Corey – “Do you feel more confident of Red getting Cam out or Jag getting Cam out?” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cameron & Red
POV Players: America, Jared, Cameron, Red, Felicia, Matt
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Grab your Kraken sounds like the renom of the hour is Jag but it will change every couple hours.

8:52 am Moma Felicia is up

9:27 am Cirie, Izzy and Corey
Izzy is worried that Jag and Cameron might team up.
Corey – Jag and Cameron no I don’t buy that.
Cirie goes on about how Red has no integrity. “everybody is in here lying”
Corey says he trust Jag more on a human level than Red or Cam.
Cirie – If there’s a potential for an ounce of integrity Red is that type of person. Where your word is your bond where your handshake is supposed to me it.
Cirie thinks because Red has kids he has a potential for integrity.
They wonder who else played in the power.
Cirie – Honestly it’s him (Red) or Felicia..
Cirie – she swears she didn’t play
Corey – I’m thinking about Jag vs Red..
Cirie – Jag has already started running around. Red can’t do that. Even with the assumption that Cam turn on him. Red doesn’t have the ability to formulate anything
Corey – what do you think jag can grab?
Cirie – he’s trying to grab MEME, he’s trying to grab America, He’s trying to grab Cameron. he’s got a bunch of people he’s trying to grab
Izzy – Matt. Without Jag in the house Matt is someone you can scoop up
Cirie- MMMMHmmmmmmm
Corey – if Red win’s next week what happens?
Izzy – he wants to backdoor Cameron (LOL)
Corey – that scares the sh1t outta me. This maybe is a short term thing. Maybe RED is better long term But I am certain what Jag would do
Cirie – what’s that?
Corey – Bowie and Cam. I feel confident about that I don’t know how confident you are about Red backdooring CAm.
Corey says REd will put up America and maybe Blue. “I am a possibility”
Corey – it also means REd and Cam are in jury. I guess we can get one of them out next week but then one of them wins HOH.. NOPE
Corey – Jag is a much more dangerous player in a vacuum.
Cirie – Mmmmhmmmmmm
Corey – you certain this Cam and Red thing is done?
Izzy and Cirie are certain Cam and Red are not together anymore. Cirie says Red told her about the final 2 he had with Cam.
Cirie says Jag is gathering troops against her. He was telling Red thing they did against Red.
Corey – we just have to make sure next week they don’t win.
Corey says Cam and Red targeting each other would be so stupid.
Cirie – Cam Already targeted Red
Cirie – The night that Jared won Cam went to Jared and told him REd has got to go up and he would be will to do whatever he needs to do.
Corey – that is different.
Cirie – If I did that to you would you view that as different or me targeting you?
Corey – you saw how that HOH competition played out
Corey says Cam is too smart of a player to target Red if he won HOH next week.
Cirie seems to think it will happen.
Corey – I hope we’re not getting bamboozled here.. WE had Red and Cam on the block and now both will stay.

Corey – If Jag stays is that almost too good for America?
Cirie – Almost, Then he’ll get Jag, America and potentially MEME (LOL MEME?)
Corey – This is the group Jag kinda outlined Me (Jag), You(Corey), America, I really trust Blue, And like Jared.
Corey – I’m like this is a ridiculous group you have.
Izzy – he didn’t mention Matt at all?
Corey – I think he said ‘I think Matt will come along’ He didn’t outlined that in the thing.. He’s basically pitching the REilly group without Cam. Which is the group Cam was pitching 20 minutes afterwards.
Corey – I don’t think Cam realizes how f**ed he is cause in that group he said what he said about America, Got Jag out, nominated Blue
Cirie says Cam suggested to Jared last night that “we go up next week”
Corey – Cam or Jag
Izzy – CAM (Cam for HOH)
Corey – Do you feel more confident of Red getting Cam out or Jag getting Cam out? In terms of everything winning competitions and actually targeting them.
Corey – I trust Jag more than Red
Cirie – I trust Red more than Jag. I’ve had a relationship with Red since the beginning. Don’t get me wrong I know Red has lied straight to my face but so has Jag. If I had choose who I believe more it would be hard for me either one of them. I would lean towards REd a couple decibel points
Corey says Jag and Cam are not a possibility going forward the reason is how close Jag is close to America. “And that whole situation that is the only reason I think that”
Corey says he wants to talk to Jared.
Cirie recommends this “You’ve made a lot of valid points that need to be considered”
Corey – here’s the other consideration for Jared. He put up Jag, Jag goes, Red stays taht scares the sh1t outta me for him. There’s Red and Cameron still in the house after he nominated them.
Cirie – Right
Corey – everyone is going to tell Cam when the times comes. If Cam wins HOH everyone is going to say JAred was targeting him.
Cirie – right
Corey says if Jag goes home they are stuck with Red and Cam who are actual competitors.

