Cameron “Bowie is with us. I have pissed of Cory & America. I’m free reign to be like f**k YA’LL!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Nothing new since last night. Veto is being used Cameron going up.

12:20pm Backyard Pool – America and Blue are playing pool. Jag joins in. On the backyard couch – Blue and Felicia are talking about the OTEV competition. Felicia – that was so cool!

12:56pm Exercise room – Blue and America are working out riding on the bikes. America – I had a ton of cookies and fig newtons .. they say they’re fat free but they’re not sugar free. They both talk about how they’ve gained 8 pounds. America – I figure if I exercise more, drink more water and eat less fig newtons. America – only one person is going to win. Its scary. I am glad you asked (to talk) but Cam came up to me this morning. I just don’t trust him and I didn’t for a second. Even having this conversation with him I was like maybe he is telling me the truth. Blue – I always have my guard up with him. America – he was like heavy throwing you under the bus. Blue – who Felicia? America – no, Cam. Blue – throwing who? America – you. Blue – oh lord of course. What was he saying? America – because everyone wants Cory out of the house Blue is the one in the room saying all this stuff. And I understand if its true. Like that’s fine, Cory is his own person and that his own game and obviously you’re not going to tell me. Blue – no I know the game he plays. America – he is the one saying all this sh*t and then he is coming to me saying I want to work with you. Like really emphasizing me. In a sense it seems like he is trying to pin me against you. I said I don’t believe you, I think that you’re the one leading this ship. I was like come on, don’t bullsh*t me. Blue – girl I know he can’t be trusted. I am feeding him whatever he wants to hear. America – whatever happened last week I do not trust him. Like whatever you say with him he will twist it to make it sound like you said it first.

1:05pm Backyard – Cirie and Felicia
Felicia – I do believe we’re safe this week. Next week I am just sitting around looking at these faces and thinking now what is each one of these people going to do? How are they aligned? If America or Cory actually won who would they put up? Bowie joins them and the conversation ends.

1:05pm HOH room – Matt and Cameron
Cam – what is going on? Matt – nothing. Everyone is being quiet. Cam – no, I had a conversation with America.. it did not go well and I know that she was up here right after that. Matt – yeah because I was sleeping right there. She said that she had a conversation with you but she was like oh Cam is being Cam. It was just me and Jag chilling. Cam – so I had a conversation with her and it was basically me telling her that the entire house is cool with Cory going home. I am not running conversations. I voiced my opinion to people so if she caught wind from people, that is bad. Matt – I mean if you tell America that everyone is going for Cory .. its going to be the vice versa. Cam – its just bad! Like everything was good last week and then it flipped somewhere. And its not like I’m going around the house talking about him. She caught wind of something and I felt pressure. Matt – yeah because she was mad yesterday. Cam – yes. She doesn’t get mad for no reason. Matt – true. Cam – so where did it come from? Am I still the scape goat even with 9 people left? Am I still the guy that is like Cam is doing all this sH*t. Then I had a conversation with Cory and I was like lets cut the sh*t. That’s exactly what I said! I only feel pressure .. because I feel the pressure from you. When it comes from you it comes from both of ya’ll. Matt – to Cory? Cam – yeah. So its not me gunning after you, its me being a part of the conversations that are going on. Whoever is telling you that I am gunning after you is the same people that are telling me that you’re gunning after me. So all I see is that I have trust in you and I have trust in Jag. If that is f**king for real like I think it is then this could work in our favour. The fact that I have already pissed both of them off. You guys are good with them (Cory/America). I am not. My point is, now I have replaced Meme. Its me and Blue against Cory and America. You guys are good as long as I am here because it is me and Blue versus Cory and America. And you know when one of those three people fall down where I am falling. Bowie is with us. Matt – no I know yeah. Cam – so with Bowie with us against Cory and America .. I like our chances. I have pissed of Cory and America. I am free reign to be like f**k YA’LL! I can be painted as the guy going after Cory but everyone knows what has to happen. I can be painted as the guy going after Cory. I am confident enough to be that guy. Everyone knows what needs to happen. Blue wants him. Felicia and Cirie are on board with anything. I don’t need to pitch Cory anymore, ya’ll know what needs to happen. Jag joins them. Cam pitches Jag. Cam – is Bowie on board with you using it? Because I don’t think she wants to have to make that decision. Jag – Not Bowie is the concern for blood but Cory, America, Cirie, Felicia, .. we haven’t talked to Blue yet that but it seemed like she wanted me. Cam – we know what she wants. She wants the same thing I want. But its what we want to do. I say we but its your decision. All week Bowie has been saying she wants to keep it the same. I don’t think she wants to have to do it because then it means she would have to pick a side. Jag – yeah I just have to think through that. I could lose a lot of people depending on what I do. Cam – if you use it that is going to screw Bowie in a couple ways or no way depending on how you look at it. If she puts me up she makes Cory and America happy… ONLY. She makes one of the noms happy. But they’re not going to help her game. Cool that’s the sh*t side of the house with the competitions we have. If she puts Cory on the block she makes the whole f**king house happy. I just don’t think she is going to do the Cory route. She puts Blue up she has now pissed off Blue. That’s a safe call. Everyone is in pretty good shape. But if we put Blue up .. then there is no more Cam/Blue versus Cory and America but I am okay with that too because then I am still a shield for you two. The thing is we control the votes if we vote together. Jag – yeah that’s a good point. Cam – regardless if the three of us stick together we have the votes this week and next week.

