Cynthia “I think you should prepare for it to be against her. I’m totally convinced that I’m not going to win.”

7am – 10:30am Todrick wakes up and starts pacing all over the house while he mumbles and whispers his final 2 speech. I don’t want to win this game because I’m black. I don’t want to win this game because I’m a proud member of the LGBTQ community. I want to win this game based on …. The winner is not selected based on the number of HOH and Veto competitions. Its based on how well you play this game physically, mentally, creatively and strategically. And based on those four criterial I truly believe I deserver to win.

11am – 1:30pm Kitchen – Todrick, Cynthia and Miesha chatting and playing cards.

1:55pm Bathroom – Cynthia and Todrick.
Todrick – she is going to go and fight for people not to vote for me in the jury… not that I think people would listen. Cynthia – I don’t think she has a leg to stand on with that because I don’t know if she left in that great of a standing with everybody. Todrick – if it was me and Miesha how do you think people would vote.. because I would have to get five votes. I think Carson may and you would. Cynthia – for some reason I think you’ll win. Worst case scenario it could be a tie and then I am not really sure. Todrick – what America would say. I am wondering where Todd and Lamar would vote because I think Todd would vote for Miesha but then yesterday he said you played the best game. Cynthia – he did. He did say that. Todrick – when he said that I was like maybe there is a chance he would switch his vote. Cynthia – I think there is a chance. At the end of the day Todd was a fan of hers but I think he also wanted to beat her too. But I think he will respect that you played the hell out of this game. Todrick – I thought about this this morning.. if its against you, I don’t know what will happen. But if its against Miesha then.. Cynthia – I think you should prepare for it to be against her. Because I don’t know what the next competition is going to be because at this point I am not totally convinced that I am not going to win but I am not thinking this is something I am going to win. If I do win, then god has come down and said I want you to win Cynthia. I feel like you should win because you encompassed all aspects of the game. Todrick – its weird when you want someone to win.. like I want her to win also. Like if I was not on the thing I would be voting for her because I think she’s done such a great job. Cynthia – like if it wasn’t between you and her I would vote for her at this point. Very easily because I would be like sh*t, she did it! She played this game!

6pm – 11:35pm Nap time, cards and dinner.

10:02am The Celebrity Big Brother 3 live feeds end for the season … Tune into the finale tonight to see how it all plays out and who is crowned the winner!

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No Name

I never expect much from the celebrity edition but this one was the worst,boring and just not fun to watch.

C'mon Man 37% & Falling

I would rather watch the program guide channel than this train wreck. The “celebrity” season have all been duds.


wasnt as good as the first 2 but still good…lots of gameplay, big moves made, divided house, power shifts, blind sides, backstabs, manipulations, house meeting blowup…fun to watch and not boring

another name

Never knew someone could be people reading dyslexic.
Hi, Cynthia.
Yesterday was an exercise in diarymonkeys dropping hints to the final three that twitter pretty much stopped updatiing the season… it’s just an exposedparty and jury members tweets now.


Or how about this…

Cynthia – “I think you should prepare for it to be against her. — If I do win, then god has come down and said I want you to win Cynthia. I feel like you should win because you encompassed all aspects of the game.”

“She encompassed all aspects of the game” – SERIOUSLY WTF? She won ZERO comps, had no idea where the house stood other than TM being paired and the information that was SHARED with her by her ALLY Shanna.

She took this stance of being loyal & having integrity but aside from Carson she was more loyal to Todrick than her allies. She exposed her lack of integrity by taking intel Kirkpatrick shared with her & spilling it to Todrick & by how she turned her back on Shanna. In truth, she wasn’t even a good social player — she just got lucky to be attached to Carson who was a GREAT SOCIAL player.

She had a similar delusional capacity to Big D last year – b/c she always was worried about going OTB and always thought she was a target. It’s actually embarrassing for her b/c the fact TM would knock out Lamar who they had a F4 with to keep her should’ve clued her in that she is a goat being dragged to the end.

