Cirie “Its time to sh*t or get off the pot!!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam, Blue

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)

5:27pm Hammock – Hisam and Kirsten.
Kirsten – how do you feel wielding such a power. Hisam – here is the truth. I really haven’t had that many people talking to me. To be honest with you, I think you’re the second person I’ve talked to about it. Right like, well technically you were the first but now the second. I talked to Reilly of course right because she’s the HOH and I didn’t know what her thoughts were. And then I wanted to touch base with you. I think you were talking to Jag. How did that go? Kirsten – SO good! Everyone has been so much love. Maybe I’m a love wh*re or something. He just makes me so happy. He said that he would be happy if I stayed. It was just good vibes. We just chatted. Hisam – are you campaigning? Kirsten – no I haven’t been. Hisam – are you going to? Kirsten – yeah. I think I have to. Hisam – yeah you have to. Kirsten – and I don’t know if you saw but I was a little emotional. Hisam – when? today? Kirsten – yeah. I may or may not have balled. Hisam – oh no! Kirsten – what I have to realize is that this is microcosm. Hisam – no this is not a microcosm .. you will never experience these types of pressures in the real world. This is completely heightened. When else are you video taped and recorded while trying to compete for a large sum of money? Kirsten – I am looking for someone I can trust. In this game people are very easily swayed. I think you’re authentically you. One thing I like about you is that you have not given me any false hope. Hisam – I don’t believe in lying to people. I think people deserve and are owed an explanation and understanding and honesty.
Hisam – So what can I do to help you? Kristen – In the event that you decide that keeping me in this game could benefit your game .. hopefully you make the decision to take me down in the event that .. knowing that I owe you my life. I owe you my game after this. Hisam – I don’t believe in sh*t like that. I just want to be really clear. I want to help you. In my heart I want to help you. I am a protector of people .. that’s what my name means. I take that very seriously.

5:40pm – 6:10pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Izzy.
Izzy – my biggest concern is that I don’t necessarily think our paranoia about the backdoor is wrong. Cirie – why?! Izzy – because it would have been brilliant! Cirie – I know but I need more than that. Yes it would have. I need that one plus one equals two .. or at least get close to it. It can’t just be because it would have been brilliant. Izzy – I know. I am still confused why she picked you to be host. I am confused about why she was all hugging and bestie-ing. Red .. it seems like buttering up. Cirie – are we paranoid?! I am not paranoid.. I know what I saw when I walked in. The shuffle and Red started doing this. I am going to ask her what was the conversation in the kitchen when we walked in… its time to sh*t or get off the pot!! I am being Miss Felicia… so tell me! I am going to ask her straight out… It was you, Red, Cameron, Blue. And if she wants to run and tell Red that I know she can. Izzy – I am only laughing because I would be scared if I was really receiving that. Cirie – Na, now I am getting annoyed! I want skipitty dippity to come in here so I can ask her about the situation. I think I am getting menstrual. You know what if these two (Bowie and Red) don’t have no information.. its verified. Bring some information. This one better bring some information. And if Red don’t got no information… Izzy – lets grill them!! Grill them! Cirie – No I don’t even need to grill them. VOLUNTEER SOMETHING! Izzy – well they’re not. Cirie – okay then.. do they need to know anything else? Every time he comes in .. we’re telling him and he is telling her. That is against my policy! Don’t be telling SH&T! Izzy – I know. Mecole joins them.

6:10pm Bowie comes into the Comic room. Cirie – oh good its you.. I want to ask you a question. When I just walked in.. what was happening? Bowie – me and Luke? It was Luke.. out of the blue he was getting all paranoid. Cirie – when I walked in Blue did a shuffle. You were at the sink. Red was right behind you. Bowie – Red was talking to Matt.. Cirie – Matt wasn’t there. Bowie – maybe I am thinking of a different time. Cirie – When I walked in from the backyard. Blue did a two step shuffle, Red was silent, Red was there, you were there. Cameron was there. Bowie – every time people walk into a room people stop talking. Cirie – when I walk in a room? Bowie – they do it to me too.. I think you’re being paranoid. Cirie – what was the shuffle from Blue then? Bowie – he is getting paranoid. Cirie – who? Bowie – Luke. He thinks he is going to get nominated next week. Cirie – oh..

