“How embarrassing if you poop the bed on the Big Brother live feeds” -Andy

3 PART FINAL HOH Competition:

  • Part 1 – Spencer Vs Andy Vs Ginamaie = GM WON
  • Part 2 – Spencer Vs Andy = Andy WON
  • Part 3 – On Finale night – Ginamarie Vs Andy = ?
  • FINAL HOH winner = ?



12:00AM Kitchen Spencer and GM

GM – “GM Green apple’s not bad.. “
Spencer – “The skittle”
GM – “Ya.. I’m eating them by colour”
S – “Dude If I had 50K Marilyn and I would be set
GM – “Really.. if i had 500 thousand I would be set.. Oh my god.. oh my god.. it’s like right there”
GM – ‘I don’t think … like.. I don’t think Andy will take me solid.. that is why I need to win for myself to make sure I have a spot’
S – “you don’t… I hope you do win for yourself.. if you do win I know you are not taking Andy you are taking me we’re solid ’
GM – ‘ya’
S – ‘even for yourself you’ve won 1/2 a million dollars.. period’
GM goes over her jury votes against Andy- ‘If I had to pick over Andy.. I might have Aaryn.. JUDD I don’t know.. Elissa is a toss up.. Helen will go with Andy.. Amanda who the f** knows.. she left being mad at Andy.. Obviously Candace he has.. Jessie who the f*** knows maybe me“
GM adds that McCrae will go to Andy.
Spencer mentions that Amanda was pretty mad at Andy when they left.
GM – “My only solid on is Aaryn.. that’s it.. as long as Amanda told her no bullshit cause you know she will do whatever Amanda says’

S – “Look I know we are good.. you swore on Nick and you don’t break your word.. I know you are good for your word”
S – “As paranoid as I am i’m going to ask you one more time before Wednesday… I’m not trying to harp on you. I’m not really a control freak but this is completely out of my hands”
GM – “I know.. I know”
S – “You want to play bullshit later a couple more rounds”
GM – “Ya I’m down for that.. i’m going to get my sheets”


Andy comes out of the diary room. Spencer asks if he wants to play some bullshit before bed. Andy says sure thing, ‘Where is GM cleaning her sheets”
Spencer- “Ya”
Andy says that is the last thing he wasn’t to do right now is wash his sheets, “Even if I poop the bed I’ll just cover it with a towel”
Spencer laughs says he’s the same way.
Andy – “how embarrassing if you poop the bed on the Big Brother live feeds”

Production comes over the speakers “You’re one day closer to 500 hundred thousand dollars”
Andy – “YAAAA”
You can hear GM fom the other room screaming “YAAAAA”
Production comes over the speakers “House guests remember to enjoy yourself today.. these are the good old days”

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


They start doing “JUDD squats” from when he was given exercise orders from the drill sergeant.
Spencer – “the drill sergeant I miss that guy”
Andy being sarcastic “Our strategy to get JUDD tired so he would blow the Veto”
Spencer – “So funny”


12:30AM -1:00AM Bullsh!t

1:20AM Spencer and Andy in the living room wondering of they will get to be in the HOH one last time. They think they might on Wednesday while production gets the house ready for the live show. Andy suggests that production might not care and let them hang out with the staff the last day.

1:40AM GM thinking of the Jury votes while the two guys sleep


5:34AM Sleeping

8:56am Sleeping

10:13AM ZZZZzzzzz
Spencer rolls over


11:04AM Houseguests up enjoying the morning.

Chatting about the season’s competitions.

Andy – “we were speculating do you think Elissa is full of shit and they will be having the wrap party in the backyard”
Spencer doesn’t know he assumes that production can mix it up a bit but he doesn’t know why they wouldn’t use the backyard it’s a perfect size.

They all agree the “seventh Generation” laundry detergent is crap. Spencer – “Bullshit in a bottle”
Spencer – ‘When they said there was some good news I thought Elizabeth Shue was going to show up”
Andy = “what was the good news.. ”
Spencer- “One song and we’re closing the backyard forever”

They are joking around about how crappy Amanda was at competition. Andy points out that Amanda won the most difficult competition of the year the one comp where people needed medical attention.

Andy says he’s looking forward to seeing the people in production that JUDD screamed at. GM – “That boy had no patience” Andy – ‘He was a hot head”

GM tells them that the rest of the stitches come out today. Spencer- “That’s amazing It seems like stitches stayed in for a month when I was a kid”


11:31AM They say goodbye to the backyard

GM gives the hammock one last go. Spencer tries the weights for the first time.

Andy and Spencer give the pool one more look. Spencer jumps in.

Produciton comes over the speakers “Houseguests this is a lockdown”

Andy – “Bye backyard”
GM – “Bye weight bench.. bye couch.. bye hot tub”
Andy – “Bye pool table”

11:40AM GM and Andy are planning on taking a nap. Spencer cruises into the shower.

11:50AM Everyone sleeping

12:30pm The Final 3 BB15 House Guests are sleeping ..

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194 thoughts on ““How embarrassing if you poop the bed on the Big Brother live feeds” -Andy

  1. Andy – “how embarrassing if you poop the bed on the Big Brother live feeds”

    Andy, actually it’s been a whole lot MORE embarassing for you to be you on the Big Brother live feeds.

    1. I’ve been thinking the same thing, but am wondering if Andy is just trying to fake GM out so that she takes him to F2. With only three of them remaining and all of them so close, he knows they are all talking to each other. So maybe he just wants to make it seem to GM that he really thinks he can’t win against Spencer. He knows Spencer will probably tell GM that Andy is being noncommittal, and that he’s not feel confident. GM is so loyalty driven that maybe Andy is counting on her feeling more bonded to Andy based on his feigned loyalty to her.

