Celebrity Big Brother 3 – Finale Results! “My hands are clean!”

Final HOH Winner: Miesha

Todrick reveals that to Cynthia and Miesha that he is really a super fan. Cynthia comments on how it makes sense now why he’s never seen the block. Miesha is so glad that she aligned with him.
– Todrick tries to secure final two with both Cynthia and Miesha
– Cynthia says that she feels pretty good sitting next to Todrick or Miesha because her hands are clean!

HOH “Shout-Outs!”
Hear statements from previous house guests and have to guess which statement is false.
Final HOH Winner: Miesha

Todrick and Cynthia plead their case to Miesha as to why she should take them to the final 2.

Julie Chen welcomes back the jury members. Carson says he has regrets and wants to clear the air. He apologizes to Shanna.

Julie reveals who jury member number 8 is. Julie – anyone want to guess who won the last HOH? Everyone guesses correctly that Miesha won the final HOH.

Miesha and Todrick give their pitch to the jury members.

The jury members then vote on who they want the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 3 to be.
Shanna – one thing that this vote assures is that I will never have to hear your voice again. lol
Lamar – I just got a tattoo this morning and I am voting for the person that most resembles that mentality.
Todd – everything was great up until I watched the live feeds.

Julie then reads the votes.
– Cynthia voted for Todrick
– Todd voted for Miesha
– Lamar voted for Miesha
– Carson voted for Miesha
– Shanna voted for Miesha
– Chris Kirkpatrick voted for Miesha
– Mirai voted for Meisha
– Teddi voted for Miesha

Miesha is the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 3

– $250,000

Runner UP – Todrick

– $50,000

America’s Favorite House Guest: Carson

– Carson plans to “donate a significant portion of the $25,000 to charity.”

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another name

I’m trying to remember, season one of celeb was a single comp hoh i think.
I thought celeb 2 was a three parter…. hmmm.


Probably because this was a short season. I am glad that Miesha won because she totally deserved it. I am also happy that Carson got AFP

another name

I think all of the celebs are short season.
I just thought I remembered a three part HOH in season 2.


It is possible. I must have blocked out season 2 because all I remember is the cast on Season 1


Did Todrick throw that final comp? I mean how bad do you have to be to only get 3 answers out of 6 right? (or 1 out of 6 in the case of Todrick/Cynthia). He said in the prior comp how he’d been studying dates/info since Day 1 so how does he miss those questions???

Very sus — I think he threw it knowing both women were taking him.

And just another testament of how BAD this season was that they didn’t know those answers.


One of those answers was questionable because I thought Miesha won the 1st HoH comp (which is why they all answered A on that one)


Most of the jury is not pleased with the final two.

Hunters Pipe

Yet the best player won the game.


Interesting – no questions asked but the jury definitely got in some shots although Carson & Mirai took the high road. As they went to the commercial you could tell Todrick was already freaking out – little does he know how bad it’s going to be when he exits those doors.

Todd & Lamar’s eye rolls were pretty funny when Miesha said “I tried to play with integrity” & during Todrick’s entire speech. I kept thinking of Lamar’s exit speech where he said “he never stops talking about himself — (and) I didn’t even know who he was” LOL

I was kind of hoping Shanna would nail Todrick by saying “I’m confused by your gameplay Todrick on one hand you had no problem riding the coattails of a while red-headed female but on the other, you made a point of saying — let me get this accurate – that a white female thug with a blonde wig didn’t deserve to win in 2022 — but since I don’t care to hear your voice ever again I’ll just have to live with that paradox.”


Carson is definitely nice and Mirai is used to how athletes compete so their statements were not a surprise to me

another name

Does anyone remember Big Brother 4 Finale, when it was Jun and Alison?
I got a lot of DEJA VU with this finale.


Honestly I remember very few things from Season 4

another name

Two classic sense floaters. Both were nasty behind people’s backs and in the D/R confessionals (back when it actually was confessional not scripted stories and lines). The jury was given the whole episodes to watch including the d/r inclusion.
Nobody clapped. Nobody hugged. Even Julie was ‘you know that you deserve the hate, right?’


That being said if, like some people are saying on Twitter, Cynthia was final 2 next to Miesha and Cynthia won, I would have been pissed because Miesha legitimately deserved her win.


That was hella awkward when Miesha/Todrick came out with of course Carson & Lamar hugging both of them but Todrick QUICKLY read the room after most of the cast congratulated Miesha but ignored him or quickly patted his back when he went in for a hug & moved away.

