Felicia “If we bring you in and we get wind that you’re being flaky, you’ll be the first one to f**king go!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Felicia
Nominees: Cameron and Jag Hisam
POV Players: Cameron, Jag, Felicia, Izzy, Red, Corey – Host is Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Jag used the veto on himself. Felicia nominates Hisam in his place.
Havenots:  America, Matt, Red

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

10:22pm Comic Bedroom – America, Izzy, Cirie, Felicia
Felicia – so you came and talked to me this morning. Tell me who else has talked to you today? America – Cory. Felicia – about? America – just sort of talking about solidifying something. Felicia – so that is what I wanted to talk to you about .. we want to bring you guys in… under 1 condition. Now America, I am just going to say this .. People think you’re flaky. Because you’ve been playing both sides. And you’ve been staying where its convenient. If we bring you in and we get wind that you’re being flaky… you’ll be the first one to f**king go! America – No, I know. I know. And he brought up the hesitation of me being closed to Jag, and Blue, and Matt… Cirie and Izzy – and now Cameron. America – but let me tell you, we just hang out. It is so frustrating that they don’t talk game. Cirie – because they said that they don’t trust you and they keep telling us we should put you up. America – but they don’t talk game with me… so where is that distrust coming from? I don’t understand. Like Cameron, I tried confronting him yesterday. I was like so you were the one that told Hisam this and this.. And he is just talking in riddles to me. You know?! And its like a lot of fluff but he is not saying anything concrete. And that was our first game talk conversation that we’ve ever had. So I don’t feel good with him. I don’t trust him. And I know we’ve talked a lot the last couple of days but its really not like that. He is always wanting to play the movie game or some other bullsh*t. And that is not what I came here to do. I want to play the game and I want to play the game with people that are strategic and are playing! Jag and Blue .. I had a connection with Blue that first day.. we have the same similar background and all that stuff. She does not get it. I don’t know if ya’ll have talked to her ..At first I was like oh she is playing me. She is playing dumb. She is working the other side or something. BB switches the feeds. America – the only person that I really trust and that I am like serious game wise with is Cory. I felt really alone the first couple of weeks. I was just really isolated the first couple of weeks because I was grouped in with these people that weren’t talking game and weren’t being smart about anything that they did. I got close to Cory this last week and was like .. relieved. He gets it. He is the one right now that I am solid with and that I trust. And am 100% honest with. And I know he trusts you guys. Cirie, Izzy and Felicia – we trust him. Felicia – when did Hisam try to congregate you guys to try and save him. America – At 2am The night before they shut down the backyard. Then Hisam went to Jag and Matt that morning at like 5am. Felicia – weren’t you guys supposed to meet? America – who? Cirie – the 6 to save Hisam. America – no, because we’re not 6. No that’s the thing.. we’re not an alliance. We’re not 6. This is so funny, I just spoke with Cory and he kept saying the 6 and I was like what 6? There is not 6. I am going to cry because its so sad. Unless its 5 and its not with me? Felicia – 1, 2, 3, 4, Cory, Jared and Meme. Izzy – seven. America – that sounds good. I love that. Felicia – you have to stay with us until we get the other side of the damn house out. America – I promise you, if that’s what it takes. I just want to make it with a solid group. Then we can all trust.. and really align with and be 100% with each other. Cirie – nobody knows about this group. Izzy – NOBODY! Cirie – because all the other groups fail because they tell everybody. Nobody will know about this group. We can make it. Felicie – we have to trust that you’re placating with him BUT you’re with us. America – you’ve got my word. Felicia – the first real vote after this will tell where everybody is landing. America – I am in! Cirie – if we don’t stick together ..we’re f**Ked. America – I’m in, lets do this. They plan to meet later tonight but not much after 12am because Felicia doesn’t want to stay up late. America leaves.

