conversations, and extrapolated. I figure it would just be viewed as look at the conspiracy jerk ragging on Jackson again (even though it would be a condemnation of production more than Jackson for the most part). The dislike I have for how production has, in my view has been helping him is always as much about production as him. The him stuff, usually includes his own words, the production stuff events and comments off feeds. They aren’t trying hard enough to hide the monkeys behind the curtain anymore. It’s too late at night to try to focus it so it’s recognized as theoretical not absolute. Maybe some time.

Don’t over think it

I remember him saying that before the conversation. Now I’ll have to go dig it out, thanks…lol

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I believe a Frank, one that doesn’t fume, nailed it.

He believes that Jackson may have asked production if he could use the $10k he won in the luxury comp to pay for the Rotund One’s family to fly out…which as he pointed out would be why Jackson said he couldn’t talk about it more.

Obviously a heinous plot.


Cliff and Nicole are acting like there the only 2 that deserve to go to f2. The are making this all about holly and Michie being shown ace but i see no difference in cliff and Nicole they neither have no intentions of sitting next to Michie in f2 and am shocked at cliffs threats about jury voted shameful


Cliff has become that bitter old man! Send him home!

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Maybe having his daughter quickly join him would calm him some.


Cliff and Nicole are so hypocritical it’s truly disgusting!