HOH Results! “Push for Omarosa & Metta to go up and then backdoor Shannon”

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10:50pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the HOH competition.


In the bedroom – Ari and Omarosa. Omarosa – Ari you did it! Ari – I cannot believe it. That was fun though. Omarosa – I’m so proud of you. Ari – you have to save me from her. Its too much. Omarosa – wow that was good. We lost it and she went .. and he went .. she walked over and pulled him aside and they went back and started strategizing. I didn’t know Mark was with them too. Ari – of course. Omarosa – Mark walked over to them and the three of them were like.. Ari – I know, they’re together since day 1. Omarosa – Its a miracle. Ari – I was praying. Brandi joins them and tells Ari – I am so proud of you!! Brandi, Omarosa and Ari start dancing and jumping around to celebrate Ari winning HOH. Ari – she (Omarosa) didn’t know Mark was with them. Brandi – he says he’s not… I worked all day to convince them to keep Keshia. I finally got everyone to agree to keep Keshia. Mark, Shannon and James have an alliance. Ari – keep them away from me. He (James) is going to try and flirt with me and talk to me.

Ari is having an asthma attack and has trouble breathing. The go to the diary room room and ask for a medic. Omarosa hold her mic and says medic, medic, medic… how many times do we have to say medic!? They open up the diary room door and Ari goes inside.

In the bedroom – Mark, Marissa and Ross. Ross – I think what we should do is push for Omarosa and Metta go up and then we backdoor Shannon. Mark – absolutely, keep James out of it. Marissa – that’s what I’ll push for. Mark – we’ve got to do this guys.

11:35pm The house guests are in the kitchen eating and chatting about random things. Omarosa is telling them all about the White House.

12:40am Bedroom – Metta, Marissa, Ari and Brandi. Metta – Shannon is very good. Brandi – She’s a sweet girl but she’s too into the game. Metta – I told Ross I wanted to go but if its going to help you I’ll stay. Brandi – You have to make sure that she can’t try to win veto. I think its going to have to be a backdoor. If you put Omarosa and James and then backdoor Shannon. Ari – I’ll think about it.

12:50am – 1:20am The feeds are blocked… when the feeds return Ari has gotten her HOH room. Ari, Brandi, Omarosa and Ross are in the HOH room. Ross leaves. Omarosa – you saved us all. She (Shannon) was up there. Ari – she had the whole plan. And we were not in that plan. Brandi – she would have gone after Ross first. Omarosa – she almost got me. I mean hi five to her. Ari – but the best thing that could have happened to you.. was you going to the hospital. Omarosa – really? Ari – nods. Omarosa – I didn’t realize she was campaigning while I was hooked up to an IV. That’s ruthless! Ari – did you see Shannon during the competition? “It’s not worth it”. Omarosa – she tried to convince me not to compete. Like I would die on that field before I… I was so proud of myself to finish. Brandi – I think in this situation she is just obsessed with the game. Omarosa – this situation has put her in hyper over scheming drive. Brandi – we all want to get as far as we can but we don’t have to get horrible. Ari – its a game. We all need to stick together because she is going to try and (split us apart).

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Big Jim

Congrats to Ari there is clearly more there than good looks. Shannon clearly has to go. She is such a beast I guess backdoor is the way to go. Great season I hope they do one every year


In predictable BB fashion, the year of the woman continues…Yay CBS…..Do they have an agreement with the men to mail it in and just float until they are voted off the island….Omnirosa is going to win, just because….

What a shiiteshow….So much potential…..Maybe CBS can cancel BB and let another network take a proper stab at this format….


maybe we cancel dancing with the star that have celebs on it maybe regular ppl should do that show to!

Hidden agenda?

Keep the politics out of the game

CBS’s agenda shouldn’t be to push Amarosa to bash the President

Can we just play the game…


This is what white people say when somebody bashes Trump! Get over it!


Race card Race card


You get over it asshole. He is President, so get over it.


It’s funny how Trump seems to bring out the best in folks!


There is a difference between Trump and people who comment about Trump. Know the difference.


Like I’ve said before, its people of “color” like yourself who are the biggest racists….We see this day in and day out, its getting old…


Oh Great Ari won a HOH………… I’m surprised to say the least looks like Ross has sang a different tune now he doesn’t want Shannon out ????? He wants Metta or Omarosa out Despite talking about “we need to backdoor Shannon all last week” . Brandi wants to control Ari’s HOH when it’s not here’s and Omarosa wants to kiss butt to Ari when you wasn’t talking to her last week . Shannon needs to lay low this week and not cause waves this week James already jumped ship from Shannon after he now sees the writing on the wall and is now playing floater game with Mark , Marissa is all over the place she seems to be loyal to the group but she didn’t use the veto yesterday to send Shannon Packing , Metta is playing a somewhat good game he keeps saying he wants to go home, but no one wants to send him home . I think it’s gonna be a good week CBB isn’t that bad as I thought it was They should put some older people in the house more often.