      OR, maybe he really is planning on cutting Spencer, lol. Hard to say. Not sure if that’s a logical conclusion for him,though. I guess it depends on how fearful he is of bitter jury members.

      1. fay if andy wins he really would be better off against gm because here are the jury members that gm wont get Candice Amanda now only 3 more Helen elissa this maybe close but I think at least 1 will think gm is worse ok only 2 more votes for andy to get mccrae think he will go with his women which haes gm now just 1 more vote spencer judd aaryn and Jessie think aaryn will get aaryn of coarse and judd so that leaves spencer and Jessie I think andy can get 1 there that gives andy the win now if he takes spencer think he will lose Amanda and mccrae to spencer also think judd will go with spencer that leaves 6 jurors and spencer only needs 2 think he will get Jessie so betwwen Helen eliissa Candice aaryn gm he would only need 1 and if andy take spencer over gm gm votes for spencer what do you think

      2. GM isn’t loyalty driven. She voted out Kaitlyn, then Aaryn. And has talked shit about both of them ever since. She also was supposedly aligned with Elissa after Helen was evicted but then voted for her ouster. The racist skant isn’t loyal to anyone but herself. Same with Ratboy. He’s jumped through so many alliances he hasn’t played an honest game once this season. He floated until the last 3 weeks, then banded with the other floaters and made a move to take out those who carried their sorry asses all season. My feeling is if GM makes it to final two, the women on the jury will vote for her simply because they want a woman to win (Helen/Elissa/Jessie/Candice all said this at the beginning that a woman has to win this year). If Ratboy and pervert make it to final two, pervert wins because too many jurors will be bitter about Ratboy’s infidelity to his alliance with each. My prediction is that whoever wins final HOH will take Spencer because he has literally done nothing all season BUT be an obnoxious pig who demeans women, talks about sex constantly, and picks his nose. None of these pieces of shit deserve a penny. It’s sickening one will get $50k and the other $500k. There has to be a better way next year.

        1. Agreed, she’s not 100% loyal. But she’s established that type of reputation amongst the houseguests, and she does tend to play emotionally. If it’s a close decision for her between Spencer and Andy, she could very well lean towards Spencer b/c they’ve been closer for awhile. Andy may be trying to make some inroads with GM in that regard.

      1. Proving my worst fear – if you watched “The Talk” on CBS today, they asked guest “Abby” from NCIS actress Paulie Parette about BB15 – of course she is a huge BB fan – she ONLY watches the weekly televised shows and based on the telecast America has seen – she, her friends and family are all pulling for SPENCER!?! Proving what an incredible edit and character misrepresentation he has been given throughout the season! She has seen Andy is a lying snake and all the “racism” & fighting from GM – “Spencer is just layed back, an everyday really nice guy” PUKING! He is a sexist pervert predator – beyond SICK & demented towards women!! CBS cannot allow him to escape and get off clean like they have portrayed him through editing! She even said – “there was so much meanness this season I had to cover my ears and turn away many times – Spencer is the only player who never talked bad about anyone!”
        HOW WAS JULIE ABLE TO KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE! although she did, in her own way, Julie did suggest for Paulie to look online then explained that all 3 are very “controversial” for different reasons!!!

        No female who had seen or heard a minute of the CONSTANT filth and disrespect that has come nonstop from his mouth would see him as any good Clean American Guy! In ANY WAY WHATSOEVER!!!!

        Houston! We have a problem!!!

            1. I checked Twitter and couldn’t find her, going to check FB, but I am sure it is just a page ran by administrators, America is being fooled by the editing, but I suppose they have to try to make someone look good!! I still feel like there should be something in their contracts, like a bigotry and behavior clause that makes them ineligible for the winnings under extreme circumstances, then they could donate the money to the red cross to help needy families.

          1. Julie’s response was basically saying “there’s ALOT online” suggesting maybe Pauley gets online…Pauley then went on to say they “were big Howard supporters but every since he left – they are TOTALLY for Spencer” – she (“Abby”, Pauley) called him the “Thinker” and said “he’s the only
            One n the house that’s never talked so mean to and about other houseguest like everyone else has” – if she even had a CLUE what the sicko is THINKING about all the time she would be sick to her stomach! The only reason none of his “meanness” has been aired is because everything out of his mouth is x-rated!!! So DISTURBING America is only seeing the CBS edited Spencer….the ONLY time he shits his mouth is during live shows!

            1. Correction ** the only time he “Shuts” his mouth!
              Ha ha! Guess my cell knows all that comes from his mouth is SHIT so it autocorrected! Lol

              1. Thanks Pilldocswife… I appreciate your taking the time to answer my question – interesting response from Julie! And your sh.t slip was priceless!

        1. I so agree with you – Spervy’s has had the best edits – they appear to mostly diary room footage – nothing else could be viewed – we all know why. It is too bad they cannot give the remaining house guest 50K each and give the rest to charity(we all know CBS cares) or the winner gets 500,000 pennies, 2nd place 50,000 pennies.

      2. She is on twitter – @pauleyp –
        I hope others will join me in making her AWARE of who she is REALLY talking about! She is such a genuine great person- I’m confidant she will be appalled and frankly embarrassed to be speaking out n support of man that speaks so poorly of women and even CHILDREN!

    2. I can’t believe some of the shit that comes out of Andys mouth!! It’s like he’s in 3rd grade.
      He is the WORST BB player of all time and he thinks he s the best

        1. I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near that deviant asshole. I hope his ‘friends’, employer, and co-workers know what a lying manipulative piece of shit he really is. He was a whiny little bitch the one time he was on the block (knowing he was a pawn) but couldn’t help himself needling and laughing at McCrae (who was his ally all season) telling him how he was going home. What a sick and twisted fucker. Hope what comes around goes around Ratboy.

