CODY WINS Part 2 of the 3 Part HOH! “I sh*t the bed!”

PART 2 HOH: Cody Vs Enzo
PART 3 HOH: Nicole Vs Cody

6:34pm – 10:42pm Big Brother blocked the feeds for Part 2 of the 3 Part HOH Competition. Cody beat Enzo in Part 2, he will now move on to compete against Nicole in Part 3 on the Finale. The winner of that will decide who they take to final two and will be the final member of the jury. It looks like Enzo will once again get 3rd place.

Its obvious that Part 2 HOH ended awhile ago and the feeds only just came back. Nicole and Cody are playing chess on the kitchen island. Cody is teaching Nicole how to play chess. Cody – you will lose this battle! Nicole – will I?! I’m sick of you taking my stuff!

11:08pm – 11:26pm Bedroom. Enzo talking to himself. Enzo – Oh sh*t Yo! Motherf**ker! I am a little calmer now.. Big Brother switches the feeds. Enzo heads to the kitchen and then to the bathroom to shower. In the bathroom. Enzo – my brother is definitely going to laugh at that sh*t. I damn near lost it. I f**king finally lost my cool! F**k it! It is what it is YO! F**king lost my cool! I sh*t the bed, because that’s what I done.. I took two sh*ts in beds! It is what it is! What a f**king mess that was! Cut myself. I’m f**king bleeding. There I go again ..looking like a f**king dummy.

11:41pm – 12:10am Bedroom. Enzo – Day 81! My biggest blow up of the season. I cracked Jackie! I let everyone down. No matter what I wasn’t going to beat Cody! There was no way. Oh my god! This boy started crying.. Nicole is going to take Cody. In her mind she thinks he deserves to go. Take me away .. and now I have to come up with a bullsh*t question. Would you have really taken me Cody if you had won the last HOH? Yeah, I would have. Here is my vote. We almost pulled it off Jackie. We almost pulled it off. Now we’re sitting waiting.. That’s it. Hahaha Enzo sucked. Wouldn’t last two weeks in this f**king house. Its my fault! You can’t be a hater .. its my fault. Its played out. Go home. Go the f**k home. Its win, win .. you get to go home to your kids. I’ll apologize to them for not winning. Its hard to play in an all stars season at 42 years old and trying to keep up with the young cats! Its not easy. Its alright man. I can’t wait till Wednesday. I made so many mistakes. No one out played me, I out played myself .. like I always do. Enzo heads to the kitchen to eat with Cody.

12:18am Nicole and Cody play backgammon..

2:38 am Enzo alone
Enzo – I had just as many wins as the committee did (huh?)
Enzo – I feel off I had to because god forbid I end up on the block against Cody when I had more wins than him (he must be talking about past events)
Enzo – I could have got that question right during the triple I knew it was true I gave that up To Memphis or Christmas. Don’t f*ing get on me for this comp
Enzo – I was never a target. The Committee was going after each other. The F*ing wise guys yeah Ok. Mother f*er yo.. If Wednesday comes and I hear congratulations Nicole you’ve won the final HOH Ahh man yo.. I’ll shout my family out. Say nice things about my family and that’s it
Enzo – If Cody wins I might have a chance. I got a really small chance to make it to final 2 a really small chance
Enzo – if I have any fans out there I apologize I sh1t the bed tonight. I sh1t the bed.. there was no way I was going to beat what Cody did tonight. What Cody did tonight was f*ing amazing. He destroyed this competition man. Cody is awesome. he’s a good dude he came to play yo
Enzo – I don’t know about that pre alliance sh1t I don’t know about that I don’t know if he did. I know I didn’t. I came into this house by myself and I battled YO I’m the oldest Dude I’m 43 years old and I hung with the best of them all season long so if I do have some fans out there i’m sorry that I lost this competition today I’m sorry. Let’s see Wednesday night what happens.
Enzo – I promise you this if I do get taken to the final 2 I will go in with a speech. It’s not going to be easy. If I have some fans ou there. (Dude if you had voted out Nicole on the triple you would have 10x the fans)

Enzo – now my kids are going to see me get upset and now they are going to get upset..
Enzo goes on about how much fun this season was compared to BB12. Adds that BB12 was easy to get to the end.

