Celebrity Big Brother 3 – Double Eviction Results!

Head Of Household Winner: Todrick
Nominations: Lamar and Todd Cynthia
Power of Veto Players: Everyone
POV Winner: Todd
Veto Ceremony Results: Todd used the veto on himself. Todrick nominated Cynthia as the replacement.
Evicted: Todrick broke the tie and evicted Lamar

HOH winner: Miesha
Nominations: Todd & Cynthia
POV Winner: Miesha
Veto Ceremony Results: Veto not used
Second HG Evicted: Todd

Julie Chen states that on finale night the HOH winner will have the sole vote to evict and decide who they will sit next to them in the final two. She tells them that the jury will be 8 house guests. If it’s a tie vote, then America will cast the deciding vote for the winner.

FINAL 3 Celebrity Big Brother 3 House Guests: Miesha, Todrick & Cynthia

Who is your America’s Favourite Vote going to?

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Mildred Parish

Where do I vote


For AFP, do it through texting 21523. Personally, I am voting for Carson


No one cares

Teleprompter Joey McMumbles

Carson yuck! Miesha is the only one who really deserves a vote.

Backseat Driver

Me too!

Christime Ahrens

I m voting for carson


Carson is very likeable, but he played a naive foolish game.

TurdRic Is a Loser

Me, too!


He’s an embarrassment to the LGBQT Community.


Arrgggh! Meisha won. Sooo pissed! Those two creeps move on. My only hope is she turns on Turdrick.


The Veto competition is a game of knowledge and a whole lot of luck


How the hell would there be a tie. I know they have to build in a contingency plan because of Kattan but still….Then again I guess Todd’s ego couldn’t take being beaten by Miesha hence him announcing that he wasn’t voting for Miesha on finale night


I think if Meisha and Todrick are finale 2 she will win cause she made sure he always did the dirty work. Worst and most boring Celebrity Big Brother. Shanna for AFP!


Yes. It was the Meisha Show all along!

Teleprompter Joey McMumbles

Celebrity BB just doesn’t have the same appeal as regular BB. I think all the Celebrity BB seasons have been yawners.

another name

Before anyone starts with the Cynthia for the win stuff…
The only way she gets a win gifted to her is if she is in the final 2 and the jury decides she wasn’t as nasty as the other choice, and usually only said rotten things about people we dislike anyway, so it wasn’t… as… bad.. okay it was just as bad once in a while but we don’t like them anyway so it’s… accept-a-ble…? wait…. screw it. yeah. that’s it, she wasn’t as bad as the others because any bad things she said were about people we hate too. sideye. just go with it.

Let’s just swallow the bitter pill, realize that in all ways that we usually determine who should win… She’s not a contender.

Game stats? Meisha wipes the floor with both of them. 3 HOH and 2 vetoes? I think? Todrick would use this as an excuse to cut her, perhaps if he won final HOH.
Tactical? Todrick told half the jury he was Meisha’s brain. They were both rotten. he was more rotten. sorry. he was. take it up with someone that’s willing to argue the point. I’m not. He WAS worse.
Social is the only way Cynthia makes any ground… but did she play a Social Game, or did she just come out of her bedroom and chat once in a while? Methinks the latter. Meisha’s social was bro-cial. She had NO ties with a woman, the jury is currently 4 men voting so that MIGHT work for her.
Jury management? The women didn’t like either, but have seen how much social media truly hates him.,,, and Cynthia’s… cricket noise (That Shanna week tanked her likes). If Todrick loses, He’ll claim he got Danielle Reyes’d. If they vote for him… there ain’t no season 4 comin.

Expectation: If Todrick is dumb enough to take Cynthia to finals? He loses the one person that has guaranteed to vote for him no matter what. It’s in his best interest in terms of the votes when he and Meisha talked about how the votes would fall. They weren’t right about how the jury would vote imo… but in their tally, Cynthia on jury is a good thing for Todrick. So he’d likely axe Meisha because he’s a toxic waste idiot that would claim it was for the movement. No, it wouldn’t actually be for that reason, but that’s what he’d say.
Meisha knows the jury liked Cynthia more. She knows at least 3 members of the jury hate Todrick more than they hate her.
If the BBGRODS reached down and gifted Cynthia with an HOH win…it would be the most rigged thing on earth, and she’d take Todrick to finals. blink. nod. blink.

I know what I said about Cynthia before. But Todrick is a nope, so anyone including Cynthia for the win. Meisha? Sure why not. Gross, but not as nope as Todrick.
Damn, Grod’s going to Grod Todrick a win…. please no.