          1. Thankfully, he wasn’t a grade school teacher and was just a part time instructor (not even a professor) for college. He worked at the College of DuPage and they made a Facebook post last Friday stating that Andy is not currently employed by them and the college does not share his views nor condone his behavior and comments. This could mean they fired him. It could also mean he once worked for them but was not employed by them when he entered the BB house, so there’s no “firing” to be done. Regardless, I would pay so much to be there in person when he tries to get another teaching position and gets denied for his behavior on BB. I would also love to be in the same room with them when they look themselves up on the internet and find out how much everyone hates them. Then I would laugh. Heartily.

            1. The college posted that statement on its Facebook page because the college was receiving a lot of flack over Andy’s behavior. While I think he’s an arrogant rat – people that go to the extreme of contacting a player’s current or past place of employment need to evaluate their own behavior.

            2. Ok based on this then I bet he was fired! The other night on live feeds he was drinking champagne & was saying some of the most vile & horrible things about Elissa. It was just flat out lies coming out of his mouth & of course it was all disgusting & sexual. He also at the same time kept repeating that he hopes he doens’t get fired for saying such bad things. I am guessing he was talking about his college job.

              1. Nope, he’s an adjunct professor. He has a class when there is a need. He hasn’t been fired because the college doesn’t currently need him.

      1. Andy will be forced into child care since after this show his teaching career is done and the next time we hear from Rat boy will be when he is on the news for ubappropriate touching.

    3. So, Andy would be embarrassed for pooping his bed on tele, BUT NOT embarrassed about covering it up with a towel and sleeping in it? Who raised these people!!!!!?????

      This is truly THE most unhygienic cast yet!

    4. Spencer said that he grew his beard and cut his hair in a buzz cut to be on the show. It’s my theory that along with the dark sunglasses he is trying to not be recognized by the women whose drinks he put the Date Rape drug…..” Roofies” in so that he could have sex with them while they were unconscious. He as much as admitted it early on until he realized what he was saying, then he caught himself and said ” just kidding” If he did, that is considered RAPE, a felony that carries a prison sentence. what do you think?

      1. It is absolutely rape! Hopefully he gets investigated for this as well. In my opinion, he is the worst of the final 3. He was also saying on live feeds one night that he only lives 3 or 4 houses down from a daycare.

  2. I cant believe it, but it seems for sure andy is taking gm. He is totally non-committal to spencer when talking in private, and tells gm what they talk about.

    Against andy, gm for sure has aaryn/judd/elissa, hopefully she gets jessie too. And she has a chance at helen, hopefully mccrae votes his own and not what amanda wants.

    However, best scenario would be if gm wins, andy thinks she is taking him, and she blindsides him like he has done everyone else! He leaves with nothing!

    1. If judd stayed, there is no way Andy would have taken Judd to the final two with him. And i don’t think Judd would’ve taken Andy, which would have put Spencer in the best position. Spencer should have known Andy wanting to keep Ginamarie around so badly was a strategic move on his part. Basically Spencer did Andy’s dirty work for him, and now his (Spencer) fate is in the hands of one of those two. Can’t say I feel bad for him…he should have realized Andy is not to be trusted.

    2. There is no way that production is going to allow GM to win any money. You know that the DR room is up to its usual role (planting sees in Andy’s mind about who to take to the F2). Production needs Andy to win the final comp and that’s what is going to happen – and he’s taking Spencer with him. I hope I’m wrong – this is not my preferred outcome – but it’s what will happen.

  3. Don’t you dare. I thought my twin cousin would be making money on E-Bay, he was used by Amanda and MC, but nope – he was just bleached to death.

    1. No matter who wins part 3, they’re taking Spencer. If Andy wins it, GM is toast. Nooooooooooooooooo!!!
      I don’t want Andy to win. He should be ok in third place with the $94.83 he won.

    2. Hopefully Julie will read some of their horrible comments on Wednesday, because I guarantee you, if she doesn’t, many viewers will think these people were saints, except for Aaryn. (And Aaryn was the lesser of the evils).

    3. Cap, your going to be very disappointed tomorrow night. GM has no chance beating Andy (Questions).

      Andy has played a brilliant game and he will choose the right person to take to the finals.

      What I don’t get is why 90% of the people are against Andy (considering the final 3). This actually concerns me about the majority of Americans. Andy has been the least “Vile” among the remaining 3 houseguests. He played a game that alot of people didn’t like (backstabbing/rat, etc.), but I can’t believe that people are either rooting for a Racist or a pedophile to win over a rat. I would think that people are against Child Molesters or racists, but obviously I’m wrong.

      No wonder America is continuously falling in the world. People always say that over the last 20 years Americans have become dumber. I never believed it, until reading this message board. I mean seriously.

      Maybe some people on this message board should be investigated for Racism (Hate Crimes) and Child Abuse. Makes me sick. Such an easy decision.

      Everybody keeps saying about Karma and how they wish the houseguests get theirs. Ok fine………but some of the people on here talk about the houseguests dying, etc. So if that’s logical thinking, isn’t it ok to hope that some posters that talk like trash on this website get their Karma as well.

      So I just outlined 99% logic as to why people should root for Andy. What didn’t I include? That hes a homosexual. When that is thrown in, everybody likes racists and child molesters over homosexuals. I deal with it in my life. When me and my husband adopted our 2nd child, we had to deal with hate crimes in the neighborhood. My son got beaten up in school because he is in dance class. Dance is a very helpful class for males or females. It helps with balance and grace. Why 15 year old boys would target him and bully him the way they do just shows me how homosexuals are hated.

        1. I don’t think that is going to happen Cap. If this were vegas I would say 3-1 Andy wins. GM does have a chance, but it’s very slim.

          I keep going back and forth of who Andy will actually take and I’m thinking Spencer. He’s going to weigh all of his options and I’m pretty confident that he’ll make his decision, likes he’s played the game……..flawless.

