Felicia “She was okay with everyone else being a PAWN! Cirie “The second she hears her name.. she is crying!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia America and Cory
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
1st POV Winner: JAG
2nd POV Winner: BLUE
Veto Ceremony: Jag and Blue used their vetos. America and Cory put on the block.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cory is going to Jury. America is less pissed. Season is very Krakenish

7pm Havenot Room – Bowie and Jag.
Jag – I am glad you came to talk to me. I feel so solid with both of you (Bowie/Matt). And I don’t want you or Matt to ever feel as though ever even have an ounce of doubt. When someone says that I want you to know like its an immediate thing. Like yes talk to me. 100% you can always talk to me and the same thing you me and Matt should chat too. Definitely talk to me if anything comes up but at no point in this game will it ever be like I am trying to save my own a$$ so I am trying to bla bla bla.. Especially what he said where I would put you and Blue up… WHY would I want to do that in any world!? And two, why would I tell Mama Fe that? And three why would she go and tell Cory that. Like in no world would I ever do that and in no world would I even say that. Bowie – yeah. That is just so ridiculous to me. Bowie – its not that you would do it, its the inkling that you would have said it. I know you didn’t but that was what was in my head. I was like I don’t think he would actually do it but maybe he said it. Jag – well I am glad that you came to me because that way we can at least clear the air… and its very clear that Cory is just lying about all these things to everyone. He is lying about a lot of things. Jag – I didn’t even say it. Its not even a thought that crossed my mind. Clearly next week America is going to be gunning. Bowie – she is a Biochemistry major. Jag – really? Bowie – yeah I just found that out. We knew she was smart but that is kind of extra smart. Jag – and that’s the thing they’re very smart at this game and they’re very good at manipulating people and twisting emotions and stuff. Bowie – its just mean. Jag – Cory and America are going to get handled. One of them gets handled this week and next week we handle the other one. To me this conversation is about us. I want to reassure you with everything that I can, that like what we have .. like that squad is my squad. Period! Ride or die! Matt joins them. Bowie – Cory’s been in my ear. Matt – Cory’s been in everyone’s ear because he’s a little prick! Bowie to Matt explains when she just told Jag. Matt – What I am doing next week is I am going to put up America and Blue. Jag leaves. Bowie – I am not going to let him talk to me at all tomorrow about anything. Matt – You should be like I’ve had enough of your campaigns. I am sorry, that’s annoying. Bowie – I am sorry I let it get to me. Matt – I don’t blame you, it does suck to hear things like that.

7:20pm Kitchen – Blue, Felicia, Matt, Cirie
They studying the days / events of the season. Cirie – if I don’t get that one (BB Superhero Training Academy) comp day .. just bring my bag to the comp and send me home.

7:30pm Kitchen – Jag joins Felicia, Cirie and Blue.
Jag – I am sick and tired of Cory’s bullsh*t. I am sure you heard of it. Jag explains why Bowie is upset. Obviously she is feeling some type a way because she just gets scared more easily but Dawg, in what type of world would that ever happen!? In what world do I not target… Can I be more clear about what is happening here. I literally just put them up! They’re trying to cook me. In what world do I not cook them?! I literally told them that I will not let you win HOH and you guys are going home next week. Like I told them that! They know that. Also why would I put Blue and you (Bowie) up. And why would I go and tell Felicia that?! And why would Felicia go and tell Cory? Do you not see what is happening here? Felicia – exactly! Jag – he is pulling everything out of his a$$! I just put them both up. There is no coming back from that. He will keep talling all the way out the door.

8pm Big Brother opens up the backyard.

8:17pm Comic Bedroom – America, Felicia and Cirie.
America – she (Bowie) is freaking out a little bit. Feliciua – OH she is freaking out a lot! Cirie – a lot! But they’re talking her down so… Cory pops in – I’ll leave this with you guys now. I did what I could Bowie. Felicia – she is freaking out a lot. That’s just Bowie Jane! I ain’t paying attention to that. Cory – I just don’t think that she is a lost cause really .. I think she will flip. You know.