At one point he was standing by Lamar looked up at Teddi, Kirk & Shanna & knew enough to stay away. Watching the end after they named Carson as America’s Favorite (TV viewers obviously had the majority of votes – although I’m not mad Carson won b/c I did think he was funny as heck in the DRs) there was the trio of Kattan, Mirai & Kirkpatrick chatting then TM talking to Julie & EVERYONE else in a separate big group. I can’t ever recall a finale where the finalists were clearly being ostracized by everyone.


Did anyone else notice Cynthia? She looked confused or annoyed when they came back from commercial break – I’m wondering if Carson got to her or Todd b/c he was seated by her to tell her she’d been punked by TM & how they lied to her to get out Shanna.

She still voted for Todrick which I sort of expected b/c of her whole “playing the game with integrity” BS so shifting last minute would’ve been highly sus.

Anyway – glad this season is over I enjoyed Carson & Lamar as far as entertainment – wished Teddi/Chris & Shanna had stayed longer (hell I wish everyone other than those 2 had stayed longer) than TM but the biggest takeaway at least for me is just how much TPTB control the game now.

Another Name always gives us the gold by pointing out how the first episode reveals all & with BB Can starting remember to watch for the first NAMED alliance & who gets the most DRs. This year it was the Formation alliance pointed out first but shortly after the TM alliance & it was Todrick, Cynthia, Carson & Miesha primarily in the DRs — which is your F3 & America’s Favorite so yeah we could’ve avoided this whole season after episode 1 and just read the updates here.

Any guesses on who hits social media first to offer more shade toward TM? Or how Todrick responds in post-game interviews? Will he immediately blame the edit? Will he apologize? Or will he have a meltdown when he realizes how bad & wide spread the attacks are?

another name

BBCAN is 16 newbies for season 10.
I stand by my editing of first episode as foreshadow theory. Especially for BBCAN.

  • first pair deal (got your back included) shown in ep. 1
  • first named alliance is a focal point for the season.
  • heightened D/R inclusion for gravitas in episode 1 where they don’t have a lot to do with the actual week one game.
  • that first d/r person saying i’m here to win big brother (sometimes a red herring until the midpoint).

These are the people to watch.
My question i am starting to consider: should i skip first episodes so that i’m at least surprised until i figure out the trail in week 2?
I’m still laughing that they cast other Kyle Moore.

I’ve read the tenants association spokesperson Hannah is advising that Todrick own everything and not try the usual excuses. But I’m betting he’ll try something not quite in line with accountability. Having listened to him, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’ll feign slight apology with a tinge of due to rampant homophobia and racism not his own behavior. Maybe I’m wrong… but that’s my gut feeling. Then he’ll follow his team’s advice and quit most of his socials for a bit.


Unfortunately lies are part of Big Brother and they fell for it. That’s on those who believed the lies not the liars

another name

I partially agree with that. But, I’m also big on ownership. I love a good villain. A good villain owns their game.
Last night on feeds Toxic was still insisting he told the truth even though he knows the D/R has him saying he exaggerated. This was to Meisha when she asked if everything he said about Shanna was true, because she said she wasn’t there when Todrick says Shanna said some of the things he attributed to her. What was the point of that? It’s just messy, and not good game move I’d attribute to a good villain.


The reactions both finalists got were justified
Thanks for updating us once again Simon & Dawg, can’t wait for BBCAN

Feeds Gold

with a 16 person bb canada season 10 cast and 69 days, based on past seasons with same or similar amount of days and 16 person cast, im expecting no buy backs/fake evictions/instant evictions

i dont like triple evictions, so i would prefer to see a less likely scenario of 3 double evictions, which i believe has never happened in any north american bb season including all formats, and i would like to see something like this…

day 6/march 3 – 16 to 15
day 13/march 10 – 15 to 14
day 20/march 17 – 14 to 13
day 27/march 24 – 13 to 12
day 34/march 31(double) – 12 to 11 and 11 to 10
day 41/april 7 – 10 to 9
day 48/april 14(double) – 9 to 8 (juror #1) and 8 to 7 (juror #2)
day 55/april 21 – 7 to 6 (juror #3)
day 62/april 28(double) – 6 to 5 (juror #4) and 5 to 4 (juror #5)
day 64/april 30(taped saturday, airs monday) – 4 to 3 (juror #6)
day 69/may 5(finale) – 3 to 2 (juror #7) and 2 to 1
(if theres a buy back, it will likely be 2 doubles and a triple as i doubt they have 4 doubles)
more likely they do one double eviction and a triple eviction, something like this…