          I have about 15 of my friends coming over tomorrow night for a big party. One of my good friends is a wedding coordinator. He does awesome cakes. He’s making a cake of Andy (no, it isn’t a rat cake). Lol. If pictures could be posted, I would post it tomorrow when he brings it over.

          1. @Richard, don’t be so sure!!!! Andy will end up be on the jury. Even he won’t get votes to win it. I’m telling you, Andy doesn’t stand a chance of winning big brother. That’s my opinion.

          2. I’d like to say why I personally detest Andy: he has (with both GM and Spencer) been bashing each houseguest maliciously. Elissa and her dildo story, getting blowjobs from the women, on and on. He is despicable and so hate-filled inside but it did not start to come out until Amanda and McCrae actually left the game for some reason. Before that, he came off as someone who had a great social strategy but it seems underneath he was seething with jealousy and hate (especially it seems towards some females).
            That’s what makes him more ‘dangerous’ or manipulative I guess – the fact that you have been fooled or just haven’t been paying for live feeds or watching after dark for the last week.
            He is really quite horrible when he attacks and he doesn’t let up (on Elissa particularly) and sometimes Candice.
            To each their own though Richard…

            1. Ya think Elissa can sue for this? Especially the dildo story? Because he was saying it in such a factual way as if it really happened. He never said just kidding or let on like he was kidding. (Of course everyone knew it was made up but still)

      1. Richard, your post was very thoughtful and I appreciate and agree with most of it. Andy being homosexual should make him more empathetic and sympathetic to those Houseguest experiencing racism and bullying. But he just laughed along and encouraged the racists and bully’s, and he very often said terrible things himself. I don’t know if it’s self hatred or what, but he should know better and his behavior can’t be attributed to game play.

        1. Cloe. Yes Andy has said some bad things, but not much when you compare it to what GM and Spencer said. This game is a game of keeping your butt off the block and not making anybody mad. He did that the whole season. When these people started getting really bad and talking alot of hateful stuff, he was in a bad position. Either stand up to people (which would be the right thing to do), but that would certainly get him voted out. He also dosn’t have the personality to endure drama and fighting. He would cry and fold. By laughing and going along with it, he was keeping himself safe.

          Yes, the things he’s going on and on about Elissa I think is wrong. I think he will backtrack when this stuff is over about what he said about her.

          When listening to Spencer and GM talk, they are not being baited by anybody to say them, that is their true self coming out. About every other subject to Spencer is about sex. He is really gross. Sexual predators is the one thing that can’t be cured. I think there may be more to him then what we know. When he gets out, he may be subject to investigations and who knows what will be found out.

          1. You are correct Richard – and I can’t for the life of me understand why I would prefer either GM or Spencer to win. I guess I simply do not like Andy’s arrogant personality. But I think CBS is going to do everything in its production powers to insure that he makes the F2 – and I’m uneasy about Dr. Will’s role tomorrow. There’s no reason for a past winner (especially one of Dr. Will’s gameplay) to be involved – except to do production’s bidding.

          2. Richard, Andy baited a lot of the hateful speak that has gone on. I am speaking pre-3AM demise. Others have spoke up and told some of these players they have crossed the line, and certain topics were off limits…such as family etc. True they are no longer in the house but that is not why they were voted out. Since F3, and since Andy has won the 2nd part of HOH his personal attacks on numerous players is beyond poor sportsmanship. Presently he is in a position to inform his current roommates that certain directions of their conversations make him uncomfortable. That is all it would take to tone it down in there.

            Admittedly he has played the game…He is in F3 and probably F2. However I do not respect his game.

            And the only entertainment value Andy provided was on this site with the drinking game. :)

            Have fun with the cake and I am sorry your son received a rough time for participating in such an interesting art form as dance. I am sure he is stunning.
            (Last statement in all sincerity)

  4. Cbs BB16 cast for next season

    2 EX CONS
    2 NUNS

    1. actually isolating poor Charlie Sheen from many of his bad habits and favorite vices for a summer would be fun to watch.
      the rest of the list is less interesting, i’d rather mix up returning favorites with fans, and hope for the best. eight or seven
      “newbies” taking on people who got at least five or ten episodes into a previous and prior season would be fun, let alone
      having them all “babysitting” Charlie as he tries to detox his system and avoid alcohol. he had been getting at least a cool
      half million for his TWO AND A HALF MEN episodes each, so is the possibility of getting all that prize money worth it for him?

    2. You should swap out the 2 Christians for 2 Crackheads/ Methheads( we already got 2 Nuns we cant risk them getting together and floating to the end with Gods help.. too boring). There was so much drug use in the house this season, so we have to capitilize on that and give or withhold the medication/dope like they did with Amanda to make her freak out and torture Elissa. Can you imagine what a Crack/Methhead would do for prodution to get dope. Hmmm! It could get interesting.

  5. Well, I suppose of the “lesser” evils, I will go for Andy to win. No preference for 2nd. Do not wish Elissa to get AFP, maybe David. Just because he wasn’t around long enough to annoy the shit out of me. I get kinda’ worked up with their behavior this season, kinda’ atrocious…but didn’t stop me from tuning in, and watch BBAD. BBCanada starts in springtime. Whoop whoop

  6. Production comes over the speakers “House guests remember to enjoy yourself today.. these are the good old days”

    Boy, ain’t that the truth!!! Just wait until these house guests leave the BB house and enter the real world.

      1. Or silence–just silent contempt. None of that stupid enthusiastic over the top applause we usually see and hear–what can CBS do to the audience at that point? To think I told so many people to watch my favorite summer show this year and to see it be a shadow of its former self…

        1. What can CBS do? They can fill the audience with plants- CBS employees who are instructed on how to act when the various HGs come out of the house. People have posted on here since Aaryn’s eviction that CBS has tampered with the audience and rigged their reaction. I’m not sure if its true, I’m just saying its possible.