8:13pm – 8:20pm Bathroom – Felicia and Cirie
Cirie – if you (Jag) are going to prove that Bowie Jane that, that ain’t happening. Then who the f**k is going up!?? Felicia – I am leading through all that. Cirie – hold on.. no, no… you are going to show her that he is lying. That it ain’t her and Blue WHO’S LEFT!?! America and who else!? Matt? Felicia – listen, listen… I know what you’re saying but I think all he is doing is trying to appease her because she thinks she is going up this week. Cirie – OKAY! And if she don’t, WHO IS?!???? Felicia – that is what we are going to ask Jag in the room tonight. Cirie – he is like as a matter of fact I am going to show you that is not the case .. because what the case was her and Blue was going up. SO IF THAT AIN’T THE CASE… If her and Blue ain’t going up.. Who going up? MATT? Next to America? Felicia – right and I am going to say Jag .. I’ve been on the block 5 times, you cannot keep using me as your god damn pawn. Cirie – in that case why can she (Bowie) not go on the block? Felicia – She was okay with everyone else being a PAWN!!! Cirie – the second she hears her name is going on the block .. she is crying. And mean while you prove to HER! And if he do that will tell something to you. Felicia – there you go. Cirie – it better because it damn sure going to tell me something!!

8:45pm Backyard – Cirie, Felicia and Bowie.
Felicia tells Bowie about Cory’s comment saying “I think Bowie will flip” and how strange it was him saying it in front of America. Bowie – I think we can flip Bowie!? There must be some ulterior motive behind that one. Felicia – I have no idea. Do you think I should go to him and say hey stop saying that? Felicia – I don’t know that I would say anything because when you talk you kind of feed into it. Bowie – I just won’t say anything. Felicia – well he has until 5pm tomorrow.. Cirie – pull a rabbit out of his hat. Felicia – no, that is not happening .. not on my watch. 5-0, that’s what it will be.

9pm Bedroom – Bowie, Cory and America.
Bowie – I just want the campaigning to stop. I appreciate you giving it a good whirl but I am not going to change my vote. Cory – oh trust me, I have been done for hours. Bowie – I have just heard more stuff happening so I was like.. Cory – oh no, I don’t know about that. Bowie – I am not allowed to say where I am voting but I am not going to change it. Cory – I know exactly where you’re voting so you’re fine. I appreciate you giving it a good whirl. Cory – you’re completely fine. Bowie – yeah so I don’t want to be mean about it. Cory – no you’re good. Bowie – I think you’re both awesome. Cory – no you’re great, don’t even worry about it. Bowie leaves. Cory – she’s got some bad timing. America – I am so sorry. I’m so sorry. America starts crying. America – I just really want to win tomorrow. Cory – you will. America – please, please, please. It would be great for the plot. The plot for the show. You’re a great player. Cory – I’m flawed.

9:15pm Backyard – Matt, Cirie, Jag, Felicia, Blue and Bowie.
Bowie tells them about how she just told Cory / America to stop campaigning / talking about her. Matt – I might be a d**k but his (Cory’s) jokes aren’t funny. Bowie – what a strange campaign. I hate to think about if he was just up. What will be interesting is if he doesn’t stop.. he should try a different angle. I mean he’s got no chance! Blue – we’ll see tomorrow! Bowie – lets see what he cooks up for the lockdown. That’s what he did last time. Felicia – Well Cory and America will be remembered. Matt – R.I.P Showmance. Bowie – they will definitely be remembered.

10:12pm Kitchen – Jag, Matt, Bowie, Blue and Cirie are making food / talking about skydiving.

10:19pm Bedroom – Cory & America.
Cory – I literally couldn’t have done anything without you, thank you. Cory start crying. Cory – this is going to destroy my cool guy reputation. America – and its not over, like you have the jury house .. that’s a whole other.. Cory – I am not crying because its over, I like am relieved. Its just been so hard for me. America – I know. Cory – And I know you know its been hard. America – no it hasn’t been easy. You were nominated day 1. Cory – I could have been coasting to the finale .. its just too hard for me. I’m a person that needs to shut down sometimes and you can’t in here. I am just so tired. I know Cameron did this every week but he is also a whole a$$ adult with real life experience. The way I compete is not sustainable. It doesn’t work over this period of time. I just feel like broken. America – you did so good. I am so proud of you. You did amazing. Cory – thank you!

