Felicia “I’m going to throw up!! Did you and Cory do that?” Jag “Don’t YUCK her YUM!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: America and Blue
POV Players: Blue, America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Blue is the target this week. No Flip in sight.

7:13pm HOH Room – Matt, Jag, Bowie Jane and Blue.
They’re doing wave length with a story. Made up stories about them where they go around the room each adding to the story.

Jag offers some snacks to America. America – can you chew them up first?! Jag – yup! Jag pretends to bird feed America. (Chew candy up and spit it into her mouth) America acts like she’s ready. Jag – BRO! Felicia – I am going to throw up!! Jag – that’s crazy! Felicia – did you and Cory do that? Jag – answer honestly! Yes you did. America – no, we talked about it. He wouldn’t do it. Blue – he will. America – I am trying to get him to. I just don’t get grossed out by stuff like that. Jag – alright! Okay! Blue – the beverage component of it makes me gag! Like okay spit in my mouth whatever but the second a soda is involved that’s where I draw the line. America – I’ve had all sorts of chewed up food in my mouth. Felicia – I couldn’t even hang .. that would make me gag! Jag – what’s the best. America – like a parfait. Jag – what’s the worst? America – like a burger. Felicia – so what makes you want to do that?? America – its just funny. Jag – Don’t YUCK her YUM! Felicia – no I am just trying to figure out if there is something to that though. Jag – are you the spitter or the spitty? America – both. Jag – which do you prefer? America – Spitty.. the one receiving right?! Jag – yeah. WOW! Matt – I’m the spitter. Jag – I see a match being made. America – what’s up Matt!? Felicia – what if someone spit in your mouth. America – Cory tired that .. that’s not what I mean. He was trying to be funny.

8:30pm Kitchen – Bowie Jane and Felicia
Bowie – I said to Cirie nothing really game wise to report. I haven’t really talked game today. Felicia – I do hate the fact that Thursday she (Blue) is going to be caught off guard. Bowie – well hopefully he (Jag) is going to tell her.. right? Felicia – well he can’t really say you aren’t going to get the votes. He can only say what he wants that basically tells her the answer. Bowie – yeah right!? Felicia – but we can’t say you’re going home. Bowie – yeah. Felicia – yeah. Bowie – so is he going to? Felicia – I think he is sometime tomorrow .. tomorrow night.. tomorrow evening or Thursday morning. We said give her as much time as possible so that she can enjoy her last day. Bowie – yeah. Felicia – you tell people too early and then they can’t recover from that. Bowie – yeah. Felicia – I said you definitely don’t want to tell her before Wednesday. He might even wait till Thursday morning. Bowie – right. I mean the longer you leave it the more of a blindside it is .. that’s the only issue. Felicia – and its probably going to be a split vote because Cirie doesn’t want to do the 4 – 0 because she feels like she promised Blue so she doesn’t want to go back on that so she said that she wants to …she wants to force Jag to have to show his hand and have to vote to be the decider (tie breaker). I was hoping to talk to him and be like rather than having 3 – 1, lets just go the split vote. I would rather have the split vote than 3 – 1. Bowie – yeah.

8:46pm HOH room – Matt and Jag.
Matt – I think we’re good. I don’t want to say that because you can never be too sure. Jag – well do we want it to be a 2 – 2 vote? Matt – we can, I am down with it. I don’t care. F**K it! That helps us way more. Jag nods. We’ll just see what they do. We’ll see they end up doing anything. Matt – we’ll talk to them again. That’s what’s pissing me off and making me feel weird. Jag – what? Matt – they just keep pushing. Even Felicia was kind of pushing for it. I was like what!? And then she comes to agreement. Jag – I feel like I should talk to her (Blue). Matt – do you think you’re thinking of keeping her? Jag – no, its just more so giving her the heads up for me she’s my target. Matt – do you think Cirie told Blue? Jag – yeah. Matt – I just think Blue is not acting. Usually she shows more worriedness… she seems confident she’s staying. Bowie joins them. Matt is worried once Jag tells Blue she will then come to us (Bowie / Matt) and campaign harder or throw us under the bus. America joins them. Matt tells her that they’re (Cirie & Felicia) are pushing to vote the other way so that they don’t look suspicious. America – its just really nerve racking because its always been unanimous or one person that everyone wants out. Matt – and if it is a tie .. it won’t matter. America – Jag will be able to do it. Matt – yeah.