1:40pm – 2pm Backyard – Bowie, Cirie and Felicia.
Felicia – he (Cam) wants to be the one that everyone else is gravitating to. Bowie – but he is a fan, he should know better. Felicia – what he doesn’t realize is that you can’t invent personality. You either have it or you don’t. Bowie – at least we’ll get the heads up on what he tells Matt. Cirie – he’s probably still up there. Felicia – he is probably going to try and stay up there all day. He is going to chase Matt and Jag all day today. Bowie – in his old HOH room .. but don’t worry next week it won’t be happening. Felicia – he probably feels like its his room. He’s been up there three times. He really feels like he can come and go anytime he wants to. Bowie – I was like oh no I am going to be sharing a room with him in the scary room… and then I was like oh no I won’t be. They laugh.

2:16pm – 2:50pm HOH ROOM – Jag, Bowie and Matt
Jag – Cam just pitched for Blue to go up instead right. Matt – he’s been pitching for everything. Jag – I know but like, because here is the thing Cam is going to understand that I use the veto. Here are the good things that just came from that conversation, I told him I don’t want to get blood on my hands so I have to use the veto. He understands that. Good! First Step done! Second Step.. he understands that Bowie is not going to put Cory up and its going to be either Cam or Blue. Good that’s done. Third Step, which is exactly where we wanted him.. in order for him to not be on the block he has to pitch for Blue to be on the block. Done. He just did that. The question now is can we tell Blue that he pitched this and do we trust her to keep this to herself and not go to Cam. Bowie – because he is saying worst case he goes up but that he has the votes from us to keep him. Jag – Do we think that Blue is going to run to Cam after this and say something or no? Matt – I don’t know. The way he kept talking .. like Blue we’re working together .. you know? Jag – well he just threw Blue under the bus the same way that he threw Red under the bus.

2:54pm HOH room – Blue, Matt, Jag and Bowie.
Jag – Cam was up here.. I only gave you the gist of it. We were talking about the veto and how I don’t want to get blood on my hands .. there is no reason for me to do that so I am planning on using the veto. And he (Cam) immediately goes into his survival mode and throws you under the bus. Where is is wanting you to be on the block. He was like Blue on the block, like no one is going to be mad. Cory/America are happy. We’re happy. Bowie Jane doesn’t have blood on her hands. Cirie or Felicia are just happy to be off the block. Bowie – he is so thoughtful. Jag – and then he is like .. and then next week I’ll go after Cory and America. And I trust my odds going against Cory/America over Blue. Essentially you know how he keeps talking is circles .. he throwing you under the bus hard. And I was like dog if you’re working with Blue which he also says he said me and Blue are close. And then he completely throws you under the bus. Then he talked himself into the scenario where he is on the block. I was like ultimately it doesn’t matter who is on the block since we have the votes. Now he is at the point where he knows I will probably use it and that he thinks we would have the votes if I do use it. Bowie to Blue – is he telling you that he will take you all the way to the end? Blue – yeah. Bowie – that’s what he is telling me too.