Enzo – I’m not going to lie this season was easy to get to the end again it was kinda easy..
Enzo – this season was easy as f* to get to the end.
Enzo – it was way fun this time getting to the end.
Enzo – it was easy getting to the end. it was everything fell into place. I do what I do best I sh1t the bed in the comps at the end.
Enzo – it was so f**ing easy it was so fun
Enzo – I think Cody is going to take me if he wins. Why I dunno I think he’ll take me if he wins. Maybe not but I feel like he will. Nicole whatever she wants to do she’s going to do.
Enzo – it’s insanity she takes him over me.. Insanity but what do I know. This dudes won four vetos and 3 HOH’s and didn’t get on the block once. I dunno.. I feel like .. I dunno .. where am I?
Enzo – if she takes Cody I’ll be happy for Cody.. I will be happy for that dude. He’s no puppet he’s far from that sh1t yo
Enzo – he would have won his season if he took Victoria.
Enzo – cody is one of the best to ever play this game. After this season if he wins it he’s one of the best.
Enzo – I just hope they didn’t come in here with a pre alliance. that would make me upset.
Enzo points out that Cody and Nicole played on the same season together “they had a dynamic”
Enzo says he had no dynamic with anyone coming into the house yet he had an alliance with everyone.

Enzo – on the flip side if Cody doesn’t take me with everything he’s done to me is crazy .. crazy .. Cody shouldn’t be scared to take me I don’t think he is.
Enzo impersonates Nicole – “you have the best social game.. Oh my god you made me piss myself.. you made me piss myself.. you made me to PEE PEE on the f*ing kitchen floor I can’t take you”
Enzo – I like Nicole I do. she’s a good girl
Enzo – I’m salty right now I lost that comp. I just feel like I’m going to get third place again I feel salty that’s it.

Enzo – I’m not doing any podcast YO get the f** outta here (A BB player that’s not doing a podcast postseason WOW!)
Enzo – I can’t get social with Nicole when he’s already friends with her.
Enzo – third place.. F***ing Christmas she’s like Congratulations you got third place.
Enzo laughs.. “I wanted to snap on her but that’s a jury vote”
Enzo – If I do get third place and she gets cute with me I’m starting a f*ing war. I’m starting a f*ing war out there.. I’m starting a war YO I don’t give a f*. I’m going to start a war out there.. get outta here YO
Enzo – you had two comps thrown to you. You winning a power isn’t you winning a comp YO. you won a power YO that’s it. That one POV was good I’ll give her that
Enzo impersonates Christmas “I’m very upset I thought we were in the wiseguys”
Enzo – so I am going to put Cody on the block but not you?
Enzo – I wantted Chirstmas to stay

Enzo continues to impersonate Nicole “Cody you better take me.. you better take I’ll take you

9:00 am Zzzzzzz

10:32 am Zzzzzzzzz
12:18 pm lights on everyone sleeping

1:40 pm houseguest up and getting ready,

2:43 pm games !

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Enzo put himself in third place. Had a chance to get Nicole out. Never wanted Cody on the block. Betcha he feels real dumb for playing Cody’s game.


Yep. And just about every houseguest help them get there. I think I hear production cheering. Lol.
Funny story:
My friend doesn’t watch Big Brother. She asked me was it over yet.
I told her almost. Last time she recalls hearing anything about the show, is when the wall yeller stated Cody & Nicole had a f2 deal.
Fast forward I told her those 2 people were on their way to the f2.
Her response:
These people have to be actors& this show has to be scripted. There is no way those 2 people are still in the house. Didn’t you say she was a previous winner. No way!!!

Penelope Taynt

For a while I thought Cody’s belief that the jury would not support Nicole simply because she has won before would lead him to another second place finish. However, the case for Cody to win has simply become too strong to deny. It’s a done deal. Congrats Cody on winning the $500K.

Hunter's Laptop

Unless Nichole figures out that she can’t win against Cody and cuts him loose if she wins the final comp.

Penelope Taynt

Agreed, the winner of HOH Part 3 should take Enzo to final 2 and claim the grand prize.. But neither Nicole or Cody will do that. Therefore Cody has already won the $500K.


Now I know why they call him Meow Meow. He’s the biggest pussy in BB history.

Sleepy China Joe the Walking Corpse

I’ll be surprised if he is not wearing a Vote Cody hat on finale night.

Ian's Puppet

Cody won…oooh shocker! This season was so boring, I’ve had more fum watching paint dry. I don’t give a d*mn who the h*ll wins when I don’t want any of these people to win. All I know is whoever wins it’s THE VIEWERS WHO REALLY LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady E

Man, I thought Enzo literally took a dump in bed because he was so stressed out lmao. Cody should just let Enzo take 2nd place. He might gain respect for cutting Nicole, but just wishful thinking.

Another Canadian

I’m kinda surprised Cody even knows how to play. This is a guy who has skated through life on his “good” looks. Remember Floridians? If it wasn’t for Derrick’s pregaming, I doubt Cody would have made it past week three. I’d take kindness and intelligence over his 6-pack. I’m glad he loves his girlfriend, though.