Maybe the little twit will pay those he stiffed with the money…..

another name

yeah. that’ll happen.
Because everything we’ve seen from him SCREAMS accountability.

Joelle Knox

I don’t like how Shanna was treated the week she was evicted. With that being said Cynthia should win to teach the other two to play a sportsmanship game. It doesn’t have to be personal. Meisha played Toddrick’s game for him. Funny thing is she doesn’t know it. Toddrick was horrible in this game. It shows his true character outside this game.

another name

When it comes to the relationship between Shanna and Miesha, NEITHER was a role model. We just dismiss Shanna’s part in that because we don’t like Miesha. But, If we liked Miesha, we’d be saying the two of them were both rude. I’m not saying this as any form of excuse for anyone. I’m saying this as a reality of situation. Two people disliked each other and we chose a side.
I think, as far as Shanna’s eviction week it falls on each of Toxicwaste, Miesha, Cynthia, Carson, Lamar and Todd for the way in which they acted. Yes, Todrick and Miesha got the ball rolling with exaggerlying, that’s a given. The others, we seem awfully quick to absolve when a shunning demands that all of them are participants.
I can’t stand Todrick, but it’s not like he physically forced or intimidated anyone to shun her. They own that themselves. It isn’t even Todrick that ran to everyone to spread the gossip. That was Cynthia.
Cynthia was the biggest backstabber of all in the whole controversy, wasn’t she? Oh sure, she swallowed the lie and ran it through the house… but she was actually in Shanna’s alliance. Why would I want THAT rewarded? The other two? They are rude and mean spirited, but by that point owed no allegiance to Shanna. Cynthia DID.

I still can’t help the feeling that part of the shunning was actually calculated on Shanna’s part in order to gain the sympathy and votes for more money. She has watched. She knows how much the fans circle the wagons around the shunned. I know, I know, it’s not kind. I also know it’s a possibility. That’s neither here nor there. But my actual bottom line is who SHOULD we be most mad at for Shanna’s last week? I’m MORE disappointed with the ally that bought the bullshit, and spread it, than the cut throat jerks that started the ball rolling. In terms of strategy? Todrick and Miesha went way too far in their effort to save themselves. They were jerks, but at least had a purpose. Cynthia rolls up all Real Housewife on the situation and actually causes the shunning.

It goes against what I just said. Surprise.
I’d still be happier with a Cynthia or Miesha win than I’d ever be with a Todrick win.
I chose a side. And Todrick is not on it. Anyone but Toxicdump for the win.


I’m 100% with you on this – the self-righteous BS of Cynthia was gag-worthy. Barring Carson & her PR team tackling her immediately since she’s now part of the finale I won’t even be surprised if she buries herself even further with some self-righteous comment.

So yeah my preference would be Miesha, then Cynthia & Mr. Nope not getting anywhere near the money but that won’t happen b/c both women would take him to F2.

As for the Shanna shunning – I buy most of your argument except she tried repeatedly to speak to Cynthia who just kept refusing to talk to her. Her response was “We can talk OUTSIDE the house” or “we can talk if everyone is here together (ie; the entire house”.

That’s why I’d rather Miesha win of the 3 b/c Cynthia wasn’t just duped – she was CRUEL – at least IMO she was the reason Shanna said F it & took to her bed b/c Carson bought what Cynthia was pushing & neither allowed her an opportunity to speak to them – Cynthia pushed Shanna to get into a public debate with TM & make a big scene (which we already know Todrick would’ve attacked her & been louder). Given those dynamics, I don’t blame Shanna for opting to take to her bed.

If Todrick was the worst in the house I have a hard time not ranking Cynthia second (even ahead of Miesha) b/c she played the holier than thou integrity card but was anything but. She KNEW Todrick screwed Formation over early & forgave him but wouldn’t even listen to Shanna to see if there was an explanation. ALSO, the person Shanna brought intel back to the most was Cynthia so she not only knew that was happening but encouraged her to keep doing it. To play this self-righteous role after the fact is complete BS. The truth is Cynthia walked into that house intending on working with Todrick & voting for him (she said so from week 1) and her actions back that up.

Look how stupid Carson feels & the public apologies he’s already sent – plus he says he’ll be speaking about this further on Wednesday. Shanna may not win the big money but I’m guessing she’ll be the one whose reputation gets the best boost on Wednesday (Lamar/Todd getting great reviews as well & Carson quickly managed to navigate his faux pas to clean up his rep too).

On another subject – since we know TPTB is giving Todrick the heads up on how disliked he is externally do we think they’re also telling Miesha? Bc for her to suddenly ask about whether Shanna really said that (about Carson needing to go 1st – she wasn’t fwiw – she just nodded & agreed — like good BB players do) it seems like maybe she’s also being told – hey you might not be getting a warm welcome upon your exit. OR.. is she asking to prep her finale speech?