10:34pm – 11:14pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
Cirie – so I asked Matt… who goes up if Bowie Jane ain’t going up? With America.. He said Blue. Felicia – so they’re going to put Blue up? Cirie nods. Not Bowie Jane? Cirie – that’s what he said. That’s what he said. I didn’t talk to Jag. I said Matt I appreciate you not putting me and Felicia up but who is going to go up? America and who? And he said Blue. Good! Felicia – as the pawn or the target? Cirie – I didn’t ask him that. Felicia – so see that worries me if they just did all that and then told Blue how she is good with them.. and then put Blue up .. and Bowie Jane a$$ sit down.. that tells me that they really do have a tightness with Bowie Jane. And Bowie Jane’s a$$ got to go! Cirie – I agree. And that is when they’re going to have to show their hand. If Blue or America win the veto .. you going to have to choose us or Bowie Jane. Felicia – and if one of us go up as a f**king pawn …we’ll know they’re playing us. And then next week with that god damn double eviction your a$$ is going on the block! I am not even going to play that sh*t with you. Cirie – MmmmHHmmm. Felicia – If I go on the block one more time, your a$$ is going on the block. Cirie – me too. And Bowie Jane ain’t never been on the block. Why is she special!? Felicia – right!? Cirie – because she gonna cry?! Felicia – right. Cirie – but we don’t have to worry about all that if we win. Felicia – right! Cirie and Felicia start studying the days/events of the season..

11:14pm Backyard – Matt, Blue and Jag.
Blue – I really wish this week was going to be double eviction because then it would be Cory then America.. like its written but now that its not going to be double… then when it goes 7 to 5 after America.. that’s going to be smoke.

midnight zzzzzzzzzz

6:21 am Zzzzzzz

Feel like leaving a TIP?
Simon & I could use some Kraken to survive the last few weeks listening to these jokers!
Any amount is appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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un autre nom

Anyone else think the entirety of today’s feeds was powered by a skinny jewish guy in a pink suit?
Felicia’s worry that everyone likes / trusts Cirie more.
Bowie’s spiral.
Jag’s worry about jury management.
Matt’s admission that for him, this move is because he didn’t get the showmance spotlight.
Hours of shit talking, blame and paranoia for the scapegoat they now say didn’t do anything.
and then there’s Blech. jackass hee-haw boot in mouth.

I dunno… looks like 2 hours of chatting got 5 adults showing their whole arses for everyone to see.

Me being bitchy:
the reason Bleurgggh is so salty is the other showmance acted head over heels… and all Blaaaah was wanted for was heels over head. wet wipe?


Maybe I’m getting crotchety in my old age but this cast seems extremely immature & two-faced. Bowie’s 46 but acts like she’s in her 20’s. She’s insecure, perhaps it’s part of her game plan? They all seem to forget there can only be 1 winner. Jag’s plan is to make every HG left think they’re going to the end with him. Matt will continue to ride Jag’s coattails & bash whoever is OTB. America/Corey would’ve done better if they weren’t in a showmance. As super fans, they both knew that’s how it works. Blue has the worst intuition, she trusts those who treat her the worst. She doesn’t like America because she’s jealous her & Corey had more time together than her & Jared. Jared was so disrespectful towards Blue & she just accepted it. Felicia/Cirie will make it to the end by being pawns. They all made it too personal. I think they’ll all be embarrassed when they watch the season back. For the first time ever, I don’t care who wins.

Meme's Muse

Me as well. For the first time. I do not care who wins. For the first time, not out of frustration etc. I have really lost interest in this group and this season.