The Foosa

So, you know all this how? You sound like Da’Vonne ffs…..He actually played a very good game, like him or hatin’ on him. Even on Derricks season, Derrick would have not won without Cody. Looks do not win you HOH’s or POV’s.


I agree, I have no allegiance to any, honestly like em all. Cody and Nicole have won when they needed to, had the smarts to beat others in tight comps and for Cody to not go on the block forever, and Nicole to still even be there, kudos for playing the game. Others acted up and drew attention to themselves and that took target off them, because both names came up many times by all the house guests, but no balls. I mean some should have never even been there to begin with. Cody is a good guy, won when he needed too and was loyal to the end, same with Nicole, neither ever talked dirty dirty about any or played nasty. Both have good social games and are likable. If they didn’t win comps when they did, they know they were going up – and they protected each other. Kudos. Haters just going to hate. I’ve enjoyed this season and am excited to see if Nicole wins, she has to cut Cody and same if Cody wins. Good news Enzo, you should get 2nd!!


You on meth? Or what?

The Beef

Did you hear what she said about Janelle in the first two weeks? Do you call what she did to Ian and Dani, two people she had final 2’s with, “being loyal”?

I pretty much agree with what you say – about Cody – but not about Nicole. She latched on to Cody’s coattails and road them all the way to final 5 before she ever even started playing the game. The only thing she did before that was agree to vote out one of her own top allies (which she didn’t want to do) in order to cover for Dani’s inept play as HOH, which created even more trouble for her because she had to backstab Day (which she swore she wouldn’t do) in doing that. She was loyal to Dani in that instance, but had to turn on Ian, a F2 for her, and Da’Vonne, two people she really didn’t want to turn on, so not good game play. She then turns on Dani almost immediately after that, so no, she wasn’t loyal at all in this game.

She did finally start playing at final 5, but she’s so far behind the others at this point, her only hope of winning is to take out Cody, which she seems reluctant to do, which I don’t understand from someone who holds the record for the number of days spent in the house. Seems to me even if she does that, she’s still 50/50 at best against Enzo, but given she “made the big move” it would probably be enough to secure the vote of the jury.


Must be Cody and Nicole’s mom’s. Has to be.


That’s not saying much considering with what we were stuck with as a cast this season so go feed your buffoonery elsewhere. Had they brought on the REAL players and not a bunch of new school, life-preserving huggers who would rather be dragged to the end because that’s all their good at apart from being used as a vote. I am not drinking your koolaid, thanks. SMH.

Canadian fan

I really think we all need to realize that Cody is actually a good player. He made it to final two last time and now back in the game he’s again showed us just how good he is at the game. I think a lot of you fans need to stop being so bitter. He 100% deserves to be the winner. He’s played an impressive game last time and this time. I’m so sick of reading people complaining about “Dereks pregame alliance”? like what. Common people. You’re telling me if you went into a house to play a game and saw someone from your previous season was there and you guys were friends… you wouldn’t make an alliance???? Like I sure as fuck know I would because I know that I could trust them because they are my friend.
I think fans need to stop being so bitter, to stop blaming production and stop blaming Derek and realize 1. Cody deserves to win because he is a GOOD player, physically and socially. 2. People in the house should’ve realized that a lot sooner. That’s on them.

Downplay it all you want...

There’s quite a difference between seeing a former same season houseguest on the spot and teaming up, than actually getting together before the game starts and forming alliances and game decisions. If that’s not an official twist to the game that all players are doing, then it’s unfair advantage. It’s cheating. Forming alliances are a part of the game….

Coin Slots

AMEN!!!! The bitching and crying on this site is getting old. Cody handled everyone this season. A pregame alliance with Coins isn’t saying much. Her win was due to a salty jury and she’s a floater this year as well. That’s why NOBODY tried to put her up cause she’s a layup. Only good for handy’s.

Tom is a Canuck

Danielle Reas from season 3 said in her podcast that there’s always been pregaming.

Voice of Reason

If he takes Nicole to final he looses. She is a former winner and had to lay low. She did and won when she HAD to in order to stay safe. If she makes it to the end she has to win for the simple fact that they allowed a former winner to make it to the end.

Sleepy China Joe the Walking Corpse

No way the jury voted her the first two time winner unless she is against Enzo.

Roisin Dubh

Not a Cody fan, but yeah, he’s a beast. He controlled every eviction. Derrick would never have won if it weren’t for Cody. He was the soldier that season. His social game was and is beyond on point and a comp beast as well. He should’ve been gone on the triple.That shows his social game is legendary, his name never came out of anyone’s mouths.