I used to like Cynthia but other than Todrick she’s the person I’m most annoyed by this season & hope to never see on TV again. The self-righteous sh*t got to me early & combined with her ignorance I had enough of her. Her betrayal sewed up this season – first ensuring TM stayed in the house & depleting her own alliance which in turn meant Carson left the next week. I’d even be willing to give her credit if this was her plan all along & Todrick was her true F2 partner – that the righteous stuff was all a gimmick to get to F2 — but nope that’s not true either.

another name

As we scrape the inside of the dumpster looking for some sort of redeeming features,
what can we say about them?
Of the cast this season, all but one had some past social or working relationship with one or two other cast mates… except one: Meisha. Therefore she had to work harder to secure alliances. That actually means something to me in a regular season, so it should now.
Comps? um… fuggedaboutit, one athlete wiped he floor with a bunch of over the hill or out shape or misshapen hasbeens and neverwases. Nothing to brag about AT ALL. but a fact. So she checks two on the list.
Social? she loses points there because she only formed bonds with men, and only formed those bonds to the extent that was required to maintain an alliance. The only person she spent significant time with was Todrick ( season long endurance comp for us). Though, she could probably name everyone he’s ever insulted since the third grade, including his mama.
Likeability? uh. really? TBH i didn’t find ANY of the cast overly likeable a lot of the time. NOBODY gets likeability points this season. Nope, not even Shanna, sorry guys, I just didn’t like her very much.
Todrick outplayed Meisha in the sleaze department. That’s saying something because she could be nasty… but he’s just vile.
Cynthia outplayed her in the wtf are you doing you moron department.
So this will likely ensure that she’s voted out in third spot, but of the three, I’m going to have to say Meisha’d be my preference given the usual bb judging criteria.

Off to have a shower, because dumpster diving in the third ring of hell that was this season is gross.


Yeah – you and I were as per typical on the same page about this cast. I nailed Miesha early on for only seeming to want to work with males, noped the narcissist at the start of week 2, and nailed Cynthia for her self-righteous behavior early too.

What I found the most disturbing about Cynthia was how she punished people (or rather just the ones she didn’t want to play with) for actually playing the game & then had the audacity to do precisely what she was punishing them for late in the game. It’s the typical do as I say – not as I do gameplay but made more annoying b/c of her holier than thou self-positioning.

As far as likeability I did like Carson and Kattan both for who they were/how they acted over their gameplay & I actually found Lamar pretty funny b/c he was the only one who put Todrick in his place with no fear of being punished for doing so (and in fact looking back Todrick seemed to be afraid to clap back at Lamar — maybe b/c he was — shrugs).

With Shanna, I liked that she was at least trying to play the game & while she wasn’t completely forthcoming about her middle-of-the-road play I didn’t blame her for that strategy given Carson/Cynthia didn’t understand the game which had to be so frustrating.

Kirkpatrick & Shanna moved away from TM after his HOH b/c they were turned off by how low they went in their efforts to switch the target (and again – I didn’t hold that against them b/c I understood that choice — some of the things Todrick said that week were beyond base). The biggest issue I had was them taking down Carson instead of Cynthia — but I sort of understand the move given Miesha tried to talk her out of taking down Cynthia at the last minute so I’m not sure she would’ve put up Todd if they had anyway. Kirkpatrick screwed up the minute he wouldn’t agree to vote out Carson & I get he wanted to not lie but at that point, you just agree & then you have the numbers in the house.

That week cemented the outcome of the game in that I do believe if Kirkpatrick stays & Todd is evicted it’s not as likely Carson/Cynthia turn so easily/quickly on Shanna b/c he’s there to back up what really happened. But I firmly believe this entire season was scripted anyway b/c none of the moves made sense even for the celebs who understood how to play – like Todd winning the first two questions in that final HOH but then never getting another one right (side-eye). Or Miesha getting all those shell game answers right – just too obviously orchestrated for my liking.

another name

I’m still a little chicken and the egg on the initial alliances.
Is it that Meisha only wanted to work with men? Or is it that the real housewives of Carson’s bedroom clicked and decided they didn’t like the not our type dear woman? I only say this because of Cynthia’s week two pronouncement that Meisha approached her about working together at the very beginning and Cynthia turned her down. She said this to Shanna. I think it was during the we love Rhonda for knocking her out conversation.


I don’t remember her asking Cynthia that – but I’ll take your word for it (probably Todrick pushing her to do that though).

And while Miesha was open to some females she quickly vacillated b/c she wanted Mirai out then Teddi & said she never liked Shanna – – in fact, she actually said I can’t stand being around her when they were still in an alliance.

Todrick was always able to get her to do what he wanted but if Miesha had picked who she wanted to go to F3 it would’ve been Todd or Lamar NOT Cynthia which is either a testament to her not understanding what a “goat” is or her preference for men – probably a bit of both.