8:50pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
Felicia – what I may do is go up tomorrow.. and be like we’re not sure but America may have overheard us talking .. when we were talking about whether or not we should do the split vote. Cirie – we didn’t realize she was laying in that bed. Felicia – because when I came in she wasn’t in that bed. That’s why I am not sure if she knows. And we still didn’t say it is going to be a 2 – 2 vote. We just said it might be. We’ll wait till tomorrow because he is going to tell her (Blue) tomorrow. She’s going to know Cirie and Felicia are voting for her and so she’ll be coming to us campaigning hard or throwing us under the bus.

9:23pm Comic Bedroom – Blue, Cirie and Felicia are studying the days / events of the season.

9:34pm HOH room – Matt, Jag and America.
Jag – regardless of who it is, everyone has a strong case at that point. (In the final 2 spots) America – who would you rather sit next to if it was them two (Ciire/Felicia)? Jag – I don’t give a damn! America – I’m taking the whole thing anyway! Jag – no it doesn’t matter because no matter who I am sitting next to the person next to me will have a strong case. America – I guess my thing is the target for me is Felicia. I don’t think Cirie will switch up her game in the next two weeks.. she will be playing the same way. Matt – all of a sudden she becomes this comp beast and wins 4 in a row. Blue joins them.

9:55pm Bathroom – America and Bowie.
America – Right now I feel like the end is in sight. It is so close.. two weeks! Bowie – it is, I just don’t know how to get there. America – I feel like the whole week by week thing, I’ve been doing that all whole game. Like how do I maneuver and you know what I mean. And its been pretty easy because there have been other people that have been bigger targets every single week. Bowie – it was so much easier before. America – there were so many other options.. and now we’re down to the point where.. Bowie – this week is easy I think. America – see even then I am nervous. Bowie – I just talked to Matt and I was like no chance I am changing. America – And I trust both of ya’ll (Matt/Bowie). I trust all three of you (Matt/Bowie/Jag).

10:10pm HOH room – Jag and Blue studying the days / events of the season.

10:35pm Bathroom – Blue studying with America and Bowie.

10:43pm HOH room – Jag and Matt
Matt – I confronted Cirie about her I said that’s not cool saying that I wanted Jag out. I said Felicia has said something … I don’t mean to sell anyone out. I said Cirie – I don’t want you telling anyone. You can’t tell anyone but I said like apparently he (Jag) thinks I want to target him and it lead back to you saying that. And she said the F**K when have you ever told me something like that? And she said.. I said Felicia I wanted to see what happens and then the same thing happened again.. this. I said it came from Felicia. She said that you had said that. And she goes the f**k!! She told me 30 days ago you said that. I said what the f**k would I say that 30 days ago.. it makes no sense. She said a month ago I had said that. But why would I have said that? Jag – to who? 30 days ago you said? Matt – that I was going to target you. Jag – to who? To Felicia? Matt – to Felicia. Jag – oh. Matt – I said Cirie why the f**k would I ever tell Felicia something like that? And that’s why I was like wait!? I don’t know what is going on here bro! And the fact that she was like a month ago .. so this is like day 85.. 30 days ago.. that’s day 50? That’s soulmates. The targets were always Jared and Cameron. So why would I .. I said I told her .. Cirie did you say this about me? And she was like What the f**k?! She grabbed the bible bro! She said I f**king swear on my life! She said I’ve never said anything. She said that Felicia had come to her and said Matt came to me 30 days ago and said I wanted to take Jag out. But why would I ever say that? Jag – was that when the whole blow up happened? Matt – no, I wonder if its bad math and they’re thinking week 4 because we 4 I said I was going to vote you out. Jag – yeah. Matt – That’s two months ago though. Jag – that’s way to early. Matt – that’s the only time I’ve said yeah I’ll vote Jag out. Jag – what else did you tell Cirie? Matt – just that. I said you can’t be saying this to Felicia because she is probably going to sell you under the bus if she is saying things like that .. like that’s not cool because now my name is being trashed and that’s not cool. I know I should have said something but I needed the truth. Jag – F**k .. so you don’t think that now Cirie is going to go to Felicia? Matt – no. Jag – I think she is. I think this f**ks me though. You shouldn’t have said anything because here is the thing it doesn’t matter who said what.. both of them… either way I know you didn’t say anything, so one of them is lying. It doesn’t matter who is lying but now if it gets back to Felicia that I told you and you told Cirie. I told Felicia I wasn’t going to tell anyone so me telling you and you telling Cirie .. and Cirie now going to Felicia… now going into the double Felicia may know that she can’t trust me so now she might put me and you on the block again. Whereas if we hadn’t said anything and she was still under the impression that she can trust me and you.. The risk of her finding out is worse than the benefit of us know that like its Felicia playing games or its Cirie playing games. It doesn’t change our course. Matt – I should have just let them keep playing their game.

