“He wants me out because I can see straight through him.. I see the truth”

Ari used the Power of veto on herself and Mark nominated Marissa in her place.

3:17pm Omarossa, Brandi and Ari
Omarossa is telling them about double evictions and how it goes down. She also describes competitions and the type of questions they may be asked.
Omarossa – 1/2 of it is luck 1/2 of it is thinking
Omarossa – there’s 6 with 2 on the block the HOH doesn’t vote so 2 votes determines who goes home that’s why the stuff about deals it doesn’t matter (during the double)
Brandi – it’s all broken
Omarossa – three people voting and any 2 together can sway it .. there’s no tie
Omarosa – there’s a whole bunch of fast moving a lot of randomness
Brandi – whatever the house is doing you have to do it.. if I can’t get Ross to do it and it doesn’t look like I can at this point you need to go ..
Brandi – she (Ari) needs to go with the house
Omarossa says she need to make a big move to justify winning
Omarossa – I need to get a guy out of the house.. if you go with a safe move and you put up 2 weak people and you get to the end you have to make a justification you both have HOH you both have veto what big move did you make?
Omarossa says Brandi took Shannon out
Omarossa says Ross could have made a big move but he didn’t. If she wins HOH she’ll have to make a big move. Omarossa thinks if Ross had taken out Shannon he would have won this game.

Omarossa – those are my picks (to go up) Ross and James

They bring up how when Marissa is nervous “She just talks” (ugh we know)
Ari – I think Mark is kinda waiting for us to talk to him
Omarossa – he’s in the gym .. it’s worth a try

Brandi – I don’t have anything to offer him
Omarossa – lets see, whats the numbers. Me and her (for Brandi) .. Ross and James for her (marissa) ..

Brandi thinks James and mark are “sharing HOH’
Ari – Mark is making the decisions
Omarossa says if she can get Mark she already has Ari and her. “She (marissa) can go”
Brandi – she’s the bigger threat
Omarossa – you got to get him (Ross) to say on camera you gave your word to me
Brandi – he made me pinky swear
Omarossa – you need to remind him so he’s forced to be aware the whole world is watching him
Feeds cut when we’re back Omarossa is saying “If we pressure her.. she doesn’t do well with pressure”
Omariossa – she we talked to them all of us and pressure we have nothing to lose
Ari – we should talk to Mark first and tell him your deal with Ross
Omarossa – that will go back to Ross, they’ve been working on Ross good
Omarossa says Ross wants her out

Omarossa says Ross and the guys “are super super tight”

Brandi leaves..

Omarossa – I was right when I called him out that he had a deal with everybody (Ross)
Brandi – if we keep her we have the numbers, we just can’t lose the numbers
Omarossa- he wants me out because I can see straight through him.. I see the truth

Brandi comes back.
Omarossa says Mark Brandi can talk 1 on 1 with Mark but with James she wouldn’t bother
Omarossa – if Ross kept his word we can change the whole game
Brandi – yup

Ari – you should talk to Ross too
Brandi – I will, it’s hard to get him alone.
Omarossa – if they call MArissa to the Diary room it’s the only chance you have

4:40pm HOH lockdown.. Marissa talks non stop

6:13pm Brandi and Ross
Ross – for starters again I’m sorry for not telling you when I knew you were going up.. it was just awkward.
Ross – do you know what Ari is doing?
Brandi – yup
ROss – we made that deal night one
Brandi – it was a couple days in because you said
ROss – might have been morning two
Ross – you were the only person I knew.. I meant it.. This house.. everything changes so quickly in this house.. it’s tough in here.
Ross – you got close to Ari
Brandi – her and I never made a deal
Ross – I got close to Marisa
Brandi – the only deal I had with her with Ari was the 4 of us.. you brought that up for us in there.. I don’t have a deal with her separately.

Ari joins them

THey start talking about when the two of them were on the block together. Ross saying that BRandi told Omarossa that he was coming after her.

Brandi – I just the other day talked to you in the hallway and asked are we final 2 and you said YA
Ross – i was shocked .. to be honest.. I was like ehh yeah.. I was shocked
Ross – at that point I thought it was done when you are trying to urg people to get me out
Brandi – I wasn’t urging anyone.. Omarossa said she wanted to get all the girls together I said she has to think of her own game.
Ross – you know what that means..
Brandi – I wasn’t saying Ross has to leave..