Queen Catia

Bowie Jane is like one of Peter Pan’s lost boys. America and Cory are twenty years olds going on 14. Blue lives inside her self-created Kitty Kitty Purr universe. Jag and Matt are both somewhat entitled, immature, and selfish. Felicia is a bit of a narcissist. Cerie is playing a game that her son wanted to play and she is not too happy that she is playing it without him. This is the first season where, for me at least, there is no-one left to root for…

Spot ON

“today’s feeds was powered by a skinny jewish guy”

Do you think he should be in fear for his safety with a guy like JAG in the house??

un autre nom

no. why? he should be in more fear of Matt, if we’re being stereotype pushers.

un autre nom

Matt did say Hungarian team, right? I’m pretty sure there’s been articles about modern negative views. If i’m in error about the rise of anti-semitism being a concern regarding Hungary, my apologies.


It is just so hard to figure this cast out. Jag and Matt are aligned with everyone. No one seems able to keep any information to themselves and yet with everyone talking to everyone about every little thing, no one has been able to figure that out? It seems like Jag is mad that Cory figured that out and is letting everyone know and Cirie and Felicia are finally getting a clue as well. There were so many ways that Jag could have really made this HOH work to his advantage, but he had to go and tell everyone. What did he really gain by doing that? Blue as a temporary ally and Felicia’s thanks and probably a seat on the block next week.


Blowie Jane is kinda hot. Her kissing America, would make her a 10.


Bowie is really pouring it on with Jag. But in all fairness, why does Bowie feel it’s ok to use everyone else as a pawn, but Bowie feels she should never be nominated as a pawn.

Jag is starting to unravel, and he’s messing up. Telling Bowie in what world would he ever put her up, Dude, the numbers are low, if you are all working together, and there’s trust, you have to sometimes be a pawn.

Jag telling Cirie that he is not going to put Bowie up next to America, Jag is slipping, doesn’t he realize telling this to Cirie, how is that suppose to make her and Felicia feel? It’s ok to keep using Cirie & Felicia as pawns, but Bowie is never to touch the block ?

My personal feelings are, Bowie is not dumb. She’s crying because deep down, she knows there is some truth in what Corey is saying, did jag not forget that he did mention to Bowie one time, that he might have to use her as a pawn? He said that, Bowie remembers that.

Bowie is doing all this crying because it might be sinking in now, Bowie mucked up when she put Cam up. Bowie knows Jag and Matt are tight, she does not know how she’s going to get Jag to make her his #2.

Bowie crying, Jag telling Cirie & Felicia, that he told Bowie she’s not ever going to be a pawn, well like Cirie said to Felicia, so who’s going to be a pawn ? Who does that leave, it leaves Cirie & Felicia, Jag is scared to put Blue up again next week, he and Matt really don’t trust Blue, if he uses Blue as a pawn, Jag is afraid Blue won’t trust him anymore.

Blue is such a disappointment, going around calling America a Bitch, is that necessary ? Blue is jealous of America, Blue is stuck on hating America, why make this so personal, it’s a game, stop calling America a Bitch.

Also why is Blue talking like Jared now, Bro, Bro, Bro, what is up with that ? I really do want Blue out, she has this high opinion of her game play, she’s in a dream world. Blue winning the Veto, that was pure luck, just like when Felicia won HOH. But Blue thinks now she’s all that because of 1 Veto win that was based on pure luck, not skill or physical.

I’m rooting for Cirie, Felicia or America to win HOH. Using Jag & Matt’s words, they are just too comfortable, they think they are going to steam roll the remaining houseguests.

Matt needs to win, he has 1 Veto win, that was almost 3 weeks ago, what has he done lately ? Whine, Cry about Cory using him and Jag, it’s time for a turn, seeing Jag win and win, it’s becoming very boring.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Blue keeps getting dumber and dumber everyday. Kitty Purr STFU !!!!!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

She is insufferable!!!

Spot ON

Lack of water impacts cognition, gait, and motor skills.


Get rid of these crap shoot comps. Have only a mix of mental and physical comps. It ruins the game too often.

Matthew schneider

Azmdw i cant believe blue says america has backstabbed her its the other way around america has been giving her info that has been true everytime and blue is the 1 whos the backstabbing america i hope if both are in jury america tells blue i told you so i had your back this whole game which is true i never liked blue she got in a showmance with jared who has a girlfriend back home nasty blue atleast cory and america are single . I think blue is a total fake atleast you know america is who she is blue is a fake.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Agree 100%. Blue to me tries so hard to sound urban, like she’s a fly girl, when she just comes across as fake, phony, not really being her true self.