11:10pm Bathroom – Matt and Cirie.
Matt – he is nervous that I know now.. he doesn’t want Felicia knowing anything. You can’t say anything to Felicia. Cirie – I am not going to say anything. But here is the thing do I tell him that her plan is to split you two up to try and make you guys fight. Should I say something no? Matt – it doesn’t hurt.

11:13pm – 11:40pm HOH room – Cirie, Jag and Matt.
Jag – so Felicia told America about a split vote? Cirie – MMMmmmmhHHhhhh.. Jag – I didn’t know about that. Cirie – yeah. She was going to apparently tell you that Ameria overheard it when we was talking about it. So please don’t say anything to her .. let her tell you. She told me that you talked to her this morning and you agreed to the split votes. Jag – obviously I said that I wanted it to be unanimous. My outcome is pretty clear. Jag – we have you (Matt) and you (Cirie), Bowie and we could probably get Felicia too. Cirie – yeah if you tell her its unanimous, we’re not splitting it. I don’t give a damn If she votes different. They talk about telling Blue or not. Jag – if any one person tells her that will just make her to go to everyone else. Cirie – I don’t want to blindside her but I also don’t want her to try when nothing is going to change. Do you make her try when it is not changeable. Do you say it on Thursday. Jag – I think its a Thursday thing if I say it at all. Cirie – it will just send her on a campaign. I don’t want to say anything. I don’t want to have to tell her Blue stop. I think for me, I would not say it to her. What are you even going to say .. like you’re not even voting. What are you even going to say to her. I wouldn’t even tell her? I don’t think we should do it. I don’t think you should say anything.

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un autre nom

Surprisingly, America has been playing quite well this week, all things considered. (by that I mean she hasn’t overyapped, and has made sure both sides know what she’s saying to the other side).
Felicia has been pounding her bus over Cirie the speedbump on her express route to Jag’s room.
Matt has been lying up a storm to protect Cirie, but Jag isn’t falling for it anymore.
Matt squeeled to Cirie that Felicia squeeled about Cirie to Jag. Cirie lied her ass off with hand on Bible. no, literally. Not a word was true while she was swearing.

Bowie remains a houseguest.
Blue is still oblivious.

what does any of this mean? The double isn’t cut and dried.


In the weeks before I think America had a different thought process. She was sharing to everyone b/c she believed they were all her & Cory’s allies. Perhaps she believed if she shared with them they would share with her and then she could give Cory more info so that he could construct their strategy for the present time a little better. Now she knows that Jag and Matt were not her allies so she is more careful about what she says and shares to them. Plus now that Cory is gone she only has to strategize for herself which she is now doing more internally. Bowie has been playing second fiddle to someone else the whole game & should start playing for herself, but it is a little too late for it to make much of a difference. Blue may be oblivious but once the decision is read tomorrow I suspect she will not go quietly, probably yelling and calling out everyone on her way out, w/o taking any responsibility for her own part and actions that led to her evicition.

un autre nom

I saw America’s previous overshares as trying to gain new allies, or save people she wanted in the game.
The problem has always been hierarchy. Handful / Family Style pecking order determined America and Cory weren’t cool kids, they were tagalongs.
Week One sets tone.
Anything America said to a cool kid was automatically seen as sus or attempted social climbing by the arrogant Handful members.


