Cirie “You [Bowie] were supposed to come and make us feel f**king uncomfortable.. remember B***H!?”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner: Jared
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

8:47pm Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
Cirie – I don’t care about the sleep. I am moving out. If he (Cam) moves into that room. I am moving out! I am not going to be able to stay in there and fake it with the both of them (Cam & Bowie). I don’t have to fake it no more. It is what it is. Everybody knows and even f**king America is telling f**king Meme you want to backdoor me so why would I stay in a room with you and fake like I like you anymore? Or your friend! If everybody knows.. why we got to fake it then!? I want to know why America told Meme why I would go up. She told her we will talk about it later. So even America knows so why would why would I stay in a room with them.. you think I am going to SLEEP in a room with you!? I think Bowie Jane would be the first person he told and he has. He thinks that America is the shell and Cory is the brains. That’s what he keep saying. Its his shell now. One of the only shells he can control. Jared joins them. Cirie – I got to stop right .. the hypocrisy hill? Jared says what Bowie is saying “they’re being so mean to me!” “They’re saying hypocrisy and pointing at me”. Cirie – nobody pointed at her. Jared – “and Izzy is laughing.” Felicia – oh my god! Jared puts up his middle finger. Jared – I don’t feel bad at all .. I’m sorry. Cirie – WOW! Jared – And I am just acting like I don’t know and I’m playing along. Cirie – then don’t be a hypocrite. Jared – word for word. And then I heard you (Felicia) and I thought you said Fabulous.. but you said FABU-LIE! Cirie – You told me the other day you don’t give a f**k… is what you told me the other day.. I don’t give a f**K now! Neither do I! Jared – “They’re being so nasty to me!” Cirie – NO WE’RE NOT! You came with the camera and asked us a word.. that was my word. Jared – I said SHAMELESS! Cirie – you (Bowie) were supposed to come and make us feel f**king uncomfortable .. remember B***H!?” Who the f**k is uncomfortable!? BUT that’s the HIPOCRISY of it all! Jared – that’s why I don’t care! Cirie – you said you’re going to come make us uncomfortable but now that we say the words we’re mean?! That’s the hypocrisy I keep talking about! GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE! Shameless hypocrisy in this B***H! Jared – she is feeling it. Cirie – she feeling it because of herself. Stop playing the victim.

Kitchen – Jag and Cameron
Jag – how are you feeling with everything? Cameron – sore! Jag – how are you feeling with this week? Cameron – its going. Things are getting talked about in rooms and stuff. Its seems like its fun and hilarity but its still the game. Jag – Yeah… man, man, man… well I don’t know what is going to happen and I don’t expect you to tell me but I am still where I was with you. Cameron – Right now I am there too. I think that is all we can ask for right?! Jag – yeah and I think tomorrow cements that. Like you mentioned the olive branch that was extended and tomorrow solidifies that and makes me feel like there is something is there. Cameron – yeah I am just hanging lose and letting it all hang out. I believe that we’ve played this game and each said and done things.. we’ve each talked to people and made mistakes and learned from it. I don’t see you as a man that would have stood up there and shook my hand with the people that you think behind that hand and that I would do something like that. Jag – and that’s why I wanted to say that I wanted to look you in the eyes. Cameron – I know you to be the man that you are and we have a handshake agreement. And we still have the shroud of people thinking that we aren’t working together. Jag – The conversation that we had, I trust you in that.

Kitchen – Jared and Jag.
Jag – are you still thinking about using it? Jared – for sure. jag – for sure? Jared – for sure. Jag – do you know who you were using it .. probably who you were saying earlier? Jared – maybe Izzy. Jag – I thought you were saying earlier Felicia. Jared – the Felicia thing but I think moving forward it would be better to move forward with Izzy. Nothing against Mama Felicia but Izzy could definitely secure some comps. Jag – well I definitely trust you. Jared – if you had something to be nervous about it would have been the other day.

9:30pm Chess game..

9:45pm Bedroom – Cirie & Felicia
Cirie – did you see who was with Jared? Felicia – Uh, who was with him .. Jag? Cirie – Yeah, he said it. He said it. So he doesn’t feel that secure either. Felicia – no. Cirie – then when didn’t you go for the god damn veto? Izzy joins them.

10:25pm Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
Cirie – Its weird that you’ve got to be careful because I know as soon as you’re free you’re going to want to ask him but it will put Jared out there because he only said it to Blue. Felicia – oh I am not going to ask Jag anything. Cirie – I am not asking him either but I would like to know.. I am going to talk to Matt. We need to try and secure his vote. I don’t think we are going to get Jags vote. Felicia – no. Cirie – I think we should try to secure Matt’s vote. And I don’t know what Blue is going to do .. You should probably try to talk to Blue. Felicia – I am going to talk to Blue and Matt. Cirie – how are you with America? Felicia – I am actually pretty good with America. The thing is I think where we went wrong with America is we said we were in that alliance but we never met. Izzy joins them. Cirie – is it not odd to you that Jag didn’t fight for the veto? Izzy – oh I think it is incredibly odd. I think its because he doesn’t want to go against Cameron because they made some type of deal. I think he was like I’ll let Jared take the heat. Cirie – what about Matt? Izzy – I think Matt is a dumba$$.