10:05 am Corey and Jared
Corey – we were having the classic Jag Red debate.
Corey – Cirie and them are leaning JAg I am Leaning Red.
Corey – next week Jag wins who does he put up?
Jared – Cameron and Bowie
Corey – 100%
Corey – IF Red wins HOH next week who does he put up
Jared – Cameron and someone from over here.
Corey – BAsed on what people are saying there is a chance he would put up Cameron that would be very stupid but whatever.. He said he would backdoor. America is a obvious who would he put up
Jared – America and Blue
Corey – they are saying it would be me.
jared – YOU
Corey – I’m attached to America
Corey warns him if Cam wins HOH the second someone is in danger they are going to spill everything about JAred. “They are going to say BRO you are the target”
Corey – I’m certain if jag wins he would not be looking in our direction anytime soon. Would it be Cirie/Izzy? well not if we were the ones in his ear.

They head to the HOH. To go over Jag vs Red.
Izzy joins them.
Jared tells them Cameron wants to Backdoor Izzy then take out Cirie and Felicia (CAM for HOH)
Izzy – I would just like to say
Feeds cut.. When we’re back.
Corey saying if Jag wins HOH the nominations will be Bowie and Cam.
Jared says if JAg stays they are safe next week “For sure” if Red stays it’s more complicated
Jared is certain Red will backdoor Cam in doing that two of them will go up as pawns.
Corey – what if Red wins Veto and doesn’t use it
Jared doesn’t think Red and Cam will be working together anymore.
Jared – Red is not going to put up Bowie. Jag will put up Bowie.
Izzy mentions that felicia is a “mess” with her game play.
They continue to debate the pros and cons.

Jared is adamant that Jag could win the HOH and put up Corey and Cam
Cory – that makes zero sense.
Jared – he wouldn’t target you. You’re telling me in a RED HOH you will go up against America. I’m telling you with Jag you don’t have that much shelf life bro.
Jared – based on this entire season he does not trust you or America.
Izzy jumps in and says Corey is in more danger if Red is HOH than Jag.
Corey says if they vote Jag out over Red he loses his ability to influence America.
Jared – Even if REd were to stay and you are up against America. America is going home regardless.
Corey – I get that but you got to understand why I am not chill about that.
Matt has joined them.

10:43 am Red and Cirie
Cirie is saying she’s doing everything she can to protect Red. She’s sure that Jag and Cam will try to resurrect the (Deadly) Reilly alliance.
Red – I’m trusting your trust in Izzy
Cirie – why do you say that?
Red says she never gives him any information. He’s worried that Red is on her hit list.
Cirie – you know what she said to me. I feel like for the first time.. I made headway with Red I feel like we had a real conversation I feel like I can really trust Red.

10:56 am Cirie saying to Bowie and Red it doesn’t matter if it’s America or Jag out this week.

11:01 am Jag and Cameron
The cameras are only on him for a couple minutes. Mostly chit chat on Camerons end .
(the last thing Jag needs to be doing is been seen talking to Cameron)

11:04 am MAtt and Jared
Matt and Jared go over who should go this week. Jared says there’s three possibilities, Red, Jag, America

11:07 am Cirie and Izzy
Cirie is worried how Bowie, Matt and Red are pushing for America
Izzy – where are you leaning right now
Cirie – Corey makes a lot of sense.. a lot of sense.
Izzy – Do you think Red Really wants Cameron out?
Felicia joins them.
Cirie – MAtt said to me I don’t know how sure I am about Red going he didn’t say over Jag. He knows Jag isn’t an option. He said I may be more comfortable with America leaving over Red.
Felicia – Jag is a snake.
Felicia goes on about Jag..
Felicia leaves “JAG all day long”
Cirie – I think Jag goes
Izzy – Jag’s gotta go and I think for the three I don’t care if America sits next to Corey on teh block.
Cirie – If Jag said the people he trusts least are you and Me Jag’s gotta go.
Izzy – Jag is more dangerous for us than REd.

11:20 am Bowie and Matt
They are going to push to Jared to put America up.

11:33 am A bunch of them are outside fearing it might Rain and they’ll get locked down.

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This is a better version of Season 16. This season’s version has more drama even if this drama can be exhausting


Can someone clarify Cirie saying the vote had to be unanimous for Matt’s power to work is a lie,right?

