“Cirie is going to go to work! She is the best in the game! She is the number one. She is going to go to work for me.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner: Jared
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used.
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Jared has POV-itus in a BIG way Cameron has a mini case of HOH-Itus but it’s really minor BOth Jared and Cameron are competing to get the cringe gold medal.

7:20pm Games Room – Cirie, America, Izzy and Blue.
Cirie joins them – I’m about 100lbs lighter. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Izzy – Its going to look so good on tv. The edit of that is going to be brilliant.

7:25pm Comic Bedroom – Izzy talking to the camera.
Izzy – I am on the block. I am nervous that America says this thing about a potential twist but I feel like if there is a twist.. maybe even more so I am going to be safe. Damn this is precarious as hell. I am thrilled Cirie is finally out of that god damn kayak! I hope Bowie Jane doesn’t mess up what’s happening in the games room right now.. I CAN’T STAND BOWIE JANE!! But Cirie is going to go to work.. she is the best in the game! She is the number one. She is going to go to work for me. Yeah, I trust Cory. I trust America on this. I think America wants me here. Bite my tongue but .. And Blue wants me here.. lets be real. Paige, I love you. I hope you don’t think.. I hope you’re not mad at me for not pushing for POO to pull me off the block. I hope this doesn’t bite me in the a$$. And I hope we’re able to get Cameron out of this game! Cirie, Jared, Cory, America, Blue, Matt… I’ve got six and I only need five. I don’t care what Meme does. I don’t care what Bowie does. I feel like I want to be in good standing with Jag.. but I don’t need his vote. BB switches the feeds. Izzy – I think I need to start playing more selfish. More selfishly. I am being selfish. I am just selfish about who I surround myself with. SKEEZY (Cory) is a part of that, I was going to bat for SKEEZY to get with Jared, you know!? Because you know he is not a part of Field Strong. I need him, you know!? I need him. Oh when SKEEZY watches this back .. when Cory sees this.. HE IS GOING TO LOSE IT! He said to me today, that its been 41 days and I’ve never lied to him. Its true except I am holding the biggest lie. I am lying to everyone .. with Cirie and Jared. Wild.. I hope I stay! Oh I hope I stay. I hope I stay. I hope I stay. I know Cirie wants me here and she is going to go to work. Just let her go to work! I can’t believe I am still on the block. I can believe it but still. And I really sucked in that veto.

8pm Kitchen – Bowie, Jared, Izzy, Cirie, Meme, Felicia are making slop food.

8:14pm They got excited when the successfully made a slop pancake.

8:20pm Games Room – Izzy and Jared.
Izzy – Cameron is in there with everyone else like clearly trying. Jared – yeah that’s what he’s going to do. Like that’s expected. Izzy – I am just feeling nervous because like you know. Jared – you have me, you have Moms, you have Blue, You’ve got Matt and the only person you need is Cory. And if Cory don’t vote for you that is the wildest sh*t ever this whole F**king season. Izzy – no I know that. Jared – and I am not worried about Cory not voting for you. He will not vote to keep someone who threatens him. Izzy – I know. I just like.. and in my mind I am already like Felicia is on her best behaviour. Back to her mom sh*t. Jared – But you know that is not changing this vote. Izzy – right. Jared – Cory is not changing his vote. Those are the only two people you have to worry about. Izzy – and I don’t know why it is starting to erk me so much but if I said this to moms she would say it didn’t matter. I don’t know why it erks me so much why Bowie has an issue with me. Like and all of a sudden, did you notice .. do you know what it f**ked up? Moms and Felicia were stuck in the kayak its as if Bowie felt like .. oh I don’t have to babysit them because no one is going to talk to them anyway. Did you notice now she is all around being like hahaha with everyone again. Jared – yeah but that type of sh*t you can’t control so either you respond to it or you don’t. That’s where I differ from MOMs. Either you tell her to get the f**k away from you or you just swallow it and upset yourself. I am personally not going to be the person to upset myself I am going to tell them to get the f**k away from me. Especially at this point because I don’t need your f**king vote Bowie… We’re going to kick your number one (Cameron) out of here next week then its going to be even worse. Then she is really going to be back to ya’ll. Izzy – I know. I don’t know why I feel like this. Jared – its because you’re hungry. Izzy – its not that I want the fake trying but I wonder why she goes back and forth trying with Moms and Felicia but not with me. Like that is what I am saying, what is the issue with me? Jared – it is probably this .. that Bowie has her mind made up that you’re going home so she is going to act like that. Izzy – right.