She was holding the bible upside down, and backwards though, swearing on the back cover, not the front. It doesnt count when you do it from the back cover.

un autre nom

mmhmmm. hope that’s sarcasm.


The only thing for sure is Jag won’t be the next HOH. Will the new HOH put him? Jag indicated he expects to go up but is counting on winning veto. Or Matt or Bowie winning and using it on him to be safe.

un autre nom

Matt, in full protect Cirie because she’s “famous” mode, has revealed the Felicia / Jag dialogue. He knew exactly what he was doing. lol. any ‘i’m sorry’ talk is shit. He was well aware his protection lies weren’t landing anymore, so he shifted the dialogue.
Jag is upset Matt disclosed because Jag is going to bear the brunt. d’uh. Exactly Matt’s intent. Nobody threatens Matt’s golden goose.
Cirie is over Felicia.
Jag now fears that in a double he is a target… the delusion that nobody would target him has passed.
Matt, who has not told Cirie any of this all week, now looks like the good boy again. He’s bound and determined to be the vehicle that carries Cirie as far as he can.

Gan ainm

Would any of them not backdoor Jag if he loses veto?

Game fan

Bowie & matt.


matt’s instincts are terrible, but he is likeable so a lot of people have kept him around that probably shouldn’t have allowing him to potentially stumble into winning if he makes it to the end.


Did Matt just make a calculated, independent move!? (Day 85?)

un autre nom

to benefit Cirie.
Remember when Matt would sabotage anyone he had to share middle position with? Cory then Blue? Jag was getting into a better position than Matt.


independent move

Paul Sucks

Jag has won the vast majority of competitions, how could he think anyone would want to sit next to him final 2, even Matt?

Jag did this to himself but gets to compete in every Veto. Winning out comps against these bozos doesn’t sound like an outlandish thought.

Conspiracy Theories are Psychological Distortions

Matt protects Cerie bc makes him feel safe with her maternal ways, and she’s even said to herself that he’s her soft spot. He feels that.

un autre nom

There’s more to it than that. Episode d/r isn’t gospel, it’s storyline.
Matt is a starfuqer. He was in regard to Josh Duhamel punishment, thinking he’d actually get to hang and hit the vip with a ‘star’. He’s been the same with Cirie since week 2.

Nether Region Euphemism

It’s not about the DR. You could see how gentle and giving she was with Matt when she questioned him about betraying her and Jared. It’s so obvious that they care about each other.

His excitement for Duhamel is not evidence that he’s like that about any celebrity he meets.Actually, if he is truly a fan of Josh’s before entering the house, then of course he’d been keen on hanging out with him.

un autre nom

I know little of Duhamel, but know he was a soap actor on all my children and was married to the singer from black eyed peas at one point. he was a supporting actor in the transformers movies. most of his long-term acting credits are about 10- 20 years old.
why do I doubt Matt’s been shipping or even staning him?

un autre nom

What has been said to Matt today:
America backed by Bowie told Matt it was Izzy that destroyed the Reillyshrine.
Jag revealed it was Cirie that was the hold up, not Am/Co in the Reilly vote. That’s why they told Reilly last minute, so there wasn’t time for Am/Co to dispute what Cirie and Izzy said. Jag got this from Am/Co weeks ago. Jag also observed that’s how the chaoscoven were playing early game.
How much will Matt believe / care?
Not much most likely.

