“At the end of the day whether it’s a 4-0, 3-1 or a 2-2, Either way Blue’s going home.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: America and Blue
POV Players: Blue, America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Blue is the target this week. No Flip in sight.

3:15 pm Felicia and Jag
Felicia – Final 5 I said what’s the plan whos the target and he said “Bowie Jane”
Felicia – He said the final four is me, you, Matt and Cirie.
Felicia says she asks Cirie “Matt really said to you at some point we have to get Jag out”
Felicia – she said ‘don’t say anything to him wait until he says anything”
Felicia – he didn’t buy the bait when I asked him what was the plan. The way he said it to me is he’s sticking to the plan.
Felicia thinks Cirie and MAtt could possible be “doing something on their own”
Jag – Cirie’s got a lot of relationships with people
Felicia – she does. I said to Matt I feel sorry for Blue she’s going to be blindsided. She’s in a final 3 with you (Matt) and Cirie and She was trying a final 3 with me and Jag.
Jag – Here’s the thing. At the end of the day whether it’s a 4-0, 3-1 or a 2-2, Either way Blue’s going home. For me it doesn’t matter I’ll cast the vote to evict Blue.
jag doesn’t mind if they want to vote to keep Blue if it’s going to jeopardize anything Felicia had with Cirie.
Jag – clearly Cirie trusts you and she doesn’t trust me.
Jag says if Cirie is voting to keep Blue then Felicia should to to deny her from getting a jury vote.
Felicia – I’m hoping to win this first HOH and I’m putting up America and Bowie Jane. I’m being straight up to you that is what I will do. I believe Cirie will do the same.
Felicia – now if America won she’s putting you guys up. If Matt wins I want to believe he’s putting up America and Bowie Jane.
Jag – yeah
Felicia – with Bowie I’m not sure she’s probably putting up America and one of us. That is what I want to work with you to see if she’ll put up Cirie instead of me.
Jag – I’ll do that.

3:45 pm Felicia and Cirie
Felicia – Jag’s prepared to break the split vote.
Cirie – ohh yeah?
Felicia – mmmmhmmmmm
Felicia – I said you have to be willing to do that. He said I would prefer unanimous but f*** it. If you want to do two votes to her I don’t care I’ll do the split vote and get the dirt on my hands.
Felicia – I said OKAY
Cirie – OKay, good he should.. he should..
Felicia – I don’t know what that does to America.
Cirie – we can talk that down with America.

4:30 pm Bowie and America
Bowie says they have the votes to keep America her, Matt and JAg are solid.
Bowie says she doesn’t trust Cirie and Felicia. “There’s some good bloody players in here and people are really prepared to lie”
America – everyone lies and it’s scary. I saw it last week. Cory was like I knew it was going to happen that morning.
America says Blue “might cry”
America says she never got along with Blue in a game sense. “Jared never trusted me”

5:00 pm Cirie and Felicia (Tough to hear)
Cirie says they need to talk to America and tell her whatever she hears it’s not them going against her.
Cirie – this is us making someone show their hand.
Cirie – she has to know beforehand it ain’t about us voting her out.
Cirie – we didn’t want him to get off scot free.
Felicia says they need to try and win this HOH. “we have to, I think we can win it”
Cirie – we only have to beat Matt or her (Bowie jane)
Felicia says maybe Matt wins after the double and takes a shot at Jag.
They continue to fantasize about winning a HOH and making a shot.
Cirie thinks they can talk Bowie Jane into not using the veto next week so they can take out one of the guys.
Cirie really wants Jag to go during the double it will be much easier. “I see myself putting him up but I also see him winning the veto”
Felicia – MMMmhmmmm