Comic Bedroom – Izzy, Cirie and Felicia.
Izzy – the 8 is something we have to placate. We have the fake 7 with the Jag, Blue, Matt. And we have the real 7, for real, for real. That is all we’re navigating. Cirie – that 7 is our 6. Izzy – exactly. And within the fake 7 is the 4 of us. Cirie – who are the four of us? Felicia – Jared. Cirie – oh yeah, that’s right, that’s right. Izzy – so we have the majority within that 3 so it also shouldn’t be a problem. SO really now that we have America like I was saying before with my M&Ms to all you idiots! Felicia and Cirie laugh. Izzy – so if Cory keeps on America .. and we can keep on America .. all we have to deal with is a group of 3 and a group of 3. And before next week when people realize that we’re not with the fake 7 .. one of them will go and its 5 and we still have 7. Felicia – right. Izzy – so that is very good. Cirie – we are in a great position. Cirie – I just need to keep on America. Izzy – we have to nurture that.

10:36pm – 11:15pm Games Room – Cory and America.
Cory – I think Jag is doing more than you think he is. And the reason why I think that is because of the hinting I’ve got from Jared. And this is me really not keeping things from you. What Jared is hinting towards is Jag, Matt and Blue were approached by Felicia .. kind of like Felicia to Jag when he is being a pawn to be like I want to work with you all. You are great at competitions. And you have to assume who else is in that group? America – POO. Cory – probably POO, probably Cirie, and probably Izzy. Is it that exact 7, I don’t know. America – so they’re making all these different alliances? Cory – .. here is the reason why I don’t think that is a concern.. is because Jared is telling me about. America – you wouldn’t bring it up to them? Cory – I wouldn’t bring it up to them. I would want them to approach me.. and I think I am getting there. America tells Cory about the conversation she just had with Cirie, Felicia and Izzy. Cory – so what they told me in the HOH room an hour ago was that they were going to pull me and you in with them. Even if we are number 6 & 7 .. I think we are okay. America – I feel good with Jag, Matt and Blue regardless.. and I think you would be too. Cory – who is our kryptonite .. who is the one person that if they won they might put us up? America – Bowie. Meme joins them and America and her play bumper pool.

11:20pm Bathroom – Izzy and Meme.
Izzy – Felicia was like if you f**king flip on us, you’ll be the first one on the block! They both laugh Izzy – And America was like yup! I understand. America was like listen to me I just hang out with these people and I try to initiate things and they don’t talk to me. Meme – she better not by lying. Izzy – I know she’s said things to Bowie and Blue but I think it is because she is trying to get people to bite. We need her. Meme – we absolutely do. Izzy – so tonight we’re still going to try and go up to the HOH. I am feeling so good. America shared the insight that trust me they are not masterminds. Jag has no idea what is going on. Blue and Matt really don’t understand this game. She said initially I thought Blue was playing dumb as a strategy.. then she was like I actually think she doesn’t know what is going on. Meme – I think this is a TV.. like a moment for her. Izzy – so really we have the 7 and we are just dealing with the 3 – Red, Cam, Bowie.. And Matt, Jag, Blue. Meme – and ideally Cameron goes home this week or Hisam Izzy – 100%! So the next week we can placate all the bullsh*t because everyone wants Cam and Red. Izzy leaves. Meme to the cameras – I don’t trust America as far as I can throw her but for the time being.. it is what it is..but I don’t trust her. SNEAKY. She is sneaky! SNEAKY!

12am The havenots finally get to eat real food again..

12:13am HOH room – Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Jared and Cory
They talk about their conversations with America and how they’ve brought her into their alliance. They talk about their alliance name “The For Real, For Real” They see Hisam come up to the games room and they scatter. Felicia – we can’t have a meeting tonight .. we’ll do it tomorrow.

12:35am Bedroom – Blue and Jared.