Why I say that:
Matt knows he had the cut Jag talk with Cirie.
The next morning FE tells Jag.
Cirie says wasn’t me.
Matt goes with Cirie’s version.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I’m glad Matt went and told Cirie what Felicia has been doing behind her back. Cirie has been sharing information with Felicia because there’s not a whole lot of people left in the house that she can talk with and trust. Cirie messed up, trusting Felicia it won’t happen again, Cirie will play it off and act like nothing is wrong, Felicia will not get anymore info.

Of course Jag would tell Matt he wishes Matt would not have told Cirie what Felicia has been saying behind Cirie’s back, because if it gets back to Felicia, then that will mess up Jag’s trust on Felicia’s part. Gee Jag, how dare Matt think of jury management, how dare Matt actually do something that benefits his game, it’s not always about you Jag!

Glad Matt, Cirie & Jag have talked, Jag does not have to worry about Cirie blasting him, and messing up his game with Felicia, Cirie is sneaky, and lays low, Cirie will not do nothing to mess you up with Felicia right now, but if it benefits her down the road oh well!!
Cirie will cut you, and you will not even realize you have been cut until you bleed out.

All of you came into this house knowing that you are playing a game, everyone is lying if they say that they are not really trying to win the 75k or 750k. That amount of money would be beneficial to anyone, let’s be real, all of you just met 100 or so days ago, I’m not going to blow the opportunity to win 1st or 2nd place, just to keep you as a so called friend, this is BB, it’s a game about winning $$$$. If friendships develops, it’s an added bonus, maybe ??

Matt did the right thing talking with Cirie, too many times the people from this season, they have just taken what was told to them by somebody in the house as the Gospel Truth. They believe what they are told, and then turn on someone, just because someone else told you that a certain person is plotting against you.

Matt talking with Cirie, this showed me Matt isn’t as much of a puppet as I thought he was when it comes to Jag. Matt is thinking about doing what’s beneficial for his game, he trusts Cirie, and I do think Cirie trusts Matt to a certain degree, Cirie & Matt have been sharing information with each other since the 2nd week of being in the house. Jag has Matt, and Bowie, so why can’t Matt also have Cirie, Jag is getting a big head, he’s a control freak.

I was hoping that Cirie would find out that Felicia is stabbing her in the back, and Felicia is kissing the ring with Jag. I am not a big fan of Felicia, not saying I’m a fan of Cirie, but if I had to make a choice, I’d vote for Cirie over Felicia any day. I also think now that Cirie, Matt and Jag have talked, Felicia has not jumped ahead of Cirie when it comes to the alliance with Matt, Jag, Cirie & Felicia, Felicia is still in the #4 spot.

Final Comment:
Watching the show tonight, seeing how Felicia keeps food in her Robe Pockets, Yuck, but the one thing that I really find gross, why does she keep taking out her tooth when she is getting ready to eat ? holding that partial in her hand that has spit on it, and I don’t see her go and wash her hands. that is just nasty to me.

I bet that Robe that Felicia wears, I get the feeling it’s not very fresh smelling, I’m surprised that the ants in the house don’t get in the pockets eating crumbs of food when she’s not wearing her Robe.

Another Dixie

Her spitty partial probably only grosses out Cirie. It appears the others are all spitters or spitties. Talk about gross.

un autre nom

Does Matt going to Cirie not prove that Matt is Cirie’s puppet first and foremost?
That’s what I felt.
His entire relationship with Jag has always been second to sucking up to Cirie.
He seems to believe he beats Cirie final 2?


Agreed – I kept waiting for Matt to spill the tea. As for the Jag portion of this situation, I have several opinions on it (shocker lol).

Jag is NEVER going to fully trust Cirie because he’s afraid of how close Matt is to her and as you pointed out Jag is a control freak. I refer to him as the ‘do as I say — not as I do’ guy. Example: he was furious about Izzy/Cirie having alliances with most of the house but as soon as they ousted Izzy he created his own onion alliances. I mean the guy was talking about creating a F3 with America plus a F4 with Amer/BJ this week (at F7) which would mean he was aligned with everyone in the house in a F3 & F4 alliance. I can’t!

His strength in the game is winning competitions and being likable. As they say, it takes one to know one so he’s cognizant of the fact Cirie has excellent social agency & is more adept at getting her way bc she does it without holding the power whereas he needs the power to get what he wants.