Hunter's Laptop

From seeing Cody’s girlfriend on the last episode it looks like Cody won no matter what happens with the game.


Cody has had a perfect little life, for sure. He’s always been the popular, good-looking, athletic one, from a good family with plenty of money. He doesn’t have a clue what is like to be ugly, poor, unhealthy, unlucky, bullied, mistreated, etc. It doesn’t even matter that he’s dumb. He’s truly had a perfect little life. Why aren’t we all so lucky?

Tom is a Canuck

You sound like Kevin. Cody probably was bullied by his older brother Paulie growing up. There seems to be some dysfunctional crap going on in that family. Why else would Paulie become a stripper? Why was Cody allowing so much stroking to happen between him and Christine, a married woman, in his first season? I’m guessing he learn young how to get along with Paulie and sacrifice his own wants and needs to him, just like he did with Derrick. But, maybe he’s taken so much heat for that decision that this time, if he can, he’ll take out Nicole.


I can’t stand whiny, jealous people like you. Mad at people they don’t know, simply because they have things they don’t. You know absolutely nothing about his life or the trials and tribulations he may have gone through. He is attractive and athletic and has a loving family.. ok ? That doesn’t mean he had had a perfect life. He grew up in a shitty area of NJ and his family is far from rich, he is also currently struggling with money. You also know nothing about his health or anything he has gone through. Your comment just reeks of desperation and insecurity. Maybe you’re blessed with things he wasn’t blessed with. Focus on yourself, instead of other people.


Do you know him personally? The bias against attractive people is quite obvious in this comment. No one should apologize for being good looking and it may open some doors but it doesn’t mean everything is handed to you. You still have to work hard and have to deal with the same ups and downs of life that everyone else has to. It also doesn’t mean that there is nothing else favorable about a person, you can be kind, smart and attractive. It’s true Cody isn’t the most intelligent person but many of the contestants are not. He is undeniably kind though and seems like a genuinely good guy.


Cody knows that the mistake he made in season 16, taking his ride-or-die Derrick to F2, costs him $450K. Regardless of how much he personally likes Nicole, I don’t think he’ll make that mistake again… given the choice. He would *probably* beat Nicole but he can DEFINATELY beat “Big Move” Enzo. So can Nicole. It’s a no-brainer. They both have the best shot at winning if they’re sitting next to Enzo.

Cody for the win

Ahh, if only. Nicody both have F2’s with each other and I don’t think either of them could survive the after-show social consequences if they didn’t honour it. They’re looking past this season already and onto the next money making opportunities for reality TV stars. That’s almost the crux of the season; alliances are based on what’s going on outside the house. Nicole’s wedding is almost like an upcoming networking conference for these people.

Watch how cordial the jury members are going to be to her on finale night. Don’t want to upset the Apple cart and potentially lose a future gig.


Yes because making a BIG move which we lacked all season would be the end all for them. *rolls eyes*
Has 2020 been that debilitating that the hard core fans are obsolete as well? Where are all these people coming from? Unbelievable. If Nicole cannot appreciate big moves being made from this game, THEN she is NOT an ALL STAR as others have claimed. Period.


Whoever wins the final HOH will take Enzo. It would be really stupid for Nicole or Cody to take eachother. Both have been in Final 2 before. Plus Nicole won already. I don’t see any chance of Cody taking Nicole at all.


Good logic but wishful thinking my intergalactic friend. It won’t happen. Enzo will finish in third place.

The Beefcurtains

Only Janelle or Kaysar deserve to win America’s favorite player. I hope it’s one of them.


Kaysar didn’t even deserve to be an All Star.




Of all the people who were in that damn house, Kaysar is in my top three for America’s Favorite Player. Kaysar did deserve to be an All Star. One or two others…not so much

The Beef

One or two? About half of the cast didn’t deserve to be in that house!

Sleepy China Joe the Walking Corpse

Including Kaysar but especially David.

The Beef

Nic A., David, Kevin, Bayleigh, Keesha nor Da’Vonne deserved to be on an All Star season of Big Brother IMHO. Kaysar at least tried to play the game, but couldn’t do anything due to the huge pre-game alliance and the refusal of those outside of that alliance to work with him and Janelle in trying to combat it. I’m not saying Kaysar was the hugest “star” in an All-Star season, because clearly he wasn’t. But he didn’t have much of a chance to prove his merit for being there, when he was targeted from day ONE by Cody (and Derrick) and the big pre-game alliance crowd. You have to admit he at least tried to “rally the troops” and fight the power, but the sheep were too stupid to listen to him and ended up getting picked off one by one, just like he said they would.

