“Don’t underestimate Bowie Jane, Bowie Jane been Hiding she’s coming alive at the end.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Matt
Nominees: Cirie & Felicia
POV Players: Everyone
POV Winner: JAG
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cirie is the target now.

9:20 am Bowie and Jag
Bowie says in Australia everything is policed so if you break the law you are in trouble. IN the US you can get away with “everything”. They use the example of J-walking .
Felicia comes being super friendly and nice. They laugh about being woken up early when there’s nothing going on today. They think it’s because they plan on doing Diary room sessions.
AFter Felicia leaves they discuss strategies for next week.
Bowie – If She wins next week hopefully she puts you two up if Noms stay the same I’ll be voting.
Bowie adds if Matt wins the veto he’ll have the vote and if Jag wins the veto he’ll have the vote.
Feeds flip to Felicia. When we’re back.
Jag – She’s being so nice
Bowie – I know. It’s lovely.. make a cake for us later?

10:00 am Felicia and Matt
Matt – how are you doing?
Felicia – wonderful
Matt – I was talking to Jag I don’t think he’ll use the veto that’s OKay we know where we’ll put the votes
Felicia – OKay
Matt – I’ve never been wrong yet
Felicia – You haven’t. Whats your guys plan for the final 3?
Matt – Mine might be different than his
Felicia – You can’t play next thursday. I’m praying it’s a mental one and I come through.
Felicia says if she wins she’s putting up Bowie and Jag. If Jag wins Veto then Matt would have to go up.
Felicia – you think he would evict you over Bowie Jane?
Matt – I think he would. I think he would pick Bowie Jane to the final 2. Those two are close.
Felicia always thought it was Matt Bowie was closer to but now he’s saying it’s Jag
Matt says at first he was closer to Bowie.
Matt doesn’t think anyone could beat Jag in the final 2 he’s won too many competitions.
Felicia – I’ve been thinking about Bowie Jane. I know you guys want to carry her but Don’t underestimate Bowie jane
Matt – she’s a good player she almost won that veto yesterday
Felicia – She almost did.. she’s won two mental comps. Bowie Jane been Hiding she’s coming alive at the end.
Felicia – If Bowie Jane lands in those two chairs people might say you let this girl come all this way and not really play a game until the end.
Matt – everyone can win..
Felicia points that Cirie has the best social connections
Matt agrees adds that she’s never had to get blood on her hands.
Felicia goes on about praying for HOH on Thursday.

10:24 pm Bowie, Jag and MAtt
Bowie – Felicia is being so nice.
Matt laughs.. “She’s been in good spirits which I’m surprised.”
Matt – Felicia thinks if she sits next to Cirie she’ll stay

Bowie and MAtt do the secret mafia handshake
SHe’s excited they made it to the end.
Matt – I know it’s so exciting

10:30 am Cirie and Felicia
Felicia – You can tell Fall is in the air cause my skin is drying out
Cirie – mmmmhmm
Felicia – it’s like UGH.. when that sun hits here in a minute it’ll be so beautiful
Cirie – mmmmmhmmmm
Felicia – I went into the bedroom and Bowie Jang and Jag were talking sideways in bed.
Cirie – in the same bed
Felicia – no
They laugh.
Felicia says she talked to Matt
Cirie – they might be plotting on his a$$ (Bowie and Jag)
Felicia – I said just food for thought don’t sleep on Bowie Jane. Bowie Jane is showing you who she really is now. SHe’s laid low this whole season
Cirie – mmmhmmmm
Felicia – she hasn’t made a decision she’s now won two HOH’s Both mental comps
Cirie -mmmhmmm
Felicia – She was right behind Jag yesterday
CIrie – mmmhmmmmm
Felicia goes on about her talk with Matt. Where she told him if they take Bowie Jane to the end the Jury might give her the vote.
Felicia – I said you’re probably thinking you carry Bowie Jane to the end and it’s a easy win NO. you know what a Jury might say? You guys let this girl sit here this whole season and never make a decision and carried her all the way to the end and then she wins two HOH and you don’t know what she’ll win in the end. They’ll say DAMN she played the ultimate game.
Felicia – I said I’m just giving you some food for thought.
Cirie – what did he say
Felicia – he said YEAH I’ve been thinking about that two. He said he doesn’t think that Jag will use the veto but he doesn’t know.
They go on about how they need to get Bowie Jane out. Felicia says she put the bug in Matt’s ear.
Cirie – you need a bug in Jags.
Felicia – I haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet. I need him to use the veto
Cirie -exactly
Felicia – I’m going to talk to his a$$.. this is how I’ll get him. YOu know Bowie Jane has been chasing Matt this entire season. She’s been cuddling up on the bed next to him.
Cirie -mmmhmmmm
Felicia – Sh1t fo you remember?
Cirie – since Red she said she trusted Matt the most
Felicia – I’m not telling him no lies but I’ll remind him of all the sh1t she’s been saying.
Cirie – mmmhmmmmm
Felicia – She’s grinning in your face but you don’t know what she’s telling Matt behind closed doors.
Cirie – good job
Felicia – I haven’t been able to get to him yet because she won’t LEAVE HIS F*****ING SIDE
They laugh.
Cirie – Ohh Felicia….
Felicia leaves.

10:50 am Felicia and Bowie
Bowie Compliments Felicia how good she looks she has not one wrinkle
Bowie – you look so good for your age.. you look so good in general
Felicia – I’m trying to stay healthy, Age is but a number

Felicia says they’re the only ones outside so they should have their talk, “Vote for me”
They go back to CHit chat for a bit.
Felicia – what are you thoughts
BOwie – I love having you around you’re a real character.
Felicia – I appreciate you and I’m glad you are here. YOu have a beautiful smile and a great personality don’t underestimate your great personality
Jag joins.