Plus Jag is so transparent:

  • told America if she said anything about being safe he’d switch the target (but when Bowie told him America discussed it with her he blew it off).
  • Felicia has proven to be a liar & sh*t stirrer which started early in the game but bc he wants Matt to cut Cirie he’ll make every excuse for why Felicia isn’t lying but Cirie is.
  • His constant numerous rants about Cirie are the best examples… like believing what Fel said about her warning Blue she was the target. If that was true then WHY doesn’t he feel the need to tell Blue until Thursday that she’s going? HELLO… bc he knows she has zero clue she’s leaving.

He is no mastermind — he’s just a control freak who is trying to manage everyone to again DO AS A SAY. I mean his logic is America won’t target him bc “he” saved her when the reality is he blindsided her & Cory but still put her on the block this week that he won’t vote in. Moreover, he believes Felicia is doing all this Cirie ranting in order to gain loyalty/trust & protect him. In reality, Cirie was right – Fel was paranoid she’d be the re-nom or the target so she was working overtime to make sure she wasn’t. Even as Jag believed Fel was trying to get Cirie OTB she actually wasn’t — she was just trying to take Cirie’s F3 spot. This is verified bc Felicia still wants to take Cirie over Bowie or America to F4!

I also am not on the island that believes Matt is just Jag’s puppet. He does agree to most things but he pushes back on what matters most to him (i.e. typically about Cirie b/c IMHO she’s always been his true F2).

B/c the intel from Felicia could’ve catastrophically hurt Matt’s game (while helping Jag) Matt told Cirie. In the process he gains a triple advantage – – gains even more loyalty from Cirie, it’s troubleshooting so she doesn’t tell Fel anything else, AND knowing how smart Cirie is they’ll be able to turn this around to put the target on Felicia (with Bowie for example) which is precisely what Cirie did once she knew the real real.

The resulting effect of that decision is Jag is in worse shape now (not that he wasn’t in bad shape before, he just hadn’t admitted or believed it). Matt has NO INTENTION of going to F3 with Jag… NONE. So Matt needs to keep his true partner happy. America and Cirie would target Jag in the double & now that Cirie knows about Felicia should the latter win DE HOH you know she’ll use this info to prove Jag is playing everyone & has to go!

The ONLY person who really wants to go any further than F5 with Jag is Bowie Jane and that puts her in jeopardy bc this move by Matt likely means BJ & Jag would be the 2nd nom for Cirie & Felicia (whereas America prob nominates Matt with him).

Anyway – I’m on no sleep but wanted to get my two cents in on the craziness last night.

PS: btw first thing Felicia did this morning was complain to Bowie that Cirie left the room last night (LMAO). She’s another control freak who believes she can do/say what she wants but attaches herself to Cirie to monitor where she is – who she talks to & then grills her for the convos she’s not part of. FWIW – it took just that one quick convo with BJ to pull her back in again.

Should be an interesting day as I suspect Felicia will be asking Cirie where she was last night. Question is will Cir tell her the truth (up in HOH) OR make up a story like I was homesick so I went to the DR or in the bathroom bc she didn’t feel well? My money is on the latter two choices or something akin to that.

Meme's Muse

Wonderful TTOTambz! I agree especially the comments about Matt.He is not nor has he been an impressive comp player. I really do see the script as America wins HOH in the double, Jag gets nominated ( he shouldn’t be surprised America nominates him but he will be) Neither Matt nor Bowie will win Veto and Jag sees the door, and Cory’s words echo, Matt like Bowie is playing this floater game to perfection. Think about it, Matt really believes in a F2 he we win against Cirie. You are correct he is no one’s puppet, he is just playing that way. You gotta hand it to Teflon Matt, nothing sticks to him!


BEST sentence of any of Simon and Dawg’s pages/posts this BB season: “Cirie will cut you, and you will not even realize you have been cut until you bleed out.”


the only thing blue should be studying right now is her eviction speech


America needs to win and get either Matt or Jag out in the double.

