“I don’t friggin feel good today.. I’m tired of being here.. just want to sleep” -Demetres

Kevin won the veto

Production – Please wake up nap time is over.. Please

Demetres – “I don’t friggin feel good today.. I’m tired of being here.. just want to sleep”
Karen – I’m so done with this.. so done

Feeds cut maybe for the visit by Niki from last season or Nominations.

5:48pm Feeds? NO!

7:34pm Feeds Back Power of Veto is TONIGHT!

11:11pm POV has started

Kevin wins the POV

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Demetres is the head of the house, but Ika is the neck. The thing about necks is they can turn the head whichever way they want. That’s this Big Brother season in a nutshell. Well done Ika! Good game.

The POV is for sure going to be a knowledge-based comp, as I can’t see production not wanting Kevin in the final.


The final 4 POV has always been a knowledge based comp.


No. it’s been combination


Well, I guess we can call some combination.

Season 1 was more knowledge (“Safe From Eviction” – had to solve mathematical equations that pertained to the days spent in the house; the first HouseGuest to solve their equations and open the safe using their answers would win the Power of Veto.)

Season 2 was more combination (“Marshaland” – board game that included trivia, and then at the end they had to answer three trivia questions in a row in order to win the POV.)

Season 3 was more knowledge (“Fast Tack to Finale” – had to match numbered boxcars signifying days in the house to correspond with buildings with events that occurred.)

Season 4 was more combination (“Movin Out” – had to search a live-size jury house for 18 clues. They then had to take each of the clues and hang the clues on the realtor sign of the juror who applied to the clues.)

My point was that they are all “knowledge based” in that in order to win the POV you needed to have knowledge of what happened in the house.


Okay that works


I hope final 4 pov is an individually timed format, with almost no luck factor. cause its way too important to make sure the winner deserved it. Kevin and Demetre are my ideal final 2.and maybe Karen could be more deserving than ika since she at least won 1 hoh. Ika couldnt win a single comp. she literally would have gone home had she not been so bad with comp. The new best way to survive is to be suck at comp.


The comps are locked in far in advance. Let’s get over this ‘production is rigging the show’ BS.


I don’t think it’s outwardly rigged in that there’s pre determined winners for every completion and the winner at the end, but production does try to sway things in certain directions. They suggest things in the DR and ask questions in order to get the house guests on a different path. Many O’ house guests have come out of the diary room and started talking about production saying something to them about a certain houseguest but the feeds cut.




OMG its happening!
MOST CRITICAL COMPETITION of the season so far !!!!


Too bad they don’t live stream it.
Simon, how long do you think it’ll be?


actually the head turns the neck , that’s where the brain resides, except in your case


It must feel so strange having a house full of 16 strangers dwindle down to just 4, especially when at this point everything is just a waiting game. They have nothing to do but talk to each other; there’s no real strategizing left to do, no big game plans to make, etc. It’s just 4 people isolated and waiting for comps. I wish they treated feed watchers with some fun stuff to make the last few days exciting; showing part of Nikki’s visit, at least.


I don’t understand all this hate for Kevin, he deserves to win this game. Only mistake was replacing ika with Dillon, I would chosen Karen because I don’t see how Dillon would vote to keep dem over Karen. As for ika and dem they aren’t as good as they think they are. Without each other they are nothing. She’s a social player and he’s a comp beast. Karen is completely delusional and Kevin is the only one left with both a social game and and physical game. Cmon kev get that veto!


If Kevin wins, Kevin wins. But he hasn’t played a great social game.
His social game has not been amazing. It consisted of hiding in rooms to avoid other house guests (thereby failing to pick up on the social intricacies and entanglements of the other players), napping during the day and complaining he can’t sleep at night in the first four weeks, only interacting with the group in symposium style when he was the central focus and controlled the narrative for non game moments (bible / lotr talks during lock outs), needlessly lying to his own allies creating distrust (the karen vote backwards week, the slop cookie vote), making deals and breaking them before the ink was dry and before they could have any beneficial impact (peasants anyone?), and talking to the camera so that viewers feel a kinship and bond with him as the recipient of his innermost thoughts, that does nothing in terms of game value.
Kevin’s social game: lead on the gay guy until he saves your game. He is dependent on the pre-existing relationships with three of the jurors that know he cracked up when he failed in his last attempt to play big brother and the production department to edit him a much better image than he deserves. That’s hardly a masterful social game.
He can win, and if the jury awards him the win he deserves the win, but let’s not pour on undeserved praise for his social game.