8:30pm Bathroom – America and Cameron.
Cam – its just a matter of time before you get a conversation about us talking to much again. America – I know I will. I still get them. And I am like he is HOH, I have to have conversations with him. Cam – oh, they’ve already said it!? America – yeah they’ve already said it this week. Its so annoying. And everyone is painting you out to be like the next big target. He’s got to go. He’s got to leave. Cam – I am, I get it. America – yeah but who does that benefit. Right, like not me!? So I really want to win HOH next week. Cam – I really want you to win HOH next week too. America – yeah, you know you’re safe with me. Cam – yeah, I’ve told you. I want to work with you and Cory. I can’t put it any more clear than that. I’ve told him that blatantly. I feel good with a couple of other people and there are a couple of other people you’re good with too. America – I think not, obviously its just Cory right now. The people that I thought were good, aren’t so good. I need to talk to.. I feel good with Matt. Cam – same. America – he is loyal and trustworthy person. Cam – same. America – and honestly I need to talk to Jag more. I feel like him and Matt are close. Cam – yeah. America – Stop. Cam – what? America – the whole get up and glasses .. and seriousness.. you’re so annoying. Cam – awwww thank you. You love it.

8:35pm Bedroom – America and Felicia.
Felicia – I hope we can continue with what we have established. Being beddies and the girls thing. America – everyone is too scared to make their own decisions. For me I love having you here. I think you’re a great addition to the house. It won’t be the same without you and that is definitely something that I am factoring in… you know into my decision. Felicia – I appreciate that. America – you play a big role here. I think you contribute the most. In terms of not just cooking and cleaning but energy. Felicia – I appreciate that .. and again I just want you guys to do what is best for your game. I am not coming after you. I need you to understand that. I told Jared today, do what is best for your game. I would have loved for him to use that veto to take me down but that would have meant someone else had to go up. I told Hisam the same thing when he won and said he would take me down and I said no don’t do that because that is going to mess up your game. So I am just going to trust that the people want keep me.

9:05pm – 9:20pm HOH room – Felicia and Cameron.
Felicia – well I don’t even know where to start. I hope we can recover from last week. Cam – that would be nice, what are we recovering from? Felicia – well I know you were upset about not know about the vote. Cam – well yeah we can’t do nothing about that. Things would have probably been a lot different. Felicia – yeah. Cam – probably would have been a lot different. It’s not even the Red thing that bothered me. Its the not being let in on something my team was doing. I understand though. From your guys point of view, I get it. Felicia – at that point I became self absorbed. The comment was about me. Cam – what comment? Felicia – remember those guys came to Red and said I was becoming a liability. Cam – wasn’t even aware of that. Red and I weren’t even talking at that point. I want you here. I want Izzy gone. Completely, utterly. She needs to be gone! Felicia – okay. Cam – she has better relationships than you do. And I am pushing for you to stay. Felicia – I apologize on my part to have not filled you in last week. Cam – I am over it now. That’s behind us and we’re moving forward. What do you need from me? Felicia – that you would like for me to be the one to stay. Whoever you incline yourself to talk to and talk my behalf I would appreciate it. Cam – I am already doing that.

9:30pm Games Room – Cory, Jag and Felicia.
Felicia – I love the game. I love the house. I love everything about all of you. And even if I walk out Thursday would I think this was worth the experience. Absolutely! But I hope to stay. You guys have to do what is good for your game and I hope that includes me because I would like to stay a little while longer. So if you guys afford me the opportunity to stay I will be grateful.

9:42pm – 10:05pm Comic Bedroom – Bowie and Izzy.
Izzy – to be honest I am hearing that maybe we have beef that I don’t know about. Bowie – what beef? Izzy – I don’t know I am hearing that maybe you are upset with me? Bowie – NO! Izzy – that you were upset with me or that I was rude to you. I genuinely want to know if there is anything I am doing especially giving this weeks circumstance. Bowie – I would say that you’re being stand offish but I don’t think we have beef. Izzy – I feel like sometimes its like hot and cold. Like some times we don’t engage with each other but I don’t think that is all on me. Bowie – but what about every time I walk up on conversations stop.. like we’re all meant to be together so I don’t understand. Who said that? Izzy – that’s not the point. You don’t have to get defensive. Bowie – I am not. Izzy – because I would want to squash anything before any campaign I would have for you. Bowie – no for sure. No its more that every time I walk up and conversations stop. Izzy – but we don’t hang out unless its a forced situation. Bowie – I am cool hanging out with you. Izzy – conversations stop when anyone ever comes around. A new person comes and the dynamic changes. Bowie – I don’t have beef with you. If I had beef with you I would just friggin tell you. I am pretty straight down the line. Izzy – are you working with Cameron? Bowie – No, I am not working with Cameron. I am not working with anyone. Izzy – I want to feel like it is easier between us. Bowie – I am going to make a conscience effort and I am going to be conscience of my actions with you. Izzy – I appreciate that.

10:14pm Bedroom – Jag, Blue and America.
Jag – If we’re weighing Pros and Cons Felicia has said my name, she’s said your name.. she’s just said everyone’s name. So in essence I don’t know if there is anything to move forward with you know what I mean? Blue and America – yeah. Jag – if I just look at both of them though, there is clearly a better player. America – yeah. Blue – true. Jag – which I think is Izzy. I think it goes without saying. I think that also it is important to .. like who has their hands in a lot of places. I think both of them might. Like I think one person has it more so. Like social game is way better.. so what I am also thinking .. regardless of who we keep are these people going to truly be a number for us. If the answer is no, why get rid of someone who might be easier to get rid of later. When I chatted with Izzy, I was like my preference is for you to stay.