I get so tired of the hand movements when she’s talking, snapping her fingers, rocking her head, I HATE HEARING HER TALK !! I just want to tell her STFU.

I agree when you say that Blue is Jealous of America, Blue is an idiot. I can’t wait to see her face when Jag or Matt put her back up on the block. Blue thinks she’s working with Jag & Matt, they both know Blue kicked them to the curb when Jared was in the house.

Can’t wait for Blue to be sent packing.

Matthew schneider

Azdmw so you and i are on the same paige about blue i never like her at all she at the bottom of popular players this season blue go kick rocks

Spot ON

“Azdmw so you and i are on the same paige about blue”

How were you and AZDMW able to paige BLEW at the same time??

Barbara stokes

Jered said, he had a girlfriend for seven years but they aren’t together. He wasn’t dating no one at this time.
He will see Blue outside of his house.

Spot ON

Has BLEW taken a shower yet??

un autre nom

Wanna see 2 mewling brats on the block?
Imagine the meltdowns of Matt v. Bowie.
There aren’t enough adult diapers to deal with that.
Anyone can bring up how others have acted on the block all they want, I truly think the worst would be those 2, and nom’d together would be popcorn tragedy.
Think about how they act with power.
Now think of the same intensity… but powerless.

un autre nom

btw, I don’t dislike Bowie, and Matt is pissing me off but not to nope level (was really close a couple of times at his most douchepig but…), I just think they’d be the biggest block meltdowns we’ve seen since Audrey.

Spot ON

“Jag – I am glad you came to talk to me. I feel so solid with both of you (Bowie/Matt). And I don’t want you or Matt to ever feel as though ever even have an ounce of doubt”

That’s what he told CORY, and AMERIKA, and CAM, and JARED, and MEME, and ICKY, and RED, and REILLY, and …….

SO SICK OF THAT GUY STILL BEING IN THAT WORTHLESS STINKING “HOUSE” saying the SAME BS out his a** and from both sides of his mouth to everyone, and everyone swallows it.

What is even more frustrating is that NOBODY in the house cross-examines his BS to show that he is NOTHING BUT A PERPETUAL LYING BS ARTIST WITH ZERO CREDIBILITY, AND LACKS “TRUST”.


You know when he says ‘in what world…’ he is bullshitting you to your face.
And why is cirie and felicia confronting him about who he wants to put up in the future, are they looking to get bullshitted to their faces ? Lol
Is like going up to the government or irs and saying ‘you’re not going to fuck me, right?’

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Why is Cirie & Felicia just assuming that Jag will be HOH again ?

So they already assume that Jag will win HOH again on Thursday night ?


Even if he doesn’t win, the winners seem to go to him for his decision… lol
What a shit show no back-bone cast of non-stirring the pot floaters…

Everyone goes up one by one, with poor felicia as the pawn, and felecia and cirie cant win shit to do anything about it.

Spot ON

“You know when he says ‘in what world…’ he is bullshitting you to your face”

THAT IS PRECISELY the frustration. WHY is it that NONE of those worthless hamsters CONFRONT HIM at that point??? “JAG, YOU ARE BS ME. TELL NE THE TRUTH.”


Ok, now I’m feeling sorry for Cory when he started crying. It really made me think, when he said Cam did this every week, but Cam was a grown ass adult, Cory said that he just needs to shut down sometimes. But he can’t do that inside the house, I really felt for him.

Makes you remember, these are real people living in a house were you are being watched 24/7. I enjoy watching BB, but I know I’m not cut out for all of the crap that goes along with playing this game, the stress, backstabbing, lies, deceit, competitions, missing your family, friends, yea you can win $$$, but I’m sure this game takes a lot out of you.

Seeing Cory start crying, I felt like he was really being sincere, and opening up to America.

I’d be ready to get the hell out of the house, don’t know if the money is really worth it.

Matthew schneider

Azmdw i think jag shouldnt be able to play in this hoh because it was suppose to be a secert hoh and everyone knows so he shouldnt be able to play what do you think

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree, I don’t think it’s fair Jag gets to play HOH back to back.