Brandi – you had an alliance with almost everyone in the house and I think that is what hurt your game

Ross – who did I have an alliance with
Brandi – with me, the four, you had an alliance with Metta
Ross – I never had an alliance with Metta

Marissa walks in..
Ross – I never had an alliance with MEtta .. that is not true..
Brandi asks for privacy with Ross
Marissa – ohh ok
Marissa leaves
Brandi – you said you had a FUNNY final two. taht’s what you told me
Ross – I said he said I want you to win.. I did not have a final 2 with Metta

6:30pm Ross and Ari
Ross says it was the morning day two he wanted someone to work with and he already knew Brandi.
Ross – I couldn’t keep it
Ari – if you are final 2 and sitting next to Marissa, she will win
Ross – Probably, Right now.. Probably
Ari – do whats best for you.. now they have all control
Ross – I just couldn’t stay tight to that behavior
Ari – I stay with her even though
Ross – I can’t, Marissa was loyal to me
Ari – she is, she’s loyal to you. Brandi was loyal to you

Ross – the only reason she’s here is that I used the Veto.. and Metta went
Ross – everyone said don’t do it.. everyone in that room live said don’t do it.. don’t use it twice.. or you would have gone up
Ari – no it was Mark
Ross – it’s too dicey to be with her
Ari – they don’t like her
Ross – she gets the whole house to hate her and blames me that I can’t save her
Ari – this became a personal thing between her and James
Ross – YES, because she was horrible to James, she was horrible to MArk too
Ari – you don’t want to send Marissa home right?
Ross – I can’t send Marissa home
Ari asks if Mark and James want her out
Ros s- no she was just a pawn
Ross – I know I made a final 2 with Brandi, I wish I never had done it. After her behavior in the house I can’t keep it. I can’t. I can’t
Ari – I understand
Ross – she can’t act like that this whole season and expect me to save her.

Ross – she wants people to be loyal but how is she being loyal to me acting like that out there when we’re a team.
Ari – I understand, I understand

7:28pm Ross and MArissa
Ross – It should have been me I should have just gone up
Marissa – that’s kinda what I was saying last night but no one listened
Marissa – the reason I went up is so you had to vote.. If you went up everyone knows I’m voting for you
Marissa – we f**ed up that’s what we should have done

8:49pm Ari is attaching some hair to Brandi’s head.

9:20pm Brandi comes out of the diary room and calls for Ross to come down to the kitchen. Brandi – according to the people (BB) the wine opener is somewhere out here ..but they can’t tell us where it is. Ross and Brandi start looking for it. Brandi – I think it might be an actual challenge. Ross – no. Marissa – can I help?! Brandi – no. Only people who drink wine can look for it. After a couple minutes Ross finds it on the kitchen counter.

Mark tells his wife and kids he loves them. I hope you’re coming on Sunday to watch me pick up my check.

11:20pm Bedroom. James and Ross James tells Ross about how he was changing and forgot the cameras were on him.

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OK Marissa talks she talks a lot but she’s not bullying anybody she’s not like making anybody feel bad about themselves like give her a break that’s who she is not everybody’s like everybody else .yes she talks a freaking lot but after Paul and the other a little rat girl from last year can’t think of her name right now and Christmas Marissa can talk all she wants it doesn’t bother me as much is what bothered me last year . And after dark when Marissa’s not on it talking talking talking I think it’s kind of boring after dark has been really good this year way more interesting and funnier than any other years . I would rather listen to Marissa talk then Brandy talk about the most disgusting things that she should probably keep to herself. I’d rather Marrissa to talk then O talk about stupid political stuff I don’t know why CBS is pushing this political stuff every show and I could care less I don’t watch CBS Big brother to have my political view go one way or the other it’s a dumb how much time they’re wasting on O and her opinion .Mark really doesn’t have a lot of interesting things to talk about so I don’t really care if Marissa talks a lot . And I can’t remember his name last year the old man he talked a freaking lot I mean there were lots of cast members that talk a lot


So a person who writes in a frantic manner, barely breaking for punctuation, never breaking a wall of text into understandable paragraphs, relates to Marissa?

Got it….




Perfect Marissa form! Lololololol.


Marissa is just nasty. She doesn’t wash her hands after she uses the bathroom and she puts her feet on upholstered furniture with her shoes on. I bet she drinks straight out of the milk carton. Money can’t buy you class or fix nasty.