HOH room – Cirie and Cameron.
Cirie – so what is up? You know I am in a rough spot because of the two people that are up. I can’t .. I would never .. nor would I desire to kick dirt on either one of them. But I am on the trail to try to salvage anything if it is salvageable for us. I appreciate you taking care of me this week. I appreciate you honoring what you said to me. I am here for guidance. How can we go from here. I get that it wasn’t gone about the right way. How do I fix the trust or whatever that was broken between us? Cam – first off dead serious what I said after nominations when you came in here when I told you that I love you and I do trust you. It can be painted that you were looking out for the group as a whole by taking care of Red. And I get that. The only thing that I was upset about was not being let in on it because I would have done what was best for the team. I would have listened to all of you. I would have done what was best for the team. Had I been let in on it last week, this week would have been completely different. Our emotions were decided for us. And you guys have already apologized for that. I know at your core you were acting out of the best interest for you and for the group. I have a lot of love and trust for you. I know this is a game There is a firm firm line between game and personal .. and I love you and I respect and trust you. I know that you’re great at this game. I know that Izzy is too. And I know that Felicia thinks she is. Cirie – you could bullsh*t me all day. I don’t feel like you respect me if you bullsh*t me. And for you to be this blunt, I feel respected by you. Cam – good. Cirie – I ain’t going to twist you around. I am going to keep it straight with you. I am no idiot either. I get what you’re saying. Give me a little bit of time. Cam talks about how he wants Izzy gone.

11:45pm HOH room – Cam and America.
Cam – Jared said that he is going to have a conversation with you very soon. He wants to talk to you. America – no he doesn’t. He literally said that he can’t trust me and he is going to put me up next week. Cam – that is probably because you barged in his room last week losing your sh*t on him. America – I didn’t bust into his room losing my sh*t on him. Cam – that’s how he described it to me. That is the only reason. America – last week, oh maybe a little bit. Cam – that is exactly it. America – I was a little heated. Cam – Bowie.. you probably assumed it was Bowie and not you for the replacement nomination. America – its complicated. Cam – we’re wiping bullsh*t away. America – its complicated. Cam – I get it. I am telling you that I understand it but I also understand that you’re coming around on Bowie. That whole week is convoluted. America – I assumed it was Bowie. There is layers to this. The point is Jared shouldn’t have even considered me to go home based on the circumstances and the relationship that I thought me and him had. Cam – I didn’t expect to sit next to Red either. That is why I was sitting next to Red because Red was his target. America – come on… Red was never the target. It was you. Cam – NO! America – YES! Cam – NO! America – YES! Cam – No. America – YES! And now I am like saying way too much! I should be telling you this but you were the target last week. Cam – NO! America – YES, it wasn’t Red. It wasn’t Red. Oh my god! I just trust you and like I shouldn’t do this but YOU were the target last week. And they told you Red. Cam – who is they? America – The same people that you put up. One of the people that you had a conversation with last week. Cam – just be frank! America – Jared. Cam – why would I have been his target? America – because you were Izzy’s target. Cam – okay, interesting. Things change. I am going to play it out. America – please don’t say anything! I am trusting you with this. Cam – well if you think you can trust me to not say anything, then I am going to have to trust you to not say anything. America – okay. Cam – I don’t know what happened last week but Red needed to go in Jared’s opinion. Why would I have had the opportunity to win the pov? America – eventually but initially .. they were dumb. They didn’t think you would win it. Does it make sense why no one celebrated. Cam – no one celebrates when I win anything. Cam – why tell me this now? What do you want? America – I don’t want anything. I just feel like I can’t trust anyone but you really. I feel like no one else is seeing in terms of the house dynamics. Cam – why send Red home and not Jag. America – because they were worried that you and Red would rekindle things. Cam – Did they have their hooks in Jared or was Jared after me? America – Jared was after you. Cam – interesting.

12:20am Bedroom. Felicia, Meme and Cirie.
Cirie – I can’t wait for Cameron to go so she can bring her teeth back over here and we can just be like what?! They all laugh. Cirie – no like what?! Felicia – she might quit. She is emotionally unstable. She just might quit. She has to need to feel connected. And she doesn’t naturally connect. And so it makes it very difficult for her to fit in. Every time she goes into a room people leave. She said today, I can’t keep chasing that party. Cirie laughs – The party keeps moving on without you! Felicia – I just move around and watch the part. She feels like if she is not a part of the party, then she is alone.

