“I don’t know what Felicia is doing right now. Let her freak out let her blow her game up” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: America and Blue
POV Players: Blue, America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Blue is the target this week. No Flip in sight.

2:10 pm – 3:50 pm Matt, Bowie and America
America – it’s chess with real people..
They talk about how tomorrow will be a long night. .. Chit chat…
Joined by Matt, Felicia and Blue.
Chit chat…

2:45 pm Felicia and Jag (Feeds come in late on this convo)
Felicia gives him two options she tells Blue she’s the target or Felicia gives her a sympathy vote.
Jag says if they tell her she’s leaving it’ll cause her to panic. “It feels worse to see someone try so hard and Spiral. Run around and panic”
Felicia brings up her blindside of Hisam and how she doesn’t want to do that again. “I saw that dagger look he gave me if he could cut me into pieces he would”
Felicia says she told Blue she would have her vote. She can’t go back on that it feels bad.
Jag – if that’s what your spirit is telling you we can have it be a 3-1. You vote to keep her but just don’t say.
Felicia – i’ll be frank with you. this ain’t no Jury vote.
Felicia says her GUT is telling her that tomorrow isn’t a double and they’ll do the double next week. (ahh the GUT of Felicia is never wrong)
Jag doesn’t want her to tell Blue she’s the target this week but he’s fine with her voting to keep her.
Felicia says if she wins HOH she’s putting up America and Bowie Jane and she assumes the house wants America out.
Jag says it is.

3:57 pm Jag, Matt and Bowie
Jag says Blue feels paranoid. Apparently America hasn’t campaigned to Felicia yet and Blue walked in on Bowie and America quizzing each other.
Matt – what do I say to her (Blue)
Jag – that she’s good
Matt – just keep lying?
Jag – yeah probably. what else are you going to say?

4:10 pm Blue, Matt and Jag
Blue – I saw America and BOwie talking a lot. One on one. Everytime I walked in it would stop.. I was like OKAY… Late one night they were quizzing each other.
Blue mentions that America is campaigning to Bowie and Cirie
Matt says she knows those are the people she needs to go to. Adds that America knows she can’t go to him for a vote.
Blue – what if America is talking to Felicia about keeping America cause when double eviction comes i’m already out then it’s 4 of the girls against you. Jag can’t play.
Blue – I’m getting a little nervous if they see this as an opportunity we’re f***Ed that means I go in double eviction Jag can’t play it’s on your hands. (Matt)
Jag – would they take that risk if Matt wins
Matt – if I win it they’re f***Ed
Blue says She’s nervous about Felicia but she’s talked to Cirie and feels better about the vote.
Blue adds that Bowie is stressing her out as well.
Jag – where is America right now?
Blue – I don’t know in the DR or talking to Cirie.
Matt goes on about how Felicia is going to target Bowie he doesn’t think she’s after them.
Blue continues pushing the angle if she goes tomorrow the 4 girls will team up to take out one of the guys during the double.
Feeds flip to Bowie and America for a minute. When we’re back. Blue is going on about Felicia making her nervous. “Bowie not picking a side also gets me nervous”

4:19 pm America and Bowie
They talk about America hearing the conversation between Felicia and Bowie where Felicia was saying she’s wanting to vote to keep Blue.
America – it doesn’t matter I trust you and Matt.
Bowie – she said ‘I don’t want to lie to people’s faces’
Bowie – C’mon
America – she’s been lying the whole game
Bowie – Whole game.
America – it’s the jury vote and she wants to make Jag look bad to Blue.
America – Jag was saying she’s up there telling him that I will go after him and Matt. it’s not true.
America about Felicia’s scheme “it’s for the jury vote because she assumes she’ll get carried there. she thinks she’s scheming”
Bowie says voting Blue out is a easy decision for her.

4:27 pm Jag and Matt
Jag says Felicia said she felt bad about lying to Blue so she was either going to tell her she’s the target or she’s going to vote for her to stay.
Matt – she wants a split vote. no matter what you have me and Bowie. Felicia wants the sympathy jury vote. Make everyone else looks bad.
Jag – if it’s 2-2 because Cirie is pulling some sh1t I’ll know
Matt – she’ll be going up next week.
Jag – I just told Felicia FINE vote for Blue.
Jag – it needs to be 3-1 for sure. Do we talk to Bowie?