6:30pm – 6:45pm HOH room – Luke and Reilly.
Luke – I am trying to get acclimated and trying to figure out everyone strengths. Again, I love Cory. Are you making an alliance with Cory? Do you have something with him? Reilly – I saved Cory because I trust him as a player and as a person too. I think that Cory is going to benefit me. Also .. Big Brother set it up for me ..I didn’t have to pick to random people. Luke – Ugh.. that’s old news. Reilly – Yeah so I see Jared and Cory as my buddies. I wanted them off the block and I needed it to be a unanimous vote situation so I asked Felicia to be the pawn. I didn’t want to leave Cory up next to Kirsten because people are skeptical of him and that would cause a non-unanimous vote situation and on top of that I didn’t want to put Jared up because he is considered kind of a jock / comp beast. I didn’t want it to be another situation where they could go home and they’re my buds .. I wanted them off the block. Luke – Thank you, thank you for saving my boy. Reilly – duh, I f**king love him. I am thinking forward and wanted the least blood. I didn’t want it to be a situation where I needed to campaign and no one in their right mind would send Felicia home over Kirsten. Luke – Is that why you threw the veto?! Reilly – I didn’t throw it. Luke – you didn’t? Reilly – no I was just bad at it! Luke – It sure f**king looked like it. Reilly – are you serious?! Luke – Yeah!! Reilly – I had two pieces left. Why would I do that. I didn’t want anything changing. In the end I thought it was a blessing in disguise because I didn’t want to paint a bigger target on my back. You’re still competing for HOH next week. Don’t count yourself out. Luke – I wasn’t doing that. It was just something was off there. Reilly – we’re all good. We’re fine. You just didn’t come talk to me. Luke – I was trying to.

Bedroom – Mecole and Kirsten
Mecole – how was your talk with Hisam? Kirsten – good, good, good… he is GOOD. God damn! that boy don’t play. Play in traffic b***h, don’t play with Hisam! Mecole – yeah.. Hisam not to be f**ked with. Kirsten – at all. Mecole – love Hisam though. Kirsten – me too.

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I wish I could mute Izzy or make her disappear completely when she’s on the feeds; make me feel like I’m hallucinating while the other person is talking to no one … it would be much better than seeing her animated faces. Eating with her mouth open, ugly glasses, crazy bug eyes, and never letting another person get a word in.

She drives me bonkers



un autre nom


Meme doesn’t want Bowie in the bitches. Not plus about Red either I don’t think. I see a pattern of bias in how she’s strategizing that concerns me when it comes to her own allies.
The group says they don’t tell Bowie the plans… that’s an issue.
They’re back to need to pull Cory as a swing then ditch his ass…. before Hasim joins.

Hasim and Felicia recognize Cameron as core, but Hasim wants Jag out (that brown people that are marginalized need to support each other talk was bs). It’s smart, but cringe. Jag is a nexus, targeting him is smart… just don’t pull that card to lull him. It’s a skeezy move.
He’s still got a raging hate-on for Cory. It’s…. no reallly, Hasim…who hurt you? wow.

Luke meltdown… who talked to him in d/r.??

Jared is to be told to stay with the other side to spy until they need him to blow his cover and betray them. Cory already knows and left a convo when Jared joined. So then what? Thanks for spying public enemy number one?
Oddity I have noticed? Some of the Core on the hand side stop talking one on one when they notice Jared enter. It’s not constant. but it’s happened a few times for a day and a half. What’s that about?

America is in family style, but… yeah. She’s the Bowie. Member is absentia.

un autre nom

I’m laying odds Izzy is first to say we’re the good people.
We have integrity. We’re the underdogs. good people is comin’.

un autre nom