      2. On any live television show they have a “warm-up” person who entertains or a production assistant that pumps the audience up and has them cheer, whoop and c.up at certain to es. CBS will NOT allow their great ratings to be downplayed by a audience that may sabotage those ratings by booing or not cooperating with their game plan for a big ratings night. Production will of course have Andy set to win…they will make sure he knows the answer to any sort of tie breaker type question, if it is needed, in the final HoH part 3 comp. That’s why they use that type of comp…they won’t leave it to physical or chance of any kind. It is always something they can control!!! Still….I sure hoping that Gina Marie could win this thing. Even with all her issues, she is more deserving than the other two…especially over Spencer…who is just both Andy and GM’s pawn and their guarantee of the win. That’s been Spencers role the entire game….anyone can beat him.

        1. I am well aware of this. There is not enough “warm-up” in the world that would make me do that on the live show tomorrow night!

    1. Captain, My Captain. Sorry I haven’t been online, I even missed Sunday’s show. This partying is out of hand. So when Andy wins on Wednesday will you call me a super genius. Josh hopes Andy comes to Vegas so he can meet the best player in BB history. Miss you my friend. If you have the money Josh and I will be partying in Aruba at Mambo Jambo’s. We will be staying at the Buccuti & Tara resort. We love this place because you put a red flag in the white sand and a server comes out with the Biggest Pina Colanda. Sept. 23rd to Oct. 21. Just look for a pretty blond and yell BuffaloBill. Go my Rainbow Warrior Andy!

  7. Amanda plans on coaxing Dr. Will to write her two prescriptions, a sedative (probably horse tranquilizer) and an upper. I’ll leave your imagination to decide what she plans to do with them… ugh…

  8. Is that what would embarrass you Andy? How cute! And diarrhea of the mouth, spewing your wretched vomit all over the cameras & microphones everywhere in the house incessantly, not embarrassing? Of course not! You wouldn’t want to tarnish your educator status with washing sheets or anything so unmanly. GM is so dumb for wanting to leave her bedding in decent shape having been a house guest! Remarkably, Spencer agrees.

    And the ultimate in absurdity, the very next statement is production over the speakers “You’re one day closer to 500 hundred thousand dollars”. Of course!

  9. Andy, please go home empty handed you vile creature. Your college career is over. Expect a lot of verbal abuse from the public for your nasty mouth. I hope you are taken to court for slander, etc. Your in for a rude awakening.

  10. GM I hope you make it to the f2 only because your the last girl standing and your such a underdog. Good luck and forget about the Nick thing you need a real man. Call me when you win the 500k LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This from BBAD:

    Spencer: do you know who i always wanted to beat the f**k out of? Steve Urkel
    Andy: Why?
    Spencer: That MF could ruin the Winslow’s day. Carl could have something planned. Eddy could have a date. Laura could have a date, even worse. that MF would just pop in and not even knock
    Andy: yeah he was bad at that
    Spencer: and he’d ruin your s**t…what a huge a-hole Steve Urkel was
    Andy: awww ohhh I don’t know if i’d go that far. he had good intentions.
    Spencer: it’s not good intentions. he had horrible manners.
    GM: and you never saw his parents
    Spencer: his parents should have been taken to chicago court for child neglect. they let that kid do anything. He made a machine in his bsmt that would change him into a better version of himself.

    This whole thing made me think of Andy. Andy popping into rooms and conversations. Without knocking. lol. Ruining everyone’s plans. Says he didn’t have good intentions he was just simply rude. And of course Andy is sympathetic, because he understands and does the same type of thing (in the house) Spencer says he was an a-hole. As do many of us. Then Steve entered his machine (Andy and the DR) and turned himself into a better version of himself. Andy recreated his whole game to appear a better version of himself.

    I just see parallels here between Urkel purpose in a comedy and Andy’s game.

    1. Spencer would agree with your analogy and I’m sure he intended it as such. He has done this on numerous occasions with other HG’s. This is one of the areas Spencer actually shines. To bad he goes to far in many other areas.

  12. I was just grossed out last night on the after dark – Andy stated that Elissa wanted to have sex with him REALLY!!!!!!, and then Spencer stated that he was asked by Elissa to have sex with him too, but he loves his girlfriend to much LMAO. Also Spencer stated that he went up into the HOH room and hound Elissa in Eagle legged with the foam head between her legs, and then he smelled the foam head and stated he smelled like Elissa.

    Elissa should sue those two for sure.

    Let Andy get third PLEASE.

  13. It seems like GM is going to take Andy. She hasn’t broken her word and as far as I know she has only told Andy she is taking him 100%. If that is the case, Andy will win. That would be a stupid move on her part. If Andy wins final HOH I don’t think it matters who he takes. I am preparing myself now that Andy is going to win this whole thing. People in the jury are going to put bitterness aside and look at game play. They will come to the conclusion that Andy has played the game the best. A lot of the former BB players have also said they think Andy has played the best game. What a terrible end to a terrible season any way it goes down.

      1. even so… half the JURY is totally PO’ed at Andy becuause
        he did his darndest to put them all where they are. unless
        poor Candice badmouths & zingers GM most totally the JURY
        may end up being nice to him after the game but not during
        it at all. he gets the $50,ooo and GM wins thahhh 1/2 million!!!

  14. If there was a show where they killed off the main characters and most important supporting characters early on, you would get Big Brother 15.

    1. Nope, the top choice would be the Game of Thrones. Main characters die, die horribly and die often. Don’t fall in love with any main character, because death awaits them all.