I think since he just had to brag and let everyone know he was the Invisible HOH, Jag should be Invisible and not allowed to play in the upcoming HOH.

I for one am tired of the Jag & Matt Show, this has become very BORING in my opinion.


Cory had zero feelings for others (Cameron) when he was on the block. Cory, America and Bowie hoped Cameron would “explode” for good tv. Now, he’s crying like a child because he’s on his way out the door. Sounds like an 22 year old entitled person not getting his way, so he’s having a melt down. He’s trying to make good tv. He told America that the viewers are probably going crazy, right about now. Cory think this season is liked and was just talking about AFP yesterday. This guy wants votes. Not buying it at all!

Queen Catia

I don’t feel sorry for Cory. My grandmother was fond of saying “you made your bed now you lie in it”. Cory is no child despite his immaturity. He came into the house wearing his big boy pants and now he is crying cos basically he got too big for his britches!

Spot ON

” don’t know if the money is really worth it”

NOT WORTH IT. It’s only 750k; not really a hell of a lot of money in the whole scheme of things. PRIVACY is worth a hell of a LOT more than THAT!!

un autre nom

A few days ago I pointed out the blindside was great for everyone else, and bad for Jag.
Today Blue said Bowie target with America noms, Jag renom target.
Tonight the mamas are saying Bowie and Jag gotta go.
Yeah, Jag’s lost his shield because a voting unit pair of social players was a target… just one social player isn’t a shield for a 5 comp winner.


I’m still pissed he gets to compete for the next HOH… so stupid

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Production and the plots, twists, stupid things they keep coming up with, they really just mess up the game.

Production needs to work on new Competitions, I’ve been watching BB since day 1. Every year, the houseguests talk about it’s time for this comp, or this week, it will be this comp, that’s because we keep seeing the same ole comps each year.

Production needs to drop the twists, work on the competitions, and improve on selecting people to play BB.

Lately, most of the houseguests from past seasons, they think when they get out of the house, they are going to be celebrities, they’ll have all kinds of opportunities and be so famous.

Get people who want to play the game, not influencers, wannabe stars etc…


They shouldn’t allow him to compete, everyone knows Jag is HOH.

Gan ainm

I was hoping for a Cory or America win by default of everyone else just being horrible but when they are gone I will enjoy watching the rest eat each other alive and then be sad when one of them wins.A Felicia win would really be deserved for this season.


I feel the same. Would have liked for Cory or America to win, but now, let’s let ‘er rip! I feel nothing for these jerks. And yes, the least offensive, awful person left in the house will be Felicia… she’s at least given us some good TV with her hilarious comments, so yes, give her the money. Cirie is just wearing her depression robe and doing nothing but Mmmm-ing everyone. Jag is so wound up, anxious and hypocritical that no one is rooting for him. Matt is like his namesake, a mat. Bowie is unbelievably lame … like, has she not interacted with humans before? And Blue is a complete embarrassment to women and the colour! Super disappointing season.

Gan ainm

I used to like watching the show to see the houseguests diary room sessions when they would talk about their real strategy to us the audience but more and more it’s just put on a show instead of being real with us the viewer.Blue is by far the worst I have ever seen in putting on an act for the camera,she enters the diary room and becomes this fuqed up manic disgusting cartoon character.She and Jared make a great couple,I hope they make it and have a dozen children for Cirie to take care of.


Blue’s DRs are SO painful to watch. Cirie and Cory seem like the only ones not reading off a script.


Did Matt really call Cory a little prick? That solidifies I don’t want him in f/2, in top 3 for afp, and I hope Reilly tells she’s not interested on finale night. My afp choice will be cory but sadly on all fb sites, him and america are trashed while felecia Matt and cam are the faves.


Yeah, Matt is a piece of work, isn’t he? I also hope that Reilly has been watching this season and seeing this lame dullard in action … noting his “game play”, if we can call it that, and his blind loyalty to Reilly and Cirie … based on what?! And of course, I hope she is remembering his Andrew Tate quote… yikes! She dodged a bullet.


