Blue “I’ve always promised him [Jared] it was going to be me taking his a$$ out so next week that is going to be my goal.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: ??
POV Players: ??????
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

9:50pm Games Room – Blue and Cory.
Blue – I don’t give a f**k about him at this point that bridge is burned. Cory – I got you. Blue – its gone… with that being said I think we’re in a really good position because I still think overall his goal is going to be Cameron. Because he is the biggest target to him especially because he can’t play next week. Cory – and because he doesn’t think I can win a competition. Blue – exactly. Cory – so the way I think it has to be then .. like we know Jared. He is very headstrong he does what he wants. I think it would have to be a backdoor on Cameron. Blue – yeah, yeah. Cory – I think the reality is its me and Cameron on the block. So my guess would be me and America or Me and Jag. And me and Jag probably makes more sense because one of us probably have a better shot at winning the veto. Blue – I think it was going to be America and Jag.. but after what happened today.. Cory – oh trust me I am living in the present. Blue – Just so you’re also aware at this point I am glad that I didn’t win HOH even though I wanted it so badly like this week especially after finding out everything I wanted to win so badly but.. its nice that Cam is the target because next week POO can’t play and its Bowie, Cirie and Felicia. So our chances are higher and if I get the opportunity to win HOH next week.. I told POO this before… time and time again I’ve always promised him it was going to be me taking his a$$ out. So next week if I can make that happen that is going to be my goal. Cory – Bada$$ Blue. Blue – but also just so you know .. I don’t remember who Jag or Matt said that you mentioned that your brother was in survivor. Cory – yeah that was something I mentioned to people a long time ago like America, Jared, Cirie and Izzy. And then once this was all happening I had to go tell everyone. We just didn’t get a chance to talk but its basically open information. Blue – I already knew, Jared told me a week or two ago. Cory – he was so on my a$$ about telling America anything and I knew he was telling you stuff. Blue – I know. I just wanted to have a quick conversation because moving forward…. Family Reunion is back. (Family Style) Cory – you know I am down. Cory – the only thing that I am going to try to do is me and America are going to try to buddy up with Cameron super hard. I want him to think we’re a trio. Blue – and I will push it hard too.

10:06pm Bathroom – Jared, Felicia and Meme.
Jared – as much as I don’t like how Cory acted and all that sh*t… putting him up on the block is cool and all but what the f**k is Cory going to do for me? I don’t think Cory is much of a problem. Even America .. I am really feeling like Jag. I think Jag is the one that needs to go up. Just so if Cameron wins, hopefully you take your a$$ down. But if Cameron f**king wins.. You can send your a$$ home. Thinking about the crew .. obviously Cameron is the all time high of that crew.. and theoretically next it would be Jag. America and then Cory. Tonight I’ve seen that America keeps all of them together. Felicia – I might do Jag and Cory and if one of them come down, put Cameron up. Jared – that’s what I was thinking. That is what I was leaning more towards. As much as I would love to put up Cory and America.. I am also like Ehhh.. it really ain’t worth it. I do want to show her a$$ that she could go up at any minute. I know she is feeling that .. and that is enough for me. Felicia – right. Jared – what I am just going to do tonight is getting everything .. EVERYTHING out of Jag. The moment he (Cameron) don’t get picked (for the veto) I was already preparing to be like WHOOOOO! That’s your a$$! That’s your A$$! I’m going to say it right there before the veto. Bro, that’s your a$$!! But I’ve got to prepare for the worst.

10:36pm Cory and America showmancing.

10:43pm Jared – who wants to see my HOH room!!! America – more pictures of his F**king dog .. YAY! Cory – yeah his dog is f**king adorable. I want you to get a dog. America – Ewww! Cory – you’ll learn to love them.

11:01pm Bedroom – Cameron, Cory and America.
Cory – would you consider me an alpha male or a beta male? America – after today.. alpha. They talk about the fight between Cory and Jared. Cory – Jared goes I’m a grown a$$ adult. And I said SO AM I! Cam – only kids say that.