11:30am Havenot room – Cory and America.
America – I heard that Cam was very adament about Jared using it. Cory – who did you hear that from? America – you can’t say anything. Cory – you don’t have to worry about that with me. America – I heard from Blue. I don’t think he is going to use it. Cory – I don’t think so. I got an unclear answer and it freaked me out. America – from Jared? Cory – yeah. He said he was weighing his options. America – he always says that. Cory – I am nervous about tomorrow. America – why? Cory – because I don’t know what is going to happen and I don’t like it.

12:04am Showmancing time.. kiss kiss kiss… America teaching Cory how to make out.. I can’t believe you asked how do you know when to end? Cory – its a valid question. America – its not. She then tells him – you don’t have to .. I mean I don’t alternate every time. Cory – should I get my note book out?

12:48am – 12:57am Bedroom – Jag, Jared and Blue.
Jag is stressing about Jared scaring him that he will use the veto when he really won’t. (Jared isn’t using the veto, he is just messing with Jag.) Jag – its more so the person that we think would go up but we don’t know for sure. It would make sense to use it if the person that we think will go up is the person that we want to vote out. Because either way the person he puts up we still vote out, the person that is still on the block .. I would have seen it as better that we just not have used it. To not entertain any more added risk. Jared – we’re trying to get him to tell us what he would do. Jag – but why would you use it if you don’t know who he would put up? Jared – we’re trying to get him to key in on who exactly it is because right now it is just fluff. Once we know that then we can really make a move. Jag – he wants you to use it. Jared – he don’t give a f**k.

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Tre Billis

Cirie the hypocrite. Perfectly fine when she wants to get Cam out but when he wants to get her out he is evil. Can not stand Cirie.

Izzy’s armpit flea colony

CBS will never show her ugliness, either but Cam will be the evil villain

Not Jason’s Holly

I was thinking the same thing! It’s ok for them to plot and scheme but if Cameron does it, he’s a snake! Hahaha Wait until they get out of the house and they are the ones the public is calling snakes.


I know, right?! She’s oblivious to her stark hypocrisy.

Spot ON




Please let Jared get out soon! He’s such a douche canoe! Like repulsive doesn’t even cover how he is, just a spoiled little jerk. Also, after watching tonight’s episode I can officially say that Blue is annoying as hell. Those two can ride off into the sunset together.

Daniela Fitzsimmons

I have watched the show since season 1 but it is painfully obvious at this point that this whole season is set up for Cirie to win. No one else has ever had the card and production stacked in their favor like this. It almost makes me feel bad for everyone else who got casted as real fans of the show. This is not how the OG BB was meant to play out

Wade F

People knew Cirie was a player out of the gate. Wouldve been easy target for first couple weeks.

Either youre right or these house guests really knew nothing of Cirie


They don’t. Only izzy and Cory know anything about cirie. America was asking cory on the feeds to tell him how beloved Cirie is by comparing her to a big brother player. He said Janelle but maybe even more than that with survivor fans. Half these people don’t even know that much about big brother. They didn’t know who kayser was. FREAKING KAYSER! These people are dumb and that includes Cam. He called cirie the president but says you take the president out last… what? He wants to leave her alone on a island.. what? She is literally connected to everyone except him and America. He thinks he made a big move. If izzy don’t go out it was a waste. He only wants to put cirie up to scare her… what? He still wants izzy voted out even if she is next to cirie. Cam is dumb. He trust Jared who just put him up….. what?? And no he didn’t know that cirie is Jared’s mom but he knows that jared is close to cirie, Felicia and izzy. They all know that. Why would you trust him?

Not Jason’s Holly

After he talked with Corey, I think, he talked to the camera. He’s not buying any of their lies. He is not trusting anyone but Bowie.


Cam’s big move will be getting F out?! Anti climactic.

Spot ON

“Only izzy and Cory know anything about cirie”


Tre Billis

Cirie was also given Immunity the first week. Most of this cast is young and it’s been a few years since Cirie was on Survivor. They should have targeted her because she was a special player. I remember when Jimmy Johnson appeared on Survivor. He was known as a celebrity by most of the cast and they targeted him for it. Seems those days are gone.


