“He [Cameron] is going to be pissed but I don’t care. He shouldn’t have played such a d**khead game.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Nothing new since last night. Veto is being used Cameron going up.

6:06pm Hammock – Cam and Jag.
Cam – What’s up? Jag – just been chatting.. I am leaning towards using it but figuring that out. Cam – that makes me very nervous. Jag – talked to like Bowie about it. I was sort of leaning towards.. talked to Blue too. And she was like why do you need to use it? But with the whole thing that she is going to try and get Bowie to… or see if Bowie will put up Cory. Otherwise she was like maybe don’t use it. Those were the options really. Cam – Bowie believes you’re going to use it and she all but hinted that I am the replacement. Jag – Bowie did? Cam – in not so many words. She is trying to get no blood on her hands. Its impossible, no HOH, that’s not how this works. By putting me up, what does it solve? If we want to all keep each other around. It doesn’t make sense to me? Jag – she said she wanted to put you up? Cam – she never said that.. I know that’s what she’s thinking because it would make everyone happy. She has always said she wanted to keep me safe. This would be the thing that would not be safe for me. She said so don’t you trust Blue? And I said no. With my life, no. I would hope that you wouldn’t trust Blue with my life either. Jag – because in that scenario Blue would become the 3rd vote huh? Or whoever comes off. Cam – it would be 4 – 2. I mean you guys are clean of it, if I just go to jury right now. You guys would be pretty good. Like you’re not pissing anyone off and everything is alright. But with three moving forward I want to do everything I can to keep that together. I know I made good points with me and Blue versus Cory/America. You’re going to piss off the same amount of people using it or not using it. I just don’t have a good feeling right now man. At this point the only I can ask you to do is to not use it. Because if you do use it, its going to force Bowie to make a decision and she is going to make a decision for the house and the house is going to want me regardless of what you and Matt say. Even Blue would agree with it as long as its not her on the line. Jag – F**k. Cam – they feel the heat. She (America) hasn’t looked at me all day. I am that shield. It just feels like a repeat. I don’t know what else to ask you. I can’t trust Blue with that vote. Jag – are you sure that’s what Bowie is going to do? Cam – no, I am not sure of anything but that is THE option for her. She is afraid of pissing off America. Why? I don’t f**king know. Its one person. She puts me up, I go home and no one is mad. Again I am the easy target. Jag – she wants you up and gone? Cam – I don’t think she wants that. This isn’t her thing. She is just going to do whatever is the best thing for the house. I am not her target but I makes sense for the house. Bowie is trying to come out of this thing unscathed. She ain’t going to put up Cory. She damn sure isn’t going to put up America. If she is going to put up Blue we can at least control what we want. I am a f**king warrior weapon, I want to fight with the team. Let me stay. Jag – I just have a lot to figure out I guess.

6:26pm Kitchen – Jag, Cirie and Bowie.
Bowie – you should walk around with that veto hanging around your neck. Jag – No what the f**k. Everyone would hate me. I would hate me. Bowie – no, just the head of household robe walking around. But now that I’m up there I am like I am not wearing that I’ll like like a d**k head. He (Cam) is going to be pissed but I don’t care. He shouldn’t have played such a d**khead game. He has played so dirty. Jag – yeah but he won’t be too mad. Even out there he was getting closer to the acceptance stage of it. Cirie – he is past denial. Past the bargaining. He ain’t past the bargaining. Jag – he still has some bargaining in him. But what’s after bargaining? Bowie – he is going to work the schmoozing next. Jag – I feel bad but not that bad.

6:55pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia, Jag and Matt
They’re talking about how they think the next HOH competition will be the Slip n’ Slide HOH comp. They talk about different strategies and how some times there is chance to fill up to the the HOH, safety or cash.

7:25pm Backyard Hammock – Cory and America.
Cory – I kept telling Blue I am the biggest problem for your game and you’re the biggest problem for my game, could we just figure this sh*t out? I don’t want to do another meeting with the five of us where we bullsh*t each other. Can we just actually be okay with each other for like one or two weeks and then we’re in the final 6? America – and what did she say? Cory – of course the thing that she was bullsh*ting me about till the end of time .. that was so stupid .. I didn’t even tell Matt and Jag I want to get close to Cam obviously to cover my own a$$ but I couldn’t tell you and America what I was doing because then you guys wouldn’t act normally. America – I don’t get it. Cory – She was like I needed Cameron to trust me and if you were acting suspiciously then it would have been obvious that I would have been working with you. She was making two arguments .. I was ratting you out to protect myself.. which I understand that and the other part of it which is f**king bullsh*t is I would have told you because I want to work with you but I thought you wouldn’t act as naturally. I was like going forward I am down for all the dastardly schemes, the nefarious strategies but you can’t f**king try to backdoor me as the strategy.