The Karen vote backwards week, and the slop vote, again, both smart ideas but of course Big Brother had to say the number of votes for each house guest and show the slop vote.

He’s kind of got screwed along the way at no fault of his own, but yet here he is at final 4.


re: slop vote.
Any and all vets should know that when production tells the house guest to talk it out, how and why they are voting a certain way or doing a certain thing… that it’s going to be revealed if it is outside the confines of d/r. Since Topaz in season one had her reasons for nominations (filmed in the hoh room) broadcast to the house guests, it’s been known that ‘go ahead, feel free to talk it out’ is a sign that it’s going to be shown.
re: the Karen vote? Why bother. the intent was to keep Gary from knowing he voted for him. Fine. But why not tell his alliance the truth, and inform them he will tell Gary the lie? The deceit and subterfuge was not required.


I’m tired of people talking about Kevin speechs to camera as a game play. NO ONE in jury see that. It’s not something that help is game. He really started to do that after Bruno left because he has no one to speak to.


He started to do talk to the cameras a la Jordan Parhar much earlier than Bruno leaving. He just finds it easier to do now, with less people in the house to catch him revealing his plans and beliefs. He may not be doing it for game, but he is doing it to court perception of the viewers. It’s not because he has nobody else to talk to and deserves some level of pity. He’s doing it so that he can be perceived as some amazingly insightful player.


Hands down the most accurate and honest description of Kevin! Thank you!


In his defence, he thought there was no way Karen would vote to keep Dem over her number 1 Dillon due to how horrible it is for her game as well, which should have been the case if Karen knew where she was lol. The idea itself was very smart, there was just no way for him to know Karen was ready to throw her game out the window if it meant giving Kevin a harder time in the house, because, well, people usually go on Big Brother to make it to the end.


No, it was dumb to even give Ika the veto … he isolated himself, didn’t know where people were at … like WTH. I love Karen ………. she just make final 2.

Guy From Canada

If he had social game, he could have convinced Dillion to vote and save Dem, Karen would vote to save Ika and bam, he would have had the split vote to send Dem out to jury. Because he can’t play socially, and played on likelyhoods. he is not a well rounded player and deserve of bb game play praise. He didn’t look for the reason why they wanted Ika out prior to the pov ceremony. If he knew the reason was to promote Dem to a win over Kevin, and that Karen was the ring leader of that conversation with Dillion, Karen and Kevin, he would have known to put up Karen and work Dillion that saving Karen was in his best interest. But he made a huge blunder twice socially, and missed the mark twice, putting a duo on the block. In all honesty he shouldn’t win the game just for that reason, and Karen has an argument that she undermined him twice in critical game points when he held all the power and lost battles. when he weakest player in the house undermines your moves, how can you be called a strong player? I’m not hating on the Kev fans here, but help me understand why he doesn’t deserve praise when even Simon has made him a solid 5 Kraken all season?

sunny dee

i still can’t believe they edited out Ika’s influence over his using the POV r not using it, when she knew William planned to put up Bruno to get Bruno out. they made it look like he came up with the idea all by himself, not that ika went to tell neda to tell Kevin do not use the veto.

she’s been cut out of a few things i’ve noticed, thanks to the more accurate edit including videos that show what she has been involved in, right here by Simon & crew

i can totally see viewers who don’t watch feeds or recaps thinking Kevin is doing better than Ika or even Demetres, but watching these are very informative

Kevin handed the game to Demika

That wasn’t his only mistake, his first mistake was putting Jackie up instead of Karen. Ika would’ve left on his first HoH, and Demetre would’ve left on his second hoh