Matt’s leader jag called him a ‘jimmy neutron lookin ass’


It took me all season but I just realised America’s face is a square.


I thought Matt was the dumb one. How does Jag think he can win out against Cirie, Felisha, Blue, Bowie and America? Matt hasn’t won an Hoh yet, he’s being carried by Jags wins. Jag wins when he has to. Even Felisha, Bowie, and Blue have won mental comps or come close. Even Blue came in 2nd in last endurance. Do these idiots really think the women aren’t going to talk? Even if Matt survives to final 2, can he convince the jury? I suspect the only way Matt would win is if the jury spites Jag. Any one of those women can get there just buy winning one comp.
Cirie, not in a million. But the others? It’s possible.


Is this game really worth $750,000 USD?


Yes but I believe they get taxed based on the state they are from which would likely be a hefty amount.

senior Citizen

If Jag wins, WA has no state income tax but the feds will take their share.


I believe they have to pay their home state income tax on it (in Connecticut it’s quite hefty) and federal taxes too (no mater where you live it goes by your income) . ?


What sorta rate is that ballpark? I’m thinking 40% ish.

Felicia's eyebrows

I remember years ago when someone won a million dollars on Jeopardy he said that after taxes it would be approximately $635,000.
That always comes to mind when watching Survivor and they talk about the million dollar prize.

Spot ON

NOBODY puts a million $ in their pockets from these shows. The winnings are subject to federal taxes, and perhaps state taxes.

The first Survivor winner, Richard Hatch tried to pocket the entire amount without paying taxes, and he ended up serving a nice prison sentence for tax evasion.

Rumors has it that Trumpee is headed to the same cell…lol

Spot ON

The taxable rate varies depending on NUMEROUS factors, including the amount of earned income of the individual or corporate entity.


Simon current 2023 fed tax rate would be 37% then what ever state income tax is for Montana at the 750k it would be an additional 6.7% withheld.


Non-California residents will also have to pay California tax on it since it was received in California.


People pay stae taxes: not all states have that tax.
Local City/ and County: varies depending on where you live.
and federal taxes.

They can opt to pay taxes later but it is wisest to do it before they get the final check. Whatever they purchase with the money is also taxed.

Spot ON


East coast

Thank goodness these women are starting to wise up!

Carlito's Way

I love how these folks read the bible then turn around a shit talk and bash everyone.


They shit talk for hours and hours about the same damn thing.

Backseat Driver

Must have new employees at the BB Production office…..how did these people get past their first interview?

Spot ON

“I love how these folks read the bible then turn around a shit talk and bash everyone.”

So you support the practice? Shame.


Oh poor Bowie doesn’t like what Corey is saying. Too bad she had no problem talking crap about Cameron and making fun of him. Corey is just telling her what’s up. Jag is nauseating saying people will be handled. Matt what a disappointment name calling Corey. Can’t wait to see them all turn on each other and Blue. I hope America wins HOH. Cameron for AFP.


Jag/Matt/Cirie/Felicia/Bowie and Blue couldn’t just vote Cory out and say it was a game move because he’s a strong player. They had to sh!t on America and Cory for 3 days to justify this move. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.


This season is a watered down BB19. Not in the top 3 worst seasons of all time but ranking in the top 10 for sure.


I’ll be cheering for the person I like the least. right now the order is America, Jag, matt, Bowie Jane, Felicia, Blue, Cirie.

Who is everyone’s most dreaded final 2?

For me it’s Blue/Cirie.


Worst final 2 would be Bowie and Blue. Both useless and neither deserve to make it to the end.

Queen Catia

My most dreaded final two would be Bowie Jane/Cory. Assuming Cory goes to jury then my dreaded final two would be Bowie Jane/Cirie.
My order is Jag, America, Felicia, Blue, Matt, Cirie, Bowie Jane, Cory…

East coast

My dreaded final two are Bowie Jane and Felecia.


For me it would be Matt/Cirie, honestly would love to see it be America and Bowie lol


You’re being generous. It’s the worst season ever on many levels, not merely because of the housemates… although that’s the #1 reason.
It’s beyond me how Production got it all so wrong.