1am – 1:20am Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Izzy.
Cirie – but if you so good why would I not go with the person that wins the game?Izzy – right, like I don’t even get that logic there. What was that that he said? People go after big threats? Cirie – we had a trend of going after big threats so long… we did Hisam, Red .. he knows he’s not that from on the list if we’re going after physical threats. Izzy – oh I see. Well then motherf**ker why don’t you actually focus on other aspects of the game. Do you know what I mean? Izzy – America has to go in this next clump of people. Cirie – we have to do Cameron and Jag first. Izzy – yes of course. I know Jared said I want America to go before Cameron and I was like STOP! Cirie – he was just saying. Izzy – I think we also agree that Cory can’t get down to five or six. Cirie – America goes before Cory. Izzy – 100% America goes before Cory. Jared’s read on Cory .. because they (Cory & America) are now… Yeah. Cirie – I know they kissed but did they do the do? Izzy – I don’t know all the details but it is more than kissing… multiple times. So its like a 20 year old guy.. Cirie – he says that America has to go like I am not attached to her. Izzy – yeah he says that to me too. Cirie – he said its not like that. Izzy – well sometimes its not like that Cory and some times it is like that.. which means you can’t be trusted. Like if you do it sometimes .. they who knows what you’re going to share and that’s the problem.

1:30am Cameron, Cirie, Izzy, Matt all go to sleep.
1:35am Jared and Blue talking about places they want to travel to..

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un autre nom

Jag ratted to Jared thinking that keeps him off the block. Not to Cirie.
Cam told Cory his family alliance plan.
Cory ran to Cirie. spilled.
Cam gave Jag the wake up call.
Jag ran to Cirie, but didn’t spill a lot.
Bowie and Meme talked about keeping Felicia. America agreed with Meme as well.
Blue, Matt, Jag, Cirie discussed vote plans. Baby slept through most of it.
They discussed when to tell Felicia she’s going. Jared insists after Felicia makes dinner so she fixes his plate.
Cirie wants Cam then Jag or America next 3 weeks.
Meme and Bowie are being left out of the vote talks.


Izzy is delusional… yes cirie wants her in the house but the house is going to realize soon that she is a much larger threat going into the jury era than Felicia is! Cory and America, if they are smart about this (50/50 that they do the correct thing) will vote to evict Izzy. Hopefully Jared is next out the door this upcoming week ?


Izzy is more capable…but if she is giving you information and seems to be on your side, then that is a reason to keep her. If I were Cory, Jared, Cirie, or Matt then I’d want to keep her. And if I were Blue, I don’t know which way I’d vote.

Spot ON

I would put it another way:. If I was a female, I would want her to stay. If I was a guy, I would want her to go.

I don’t care if that sounds sexist to you or anyone else, but it’s plainly obvious that she harbors anti-guy attitutes (i.e. HATE)

The Beef

Seems to me like she pretty much hates anybody not named Fields in that house.

Carlito's Way

Blue is Jared’s weasel and will do whatever he instructs her to do.

Izzy’s armpit flea colony

If only she would open her heavily made up eyes & see that he has zero respect for her ; views her only as a show-ho


Blue is a huge disappointment… not just as a player but as a person, as an “influencer” … like, what kind of message is she sending here by succumbing to Jared! The way he talks down to her and controls her. It’s really disappointing.

Tre Billis

Cory is a weasel

Matthew schneider

Tre billis cory is a weasel and a wimp he wants to play it safe making big moves is how to win big brother not being a wimp i really hope america and cameron get the house flipped or just write the check to cirie now and everyone else should just quit . It take america 6 trys to get on big brother where that idiot jared didnt even try out for the show his mom got him on the show and his game is horrible probaly 1 of the least like houseguest in a very long time fans love america and cant stand jared he would be long gone if cirie wasnt in the game if cirie wins they totally fixed this season for her to win.

Matthew schneider

I hope they wake up and vote out izzy and flip this house or its a steam roll to the finals and just give cirie the check and all the rest should just quit


This post title /image is hilarious.


Izzy has become Iggy


actually it’s scary…the picture that is. but she actually looks cute in that costume


You’re hilarious !!!


She’s going to regret her faith in Cirie! I bet Cirie wants her gone … because the secret will be gone too!

un autre nom

Cirie to Meme: Jag wants the 7 to meet, who’s in that one?
Meme: You have 2 7’s, I’m not in that one.

Jared to Cory / Izzy: Bro, America needs to go before Cam.

THESE are the people working on Izzy’s behalf.

Spot ON

Right. Game Idiots.

The Beef

I’m telling ya, it’s the weakest bunch of players since forever! No strategy, no ability to win comps (outside of Hisam and Cam), and can’t decide who’s an ally and whom to evict!

With a brain trust of Cirie, Izzy and Felicia, you know your ass is sucking canal water.


If I wasn’t here reading this (as I have since BB12) I would have a TOTALLY different take on this season, these groups of people, and what REALLY is going on.