I agree. It’s such a shame that the Producers didn’t know what a good thing they had in this show back in the day. When just normal people could come together socially and play a game without the added pressure of dealing with minor celebrities or returning houseguests. Guess those days are over for the U.S.A. Maybe they thought it would boost their ratings but they had to know what a bad idea it was to bring in Cirie AND her son. Starting the show off right from the bat with them LYING about who they were. I recognized them both as soon as she came out because I am a big Survivor fan, but what if there were a lot of Survivor fans in there? That would have blown up at the beginning and changed the whole direction of the show. They both would have been evicted right away… Unless Production interfered. They have had to all along. Bad idea. Loss of fans? Yep !!

Tre Billis

You knew who Cirie’s son was? I watch Survivor and do not know any contestants family members, I never liked Cirie on the show and had zero interest following her and her family on Social Media. I don’t mind that they brought back Cirie or her son, but both and hide the relationship? Maybe at least reveal they are related.


Production knows ahead of time before they’re cast, if they’re a survivor fan or not. I’m sure its all mapped out in advance. They ask them on the initial thorough questionnaire they have to fill out before anything. They already knew that most of the houseguests weren’t survivor fans.


CBS probably has a game show they want to have her host. So they want to up her status. She’s just an angry woman. Dishes it out, but can’t take it.

Not Jason’s Holly

I read she’s worth 5 million dollars. She never won Survivor, but she won Traitors. She’s a nurse. Not sure where the 5 million comes from.

The Beef

She’s a surgical nurse IRL, which probably pays a pretty good salary, but $5 million net worth? That’s a lot – even if she had WON Survivor – which she didn’t. Maybe she parlayed her Survivor celebrity into some kind of local sponsorship deals or something, or maybe she makes some good money off of those CBS meet and greets a lot of the former players are known to do. $5 million still seems like a lot to me though.


Surgical Tech. My grandson dated one. If Cirie makes over $100,000 yearly it’s not by much. In my opinion it’s not enough, but neither are the wages of the person who scrubs the bathrooms or hussles to feel every patient in the same facility.


PS. I’m not a Cirie fan.


She was very likable on survivor. Maybe she parlayed that into endorsement deals. Would explain Jared’s bratty entitled behavior.

Irene C.

She’s angry? I know you did not really say that.

Tre Billis

Yes, it is stacked for Cirie to doubt. But the Cook Out Season was even more stacked. Ever since Cook Out I do not feel that the show has been fair to the cast. Every contestant should have the same chance to win. It has not been that way and it is not fair to these people who have waited their entire lives to be on this show.


Wait until Felicia finds out. You know how she likes to complain.

un autre nom

The game strategist in me wouldn’t mind if Izzy left.
Any determination she has in the game isn’t self determination.

Currently, Jared wants finals to be Bowie, Matt, Blue, Cirie, Izzy Jared.
Currently, Jared’s boot order is Cam, Jag, Cory.
Tell me about Izzy’s stand alone relationship with Bowie. Matt. Blue.

At what point does she realize that Cirie and Jared never cut each other for her?
She listened to Blue use Jared’s words to bury Jag and America. Entire sentenes were things Jared said an hour before… to Izzy.
She’s got to be seeing that Jared is final stacking people that would take HIM to finale.
She may be piddling around half heartedly planning, but is she doing enough? No.
If you are playing for someone else to get 5th place…why should you stay?

Jared now believes that without Cory, America is brainless. Without Cory, America aims straight at the Fields family. He’s a fool to think otherwise.
When Izzy goes to Cory, outing Blue, and Cory tells America Blue squealed…how exactly do you think that ends?
Veto Ceremony hasn’t even happened in this week without end… and Jared STILL YAPPING about winning HOH. There aren’t enough Default comps.
Btw, anyone wondering how 3rd place got Veto when 3rd place’s mommy was in danger needs to remember: GROD.

un autre nom

Meme doesn’t understand Freeze or Fawn. She thinks a woman uncomfortable with a man shouldn’t smile or buddy that guy when he’s in a position of power.

Apparently Meme never worked as a a bar on a weekend for less than minimum wage plus tips. I said what I said.


Mecole is so arrogant and full of herself for no reason. She couldn’t be more clueless about her game thinking she is some mastermind. When in reality she is becoming more expendable as each day goes by.

Wade F

Go Cam! I dont think 7 deadly or bye bye bitches ever had any real salt to them after seeing how they operated this week.


It’s all fun and games… until it ain’t !!!

Cirie is so pissed that someone didn’t win veto to protect her. But her SON won it! What she expects is that everyone in the house has to only play the game to her benefit.
Newsbreak Cirie: All of those other people living with you are playing THEIR game. She’s actually ranting at people because they didn’t win the POV, but nobody wanted it really. They all knew that whoever won it would have to really piss someone (s) off. Jared was dumb enough to take it.