day 6/march 3 – 16 to 15
day 13/march 10 – 15 to 14
day 20/march 17 – 14 to 13
day 27/march 24 – 13 to 12
day 34/march 31(double) – 12 to 11 and 11 to 10
day 41/april 7 – 10 to 9
day 48/april 14(triple) – 9 to 8 (juror #1) and 8 to 6 (juror #2, #3)
day 55/april 21 – 6 to 5 (juror #4)
day 62/april 28 – 5 to 4 (juror #5)
day 64/april 30(taped saturday, airs monday) – 4 to 3 (juror #6)
day 69/may 5(finale) – 3 to 2 (juror #7) and 2 to 1

eviction night april 14 is the likely start of the 3 week long jury phase…this year easter weekend starts friday april 15, so i think it will be a double or triple the night before on thursday april 14, which sees at least 2 in jury rather than someone by themselves for an entire week…then they may have feeds down that entire easter weekend with the double or triple fallout not being seen until the easter monday episode april 18(this is a possibility, not a for sure thing as i remember theyve had feeds down all easter weekend in some seasons)

another name

In general I agree with your assessment of timing.
In the past, if seasons up to 6 are any indication, week 4 is the double. week 5/6 has a weird power involved *more often 5. week 8 is usually the double/triple
For the most part they liked to send a lone juror into the jury house, and then hit them with an onslaught of people a week later and the inevitable ‘what happened’.
For easter they sometimes have an odd power as well (in early seasons where the feeds were cut for the weekend).

Seasons 6, 7and 9 however… the for the fans seasons seemed to have a near vice-like grip on production control, and a lot of the previous timing plots were altered. So we’ll have to see if they are going to play it like they did before the cancellation, or like they have since the return.
Somewhere along the timeline, I think it’s important to note that we will loose feed for about 24 hours when they have their first booze party somewhere around week 3-4 HOH night.
Also, we have to remember that when they throw in the second possible twist, they’ll also drop feeds for about 48 hours (i think that may coincide with Easter?)

Three doubles feels like too much of a risk in the new vice grip format. They might be able to manipulate somewhat, but the live vetoes on double nights are big risks for prodo and their storyline plans. And BBCAN loves the inalterable storyline plans. I’m just happy they got rid of the week three instant. Those instant no vetoes no chance evictions were gross.

Feeds Gold

Thanks Dawg, I will do

another name

aka… WTFuq was that?

So keep in mind I’m a bit of a tinfoil hat chat type. Also keep in mind a lot of what will be listed here is from gossip, early releases of interview questions, tweets and even one weird guy that says he’s at the after party. THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, DON”T COME FOR ME. That’s the only disclaimer I’m giving.

CBB3 was odd. Lots of never heard of thems, a couple I thought they were deads, and a isn’t he still in prison. I’d never heard of Meisha before, but I’m well aware that GROD has been trying to find a way to dig into the market share that ufc and mma would bring. I’m not judging people that watch ufc and mma. I’m saying GROD wants the views of that portion of the market. I would not at all find it surprising that certain parts of the season have been tweaked by drgremlins in order to come to tonight’s conclusion. So was Meisha the golden goose who finally gets GROD her demographic bump? I don’t know.
Not attached to the ufc / mma demographic, but along the same vein of GROD hoping to expand her demographics: Will Meisha’s win make the part of the fanbase still really quite unhappy about the cookout be less unhappy? That one I doubt very much.

We all know by this point that the contracts signed by houseguests are “Realty Entertainment Programming” contracts, not “Game Show” contracts. Means the rules don’t apply and production is free to toss and turn the events to their liking. We’ve been seeing this for a long time now in regular BB seasons, why would Celeb be any different? Don’t make me pull out my rolodex of examples going back as far as 16. I can. But i’ve listed them in detail on here too many times already. Lots of crazy shit happens in D/R and production feed cuts for comps. While there have been the rare houseguests that don’t get along to get along… it’s VERY rare.

I’ve read tonight that Todrick is refusing to do his contract obligatory interviews with the media. If he doesn’t reschedule within the next 48 hours, he will have his pay docked. Now we know why Shanna rescheduled so quick after postponing hers. Todrick however has told the press cancelled, not postpone thus far. I doubt prodo will actually go lawsuit though, or even bar him from future CBS shows. Much like Paul of 18/19… they’d even bring him back as long as the hate didn’t go mainstream headline news or tmz to enough of an extent to damage Grods sponsor dollars and ad share. That’s how it works. I don’t make the rules. But that’s how the mind of the Grod works. Trust me, Grod is FAAAAR more comfortable with the nice friendly confirmed bachelor uncle that witll tell you when your shirt clashes with pants than she is with the sleazy blacksheep cousin in assless chaps that gives you a buttplug for your birthday. But if she can get a buzz happening from the attention…. she’ll Oprah giveaway buttplugs the size of traffic cones like watermelons on season 21. Crass as all get out, and I apologize if anyone was offended by my choice of example… but no lie detected and done to purposefully demonstrate exactly how things sometimes work in the reality entertainment production world.