Thanks Simon & Dawg for the work you do for us. Which is why I donate via easy breezy PayPal every season!

un autre nom

Jared whisper pitching to Cirie that they vote out Izzy for being close to Corey, and knowing the secret. Whispering because the deaf lip reader is in the room.
Hand on forehead because theTool has made me eyeroll into a headache.

un autre nom

Cory’s mindset: how can I salvage middle ground. Stay above America to this side.
America’s mindset: Finally a move. I don’t want to be on the bottom.

Cory has painted a target on America because he wants her to take a shot for him.
America is sick of being excluded (unknowingly because of Cory much of the time) and wants the Power Elite out now.

Cory has spent so little time gaming with one side, that he can’t be in the middle with them. Now that Jared is openly sabotaging him, he’s got to make a move, but he fears making it due to being to glued to his original strategy.

un autre nom

at present, Cory is the swing vote.
If he can’t convince America to keep Izzy, what does Cory do?

Week 2 I said the way the bitches went at Bowie was going to turn a loyal number against them. The vote flip, a few small feel goods with Cory, and gametalk bonding with America, followed by a disastrous convo with Izzy and here we are

Spot ON

“Cory has painted a target on America because he wants her to take a shot for him.”
Probably explains why he is having such a difficult time making out with America.

Oh my

You would think Ceri and her English deprived son, would vote out Izzy. Izzy knows about them and will eventually spill the tea. Then again, Izzy is so in love with Ceri, she’ll probably walk out the door with that secret, believing Ceri will be her life long friend.


I agree, Izzy probably wouldn’t say a thing if she’s voted out. I truly wonder how she would’ve played had Cirie not been in the house. I feel Cirie being there really sabotaged Izzy, I feel that had Cirie not been there, that Izzy would’ve seen right through Jared and wouldn’t put up with his disgusting ways. I think her, America, and Cory would’ve teamed up. I feel Izzy took on the toxicity of the way Jared is, and at times the way Cirie and Felica can be. Izzy’s bandwagon bashing of Bowie Jane was not cool, and she will really regret it once she’s out of the house. You can see that Izzy can be cool and pleasant, I love her around Cory and America, I really liked her little touching moments with Cameron during their punishment, I also loved when she called Jared out on his BS double standard of going after America because she has a little showmance brewing with Cory, when he’s literally banging Blue on a communal space (eww). Notice that Jared started turning on her and pushing for her to go once she stepped up to his bratty entitled behavior. Unfortunately Izzy has tanked her game because of Cirie’s mist, hopefully she can snap out of it, but I feel it’ll be too late and she’ll realize this while talking to Julie Thursday night after she’s voted out. Sadly she’ll only have herself to blame, she stomached a lot of horrendous behavior (mostly Jared’s but others as well), and hardest part for her will be when she realizes she herself participated in a lot of horrendous behavior too.


I could not agree with you more!! She was starstruck and will lose the game over it. And who knows whether she will be friends with the Fields after the show … I don’t believe anything Cirie says. She is definitely amazing in this game because she is a master manipulator… but how does that translate in the real world?

Spot ON

“You would think Ceri and her English deprived son, would vote out Izzy”

Wut u mean, bro? Who u is?


I’m so glad someone else said something about his English. It must be all those chemicals he’s exposed to.


Yeah if they cut her she might reveal it on the way out the door. They’re stuck with her.


Izzy gaslighting Bowie makes me see the errors of my ways. Telling Bowie that she didn’t want to hang out but being snarky with her whenever Bowie walked into the room then telling Bowie you never wanted to hang out and “you should work on that” really goes to show the mind set of an Izzy Narcissist.
I personally know I made fun of her and I feel HORRIBLE because Bowie Jane is genuine full of heart having to deal with the Chooks and Bogans of the house.


I really don’t understand the Bowie hate, I honestly feel bad for her. She is a genuine good hearted person, who is just trying to fit in somewhere and build trust with someone. She was really hurt after the Red blindside, and she was completely justified in her feelings, it was hard to watch her communicate how she felt just to be callously dismissed by the ladies.


Ladies? Really…. not my choice of words when referring to them!!!

Gan ainm

Cirie is really bad at this game,she is all emotional reactions and yet they have all allowed her to run the house.So stupid.


She was bad at Survivor too. She rarely contributed to any challenge and she lost 4 times? Why is she a Survivor Legend? She’s a Survivor LOSER. Who should probably have gotten a real job that afforded her an English Language Tutor for her son.


Izzy is the worst. The way they’re treating Bowie is ridic!

un autre nom

Now that Cirie has mathed, and told Jared to clean up his act for Cory’s vote…
suddenly he’s being nice. That’s a HARD 180 from 2 hours ago. Too hard IMO.
But it will be enough to get Cory against Cam.
America dodged most of Blue’s traps, even saying she thinks Izzy should stay. Jag however, revealed he might be willing to cut Izzy.
When you can’t get America to talk alliance rebellion, you’ve lost that game relationship, Blue.
America still wants to flip. Cory points out why it’s impossible (everyone spills to Cirie / Jared).
Of course, being America, she immediately tells Jag that Blue is a snitch. That they (am/jag) are going on the block next week, and that they have to keep Blue out of the loop.
Matt and Cory meanwhile confirm that they’re keeping Izzy, let the kids tire themselves off their latest sugar high, we’ll correct them later. This will get the 2 of them (Cory / Matt) back into perfect middle positions.
Any time Cory tries to save his middle position that keeps America on the bottom, she hotheads and does too much.
She won’t believe Cam would target Cory, and overlooks Cam’s past behavior completely for one reason only: Cam made a move against the people that have been excluding her, using her as a vote, and threatening to evict her (everything Cory told her to keep from bonding with his side).
She’s now gone to Cam about Blue snitching to Izzy.
All because Cory told her let’s do what the people keeping you on the bottom want so I can stay in the middle.