7:40pm HOH room – Matt and Cameron.
Cam – if we’re really a three, why aren’t we making a decision together because when I had that damn f**king power of veto, we talked about it for days! Matt – I know. Cam – and we came to a decision together against everything I wanted to do. Matt – Bowie should have taken it, f**k. That’s why I wanted to do it now, this week. Cam – I don’t trust that she’ll do it. If we give her the reigns on this thing, Cory and America have already gotten in her ear. Felicia tells you that she watches behaviours. I know energy. I knew when America was mad at me. I know when Jag is being weird. I know when she (Bowie) doesn’t trust what I am talking about. I know when Cory and America are pissed because they’re not getting their way. I know what’s going on. And if he uses that thing.. Matt – he’s probably working with them. Cam – yes. I am telling you.. now all I can do when we leave this conversation all I can do is make sure she doesn’t think that. If he (Jag) uses it, she is going to take that opportunity to take the shot for them. Matt – that’s not good. Why would Bowie want to work with Cory and America though? Cam – she is playing both of them. She doesn’t care what you guys think. If she wants to f**k around, we will let her know what’s going on. The decision doesn’t lie with Bowie. The decision lies with Jag. If he doesn’t use it, we get to control the next couple weeks because its going to be me and Blue versus Cory and America and I am personally going to f**K them up! Matt – I know, we all are. Cam – I’ll do it, I don’t give a sh*t! So if mayhem is what you want then turn me the f**k lose! Don’t give her the ability to take a shot at me for them. Matt – I know, I know. I know. Cam – I just don’t know what he is thinking. If we were a team we would be discussing this right now. Matt – I’ll tell Jag that me you and him should meet tonight. Cam – yeah.

8pm Backyard workouts..

8:15pm Big Brother tells the House Guests to check the storage room. All the house guests go running.

8:30pm – 9:10pm Backyard – Cory, Cirie, Cam, Felicia, America
Felicia – I am sweating like a cow. Sh*t I got to take this robe off. Cirie – why not like a wh*re in church. Why a cow? Felicia – what’s a wh*re in church? Cirie – you’ve never heard that before? Felicia – no! I took my bra off .. I am really trying to be a little more professional. Cirie – shoutout to all the hoes. Big Brother calls Felicia to the storage room. When she goes she finds another bottle of wine.
Jag, Blue, Matt and Bowie all hide their wine up in the HOH fridge so that the others won’t drink it.

9:22pm Bedroom – Matt and Cory.
Cory – And I only didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to act any differently …Like what the f**k are you talking about. But I basically to me the only thing I am scared of is you winning HOH next week. And I know you’re scared of me winning HOH.. if we’re fine with each other. If we’re chill, I think what you and Jag say to Blue is like the way we move forward together because Cory and America are a pair and if they win HOH we need to be safe. If you win, we keep them safe and we guarantee final five. If Blue is chill, we are f**king golden! Matt – its just who is she going to put up if she does win? Cory – Felicia & Bowie. Matt – you’re right. Cirie keeps talking about not wanting to be here. Matt – I think this is hard on her because she feels alone. This is harder than survivor. Cory – I am trying to talk to Cirie more.

9:30pm Backyard – Felicia and Cameron. (Cam sucking up to Felicia knowing she’s likely coming off the block and will be voting.)
Cam – I respect the sh*t out of you. Whenever I’ve said that I love you, I literally meant it. Regardless of the opinions that people have of me and how I come off as cocky arrogant or whatever I have a humongous heart. And I loved you since day one. You are an extremely incredible competitor and I can’t tell you how much I respect the fact that you’re here and I admire everything that you’ve done in your life. Regardless of how anything goes down.. with any person in this house I would say this. I cannot tell you how honored I am to be here with you. Felicia – well thank you. Cam – period. Felicia – thank you, I really appreciate that. You’re the person everyone is chasing and I meant that. Cam – won’t be chasing for long. Felicia – you don’t know that.