12:37am Havenot Room – America and Cory
Cory – let me tell you about today because they were going to keep Hisam. America – what do you mean? Cory – they were going to keep Hisam. America – what?! Cory – here is the plan, the original ideal was in that room.. it was everyone keeps Hisam and then next week the group moving forward was PLUS Hisam .. so not you. And then I was like this is the stupidest idea ever! America – so you knew this since when? Cory – all day. America – no, like you knew when we talked here? Cory – yes. America – when we talked after in the game room? Cory – no everything was being told to you then and then people came in. They were going to vote Hisam to stay and the reason for that was if we vote to keep Hisam .. then Hisam is going to attack everyone else. And I was basically like this is the stupidest sh*t of all time .. you guys just backdoored Hisam .. Hisam has been saying my name and Jared’s name. Why the f**k would we keep Hisam. So eventually we’re not keeping Hisam. And I said so we can still do an alliance right!? Yeah. And then they go what about America? America – well now I don’t feel so good about this. And I can’t say no. Yeah its set. Cory – that is what happened and I am not lying to you. Hisam was going to stay. I thought it was stupid. Jared thought it was stupid. Izzy and Cirie .. he talked to them and they were sold. SO I assume they didn’t tell you this? America – of course not. Cory – okay.. why would they right?! They don’t want you to feel like you’re number 7. But I know I’m number 6 so.. America – better than 7.. okay.

12:50am Games Room – Cory talking to himself.
Cory – Its super weird because at times I feel like I am a really good player and other times I feel like I am really bad. Like with my conversations with Hisam I feel like I am doing a great job, and my conversations with Jared I feel like I am doing a great job .. and my conversations with America I am doing horrible. Why is it? Am I flustered like a 10 year old boy? Well maybe.. I don’t know why.. maybe. F**k that America thing went so bad today. Why did I f**k it so bad. I think she feels obviously best about me in this group but if I was her I would be like f**k this guy. I was so f**king unclear and vague with her. I don’t know what I was trying to do in that conversation. I mean I know what I should have done get final two and then left. America comes up and says if I get the lowest score in tomorrows competition and I am a havenot again .. I will self evict. Cory – I will be a havenot with you if you get the lowest score. America – you don’t want it, you don’t want it, trust me. America heads into the havenot room. Cory – Cory are you the most pathetic human being of all time?! Dude it was just instinctual. You are so pathetic! Why did I say that!? That was crazy.. its moment like this

1:20am Half the house guests are sleeping .. the other half are chit chatting..

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Game fan

No cory you are great!


Cory is the best, every day I think I’m rooting for him a little more.


Wow! If Felecia talked to me like that, her behind would be on the block next week. This should verify to America she was right about who’s running things. Unless as Un natural says a D/r visit wipes her memory.

Another Dixie

Mini-Putin, in my eyes & she is acting the same way “Do it my way or you’re out!” Don’t get on an airplane, America. We know what can happen.

Mad Max

I can’t stand Felicia…..she’s worse than Hisam…..her “luck” should run out soon! If she talked to me like that, I’d snatch her bald…..oh wait, she is already! lol


My husband said she looks like a milk dud lmao


If I was American I would run, Felicia’s comment is dictatorship just like Hashmarks and izod telling mememe laughing about it can a person get anymore disgusting ?

Wake up America Cory spilled too much and I think you caught it and you can say no, but at least now you should be prepared to recognize the gaslighting these people are going to be doing.

I think I want them to keep Hashmark now and him win the hoh and put up Ms Clean and izod especially if they are the have nots then sit back and watch the fireworks lol.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

THAT would be epic! Somebody needs to take a shot at the three mamas…NOW!


Felicia acting like she’s running the house. ? I can’t wait to see the Three Stooges targeted.




I woke up wanting Hisam to stay!!! He does care about relating to old people, especially with regard to their healthcare. Straight forward and learned his lesson. Keep HISAM!!!! Mecole has to go because she is in a constant state of irritation. She says she always has to “Dummy herself down” thinking she is smarter because she doesn’t show emotion. G*d don’t like ugly. Git her gon!!!