Cynthia seems nice if not a bit misguided. Miesha seems exactly like someone who is in the UFC should be. Todrick is just Todrick

another name

well, Cynthia may be nice, but I’m thinking if her ability to read people is THAT bad…she has to play nice or she wouldn’t last a day.


Cynthia was NOT so nice to Shanna. My recollection is that because Cynthia was so gullible and dense, she alone turned this season into a train wreck. She blindly took the Shanna stories drummed up by Toddrick and Meisha as gospel, forgetting that they had been on Carson’s back since day one. She also forgot that Shanna saved Carson. Oh and Chris K. risked his game and partnership with Shanna for them. Cynthia didn’t even give Shanna the benefit of the doubt. She didn’t say maybe I should talk with Shanna and Carson first before I eat this load of crap. She took the bait hook, line and sinker and immediately started trash-talking about Shanna with Toddrick and Meisha. On top of that, she reeled Carson in and he also immediately accepted Toddrick and Meisha’s lies. Shanna worked hard to get them to flip the house and they were on the cusp of turning the game around and getting rid of one of the horribles, but because of Cynthia and her buying the bullcrap, the plan failed miserably and this made for a terribly boring and predicable season. Cynthia continued to be awful to Shanna during her time prior to eviction “(I won’t sleep in the same room as her!!), and well after she left. Cynthia character-assassinated Shanna So, I do not see Cynthia as “nice.” Maybe for one of the “housewives,” but ugh, not very nice at all.


I don’t know who Todderick is . . .but I can say he was not a nice person in this house. And I really do not like people who use their race and orientation to get ahead. How many times did he say in the house he was a Black Man and a Gay Man ??? We all know. But that is not a reason to vote for someone to win. Even if he gets to Final 2 . . .there will NO votes for him. I would lovvvveeeee to see Todderick win the last HOH, and then screw over Meisha and take Cynthia to the Final 2 thinking he will beat her . . .but then everyone votes for her to win ! And he is left having screwed over his best friend, and all the jury members can’t stand him after watching all the things he said and did.


Except you are wrong. Remember Todd’s interview with Julie . Miesha by all accounts should win but there could be jury members that vote against her as bitter jury members

Mary J Altman

God that would be wonderful!!!!!


Not a fan of Cynthia’s “gameplay”, but I hope that she wins tonight. I know that’s a long shot though. Like Julie says “Expect the Unexpected”!!

another name

jury statement in an article. It goes through each eliminated juror.
Carson: Toxic played a really dirty game and used his personal / past work relationships as a trust that he could then backstab for the sake of the game. If Cynthia gets to the end she likely gets lots of votes.
Nsync: Toxic took things to a level that was unnecessary. Meisha is a fighter and being tough is how she is.
Shanna: oh i don’t have to convince the jury. I’m sweetness and light and never had an issue or problem with anyone and rainbows shoot out my ass gimme the fan money. (ED. okay, artistic liberty there…. but not actually as much as you’d think). I seem to remember about a week of Toxic and Shanna hatcheting everyone else before she jumped BACK to the other side again. Sorry. Had to clarify because the article writer was definitely sugarcoating her.
Todd: I was all for Toxic, then i found out what he was saying and realized how dirty he’s playing. no respect for either of Toxic or Meisha.
Lamar: If Meisha is in finals she has my vote. I hope Toxic and I can be friends, he’s just caught up in the fame monster. My managers do my tweets. (ED. paraphrased but pretty much the bold strokes).
Teddi: disappointed in Meisha for my early eviction. a mutual friend warned me about Toxic, but he seemed nice, and then i find out our alliance was fake from the hop and he wanted me out as soon as i arrived.
Skategirl: I don’t hate Toxic. I hope we can be friends after all this is over.

Over all, IF you take them at their word, Toxic can MAYBE get 2 votes.
Over all, IF you read them at their sentiment, Meisha vs. Cynthia is close to a dead heat, but Cynthia wins likely.

another name

Remember when twitter searched and found the wrong Kyle that was the replacement guy in BBCAN9?
They cast Kyle the wrong Kyle in BBCAN10.
During commercial breaks, BBCAN is announcing their houseguests.

Oh. and Meisha won final HOH.
Guess Cynthia didn’t even social well enough to win the how well do you know the houseguests … she lost to the woman that didn’t actually associate with half the house. She didn’t even get Carson right… daaammmmn.