Derek “SB is becoming a house target.. so there is no reason for us to take that shot.”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony:

Prize / Punishment VETO Results:
– Sarah won 5k
– Derek X bathroom punishment – he has to unlock the washroom every time someone needs it for the next 24 hours
– Alyssa won a phone call
– Ky – has to make clubhouse sandwiches

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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2:45pm Living room. All the house guests gather for Derek’s costume punishment reveal. Derek’s punishment is only for 24 hours.
Derek – So after you use the bathroom, after you go inside I blow the horn and have to say “LORD KYLAND is using the latrine!” And then after that I can freestyle with whatever I want. I am so hyped about this costume! I am so hyped for this. Kyland – yours is lord. Mine is jacka$$. Derek – yours might be a donkey. Derek – and yours (Claire) is Duke right? Claire – mine is Duke of the Dutch. Brit shows Derek how to play the trumpet. Derek says he’s going to wear the costume for the live eviction. Every tires the trumpet. Alyssa – the amount of spit that is going to be in there..

3pm Alyssa announces that she has to use the latrine. Derek follows her into the bathroom. Derek – first I unlock it and then you tell me if you have to go one or two. Alyssa laughs. Derek – just kidding. Alyssa – then you come in and wipe. Its number one for now.. Alyssa heads in. Derek blows the trumpet – LADY ALYSSA IS USING THE PORCELAIN THRONE! It is number one. Kyland uses the washroom next.

3:25pm Bathroom. Big D, Derek and Xavier
Big D – I hate this .. do you have to announce it when I go too? Derek – yes. Big D – who comes up with this sh*t!?! I would like to be announced as KING Derek also known as Big D!

Bedroom. Xavier and Kyland.
Xavier – either way someone from my team are going to go. I get that. How do we feel about the Royal Flush? Kyland – I feel like it literally doesn’t matter. Either he puts up a member of the six and it is exposed because of the votes. The royal flush wouldn’t get the vote. Xavier – what makes you so sure? Ky – are you going to vote for SB over a member of the six? Xavier – oh god no. Ky – that’s what I am saying. So that’s me, you and Tiff. Xavier – so we would have to flip the royal flush. Ky – yeah to put up SB? I don’t think they would as a whole. Here is what I am thinking.. I think we’ve been pretty involved in everything we’ve been doing. Xavier – a little bit. Baby D and Christian are likely going to take shots at each other but if one of us go up it would like be beside on of them. The only way you or are safe is if we’re sitting next to one of them. Ky – yeah. No, well we still have the six. So the numbers are there moving forward. I think as of right now you and I have a good enough sense that our path would move forward with the six. Its obviously not guaranteed but its pretty good.

3:32pm – 4:10pm Bathroom. Britini and Derek.
Britini – first of all ..we pulled this off! That is just unreal! They fist bump. Brit – SB came to me and was sad.. she wasn’t looking for answers. I don’t know what she was looking for. But then I talked to Ky today.. he pulled me aside. And he was like I thought after our conversation you had a different understanding of the veto and I was like Ky I am on the block. I needed to win the veto. Derek – so they actually wanted you to throw the veto? Brit – yes. Sarah Beth asked me two times and once when we were changing. HELL NA! I aint throwing crap to you! You’ve been on the block for two days.. this is day number 16 (for Brit). This was the first time I was not told I was a pawn. The way you safe yourself is you win and take yourself off the block. He then tells me that if SB in on the block next to anyone that is not a king.. it would be in his best interest to send her home.. and I was like WHAT!? He want’s one of the kings gone. This is my only thing.. yesterday was a very .. it was very confusing. Christian comes into the bathroom then leaves. Derek – Everyone in the house is saying that SB is rubbing them the wrong way. So now SB is becoming a house target. So there is no reason for us to take that shot. They’ll take that shot next week. That would be a waste for us to take out SB. Brit – honestly there have been a couple people that have made themselves targets. Derek – I think Alyssa is another one of those people so I don’t want to take them out because that lines it up for the next two weeks. Brit – very true. Derek – I think taking out Christian right now isn’t really a house target .. he is just a physical target. At some point we have have to make a move .. this week the stars have aligned. I won HOH, you won veto. Like everything had to go perfectly for us to take this shot at Christian. Brit – my only reservation on getting him out is that he doesn’t know as much about this game as the other two (SB and Alyssa). Derek – that is fair. Brit – and out of the three of them .. he is the only one I feel if you made a deal with him .. he would keep it. Only because I saw him do that with me. Derek – I’ll tell you something but you can’t tell anyone.. Christian & Alyssa told me if they won this week they were going to target the Jokers. Brit – who? Derek – I don’t know specific names but it was going to be two nominees from the jokers. Brit – they are playing a solid game. Derek – so if Christian made you a one week deal .. there might have been a reason why it was just a one week deal. Brit – interesting.. At this point I get it, I get why we have to do it. Lets do it! I’m down. We need to break that up (Alyssa & Christian).