I have flip-flopped again…dang it!!! I want them to keep Hisam. Cam hasn’t even packed for the pending eviction. He and Red are sitting just a little too smug for my liking. Get both of those rednecks gone!!! ASAP

un autre nom

He knew Reilly was having a meltdown serious enough that production had to speak to her and she was off cams for 3 hours. (the Cirie/Hisam empathy psa). He went to her to talk person to person to show support on a human level beyond the game (what he told his allies). He and production used that human outreach conversation in the episode and in talks to allies to justify targeting her (instead of his she must be racist, she must be a homophobe, society gives her type a pass personal baggage).
Yeah, he’s all heart.
Let’s say the young people had kept him. By his oath he’d have been targeting the older houseguests.

un autre nom

A breakdown.
What America knows.
The chaoscoven don’t want her to talk to other people.
Cory doesn’t want her to talk to other people because see above.
she was last to enter into a 7.
she wasn’t going to be let in.
her new alliance doesn’t like her.
her final 2 has been lying to her for at least a week.

My suggestion:
play along, keep options open.
first opportunity to safely do so… run.
hop on a bus, create speed bumps.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Felicia’s got a lot nerve to threaten America because she’s playing both sides while her fart ass is got an alliance with everyone in the house. Talk about having HOH-ITIS. Sheesh! Cocky jerk hope she goes home soon!


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


I think they all suck.
Bowie sucks the most because I always forget she’s there. When she does make an appearance, I wish she would have stayed hidden.
I lied…… Izzy. Izzy sucks the most.
Season 25 is very hard to watch, it’s not at all exciting . I miss those season when I couldn’t WAIT for the next episode, before they had live feeds, when all they had was after dark. They picked good people, or at least better people than these wonky ones.


There was live feeds (years) well before after dark! After dark didn’t start until 2007 big brother 8.

un autre nom

Prodo has talked Meme out of walking and told her to play along, they’ll increase her twitterqween clip moments in the edit.
Blue knows the notta secret. they all do and half the house drops hints hoping for a gotcha moment so they can all drop the stupid act production insists they play.
the every other day flip flopping is, in part, production plot device. anyone measuring d/r calls to let’s flip timing knows this.

un autre nom

what i would like to see but won’t get:
Chenbot: by a vote of 11-0, Hisam, you have been evicted.
Hisam: no, right, that’s not what you said, right? Cirie, you Felicia and Izzy promised me, right? the three of you swore i could do better…..right? right?? RIGHT???


Pressure cooker on the feeds. I wonder how long they will last. I’m saying 34 minutes is the top time.

un autre nom

LMAO. Remember season 17 when they promoted endurance comp on live feeds for a week? Feeds return 10 minutes after episode, and the comp ended 4 minutes later?
spinning swing/rope, Vanessa and dentist last 2 standing I think?


Yup totally remember. We hyped that so hard. Lol


I remember one time me having the reaction of “Wait…Did he only last 3 minutes”?

un autre nom

3 minutes? isn’t that – like – 6 Kyles?


I think Jag will win and they will last a little over an hour.

Not Jason’s Holly

I’m going to guess RED or Cameron wins. They probably know their lives are on the line.
1 hr, 13 mins.


America wins 49 min, cirie will last 5, izod will last 12, jarat will go 21 because blue broke his heart and lasted 13

in reality I suspect prodo has the buttons rigged and regardless if the contestant slips they will trigger it like they did and Red wins lol

un autre nom

Way I see it:
Cirie and Izzy can’t win this HOH due to triple dipping. fake8, fake7, real7.
Matt wants to throw. fake 8, fake7.
Blue and Bowie? look, a butterfly, both walk off to investigate.
Cory thinks he’s safe.
Meme calculates she doesn’t need to win… but

Jared wants the bed.
Jag fears for his life.
America lasted 46 hours in an ap competition for 20k, but was have not. knows her own alliance was going to nom her 24 hours ago.
Red wants Jag out.
Cam… he won’t throw.