Given the way he went out, you might also add Ian to this list. Ian has always been one of my favorites, but he didn’t do jack sh@t during this season, which was and is extremely disappointing to me. I think he too was a victim of the pre-gamed alliance, but he was too willing to just sit back and watch while all of his potential allies were voted out, without even trying to lift a finger to do anything about it. And he KNEW there was a huge alliance at play at the time, but was still willing to sit back and do nothing, just waiting for his own time on the chopping block. That’s just very poor game play in my mind, and I lost some respect for his game during this season.


Yes he did. He has already been an all star and is part of one of the most beloved duos in BB history.

Hiden Biden

Enzo has more game than Kaysar.

The Beef

Enzo is a good guy, but comparing his brain to Kaysar’s is like comparing a fire cracker to a nuclear bomb. Kaysar is much smarter strategically than Enzo is, IMO, and now we’re seeing Enzo in trouble because he wasn’t smart enough to get rid of NicF when he should have, during the triple. If he had, he’d likely be a total lock for final 2 right now, no matter who the third person was in the final 3 (Christmas, Memphis or very small possibility Tyler).

BBAS2 baby

Enzo made his bed, now it’s time he lies in it

Sleepy's Teleprompter

Enzo is not the sharpest tool in the box.



Dani's stink eye

Enzo also made Cody’s bed….



Pia Brown

Nothing but a bunch of nasty, bitter people left on this site. Been coming here every year, and have watched the “fans” get more and more hateful and needlessly cruel. You don’t have to like the players, you don’t have to like the season, and you don’t have to like the show, but you sure as h*ll should show some decency and self-control. Just another typical internet comment section, ready to pat each other on the back for hating and attacking people they don’t even know.


LOL thats funny in a free speech world. HAHA

Sleepy's Teleprompter

It sounds like hate coming from you Pia. The truth is that most of us love this show we just hate to see what Production has done to it. You should lay off drinking that Haterade.


The truth is the world in general is becoming more and more hateful, spiteful and envious since the advent of social media and internet culture, and this site is just a microcosmic reflection of that. Sad but true. Is the true downfall of society until it gets under control.


BB is full of lies and backstabbing so call it as you see it


I really like Enzo. Dang man! I’m not convinced Cody will beat Nicole. It depends on who wins this HOH. I really think both shoot take Enzo and that person would win.

Sleepy's Teleprompter

I like Enzo too but the guy has very little game. He has been carried this far. If Cody does not get evicted he deserves the win. I’m not a Cody fan but he has dominated this game.


I felt like Enzo and David came from the same mold. Neither knew/know how to win an elimination game so they are on top. Both are puppy dogs following the food dish and wouldn’t survive without being fed. YO!

Big Brother Now Sucks

I stopped watching the show and coming to this site a few weeks ago. The site is still open on my browser and I hit it accidentally and saw Cody won second HOH and Nicole first. There were only a few comments so I read them. I think it is hilarious that after a season like this people actually believe it isn’t a scripted show. I have been a die hard BB fan since the first season. Over the past several years I have threatened to stop watching, but the fan in me just couldn’t do it. Congratulations to “All Stars” for being the first to make me stop. From the very first HOH comp, production make it quite clear Cody was their boy. Throughout the season production made it clear Nicole was their girl. Wall yellers told these people what was going on but were amazingly ignored, the HGs themselves were caught talking about saying their “lines,” and in the DR sessions it was crystal clear that the words coming from these peoples’ mouths were production written. Production has said that this is not a game show and they have the right to manipulate the show. Before the show even started production knew their final two and manipulated the entire season to get to that outcome. It’s no longer the social experiment it started out to be and I can’t believe I no longer care about my favorite show of all time! I even have my own HOH robe! I also believe that this seasons “Americas favorite” is predetermined to go to DaVonne. There’s no way she will get the votes from the true fans of the show, she sucks at this “game.”

Emerald Parkway

You know CBS has their thumb on the scale for who they want to win America’s Favorite. You’re right there is no way Da’Vonne would have a chance in a real vote. I’m voting for Tyler.


Yeah it’s weird b/c I looked at a poll yesterday on Twitter on a site that regularly ranks the hamsters. For MONTHS the top 3 players have been Janelle, Kaysar, & Tyler followed by Ian, Day & Keesha (a testament to how fans felt about the season).

Cody was ranked in the middle of the pack with Memphis, Xmas, & Nic F pulling up the rear. But on the same site Da’Vonne is leading by a 2 to 1 margin over 2nd place Tyler and 3rd place Janelle. The real shocker is Cody & Nic are 4th/5th. I mean I guess it’s possible but Enzo was far more entertaining than Nic IMHO or most of the hamsters so if the F3 were going to make the cut this ranking seems off.