Mad Max

can Cirie say anything other than MMMMMMHmmmmmm????

un autre nom

it had to be unanimous for both noms to stay.
If Matt saved Jag in a 9-1 vote, Blue would go because Jag’s votes were nullified.

Cirie's sloppy gameplay

Un nature mom that’s not true. The power wasn’t to nullify votes. It was a power of invincibility. Making jag invincible so he couldn’t be evicted, but not nullify the votes.


What Autre Nom is saying is true… if the votes came out 9 to 1 to evict Jag then Blue would’ve left on the single vote. Matt & Cirie discussed this (if you go back & look I think it was on Tuesday but might’ve been Wednesday).

He told her that he had to tell the DR in the morning if he was going to use the power & had to say WHO he was using it on. In the same conversation, he told her about the voting situation (i.e.: one vote for Blue would equal her leaving if he saved Jag). AND if they had unanimously voted out Blue then the power wouldn’t need to be used so Matt would retain it another week.

From Cirie’s position — i.e.: knowing Matt wanted to save Jag… it made sense to ensure Jag was unanimously voted out so the power wouldn’t carry over to this week. That’s important especially if Jag is the re-nom b/c now Matt no longer has it to save Jag.


I’m worried a red hoh next week would target america because he’s beyond a moron. Please let Cory/america alternate winning hoh for the rest of the season.

Nether Region Euphemism

With Red’s inner need to appear as someone with integrity, I am not certain he is going to target Cam at all. He’s going to base that on having told Cam earlier on that he’d self-sacrifice to save him. Someone with Red’s twisted logic would not be a far jump from feeling guilty that he’s somehow going against the spirit of his word.

So yeah, I think you’re right. Red is more likely to put up America and maybe Jag or Cory. Possibly Blue?

Their odds of getting out Cam are much better if they vote out Red.

Felicia’s Tooth

I’m wondering if this is really the “Season of Secrets”…. That no one cares about.

I can’t help but question if there’s a family connection of Brittany Hoppes and Izzy.

Carlito's Way

Either Jared or Cirie (preferably both) has to go to put this trainwreck of a season back on course for a level playing field. Just read Cirie won a show called The Traitor. Never heard of it, but makes sense if the name fits…


Carlito’s Way, go watch the last episode of The Traitors on Peacock, and you will see how cold and calculating Cirie actually is. In the final three, the guy forgave Cirie, but the young lady was extremely bitter towards her for playing the two of them and lying to them over and over again. They were playing as a threesome, where they would split the prize money three ways, but Cirie did not keep her word and took it all home. I have always admired and respected her game play, on both Survivor and The Traitors, but it was that episode that changed my mind about her. Like I said, she is cold!


Jared out the house!!!!! Double Standard.


Ok, Jared got lucky and won an HOH, he did tell Cirie that she threw it to him. So if his Mother did not throw it to him, I guess he would not have won HOH.

I find Jared VERY annoying, he makes comments about people not being valuable to him if they are not giving 100% to all of the competitions, they are of no use to him. Did Jared forget that America stayed in the pressure cooker much longer than he did, wasn’t Jared the first person out in the pressure cooker ? how can Jared say America is throwing competitions ??

If Jared did not have his mother playing this season, I do believe that he would have been up on the block already, and possibly evicted, his game play is not very good.

Now as for Felicia, please hurry up and evict her. She has no game, but she walks around the house thinking she’s such a great player because she won an HOH, keep in mind it was an HOH that was based on pure luck, not skill, or strength, Felicia also talks too much.

Felicia for some reason thinks that she has power to evict people from that house,if you lie to her, or don’t follow her instructions. Felicia is delusional, she needs to take a seat and chill, Felicia is a Floater, a Floater who won HOH by pure luck !! Bet she won’t win HOH again, unless it is handed to her.

Jared, Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, need to stop flip flopping so much, they can’t make a decision, and stick with it, Jared is crazy if he does not put Jag up on the block. Jared thinks in his own mind, he’s playing a great game, this entire cast would have been wiped out by some of the other cast members from various previous seasons.

This cast confuses the hell out of me, they flip flop, question their ideas, its very stressful watching them. I really do not have a favorite, if I had to pick, I’m leaning more to Red or Matt, maybe Jag, if he puts Cirie, Jared or Felicia up on the block.


Courious to see if they address Jarod and what he said. If they let him continue in the house they need to let the other one back in. No excuse for double standard. That is an insult since America should be respected also!!