    1. Happy Ending = The Nightmare BB Season ends tomorrow night.

      But, I’m afraid CBS will do a terrible job casting shit-stains again next season,

      or worst.

      All-Stars 2.
      Rachel,Brendon and Elissa(this could actually happen, because CBS will pay them as much as they want to get them together) ,
      McCrae and Amanda, now married his new name is McCrae Zuckerman, because since she will be taking care of him, he better take her name.
      Nick and GM, somehow her psychotic stalking tactics using her winnings to track him around the world, he FINALLY gives in and agrees to be with her.
      Daniele and Shane
      Jeff and Jordan
      they will all be in a super alliance called the “Psychos, Geeks, and Douchebags” and they will run the game.
      See how this new nightmare is turning out? I’m scared.

  15. Didn’t vote for anyone, not a single person I like. While I do check in here for updates occasionally, got myself hooked on BB13 Austrailia. So far, I like ALL the housemates.

  16. Anyone else starting to like Andy? He is super!!

    Vote Andy for America’s Favorite and tell them the Capt. sent you.

  17. Oh to be a fly on the wall when these morons are finally released back into the public and have to answer for every disgusting comment they’ve made. To see the faces when they find out that their jobs are gone, their families are embarrassed and their friends are now distancing themselves. You have to wonder what kind of upbringing they had that they could sit there day after day hour after hour spewing such filth and garbage. Their parents must be so proud.

    It’s a sad commentary on the casting process that only the cockroaches made it to the end and subjected viewers to their crap. That anyone with any maturity was voted out. As a country I’d be embarrassed as well to have that group representing young adults.

    I doubt any of them will ever live it down.

    1. Let’s hope they don’t Dee. I would let them know how impressed I was with them if I saw Amanda, Jeremy, Spencer, Andy, or GinaMarie.

  18. I highly recommend that everyone depart the elevator by the Eighth Circle as the Ninth contains creatures vile enough to have finished Big Brother 15.

  19. Last night GM was working out getting into shape for the big finally. Spencer and Andy were sitting in a lounge chair together talking about gay bars and which one is the best to go in Chicago. Seriously, do we really need to know or care about gay bars?

    1. All of the disgusting things that have been discussed and THAT is the one that bothers you? What’s wrong with you? Homophobe much?

  20. Pooping on the bed is the least of your worries Andy. Because when you leave the confines of the house reality and karma the bitch will be waiting for you, you vile disgusting piece of white trash.

  21. GM being the bulimic that she is, puked after dinner last nite in preparation for the finale ……I too hope that these disgusting people are welcomed onstage with a chorus of boos…..maybe a couple eggs or tomatoes thrown at them. Their vitriol directed at Elissa is pathological in every sense of the word….GM is truly the most f**ked up it you think about it……bulimia, quick to anger into a rage, delusional thinking about Nick….Spencer is preoccupied with deviant sex and fantasies…..def has some socipathic tendencies….Andy is a shell of a man…..inner anger and spitefulness, he probably has lied well his whole life as a defense mechanism……..have I mentioned that I truly loathe these 3 people ? A$$holes !!

  22. I just came back from South America, spent the last 3 months immunizing children against various Tropical Diseases, I missed the whole BB season because my DVR malfunctioned , or maybe I didn’t set it properly. Anyway, there sure seems to be an unusual amount of anger against this final 3 , can anybody fill me in ? Please .

    1. Be glad that you missed it. Count your blessings. You only need to know that these degenerates are totally opposite in character than you.

    2. You can go back and read the posts from Simon and Dawg. Just be prepared for the most disgusting vile you have ever heard. Right now most of us aren’t about rooting FOR someone as much as root AGAINST someone. They are all terrible people and we just want to see them called out (and other HGs) for the things they’ve said and done.

      The word for BB15 Vile!

    3. I think the best clue to how this season was is when the F3 were saying they were bored and wanted a movie to watch production responded with “You’re the reason we can’t have anything nice”

      You know its got to be bad when production is sick of you and the poor cleaning crew. There are flies breeding in the shower drains–and that’s just a start.

      Vile Vile Vile

  23. GM or Andy wins 500k, and I’m guessing Elissa already won America’s Favorite by default, when she got evicted. it’s been added to her contract, if she agreed not to walk from jury.

    Personally I think Amanda earned it, she made us watch this season, and I don’t even like that bitch, but I recognize what she did for this season. LOL….

  24. Just curious. Wondering what part of the country you are all from, south, midwest, northeast, west, northwest, etc, or state or west coast, east coast or any way you want to describe it, Would like to know Canadians too. Enjoyed most everyone’s comments. Simon and Dawg please join if you care to, and thanks again for your great work.

    1. originally from Toronto. Now residing on a tropical island but starting to miss autumn leaves, giant snowflakes( NO, DO NOT send me Andy).

  25. I can’t wait the looks of @BuffaloBill face that GinaMarie single handed to evicted Andy. Good luck of losing all your money because you will wonder in streets.

  26. On Thursday morning Andy’s mommie will make him a hearty breakfast of mickey mouse pancakes. After that Andy’s mommie will take him shopping for a new hello kitty wardrobe. After that, off to the orthodontist so he can chew with his mouth closed. Then a quick jaunt to the attorney who is handling his slander case. Lunch at chucky cheese. After lunch Andy’s mommie takes him for some hair plugs since he ripped quite a bit out this past summer. A short stop at the employment head hunter will be followed by his psychiatrist appointment. This schedule will continue until the daily temper tantrums stop. And each day will end with Andy’s mommie tucking precious into bed, telling him how special he is. Take your medicine, precious, you’ve earned it!

  27. When an HOH puts the safe HG’s keys into the round holder in the HOH room for nomination, how do they get that big thing down the spiral staircase? I don’t recall seeing it happen or hearing how that is done. Anyone know?