10:25pm 11:45pm Backyard Hammock – America and Cameron.
Cameron – I don’t dislike you America please know that. America – okay. Cam – I am going to try and get an edge in this game somehow. I am the f**king number one enemy. What do I do besides play this game with whatever I’ve got available to play with? It is clear that the entire house has been bum rushing me since day one. What am I to do? So don’t take any of this sh*t personal because it is clear that you are on the correct side of this thing which is not with me. If I am getting angled to leave this motherf**ker got it. None of it at all has been personal. I am trying everything I can to not leave this game. I at least made it to this point which was against every single odd. America – I know, you’ve had to win so many competitions. Cam – I don’t want the compliments. I am saying I am trying everything that I can. I did want to work with you guys. America – I know and the two people that really want to work with you.. Cam – so now we know that the two people that you both trust are now angling for me what happens next? Because we are f**king working together and they are playing the sh*t out of me. Now what do we do? Now what do you do? America – is that what is happening? Cam – now what does Cory do? Cam – clearly I would not given any of them any of this information if I thought it was going to go straight to the people that I was going to try and angle against. So if they have that in them.. then what do I do? What do you do when I am gone? I won’t be here for everyone’s aiming point anymore. It is going to get f**king nasty!! America – I know. Listen, and I am all here for it. My thing was I know Cam is a big competitor .. he wins a lot of competitions, why not have him here with us. He can help us out. But if you are going to target us, why would I keep you? Cam – have you heard anything I said right now? America – yes I have. Cam – I am targeting you because I have been told that you were targeting me. America – but Cam I am targeting you because I am told that you’re targeting me!! Cam – how many times are we going to go around this?! This is what I’ve been hearing for weeks. They’re lining you up next once I am gone. America – what was your end game with Matt and Jag? What final three? You know they’re strong competitors. How the f**k were you going to get to the end? Cam – The same way that Cory was telling her that I didn’t want to work with a duo. So I know that Cory was up there throwing my name out there this week. Got it. I get it. Its hard to work with a duo, they’re going to take each other. How many times are we going to do this? America – every single week I guess. Its tradition. I’ll think about it. Its a lot of information to process. I want to believe you. Cam – you say that every time and I’ve been proven right. America – it works out until I start hearing things again. They head inside.

10:45pm – 12am HOH room – Bowie, Matt, Jag and Blue.
They cheers and drink the wine they saved from earlier. They reminisce about past events and competitions from the season. Cam crashes their HOH wine party.

11:52pm – 12:15am Bedroom – Cory and America.
America – I told him that he should talk to you because I was drunk for half of it. Cory – I know why were you doing that? America – doing what? Cory – Talking to him drunk. What happened, tell me? America – he is basically blaming everything on Matt and Jag. He said that he has an alliance with them. Just the three of them. They also have an alliance with Bowie. And they have an alliance with Blue. So they have 3, 4, 4. And they’ve basically been saying that we’re coming after him. Or not they want to pin other people against us. They want other people to go after us so that they’re clean. That’s what makes me upset because it does sound like they were talking sh*t about us .. to unnecessary stuff. Cory – okay lets be honest .. this is sh*t that pissed me off for a while now. The plan was them telling everyone they wanted to backdoor me. America – its stupid. Cory – so like that doesn’t surprise me, that annoys me but we knew that you know?! If we keep Cameron, against Matt and Jag.. its over. AND we don’t have the votes. Like who would we keep Cameron!? The votes are .. we need two… we need two of these people. America – I know. Cory – Felicia, Matt, Jag, Blue. We need two of them.. Impossible! You know?!

12:43pm – 1am Quad cam on Cirie snoring..

2:25 am Cam, Jag and Bowie
Cam been camped up in HOH for hours now trying to get Cory on the block. Bowie tells him she doesn’t want to put Cory or America up that would be bad for her game.
Cam tells her he’s not close to Blue.
Cam – good night I’m sorry”
Cam leaves.

Jag and Bowie
Bowie – He’s got alliances everywhere.
Bowie is adamant that it’s not a blindside on Cam . Cam knows he’s in trouble.
Bowie goes on about how it’s not a blindside to Cameron “I don’t feel bad at all”

Jag – I almost went home on his HOH.
Jag adds the only reason he stayed was because of the super power.
Bowie – All the bullshit
Matt joins them.
Bowie – Matt was pressuring us so bad..
Jag – he said Shoot it to me straight are you going to use it.
Blue joins them. They chat until close to 4am. Mostly about Cameron annoys them with his arrogance.

5:00 am Zzzz

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Who would have thought that Bowie’s HoH would be extremely amusing, lol

Betty johnson

Bowie Jane can’t think for herself. Jag is using her as his pàwn

no mo bro

BJs HoH? It seems you haven’t been paying attention. This HoH and last HoH are/was fully controlled by those two sleazebags Jag and Matt. All the power of HoH and no blood on their hands. I hope the jury gets to watch the live feeds so they can see these scumbags for what they are.