I like Day in the DRs (always have) – not quite as much as Britney Haynes or Dr. Will but she’s great at delivering her spoon-fed lines & given she’s funnier than most you have to believe she also has some of her own material. Still, I’m hoping Janelle wins b/c she’s donating the money to a children’s charity which is something I can get totally behind in our current life situation. I’m sure if Tyler or Kaysar win it also wouldn’t be surprising if they donate the money to social causes. Ultimately, AFP is about who you “enjoyed” the most, not necessarily the best player so if Day wins that’s cool.

If I had my druthers I’d rank them:

  1. Janie
  2. Kaysar (^^^both^^^ b/c we got robbed of their presence due to a pre-game strategy Derrick delivered to knock them out first
  3. Tyler – I still feel he got shafted b/c he didn’t want to return but was talked into it by Angela AND b/c he believed Kaycee was going to be in the house (see separate post on this)
  4. Enzo (yeah – I know) but he made me laugh & for as much as I wanted him to cut Nic, overall I thought he navigated the house situation well b/c not one hamster ever discussed nominating or targeting him. Others mused about putting up Cody but most were scared to whereas Enzo was never even an option.
  5. And I’d rank Day 5th – – although – – don’t shoot me for saying I enjoyed Dani b/c she at least gave me some game play to watch even if it was messy.
Have to agree BB sucks

The social experiment is over. The Producers have enough feedback (22 seasons now) to easily manipulate outcomes through DR sessions and choosing competition they know will favour who they want to win. They’re dialed in at this point.


Anyone know the rating BB has been getting lately?


Dead on. Production couldn’t even match up with what the houseguest were doing and saying. Must’ve been short of staff.
Nicole going into the diary room crying about Ian, but then footage already showed Nicole practicing her speech, and how she would cry.
Can’t forget footage was down like an entire day after wall yellers. They had to make sure everyone was on the same page ????. After the day of feeds down, houseguest acted as if the wall yeller incident didn’t even happen.
Another time something happened, the feeds were down all day, and when the feeds returned the houseguest were playing charades. Lol.
Not to mention CBS not addressing certian shenanigans that happens in the house. Smh
I think I’m done with Big Brother as well.

Sleepy's Teleprompter


You guys have done a great job, as usual, this season. Simon deserves an Emmy for his Christmas coverage this season. Well done guys.


Thanks Sleepy!

The love/hate relationship with Christmas was one bit of enjoyment I found this season. 🙂


A wall yeller saying whomever takes Enzo wins the jury would be pure gold in my opinion. I’d like to see Enzo get 2nd at least for his kids.


If the universe has Nicole win over Cody in Round 3 (I don’t see that happening), I still see Nicole taking Cody. If Cody wins, it is hard to tell who he would take but he looks to be leaning towards Nicole


Thank you for another great season Simon and Dawg!!!


You’re welcome YO!

Bic Mitchum

Nicole’s definitely going to flip on Cody if she wins part 3. Or at least she would be smart to do it


Nicole will never flip on Cody. They have a deal that was predetermined before BB Allstars started. And she wants Cody and his arrogance to attend her wedding.

The Beef

$450,000 is a lot of jack to pay a man to attend your wedding! I’d rather keep the money and let him sit at home if he chooses to do so. If she has a brain in her head, and the option to choose, she should choose ENZO!


Good point unfortunately whiney Nicole has no brain. She cannot think for herself – she follows whatever a man tells her to do!

Sam X

The beat ending now would be Nicole taking Enzo to the end over Cody! That would make for A great ending!


I would rather see Cody Win of these remaining three.


ENZO ENZO what a moron. Biggest mistake Enzo made was not evicting whiney Nicole at the triple eviction. Proof then BB Allstars was a joke. Last two standing had been predetermined from the get go. Enzo was just the comic relief. Mr. YoYo Meow will now be known as Excessive Excuses Enzo…


The biggest mistake Enzo ever made was not putting up Nicole and Dani his first HoH when he had a chance. His second mistake was betraying Tyler for Cody, His third mistake was not pushing to pushing to keep Bay over Day or not talking Christmas into back dooring Cody. Enzo could have been a boss, he has a decent social game… instead he ended up in the same place he did his first Season…the last disposable standing.

Cody was always a get him out when you get the shot… all of those other evicted houseguests should have back doored Cody… who knows what the final three would have looked like if someone had the balls to take that shot… but they are all stupid, thinking he was going to take them to the end. It was always going to be Nicole or Dani with Cody in the end.