He didn’t want Ika to leave. Why would he put up Karen if he didn’t want Ika to go?


agreed. i understand he didnt do it the first time cause that would pissed off a lot of people. Kevin tried really hard to change Karen ‘s hate towards him. but the second time is just. .. i guessed he just didnt see how non logical Karen is. she is willing to give up whats best for game to screw over others. I mean, wth are you in big brother? anyway, either Kevin was being too logical so he didnt want to see weak playes on the block, or he actually has a weak spot for the elders.

sunny dee

which is how jillian got to the end, fwiw, it’s almost a requirement that two people are solid and carry and support each other right thru the end, because solo doesn’t always work out.

i don’t see a demetres/ika pair that much different. they definitely are better socially than the jillian/emmett ever were, when they won they stuck themselves into the HOH and barely talked to other players and they were HOHs majority of the time, so that’s significant.

if they hadn’t done that, jillians win would have been a landslide rather than a voting mistake by one person.


Jillian was not Kevin. Jillian was actually friends with houseguests and had an existing social relationship with the rest of the house.


Are you kidding me. Kevin has way more support than he merits, and every Kevin-fan complains and cries about support every other comment.


Want to report vote tampering on “ML22”. Up-votes increased by >10 within a minute. Voting for all other comments counted a max of two, with a median of one vote. Just so happens this guy’s comment was upvoted by more than ten other *different* people who isn’t this guy, and all did not vote any other comment?


on “ML22” or on this guy’s comment (above)


Does it really matter how many thumbs up comments get or who is winning in polls, even if it invovled “tampering”? It doesn’t determine anything within the Big Brother game. Who cares?


Lol I don’t even know what that means. I just posted my opinion like everyone else does, didn’t even see my comment posted then went to work. Take it easy bud.


Not pointing the finger at you at all. Sorry if you thought that. Just that it has been done on your comment.


OK cool lol. I was like wtf at first, report me to the media police? Haha. Very happy that kev won btw.


Kevin is a faker. He faked a showmance with william and made bad game moves one after the other. Noway he should win.


Karen….. your are old …. act like your age….. don’t be a bitch. STOP HARRASSING KEVIN…..


Seriously?! She is playing the game !


No she’s not. She clearly stated she doesn’t care about her game and wants Demetres to win.


Have some respect. The woman is old. She made it farther than any older person. And shame on Kevin for treating Karen like he did all season and using her as a failed ploy to lie about her being his target for weeks on end at the beginning of the game. If I were made to feel expendable and worthless, I would dislike Kevin Martin as well.

The CRUELTY to the elderly is insane.

So much cry-baby behavior for a little brat who gets multiple lives via twists, uses people and ruins their games (Johnny, William) and injustly condescends on others as “illogical” when things don’t go his way.


“Kevin treating Karen the way he did”

WHAT? Are we watching the same show?

Even Arisa and the executive producer of the show have no idea why Karen hates Kevin. Even Karen’s kids have been on twitter this season saying Karen will realize after the show that she treated Kevin unfairly, that for some reason she thinks he is apart of every bad thing that happens in the house even if he isn’t, and if she loves them she’ll team up with Kevin and go after Dem and Ika.

Karen has treated Kevin unfairly this entire season.


LOL fu*k Karen


When did age 53 become ‘elderly’??? It’s not Karen’s age that is her problem, it’s her idiocy. She is stupid and petty.


Kevin should win because he really did this game mostly by himself. Ika did nothing by herself. She may have had some ideas but Demetres did all the execution and that is his downfall as well. Overall, Kevin did the most of the final four. If Kevin does not win then I hope he comes second.


Played the game by himself? Lol. William’s secret veto is the only reason he’s still around. He also had Neda, Bruno, Sindy, and a ton of others protecting him for a while… the only difference is that Kevin is the last standing from his crew, while Ika and Demetres have been able to make it together. I like Kevin, but he didn’t get here on his own.


People talk like Kevin found the secret power of veto.

William found it. William used it on Kevin. In order for that to happen, Kevin had to build a strong enough relationship with a person in the house that they would use a veto on him and possibly put their own game in jeopardy by doing so.