Scumbags? Everyone lies in this game. Even Cameron. Remember that Cameron told Cirie he wanted to break that group up. Except with his normal tactics, things backfired on him. Don’t blame Jag and Matt for mistakes in Cameron’s game

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Jag and Matt are being blamed for their own scumbag behavior. Stop trying to twist it and face the facts!!!!

BB Fangirl

His biggest mistake was thinking he could trust Jag not once but twice, only to have Jag immediately turn on him both times. That’s a scumbag if I’ve ever heard one.


Again they were lying to each other and that’s Big Brother

BB Fangirl

What did Cam lie to Jag about? Honestly can’t recall. He didn’t tell him they were in an alliance only to not uphold that word. What am I missing?


Cams mistake was threatening Jag when they talked it out that first time. Cam mistake was trusting a guy he kept going after every chance he got. This is Big Brother. You get betrayed. It’s a game


You blame Jag but I blame Cam.

Fool me once shame on you.


Amusing how?
Everyone is telling her what to do, no thinking cap for self. The two people Bowie wanted out is on the block.
Karma is a bitch!


girl bye! FBJ is the dumbest houseguest ever

Don't Shoot the Messenger

No one tops Victoria and Josh!

no mo bro

BJ sucks. She now tops my list of people to send out. I’d rather see Cory stay now.

Gan ainm

Cam will never love you back.




Just doesn’t seem like a good move for cory to push cam. Cory is already a big target–he already thinks/knows blue is after him, felicia is after him, cerie is after him. If jag/matt win next week, how could they resist not knocking cory out at that point before he starts trying to win (since they think he is throwing now)?


i agree. cory and america should want cam around. the rest of the house though (including bowie jane) are wise to get him out before final six and he’s guaranteed to compete in at least one comp per week for safety.

tom f

I totally agree. This is the only week to get Cam out , (as much as I’d hate to see it). After this week he can play HOH and when he isn’t HOH, he can play veto. Matt and Jag are playing the game, be it, as scumbags. Straight up lying to Cam to keep their odds better. Worse floater season I have ever seen, but, Matt and Jag are making it work. I have no desire to see anyone win this one except Cam and that looks like that’s done. So much vitriol this year. Everyone is so Kumbaya when they’re all together, but, talk about each other behind their backs. I’d like to see how many of these people will be friends outside the game.


Just doesn’t seem like a good move for cory to push cam. Cory is already a big target–he already thinks/knows blue is after him, felicia is after him, cerie is after him. If jag/matt win next week, how could they resist not knocking cory out at that point before he starts trying to win (since they think he is throwing now)?

This x 1000

Gan ainm

Cirie gets a lot of airtime for someone who hasn’t been relevant since before her spawn went home.

Omega BB

CBS is forcing her into the TV edit


She’s the best one in the DR, she doesn’t need to be fed lines like the others.


I’m starting to think she is gonna win it all to share with Jared.
That would be hilarious, haha


Awwww look at BB/Grod- trying to improve Felecia’s image. A little too late.


And yet BJ will give Cam a big hug and big smile and I love you when he gets evicted. You are one nasty girl, and Cam will see it all once the season is over and the houseguests will get a complete video copy of their season.

BJ — Karma is a bitch. So are you. You don’t have an individual thought in your head (the common denominator of BB25).

Spot ON

“And yet BJ will give Cam a big hug and big smile and I love you when he gets evicted”

Gratitude and “trust” in BB is always served with a long cold butcher knife to the back.

Gan ainm

If I were a little hamster scurrying around that house who would I want to be sitting next to in those final chairs?Felicia or Blue because they are the least likable?America or Bowie because their game isn’t respected?


america. she needs to differentiate her game from cory’s or she’s totally screwed in the final (i actually think cory going could significantly benefit her game). felicia will play the i told y’all the person next to me is a threat card which is occasionally effective and for whatever reason jag and matt still like blue plus cirie might throw her vote at blue because of jared leaving blue needing just one more vote. currently america would only get cory’s vote if she makes it to final.

Spot ON

And if the hamster plays a respectable and admirable game, and actually makes bold (and the obvious) moves themselves, the reward is not F1 or F2, but a butcher knife to the back. So what’s left for F1 and F2 are the typical choices like Felicia, Blew, Amerika, and Bowie.

Game fan

blue can win

BB Fangirl

Not production giving me hope that Bowie sees past Jag and Matt’s bs and might actually not put Cam up as a renom. Gahhh I can’t take it!


I agree. Big move and exciting for viewers would be for Bowie to put America or Cory up. That would shake up the house. But it’s boring to watch if she puts up Cameron. I won’t watch anymore if he gets evicted. Too boring.