11:07pm Havenot room – Matt and Jared.
Matt congratulates Jared. They talk about the wall comp. Jared – obviously BRO I feel solid with you. Matt – oh yeah and Cirie knows that I feel solid with her. Jared – I feel solid with Cirie. Obviously I am super solid with Blue. But at this point bro that’s really it. Matt – obviously this is your HOH but if it was mine I would do Cory and America and then if one of them come down, Cameron goes up. Jared – I am going to go off on him BRO! Here is the thing I know he probably told you. Not Cameron but Jag.. Do I keep Jag around BRO? Matt – I know I know .. what do you think. Jared – I don’t know. And I don’t know where I stand with Jag at this point. Matt – I would keep him around at this point and then toss him later. Jared – do you think he is someone I could trust? Matt – I think so because his targets would be Cameron for sure and America. He has not said you. Jared – I am just letting you know that my mind is not made up yet but it is definitely between those three (Cam, Cory, Jag). Cameron is the ultimate goal. Matt – and he won’t make jury now. Jared – I was so happy about that. The moment he (Cam) doesn’t get picked for veto .. I am screaming “SEE YA!” The moment he doesn’t get picked for veto.. that’s his a$$. That’s why America and Cory are laying down there looking all f**king sappy right now because they know what it is. And America .. depending on how my conversations go with Jag.. she might be safe Bro! Between her and Cory ..she is predictable.. that sh*t (Fight between Cory and Jared) threw me for a loop today Bro!

11:35pm – 11:50pm Bedroom – Jared and Jag.
Jared – how you feeling bro! Jag – I feel like what happened today was much needed. Obviously it was a lot of you and Cory going back and forth about like na na na… tell me if I am missing remembering this or not because this for me is huge. Did Cory or did he not say he knew 3 weeks ago and then America found out yesterday? Jared – yeah. Jag – he said that right? Jared – 100%. Jag – after America comes to me and says yeah .. I knew about it 3 weeks ago because Izzy told me. She says that to me.. that to me is laid out right there. That is sloppy. Jared – this is what I need to know from you. No I didn’t want Izzy to go but it is what it is. Izzy at some point got way to close to that kid. Jag – I knew they were close. Jared – but not to that extent. Now that, that is out how are you feeling about the six or seven? Jag – we need to get everyone on the same page and bro we need to get together and no bullsh*t bro.

12:11am – 12:30amCory and America lip smacking …

12:19am – HOH room – Jared and Blue
Jared continues talking about the fight with Cory earlier today.

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Curious why they would go with a 7 person jury this season?



un autre nom

9 person jury is rarely all on one houseguest’s nice list.
7 person juries were often majority of one alliance.


Because it makes it interesting and harder. It’s a great twist to this milestone season to bring back a part of the past in the game.


so Cirie wins

The Beef

Do you remember the Cookout? Six alliance members – two finalists – four jury members. That’s enough right there for that one alliance to determine which of their members would WIN the damn game without one single vote from anyone outside of their alliance!

Is that the way you want the winner chosen, just by the their own team members?

With Izzy gone, it’s not as big a lock for the brown sugar alliance, but it’s close.


Watching the feeds from earlier today and I just don’t understand these hgs. All that flip side needed to do was tell the Fields side they believe Izzy has the votes. Case closed. It isn’t that difficult.

Carlito's Way

And tell Felicia that Cirie and Jared were pushing to oust her!

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Anyone who believes Blue would put Jared on the block is a fool. Blue thinks she is all that, you can tell she thinks she’s loved by everyone watching the show, look at how she acts in the D/R casting her vote, Blue thinks she’s hot !! Blue won’t turn on Jared, she is using him for more TV time, she needs a showmance.

If these people think they can talk game or trust Blue, everything they say will go right back to Jared, who will share the information with his mom.

Jared needs to be taken down a peg or two, he thinks very highly of his game play, yea he won HOH, but I’m still waiting for his butt to be sitting up on the block, and get evicted.

Is Cirie really this bad at competitions ? or does she really not want to win HOH, because then she will have to show her cards ? Cirie is not winning anything, but she still has a good control over a lot of these people in the house.

I am so waiting for when Felicia gets evicted, and Julie tells her Jared is Cirie’s son, Felicia is going to feel like a fool, telling Jared she does not really trust Cirie, she wants to have a final 2 with him, and not Cirie. Once again, diarrhea of the mouth, Felicia talks too much.