I will take Cynthia over Todrick any day

another name

Here’s the prediction:
One hour after finale.
Toxicdump is going to get on social media.
He’s going to say we don’t see everything, and feeds can be misconstrued because feeds don’t show everything. He will then say his edit was the problem.
He’s already laying the groundwork on feeds to Meisha and Cynthia.
So glad i only pay attention for a very short time after a season ends before deciding past houseguests aren’t important enough to actually listen to once the winner is announced.

Cathy S

Spot on: Todrick from Twitter “ It’s so crazy cause we dont know how it’s being edited and how it’s being perceived, and that’s everything #CBBUS3”



Feeds Gold

Miesha with 2 clutch come from behind comp wins on double eviction night to take her tally to 5 comp wins for the season, which ties the celeb bb usa record of Ross(he had 2 hoh and 3 veto)…Miesha now with 3 hoh wins breaks the celeb bb usa record

If Miesha wins the final hoh, these are the records she will hold…

outright most hoh wins in celeb bb usa season – 4

outright most comp wins in a celeb bb usa season – 6

outright best hoh win % in a celeb bb usa season (minimum 2 hoh comps played) – 66.67%

outright best hoh and veto combined comp win % in a celeb bb usa season – 50%

tied best hoh win % in a north american bb season all formats (minimum 3 hoh comps played) – 66.67%

tied best hoh win % in north american bb alltime all formats (minimum 3 hoh comps played) – 66.67%

tied most hoh wins in a usa bb season all north american formats excluding canada – 4

tied best hoh and veto combined comp win % in north american bb alltime all formats (minimum 6 comps played) – 50%


Ok. I just read where Todrick tells Cynthia to start watching Big Brother from seasons 16 & 19 as he considered those the best. It does explain actions of his during this season. IMO Season 16 was the worst season of Big Brother


Season 16 was very entertaining but it was also full of misogyny from Frankie and others. The house was full of Derek followers that followed him blindly to their own detriment.


Between the Derek followers which led to the almost weekly frustrating unanimous votes and Cody getting out of being a pawn a few times by whining, that’s mainly why I feel Season 16 was the worst season


This is what Todd Bridges just said on Twitter. Trust me, he definitely will Not be voting for Todrick now. “Wow I just saw what they said about me wow wow. I’m not going to lower myself to say anything nasty about them”.
Todd is getting a lot of fan support and the fans are definitely filling him in on what went on and what was said behind his back in the house

another name

What I saw in the 60 second twitter round up:
Todd tweeting public tweets to each of the other evictees saying “we gotta talk”
Chris Kattan comes out of seclusion to public message the evictees with a comment about watching the show and hearing what was said about him. Good thing he didn’t bother with the feeds, or he’d know that some of the people he’s tweeting weren’t very kind either.

Takeaway: voting block against Todrick. Miesha, who wasn’t in with them before, certainly won’t be in with them after.


This was miesha and todrick show… so predictable each show..

Teleprompter Joey McMumbles

There really wasn’t much competition to challenge them.


For AFP, I’m voting for Shanna. She was the only one with any balls.

Teleprompter Joey McMumbles

I think I’m splitting votes betweem Shanna and Miesha.


All of my votes went to Shanna too

another name

Don’t quote me.
Based completely on gut feeling.
I think Todrick is laying the groundwork with Cynthia right now to cut Miesha if he wins the final HOH.
He’s expressing worries about her comp wins.
He’s saying he would need five votes.
Cynthia is encouraging him saying he’d have five votes likely, but at the same time, he seems to be giving serious thought to taking Cynthia to the end IF he wins final HOH.
Cynthia says Todrick has Carson and Todd and Lamar and Skategirl and Teddi and Cynthia if she’s on jury.
Cynthia says Miesha didn’t have social game really, just comps. She infers that Todrick played the game for Miesha, and she’ll tell the jury that for sure.


Sorry I have to laugh – The fact Todrick buys that Cynthia has a remote clue about what is going on in the game is hilarious. It’s so funny how a person sees someone so easily manipulated like she was over Shanna but then ignores that fact when he wants to have his ego stroked.

I know she’s unaware of what’s occurring outside the game but for her to think Lamar/Mirai would vote for Todrick over Miesha proves she wasn’t good at any aspect of BB b/c both would recognize competition wins first.