I’ve read that Miesha is attempting to defend Todrick to the press, but she doesn’t actually know about some of his greatest hits yet. As well, Meisha says that Shanna, while cameras were down for tech rehearsal (i think), did most definitely say she was down for the final four deal between her and Todrick, Shanna and Nsync. She said in two interviews since that was actually said to her, she didn’t feel that she had lied about Shanna agreeing to that final four. She then talks about not knowing how the events were edited (eyeroll).

ASIDE: Last night, when she asked Todrick if everything he’d attributed to Shanna was true, he lied and said it was true. So in her head it was exaggeration but not lying, and possibly edited poorly????? Maybe they should have waited until morning to do her interviews too, because she’s gonna look Cynthia level stupid by the time all the press comes out.
Further, I’m going to make a HUUUUGE assumption that it only took about five seconds after Cynthia got her phone back to realize she’d made herself look like a fool. BUUUT, early press says she’s doubling down on some of the Shanna comments made in the house (the slutshamey dresses like a ho ones) even though she admits to owing her an apology about her eviction. puzzled quizical look. So Cynthia is going to end up making an even bigger whole ass of herself than Meisha? For TODRICK?? Is this the Hold my beer press junket?

What we missed when Todrick went off camera after the vote? I’m going to make a HUGE assumption here. I’m going to assume that he was demanding an audience with GROD, pacing, cursing, and telling her to change what was happening or he wouldn’t come back. Raise your hand if that doesn’t sound plausible. I’m betting GROD was livid. We’re aware that Prodo has been planting seeds about how they have been perceived. I doubt until that moment Todrick ACTUALLY believed it was as bad as it is. And it’s bad. BAD. BAAAD.

The finale wrap party was supposed to be hosted by Todrick. That is no longer the case. Nsync’s management team, in coordination with other Nsync member Lance Bass are hosting the event now. From a birdy tweeting, I’ve read that after the extreme tension and arguments after the finale ended (no details on that at all, I guess we’re just supposed to know).. It’s going to be an odd wrap party. Wouldn’t be a surprise if there were handlers present to keep some of the more hotheaded away from each other. ( Late addition: PSST the head hothead doing the nyahnyahs and spoiling for the fight to escalate to a nice tmz and litigation level… that would be Shanna… blink blink, like ANY one finds that surprising).

Thus ends my trek thought the inner workings of the GRODFRAUDSQUAD, the Post finale Press, Twitter, and a couple gossip sites and early interview excerpts.

another name

a bit of late addition: for the first four or five interviews, reporters commented afterwards, or even included in their full stories, that neither Cynthia nor Meisha had gotten their phones back yet, so they didn’t understand what was going on. i surmise that the phones were returned after the initial interviews, but they hadn’t had a chance to deep dive into a month worth of dumpster yet. By interview five / six, Cynthia was dropping her defense of Toddrick and defense of the Shanna clothing talk.
Sadly, the Shanna story continues. The bf that ‘broke up with her’ on the day of her valentine’s eviction, was back with her a few days later… yeah that guy. Well he was in a holding cell this morning after a domestic was reported due to arguments that began laaate last night and again early this morning.

another name

Last one on the dumpster of CBB3:
Todrick has still been silent except for a pray for ukraine picture… and an open for bookings on cameo (I totally admit I have no idea what that is or what that means). He still follows half the cast on sm.
Meisha did an interview today, wherein she took reponsibility for what she said (though included she thought the pressure cooker situation she felt emotionally mixed with not understanding the different ways to play the game played a part in her behavior) and apologized for what she said. There’s something about feeling her behavior set a bad example for her children, and that’s not what she wants to be. There was something about if she ever saw Shanna, she would want to apologize for saying things she regrets. Okay it was a quick skim more than reading the article.


Yeah, I noticed both Cynthia & Miesha dialed back their praise/excuses for Todrick greatly from the initial articles/live interviews. The interviews conducted later Thursday (or possibly even earlier today) had a very different tone/take compared to the Weds night/Thurs morning examples. Cynthia even implied she probably wouldn’t have voted for him & is claiming he also said things about me — OH so now that he nailed you too you are looking at things differently eh (too much).