Sorry Fangirl, but BJ seems adamant about Cam renom, Cam is likely burnt toast, Cam needs a funeral asap.

un autre nom

Comicverse twist incoming Thursday announced on Eviction / HOH episode
Minutemen to Blue to Co/Am to Fugitives ties
Blue says Cory after Cam the HOH
Jag not down.
Cam snitches on Blue to Cory
Felicia mad at Cory fight with America
flip script Meme out
Bomb drop
Bowie down under HOH
Jury announcement.

Post HOH D/R
Bowie threw and won HOH
Lawyer mode
America happy Bowie is HOH
Cam happy Bowie is HOH
Felicia happy she got Jury.
Cory making lemonade.

Jag Vote Flip explanation
Cory makes points but Cam hates Cory, so Jag reverse psych plot
Cirie wishes Felicia was the HOH because Bowie never got over the Red vote

Bowie and her ties
Cam. Jag/Matt. Co/Am.
Everyone in pairs thinks Bowie is great for third place.
Bowie knows what’s up, time to start playing

Cirie / Blue
lost Jared. Cirie keeps her mouth shut.
Blue targeting Cory.
Cirie trusting Blue. Most info from Blue. (that well has been drying up a bit).
Cory / America
shower talk. Cam’s version was not the same as Matt’s version.
Cam engineering Blue / Cory war (nope but pushing it)
Cory wants Blue / Cam noms. He wants direct noms.
Matt / Jag aren’t pushing Cory agenda (bit of spite plus bit of anonymity reasons)
Cam joins: one of you secretly HOH (like he’s not going to push an agenda too).


Blue / Cirie / Felicia
Blue going to push Cory / America.
show Bowie she has to do what they say or else. Bowie joins.
Cirie wants Matt and Jag to push the Co/Am agenda themselves.
Felicia pushes target the showmance or else.
Cirie is trusting Matt / Jag
Jag wants Cory as a shield
Cam / Matt
Cam’s Cory agenda resurfaces. Matt wants to decide with Jag


Felicia discusses domestic violence and joining Air Force.
Felicia talks about getting help and getting out of abuse.

Cory best shield, Cam best target. Can’t fully trust Cam.

Pseudo Final 3
Bowie wants ‘the other side’ gone. Bowie respects / fears Felicia unlike the house.
Men say Cory, Felicia, Cirie are not threats Cam / Blue named as Ja/Ma targets.
Bowie wants to keep Cam, he’s never said anything about her. She’s still in her loyalty period TEAM mindset that said Cirie/Felicia/Blue were only names on table.

Not a threat or a target to me.
Cam is dangerous
Cam/Blue strong duo. Bowie points out CO/AM are a duo
pushes Co/Am. Bowie mentions Mamas. Blue worries for Cirie.
pushes Cory.
pushes Fel / Cir to bd Cory.

Felicia / Cirie.
Pointy end of game. Blame Cory. Left the wrong way.

Gan ainm

How did Cory loose that HOH in what was largely a competition to throw HOH.

un autre nom

Cory suffers from anxiety that affects performance. Getting called out right before HOH threw him. That’s why he’s so leftbrain, because logic provides order, whereas intuition is subjective and therefore chaotic for someone that requires control.

Felicia’s Photographic Memory

Intuitive types can also require control. That’s an across the board issue in terms of personality type.

It could be said that he’s naturally left brained, which manifests his anxiety-related need for control as based on order and logic.

But the anxiety originated elsewhere in his developmental years.

Not Jasons Holly

Corey admitted he threw the HOH! He said he knew there were no candles on the cake. That’s the question he “missed”!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Then why was he so upset afterwards???

BB Fangirl

Because he’s fake…

un autre nom

ever taken a test, got the test back, looked at the answer you got wrong and said ”i knew that’?
that’s the candles.


Bowie Jane —- C U next Tuesday

Queen Catia

I am so upset with Bowie right now that if I could rate her a vote for less than zero I would! Every year there is deception, lies, backdoors and backstabbing on BB and it’s all part of the game. I understand it’s a game. My thing with these particular houseguests is when did it become the norm to destroy a person’s character in this game? The hate, vitriol, and gaslighting with glee is nauseating. I don’t even want to refer to these HG’s as hamsters anymore because it is insulting to the actual real hamsters.

Carlito's Way

So well said. Exactly what I feel and can’t watch the character abuse.


I really think she’s going to put up a replacement nom other than cam. She’s just telling everyone cam.