4:26pm Backyard. Big D, Azah and Britini
Azah – he didn’t talk to you privately? Brit – no he did. It was in the bathroom. He just couldn’t leave because everyone is continually using the bathroom. We talked and I told him exactly what I would like to see I would like to see another King go up. Big D – you (Azah) are going to have to talk to him. Azah – I will talk to him. Big D – you’ve got to get into his head and see where he is at. Brit – NO, NO, No.. Azah – you don’t think I should talk to him? Brit – nope! From what I gauged.. from what I could gauge… he is keeping his cards very close ..and I didn’t get a lot. From what I gauged, he likes the both of you and its not you guys. From what I gauged. Feel free to talk to him and see where his head is at. Azah – when I talk I am not trying to fixate them or whatever. Big D – if he is smart.. Brit – if he is smart a king is going up in my place. Big D – even though SB is a target we can get her out whenever. Alyssa can go after her. She can go after Alyssa. Hannah can go after her. She can go after Hannah. Whatever. But if Christian stays, Alyssa is too protected. Those kings got to be “shooken” up. They haven’t scrambled this whole game. Put his a$$ up there. Big D – If Christian is up I’m ready to take the shot. The only people that won’t are Alyssa.. Brit – and maybe Xavier.

5:08pm – 5:30pm HOH room – Hannah and Derek X
Derek – feel like I can talk to Alyssa about this game and give her my rational. She respects the game. And she has tried to ask me multiple times is Christian the backdoor.. you can tell me, I won’t tell him. I know she would tell him. She is thinking that .. she is already thinking that Christian is the backdoor. She has already thought through that I might view Christian as a threat. Her head is already in the place that Christian is a threat to me if she is asking if I would backdoor him. Like she is not asking if I will backdoor X? She knows Christian is a threat to me. So I think I can explain that to her and be like listen I wasn’t doing this to antagonize you. You are actually someone I would maybe want to work with in this game. But Christian when I look around the house is the only person that I view as a physical comp threat. He has won over 50% of the comps he plays in . That is insane! I would never feel safe in this house with him. And out of everyone in the house I am the least close to Christian and he may say the same thing about me. Hannah – probably, yeah. Derek – If I try and get him out later in this game he will likely play in the veto and he will probably beat me. Hannah – and not only that, if he did stay until jury.. he would definitely win the battle back. No if, ands or buts about it. Derek – that’s another great point. Hannah – I think you have to do so proactive damage control with Alyssa before the veto ceremony. And tell her this wasn’t always my plan, but Brit won veto and I had to take advantage of this opportunity. So its not like you’ve been lying to her all week and so that she doesn’t feel as blindsided. Derek – its in everyone’s best interest to say that they didn’t know anything about this. We need to give her a life vest so that she doesn’t feel like she is alone in this house. Hannah – Next week do you think it would be more beneficial for me to target Sarah Beth or Alyssa. Derek – what do you think is best for your game? Hannah – Sarah Beth because my name has been in her mouth and I don’t feel you can so quickly change your mind. But I think that she would merge as the new house target so I wouldn’t need to take the shot at her. Derek – exactly.

5:39pm Bedroom. Tiffany and Kyland.
Tiffany – I have to ask you a question. How do you know her (Sarah)? Kyland – who? Tiffany – SB. Kyland – I don’t know her outside of here. Honest. Is that what you’re asking? Tiffany – yeah. Kyland – I promise you more than anything in this world. I don’t know her. (Kyland doesn’t look at Tiff in the eye and looks up the whole time making it look like he is lying. – See photo below.) Honestly… I feel like …. I knew that …I didn’t want to … end up in a showmance so I think that I latched onto someone that was in a relationship that I figured would still be cool with cuddling and being physical in general .. It also made it feel less bad for her. And we just get along really well. I swear on anything I don’t know anyone in this house. Tiffany – okay. Kyland – I promise!