FWIW I’m glad she outed Jared to Cam. Opened his eyes… finally… at least one can hope

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I don’t think Cam is smart enough to believe her.


Never underestimate the intelligence of someone who served in the military for nine years.

Carlito's Way

Agree. That was awesome. America really laid everything out and man, was Cameron shocked. Did not want to show he had been so naive and trusting of Jared. Now if only Corey would man up, stop being a weasel, and listen to her. Vote Izzy out. They have the votes. Matt had a great conversation with America also, but it will likely go right back to Cirie and Jared. So if Bowie, America, Corey, Jag and Meme vote Izzy out, we are in for a showdown. Then we need America or Jag to win HOH and put Jared and Cirie up. Let’s go and get off this Cirie train.

Spot ON

CAM should have figured that on his own WEEKS AGO.


Uhh only time will tell or he is not believing America and simply acting.

Izzys backfat

I believe I believe Izzy is so loyal to Cirie because she wants to be famous. She wants to be in Ciries survivor circles after the game & doesn’t want to be noped by them for giving up the secret.

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Nah. Izzy has some issues with co-dependency. Obviously Cerie does not, but the game need for Cerie to have close allies is creating the opportunity for Izzy to latch on in that way.

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America spilling to Cam that Jared was targeting Cam last week and told Cam what he said to Jared to try to stay off the block.
Super illogical gameplay. She so badly wants to get off the bottom that she’s hitched her game to fricken Manson. She’s bbtwitter type.
Manson thinks Blue was the leak.
He tells Bowie to stick a pin in working with Jared, depending on the vote.
She’s toast if he reveals. Like burn her at the stake done.
Meanwhile Blue and Jared are plotting how to get rid of Cam and Jag.
Cory is likely back to throwing HOH. He’s middle scrambled back to sucking Cirie’s teat and busing his gf. Cory lacks adaptability. Outside of center he’ll scurry back to center, shutting down all entertaining game that he can’t spreadsheet. He’s Rhap type.

Matthew schneider

Un autre nom how did america get to be a target she was in a great postion before week 4 its all because of the rat cory who told jared america probaly already know it was cory and hasnt said a word to cory about it why

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The main reason she’s a target is that she became the easy scapegoat during Cam’s first HOH, where the powers spun typical endurance comp drop-out negotiations as dirty play. Given she was already in the category of being a free agent closed book with no obvious targets, it was very easy for the house to latch onto her as a problem.

Matthew schneider

Un autre nom america needs to win hoh and get the house flipped and be on top

un autre nom

she’ll never be on top. She isn’t respected by anyone.
From week one she’d get a head of steam and run around oversharing.
Shr survived for one reason: Cory wants a guaranteed jury vote.
That’s why he’s painting that target. He thinks jury is starting.

Nether Region Euphemism

I don’t agree.

He tries to distance himself from America so as to avoid them being put up as a pair. To make it seem he’s just using her, like other guy have done in past seasons. Well, like Jared is doing with Blue.

He tends to overplay and trust the wrong people, talking sloppy just like most of them this season. To be fair, it’s especially easy to fall into that bc of the hidden relationship in combo with Jared being such a practiced snake lying bro.

I believe Cory sees America as his main ally, someone he wants in the game for the long haul.

It’s sexist to say she’s a hot head. Jared spinning the crazy steaming lady narrative to Cam. There have been rather explosive men in many season who don’t get labeled that way.

She does get passionate and doesn’t always take a moment to hold back, but at this point I can’t blame her. She’s really been scapegoated and gaslighted quite a lot.

She’s got a Janelle spirit to her, although not as strong to hold up in the face of haters. But breaking down and crying a couple of weeks ago did gain her some sympathy for them to back off for a week or so.

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Consider this:
Cory maths who would vote for him to stay vs America on the block.
Cam and Felicia both made anti-Cory statements/pro-America statements.
Cory wants Cam/Felicia out.
His game relationship with America isn’t his personal relationship.
He needs control and middle status. He is close to America so that he can control who he’s on the block with, and paints her as untrustworthy to the Power Elite so that they keep him over her when they hit the block.
That’s why he poisoned her about for real alliance.
That’s why he told Izzy not to pull America into 7DS.
He WANTS her to be isolated except for him as his chosen block buddy so he always stays, but stays close enough to her that she’ll still vote for him in final 2.