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Mea culpa. The Eagles winning streak as well as the Rams recently ended and my winner’s streak ( over ten years) of predicting BB’s winner has ended as well. I confidently touted Cory as this year winner, not because of his age ( that mattered not to me) but his logical game play and persuasive speaking skills. The way he mitigated America’s slip ups etc. Yeah, he could be strident when speaking with other people but the makings for a good lawyer someday are there. While showmances don’t interest me, good game play and strategy does and Cory showed strong signs of it, IMO. But it is time to call Time of death on Cory’s time in the BB house. I enjoyed his camera talk. Yup has indeed runout of steam, He acknowledged nothing seems to stick to Teflon Matt though Matt has had his hand in almost all situations. Cory acknowledges Jag’s move was a good ( poorly executed as it was) one and he was planning to do towards Jag and Matt had the situation been reversed. Showmance caused him to get his eye off the ball. America, who didn’t fully own her part in the blindside ,just reacted like a brat – yes she is entitled to feel bad- seemed for a moment to almost go full Audrey there for a moment. Is she there to play BB or experience it? I believe she will win the next HOH because , as she said,”it fits the plot.” I am glad she and Jag reconciled. Who is keeping score on all this trash talk. Every one of them has trashed talked the others . After Felicia came to check on America , on her way out America called Felicia a c…t Yikes! Classy right? It reveals a great deal of her character( Ive league degree doesn’t give you class) America admires Taylor Hale but Taylor endure far worse than America has and handled it all more graciously ,whether you like Taylor or not same goes for Blue, Cirie.. all of them! Cory is right it certainly is not the best season or the most entertaining personalities for HG. Bowie is the only one in a position where as long as they need her for a vote , she doesn’t need to win anything. She is showing us a new way to float to the end. Bowie will have the last laugh. Cirie is giving us a master class how to play an effective social game ( not as a person). She came in, swooped America up and is now Cirie is not on America’s radar. I still don’t get why so many think Matt is a physical threat- he isn’t. A talented swimmer, no doubt but other than that he can’t win anything and he has only won one comp so far( not that you have to comp your way through to be the winner, you don’t) Jag said on the feeds he knows his time is up. It’s looking like an America, Felicia , Cirie and Bowie final 4 I wish I could be more excited about this game that is my a guilty pleasure for me. Yes, I know it is only a game based on appealing to the lowest level of decency in all humanity it will be over soon and we will all move on.

un autre nom

get ready for womp womp, and I don’t mean the signal for multiverse message.
At present this is the targeting for the houseguests:
(last time they said anything)

America: Matt / Jag renom Blue.
Blue: Bowie / America renom Jag? (said for cred, she won’t nom Jag)
Bowie: America / Felicia
Cirie: Bowie / America more likely than Matt / Jag
Cory: who knows for sure Jag / Matt mentioned
Felicia: see Cirie.
Jag: America + ?
Matt: America / Blue

Everyone is scared. Coward big brother at third juror. Snore. What? If you haven’t won 5 comps or aren’t f2 with him and acting like you’ve won 5 comps yourself… You should be targeting at least one of them.

D/R levels (approx)
140-200 Cirie, Jag, Felicia, Cory
100 America, Blue, Matt
60 Bowie
Top tier: Cirie as established stuntcast star and Jag as season hero with Felicia as season clown.
Mid tier: tptb don’t give a shit… but somebody has to give those scripted comp explanation d/r.
BJ tier: even tptb don’t care if she has a strategy. would be around 35 d/r if she didn’t win an hoh.
D/R levels indicate how much the show wants you to relate / empathize with each houseguest.

Jag spent 2 hours bffing with Blue while Matt silently third wheeled. Matt’s gonna be pissed. If Matt had any personality, Jag wouldn’t keep cheating on their bromance. Said what I said.
Cirie is dropping her mask more and more. After gamesplaining with Felicia and Blue so much… eyeroll, she should be chewing on that mask.
Cirie woke up today mentioning flipping the vote. That’s why Cory is still included.


Cire or Bowie are going to win this season. The others are going to take each other out.