I also saw an interview from Miesha where she is much more contrite & apologetic about anything she said claiming she’s human and makes mistakes but wants to take accountability. She specifically cited Shanna when the day prior she was still making comments about how she dressed but given what happened to Shanna with the BF getting arrested for domestic abuse I’m assuming she took some heat on SM b/c of how all three of them (Cynthia/Todrick) slut shamed her for how she dressed.

I also saw a picture of her with her kids and I think Kirkpatrick was there. He’s been in a bunch of pics with Mirai, Todd, Carson, Lamar & Miesha so he’s come out of this well.

Soooooooooo question—- it sure looks like Todrick is using the avoidance technique hoping some bigger set of news will erase him from people’s thoughts (out of sight – out of mind). Do you think he’ll resurface in a few weeks to do an interview or just completely avoid them altogether? And will BB dock his pay/not pay him for breach of contract if he does the latter?

Also, did you see anything on the wrap party that Kirk was holding with Lance Bass? Usually there is a ton of SM following those events but all I’ve seen is maybe two or three pictures with fans standing with Carson and another with Kirk I think.

another name

I’ve seen some photos. Read some stuff i wouldn’t even call gossip.
Todrick and most of the cookout are at Todrick’s house. I still don’t know what cameo is, but apparently he did one where he was charging people 25 dollars to chat with him??? Same cookout you’d expect went to the Nsync afterparty to try to have their cake and eat it. I’m not saying they should come out and trash him. But maybe don’t go out and endorse what he said either. Sorry. There’s some real screwed up bias in that camp, and a general inability to read a room. I can understand not a houseguest Christie doing it… she works for Todrick as a dancer now. What are the others thinking???
Nsync and Mirai were in photos with Meisha and family. Did you know her husband isn’t just a fighter, he’s also a friendly paparazzo? As in celebs pay him to take candids of events they want the media to cover for control of their image? There’s the connection I couldn’t find to the rest of the cast… he’s worked for some of them, or families they’ve been married into. So she’s one degree of separation from a few cast members.
I do think the early interviews before they got their phones back were… unfortunate to say the least. Poor planning by the Grodsquad. Would it have changed initial interviews? not much. but they wouldn’t be saying I have no idea what’s going on to answer multiple questions.
Cynthia walked back her push about Shanna’s choice of attire. I found Meisha was saying why is Shana mad at Todrick, it was me that was saying crap about her before she got the phone back, talked to her management, got the lay of the land, and found out about the police call to Shanna’s.
As far as I know, if the houseguest fails to rebook postponed interviews within 48 hours, they are in breach, but usually that’s a paydock, not a refusal to pay. He’d lose a percentage of his weekly, not his entire pay, and he’d still get to keep his signing fee to appear. So he’d still walk away with an estimated 160-175k instead of the 185k he would have had. If my math is correct. Sign fee, weekly, bump post 1/2 way, and 2nd place minus percentage… i think i’m close.


Cameo is this service that fans use to hire/pay a celebrity to send messages to loved ones. For example – say your significant other was a huge fan of Big Brother -for their birthday you pull up their favorite player (bc most of them are on there) & pay the fee they charge & voila – they send a personalized greeting to that person.

Celebs charge different prices & most will tailor the messages to the person. Todrick was talking about it on feeds saying he essentially sends the same message every time & depending on how he feels that day charges more or less.

If you go on SM people jumped all over him saying that & someone posted some examples of his Cameo messages (proving he was telling the truth b/c they are essentially the exact same script – thanks for listening to my music – happy birthday – blah blah)

another name

So it’s a cashgrab. ew.
Sorry. I guess researching how much a past main cast member on a tv show can actually make in residuals has made me a little less likely to show concern for a celebrity’s financial well being.
I mean… syndicated and shown in multiple countries even a decade later, an actor that had good representation during contract negotiations could easily be raking in millions for something they did a decade ago.


Welp…..I’m glad I stopped watching this crap of a “show”. Some observations…..I don’t think there has ever been a season worse than this! Second, how DUMB is Cynthia? Third, I hope this season pulls the plug on the whole show and Lastly, I’m happy for Carson, even if he screwed up his own game! Over & out!


Gosh I’m always bad guessing! I did guess the winger of BB 23. I knew Xavier would win it all but I guessed ZTiffany until she screwed over The Cookout before it was time. She blew it then lol.