I’m not thrilled with any of the trio remaining but am trying to grapple with Cynthia having a shot to win this season – it would be like Victoria beating Derrick or Cody. And maybe that’s a fitting end to this crap season.

another name

Cynthia just last night learned that Meisha didn’t know Shanna was going to save Carson. She didn’t understand why Nsync was renom before that? blink blink.

Feeds Gold

bbcan10 broadcast schedule

Wednesdays (veto)
(premiere Wednesday March 2…8-9 pm ET)
March 9 to May 4…7-8 pm ET

Thursdays (eviction/hoh)
March 3 to May 5…8-9 pm ET
(2 hour finale Thursday May 5…8-10 pm ET)

Mondays (hoh/noms)
March 7 and March 14…8-9 pm ET
March 21 to May 2…7-8 pm ET

So looks like a 69 day season, same length as season 5, 6, 7 and 9
Day 1 houseguests enter Saturday Feb 26
Day 69 finale Thursday May 5

First eviction Thursday March 3
Eviction interviews after Thursday eps on tiktok(posted on bigbrothercanada site and facebook on Fridays)
Free live feeds start after the Thursday March 3 episode

Prize $100k cash + $10k clothing + trip

Canada daylight saving starts Sunday March 13

another name

So they’ll have a pre-feed eviction most likely.
I’m guessing The OLG room has been turned into some sort of save a prodopet room. If not, they’ll include one this season for sure. people will be pulling out butt vetoes a la Alison or double butt vetoes a la Brit every time there’s a ceremony.
Feeds will be down between 39 and 43 percent of the time.
We’ll be able to pick the winner of the season before the first episode is over, and then we can sit back, watch how they twist and turn the game to make sure that person wins.
And we have to suspend all disbelief absolutely to buy half of the stuff we notice as production manipulation so that we can convince ourselves it isn’t a predetermined reality entertainment program.
Yeah, I’ll likely watch, but just had to state the obvious.


I’m voting for no one meisha and todrick ugh

another name

who did what now?
I’m not seeing much going on. Realistically, there’s some twitter devotees that are trying to make their cases for their chosen one in responses to evictees… other than that nada. No hoopla, no big screams for a winner.
Cynthia and a few twits.. i mean tweeters raised a question in my mind.
Between Todrick and Meisha, whose game play actually kept the other in the game?
HOH One? Meisha as HOH kept Todrick safe. point Meisha.
HOH Two? Sneaking suspicion that PRODUCTION talked Nsync and Shanna out of the backdoor Todrick plan. Though fear of drawing a line in the sand with Meisha may have contributed along with the totally nonsensical prefeeds skategirl/nsync fued. So production gets the real point, but Todrick gets nothing, Meisha gets nothing.
HOH Three? Meisha as HOH kept Todrick safe. Point Meisha.
HOH Four? Todrick came up with the Shanna spin to Cynthia, then Todrick and Meisha went to Cynthia and Carson to bury Shanna. Point Todrick. At this moment Todrick is telling Meisha that everything he said about Shanna to Cynthia and Carson was true after Meisha asks because she didn’t hear Shanna say some of the things Todrick attributed to her. But yeah. Point Todrick.
HOH Five? Meisha and Todd’s deal kept her safe, and kept Todrick safe because Todd trusted her more than him when he first won HOH. Meisha winning the veto ensured her own and Todrick’s safety. Sorry, another point to Meisha.
HOH Six? Todrick is HOH, kept Meisha safe. point Todrick.
HOH Seven? Meisha HOH and Veto. Kept Todrick safe (though really didn’t need that veto)… point Meisha.

So Meisha’s comp wins and loyalty to Todrick kept Todrick safe 4 out of 7 HOH’s.
So Todrick’s comp win and desire to keep the coat he’d been riding the tails of kept Meisha safe 2 out of 7 HOH’s.
So I still Think Production gets the point in the second HOH, but fear that Meisha would take targeting Todrick to weaken her as an attack very slightly might have been the case. In any event, Nsync didn’t save Todrick out of ANYthing that Todrick did.

I’m sort of dead in the water in figuring how He did more than she did to ensure their safety. When it comes to the dirtiest parts of the game this season and using his pregame relationships to sell the lies, she is indebted to him. When it comes to maintaining power, more often than not, it was her wins and her early alliance with Todd that kept them safe.


I was going to vote for my fav. Carson, but after Lamars dream of his boy telling him “snatch the rainbow daddy”??? he did just that by winning my heart when toddick tried to get racist on him and dog out “blonds”, it was Lamar that pointed out his “ride or die” was white too, and speaking so kindly of his G-Ma, with her philosophy on Racisim and kindness. You go Lamar, you are my favorite houseguest! You caught that rainbow!???