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I don’t think we’re far apart in our observations, except to me, the risk Cory adds to America is in the manageable realm in his eyes. Also bc he does trust Jared, which of course is a big mistake.

Cory is pretty good at also subtly shifting some of the focus off of America to balance out his strategy, without looking like he’s simply desperate to keep her.

The Beef

Cory’s NEVER getting close to final 2, unless he gives up this ridiculous “middle” strategy, and joins up with Cam, America, Jag, Matt and Bowie to fight the power of the Fields alliance! That’s his only chance.

Otherwise he goes out in 6th or 7th place at BEST – maybe worse. That’s just a fact – they will eat him before they start eating their own.

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I think it was a great play from America. Otherwise she’s fully cooked in her current position, as evidenced by Cerie/Izzy pushing her high on the target list, with Jared actually wanting her gone before Cam.

Someone needs to break the tangle of spy infiltration, especially now with Jared having Cam’s trust and Matt still a double agent.

Playing fearful of pushing through those power blocks, is the very reason we get seasons where the power side picks off the others.

I can only hope that Cam keeps his mouth shut, but given how he came into the week suspicious of everyone but Bowie, perhaps he will be able to go into reassessment mode with Jared. Seems after noms he was drawn to Jared filling the void of having a personal bro, and Jared is a very good liar bc he’s such a snake of a person (long-practiced IRL).

A glimmer of hope, rather than none at all while the spies are still under cover, virtually indestructible due to the unknown airtight connection between mom and son, and Izzy with her codependency issues. Jared is the biggest piece tying it all together. Matt at least has some motivation to lay groundwork for his own game, although he leans Cerie he does also plays the middle and seems to feel that Jag is of value to his game.

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Cam is house target. Cam doesn’t get to play in next HOH. Cam turncoats as soon as a threat emerges.
America gave him a back hoe and said don’t bury me.
How is that smart?

Nether Region Euphemism

I’m not convinced he will turncoat. The game changed for him once he felt publicly humiliated on live TV. He’s hoping to build an army of his own that will protect him.

Besides that, as I explained, the only shot America has is to try breaking through the power hold by aligning with others.


When BB is over and the houseguests go home, I believe Izzy will be surprised (shocked ?) to learn just how much the viewers couldn’t stand her for a multitude of reasons. She actually thinks she’s well-liked.

(Yes of course there are those who do like her—fair enough)

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I can’t even imagine how she could think that anyone likes her…


This poor TORTURE of letting Matt fall asleep then wake him up to take pictures of him and Josh Duhamel!!! This guy needs his sleep. He has an upset tummy!!! BB house production are acting sadistic to this poor house guest!!

Nether Region Euphemism

That’s how it is when you have the privilege to potentially become a big reality show legend and win lots and lots of money.

BB has done far worse. Frankie had to sleep in the cold even with his Raynaud’s.

Plenty more examples that don’t come to mind right now. BB is pretty ruthless, gotta deal with it.


You know if 3 white women sat around trash talking a black woman, there would be screams of racism and calls to lose their jobs. But it’s acceptable for the 3 (b)witches to trash Bowie.

Oh my

Who said it’s acceptable? Speak up like you said. I’ve never understood the “if this” or ” if that” conversations. I have no idea how Ceri has a fan base. That’s a nasty foul woman but she and the other two goons(Izzy as well) are getting away with. How much are people (the public) speaking out about it?


Because we couldn’t watch live cameras on Survivor. It was edited how they her to appear.


I saw her almost in tears and it broke my heart. I really like her and there just isn’t anyone compatible with her in the house. I think she will be my America’s Favorite!

BB Princess


Izzy’s armpit flea colony

LOL! What a diabolical pic of Pig-zzy……would love for her to leave but you know what they say about “ when pigs fly”


Let’s all just face the facts. Once again, the game is stacked for a Cirie and Jared win. Another year of promoting and helping selected winner and runner-up team of mommy-son all due to race. It’s ashame Grodner thinks she has to give them every unfair advantage possible, as if they can’t win without help. Cam goes next week and viewers get another boring season watching classless idiots speak nasty about white women and a white deaf man until the 2 are left.

Oh my

What live feeds are you watching. Izzy, Corey and the poor deaf boy Matt, are just as vicious with their mouths. This season is no different then season 19 with Paul. Too many fans of Paul in the house (like Ceri) and they were all nasty and classless idiots except Cody and Jessica. Paul had all if more advantages then Ceri and when he felt his game was threatened, he was just as ugly as Ceri. This season is about, giving their CBS “Reality Star”, the win.


If it’s the wall comp for HOH, most likely winners would be America, Blue, Mecole, Matt. Maybe Jag or Corey (if he doesn’t throw it).

The survivor of Felicia/Izzy, Cirie, and Jared have no chance. So it’ll be a crapshoot comp, I’m sure. Highest score with a crossbow or something.