BB Fangirl

The way they spliced everything makes me think/have hope for that too. Lives don’t show diary room and as noted, she got called there a lot this week. It would be one thing for them to flip her With persuasion but for her to be so overtly happy about it and not at all feeling bad, after outright saying she won’t put Cam up…it feels like she’s hiding something. Maybe Cam doesn’t even know! But he will certainly support her going forward if she keeps him. It would be best for her game and I reallyyyy hope she sees that!


Bowie doesn’t see or hear, she follows.


Geez, why do alot of Cameron fans think BJ a well educated person is not thinking for herself, she knows what Cam is( snake). Getting rid of Cam does not make her stupid. She does see and hear. maybe her Aussie accent is confusing to some…lol


CBS / Grod really don’t want Cam gone. Been pretty obvious he’s only player keeping hope alive for successful szn. So my gut says Bowie will suddenly wake up, Jag won’t use veto (coward anyway). Evict Cirie (she doesn’t want to be there anymore).


Let’s hope!

Gan ainm

How are Cam Fans this delusional?

Wade F

Hey! we dont know what happens in the diary rooms. lol.

Anything can go

I like to call it HOPEFUL!!! 😉


Because Cam is the only one PLAYING THE GAME!! This cast is the worst !!!!!


Yes exactly right !!

Carlito's Way

We know he is a jerk with limited social skills, but he is a beast and he would have been loyal to Bowie, especially.

Felicia’s Photographic Memory

He was already not loyal by making a F3 with Jatt, and just adding her on bc he knew that Blue was too shady to be an ally.

At no time in his fugitives negotiations did he ever seem interested in protecting her as his primary, otherwise he’d have told her his plan to ally and cut Jatt later in favor of her.

He’s only interested in sticking around week by week and reassessing as needed. BJ was just a low key floater that he thought he could control.

People completing overlooking or ignoring that fact. BJ was never his number 1; if anything, he might have stuck with Red in that way although he didn’t fight to keep him off the block, but rather was willing to favor Red as a target over himself since that was Jared’s choices. How did he expect to protect Red that week by winning veto and taking himself off the block? It was BS so that Cam didn’t have to put a bigger target on himself.

Cam can have limited loyalty but only for a bro. That’s why he connected to Jared and fully trusted him after Red left, until America opened his eyes.


Assume much? I’m not a cam fan. I’m actually rooting for Cory to win it all.


Right On!!!

Not Jasons Holly

I would be shocked if she didn’t put Cameron. I saw the conversation with Blue and Cameron. Then Blue went to the HOH to shower and had the discussion about Cameron going up. Mag (Matt/Jag) with Bowie were “breaking the news” to her. She totally threw Cam under the bus and very much embellished her conversation with Cam. Most of it being lies and how she reacted.

C’mon Bowie

For that to happen she’d have to be the worlds best actress. She’s wishy washy & incapable of making decisions. She wants to be part of an alliance so badly, so when the “cool kids” approached her it didn’t take much lure her in. She’ll get rid of everyones biggest target & then they’ll discard her when she’s no longer useful.


I hope I’m wrong but I’ve got a gut feeling cory going up not cam.

Carlito's Way

Nope. She is super jazzed to be part of the “cool-kids” gang with Jag and Matt. She is desperate to be part of a group. Little does she know they will always protect Cirie over her. What an idiot. Wish Cam had told her about The Fugitives. Although, wouldn’t matter probably. Matt and Jag would lie and she would believe them over the guy who has had her back throughout the game (for his own selfish reasons, granted).


And you’re wrong.

Omega BB

BOWIE is getting out a huge threat that she can’t even take credit for…LOL

She has no shot to win & an even lesser shot to make F2 with a house full of pairs.


she easily beats america, and has a good shot at beating the rest of the women. if it’s an all women final 2, she can win, which means getting out the boys …including cameron.


Nope, Bowie thinks she’s in an alliance with Jag & Matt.

Bowie is not very smart, why isn’t she thinking about how Jag & Matt have been pushing to Backdoor Cam ? Bowie knows last week it was Cam, Jag, Matt & Bowie.

If I were Bowie, I’d be thinking why won’t Jag & Matt kick me to the curb once I’m not HOH, that’s exactly what they are doing now to Cam.

Bowie is sooooo thirsty and desperate to be in an alliance, she thinks she’s playing her game, and doing what she wants, she even said Cam should not have been a dickhead.

Bowie will find out on Thursday when she’s no longer HOH, she will be back to floating around the house, trying to fit in, Jag & Matt will not be including her in many meetings, discussing what the plan for the week is.