5:47pm Backyard – Derek X and Azah.
Derek – I talked to Brit about the veto and feel pretty good about it. How do you feel about it? Azah – I don’t know if you’re going to put another one of my friends up or me. Derek – BYE AZAH! No I told you good. And if I didn’t put one of you guys up, what do you think my options are? Azah – did you make a deal with Christian? Derek shakes his head no. Azah – I feel like everyone else you’re cool with. I feel like your only options is another one of the jokers or a king. Derek nods his head yes. Azah – I don’t want to influence your decision. Derek – I am definitely feeling pressure from the kings to put up another joker but that is not the smartest move for my game. I would never put you up but if I put up a King would that person be guaranteed to go home? Azah – whatever you want. One thing about Big D and Brit is they don’t play a snake game. If they say they’re going to do something, they’re going to do something. So if that person needs to get voted out they will vote that person out. Derek – I am scared about putting someone up and them getting off. Azah – who are you afraid of? Derek – who should I be afraid of? Azah – Christian. Derek nods yes. Azah – we might have a double coming up .. that what scares me about him. If that is who you want to go, you have two confirmed votes. He is powerful. I would have no problem voting him out. I know Brit and Big D would have no problem voting him out either. So that is three votes, you need 5. Kyland is four. Derek – you would definitely be locked in? Azah – locked in. I would vote him out. Derek – The only thing I am scared about is Big D had made it know he wants a girl out. Azah – yeah but he would vote him out.

6:40pm Xavier and Tiffany playing pool.. Tiffany wins and then does the following dance. She then immediately regrets doing the dance..

7:32pm Bathroom. Derek X talking to Big D.
Big D – I haven’t really been bothering you because we had that conversation. I feel as though.. you know I am 100% straight honest .. you have to get who would get you. No matter how awkward it is. Derek – if I shoot for that are you down for the vote? Big D – for sure. I am not here to play no games. We need to get out the people that can compete. I know I am not going to beat you but my chances of you being here compared to him being here .. I can’t handle that. We need to weaken that side. At the end of the day you don’t have to worry about me putting you on the block and voting against you. These b***hes came to me wanting me to be the pawn. Derek – wait why would you do that?! That makes no sense. Xavier joins them and the conversation ends.

7:40pm Bedroom – Sarah and Azah.
Sarah – I think coming out of here is going to be really hard. Azah – this experience is what you make of it. You’re a hustler. That hard working mentality that got you on here is what will help you outside of here. You quit your job for a reason because you wanted to be on the show. When you get out of here you will have other opportunities .. and not because you were on big brother but because you’re Sarah Beth. And don’t count yourself out! Sarah – thanks, I think I really needed to hear that. Azah – there are people in this house that don’t have half of the hard working spirit you have. Sarah – I think you’re right. I am just letting this get me down. I wouldn’t have come here if I didn’t believe in myself .. I just have to get back to that. Azah – you’re in a hard place.. I get that! But you’re a smart girl! Don’t count yourself out.. no matter what! Sarah – thank you.

8:15pm Big D and Xavier playing pool

8:36pm Ky and Sarah in the Hammock chatting. HOH room. Hannah and Xavier making fun of how sloppy Derek X is in his HOH room.

8:48pm Hammock – Ky and Sarah.
Ky – The four (Kings) of you guys .. like what are you even going to do? (When Derek X puts up Christian as the replacement nominee.) Sarah – I think we’ll probably have a team meeting. Christian is going to be freaking out! Ky – I know. Sarah – Alyssa is going to be mad as hell. Xavier is going to be mad as hell. Ky – yup. Also you be mad as hell. Sarah – I am probably just going to act sad. Ky – yeah you should. I am just going to act shocked and sad. But that won’t last very long because we will get to a point in the meeting when.. Ky – yeah I know. I get that. Sarah – oh my gosh it is going to be such a day!!! And you’re probably going to be in a costume. Ky – should I say I knew right before or after? Sarah – I would say right before because the said they thought you were acting sketchy during the noms ceremony. Ky – I mean I told them why I was acting.. Sarah – they got paranoid so fast so I would just tell them you knew right before. Ky – I wonder if it would be better if I just act shocked. Sarah – I don’t know shocked is so hard to pull off. I will probably just cover my face. Ky – you can’t cry on demand. You can’t think about sad stuff? Sarah – no I can’t .. If I can’t cry I will just hang my head in my hands. I won’t say anything, I’ll just act surprised. Derek X comes up and blows his horn on Ky.