  28. Have you all consider that Andy really poop his bed after all he use butt plugs. Dr Will will not be asking these houseguests any thing about their remarks on BB15 . Dr Will is only there for his cheque. Julie ain’t going to say any thing either she all talk no bark she wouldn’t dare ask them only Aaryyn she can intimidate.

    1. I don’t think the jury members can abstain. There is always an odd number of jurors for a reason– so there is no chance of a tie. Its is so important to the finale going smoothly that there is probably a clause in the HG contract that says they must pick a winner in the Jury Vote or lose their entire stipend ( or “any and all money earned or won on BB). Can you imagine a better way to screw up a live show like this than to have a tie and no plans for a tiebreaker.?? If there ever was a year to abstain from the vote, tho, THIS WOULD BE IT!

  29. “Production comes over the speakers “House guests remember to enjoy yourself today.. these are the good old days” ”

    Should’ve ended that BS with a… ZIIIIING!!!!

  30. Everyone is talking about Canada BB is better however, I personally disagree Canada is a follower when it come to televisions shows.

    First it was Amazing Race then her come Amazing Race Canada

    Big Brother then her come Big Brother Canada and the list can go etc

    Every single show we American produce who is behind us, following us, stalking us, O Canada be original

    1. Is it Canada or just the networks expanding their brands? Some of the US shows originated from the UK and were revamped and are better than the originals. Canada does need to be more original and by hopefully not duplicating some of this trash and trashy people displayed and splattered all overs our TV at every turn.

    2. Ummm… You do know that Big Brother was actually a Dutch show first that America copied?

      And frankly, a heck of a lot of American shows over the history of network television have been copies of foreign shows. All in The Family… American Idol… DWTS… Deal or No Deal… The Office.. Ugly Betty… The Weakest Link.. Millionaire.. Whose Line Is It Anyway… Sanford and Son… And the list goes on and on.

      So who is the follower, again?

    3. have you ever noticed how many shows the US has stolen from Britain. The list is endless –Three’s Company, Sandford and Son, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and can’t recall the name of the show with suitcases, model and Howie Mandel .Also America’s Got Talent, etc etc

  31. Ginamarie’s greatest hits

    Sept. 16, 12:09AM (Cam 1/2): GM talks about Helen’s slanted eyes and impersonates her

    Sept. 6, 10:16PM (Cam 3/4): GM wants to rape Elissa with a dildo.

    Sept. 4, 6:15PM: GM’s anti-Semitic rant about Amanda big fat Jewish nose

    Sept. 3, 3:09AM: GM says Elissa’s son looks like a fucking Spanish Puerto Rican little dirt fucking…

    Sept. 1, 2:53AM (Cam 1/2): GM says that nobody is going to recognize Helen because all Chinese people look alike

    Aug. 12, 9:28AM (Cam 1): GM calls Candice a crack baby and her mom a crack whore and “she’s white and black so you know she was definitely whoring”

    Aug. 10, 12:35AM (Cam 3/4): GM’s revisionist tale of the bed flipping incident.

    Aug. 7, 1:53AM (QUAD): GM finds out Helen/Elissa are sleeping in her and Nick’s bed and goes insane. She even trips in the dark.

    Aug. 4, 8:42PM (Cam 3/4): GM about Candice: “She is such a degenerate that her own mom didn’t even want her.”

    Aug. 2, 11:11AM (Cam 3/4): GM whispers “white power” during a discussion about the fish

    Aug. 1, 2:03AM (Cam 1/2): Aaryn sees Candice on the spyscreen in the HOH and says, “Hey Aunt Jemima, make me some pancakes.” GM is with her.

    1. Hey Izzy, I would love for Julie Chen to read GMs quotes when she is evicted tomorrow.
      Unfortunately I cant stand any of these lunatics. No one to root for. I think Production will
      set it up in favor of Andy thinking he is the better of the 3 evils .. But he is a sick DV8 too.
      But at least with Gay marrige being the topic of the day, he will come out shining as the
      1ST Gay Big Brother winner !!! Whoooppeee! and CBS will kind of be able to avoid the
      other sick fallout.
      Really sickening.

    2. Here’s the sad part, CBS will not air those comments to the jury, while they decide who to vote for.

      If CBS had any sense, they would edit the live feeds of the entire season, to show highlights of the “final 2” to show what they did and said, to allow jury to make a good decision on who deserves the money.

      I agree jury could be bitter and not vote on “game-play”, but I honestly believe that they also should be able to see everything that has gone on with the final 2 during the season. Highlights of the final 2 during the season, would be a excellent addition to BB.

  32. Boy wouldn’t it be great that on finale night after the two last pieces of white trash come out and they are booed, the jurors vote and the two pieces of trash know who won what……..Julie then chimes in and says because of you broke your contract with all the racist remarks, slander, defamation, bullying, threatening you will not be getting the money it will be donated to charity…….how great would that be…….one could only hope that their behavior would null and void their contract.

  33. Why does Andy eat like my 5yr old use to (mouth wide open, eating talking, licking tongue out, etc) before we taught him manners. I mean if I can teach my 5yr old what the heck happend to the King of Rats Andy and his disgusting eating habits…

  34. My personal fav was Elissa, (& no, I am not a member of the Brenchal Army). I liked Elissa because she was against the racists & bullies & tried to play a smart game, even in the end with Amanda. She was the only one who saw through Andy & I don’t blame her for not wanting to sit next to G.M. or Aaryn. I wish it could have been Elissa & McCrae in the final 2. McCrae had the potential to be a good player. Oh well, it is what it is. We are stuck with the terrible three. Have to eliminate pervert Spencer immediately. Wanted to (& almost did) feel sorry for G.M. & root for her. And she did put up McCranda. But her continual spewing of ignorance & racism made it impossible for me. So only by the process of elimination, that UNFORTUNATELY, just leaves Andy for the win. SO SAD!!!