Bowie will be the Lone Ranger, Jag has Matt, Corey has America, Blue has Cirie, Fake duo Felicia & Cirie, Bowie has nobody, Bowie goes back to pawn status, and being told how to vote.

Great HOH Bowie, yea, Cam was a dickhead with no people skills, but Dickhead Cam had your back, your dumb ass gave up your HOH to be Jag’s puppet, you played your HOH the way Jag instructed you to play.

Cirie & Felicia were right when they said you have no input, you just do as you are told, I don’t think you deserved to be treated so badly by Cirie & Felicia, that was wrong.

But I have to agree with what they said in regards to you never have any input. Bowie shot herself in the foot, if she back doors Cam, wait until you get home and see how Cam was trying to keep you safe and work with you.

Yes it was because he thought he could beat you if the two of you lucked out and made it to Final 2, you would of had maybe $750,000.00 or at least $75,000.00 if you kept Cam.

After your dumb move, doing what Jag told you to do “ Back Door Cam “, nobody left in the house is going to take you to Final 2, but hey, your goal was to make it to the Jury House.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

That would be a shame for so many plays if Cameron goes, especially Cory and Jag. A huge benefit to those that float! I expect a final two of a pair of the following: Bowie/Cirie/BJ/Blue. Jag and company many want to consider keeping Cameron in the event that he is backdoored…


What if Felicia and Cam are working together, because they were in the military?


Bowie Jane is an idiot!! Jag saying he feels bad. Production must have told him how much most viewers dislike him. Most viewers understand it’s a game. It’s the personal character attacks, that are hard to stomach. Bowie is just as bad and she’s no better then Felicia and Ceri, with all that nastiness.

Carlito's Way

Agree. I have stopped checking out feeds and watching the show. I just find no enjoyment in watching purely nasty game-play. I find the constant, all-day bashing of one person impossible to stomach. Cam has not been an angel by any stretch, but he’s one of the best BB competitors I recall and has been scratching and clawing throughout the game. You have to respect that. His social game sucks. The irony is he would have been loyal to Matt, Jag and Bowie until about final 5, probably. Would he have attacked at the end and tried to drag Bowie? Sure. Bowie is an idiot to let him go. She can’t win but was near- guaranteed $75K. Does she really think Matt or Jag will pick her at the end over Cirie? Just because Cam is better than them in comps is no reason for them to make up complete stories, bash and isolate him. Bowie turned out to be as big an a-hole as the others. This could have been an awesome week, but has really turned me off and can’t watch. No one to root for any more.

Felicia’s crusty feet

Getting tired of Matt & Jerky Jag…… haven’t been watching the feeds , just coming here for updates….. decide to turn the feeds on briefly… of course they switch from game talk to Cirie’s loud fart…. ugh, this fkn season is frustrating

Senior Citizen

Found on the ‘net:

“Bowie Jane Ball is a 45-year-old houseguest from Los Angeles, California, who is competing on Big Brother 25 (US). She is a self-described “queer, non-binary, and genderfluid” artist, activist, and drag performer. She is also a licensed therapist and has a master’s degree in social work.

Bowie’s career has been focused on helping others. She has worked with a variety of organizations to provide therapy and support to LGBTQ+ youth, people with disabilities, and survivors of trauma. She is also a passionate advocate for social justice and has spoken out against discrimination and inequality.”

Says nothing about her being a lawyer. Not making any judgement, she can be whatever floats her boat. I did the search based on the fake pasted-on smile and some of her body movements. Personally, I think she’s a good looking woman.

Spot ON

Good research Sr…..She never passed the smell test with me insofar as being a lawyer. But everything else in your research validates what the “gut” had already suggested. An obvious soul with LOTS of screws, bolts, and marbles MISSING. Demeanor and persona speaks volumes.

un autre nom

There was a uk interview when her song ‘bad boy’ came out about 12-13 years ago.
Her career as a lawyer by day pop singer by night was the subject.
She was not practicing law in England, but was still licensed to practice law in Australia at that time.

Spot ON

Even if true, wouldn’t trust her to defend a traffic ticket….

un autre nom

I think dailymail was the article source. image searched what i remembered as the photo on the article.

un autre nom

Amusing thought:
What do most of these houseguests say in their final 2 speech?
It’s a season of over-alliancing and floating. Therefore loyalty isn’t on the agenda.
There isn’t a single houseguest that can ply the usual hero game every finalist attempts to fit into their two minute speech.
Everyone is a rat but i outratted? grimace. Not exactly feel good.

Where we’re at:
Production gave them booze in an attempt to nudge the story. Didn’t work the way they wanted.