If Keshia wanted to go home that badly and was that upset she practically begged to go home I think it would have been heartless for them to keep her their, especially when she is concerned with feeding her baby. I understand at 1 they can start eating food but sometimes babies do better with the breast. Just saying I think its nice they respected her wishes like that.


Did Keisha not know she had a baby who needed her when she committed to this? Did Keisha not know that she is not in prison and that she could leave at any time 24/7? Did Keisha not say to Julie that no amount of money is worth her baby — oh, wait, money is why she did not just leave on her own because “breach of contract” generally has a $$ penalty to it. I think for whatever reason nobody cares about, Keisha just didn’t like being in the house and desperately had to “get evicted” so that she did not breach her contract and most preferably in some kind of sympathetic way. No sympathy here. What a bunch of crap and crocodile tears.


I’m sure they all got paid to just show up as well. If they leave on their own they forfeit the money. It could be Keisha realized she had little chance of winning the big prize and decided she’d like to get paid and go home.


there getting paid 5k a days to play


I absolutely understand Keisha’s reasoning for leaving. But I can’t stand when someone begs to leave and the house was planning on going a different way. It completely changes the direction of the game. Not that i wanted to Shannon to leave but it would have changed some things. Instead. They send someone home who begged to go and it’s something like wash, rinse, repeat for the next HOH.


i get feeling viewers are not interested in cbb


Not for everyone myself included but CBB seems to be more popular here than I had predicted.

To be honest it’s better than I thought it would be. The celebrities are not nearly as annoying. With that said totally not into seeing celebrities play this game.


yup this remind of the 1st season dancibng with the stars to because nobody new or how poplar they werre


I am glad to see some of these celebs understanding and strategizing this game. What a bore if they had no comprehension of the game. I think it would be interesting to add a mix of past finalists into the house. But, something to watch in between the Olympics.


It’s the best season since 17 imo with the amount of free thinking and gameplay.


Congratulations Ari!

It looks like all the participants – except Brandi – give Ari credit for being intelligent! they are asses.

It is too much fun for me – watching/listening to Omarosa sucking up at the speed of sound!


I’m not too big of a fan of the celebrities, but I am enjoying the pace of this season because you game in changing on dim and strategy talks are occuring much more often.

I’m really rooting for Shannon to pull through because she hasn’t been as deceitful as all the house guests think. Hopefully she can win this veto to ensure her safety. Then once omarosa or metta is voted out, then Shannon will go after the other big strategists.
I’m a little surprised that Brandi has been talking strategies and pushing her agenda to evict omarosa, I’m quite impressed she did all the work, I was convinced she would be a floater.


Also if Omarosa and Metta remain as the 2 nominees, I would love to see a split vote on eviction night. This game needs to become Shannon, James and Mark Vs Ross, Marissa, Brandi and Ari. Then which ever stays will likely stick with Ross’s crew. But this game needs 2 sides of the house to make it an interesting back and forth battle. As Ross, Marissa and Ari have proven they can win comps, it will fun to see them go up against Shannon and James.


What is going on with the Asthma attacks? Was that Ari who had an attack last night now? Is the air quality in L.A. worse than usual? I do not recall this ever occurring in past years…perhaps the garish decorating and new carpeting has tons of chemicals affecting the air quality indoors? But, Omarossa was outside during her attack…I am confused as to why a person with Asthma does not have an inhaler at their reach. People die from asthma.

Big Brother Vegan Cookbook

When Omarosa had her “asthma attack” she grabbed her inhaler, but didn’t use it. It is all B.S. Did anyone else notice she never tried to answer a question in the POV?? CBS is paying her lots of money to talk trash about Pres. Trump. She’s not going anywhere.


No crap huh! I think her attack came at a great time for her! How convenient my dear! She probably thought by having this “attack” that BB might give her immunity for the week.. it didn’t work.

Backseat Driver

I was not going to watch….but I tuned in and it’s better than I thought it would be, however it would be WAY BETTER if Omarosa wasn’t in the mix.


ya but who else going ratings right?


” Brandi – he says he’s not… I worked all day to convince them to keep Keshia. I finally got everyone to agree to keep Keshia. ”

Did Brandi say this in front of Omarosa?

2hrs on monday

should hapen The Bachelor (ABC) (8-10 p.m.) 1.5/5 5.88
Big Brother: Celebrity Edition (CBS) 1.3/5 5.14


i still wish they do live lauches bb uk does


its live for the studio audience

Min O'Pause

Next time the doorbell rings at the BB house, 50 bucks says the Secret Service is at the door. “HomieRosa, it’s for you.”