Game fan

they all do. but bowie has no game
and felicia is delusional she can get them later.


I’m now convinced more than ever that America is a little freak….

Matt's Appetite

You are slow

no mo bro

She has the largest face I’ve ever seen on a female. She reminds me of one of those dog breeds with those huge jowls. Very neanderthal.

Props to her mom who gave birth to that head.

Spot ON

“America is a little freak….”
She sounds like a very kinky girl. The kind you don’t take home to mother. She probably likes all the boys in that house, but probably told CORY he’s her all-time favorite pastime. She’s not hard to please, and probably an expert at doing a choo-choo train. She’s super freaky.

“America – can you chew them up first?! Jag – yup! Jag pretends to bird feed America. (Chew candy up and spit it into her mouth) America acts like she’s ready.”



America girl…I’m rooting for you but you need therapy for all that bird feeding/spit talk I had to read. Goodness some people are bizarre!

Jag getting annoyed with Matt is making me happy.

Jag needs to get rid of Matt. He doesn’t do shit for his game, has SO much less blood on his hands compared to Jag since he can’t win an HOH and people do ‘poor wounded bird’ him which is total BS, and is someone who can win competitions and threaten Jag’s security in the house.

Isn’t Jag’s main goal to get rid of anyone who can possibly challenge him in a competition? That’s literally why he got out Cameron, Cory, and now Blue and left in players like Cirie and America who can’t win anything even a luck competition like Felicia.

Watch Matt/Jag be on the block this upcoming double eviction and Matt win the double eviction Veto again sending Jag’s ass home lol. That would be poetic.

I really need them to be broken up come Thursday night…

I’m conflicted though on who I want out first more though.

Jag deserves to win because he has literally taken out the entire jury so far but he is so cocky and is taking the easy way to the win so I don’t respect that either. I also have a big issue that he was voted out and is only still here because of a BS twist.

Matt on the other hand is cocky but can’t back that shit up because he has won one Veto the entire game. For someone who many probably thought would win a lot of competitions, like say a Tyler or Monte, he is a total DUD! Like both of those former dudes he should get second place if he goes against Jag. Sure Jag has poor jury management but I’d have to vote for him over Matt because he has the substantial edge in challenge wins and he is the leader of the two and I wouldn’t vote for the second in command…

So yeah Idk who I want gone first but I just need them both to be on the block at least prior to the Veto being played in the double. And one needs to go for sure should it stay them both on the block or them vs any other player when the vote happens. The girls would be so stupid to let either of them skate by…

I’m still rooting for America to win since she is a real underdog but if not her then I don’t care at this point really. This season is too damn long so fuck it…let’s give Production what they want and root for Cirie to win as my second pick. Jag can be my third choice who at this point is still the heavy favorite to win. If he makes it past this Thursday I have little doubt he is winning it all and he would deserve it.

un autre nom

triple eviction would be fun right about now.
Always hated the instant eviction on early bbcan, but imagine a no veto eviction right now.

“ Gurl, oh gurl!” ………STFU!

I’m ready for Matt to go ASAP…..tired of him reading the script in DR & has his head so far up Cirie’s ass….. haven’t been a Jag fan but would rather he win over dufus Matt


Feeds should be quite entertaining today, to say the least!


So many lies and few working bridges. It had to happen near the end but I don’t see any real anything. I used to really look forward to bb. The multiple alliances and the out and out lies to your face from the get go this season distract from enjoying any of these people. Stfu don’t over share or over promise. And the brainless ones need to stop overthinking! They are wasting their time and mine. Rant over.

no mo bro

There’s enough oil on Blue’s face to fry chicken. She’s always so shiny. It’s pretty gross.

un autre nom

After looking at bbtwitter:
The sentiment of Felicia’s ratting was true, though she exaggerated severity, she didn’t just pull stories out of her ass. Just in case anyone is confused. Felicia ratted Cirie out, she didn’t make everything up.

Cirie is with Bowie now putting everything Cirie has been saying for a week on Felicia.