Not Jason’s Holly

Corey will throw it no matter what it is.


wall comp should favor female players. i like america’s chances. really hope she wins.

un autre nom

Was told by both Bowie and America that Blue is a snitch.
Told Bowie they should target Izzy before or immediately after noms.
Was afraid of Izzy as an agent of chaos for 2 weeks until Jared said he wanted to keep her.
Wants to please Cirie (he’s a bit of a starfuqer… took veto punishment because he thought he’d be hanging out with a former soap opera / transformers actor).
Is upset that Jag didn’t tell him about his deal.
Knows Cam was hot for Reilly.
Knows the vote is flipped more than once weekly by Cirie and Izzy… thinks America is why Reilly went home.
Knows Jared was never voting for Reilly but he’s a dudebro.

Every time i type Reilly now I roll my eyes and make a gag face cuz….. really dude?


Can needs to tell Felicia that Cirie and Jared are voting her out.

Spot ON

Let’s admit it:. When it comes to upholding one’s integrity, character, and ethical beliefs, BB has to look for people who have a want for those characteristics, and that’s why BB IS TASTELESS.

un autre nom

Learned last night that Blue is snittching and Jared wants to nom Jag and America.
Goes to Jared lightly busing Bowie and telling Jared America doesn’t trust Jared / thinks Jared is after her.
Jared will go to Izzy / Cirie will go to Cory.
Cory IMO doesn’t care because jury vote.


And so the cycle continues, same sh*t different week… America’s the scapegoat for everyone to throw under the bus to try to gain favor with others, this time Jag doing it to gain favor with Jared, but in the end she will not be targeted before Cam or Jag so what’s the point? Cirie would never let Jared target America over Cameron or Jag.

un autre nom

America got through Cam’s fairytale delusions it seems.
Cam is telling Cory to be careful of Jared.
Cam wants to form the new Family:
Jag, Matt, Bowie, Cory, America and Manson.
Jag is cowardly lion
Matt’s a starfuqer
Cory is afraid of movement that takes him out of middle.

What could go wrong?

un autre nom

Cory immediately ran to Crossroads. He knows Matt / Jag would spill, so he’s pre-emptively spilling to show them he’s with them and more valuable than Matt or Blue.
I don’t think Cory believed Cam that Jared wanted Cory/America noms (jared did).
Even if he believes it, Cory’s answer will always be suck up harder.


I think you are overly harsh on Cory playing the middle… for the whole game thus far it has kept him in a good position where no one would target him for likely the next 3-4 weeks, and I believe he’s woken up to Cirie and Jared running the show and feeding all info to each other. He’ll make his moves soon and he’ll leave the void of the middle sooner than Mecole


I think you are too harsh on Cory for playing the middle… thus far it has always kept him in a good position and currently he’s likely 3-4 weeks from being targeted. I think he’s waking up to Cirie and Jared passing any and all info between each other, and I think he’ll make his moves to escape the middle soon. He’ll at least escape the middle before Meme does.

un autre nom

I’m not being harsh. OR even critical.
I’m not sugar coating his game.
HE very well could flip IF HOH is an outcome that alters the center.
He’s not flipping this vote.

The Beef

I absolutely HATE rats! I hope Cory trips and breaks his legs while running to spill his guts to whoever he’s sucking up to in the current minute, and yes I did say legS as in both of them. Maybe then they’d be forced to remove his backstabbing ass from the game.



The crumbs on his beard says ALL!


Jag being disappointed that he is a target just for talking to people when he just wants to laugh and have fun.
But if Jag votes to keep Izzy then he deserves to LOSE the game.


So Jared now wants America gone because she had the nerve to confront him when he was HOH? For the life of me, I can’t fathom why Cam is/was so trusting of Jared. Prodo influence perhaps?? Anyone else see a “love” triangle in the future – Cam/America/Cory?? Cory is 6 years younger and Cam is 7 years older than her. Hmmmmm…..

Just The Truth

Only because Cirie has production on her side.


Lord Simon and Dawg, that shot of Izod is going to give me nightmares lol ?


I don’t get the fear and celebrity crush on Cirie…..she was on Survivor multiple times and didn’t win. She is very ordinary. But she is also self centered, lazy, mean, delusional and a very good “gaslighter”. It would seem to me that she would be easy to get rid of if these people had some common sense. Also the cackling hyenia, Felicia, is not so bright. She is self centered, lazy, mean and also a gaslighter as well as a lying gossiper. Common sense play would send her out the door early. Icky Izzy is a mega groupie. All she wants is for Cirie to befriend her outside the house so she can stalk her forever. It doesn’t take a genius to dismantle these three and boot them out the door with the useless, delusional son. Wake up houseguest,…Out Play and Out Last these dumbos.

un autre nom

Cirie told Bowie that she’s keeping Izzy.
Before Meme.
If that doesn’t wake up call Meme… what will?


I like that Cirie is cleaning up another mess that was made and in a nice way (partially Cirie’s fault)