Please Stop Playing With Yourself in the Kitchen

I was pulling for Enzo until I saw him play with himself with his hand in his pants in the kitchen. Then he ate a half of a cookie with said hand and put the remaining cookie back.

Now I’m pulling for Cody because he’s the least disgusting person remaining.

Sleepy's Teleprompter

Well on the plus side CNN is hiring.

another name

Rumor Innuendo and Tinfoil Hat Catnip:


I looked at bbtwitter for the first time in weeks today. Most of it is hohum blahblahblah about fans of one houseguest or another being revisionist about why their chosen idol deserved to win this thing, and who deserves to be favorite player (stuff I don’t care in the slightest about). That’s not what I’m looking for… I want rumor and dirt that is completely unverifiable, and only serves as entertainment not factually based in any way, shape or form.
I found one twitter statement that gave me all of the imaginary entertainment I needed.

One person writes that they are close with one of the handlers / production people in the jury house, and things are not going swimmingly. According to this version of reality, Da’vonne and Dani are not getting along, and Da’vonne has gotten closer to Tyler. The other jurors are not pleased with the preseason alliance crap, but that isn’t the basis of the strife between Dani and Da. This comes from the other jurors informing Da’vonne that Dani was the one that spread to everyone that Da was the rogue voter and caused a lot of the issue between David and Da’vonne, and that Dani had a larger part in the Nicf vote flip, and lied to Da as much as Nicf did about that week’s vote being David, not Nicf. Da’vonne has not taken this news well because Dani played dumb when Da talked about not wanting to go off on David if it was Nicf because of how it would affect her image, and Dani lied. The source says things will likely remain acrimonious between the two long after the season ends. Kevin and David are unhappy with Dani as well.
So, this rumor source says that the harder Dani pushes for Cody to be the winner, the harder Da’vonne pushes for anyone but Cody. At this point, Da would even vote for Nicf again, just to stick it to Dani.
In this unverifiable universe, Kevin and David have joined with Da’vonne in a mutual dislike of Dani’s gameplay and personality. Tyler has continued his general dislike of Dani. Ian is still more of a mind to award Nicf, Dani has no sway with the jury at all, and Memphis doesn’t give two shits because it isn’t him winning.

Do I believe this? Who cares if it’s real or just some fiction created by someone wanting to be the new Vegas. It’s more fun to imagine the jury house being a hostile concentration camp with a pool than to watch three people I don’t like on feeds.


Lol, true dat!

The Beef

I hope they beat the living shit out of each other, but I certainly hope they don’t give the damn win to Nicole just to spite Dani. What a travesty that would be. But I wouldn’t put it past these morons to do something just like that, because that’s about how deep they think.


If real then I guess the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree(Evel Dick)

Lady E

I think production is catering to the younger crowd by letting Cody or Nicole get to the end.


Warning long post:

Revisionist History:

As we prepare for the inevitable just thought I’d throw this out there – – –

Recently on twitter it was confirmed other former players were quarantined who did not make the cut for various reasons. One of those players was Josh Martinez who tested positive for COVID-19. In several follow-up tests he tested negative (meaning the first test was a false positive) but TPTB said they didn’t want to chance it so they didn’t allow him in the house. Another former player who was rumored to have tested positive was Kaycee which also makes sense b/c Angela had to talk Tyler into playing and he made comments on the feeds about expecting Kaycee to be in the house.

The irony of course (or for the conspiracy theorists) is since the players all had to quarantine for two weeks the likelihood is neither would’ve been positive by the time the hamsters entered the house so this could’ve been a move by production to ensure their pre-gamed plot line.

We also know from post eviction interviews that Tyler was NEVER that excited about the Committee alliance as his preference was to nominate Nicole & Memphis in Week 3. He also said repeatedly how he didn’t really think it was a smart game move to take out Janelle/Kaysar and was only putting them up to satisfy Cody/The Committee.

Soooooo — let’s imagine an alternate universe where both Josh and Kaycee enter the house. Based on TPTB wanting to make sure to have a mix of diversity in the house I doubt they would’ve cut Da’Vonne, Bayleigh or David from the cast. Presumably two of Keesha, Kevin or Nicole A would’ve been the players who didn’t gain entry. My guess is they’d keep Nic A b/c she was more recent (read: potentially more popular with new fans). I recognize Kevin is a POC but the two replacements would also represent diversity although perhaps in this scenario they keep Kevin & cut Nic A.