BB Fangirl

Dream scenario: Bowie threw the veto so Jag has to use the veto to pull someone down; she backdoors Matt instead; Matt goes home and Jag is in the house alone now, becomes Cameron’s number 1 target when he wins the next HOH. That is would be epic…if only!

It's me

Sundays episode
After listening to everyone, Bowie did WHAT SHE WANTED!
Matt get that Floss out of your mouth.
Cire, what are you sticking in your ear?? A TOOTHPICK??


I would like to see Bowie Jane pull a “Kaycee” and kick ass the rest of the season.


I got nothing to say but I just wanted to comment to show CreepyCamFans can’t scare me off this great spoiler site.

You can be a CreepyCamFan

Lo lo


Lo lo

Bowie Jane is very gullible and not very bright. She is being used by Cory, Jag, and Matt. They know they can’t beat cam in comps and want her to be the bad guy. Horrible move if she goes through with this. Everything they say about Cam lying etc.is true about them. Open your eyes Bowie!


Matt/Jag/Cory/America could use this to their advantage. They have the votes…..

I can see it now, when/if they decide to flip….

Bowie told us she’d be putting up Blue as the renom, but she lied to us. So whoever is left of Cirie/Felicia and Blue and Bowie must be in an alliance.

Keeps a meatshield in the house whose enemies are now that (mostly made up) three-person alliance.

Carlito's Way

Why doesn’t Cirie just man up and ask to be evicted? She doesn’t want to be there so let the people who want to be, stay. That would be a way to save this season. Tell Bowie to keep her up on the block and ask to be evicted. One can dream…

Another Dixie

If she wants, she can just walk out the door but won’t because I think, she would be out the money. Don’t like Cirie, never liked her on Survivor, for that matter. She does have a way of persuading people though. However, from listening to her ignorant way of speaking, especially when she spoke with Jared, I would never want to be a patient where she worked.


I called this from when she won HOH. We need to vote for Cameron to win American Favorite HouseGuest seeing as though he is now going to be stuck in jury until finale.


Well I was rooting for Cam but it looks like he’s on his way out. Cory isn’t playing a bad game, people seem to be doing his bidding. I’d rather a Cory win than a Matt and Jag win. But I’ll be voting Cam as AFP.

Felicia’s Photographic Memory

All the people calling BJ dumb, probably couldn’t pass a basic logic and rhetoric curriculum which BJ is well versed in as a formerly practicing Atty.

At worst she might be naive. But I believe not. She’s making the right moves.

In the episode she was clear that it’d be foolish to blow up her loose F3 status with Jatt and Americory.

Cam has revealed himself to be willing to turn on anyone when he feels insecure, as he can’t fully ever trust others in the house based on his history there.

He independently stated that he felt there was some shred of truth to the Americory Bowie association. Cory would have surely gone to Bowie to include her in the Meme group if Meme had been on board. BJ absolutely would have said yes. Being she is using her F3 status with the 2 prs and also tried working her closeness with Cam until realizing Cam is too loose cannon, she knows what she’s doing.

What is dumb is expecting her to put up Cory or Jatt which would blow open her floater game.

Although America would be the only one overly upset, it removes one of BJ’s F3 groups and makes her more expendable as a pawn going forward. Bc she’d have done the house’s bidding. Cory is no threat to BJ.

Taking out Blue does nothing for BJ.

Taking out Cam is getting rid of the wild card who can comp beast to the end by turning on anyone he needs to in a given game scenario. Also great on resume.

Omega BB

In BB she is dumb, anything she does outside is irrelevant.

Felicia’s Photographic Memory

She’s using critical thinking skills in the game, with conclusions that are logical.

Another Dixie

I really hope you’re right. I guess we’ll see in the next week or so. Personally, I feel she is in over her head, but what do I know?

Here's a thought....

Cam Shoulda just blasted one of the pairs last week, I can’t believe he fell for Jag and Matt’s shit. But he tried to stay loyal. He should have known minute one when asshat Jag was so against backdooring Corey last week.Jag was a favorite of mine in the beginning of the season, oh man, how I loathe him now. He’s an even bigger snake than Andy was and that’s a tough act to follow.

Mary Green

If Bowie backdoors Cam, she is ruining her only chance to maybe going to the end.. Hopefully she does not but everyone else has a final two except Blue and she is clueless also.


Bowie for the win!


Cam lost his edge when he started to listen to everyone else instead of himself.


Cirie should just leave at this point. She obviously doesn’t want to be there. All she does is wear her robe and talk to the VD.