9:04pm Havenot room. Alyssa, Tiff and Christian.
Alyssa – I think in double eviction .. Ky or a Joker. Christian – are you talking about a target or noms. Alyssa – target. Christina – Ky .. or why not Baby D! Baby D! (Derek X) Alyssa – I don’t think Baby D… Baby D might look like we’re looking out for him right now and he wouldn’t come after us. Christian – taking out SB pisses off two people but really only one person. I think Baby D would be okay with it. And if we take out Baby D then we have Hannah and Ky pissed. So I think taking out SB and only having one person pissed off is the way to go. Tiff – if Ky wins. Alyssa – we’re f**ked. Christian – we need a joker to win next week.. because a joker is going to go after Ky and Baby D. Tiff – Brit could put up anyone she wants except you (Christian). Christian – I think in a double eviction get out the person that is most likely to win a comp .. so either Baby D or I am sitting up.. Alyssa – so would you put up Ky and Baby D? Tiffany – Mmmmhmmm.

9:16pm Bedroom. Tiffany talking to the cameras – OMG! Did y’all just hear that conversation I had in the havenot room with Alyssa and Christian!? All I kept thinking about was stop talking to me.. its too much information.. my brain can’t handle it. I am like too much! I can’t keep up! So we’re backdooring Christian on Thursday .. well tomorrow he will be going on the block. However we did talk to Xavier and he understands in order for us to get to the six… and in order for it to be fair we all have to have one person. He has two, Christian got to go! And I don’t think he will be upset with Baby D. Christian and Alyssa have this whole elaborate plan on how they’re going to eliminate people from this game and it does not align with my six or my plan. Christian isn’t even going to be here after Thursday. And poor Alyssa had this plan to tell Hannah 15 minutes before eviction that we’re voting out SB.. AND Hannah came to me and had this wonderful idea to tell Alyssa 10 minutes before the veto ceremony that Christian is being backdoored. How coincidental that they both feel the need to give each other a heads up about a backdoor. How kind of them to both include me in telling me about their plan. I love DX. I don’t think I could ever evict him. I would have to be on the block next to him. Christian wants DX gone. Alyssa wants Ky gone. Alyssa cannot win this next HOH. She wants to nominate Derek X and Ky.

10:27pm Backyard – Xavier, Alyssa and Christian.
Alyssa – we just talked to Tiff and said that we would talk to you because you’re good at this stuff. Thirty minutes before I go up to Hannah.. if it is a double eviction I need to seem like I need to hurry up and tell her SB… we had a kings meeting and SB or her and Ky said that in a double eviction she wants to target Hannah and Derek X. I have already talked to her about SB. And I say that me, X and Christian don’t feel good about it. We have Tiff and Claire on board to vote SB out. You cannot tell Derek because he will tell Ky. But after she is gone we can explain it to Derek X. Christian – and the reason we do this is because if it is a double.. Alyssa – then Hannah won’t go after us because there won’t be enough time to explain it to her. Xavier – agreed. Alyssa – after the double eviction we explain our side and Ky isn’t here to explain his actual side. Christian – truthfully in a double I want to take out Derek X but we think we are able to take out Ky and not have anyone pissed off.

11:25pm – 11:50pm The house guests are sitting around the kitchen table telling stories. Xavier is telling fight stories from when he was a teen. Derek X says that he was on the receiving end of fights like those. Big Brother keeps blocking the feeds..

12am Big D’s boxing class..

12:07am All the house guests wish Sarah a happy birthday.

12:50amBig D and Kyland playing pool.