3:37pm HOH room – Cameron and Bowie.
Cam – what’s going on, what can I do. Bowie – it seems like Jag is leaning on using it so now I need to think about options. Either way we’ve got… who is voting? Cam – its me, Matt and Jag. Bowie – I just don’t want blood on my hands. Cam – with me, Matt and Jag voting whatever you want can happen. Bowie – I don’t really care, I just don’t want blood on my hands. Cam – well the blood .. you know where I stand. The only thing I don’t want is blindside companion .. is me on the block. Bowie – I don’t want to put Cory up because then I will have America after me. Cam – so its one person. The entire house wants Cory. This is literally the safest move for you. Bowie – she is friends with the entire house. Cam – they keep her around because they don’t want to piss of Cory. That move would buy you safety. Bowie – but I already have blood on my hands with Felicia and Cirie. Cam – I am good with whatever as long as I am not going on the block. Am I in danger of going on the block? Bowie – I am trying to think of how I can have no blood. If Cory goes up, Cory probably goes home. Cam – if Cory goes up, Cory 100% goes home. Bowie – then I have to deal with Felicia, Cirie, America.. Cam – oh god no! SO!? Then you’ve got me, Matt, Jag and Blue. We’ll protect. Bowie – I really don’t want to put Cory up, its too scary. Cam – a pissed off America doesn’t worry me. A pissed off Cory and America does. Bowie – they won’t be pissed off if they don’t go up. Cam – of course not but then I will just go home. Bowie – no you won’t because we’ve got the votes. Cam – just like we had the votes for Red? If I touch the block .. its done. We backdooring Meme, we got talked into keeping Felicia. How do you think this house will be with me on the block? They will beg borrow and steal whatever they’ve got to do to get me gone. No one will find you guilty for having done this move. Bowie – I don’t know about that! Cam – I don’t like this. If you want to keep me safe.. Bowie – well I am going to have to think about it. Cam – do you trust me, Matt and Jag. Bowie – that’s the only reason why this week will work. Cam – I don’t trust Blue. They would promise her the world. Blue is looking out for Blue. There will be no blood if you put up Blue but that will be one less person to go after Cory. Bowie – okay let me talk to Matt. I need to work this sh*t out before tomorrow. Cam leaves.

4:07pm Backyard – Jag and Cirie
Jag – Homeboy wanted to make jury.. he made it. Cirie – he made it. He don’t got evicted twice .. if he don’t go this time they might as well put his name on the cheque. Jag – he will. Cirie – I will be relieved either way… If I come off the block I will be relieved. If I am in the jury I will be relieved. Jag – its not those only two options. You could stay on the block and still stay.

4:35pm Bathroom – Bowie and Blue.
Bowie fills Blue in on the conversation she had with Cam up in the HOH and how Cam was pushing for Cory to go up. Bowie – I was like so if I wasn’t to put him up who would I put up? And he was like Blue. And I was like I don’t feel comfortable with that either and he was like if we wanted to send Blue home we could or something like that. And I was like yeah, I just don’t know about this, this doesn’t sound good to me. I was like we’ve got the votes either way. And he was like we’ve only got the votes if I am not on the block. I was like okay but that’s not true. He was like don’t put me up as a pawn. I was like I am just weighing all my options.. if you were up there you would have Jag, Matt and Blue to vote for you. And he was like I don’t trust Blue. He was like I will work with her but I don’t trust her. And I was like hang on I think Blue would definitely want to save you. So just so you know … you just need to convince him that you would vote for him to stay. Blue – okay, this is so fun!

5pm Backyard – Matt and Cory are lowering the blinds. The house guests chat about random things on the couch.

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America or Cory need to be backdoored.