In this scenario we could’ve had the TRUE POTENTIAL for two contrasting sides of the house and a middle floater pack. Imagine this scenario:

Derrick/Dan group:

  • Cody
  • Nic F
  • Dani
  • Memphis
  • Enzo
  • Ian

Janie/Kaysar group:

  • Janelle
  • Kaysar
  • Tyler
  • Kaycee (replacing Keesha)
  • Josh (replacing Kevin)
  • Xmas

Floaters/Middle Group:

  • Bayleigh (although I can see her aligning with Jaysar)
  • Da’Vonne
  • Nic A (or Kevin)
  • David

The prospect of what the season could’ve been if just those two players entered the house is mind boggling. With Josh & KC in the house they represent more diversity which means there would be a culturally diverse group consisting of Kaysar, Day, Bay, Josh, KC & David (and possibly Kevin) or more than 1/3 of the house which would’ve been a nice shift for BB US.

The house (read: TPTB) would still be pushing the hamsters not to nominate two POC especially pre-jury. That means the two sides would’ve gone after the top players and would’ve been more vulnerable the following week with ‘true All-Stars” gunning for revenge. That factor alone would’ve equated to the top players gunning for HOH. It definitely would’ve meant Ian, Kaycee, and Nic F would NOT have been lying low awaiting jury.

I’m guessing Cody still gets the first HOH but would Memphis have won the 2nd comp? Even if he did it’s likely he does the same thing again targeting David. But then Tyler winning the 3rd HOH would’ve resulted in Nic F & Memphis OTB (Nic F at a minimum b/c Jaysar may have pushed for either Cody or Ian to go up).

Under these circumstances I’m also not sure we see Enzo win the fourth HOH or that Memphis would’ve won as much as he did or even been in the house as long as he was. Just having Kaycee in the house would’ve changed so much of what occurred this season in terms of who won competitions.

On a whole the dynamics would’ve been so different – Cody would’ve needed to work more closely with the second group to ensure his safety, wouldn’t have invested in protecting NicF as much and she in turn would never have been able to coast to F5. Tyler would’ve worked Day/Bay/David to join their alliance to be the majority group in the house.

I can’t even fathom how differently Enzo would’ve played b/c there would’ve been fewer floaters for him to throw out his typical “that’s it” line to. And, fwiw, I think Dani who tried early to pull in Janelle would likely have seen the writing on the wall & made the move to align with the Jaysar group especially if they pulled in the floaters to vote with them.

Even with the pre-gaming at least in this scenario there would be two sides who each spoke prior to season start. This season was one full of multiple alliances and in this scenario there are a myriad of side alliances which could’ve developed. The competitive males could’ve formed an alliance, ditto for the females who outnumbered the males and with Day so intent on getting a POC to the end there was the potential for a diversity alliance. Or the true comp beasts consisting of Cody, Tyler & Kaycee may have seen their best bet was to protect each other along with potential comp beasts Dani, Janie, an engaged Ian and Memphis.

Maybe Allison Grodner will stop by OBB & recognize by simply putting Kaycee/Josh in the house she could’ve had a ratings bonanza on her hands & a season we’d all be excited about as the two sides went after each other appeasing both the OG and new fans of the franchise.

As I wrote this I thought of season six (still among my favs – if not my favorite) when the two sides went after each other & we first met Jaysar.

Oh well – – that’s what could’ve been. Maybe one day we’ll get something resembling a season that lives up to the potential outlined above.

another name

The only fly in the ointment as far as who replaces whom would have to be that Kevin was not an alternate / second round casting choice like Keesha was. When they discussed who got the call and when, Kevin reported that he had been asked before quite a few of the others. This is where I kept having the idea that Production cast Kevin knowing his frootloop paranoia and general chaos gremlin personality would wreak havoc on the games of others. It was Keesha and Memphis that were only called a few weeks before as the alternates. THIS was the reason Memphis had so much antipathy toward David: David was cast in the second round grouping whereas Memphis was an alternate as part of the final casting.
I for one, am quite glad that Josh wasn’t on. I wish Christmas had been ditched as well. That entire season should not be rewarded with any status or “all-star” quality whatsoever.

Roisin Dubh

I hope somebody tells that dummy that sitting around doing jack shit the whole time isn’t outplaying yourself. The whole point of the triple was to take out at least two big targets. Sorry Old BB would’ve had some serious blood on thier hands.


Hahahaha fuck this show is lame. Enzo is an idiot because he wanted to be cool so bad, it cost him half a million.

Biden's Diaper

The only good thing left will be listening to the jury. Will they vote bitter or on game?

The Beef

There are other options. Some may vote based on friendship (Ian in particular). Other’s may vote on “agenda”, which Da’Vonne is almost always the perfect example of this. So there ARE other reasons to vote for or against someone, other than just how good they played and if you are bitter against someone for sure.


cody please win the final HOH. She does not deserve to be in the final 2.