I hope Blue is really working with Jared and not the snakes in the house. I want to see Cam, Corey, America and Jag leave the house before jury. Jared you’re going to have to win every veto and most of the HOH’s for this to happen. Wishful thinking.


when Felicia goes out the door, I want to hear Bye Felicia!

un autre nom

What I’m Seeing:
Glimpse of Bowie’s game: tell each HOH to go after couples and creeps. Three weeks running.
Matt enacting the keep Jag off the block plan. He’s buddying Jared though he’s pissed about Jared using deafness to say Matt doesn’t understand.
Matt has turned Jared into a fiddle.
Noms are still crayon between Jag/Amer/Cory depending on his meeting with Amer (he wants begging i think).

Blue could very well have just gathered enough intel to bury Jag/Matt/Cory/America. Blue is out for Blue only. We’ll see.


He will nominate whoever his mommy tells him to.

Carlito's Way

Lord only knows why Jag and Matt were feeding Blue intel because she was mad at Jared and “crying.”

The Beef

Because they’re fools. They’ve been proving that the entire game.


I don’t understand why Jared dislikes Jag so much. ??? Jared has a yuck yuck attitude. Izzy basically was in some sort of showmance with Cirie. Izzy decided she’d rather help Cirie win the prize money, (???) Cost her the game. I think she’ll regret it for the rest of her life. Because, Izzy was able to trust Cory. It was Cirie telling Matt information that made Cory distrust Izzy…… Not only was Izzy fooled, thinking she could trust Cirie more than Cory, but it was America that set up the Izzy eviction, that Cory is now taking the heat for. And thinks he created….. What’s next? ?? My guess Jared next not so brillant move most likely will be to put up Jag. Dumb dee dum dum. lol… With any luck Jared will not survive the double eviction. Very interesting season.

Gan ainm

Seriously when are Mommy and son going to be outed?Who actually knows about them?

un autre nom

Kirsten week one premiere seemed to say that’s your mom to Jared before Izzy grabbed him. Mid-week she said I can look at two people and tell they are mother and son.
week before the couch reveal: Jared said my moms, Blue answered uh, Cirie feeds cut immediately. Cory in hammock saiid to America he talked to both Cirie and Jared and they have the same face.

Stop ON

And assuming you are correct, it still begs the question: If they do know, WHY the “HOUSEGUESTS” allow them (MUMMA N SON) to continue to go further in the “game”? It’s a natural alliance that anyone playing should have as priority #1 to eliminate immediately.

I didn’t pay close attention the first week, so I was wondering what exactly did KIRSTEN do so wrong that got the bozos in the house to hate her so quickly. Maybe production pulling strings early to get rid of the threat that could have spilled the beans on the season’s “secret” during the first week?


Did Matt not ‘hear’ Julie say humili-verse was over? Why is he back in his red & black plaid after the HOH competition?

Not Jasons Holly

Cameron is still in the pig costume. I think it was for week which probably ends at midnight Friday.


What was the big argument about today between Jarhead and Corny? And when? Was it before the HOH comp? I read references about it. Was it on the feeds and I missed it?

I hate that Jared won but knew he was going to. TPTB surely had a hand in that. I just hope whatever happens that Cam does NOT go home next. I don’t care who goes this week as long as it’s not him.
Next week I hope to see Cirie and Jared both go out on the double eviction. It sucks that they will both be in jury…

Stop ON

” It sucks that they will both be in jury”

What do you mean they will both be in the jury?? LOL.

The choices for the jury will be:
Do you vote for JARED, or do you vote for his MUMMA? lol…


My question exactly! Are we going to SEE this fight on Sunday, or are they hiding more of Jared’s mis-deeds?

The Beef

Next Thursday IS the double eviction, right? That means with 11 players left, both players voted out next week will NOT make jury, so there’s still a chance that either Jared or Cirie won’t make it if they get knocked out in this coming Thursday’s second eviction, no matter who goes home in the first one.

With only Cirie, Felicia and Blue playing to protect him, I’d say there’s a good chance Jared needs to win that veto to save himself, unless the nimrods do some “nimroddy” nominating, and keep him off the block.


Hopefully Jag and America will be on the block. Then Cameron wins veto & saves Jag. Cory is the replacement & gets sent home before jury giving him time to go to the dentist & get braces or invisalign to fix that crazy underbite so that on finale night he won’t have to sit there with the rest of the pre-jurors looking like Frankenstein.

Sick of people

Because I’m sure you’re perfect. Stop being a bully. I’m sure if you have children, they will pick that up from you a be a bully too.