Kevin didn’t just walk into a room and find a secret power of veto. It took playing the game in order for him to be safe that week.

Good for him!


Which part of being tweedle dum to Bruno’s tweedle dee did Kevin do by himself the first half of the game? The part where he talked about using William just for game? That revelation to William would have caused the ruin of Kevin’s game had he used his first veto, like he really wanted to, but was stopped by Ika. Oh, another non- self determining factor. How many people in week two coddled Kevin? There were hushed conversations with Neda, with Bruno, with Sindy, with Gary, in which all of them were acting as ptsd councilor to Kevin so that he wouldn’t go obsessive or compulsive having anxiety attacks.
When there was no one else to help Kevin, or when the help of the other house guests wasn’t enough…. oh look, a twist. Even production has been aiding Kevin and editing him to look like he isn’t a bufoon looking to make the splashy moves for more exposure.
Kevin wouldn’t be alone even now, if Kevin had stuck to the final two deal he made last week, even to get through the final four. But no, Kevin put his final two deal on the block instead of the woman that has repeatedly said she lives to hate Kevin Martin and get him out of the game to his face since week two.
The entire Kevin is alone factor of this game is the result of edit prompting and Kevin’s own poor decision making skills.


Totally agree!!

Guy From Canada

He made himself alone with bad social game. In a game where social is key, you can’t work alone without basic connections of relationships. Godfrey was truly alone in season 3, made it to f2 winning comps, having strong social connections on his own and lost. Why would Kevin who is a shadow of a well rounded player like that be more deserving to win over anyone? Even Karen has undermined his game…….how does his game deserve a win?

lol what?

godfrey won 1 pov late game

Guy From Canada

He won the final 3 competitions part one and three to bring Sarah to the end. He did win a POV prior to that. If you watch the show, Remember the bbcan awards from that season? He was in every clip because between naps he was active In The house with everyone.




Go Kevin!!!


i hate how the next povs are always done separately. Because then production can really rig shit. Not that they don;t already but they can even more. Not like when there is a pov with everyone.


They don’t always have F4 POV done separately – it depends on the type of comp it is. BBUS tends to have them do it all together & then the F3 part 1 is together but P2 is timed separately. So it could go either way.


hopefully its done together cause then they can’t do anything i really want demika and karen in final 3

Sharon from Niagara

Dillon deserved to win. Karen has done squat except ride Ika and Demetris’s coat tails. Karen turning on Dillon was low. Ikan is a bully and manipulates. This entire season has been a disappointment. Big Brother stop with the “veterans”. Win the veto Kevin but truthfully none of the final 4 deserve to be the winner. Dillon should have won.


Dillon win ??? Imfao !!! What did Dillon do that he should have won ?? Eat all day and lay around doing NOTHING !!! ONE HoH that was GIVIN to him and 1 veto hahaha. Demetre’s ALL the way !! 5 HoH’s a RECORED in BB history 2 vetos and hopefully a 3rd then the Win !! NO one on BBUS, BBUK, BBCAN has ever won 5 HoH’s !! That deserves a Win !! GO DEMETRE’S !!! But he prob wont if he makes F2 cause of the IDIOTS in Jury !!




Kevin is the worst BB player ever! In any BB franchise EVER!

Guy From Canada

He’s not the worst, but he is not the best either. To make it to f4 ( yes his second time around) does deserve some praise but it was a large alliance and a fan boy who didn’t know the game who helped him that far……


all goes back to 1st episode


I agree with Simon – If Kevin can Comp. out, he has a good chance for the win. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Kevin. He is terrible when it comes to the social part of BB. He doesn’t interact with the other HG at all. The only person he talked to all Season was Bruno ( boring ). They were non-existent 3 quarters of the Season until Bruno’s eviction. – And then Kevin started secluding himself and talking to the camera’s as part of his game plan. But then you also have to weigh his comp wins against his glaring mistakes of not getting Ika or Demetres out each time he put them up and those were huge mistakes. ( That sent one of those Jury members home )
It will be a close vote if he makes it to F2 depending who is sitting next to Kevin. If Karen is next to Kevin then Kevin wins, but anyone else then I still think it’s a close vote, even though Ika has no wins ( remember the Queen never goes into battle – She just draws up the plans ) !!!!