Game fan

I think red wins


Cirie and Izzy can’t win this HOH b/c neither one of them can go 2 minutes without being paranoid about something. Plus Cirie would only last if she was lying on her bed and her finger was surgically attached to the button. Laziest person in all of the reality tv world.


I think people in the cookout were probably the laziest.


Is it just me —?
Listening to all of them talking is like “who’s on first”. I have to work overtime to connect the dots, I’m gettin’ a little dizzy.

Yeah, Felicia has to go — the female version of Hisam in the making.

Game fan

Well until now all the hoh got voted out the next round

un autre nom

In case it hasn’t been made clear, the reason for all the alliancing in the cirieverse isn’t JUST to have safety on all sides.
It’s also to placate her damn survivorkids.

Izzy wasn’t comfortable with Meme or Bowie getting time with Cirie and Jared wasn’t a recognized member? Professors bad.

Izzy doesn’t want to work with Jag or Blue, Cory wasn’t a member? 7 sins bad.

Coming soon…

Izzy doesn’t like meme getting close to her people, Jared’s mattress isn’t included, Izzy hates America. waitforit….


WTF Hisam????? You go to bed and wake up this morning a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON….Did some evil spirit zap you with PERSONALITY CHANGE aim your sleep last night? PDYCHO! PSYCHO! PSYCHO! Right?


Felicia is running the House like a Prison Warden and I’ll be so happy if Red or Cam win the next HOH and kick her a$$ out. Bye Felicia

Mad Max

can’t be soon enough for me!

un autre nom

Felicia tried to start another flip.
Felicia doesn’t have a vote.
someone needs to tell Felicia to stfu.

Not because I want Manson to stay.
Because in any other season we’d be calling Cirie, Izzy and Felicia absolute asshats, and the only reason we aren’t is because Cirie has been on 6 different reality programs in 18 years. she’s playing stupid to try to flip her own plan and make 5 enemies to save the guy she backstabbed. period.


Remind me. What is the standard at where they don’t allow Houseguests to wear certain clothes? Trying to figure out why they took Felicia’s scarves like I just heard her say on the feeds

un autre nom

nothing that is too risque. pure black or pure white questionable.
labels or large brand names. anything that can obstruct the microphone.

un autre nom

Felicia STILL trying to flip a vote she doesn’t have a vote in after 4 of her allies said no.
HOHITIS meets dementia. SHE was the HOH that nom’d his ass.

Paul Sucks

To be clear, I AM calling them absolute asshats. This is just beyond bad TV


The feeds haven’t been cut yet!!!


That man just washed a bowl and a fork/spoon and the water was running the whole time……I almost lost my mind ?

un autre nom

What i notice.
when you are in Cirie’s chosen alliance of the moment, she wants you around and talks game constantly. As soon as her fickle head jumps to the next alliance… she has ditched and game talk is over. Somebody’s going to notice in the house.

Cory endgame talked to Izzy. Cirie is Cirie, we all know who Jared is.. we lose next to them.
Further shows me the house knows the ‘secret’ but have to play dumb because production said so.


felicia’s hohitis is showing. really hoping someone like jag wins and puts some combo of izzy/felicia/cirie on the block. i don’t like how much power those three have.


Well one post after saying I like Felicia a little bit, now I’m off the train. Cory on the other hand, I’m liking more and more. Especially b/c he’s the one that basically single handedly saved the flip from happening (at least for now), and he saved America from being at the top of their hit list (for now).

Best case scenario tonight is Hisam goes home and either Red or Cam win the HOH. I’d be happy w/ America too, but I feel like at this point she’ll just bend to the new alliances will and put up Cam & Red (or Red & Bowie, or something like that). If Red or Cam win, they can put up Cirie & Felicia, then production will rig Veto for Jared to win, he’ll show his cards and pull down Cirie (or Felicia) and then Izzy will go up. Ohhh the joy that would bring, watching Izzy squirm as a backdoor replacement. The campaigning would be insane (frantic, not good insane, haha).