Bowie enters. “I just spoke to Felicia she said she just spoke with you and feels so bad about lying to Blue”
Matt – She played this whole game lying
Jag – he lied this whole f***Ing game.
Matt – Her entire game has been lying.
Matt starts rattling off a bunch of lies from Felicia this season like the all girls alliance.
Bowie – She’s either going to tell her she’s going or she’s going to give her one vote. She said that you said (Jag) you agree to let her vote.
Jag – she game me an ultimatum
Jag – she was like I’m either going to tell her or Give her a vote. I can’t stop her.
Bowie – she said ‘well I’m not doing this for a jury vote’
Matt – bullsh1t
Bowie – I asked how will Blue know that the one vote was you?
Jag says if it’s 3-1 it’s not bad for them Blue might believe it was Matt.
Matt and Bowie agree.
Bowie – it’s better if it’s 4-0 she might think it’s Cirie.
Bowie – America was around the corner at the time and heard the whole conversation
Matt – GOOD
Bowie brings up telling America that Felicia is trying to flip the vote she won’t be able to but she’s trying.
Matt – I don’t know what Felicia is doing right now. Let her freak out let her blow her game up Let her be the next target.
Bowie – why was Felicia saying that Blue was going to put you guys up if she wants Blue to stay. Why would she say that or is she just dumb?
Jag – She’s trying to say everything she can
Matt – she’s dumb
Bowie – she’s not thinking straight she’s gotten sloppy.

They agree they don’t want Felicia to win HOH tomorrow.
Matt says they want him, Bowie or Cirie to win.
Jag – take out America and Felicia. They need to be out (of HOH)

4:50 pm Jag and America
Jag fills America in on his conversation with Felicia. the one where she says she feels bad about voting Blue out.
Jag – she said I gave you my word but i was reading the bible and this doesn’t sit right with my spirit
Jag told her if something doesn’t sit right with her Spirit then …
America – she said that down there when she was talking to Bowie “It’s in my gut”
Jag – in my spirit and in my gut and after reading the bible.
America – F*** the bible
Jag – I said do what you need to do the outcome will be the same.
America – they just want to make you look bad.
Jag – this little stunt.. she’s going to get COOKED next week. not even next week. Tomorrow. That is what I was talking to Matt about. Felicia has got to go.
America – she’s bold and she’s stupid and she thinks she’s masterminding something. the only reason she’s stayed this far is because we decided to.
Jag – we’ve allowed her to stay this far
America – not because of her campaigning
Jag points out when Felicia sat next to MEME and IZZY she stayed “Through no work of her own” (So it’s sh1t on Felicia time tonight)
They go on about how Felicia has done nothing.
Jag – she’s not masterminding her own safety she’s not playing this great social game.
America – she thinks she is.
Jag says Felicia is trying to “COOK” America to him and MAtt and she’s trying to “COOK” Jag/Matt to America
Jag – that’s going to be a fire lineup in the jury, CAM, COry, Blue and Felicia.

5:23 pm Jag fills Cirie in on Felicia’s latest scheme.
Cirie – this double got her bugging out..
Jag – she’s flipping out.. if it’s 3-1 it is what it is.
Cirie thinks Felicia is going to tell Blue before Thursday about her intentions to give her a vote.

5:34 pm HOH crew eating and chit chat. Felicia cleaning the house.
(Matt’s been eating since I started watching feeds today)

5:41 pm Felicia has joined them. Chit chat.

6:30 pm zzzzzz

6:45 pm Bowie and America
Chatting about Felicia and today’s recent game moves by her.
America – Felicia is so unaware of everything. She’s just making herself a bigger target
America says Cirie and Felicia are pointing the finger at each other.
America – I heard her say she feels it in her GUT .. her GUT tells her it’s not a good idea to not tell Blue.
Bowie – she said she wants to be honest and she just hates lying.
America – she’s like the biggest liar here.. she is.
Bowie – she hates lying as she’s lying about lying (LOL)
America – what did she say about the HISAM vote?
Bowie – she said she didn’t feel good about that.
America says she talked to Matt and Jag and everyone is on the same page that she (Felicia) has to go, “She’s a loose cannon”

6:51 pm

6:54 pm Felicia’s takes her teeth out while she makes dinner. (holy yuck)

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un autre nom

When i looked at bbtwitter this morning i rabbitholed a little.
The people cheering Matt for telling Cirie are the same people roasting Matt for days before that moment… and thinking never dissed is the same as Grod’s purple koolaid.
The people mad that Felicia prioritized Felicia over Cirie are further evidence that season 19 would have had a whole different feel / outcome if the stuntcast were likeable on feeds.