12:50am – 1am Meanwhile Derek X talks to Xavier about nominating Christian as the replacement nominee. Derek – Right now I am feeling pressure to put Christian on the block. Xavier – if you don’t put him on the block do you think people will come after you? Derek – I will lose the Jokers. Xavier – would you rather lose the Jokers of the Kings. Derek – I don’t think I will get another shot. Xavier – when you take out the biggest competitor you then become the biggest competitor. What is best for your game the safe route or the big move? What is best for your game. Derek – the flush won’t last till final 8. Xavier – not after this week. Derek – I am at the bottom of the Flush. Xavier – what makes you think that because you’re the only Ace? Derek – yes, I’m the only Ace. I’m at the bottome but I’m the biggest threat in terms of competition wins. Xavier – do what is best for your game. You’re a good kid. Derek – We’ll see after this week. After the veto ceremony I do want to talk to you about moving forward with Ky. Xavier – Okay, lets get through tomorrow first.

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Derek X’s punishment is hilarious!!! I don’t consider it a punishment for him as much as I consider it a punishment for the others that have to go to the bathroom, lol


Sooooo SB is the target now? Is dx not putting Christian up?


The way I am understanding it is that Christian is going up. They were saying that since SB was supposedly getting on people’s nerves someone else can take the shot at her

Fraggle Rock Bottom

See my posts from 1,2,3,4 weeks ago. Production says POWC Christian must go. Next Britini, Claire, then Sarah. After that dumb-dumb DerekX will walk the plank.

BB fan

People have to realize that Derek X has been a complete puppet for Tifffany this week. His dumb stupidity is going to lead to a complete thrashing by the cookout!
He wants to be the only guy in the house that’s not black with seven other women still where he’s looked at as the most physical male competitor- stupid game play! Even Janelle said that he’s setting himself up to go in the next couple of weeks because of HIS HOH reign on Twitter.
When this season goes south and becomes a boring steam roll for an alliance that was based solely on RACE he is absolutely to blame for the problem!
How can people not see that this guy is literally just giving it up on his hands and knees to the cookout!

The Beef

DX is to blame for an alliance he knows absolutely nothing about, including the fact it is based solely on race? Other than the fact you absolutely hate the fact he’s about to take out Christian, how can you blame him for the Cookout? Based on what he does know and the people he has been working with, the only other people he could possibly have targeted were the Jokers, none of whom are exactly setting the woods on fire as far as game play goes, nor are seen as threats to win the game. The Kings have FOUR players still in the game, and it only makes sense to try and get one of them out before jury to level out the voting field a little bit, so targeting the Kings makes a lot of sense to me, given what DX knows. So as far as I can tell, he pretty much made the most common sense nominations he could possibly make, while trying to take out a BIG target, before that big target takes him out.

You don’t like it because it leaves DX as one of the few remaining physical male competitors left in the game, but also because you have information that DX doesn’t have – that being knowledge of the Cookout. All DX knows is that he’s pretty close to the bottom of the Royal Flush, and if he doesn’t take out Christian, Christian will likely take him out before he gets another chance to take his shot. The Kings aren’t going to take him out, and neither are the Jokers, which really leaves only Ky to possibly take Christian out, and Christian would likely place Ky on the block right next to DX. So who do you think would be saved in that scenario? Unless DX saves himself via a veto win, you know it would be Ky via TC votes, so I just don’t see why taking Christian out now is really bad move for little D.

The only people to blame for the nature of the game play of the Cookout are the members of that alliance and production, as there is little doubt TPTB has had a hand in not only the formation of that alliance, but also in keeping it together and “doing what they do” throughout the game. If you want to place blame for a “boring steam roll” by the Cookout, you should place it where it belongs and not on a man who doesn’t even know that the alliance exists.

BB fan

He doesn’t know that it exists that’s your arguement ?!? That is not an excuse and just further proves how clueless he is about the social dynamics in house especially when he has Tiffany and Hannah wear his pants for him And make all of his decisions. Derek X is literally their puppet! That is not good gameplay!

This move is totally going to backfire and screw up his game because he’s not thinking three steps ahead thinking about his long term game! He is literally going to give the cookout the season with this move- bad strategy to want to be the most physical male competitor with 11 people
With the 3 other males being black and 7 woman still there! When Tiffany and Hannah wear his pants making all of his moves being used like a garden hose and he doesn’t know it’s exist just means he’s a bad player guy!

So yea he is absolutely to blame son when he gets his ass cut with 7 people left and there’s a handful of cookout members left!
That’s even if gets lucky enough to get that far! He is giving them the game, and to be a great game player your suppose to figure Sh1t out (groups and alliances) in that house; it is not excuse and a poor argument to say “that he doesn’t know exists”!


