“He can’t say nothing that’s smart that’s going to penetr@te me and my feelings.” – Tamar

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7:40pm Kitchen. Natalie and Tamar. Natalie looks at the camera and says Tomorrow is a big day! Tamra – who do you think he would have put up? Natalie – he would have put me and Lolo up. Tamar – or Ricky. Natalie – or that … one of us three. Tamra – are they that mad at y’all? Natalie – I guess?! I didn’t bow down. Tamar – I feel like Lolo could have a boyfriend .. she is just stubborn. Natalie – yeah. Tamar – she could be half way down the isle. Natalie – we’ve got to find Lolo a boyfriend. Tamar – a MAN! a HUSBAND! Natalie – but tomorrow is a big day .. a big show. Make sure you tune in because a live eviction, live veto.. Tamar – and I’m the HOH so I’m putting them out! PEACE!! Natalie – a live veto, a live veto ceremony and a live eviction. And then we have another HOH competition.

8:15pm Tom and Kato in the bedroom. They’re packing their things. Tom – its something to do. I’m better off packing my things .. I don’t want these people touching my things. Plus things will get lost.

10:20pm Bedroom. Natalie, Ricky, Lolo, Tamar Ricky – do we have to get up and hug Kato when he leaves? Tamar – no you show people love. If someone is hungry.. you feed them. If someone is thirsty you give them water. Natalie – why can’t we just be like “Snails McGails” bye! Tamar – what’s snails mcgails? Natalie – something Kato does. Tamar – I promise you .. he does not phase me. I have completely written him off. I don’t know nothing about him. I can’t tell you nothing. I can’t tell you what color his eyes are. Natalie – their brown and he wears glasses. We need to know these things. Tamar – I am going to play in the veto and keep sh*t the same. I am not even going to talk about Kato once he walks out this door. He can’t say nothing that’s smart that’s going to penetrate me and my feelings. EVER! NEVER! EVER EVER AGAIN! Natalie – how sad for them.

11:05pm Backyard. Tom and Kato. Kato – If I am alone and you get voted off with Dina… its just pure focus. I am more focused because I don’t have any distractions. I already know what has to be done. Its 100% HOH. Tom – its going to be a lot easier to make friend when you’re HOH. Kato – it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to talk to people. Tom – you can save the hi-fives after you win HOH. Make friends the next day. It will be a lot easier to make friends when you’re HOH. Kato – I’m not looking to make friends. This is not about making friends. I have friends. Friends don’t happen in 19 days.. except for you. Tom – it is very possible that one of us could be the next HOH. Its just one competition. We’ve either won or almost won every competition. Kato – we’ve been right through the wire. Kato – and when I say that making friends in 19 days .. I knew Tom before. The friendships are earned. We’ve been through fire. I am not enemies with anyone here on the show but I have you as a friend. Tom – yup. Kato – so this show is a big win. Tom – absolutely. And its based on a bond.

12:04am Kitchen. Tom and Lolo. Lolo – you don’t feel like its over do you? Tom – ahhhh.. it sort of feels like that, yeah! Lolo – yeah but you’re going to fight tomorrow right? Tom – yeah I am going to try because I don’t want to look like I’m quitting. You know? I think it would be kind of lame to not try. Lolo – I know we haven’t had a chance to talk.. and I don’t really want to talk right now because I don’t want to argue.. but I think you should do what you said you were going to and not go out.. I like that you’re not going to give up. Tom – yeah and I want to end this in a more friendly manner than it has. Lolo – don’t say end.

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It’s nice that Tamara is going to get rid of LoLo Natalie and Ricky’s competition. Does she think that she is part of their alliance and they won’t take her out? Stupid move.

Guano Loco

Kandi is smart; she knows that the trio of Ricky, Loco and Nat are tight and the time to strike is now. Tamar is not that smart in the game, she’s playing emotional and not strategical. She is probably number 5 in her faux alliance of 5. That trio of snakes will get her out long before ditzy Dina


She really wasted her hoh lol

Rotten Tomato

Tamar is doing what she needs with her HOH — get rid of 1 of Tomato (I would say Tom). She does not yet want to draw the ire of the rest of the house. Also, would be a bad jury management move. Next HOH would be the time to move against LoLo, Nat or Ricky. I would lay low for now and let someone else (Kato) get that blood on his hands.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

They showed on the live show tonight that Tamar was fully prepared to put Natalie up if Tom or Kato had taken themselves down, and Kandi, Dina and one of the Tomatos would have voted out Natalie. So Tamar and Kandi KNOW those three have to be split. They just didn’t get the chance since Tomato didn’t win a veto.

Rotten Tomato

Nah. They were only talking about who the replacement nom would be (props for being prepared in the event Tom or Kato won the veto). Kandi and Dina would not have voted out the replacement nom. Tamar was steadfast that Kato needed to go (even though Kandi pitched LNR) and she executed on that strategy. Now was not the right time to turn. You saw what happened when Tom prematurely turned on Ricky (ouch!).


Lolo trying to set her snakey ass up to be safe incase her crew don’t win hope they aint stupid.

Leopold Stotch

That conversation between Tom and Lolo was nothing more than Lolo working on a jury vote, and a little “insurance” in case Tom wins POV and the next HOH. It won’t work, though. The only way Tom votes for Lolo is if she’s in a F2 with Ricky. And the only way he doesn’t nominate her if he’s the next HOH is…nevermind – there is no way.

Guano Loco

…..or Production coaching her to “ be nicer” like they most likely coached Craymar. I don’t think I’ll subscribe to the feeds on anymore CBB seasons ( if they continue) because they seem like they’re down more than on . I love this site Simon & Dawg! This is my go to site to catch up; I click on the Amazon site whenever I can, promise to donate by season’s end!


Dina and Kandi were on the feeds talking Kandi telling Dina are you good at balance and said they think next hoh will be indurance or memory they are targeting lolo Ricky Natalie noone is worried about Tamar its Clear she is a follower and might unfortunately sail to finals.


I would so love to see Dina or Kandi win the next HOH. Dina I’m afraid might be persuaded to stay safe but Kandi could stay in her ear. Kandi I think would do great.


I agree she is not gonna listen to noone she from the feeds and from tonight’s show you will see she is actually playing and talking staying in Dina and Tamars ear that whoever stays between Tom and Kato shes with them to break up that alliance


I do enjoy the fact that everyone seems to be playing. It’s something that has been missing for so long. The last regular season had some great honest effort…even the hive, bless their sweet, stupid (gamewise), little hearts. Until then, it had been horrible. I’m optimistic for the next regular season now.

I just hope I didn’t jinx it…