Your an idiot, cory and america are no threat to anyone. Cam needs to be back doored. And if the people in the house want to win matt and jag are next.


nah, if you want them out front door them. and that’s everyone’s plan next week. bowie’s smart not to target them as she coasts to final 4 with them in the game.

no mo bro

I sometimes wonder why I continue to watch when this terrible behaviour is rewarded in the end. Seems like the best liar wins.


Can’t wait til they all have to turn on each other finally! Then we’ll really see the liars

Another Dixie

Jag won’t have to be voted out. He’ll run for the door with his head in his butt. He won’t know who to run to & lie.


It’s been the concept laterally since bb2. If it’s for the game and not personal I have no problem with it, funny thing Lying is not an ounce of the terrible behavior shown on bb let alone this season. There are far worse things being said than simple lies.


Jag is pulling in all the strings some what if he makes it to the end, I think he should win because he was voted out. Unanimously came back in and dominated in some stuff and the power of persuasion. On the other hand, if Cory stays in everyone is mad at him that’s getting out so he’s targeted but no one‘s gonna get rid of him. He’s sitting outside Cent’Anni while everybody in the house scrambling and fighting. He’s got his hands clean right now. Everybody that has gone out has gone out because of him and Americas wants so if he gets to the end with a jag, that would be the best case scenario, because both of them have manipulated. And lied.


jag wins if he makes it to the end as long as he isn’t sitting next to matt (not that matt 100% beats him, but then it’s very close between the two). his only issue is getting there and i think that’s a pretty significant issue.


Totally agree I don’t know why so many people disagreed with my statement it’s the truth people are just blind. I don’t think we’re watching the same show are they’re not watching a live feed so I watch the live feed so right now Jack is talking to everybody Cameron is going to go I like Cameron but he played too hard behind the scenes this week and he made Bowie uncomfortable camping out in her head of household room. He shouldn’t of done that.


cam’s social game is really bad. this should have been a safe week for him, but he hasn’t built the relationship he needs to with bowie or at minimum driven the wedge between bowie and the rest of the house that he needs to. other players would have convinced bowie to keep him safe or at least made jag fearful one of his allies could go up if the veto was used and thus convince him not to use it. cam did neither.

I'm guessing

Poor jury management. He’s not winning.


disagree. he has one guaranteed vote in blue/matt. two if they’re both jury. i think he gets lesser evil votes from a lot of final 2 pairs from cirie/felicia and he also gets cam, america, and cory’s votes if his record in comps is significantly better than the record of who he’s sitting next to. the only people he can’t sit next to are cam and matt (though cam’s so unpopular he can maybe beat him anyway). if he’s next to cory, the jury likely sees cory as too slimy and i don’t see any of the woman voting for a woman to win if a guy is an option as they all hate each other.

Game fan

cory beats everyone

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Bowie’s HOH is Jag’s HOH. Bowie is doing whatever Jag wants, I can’t wait for someone else to have power, put Jag & Matt up.

I actually like Corey better than Jag, something about the way Jag is playing, I just do not really like Jag or Matt, they are both weak players.

I also understand why Cam is everyone’s target, Cam’s over confident attitude, arrogance, know it all mentality, it can get old. When Bowie said Cam made the comment about her & Cam making it to final 2, and Cam told her she would win $75,000.00. That’s not bad, Cam does not think before he speaks, telling Bowie she would lose to him, that was stupid.

Cam will be on the block tomorrow, Cam should have put Corey up, Corey would be gone. Jag is the reason Cam is on the block as of tomorrow, Cam is the idiot that is still thinking Jag & Matt are working with him. Cam’s not very bright, Jag’s making a fool out of Cam.

Felicia is going to make Cam’s last days in the house miserable, He’s the 1st one in the Jury House, she told him last week, he was the next one out of the door.

Hopefully once Cam is gone, it will be interesting seeing Jag & Matt on the block if Corey or America can actually win an HOH. I want to see Jag evicted right behind Cam, Jag does not deserve to win BB.

Too bad for Cam, I was really pulling for him, but Bowie is too weak minded to put Matt on the block when Jag uses the Veto, the look on Jag’s face would be priceless !, that would freak the hell out of Jag.