No, him and Brit just agreed. The stars aligned and it’s Christian’s time to go.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

The stars aligned, lol….Christian is a male POWC and an endangered species in the BB franchise going forward. You’re surprised he’s next to go?


I’m actually impressed that Britni has kept her mouth shut and stuck with DX’s plan. As far as I understand it, the plan is still to backdoor Christian. It’s only a matter of whether the CO votes unanimously to evict Christian or if they flip the vote.


They don’t have the numbers to flip. Azah, BigD, Hannah, Brit and Ky vote out Christian. Alyssa, Tiff, X and maybe Claire (although doubtful) vote out SB. Unless something major happens to make Azah go against her word, or to piss off BigD…..Ch is out. Claire was already talking about taking down Alyssa/Ch when she spoke to DerekX last week. So likely Ch doesn’t have her vote, either. I think Claire patronizes when Tiff goes off, but TIff does not control her.


Whether you love or hate Azah’s game there’s no denying how hilarious she is. Tonight’s TV segment between Big D & Azah where they discuss how her face gives everything away so she is practicing that fake smile had my laughing so hard tears came to my eyes.

When she walked out of the room with the fake smile & held it I had to pause the TV b/c I was dying. I had to rewind to hear what she said in the DR — I mean PRICELESS!!!

THIS was the Azah that I was drawn to early in the game.

another name

So, the cynic in me sarcastically thought:
Okay, they find 9-12 minutes of Azah out of her bedroom every week,
spread that out across the weekly episodes in 3 minute segments
add d/r to make it more entertaining
and episodies are going to believe she’s always on?
kidding. mostly.


Tiff quit obsessing with Kyland and focus woman! lol


Tiff was my pick to win, but the way she’s been acting…I can’t see her getting to end. I’m now cheering for Derick X.

another name

So i return to feeds to find Ky and Tiff in what vaguely appears to be a psychological wrestling match for control and bragging rights of DX’s HOH. Yeah, it’s also a clear the air and get back to their original relationship convo… but that’s fake as hell imo.
Both are having a hard time coming to terms with Dx eventually being voted out (after Ky has already told X his preference is for DX to leave post haste). I don’t know. The two are tiffing and kying each other a lot. I think they end up with Dx lasting for a while, but who knows. They’ll change their minds 20 times before they go through the list again. I mean, Tiff is already asking if she can vote with X to save Christian. mmmhmmm.
Okay, it’s just me. I know it must just be me. How the hell is anyone falling for these two when they have such obvious behavioral, facial and vocal tells. It’s most obvious when they are talking to each other because they both have their bullshit faces on.
No, I’m not saying they aren’t playing well. Yeah, they are both overplaying like crazy, but neither is playing poorly. That’s not my point. My point is come on now, everyone is being willfully ignorant not to see when they are running a con.
Come on now, anyone buying this Tiff Ky resolve their differences and move forward as the biggest cookout boosters ever as anything more than a D/Ream room induced momentary ceasefire… no. Stop that.
Claire walked in and was shooed away. She’s got to be picking up some odd vibes. I mean, she has walked into so many odd conversations in the past week and a half. How can she not be wondering wtf? No, really. How?

Creepy part of the Tiff Ky talk: they start discussing their plus ones in a way that they are human trading cards. This aspect of their conversation makes me want so badly for a non cookout hg to win hoh and go completely rogue. So, whose tagalong is most likely to develop self interest? If Christian goes, Alyssa will attach herself like a growth to X. Like while Chenbot is doing the exit interview she’ll already be batting eyelashes. Claire? Has Claire done anything of her own volition in the game since getting safety? Nope. SB? eyeroll. Oh. So, if I want to see rogue HOH… I have to root for Brit? That’s an awful lot to ask. Exactly how much paste must be eaten to be a Brit stan? Shudder.

Meanwhile. Dx has explained to Hannah that he doesn’t see a path for him to get to final 3, let alone final 2. He’s basically telling her he knows he’s screwed. I think he’s trying to get Hannah as his final 2 here…???

X still seems put out that he is probably losing a King, and they aren’t letting him decide which of his three jury votes he’s losing. It’s bewildering to me that he can’t see why anyone would want Christian out.