Gan ainm

I don’t know how things work in Canada but in America if you say something enough times it becomes true.


Hope this doesn’t sway ppl to target Felicia in the double eviction. Understandable if they do but she can wait. Jatt is way more a threat.

Matt, Cirie, & Bowie would prob target Felicia in the double. If America is going to win any comp this season, Pleeeeease let it be the double HOH.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Why is Felicia telling Jag that she’s voting to keep Blue if he does not tell her she’s the target ? Isn’t this what pissed Felicia off, when Felicia told Jag Cirie is paranoid, she’s going to vote to keep Blue ?

Now Felicia is doing what she accused Cirie of doing? Felicia is dumb, she does some stupid shit, she is shooting herself in the foot. Jag will start back trusting Cirie over Felicia.

Felicia does too much, she does not know when to just chill, sit back, watch what’s going on in the house, let things play out, keep your name out of people’s mouth. Felicia’s a shit starter, and she is not as good as she thinks she is when it comes to playing this game.

Every HOH Comp, she’s going to give 100%, she loses over and over and over and over. She needs another HOH Competition that’s not physical, a comp based solely on luck.


Felicia is a pot stirrer. Why is she suddenly anti-lying? She didn’t mind lying the entire season or blindsiding anyone. Her giving Jag an ultimatum is not a good move. Besides, like it’s been said, just a couple of days ago Felicia was mad at Cerie for wanting to give Blue a heads up. She said why would she do that when we’re f4 with Jag/Matt. Her loose lips are going to send her to jury before f4 if she keeps blabbing.

un autre nom

General feeling:
The double is going to have an outcome that satisfies very few viewers.
Scenario 1: Matt / Jag noms. chances both remain noms post veto? low. renom most likely goes to jury. why? Bowie or Felicia vote to save the boys. min 2-1 vote, more likely fear induced 3-0.
Scenario 2: combination America / Bowie / Felicia. one wins veto, the third is likely renom.
most to least in danger: Felicia, Bowie, America depending on which woman is voting.
Scenario 3: Matt or Jag + Bowie noms. chances both on block post veto: low. Bowie or renom most likely to leave.

The veto will be fast and physical most likely. last season was knots untangling. puzzle possible in past end stage doubles.

Least in danger right now: Cirie as of 3pm bbtime.
Most in danger right now: Felicia followed closely by Bowie / America.

un autre nom

if vote were to ‘magically’ flip tonight, put Blue in America’s position in danger stats.

un autre nom

By the end of the night America overtook Felicia for most in danger. Matt’s personal grudge (the showmance thing) and Jag’s fear of conflict / ownership of his game (meaning get her out quick so she doesn’t yell at me) are the driving force.

The Beef

If what you say is true (and I’m not saying it isn’t), it just confirms what we’ve known for pretty much the entire season. Matt and Jag are not strategic geniuses when it comes to big brother, and even when faced with very weak opposition, they can’t seem to stick to a plan or follow one through to completion. The slightest hiccup or even a hint of gossip from someone ignites a roaring fire of fear in them, causing Jag to piss himself and then change things up to try and get rid of the “new” big threat, which most likely isn’t any threat at all, but just something they “cooked” up in their minds due to their paranoia.

I really don’t respect either one of their games at all.


Jag needs to tell Blye or he loses her jury vote for sure


Blue already said shes gonna punch jag in the face if shes voted out.

It's me

When you are in the diary room, just vote who you want out. Just do it !
In your good bye message tell the person you voted for them to stay!

My sympathies to Cory

Did America literally say f*ck the Bible?

un autre nom

the context is Felicia needs to stop using the bible / religion to justify snaky game, but yes.

My sympathies to Cory

I don’t love the way Felicia does that either, but America finally lost what little respect I had left for her.