I’m not saying this for judgement. This is for clarity only.
Whatever you gotta do, you gotta do in big brother.
Game ownership demands that the viewer has the fact from feeds.


The way she’s cleaning up what Felicia said using half-truths is masterful!!

un autre nom

she shouldn’t have to. if she’d been head in the game for the last 3 days, she’d have been on top of it.


Felicia is disgusting. Poor manners, bad habits and bad game player…
That being said, I would not do much better. Lol.


Watching Tuesday’s episode she is so disgusting. Having chicken, potatoes and whatever else she carries around in her pockets then popping her tooth out all the time. Has she forgotten all the people who are watching? No manners at all.

no mo bro

I agree. But to be fair, the only place she could eat it without being watched is on the toilet.

un autre nom

For debating purpose:
The best social players always have their finger on the pulse (and the scale) in the house.
This is why the original definition of floater strategy is so difficult to actually pull off.
I contend that Cirie dropped the ball this week.
She should not have to be scurrying today.
She knows Felicia is a yapattack bagofcats with serious Cirie frenemy issues.
She avoided the HOH for days.
These are social game errors.
Without someone telling her she was in trouble, she’d be toast right now.
A truly good social player would have been defusing for days.
Because she hermitted and stopped juggling, Cirie now has to chicken-head cut off to people she should have under her thumb.
I’m not one to celebrate strategic game errors. I’ll give her recovery points, but this week is an unforced error week for Cirie.


Is “yeah” the only word Bowie Jane knows? God, she’s so sickening!

no mo bro



Matt is such a dope. What kind of strategy is it to team up with two people who will beat him in the final two? Pick one and go with them and have Bowie be the third. It is almost like Matt is the 2nd Mole for Cirie. Have one that everyone knows (her son) and then give her another person (Matt). That is the perfect assurance she wins.

Meme's Muse

This is promising: we almost have some game play ( thanks Cirie) Wow did Cirie( like her or not) prove again towards why she is one of the GOATS of reality TV. She is quietly cut throat. Cirie ,with her hand on the Bible, really spun things so that Matt will continue to keep and protect her. Matt is nobody ‘ s puppet for sure but he thinks he can win against Cirie in F2. Neither he nor Cirie have won comps to speak of ( Matt just one) neither have made big moves, Cirie only subtly so their final speech to the jury will be the same., America will protect Cirie, just to last as long as she can. So once again Cirie moves up only the game board and avoids being a target. Just, wow! The sparks are beginning to get brighter between Jag and Teflon Matt as both play passive – aggressive about who should go first: Felicia or Cirie. Newsflash, Jag, the cards are stacked against you. Matt knows you are on to him but you are so foolish to believe America would not target you in the double, you won’t be able to stop the blindsided coming for you on Thursday. You can ask Blue about it when you get to the jury house. I am not a fan of any of the remaining HGs , but if Cirie wins , you gotta give it her she outsmarted and outplayed them all with a smile and hugs. That, Bowie is how it is done!


She also had her son by her side. Soooooo unfair

Nether Region Euphemism

I don’t agree. Part of this turnaround is due to the fact that Fe is so self-destructive.

Matt was going to believe Cirie, no matter what, bc he made his loyalties early on and does not falter much from there. That wasn’t some deep misting from Cirie, it was Matt really wanting to continue believing in her.

Cirie has exposed her game to Jag, whereas she was low down on his list prior to her overplaying.

The odds are about 50/50 at most against Jag being evicted in DE, if you break it down into who is least vs most likely to win HOH and veto, and Matt not yet at the point where he definitely wants to vote out Jag.

The only way this would be an outsmart for Cerie is if she’d intentionally set up Fe to go spread information to blow up, which would have been quite risky.

Who Cares

Cirie overplayed her hand early by forming alliances with everyone and then having it exposed. She has not been able to protect her closest allies, Izzy, her son, and Blue. She can’t win comps. She may have Matt, but only because he is star struck. She still could win because no one this season is deserving. Both Izzy and Blue should have used Cirie’s secret to their advantage but did not.