Kevin should have thrown Karen up as replacement. She doesn’t deserve to be where she is in this game as she’s done nothing except be a bitch to Kevin and be dramatic. Wish he had left noms alone and then for sure Ika would be leaving.


Funny thought: would making the entire house so worried about your over-reaction and paranoid ramblings that you succeeded in making sure you sat on the block less than everyone else in the final four count as good social game? Does behaving irrationally to the point of seeming strangely obsessed with hatred for one player that you seem to only have one target in the game and one goal in your life count as good social game?
What if the house goat made it to final two, stood up and said I played all of you, you were socially intimidated into only putting me on the block once all season, fearing my reaction; you all bought my thatkevinmartin act so that you never considered me a threat to your game. What if crazykaren is so crazy that she could actually pull of a months long 24/7 certifiable routine? Lol. This is for parallel universe entertainment only.


Isn’t it at this time of the game that BB Canada brings back Gary???


No more vets. They could find so many great new people the vets had their chance. Gary was a mess this year he looked like old man.


Simon – heads up the POV is tonight


but on side lokok doesnt this deal go bsck episide 1?


I think it might be interesting to see if Kevin wins the veto, who does he evict.

On one hand I think if he evicts Karen and says to demetres, you can’t beat ika in final 2, but you could probably beat me (Kevin) then he could at least stand a chance of making final 2 with demetres vs ika. If Karen is still in the game then demetres will take her. I know demetres is crazy loyal but selfishly he has to be considering what the jury thinks, that ika has made the decisions for his HOHs and that they may vote for her over him. So why not consider Kevin as he doesn’t have as many comp wins, and really there isn’t much difference in their games, both were part of the six, both had a showmance, the only difference is Kevin lost his closest allies very recently whereas dem still has ika. Kevin is no underdog, he just got played by ika social game and Karen’s hatred.

If he evicts ika then he would have to win the final HoH which is unlikely because demetres has shown to be both physically and mentally strong.

If he keeps ika, she has no chance of winning the hoh comps increasing Kevin’s chances to win the 2nd part. And Kevin COULD have a better chance to getting to final 2 against ika than against Karen.

Btw I’m not a Kevin fan, I actually want ika to win, but I like considering all the options and I think this would be the best move for Kevin!


i was thinking even if he took ika/ karen, the variables of him going f2 would be the same…. both karen/ika wouldnt win against him in the f3 hoh, and either way dem still wouldnt take him wether ika or karen are there…..however i was thinking… it might be better for him to keep ika bc he really looks stupid (he is ) for not getting rid of her his one hoh and not ensuring dem would leave his last hoh…. he could twist it and make it seem like his plan all along was to beat the best and not take the weak to the end (ppl woudl respect that in jury)….also.. ika is a more of a distraction for demetres.. if she’s gone, dem is more focussed (more sleep, more studying, less stress). Keeping karen doesnt help him make it to final 2 anymore than keeping ika bc dem would take ika but he would also take karen, and if by some small chance ika or karen won they wouldnt take kevin. Tbh.. getting rid of karen is actually better for his game at this point now.


It looks like Kevin lost POV…can someone confirm


Something is really different with the thumbs up/down today. Mmmm i wonder what happen. I guess someone really waist its time clearing cookies just to prove a point. LOL





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Karma’s a bitch and so is ika, they’ll both be happy together in the jury house


AGh. My perception of KEVIN right now is Christolph Waltz’ character in “Inglorious Basterds”:


LOL OHHHH I feel bad for Ika. she and her kids – would not have minded for them to have the 100K.


Dam, she did not try to win she was only there to be seen and heard.
She got a free ride as far as she goes this BBCAN5.
Did not try!!
She is still my fav and Queen(b…h)


Wikipedia is saying that Kevin won HOH. Didn’t watch the live feeds. Can anyone confirm?