If Bowie had a brain, putting Matt up after Jag uses the Veto, that would make her chances better in being in an Alliance she’s so hungry for. Cam, Corey, America, Cirie or Felicia, they would all vote Matt out, If Cam won HOH, Cam would be dumb enough to think once again he can trust Jag.

Cam is going to Jury, he had said he really needed to make it to Jury, he got his wish. Cam saying that he’s going to apply for Survivor, if he does not work on his people skills, Cam is not going to do well on Survivor, it will be just like BB25, everyone will dislike him.


nah, if bowie puts up cam i don’t think it’s bad for her game. it forces matt/jag and america/cory to fight each other instead of using cam as a distraction then picking off a floater if he wins veto. bowie’s a floater she wants floaters not targeted. as it stands bowie’s final five or better with everyone left in the house, so she needs to pick off players she can’t beat in the final (like cam).

but that’s the thing, cam’s play is bad. a good player would make jag too fearful to use the veto lest it put someone he doesn’t want on the block going up, but cam hasn’t put the target on matt or even blue so that’s on cam not building the necessary relationship with jag or bowie.

Spot ON

” America – because everyone wants Cory out of the house Blue is the one in the room saying all this stuff”

SUCH HYPOCRISY. If “everyone” wanted CORY out of the house, then why is CAM being thrown under the bus by “everyone” ?

ALL of these hamsters are prolific liars, but the problem lies on the fact that NONE of them know HOW to cross examine their BULLSH*T !!

Gan ainm

So if the Cory/America vs Jag/Matt war starts next week Cirie gets another pass. Imagine if we end up with a Cirie Felicia Blue Bowie final 4.That would actually make sense for this season.


i’ll be shocked if cirie doesn’t make final 4. still not sure she can get to the final though or if she’d have the votes to win. but she is playing an excellent stealth game at the moment. losing jared helped her a lot.


If cirie didn’t ever have Jared in the house she would be in an even better position were she could call shots. Jared messed up her trust and credibility but she’s doing the smart thing and laying low. If you ever watched her on survivor or traitors, he game is not loud. She has been more of a master of the social game. Even when people know her and know her game they still fall for it. It’s wild. Having Jared in this game with her was not an asset like everyone said. It was a hindrance and so was izzy knowing.

Mean Jean

As 73 year old BB fan I need to know is a grown man wearing a floral jumpsuit a thing ?

Spot ON

IF AND ONLY IF you are going to be drinking, “rolling”, and listening to music from the 60’s after having sex with yourself because “you can’t always get hat you want…”


I get you have to lie to play this game but to destroy someone’s character and make fun of them I don’t agree with that! Bowie whining about Cirie and Felicia making fun of her she is doing the same thing to Cam! Jag and Matt are just gross! I can’t wait until they all watch the season back and finally see how stupid they all looked !


I think America is the best option for backdoor. I’m tired of watching her. I can’t understand why people aren’t getting the couple thing. They need to break them up now. They are going to regret this. All except Cameron want to be so safe. That makes this season boring. Thursday may be the last day I watch. There are more options on TV.

no mo bro

If Cam leaves, the season is over for me. I don’t want anyone else in that house to get the money. No matter who wins, I won’t be happy. I’m not interested in wasting my life watching the rest of the season when there is no one left I want to win. The live feeds have shown me that NO ONE in the house deserves to win. It’s let me see what these people are really made of and I don’t like any of them. I was hoping for a Cam or BJ win, but BJ has shown her true colours and she’s the same backstabbing bish that the rest of them are.

BB Fangirl

Bowie was soooo upset when she wasn’t told about the vote flip and Cameron was the only one who didn’t lie to her about that. She took it so personally and has said numerous times she doesn’t care about winning but that she doesn’t want to lose herself/act entirely out of character for this show. So why why why does she suddenly think ANYONE is being honest with her? In fact, she seems to think Cam is the ONLY ONE not being truthful, even after what she already knows to be facts?? I’m so very confused at her stupidity and how she even came to be on this show. At this point I just want this over with so I can stop watching/reading/thinking about this for the next 30 days. And I know I’m being like one of those people who feels the need to announce when they unfollow someone but I don’t care hahah