You must be his survivor brother. You have a new sister in law named America. She’s pregnant with baby Frankenstein…..congrats

un autre nom

After the,,, to generous to call it conversation between Jared and Blue she’s called to d/r.
I’m imagining a D/R gremlin, two thumbs up grinning like a fool.
Gremlin says so, don’t you feel foolish for doubting poor picked on Jared?
That whole cam talk attitude of yours must look pretty stupid now. Isn’t Jared sweet?
Know who you should talk to about how wonderful Jared is? Cirie.
Don’t you think it would be silly to be annoyed with great people like Cirie and Jared?


The wall is a rather tough competition to win for big dudes; I’m rather surprised that Jared was able to win. I wonder if someone threw the comp.

Carlito's Way

I think Bowie definitely threw the comp. She is playing afraid and doesn’t want to have to make decisions. Always saying this game is scary. Can’t play afraid, but also really can’t blame her because she doesn’t have a team or partner. Cirie and Izzy were just immature, mean girls with her. Felicia and Meme don’t let her in. If they were smart, the new alliance of Cory, Matt, America and Jag should have pulled her in close and made her feel relevant, a part of their team. Also, they should try to keep Cameron – he’s the only one who seems able to win anything. Blue may have also thrown it because of the upheaval yesterday, so she doesn’t know who to trust, but knew she would be safe with Jared. Damn them, though for leaving us with BRO, the super-sized punk.

The Beef

Seemed to me like the ledge was MUCH bigger than it usually is from past seasons, and the hand holds also seemed bigger to me, which would give bigger brawnier guys a better chance.

I’m obviously not certain who all threw that comp, but it sure looked like Matt and Bowie took a dive at the end. Why you would wait until the final four (or in Bowie’s case, the final 2) to do that, I’m just not sure. Maybe Matt wanted to make sure Jag didn’t win before he quit. Bowie – I just think she doesn’t want the pressure nor the blood of being HOH, but again, why wait that long?

Or maybe they both just slipped and lost their grips – who knows? I thought America and Meme would both last a long time and neither much outlasted Cirie and Felicia, so maybe there was a lot more throwing going on than anybody realizes.


Yeah, you’re right the feet & hand holds definitely looked bigger.

We’ve seen guys win in the past with the biggest/tallest guy being Jason Dent (I think he was 6’3). Jackson, Cory, Derek, Judd, Matt, and some other guys won too but it’s typically the smaller ladies who win.

Adding the balls that were hitting them right in the core was probably tougher on the women. I’m not sure how tall Jared is but he was cleaning his hands in between every ball hit which is what I think cost Blue who seemed to lose her handhold after the last spraying of paint.

And FOR SURE Matt/Bowie threw that.


Can BB take these robes away from the HGs already, please?


Jared has some nerve calling Cory “that kid” … I seriously hope Jared gets a reality check when he leaves that house.


I think some of the players are actually there to play and win Big Brother and half of these players are recruits that sign up knowing they are there as filler and were never gonna be allowed to win a comp or the game…that would explain the bad acting and what seems to be the rigging of some of these comps. Jared wins these comps by default or someone throws it! These fights are so fake and they seem to have amnesia after and go right back to the fake trust of these stupid alliances. The fact that they hide any comment or gloss over Cirie and Jared being related is suspect to me. It would also explain why they all just want to make jury…to collect that extra pay check.

Stop ON

Yup. I agree.

Ever wonder how these comps are playing out? CAM wins HOH. Then JARED. Then CAM. Now JARED. Next week it will CAM’S turn to “win”.

The script is obvious;. a duel between RED SOX and YANKEES.

The Beef

I don’t blame them for wanting to make as much money as they can via jury stipend, as I probably would to if I didn’t have a job to go back home to. As for the rest, we’ve been talking about rigged comps for years here, via individual timed competitions and edits that can make it look like whoever production wants wins, and un autre nom has discussed how certain comps all of a sudden become practice comps and are “re-shot” if the wrong person wins, or practice comps become “final” if the right person wins – all production tricks to push the story line they want to advance.

We want it to be a straight up competition, but they (production) view it as reality TV, so they can do whatever they like (apparently) to influence and/or “rig” the results, to “present” the story they want us to see on television.


Did I miss the recap of this ‘fight’ between Jared and Corey somewhere?