5:08 pm Matt and Jag
Jag says if Cirie and Felicia vote to keep Blue it’ll show America that Matt, Bowie and JAg are with her. “if they vote to keep Blue it isolates them from America”
Jag – did Cirie mention me at all to you.. like take me out or anything?
matt – nope
Jag – you have to be careful.. I don’t know what Cirie is doing. This morning Felicia came in here. I woke up to doorbells. Felicia was like I have crucial information. Cirie went to Felicia and told her that you are trying to get me out
Matt smiles “WOW”
Jag – yeah
Matt – no way she said that
Jag – felicia came in here.
Matt – Cirie told Felicia and Felicia told you that?
Jag – Yeah, Apparently you and Cirie had a conversations
Matt – we have a conversation yesterday morning it was me reassuring we need to get Blue out.
Jag – from that what Cirie said you said we have to get Jag at the double or at teh 5..
Matt – BRO.. They are trying to get between us.
Matt – they want to get carried and they want us to go after each other so they can get to the end.
Jag – Damn why the f*** would Matt say that.
MAtt – What if Felicia is making that up?
Jag – Felicia could be making that up too. Either Cirie said it or Felicia is making it up.
Matt – or Cirie is making it up. that’s F***ing weird
Jag – Cirie has sold us out already.
Jag doesn’t think it benefit’s Felicia to come to him now and lie about that. “I can’t play in the HOH so I can’t take a shot at you”
Matt – Felicia is going to SNUB Cirie in a way.
Matt asks him what they want, Cirie, Felicia, Matt, Jag or Bowie, Cirie, Matt and Jag
Jag – I want me you and Bowie For sure. Bowie is the only one that is actually loyal to us.
matt agrees says he feels better with that.
They agree that Bowie will take the shot at Cirie/Felicia but if it was Cirie/Felicia they’ll take the shot at one of the guys.
Jag – for us to make it to the end Bowie needs to be the third person
Matt agrees.
Jag reminds him a couple times that the common thread of this week’s issues have been cirie. Brings up Cirie’s half hearted attempts to save Blue and now her telling Felicia that matt wants him out.
Jag says Cirie wants to throw him under the bus on thursday by having him cast the deciding vote.
Jag – Cirie out of everyone that has been evicted the one person they say to protect and trust is Cirie, WHY?
Jag – how is it that everyone trusts Cirie?
Matt – right
Jag – Reilly all of a sudden out of the blue.. Cirie came in sold everyone out and said I want to keep you. Cory wasn’t down, America wasn’t down, Jared wasn’t down.
Jag – Cirie did not F***Ing fight for Reilly. SHE DIDN’T there’s no chance. She tricked Reilly into thinking that.
Jag – She’s really good at selling people out and making the person that leaves feel close.
Jag – Cirie is f***Ing around..
Matt – she’s laying low but isn’t laying low.
Jag points out Cirie is trying to get close to America all week.
Matt – hopefully America sees through it
Jag – Hopefully but I don’t know.. Cirie has tricked everyone else.
Jag points out that everyone from all the alliances were super solid with Cirie.

Blue joins them.

6:05 pm Cirie and Felicia
Felicia says Jag doesn’t want Blue to know she’s leaving this early.
Cirie says Cory told her right before he was with America that he saw America “Straight up lie” to Jag.
Felicia – was the Reilly vote. She said she was going to keep REilly but she never had any intentions to keep Reilly.
Cirie – Cory said she’s a liar.
Felicia says if they take out jag who is their final four? “me, You, Matt and America?”
Cirie – mmmhmmmm
Felicia – I don’t know if I trust that sh1t
Cirie – what do you mean?

6:40 pm Felicia has been rolling cookies. Cirie watches
They talk about baking “from scratch”
Cirie says her husband are now alone so they spend a lot of time “Trying to cook something delicious and watch something good”

6:54 pm Cirie and Felicia talk about the type of saran wrap they use.
After a pause of nothing being said
Cirie – mmmhmmmmm

Cirie says she’s worried about what America is going to say to Jag.
Cirie asks what Jag is saying his plan for double.
Felicia – he said America and then when we get to the five it’s Bowie Jane.

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Matthew schneider

America is in a must win hoh or veto or she is out 1 week after cory she should he just left with him if that happens the worst final 5 in bb history cirie and fecelia only good at talking about people behind there backs , matt just a puppet for cirie, blue crap,bowie crap jag seams cool but no idea how to play bb america the only awesome 1 left the rest all suck bb 25 worst season ever time for bb 25 to go kick rocks

Gan ainm

I don’t think America’s position is that bad for the double unless Matt wins HOH and even then depending on who the other Nom would be.I guess he would have to put up Felicia for America to be evicted.

Game fan

Not true, Felicia and cirie are talking about Puting her up with bowie. She would go. Matt and Jag would be the deciding votes here. And bowie would put America up cause matt and jag tell her to or win the veto to force it.


jag is absolutely tanking his jury management, which maybe gets people keeping him around. strong argument for the rest of the house to take the shot at matt instead of jag now should they get in power by some miracle. matt meanwhile should be totally content riding jag’s coattails.

Bye Felicia

Felicia is the worst BB Player ever.


nah, there are a bunch of self-evicts. there was even one this season. she’s not even the worst player this season.


not even close to the worst, unfortunately.


Do you remember Raven. She would be my top vote for worst (dumbest) player ever. Even in jury she was delusional.


nope. she gave so much good entertainment on feeds, along with most from that season…one of the best seasons for feeds


Nah, I don’t like her, but she’s not the worst one.

Bye Felicia

It was just a vent. I know she’s not the worst. She is getting on my nerves.


So Felicia telling what she did about Cirie WAS due to Felicia misunderstanding what Cirie told her

un autre nom

No, Matt and Cirie did have that convo. Cirie told Fe last night.
Fe wants to kick Cirie out of that final 3 chair, so she’s telling Jag everything Cirie says.


Felicia misunderstood what Cirie actually told Blue

un autre nom

oh, i thought you meant today’s bus.
Fe thought Ci telling Blue she had to win veto meant she said she was target.
In that you’re correct. If Blue didn’t think she was smartest manipulator in every room, she would have picked up the clue.

