Fear in the Big Brother House – Britney: “I’m Scared of being nice to Andrew.. Next thing you know his head is near your Vagina”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:20pm HOH Hayden and Andrew. Hayden makes it clear to Andrew that he doesn’t think he’s the saboteur. Andrew nodes tells him he’s not the sabetour he’s here to play the

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

game and win some money, He swears on his daughters life he’s not the sabetour. Hayden tells him that there is a big fuss going on about what he did to Annie. Hayden thinks it would be smart for Andrew to go apologize to her for the under the blankets thing. Andrew says he was going to try but the girls aren’t giving him much of a chance. He says it was just a joke that didn’t work out, “If Ragan had done it nothing would of happened” He mentions that all the girls are against him every single on and he doesn’t know why. Hayden just tells him to get that apology out asap.

Hayden brings up Annie going home.. he thinks that if Annie goes up she’ll go home, he asks Andrew what he thinks of that. Andrew thinks that Hayden won’t have a problem with Brendon after Annie leaves they can talk it out with him. Andrew tells him hayden doesn’t have to worry about him he’ll vote whatever way he wants.

They briefly talk about Annie being the saboteur and both think she’s the most likely candidate.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
8:00pm HOH Hayden and Rache. They start off by telling each other how good looking they are (groan) Hayden brings up the replacement nominations that will allow her to stay. She tell hayden that she can make sure that Brendon will be responsive to a deal if they keep her around. Hayden says he likes rachel thinks she’s done a good job not complaining this week his first impression of her was that she’s a high maintenance type of girl but now he knows she’s straight up. He tells her he didn’t want to put both Brendon and Rachel up but they were so string together in the competitions. She knows why she is up and she doesn;t hold it against hayden.

They start talking about Andrew and how he’s really a nice guy and not as creepy and weird like everyone is saying… Hayden tells her that if she can guarantee a deal with Brednon then there is a good chance she will stay. She thanks him they hug it out and she leaves.

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Just found out BB after dark plays at 11 instead of 1 tonight! Yay thirty more minutes, and I can actually watch this with yall, LOL Until then, I guess it’s Roseanne. ( Tv sucks tonight)