Thank gosh Mark didn’t put Omarosa UP!!! That’s a good start now that she’s up it’s time to flip the house and get Marissa Evicted ….My only problem is them telling Mark and them not thinking that James won’t find out from Mark it is also obvious Mark is the smarter than James at this point so I don’t know why they wouldn’t go for Mark instead of Tryna Go For James because let’s face it if James won HOH it would’ve been a Ross HOH and Mark would’ve basically talked him out of what ( Ross) Wanted to do which was going after
Omarosa which would be a waste of a HOH.


Getting rid of marissa means keeping brandi – doesn’t it? or both gone . My disclaimer – I haven’t watched BB since season 1


Send MARissa packing!!

I know…Wishful thinking.

Double D

Not going to happen. Both Mark and James have wanted Brandi out for quite a while.


Yeah it would make sense, except for Brandi’s mouth. I can’t recall somebody who made it so easy for enemy and ally alike to see her as nothing but a liability…even this late in the game. She’s always attacking James, tells Mark he’s just James’ pawn, blows up Ross making a final 2 to EVERYBODY…and even Ari realizes that she’s better off rolling with Ross and Marissa, than Ross and Brandi, especially now that she knows Brandi and Ross had a side deal.

Ari might get the others to sign off on making Mark break a tie, just playing off of friendship…but she’s not part of this Omarossa led charge…Omarossa, whose strategy is to align with the evicted, thereby blowing up the idea she’s a great final 2 because the jury hates her. If Omarossa had half the intelligence she thinks she has, she’d surmise who’s done and just needle them, so everybody in the house is certain, she’d have less than zero chance to win the jury.


It would be the smartest move. Weaken Ross. Brandi is useless to get out. She’s not a threat to anyone.


Why are you hating on Marisa? She’s funny, kind and entertaining. So is Ross. The rest can go at will.


She never stops talking, reroutes every conversation back to her, constantly interrupts other people, says the word like waaay to much, says do u know what I mean waaay too much, crunches loudly into her mic on Doritos all day. Never ever shuts up. Should I go on? Maybe if you’re not a feeder you wouldn’t understand the level of annoyance. She has ruined lives feeds


At the beginning she and ross maybe were entertaining, but not now. Can’t imagine what 90 days with them would be like, glad it’s only 3 weeks.


Brandi and Ari are the only two honest humans on CBB!

Good for Brandi – Ross deserves to be dragged – it took him hours to admit that he screwed over Brandi. Brandi is being honest. Brandi will win the $25K bonus – cuz she NEVER lied to anyone and so far
ALL the dudes have crapped on her!

These boneheads aka dudes – forget that the people the lied to trashed – will be NOT voting for them on Sunday! ha ha ha ha – height of dumbass



thought you haven’t watched since BB1? Brandi is no sweetheart and she went off on James the first show all because he reminds her of her ex that left her. All she is, is a pill popping reality whore.


once again…sigh…been watching her on #rhbh…show me where I typed what you said.

James is a trick – he is scared of Brandi – he bashes her behind doors – huh larious to watch no balls James in fear of Brandi!


sigh….you said it all by saying you watch RHBH!

But here you go…
February 23, 2018 at 9:35 am
Getting rid of marissa means keeping brandi – doesn’t it? or both gone . My disclaimer – I haven’t watched BB since season 1

bb uk

u didnt wantch bb uk brani in the house~!

Almost Over

Love how all the comments are game talk. No more talking about people smoking for 3 days on the couch doing nothing. Should do a few 3 week seasons every year or maybe throw 50 people in the house and have comps every day. Much more entertaining.


Like, does anyone like y’know like think like Marissa is like trying to like filibuster like so they can’t like y’know like vote like to evict anyone like as long as she like keeps talking?

omarora frodo

wow final hoh get decide who home vote them out


Someone may have asked already but what is up with them having access to the ipad??


send ouyt tweets to there fans


Trying to decide who would win the game if the final 2 were James and Ariadna. I am thinking it would be Ariadna but not exactly sure


1st hoh mark wins send home ross or marissa~!the last send 2 ppl home ari and and marissa


Noooo not James! Should have put Ari up. Have a feeling Omarosa is next to go.


Hmmm. James is out so I guess it is Ariadna for the win. The only reason she put up James is because Ross won the veto. If he hadn’t, nominations would have remained the same


She left a three people alliance in tact and two are good at comps.