11:15 am Chilling


Awkward silence between Matt, Jag, Felicia and Bowie

11:33 am Bowie and Matt
Bowie gives him a rundown of her talk with Felicia. They agree the plan is to keep everyone happy this week. Vote Cirie out on Thursdays.

11:37 am Jag tells Felicia he’s leaning towards not using the veto.
Jag – Yeah.. you are good with me. For me ideally it’s Cirie going this week.
Jag – you’ll be here next week. From my end for sure. I spoke with Matt and he agrees with me now.

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Game fan

oh matt you think jag and bowie are close and f2? so why are you ok going to 3 with them??? now jag has the veto anyway , but even if you had it , it wouldnt matter.

BB Karma

Matt is so weak and gullible I hope they blindside him next week

Game fan
they do i just wonder how they gonna sh*t on him, to justify it
Diana Heflin

Oh yes they will! He is stupid!

Spot ON

You gotta have 2 mangos in a sack to be smart, and he’s got neither.


Make alliances but trust no one. BB words to live by, but Matt evidently thinks otherwise. Jag is wise enough to know the Jury likes Matt, unlike Matt he’s not a fool.
I could be wrong time will tell.


As two woman of a certain age, I’m grossed out how much Fe and Ce swear. They’re too old to talk like 14 year old boys, and their professionals in their real lives? How do you sit there reading the Bible and 2 minutes later talk like a trucker? You too should know better. Fe is not taking anything away from the Bible, she is always spewing hate. I’m not religious, but have some respect.

Nate Covington

Oh please you think Fe and Ce are the only ones in the world. The reaching to vilify big brother players knows no limits.

Spot ON

CIRIE and FE are both product of their environment. That’s why they do and say what they do and say.

And I agree, if FE actually reads the Bible, she certainly doesn’t seem to get much from the scriptures.

Not everyone who holds the Bible in their hands is a “faithful servant”. Look at the amount of Republicans who claim to be Christians and they are as racists as racists can be.

Mama T

Look at the amount of Republicans who claim to be Christians and they are as racists as racists can be.


Um, I’ll just point a wee bit of inconvenient truths here; the only racism we see within the house is one way and originates from one group. Looking at “Siri” it’s no wonder her offspring is the way he is. I’m sure he’s already a daddy to a few lil offspring with different mommas.


What bullshit lumping all of one group into racists. You are an idiot.

Valdez Tracy

That’s a two way street, both sides are racist Christians. You are being racist for pointing out that there is just one. ?????


95% are then the other 5% are called Uncle Tom’s or Tommie’s for wanting to be educated and just better in general.

Annmarie Huntsinger

They have earned their right in life to speak how they choose Karen. You’re not taking anything good from the Bible as well to be sitting on your high throne judging ,Miss holier than thou.. get off your high horse. Live and let live

Game fan

waiting for felicia to talk herself into elimination even tho she isnt the target.

un autre nom

Whichever juror proposes they just cancel the vote, board up the house with the finalists still inside an bring on the wrap party…. My new hero.
I just don’t like any of them enough as humans to give two shits about any of their games.

Thanks for all the Individual Time Comps… but that’s what makes me asterisk a pure comp beast as opposed to a production created comp beast.
36 comps this season (4 safety, 1 viewer vote, 2 zombie, 15 veto, 14 hoh)
individual time:7+. questionable comps: 9 (night1 comp4, hoh2 + nether twist, jared gimme comps, especially wall, the pressure cooker oddity, the vetoes as hoh’s, the wtf was that extra veto blue gift, the sprint and climb into a 3 foot box issue: look at height differentials in hg’s but same box height taller people made 7 trips, shorter made 3)
We’ve got some manufacturing happening.


I’ve been VERY suspect of the individual timed comps. Do we know the number of them in past seasons? And I KNOW 100% that Ciries name was NOT in the veto. Not until they saw us all questioning the fact, took BJ to diary room and slipped her the token to draw. Too dang obvious!

un autre nom

they don’t usually begin week 2. they are rarely HOH comps. The fact they are only top 3 reveal… sus.
7 so far ind time i think. final 4 veto and part 2 of final 3 are typically ind time.
If fin 4 hoh is ind time and/or part 1 of final 3 hoh… bamboozle alert.

it used to be 5 +/-1 ind time comps per season. After 20 that’s steadily upticked.

un autre nom

Here is where things stand as of Sunday: hoh, noms, veto stats updated.
named alliances and unnamed / unofficial deals updated to the best of recollection.
I’ve missed some for sure. There were times when everyone was allianced with everyone else… so i’ve definitely missed some.

bb25 WEEK 13.jpg

Who’s tired of Boiwie/s paranoia


Does it really matter? She’s definitely not the sharpest spoon in the drawer. Like a 5yr old kid playing in the litter box, er sandbox.


Who’s tired of this entire bunch of self righteous hypocrites? ????


Is it possible that in the next few days Jag & Matt are going to ditch Bowie and have a final 3 with Felicia? This would sort of make sense if they are still committed to their final 2. They can easily beat Felicia, but Bowie has a chance of winning. This would be reminiscent of Dan & Memphis taking Jerry over Keisha & Derrick & Cody dumping Christine and carrying Victoria along. For each of them the question will become Do I stay loyal or do I ditch him and guarantee my win? Dan was loyal but he played so well he had the win locked up against either of them. Cody chose loyalty & it cost him the win. If the Final 3 ends up being M, J, & F…I think if Jag chooses loyalty he can beat Matt. If Matt chooses loyalty he has a 40/60 chance of winning, but if either chooses the win they can both beat Felicia.


Jag will not beat Matt.