The Beef

These people have been in that house for I don’t know how many days, and they STILL don’t seem to understand how a double eviction works? They keep talking about the “first” HOH and the “second” HOH, but don’t seem to understand the “first” HOH has already been played and JAG is the winner of that, Blue is going to be the first evictee, and then they play one more full weeks worth to evict one other person, which is what makes it a damn double. Why do they seem to think there’s going to be TWO HOH comps played, or is it they don’t know yet this week is a double and they think it’s NEXT week?

Plus, I don’t know why I’m surprised that nobody seems to want to “take the shot”, since nobody has wanted to “take the shot” all season long, but damn people you’re running out of time to do it, and given nobody in there besides Jag has won jack the entire season, if somebody were to luck up and win an HOH, you better believe the time is NOW to take the shot, because there’s just not going to be a better time than that given the players and time left in the game. I hope somebody figures that out before it’s too late and they waste a lucky win firing away at furniture pieces.

BB Fangirl

I was thinking the same thing! Sounds like they think a double eviction would happen in addition to Blue. That would be a triple eviction, dumbos.


There are two HOH comps on that day though. When they say the first one, they are talking about the one where the person is evicted immediately w/o any real aility to think about noms, or for noms to campaign to stay. Obviously the double evictions are from this past week and the one from whoever wins the ‘first’ hoh.


I think you don’t understand what they mean by first and second HOHs. There will be 2 HOHs played on Thursday (and no, it’s not because it’s a triple eviction). First HOH is the double eviction HOH (final 6) AFTER Blue (or America) is evicted. Second HOH is after the double eviction is over (final 5).

The Beef

To Dale and saltkitty, after thinking about it after posting the above, I did come to realize what both of you pointed out to me – they’re thinking about the HOH that will be played AFTER the second eviction, and after the show leaves the air, and for next weeks final 5 round of eviction. I guess when you think about it that way, it does make sense, so I stand corrected.

IMHO it still makes sense though to try and get out the strongest player as soon as possible, or to take the shot whenever you have the ability to take it, which means if you can win the FIRST HOH (as they call it), then you should put up both Jag and Matt so that at most only one of them can come down, and if one does, Bowie goes up to take away a vote. then whoever isn’t HOH between Cirie, Felicia and America votes out the male who’s left on the block, preferably Jag. At least then, one of them is gone, and you’re down to 5 players with 4 women and hopefully Matt, who is imminently more beatable than Jag is in comps.

Felicia’s “plan” to wait until the final 5 HOH to do this, is clearly not a good idea due to the fact Bowie will not take the shot, and the other 3 have exactly ZERO real comp wins among them for the entire season, so if they get lucky and get one during the double (HOH 1), they MUST take it and utilize it for all it’s worth.

Felicia's eyebrows

I don’t care how many comps Jag has won, I would never vote for him to win at the end because he’s already been voted out of the game.

Gan ainm

How many individually timed comps have there been this year and how does it compare to other years?It seems like there are so many but I have never paid attention before but I’m sure there is more than one anal-retentive obsessive who can answer this for me please.

un autre nom

If memory serves:
Individual time vetoes:5
Individual time hoh:1
separated by rooms hoh:1
questionable hoh (wall): 1
winner of comp didn’t win veto: 1

bbcan11 : winner won 7 comps plus part 2 of final HOH and safety comp during fatal feast. 7 of 9 were individual time comps.

usual seasons: 5 ind time comps (+/- 1) average but has been upswing since after 20.

Gan ainm

Ahh there’s my favorite anal-retentive obsessive,thanks.

un autre nom

who deserves to win bb25?
us. for surviving an 86 day endurance comp putting up with these asshats.

Gan ainm

What would my cut be?


Change the name of the show to Ground Hog Day. Isn’t that the name of the movie with Tom Hanks just doing the same thing day after day?

un autre nom

bill murray.

BB since say 1

Bill Murray not Tom Hanks but yes


If Jag doesn’t win the veto next week he’s cooked. Matt’s a rat.


This my first time commenting. I maybe wrong but doesn’t Blue know about Ciriw and Jared? Maybe that’s why Cirie is protecting Blue. Blue can blow up Cirie game if she tells anybody.

un autre nom

Blue knew in d/r and post long d/r as reason not to turn on Jared post week 6 have not room argument where all the alliances were exposed.
otherwise, she acts like she knows nothing.
Jared told Cirie she might have clued it together from Cirie mentioning a family member name.
As far as i know they’ve never discussed it.



un autre nom

D/R inclusion levels as of end Tuesday veto episode
HIGH 160 +
jag 209 cirie 201
fe 176
MID 120-159
cory 156 (1 post evict d/r)
america 125 blue 122
LOW 0-119
matt 113 bowie 71


When jag confronts matt about fe saying cirie and matt want jag out…. and matt goes ‘well maybe she is making it up’, doesnt sound too convincing to jag… lol