It’s hard to see these mature women act the way they are . Big Brother brings out the worst in some people. Red is probably sitting back enjoying the chaos thinking he was lucky to get out when he did. Hahaha…


The Jared Cirie twist is the most unfair thing ever in the house. For the other house guests, this is a once in a lifetime chance at winning this game and the playing field is slanted so far against them. They are playing a game they cannot win. Don’t even get me going on Jared being handed to comps and him thinking he’s a comp beast.


Agreed. I can’t wait for Felicia (once she’s evicted) to hear about the mother/son twist from Julie. She’s gonna be pissed! She won’t be happy about it like the last several evictees. It’s the last time Julie will be able to divulge that tidbit before jury. I want F evicted just so I can see her reaction!!


I think she has an idea. Someone in one of the comment section said Felicia told Izzy that her theory is Cirie and Jared being related.8

Spot ON

“The Jared Cirie twist is the most unfair thing ever in the house”
Yeah, okay, but so what? ICKY now’s the secret and she continues to play without objecting. CORY probably knows the secret too, but plays without objecting. I think even RED knew the secret and didn’t object. ANOTHER NAME said earlier he believed that likely the entire house knows the secret, but nobody objects. They are all playing by CONSENT.

SO, at some point, WHO do you blame???

Gan ainm

Felicia vs Izzy
I’m confused as to who will vote out whom, or if they will just vote how Cirie tells them?

un autre nom

Meme is 100% Brown Sugar Babes. What does voting out Felicia to keep Izzy do to that?
Cory knows the Crossroads has snaked him. Jared especially.
Jag wants away from the Fields family.
Bowie’s out, and if Jared hinky votes…
Cam ditto.

So the current vote plan could wreak havoc on the Cirieverse portion of the chart.


How does Cory know Jared has snaked him? I thought he was still under the impression they were final 2?

un autre nom

He knows Jared hinted the survivorbrother secret. He thinks Jared knew about power comp (Cirie and Matt played). He knows Jared is saying comp thrower does nothing for me. He knows Jared is talking mad shit about Cory’s showmance while pushing his own showmance with Blue as optimal for game.
He learned all of this last night.


America and Corey heavy panting in the Have Not room. Showing America and Corey having SOME and then seeing Cameron alone in HOH room wishing he could dominate America. Is the tea I stay up for! BWHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA


I don’t get the ick with America and Corey as much as I get full of ick and quickly switch feeds when Jared and Blue come on. And this is just them TALKING.

Izzy’s armpit flea colony

ita….. Jared is such a douche & Blue is so fake…. Hope she enjoys her post BB “ show-ho” status….hopefully Jared’s GF dumps his ass….. his douchiness is right up there with the two Jacks a cpl seasons ago

Spot ON

“.hopefully Jared’s GF dumps his ass…”

She won’t if CBS has it their way and fixes a JARED “win”. Then there will be all that money to spend on her. WHY would she dump him then. Wait until the money runs out, right?

Carlito's Way

I get major ick from both. Blue and Jared, UGH, please no. Cannot watch them (ew) or their conversations where Blue rats out everyone including her “best friend in the house” (who she suggested for the block last week), and acts so subservient to her big “boss” Jared. Such a disrespectful asshat and she allows herself to be dominated. Jared is my least favorite BB person since Amanda and Jackson, if memory serves. Then Cory and America. WEIRD. They make me uncomfortable and what is the deal with the teasing seductress and innocence thing. Both very creepy in different ways. Don’t these folks realize they are on camera? Their families are watching. Pleassssse STOP. Never like showmances but these are on a whole other level of ick and ew.

Spot ON

” Then Cory and America. WEIRD. They make me uncomfortable and what is the deal with the teasing seductress and innocence thing.”

She’s playing him for the money, and he’s too stupid to realize it.

The Beef

I can’t believe that Cory is 21 years old and doesn’t know how to make out with a girl!

Realizing that I’m older than most on this site, I kissed my first girl when I was in the 7th grade, and was pretty much an expert at it by the 9th, having had several girl friends over that 3 year period. How does a young man make it all the way through high school and almost 3 years of college without gaining at least SOME experience with women romantically? It’s not like Cory is ugly as a toad, nor does he have the personality of a manure fly, so I would think he has had at least a few dates during his high school and college years, that would have included at least a few “good night kisses”.

Have things changed so much since the 1970’s that young men and women don’t do that anymore? Hell, we used to go park in cul-de-sacs of new neighborhoods under construction and steam up all the windows in our parents cars! Yeah, it was a different time back then, and maybe not the safest thing to do, but it damn sure was fun, and I didn’t need any lessons at age 21 on how to make out from an older woman either! LOL


Cory is to busy with Speech & Debates. He do not have time for women.????

Spot ON