Hopeful for a Good Season

Who will the replacement nom be?
Good for you Brit for winning Veto!

another name

Serious question:

Is Xavier really so flex about losing Christian, that he’s really trying to get the Couch to volunteer to be a pawn?
He’s trying to legaleese the furniture so he can keep his meatbot?
huh. shakes head. mm. mm mm. read the room X.

Everyone prepare your popcorn and keep it on hand:
Couch only has 2 cigarettes left. For the season.
He’s going to try to cold turkey.
(evil laugh… make him a have not… maniacal laughter).

another name

Tiff has just finished her latest cam talk.
let’s be absolutely clear: I’m so over the cam talk crap.
If the D/R were actually doing it’s original function and acting as a confessional instead of a storyline propaganda tool, we wouldn’t have cam talkers that parrot the conversations they just finished having. There have been enough d/r audio slips to feeds over the years that we are well aware the D/R is not to be believed as the house guest’s actual perceptions. I miss the old confessionals. I digress.
So Anyway, She’s thinking Alyssa CAN NOT win the next HOH. The probability that 2 cookout members may end up on the block after veto is too high. Further, Alyssa’s zeal has bumped her up the target list substantially. She wants to keep Dx for a while longer.
X is gonna be piiiiiiiiissed. I mean, every cookout member he talks to names his jury vote squad as the target for this and next eviction.

HOWEVER: Tiff’s other personality, let’s just call her Muffy, may come out and cam talk in about an hour with a completely opposite opinion. That’s what happens when your neighborhood Rabid gamer Squirrel apparently has borderline dissociative identity disorder as a game plan. blink blink.
special note: not one cookout member is seriously considering gunning for HOH at the moment. They all just want their plus ones to do it for them.
special note 2: dear SB and Claire, if you were ever thinking about maybe stopping the comp throwing… now would be a pretty good time to do that. just sayin. Or don’t and enjoy the jury house. whichever. meh.


What happened to SB’s shins? They were both covered with bandages.

another name

i think it was from last week’s veto comp.
The bruises on the backs of her legs are from this week’s veto comp.


Well it looks like the Supreme Court vote is going to be very lopsided in favor of Sarah Beth!

I feel bad for Christian but wtf did he expect? He won so many competitions in the first couple of weeks and was in a blantant showmance.

He can’t help that he is a white dude in a season where 6 of the cast members banded together but still in any other season he probably would have still got backdoored if this same scenario happened (comp beast vulnerable to a backdoor before a potential jury battle back).


Am I the only one that think DX has ZERO interest in Hannah? It’s so obvious she is into him but he is just palsy with her. Am I missing something?

Deleted entity

Wtf is with people giving people a heads up about the moves they’re making?!?

And why tf is derek x trying to hint to X that christian might go up?!?


another name

Hannah: you’re right, Alyssa is like eight plans behind.

To be fair, four of those plans occurred in the last 24 hours because Tiff had one idea, then she let Muffy out, and she had another one while Ky was pushing a variation of the Tiff plan claiming it was his own, and Xavier had his own separate idea.
Okay, there may have been five plans… because from something said earlier, i think Christian followed through on his plan to have his monthly shower.

Why are Alyssa and Christian soooo far behind on house dynamic? I’m thinking it’s all that not a showmance more like siblings time they are spending separated from the house in the have not room. Siblings? Yeah, oooookay. So which one is pretending to be Liz and which is Julia? Which one was Thickums… I can never remember. Don’t look at me like that, i know what i said.
The plans that Ch/Al were saying to Tiff would be good plans if Muffy were currently driving the bus, But Tiff’s behind the wheel, so that means all for cookout. At least until the next time she goes to the playground to take a ride on her mood swing. The plans would have been great on Wednesday or Thursday. Not so much now.

The constant Shield talk by X. Yeah. Christian is Dx’s shield. Actually he’s X’s shield, enforcer, and private hitman. The shield narrative was created after it became public knowledge that Christian was targeting Dx so that Dx wouldn’t retaliate. Guess the judge threw out that cease and desist order, better luck next time counsellor.

What Dx should say, given what he knows (that he is a target for Christian next week regardless of who he puts on the block as related by three other people now): This wasn’t my plan, but it’s a good lesson. Never tell everyone the current HOH is your target before the veto ceremony has happened.
This statement throws the blame for the nomination back into Christian’s lap for indiscretion. Won’t happen. Should because this house is silly with indiscrete comments.