    1. Don’t forget Rat Dog’s true evil power is to instigate. He learned it in improv. Throw out a line you know will be like throwing red meat to a starving pack of jackels and sit back and laugh at what happens. I just can’t root for that.

  35. Really ? There are people hoping that GM wins ? She is one of the original mean girls in the house…..lest we forget : ” Welfare is ni**er insurance ” I’m hoping as well that there is a ” charity key ” that the jury can opt for and NONE of these 3 gets a dime……they are all equally gross IMO

    1. Andy and GM got s tough road, both play good game and said foul shit…. My opinion, Andy said less bad shit initially, and had more game play from Day 1…

      GM was 110% foul mouth before her game even started, which was basically week 6, when she won HOH and got her enemy Candice out.

      Andy should win.

  36. I really wish tomorrow night Julie would spend most of the time reading negative comments that have been written abt this season. These HG’s need to get their comeuppance! They need to realize all the mean trash talking they did was not OK

  37. This was the worse BB cast ever. Usually there’s someone you root for to win … good vs evil. There’s no good vs evil this season. This was just the dregs of humanity except for a few …. Howard, Candice, Elissa, Jessie and Nick. I can’t believe the nonsense, ignorant and racist crap that came of their mouths. It’s like elementary school yard behavior (not high school because that would be a promotion in their intelligence) with grown ass adults who should know better.

    Thank god this season is over. Shame they don’t realize how much of their remarks and behavior has cost them in the real world. Is it really worth the $50k or $500K to lose one’s face, reputation and honor?

  38. We can all wish for any different three – but this way is left – so sad, the game has lost all meaning.

    Three weak players that floated to the end. Not worth the time and energy to vote. The one that bugs me the worse is ANDY, due to idea that he thinks he is a mastermind and how great he has played.

    I would not vote for any of them. CBS has lost me as a viewer.

  39. Just a thought…..or wishful thinking…After watching BBAD again like many others again I hwas sickened by these people. I was just thinking BB is playing a joke on America you know expect the unexpected….I would like to think these people aren’t so so bad (just bad actors) LMFAO agian just a thought …or wishful thinking… Thankyou everyone it was more fun reading your comments it made BB easier to watch…Thankyou Simon and Dawg for all your hard work…

  40. GM thinks she would be set with 500k? LOL. She would get around 325k, pay off tons of debt, buy really dumb stuff, waste tons of money doing all sorts of stuff thinking she is set and within 2 yrs would be twice as broke as she is now with 5 times the debt.

  41. Thanks again Simon & Dawg…….I know you’ve had to hold your nose many times to post what these vermin said or did…..I too will send a donation cuz this is the best BB site by far…the comments on here have made me lol at times !

  42. Have you people ever watched a BB finale? In the history of Big Brother, no female has ever won $500,000 going against a dude.

  43. Last night on BBad I heard more than I EVER would want to know about Andy’s favorite gay bars/friends/memories….NOT that I’m against gays….love most I meet as a drama teacher, but he wouldn’t stop talking about it while Spencer finally grew tired of the conversation and yawned with a constant, “yeah”….I’m perplexed…their kinship seems genuine and their banter often cracks me up. Somehow I think they will keep in touch with each other after the show…they’ll get drunk together in Chicago & call GM in NY to rehash old memories……esp. since they’ll be shamed by America everywhere they go. Changing my vote from Andy to GM because the ” female Archie Bunker” will learn to be a more pc, tolerant person. PLEASE MAKE JULIE CHEN REPLAY TONS OF SHAMEFUL EPISODES OF ALL , so we can see their reactions and explanations.

  44. I said it before and I got a lot of thumbs down from a lot of ignorant, squeamish, sissified PC, brainwashed automans. Now it’s straight out of the “horse’s mouth”. Rat Andy, himself, said that he has a problem pooping in his bed. Is that normal? NO, IT IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rat Andy has a problem with loose bowels due to an abused sphincter muscle from having his fudge packed on a regular basis. Now Spencer has this problem because he has had a rodent phallus inside his rectum.

    It goes with the territory, if you use and abuse your body or its parts for other than what it was intended for, then the roosters will come home to roost. To put it another way, if you like having your prostrate tittilated, then you’ll have to wear diapers when you stand in front of your college class to teach. That way when you can’t control your urges, the poop won’t run down your leg and onto the floor in front of your students, it’ll be securely captured and held by your adult diapers.

    1. Dang Too Tall…the visuals of Andy in adult diapers while instructing his college students on ‘ Attention-getting introductions for speeches’ makes me uncomfortable….( as I shamefully recall my middle-aged bladder leaking slowly 10 min. before the bell to end class).

  45. 3 hours per week for 3 months= 36 hours viewed
    6 hours each day reading blogs ( my 1st year to do this)= 43 hours each week x12 = 516 21 1/2 days
    = 23 days…give or take a few hours….of my summer devoted to BB15. Yep, I shall ‘get a life’ when it’s over….BUT…..I still want to see what happens to each hg when he/she faces reality!!!

  46. On Thursday morning Spencer discovers his mother and Marilyn have entered witness protection. The rest of his family have already left the state of Arkansas. After learning the local police, dfs, cia, fbi, atf, homeland security and elissa’a attorney are ready to welcome him home with open arms, Spencer makes a run for PA to join the Amish mafia. Fortunately Andy rats out his location. The NPA (nose pickers of america) have volunteered to pay Spencer’s legal fees. Helen was going to attend some of his trials but medical professionals are still unable to close her shocked jaw.

  47. Prize monies should be given to Brittney & her husband to cover Tilly’s medical expenses. If there’s any money left after that, the rest could be donated to childhood cancer research.

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