Kevin WON!

Time Stand Still

Question, why is the POV happening before the nominations?


Noms happened during the smaller feed break about an hour and a half before the pov.
Demetres nominated Karen and Kevin.


Anyone that says Kevin deserves to win over demtres or ika .. or that he played a better game over them (or even over karen at this point) is just being biased for their dislike of demika and mainly ika. I say this bc theonly reason kevin made it to triple was because of WILLIAM.. no real strategy on his part.. he just pretended to like someone so they’d save him (no real strategy)….. but the main reason i say ppl are being biased against ika if they think that way, is two big reasons…..both his HOHs he accidentally ends up saving demika… BOTH… it wasnt a master plan to save both… he was just stupid and ego driven BOTH times and wasnt able to pull it off. The fact he had two chances and made two dumb moves (which he thought was so mart in his head but to everyone else was obviously dumb moves), is why i would never call that man deserving over them. his first hoh he puts jackie up .. freaking jackie… over karen who would for sure stay… he did not cover his bases at allllllllllll and made it possible for ika to stay (his first mistake)…. he gets a second chance and of all the moves he takes ika off the block HIMSELF… then on top of that he again fails to put up karen to ensure demetres leaves. I’m so sorry…. but.. he thought he was being so strategic and smart when in reality he was making the worst moves i’ve ever seen in history!!! Even karen actually made a strategic move OVER HIM.. like… seriousl! Kevin is not deserving to win over the other 3… he is only there bc he was lucky that demetres didnt play in the triple’s POV (bc dem would have won that) and ika/karen arent good at comps… he’s only there bc he won those two povs and hoh and NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS GAME SKILLZ!! NOTHING!! even if u dont like ika/dem/karen.. give credit where credit is due. Congratz to kevin for winning the povs to save his life…. but really.. that is all he has done..in two weeks.. and his idiotic hoh “moves” are enough to really say that he really isnt a good player. I wish dem and ika could make f2… they really played their asses off all season and mad smart game moves. They are both my winners even if they dont win. They played the game in every way and were smart about it and in the end stayed true to each other.. i am happy with their games and i hope they are proud of themselves… gj u two. This season really was lit!!! I was so bored of the last two seasons.. this brought me back to bbCan lol


I read Kevin won pov 🙁

Team Kevin

Wooohoooo let’s go Kevin!!!!! Screw all these mean ppl!


Kevin fans are rejoicing, Ika fans are devastated and BB Fans are contemplating the worst possible case scenario: Kevin & Karen F2 – BOO

Once again the BB winner won’t (likely) feature a F2 with at least one of the two players who played the best game from day 1 through to the end. Sadly a weird twist (once again) will be the reason why the champion wins. Going back to Will’s secret POV even it is tainted b/c Demetres tried to go into the pantry just prior, but was locked out and Karen saw Will crawling out of the wall which should have rendered this POV null & void.

Kevin will most likely be the winner of IMHO the best BBCan season ever, despite making multiple massive game errors. Again, IMHO Kevin didn’t even have to start fully playing until Bruno left (basically 2 weeks and 2 days ago).

I wasn’t happy Gary was drop lifted back into F5 Season 1. As much as I enjoyed Jon (and yes even Neda) I wasn’t happy they were helped (massively) via the twist which tore out the other side of the house and robbed us from what could have been a very competitive season. I wasn’t happy Brit & Sarah’s twist determined Season 3. I wasn’t happy one of Tim or Cass weren’t in the F2 last season. And I won’t be happy if this season ends with neither Demetres or Ika making a F2 chair.

The moral of the story:
For BB players: Lay low and start playing in final 2 or 3 weeks b/c it affords you the best chance of winning (Jon, Pax Bros, Kev) or play to Canada to get the advantage (Gary, Jon & Neda, Brit & Sarah, Kevin).

For Viewers/BB Fans: Outside of Dr. Will & a few others, remember we rarely get the F2 or winners we want.

At least this season provided plenty of action and entertainment (from my perspective it’s on par with the BB US Season 6 of All Stars).


And,…Another One!!